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Ari Haswari was a rogue Israeli-born Mossad officer and a terrorist who was also a sworn nemesis of NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

Ari's wave of terror which had started when he invaded the NCIS morgue, triggering a hostage situation and had continued on for nearly two years finally came to a permanent end when he was ultimately killed in a confrontation with Gibbs and Ari's fellow Mossad Officer/half-sister Ziva David in September 2005.

He was the son of Eli David and Hasmia Haswari, the older half-brother of Ziva and Tali David, the younger half-brother of Sergei Mishnev, and the uncle of Tali David-DiNozzo.



Born in 1969, Ari was the only son of Dr. Benjamin Weinstein which was the undercover alias of Mossad agent Eli David and Dr. Hasmia Haswari, an Arab with the two having met while they were working together at a hospital in Jerusalem.

A picture of a young Ari and Ziva, which Ziva sent to Tony DiNozzo in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

Ari gained two half-sisters from his father's first marriage: Ziva and Tali. The three formed a strong kinship and loyalty towards one another. This relationship was tested when Tali died in a suicide bombing at the age of sixteen, her murder devastating both Ziva and Ari.

In 1994, Ari graduated from Edinburgh Medical College; it was the same college where Haswari's future hostage, NCIS Medical Examiner Dr. Donald Mallard, had graduated from years earlier. Following his graduation, Ari did his post-graduate work at the Edinburgh Center with a colleague of his, Dr. Martin Sedgewick mentioning Ari was a brilliant ladies' man who only answered to his surname due to his contempt for his father.

Upon leaving the center, Ari traveled to the Gaza Strip and began working with his mother at a local clinic there. He soon began harboring feelings of resentment towards Eli as Ari believed that like Ziva and Tali, Eli had shaped him to become a Mossad mole inside Hamas with Ari soon beginning to secretly to work against his father.

In early 2000, a missile strike from Israel killed Hasmia, her death leaving him devastated.

Ari soon began to believe Eli had personally arranged the strike itself to give his son a perfect reason for joining while still working undercover as a Mossad officer.

Unfortunately, this had the opposite effect as Ari, fueled by the need for revenge against his father subsequently turned against Eli, becoming a double agent for Mossad and also some unnamed terrorist groups, one in question being al-Qaeda with Ari binding his time and waiting until he was in the position to not only strike back at Israeli but at his father too.

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Haswari was described by one of his contemporaries at Edinburugh as a charismatic individual often seen in the company of beautiful women. He assessed himself on this regard, noting to Caitlin Todd that "many women find [him] charming." Even in high-tension situations, Haswari's educated background and charisma were evident, as even some of his victims noticed after their time with him. When the situation called for it, however, Haswari could easily transition to a cold and violent sociopath. He executed Marta, one of his subordinates in Hamas, without hesitation when she attempted to draw her weapon on him. Similarly, although he engaged in banter with Dr. Mallard during his infiltration of NCIS, Haswari did not pause in putting a bullet in Gerald's shoulder in order to facilitate his mission through force. A man with no qualms about violence or killing so long as it suited his ends, Haswari embraced the same conflict that had borne him into the world.


Haswari was a tall, lean man of Middle Eastern descent with short black/brown hair and brown eyes. A fellow student at Edinburugh, Martin Sedgewick, noted that Haswari was a ladies' man. He was noted to be an attractive individual.


In addition to his charismatic nature and deep intellect, Haswari was also notable for his firearms proficiency. He was able to kill his former prisoner twice over, Special Agent Caitlin Todd, with a single shot to the head at long range, He was also a proficient planner, setting up a complex mission in Reveille to facilitate the assassination of multiple heads of state; when it was revealed that a primary aspect of the plan would not function as he had advertised to his subordinate in Hamas, he proved the quicker draw and shot her in the head.


Caitlin Todd

Haswari met Todd on a number of occasions, beginning with his infiltration of NCIS.

Ziva David

Eli David

Haswari's contempt for his father was well-known, and no small part of what drove him to sow terror across the globe.

Deena Bashan

In Past, Present, and Future it was revealed that Ari had a girlfriend back in Israel, and he had intentions to propose to her when he was killed by his own half-sister in September 2005.

Sergei Mishnev

Mira Sahar Azam


Haswari's legacy is perhaps best exemplified by the death of Caitlin Todd, who he shot and killed in order to further menace her superior, Leroy Jethro Gibbs. His crime, although answered swiftly thereafter by a chase that resulted in Haswari's death, nonetheless affected many within NCIS and left them with emotional scars that took years, if not decades, to heal. Todd's sister, Rachel Cranston, was also affected by her death; when she worked with many of the same agents who had been Caitlin's comrades before her murder, all of them noted their admiration and love for the murdered Todd. Cranston was, some time later, brought to the spot of Haswari's death by Gibbs as a reflection on the trauma that Haswari and his actions had wrought on Gibbs' team and beyond.


  • Unnamed H.R.T. Agent #1 - shot to death by unnamed accomplice which Ari used as a distraction to escape
  • Marta - fatally shot through the forehead with Kate Todd's service weapon
  • Navy Lieutenant Dean Westfall - shot in the chest by Haswari
  • Navy Lieutenant Curtis Janssen - shot in the back
  • Caitlin Todd - shot in the head with a sniper rifle

Attempted Victims

  • Gerald Jackson - (held hostage, shot in the left shoulder with a silenced pistol, survived).
  • Donald Mallard - (held hostage with Jackson, released without harm).
  • Unnamed H.R.T. agent #2 - (shot by unnamed accomplice which Ari used as a distraction to escape, survived).
  • Timothy McGee - (twice attempted, first with the car bomb by the fake Virginia officer and second time during the gunfight at the warehouse in Norfolk).
  • Anthony DiNozzo - (attempted with the car bomb by the fake Virginia officer, failed).
  • Abigail Sciuto - (attempted, fired a shot through her lab, presumably intending to kill her, failed).
  • Leroy Jethro Gibbs - (twice attempted, shot him in the shoulder in "Bête Noire" and later intended to kill with his own M40A1 sniper rifle in "Kill Ari Part 2", failed when Ziva shot him first).