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2016 Events in the NCIS/NCIS: Los Angeles/NCIS: New Orleans Universe[]

  • The NCIS Major Case Response Team work a case with their counterparts in New Orleans.
  • The two teams also meet Luca Sciuto, Abigail Sciuto's adopted brother.
  • Councilor Anton Pavlenko dies after being poisoned.
  • Bishop works on a former case associated with her time in the NSA and with the help of her NCIS colleagues, manages to successfully solve it.
  • With a storm hitting Washington D.C., Bishop, McGee and Tony later gather at Gibbs's house after solving their latest case and presumably remain there until the storm has passed.
  • The NCIS team work with FBI agent Tobias Fornell when Megan Porter, the teenage daughter of SECNAV Sarah Porter is kidnapped and they eventually save Megan after a tense stand-off.
  • The NCIS team investigate a raid at the Naval Operations Center in Reston and discover a connection to René Benoit, La Grenouille while Tony pays Dr. Jeanne Benoit/Woods a visit.
  • The NCIS team investigate the murders of an American couple in Iraq while Gibbs connects with a Marine who was a survivor of the attack that occurred in the same area only months earlier. Gibbs later shoots the main killer, a former sniper responsible and in doing so, prevents an international incident from occurring.
  • DiNozzo Senior returns to D.C. and meets a young homeless woman who believes that he is her father.
  • The team investigate when DiNozzo's ID is stolen with multiple criminals using it to blackmail Senators.
  • The team investigate another case that involves former NCIS Director Tom Morrow with Gibbs and Fornell arriving at Morrow's house and finding Morrow dead in his study.
  • Morrow's funeral is later held with the NCIS team attending.
  • The NCIS team later resume investigating the circumstances surrounding Morrow's death while Vance and Fornell head to London to investigate other aspects of the case. In the meantime, Gibbs later meets First Lady Michelle Obama.
  • While staying at Gibbs's house, an assassin attacks, killing MI6 officer Jessica Terdei by shooting her in the head and gravely injuring Fornell by shooting him in the chest.
  • Fornell is left comatose as a result of the injuries he receives and after it's learnt that he also had a "Do Not Resuscitate" order created following the murder of his ex-wife, Diane Sterling, Gibbs steps in and becomes the executor of the will which enables Fornell to be treated.
  • With Fornell out of action, FBI agent Tess Monroe arrives at NCIS to help the team with the case.
  • During a confrontation at a house, the NCIS team are reunited with CIA agent Trent Kort and also meet MI6 officer Clayton Reeves.
  • Scott later turns himself into NCIS and reveals that he is completely innocent.
  • The NCIS team soon discover that Kort is no longer working for the CIA, having been fired from the agency during the previous year and that Kort is also responsible for framing Scott while also having killed NCIS Agent Kevin Dresser and former NCIS Director Tom Morrow.
  • The team are also left completely stunned after learning that a farmhouse that belonged to former Mossad Director Eli David has been destroyed in a mortar attack with the fate of their former colleague and friend, former NCIS-Mossad Liaison Officer-turned-NCIS Special Agent Ziva David unknown.
  • The team soon discover that Ziva has in fact been killed in the attack on the David farmhouse, leaving them greatly devastated.
  • Mossad Director Orli Elbaz arrives in the United States and reveals that Tony and Ziva had a daughter: Talia David-DiNozzo.
  • The NCIS team along with Monroe and Reeves later kill Kort in a stand-off.
  • In the aftermath of the case being solved and Ziva's death being avenged, Tony resigns from the NCIS team for good, choosing to devote his time to taking care of Talia while searching for answers.
  • Following Tony's resignation from the team, McGee is promoted to Senior Field Agent with Tony's resignation leaving the NCIS Major Case Response Team currently composed of three members: Gibbs, McGee and Bishop.

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