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2015 Events in the NCIS/NCIS: Los Angeles/NCIS: New Orleans Universe[]

  • Diane Sterling dies after being shot in the head by terrorist Sergei Mishnev.
  • The NCIS team learn that DiNozzo is dating ATF agent Zoe Keates.
  • Breena Palmer goes into labor and later gives birth to a baby girl named Victoria Elizabeth Palmer.
  • FBI agent Tobias Fornell shoots and kills Sergei Mishnev, avenging the murder of Fornell's own ex-wife/girlfriend, Diane Sterling.
  • NCIS manage to solve a case and in turn, also successfully uncover the truth concerning about what happened in the Metropolitan Airport Bombing.
  • Bishop performs her first official kill when she shoots a terrorist dead in self-defense.
  • NCIS become aware of the existance of the terrorist group, the Calling with Ned Dorneget returning to assist the NCIS team on the case and it's revealed that Dorneget is an official NCIS Special Agent.
  • Dorneget is later killed in an attack on a hotel in Cairo, Egypt, greatly devastating NCIS and its colleagues. As a result, Dorneget's mother, CIA officer Joanna Teague arrives to help NCIS capture or kill members of the terrorist group responsible for her son's murder.
  • Gibbs, DiNozzo and Teague along with teenager Luke Harris travel to Iraq to search for any associates of the Calling. Luke soon reveals that he's a member of the Calling and shoots Gibbs in the leg and then the chest, injuring Gibbs as DiNozzo looks on, horrified.
  • After being wounded, Gibbs is brought to the medical ward on the USS Daniel Webster where a surgical team led by Dr. Cyril Taft successfully save Gibbs. Meanwhile, DiNozzo tracks down and kills Daniel Budd, the leader of the Calling in an alleyway in Shanghai, China while Gibbs eventually returns to active duty.
  • The NCIS team manage to solve a case that is connected to the deaths of Shannon and Kelly Gibbs.
  • During an operation to arrest a Marine Lieutenant who is apparently responsible for the death of a Marine, Bishop goes undercover for the first time.
  • Vance temporarily returns to active duty to help the NCIS team close a case that he was originally involved in.
  • Tony and McGee travel to Sudan to rescue a group of kidnapped doctors. During the case, Tony meets his former girlfriend, Jeanne Benoit (née Woods).
  • After learning that Jake has been cheating on her with a colleague from NSA, Bishop takes a leave of absence from NCIS, separates from Jake and heads home to Oklahoma.
  • Gibbs arrives in Oklahoma to accompany Bishop for Thanksgiving and meets Bishop's mother, Barbara Bishop as well as her brother, George Bishop.
  • The team learn that Ducky has a half-brother named Nicholas Mallard.
  • Bishop decides to end her marriage with Jake, eventually filing for divorce.

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