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Bikini Wax is the eighteenth episode in NCIS Season 2 as well as the 41st episode of the entire NCIS series.


When a Virginia Beach bikini contestant is found in a public bathroom toilet, having drowned, the team believe a stalker might be responsible but when Ducky finds that the victim was pregnant when she died, an unlikely suspect emerges while DiNozzo plans his own version of Spring Break and soon discovers a secret from Kate's past...


The scene opens at a bikini contest in Virigina Beach which is being filmed as well.

The M.C, Jamel Jones brings out the first two contestants but when he calls for the third, a Petty Officer named Tiffany Jordan, she doesn't appear, drawing some concern from the crowd.

It then cuts to a public restroom where it shows Jordan whose head is in the toilet and it closes up on her stunned expression while also revealing that she is dead.

Act One

Anthony DiNozzo Junior arrives for work and as he heads for the bullpen, meets Abigail Sciuto who tells him she likes his new tie.

Tony thanks her and announces that he paid over 100 dollars for it.

Once he's reached his desk, Tony's partner, Caitlin Todd remarks how weird it is that Tony always has to announce how he much paid for his clothing.

She then remarks what's the point in Tony bragging about his clothes given that they know how much he makes.

"I don't", Timothy McGee pipes up.

Tony makes a little rubbing gesture with his fingers and turns back to Kate who tells him that it's not very professional and that Gibbs would never walk in and tell them how much he paid for his shirt.

Tony retorts that the prices at Sears have been consistent since the late 1970s.

Seconds later, the man himself, Leroy Jethro Gibbs walks in, armed with his coffee as he informs the team that they've got a body in Virginia Beach.

As the three Agents go to grab their belongings and gear, Gibbs tells McGee to call Donald Mallard which McGee agrees to.

As they head for the lift, Tony asks Gibbs if he's had a chance to sign off on that missing person's report Tony gave him.

Gibbs tells him that he hasn't and sarcastically comments that he tried to get to it the previous night but as it turns out, Sears was having a sale.

The doors then close on Tony's stunned expression.

A while later, the team have gathered at Virginia Beach and are busy getting everything they need to process the scene.

As she and McGee head for the scene, Kate tells McGee to give it five seconds.

Tony quickly notices that there's a bikini contest and is left stunned.

Gibbs takes the wind out of Tony's sails by telling Tony that the contest is over.

Tony slams the car trunk shut and nods just as Gibbs tells him to gear up.

As the team head for the scene, Detective Sommers of the Virginia Beach Police meets them just as Gibbs produces his badge, identifying himself and his colleagues as NCIS.

Sommers tells Gibbs that he'd assume Gibbs would want this one.

"You assumed correctly, Lt", Gibbs replies.

Sommers then states as soon as they found the victim's Norfolk ID card, they cleared out while Sommers brought extra men in just to seal off the area.

Gibbs remarks that a bikini doesn't leave much room for an ID. Sommers tells him that there was a beach bag near the body.

Gibbs wants to know what Volt Entertainment is. Sommers tells him that it's a local cable channel that caters to men and that they air all the contests.

Kate tells Gibbs that she'll go get a dub.

Gibbs nods and asks Sommers who found the body.

Sommers tells him that an elderly woman found the body at around 1400 and that she was pretty frantic when she told one of Sommers's men.

Sommers then points out that the woman's back there in his car. However, Gibbs just heads for the crime scene with McGee following him while Tony hangs behind.

Kate tells Sommers that Gibbs isn't one for chit-chat.

Sommers remarks that he can see that while Tony's interested in meeting girls from the bikini contest.

Losing patience, Gibbs yells for Tony again with Tony telling Gibbs that he's right behind him.

Inside the bathroom, Gibbs, McGee and Tony examine the scene and they discover that the victim's head has been forced into the toilet.

McGee and Tony then spend the next few minutes, wondering about noogies and wedges.

Gibbs then tells them that if they don't start working, then he's going to start showing them hazing and he assures them the Marine Corps does not do wedgies, noogies or even melvins.

"Thank you, Boss", Tony whispers.

A while later, they're busy processing the scene.

As DiNozzo dusts a wall for fingerprints, McGee takes photographs while Gibbs studies the scene before telling DiNozzo to measure and sketch the footprints.

