NCIS Database
Short Meaning Explained in Notes
ASW Anti Submarine Warfare Sub Rosa (episode).
AWM Assistant Warehouse Manager One Shot, One Kill (episode).
BOL Ball Of Light- usually associated with alien abductions or alien appearances. Vanished (episode).
BOLO Be On the Look-Out- a notice issued to look for a major suspect in a case, ie, a murder investigation. Switch (episode).
COB Chief Of the Boat "Sub Rosa".
CWR Civil War Reenactors Silver War (episode).
EAM Emergency Action Message "Sub Rosa".
EI Enlisted Instructor 2x15 Caught On Tape
EMT Emergency Medical Tech High Seas (episode). Gibbs first mentioned "Emergency Medical Tech" to Wilkes while interogating, Stan Burley later used the shorthand form "EMT".
EOD Explosive Ordnance Disposal Missing (episode). Incorrectly printed as "Explosive Ordinance Disposal" on a billboard within the Quantico base.
GIB Guy In Back The Curse (episode). Alternative naming for the "RIO" on a plane.
GSM Get Some Magazine Bikini Wax (episode).
HEAA High Explosive Anti Armor Split Decision (episode). Rocket type for a SMAW. Leaves a hole.
HEDP High Explosive Dual Purpose "Split Decision". Rocket type for a SMAW. Leaves a crater.
HRT Hostage Rescue Team Bête Noire (episode).
ICF Irregular Confederate Forces 3x04 Silver War
IM Instant Message 2x20 Red Cell like an e-mail but live
JSAC Joint Special Operations Command 2x01 See No Evil
LEO Law Enforcement Officer 1x01 Yankee White
LES Leave and Earnings Statement 1x09 Marine Down
LOD (in the) Line Of Duty 1x09 Marine Down
MECEP Marine Corps Enlisted Commissioning Educational Program ([1]) 1x13 One Shot, One Kill Kate only says "Marine Enlisted Commissioning Program".
MMORPG Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game 1x04 The Immortals
MOUT Military Operations -- (in Urban Terrain) 2x15 Caught On Tape McGee didn't allow Tony to finish explaining.
MSG Marine Security Guard 3x04 Silver War
NCIS National Crop Insurance Service 1x23 Reveille
POI Person Of Interest 2x15 Caught On Tape
PSA Personnel Support Activity 2x04 Lt. Jane Doe
RIO Radar Intercept Officer 1x05 The Curse also called "GIB"s.
SHC Spontaneous Human Combustion 2x08 Heart Break
SK Store-Keeper 3x05 Switch
SMAW Shoulder-launched Multi-purposes Assault Weapon 1x21 Split Decision
SMU Special Military Unit(s) 2x01 See No Evil
TAT Tactical Analysis Team 2x17 An Eye For An Eye
TBA Tri-Border Area 2x17 An Eye For An Eye
TBI Truth By Intimidation 2x03 Vanished According to Tony, this is how Gibbs gets even the most stubborn and toughest of suspects to reveal what they're hiding.
TFOA Things Fallen Off Aircraft 1x05 The Curse
UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle 2x23 Twilight