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Amanda Reed (formerly Navy Lieutenant Commander Hamilton Voss) was a woman.



Born Hamilton Voss, he was the son of an unnamed man who once owned a townhouse in downtown D.C., one that Voss's father lost in a bankruptcy in the 1970s.

He later attended a high school where he was a classmate of Joshua Lurie with the two later graduating the school together.

Some time after that, Voss joined the Navy and eventually rose to the rank of Lieutenant Commander but soon came under investigation for alleged credit card fraud which also saw him stealing 10 million dollars from the Navy.

Realizing the heat was too much, Voss faked his death in a car accident and used the body of an unnamed man to give off the impression that he was dead.

With the authorities convinced he was dead, Voss then killed Lurie and soon had gender reassignment, becoming a woman who took the name, "Amanda Reed" which now allowed her to continue for the missing money.

However, NCIS Special Agent Christopher Pacci presumably discovered evidence that Voss was alive and now living as "Amanda Reed".

Following on from that, NCIS Special Agent Christopher Pacci discovered evidence that Voss was alive and began investigating Voss's case with Pacci gathering evidence and soon learning that Voss was Reed.

To help strengthen the case, Pacci presumably stayed in the apartment down the street from Reed/Voss's townhouse and began secretly taking photos of Reed/Voss, recording her activity.

However, Reed, upon learning she was being tailed and fearing she would be exposed, soon tracked Pacci down in a stairway. She then shot him in the neck which left him badly wounded.

Knowing that he was on the right track, Pacci took the card from his camera and swallowed it, hoping it would be retrieved during his autopsy.

He then set off the fire alarm, triggering the alarms in the building before heading into an elevator where he presumably bled to death.

Reed confronted him and fearing she would be exposed attempted to get the camera card by disemboweling Pacci's body with a knife she had in her possession but she was unsuccessful in doing so and ultimately fled the scene, leaving Pacci's body in the elevator.

NCIS Season 1

In Dead Man Talking (episode), with alarm bells sounding, a security guard and a janitor soon discovered the elevator along with Pacci's body.

As such, the police, presumably officers of the Metro Police Department were called and along with a Detective later arrived at the scene, sealing off the elevator which was now a crime scene.

They soon presumably ran Pacci's ID and upon learning that Pacci was an agent with NCIS, the NCIS Major Case Response Team led by NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs arrived to process and investigate the scene.


Physical Appearance


  • Unnamed man - (burnt to death in a "car accident", presumably set alight with the body later being misidentified as Voss's).
  • Joshua Lurie - (partner in crime, died two years later in a car accident).
  • Christopher Pacci - (shot in the neck, disemboweled after his death).
  • Anthony DiNozzo Junior - (attempted to kill, failed).
  • Leroy Jethro Gibbs - (attempted to kill, failed).

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