DiNozzo wonders if the footprints match the victim.

Gibbs believes that they do and that they match her shoes.

DiNozzo then remarks that they're not smudged and there's no sign of panic before wondering if she went to the toilet voluntarily.

Gibbs remarks that there's no signs of a struggle and there's no bruises of any kind on her arms or neck for that matter.

As he snaps more photos of the victim, McGee wonders why the victim didn't run or fight back.

DiNozzo believes that she might not have had a chance to and that she could've been in the vomiting position when she got attacked.

Gibbs praises DiNozzo which DiNozzo thanks him for.

Gibbs then ruins the good moment by ordering DiNozzo to get down on the floor and begin sketching the footprints.

"This is a public restroom, boss", DiNozzo complains. "It's really disgusting".

"It could be worse", Gibbs replies.

"How could it be worse?", DiNozzo demands.

"Could be a men's room", Gibbs states before leaving.

DiNozzo then gives McGee the evil eye before McGee wisely departs to finish taking more photographs.

With a sigh, DiNozzo prepares to get down to business.

Outside, as Gibbs tosses his gloves into the bin, Ducky and his assistant, James Palmer have arrived. Gibbs tells Ducky that DiNozzo and McGee will be finished shortly.

Ducky tells Gibbs that it's no hurry and that it takes time to do detailed and concise work before remarking that Palmer finishes his work quite quickly.

Palmer thanks Ducky, not realizing Ducky is actually insulting him.

Back out on the beach, Kate's finishing talking to a Sergeant Klein and hangs up just as Gibbs joins her.

She tells him that the victim's name was Petty Officer Tiffany Jordan with her C.O stating that she'd been deployed on the USS Monroe for the last 57 days and that the ship returned to Norfolk yesterday about this time.

Gibbs wants to know what the witness said.

Kate admits that the witness doesn't use public bathrooms because she has a phobia with Gibbs remarking this situation won't help the poor woman.

Gibbs asks for the victim's address.

Kate lists it as being 9375 Rosewood Drive, Norfolk and with that, they head off to explore.

Back at the restroom, DiNozzo and McGee emerge, having finished their work and as they leave, Ducky and Palmer head in to prepare the body for transport back to the NCIS morgue.

Tony remarks that he loves the beach, simply because it reminds him of college.

McGee's puzzled with DiNozzo telling the younger Agent he's talking about Spring Break.

DiNozzo then states that every year while they were at college, he and his buddies would hop in the car and head down to Panama City.

McGee then remarks that at MIT, they never did the whole Spring Break thing.

"Go figure", DiNozzo replies.

McGee wants to know if it looks as wild as it does on MTV.

As he eyes the two passing bikini-clad girls, one of whom smiles at him, DiNozzo remarks that his stories alone could make McGee a man.

In the restroom, Ducky's studying Petty Officer Jordan and shaking his head rather sadly at the sight before him.

Palmer wants to know if something's wrong.

Ducky tells him that Jordan's head is in the toilet.

Palmer apologizes and states that he's just never seen Ducky hesitate before.

Ducky remarks that in his line of work, it's rare to come across something he hasn't seen before.

When Palmer asks how long she's been here, Ducky states that it's roughly two or three hours.

Palmer's stunned and remarks that Ducky has a real gift.

As they drag Jordan's head out of the toilet and place her into the wrap, the two men talk about possible career choices.

Once they've finished talking, Ducky talks to Jordan and tells her that they should get her out of here before he and Jimmy begin placing her into the body-bag.

Gibbs and Kate have arrived at Petty Officer Jordan's apartment and are busy searching for any possible clues.

Kate then realizes that the books on Jordan's shelf are all weight-loss books while Gibbs finds some workout videos.

Kate then believes that the symptoms match up to the possibility that Jordan might have an eating disorder.

The search continues and in the process, Kate finds some flowers along with a note saying, "Tiff, I hope you enjoyed my flowers. I live for the day we can be together. Love, Jon".

"Romantic", Gibbs sarcastically comments.

Sniffing them, Kate realizes that the flowers are fresh and that Jon delivered them himself. When Gibbs wants to know how she knows that, Kate tells her that florists put their insignia on their cards but interestingly enough, this one is blank.

Gibbs then remarks that he doesn't like gifts that require attention.

Kate continues searching and can't help but wonder where Jordan's letters are.

Gibbs tells Kate that Jordan never got them given how she's been at sea for the last two months.

Kate realizes that if it was possible, then Jordan should have returned home yesterday to a stack of mail but Gibbs realizes that Jordan had her mail stopped before she left.

Back at the bullpen, McGee arrives in with some lunch for himself just as Tony announces that they're heading out to the USS Monroe to talk to Petty Officer Jordan's former rankmate.

Unfortunately, McGee doesn't get a chance to eat his lunch and is forced to dump it in the bin.

The two men soon arrive at the USS Monroe and meet Egan (Bikini Wax) who expresses some concern for McGee much to DiNozzo's annoyance.

Egan then breaks down again and tells DiNozzo and McGee that Jordan came to her about a month ago, informing Egan that there was something that could potentially ruin her career in the Navy.

In the morgue, Gibbs arrives in as Ducky and Palmer are continuing to study Jordan's body. Ducky confirms that the cause of death was indeed drowning as he found a lot of water in Jordan's lungs. He then notes that Jordan's esophagus is quite worn, almost as she'd been throwing up all the time.

Gibbs wants to know if Jordan was bulimic.

Ducky states it's possible but not probable as Jordan's throat shows little sign of vomiting anything back up again. He then states that it was actually caused by a hormonal imbalance and as Gibbs looks at the chart Palmer's working on, Ducky states that it was a rise in her estrogen levels.

Gibbs then realizes it's actually morning sickness.

Ducky agrees, confirming that Petty Officer Jordan was pregnant.

It then cuts to the three men who are now staring down at Jordan's body.

Act Two

In the bullpen, the three Agents are on their phones.

While both McGee and Kate are focused on the case, trying to get what they need, Tony's talking to someone and soon reveals that he's planning on going on a Spring Break trip to Panama City with some of his frat brothers.

Kate wonders if Tony's just too old for Spring but Tony tells her that he can bong a beer in six seconds and that he'll fit right in.

As he sits back down again, Gibbs comes in with the news that Abby didn't find any foreign prints on the flowers or the beach bag and begins demanding that someone better give him a lead before choosing DiNozzo.

Tony springs to his feet and tells him what he knows including the fact that Petty Officer Jordan brought a pregnancy test during a brief stop at King's Bay.

Gibbs realizes that Jordan was aware of her pregnancy.

Tony then informs him that Jordan also used a payphone to call the father but his cell was turned off, forcing her to leave a message instead.

Kate snidely comments that the situation is Tony's worst nightmare but Tony gets his own back by asking Kate how she's doing with the letters.

Kate grinds her teeth and tells Tony she's working on it.

Gibbs wants to know how long it's going to take with Kate telling him it'll be two days, three tops.

"You've got four", Gibbs replies.

"Really?", Kate says.

"Hours", Gibbs states.

"Sounds about right", Kate snarls, grabbing her phone.

Gibbs then calls on McGee who tells him that he ran the records from Jordan's apartment.

McGee's found that there was only one call Jordan made before her death and that it was at 1100 the previous and it was to a Lisa Kerr.

Gibbs studies the sheet and realizes that it was two hours prior to the time of death Ducky put.

When Gibbs asks if the address is Kerr's work or home, McGee tells him that it's both and Kerr happens to be an at-home yoga instructor.

Gibbs thanks McGee and then grabs his coat while ordering DiNozzo to join him.

"Right behind you, Boss", DiNozzo calls and as he leaves, reminds Kate that it's three hours, fifty-eight minutes until the deadline Gibbs gave her ends.

Kate who's still on the phone isn't too thrilled by that.

In the morgue which has been engulfed in darkness, Palmer using a forensic light has discovered some kind of sticky substance in Petty Officer Jordan's hair. He calls Ducky over and believes that it's paraffin wax.

Ducky then gets distracted and begins rambling about how his grandfather used to use something so similar.

Palmer's more focused on why this stuff is in Jordan's hair and Ducky suspects that it's on the killer's hands as well before recommending that Palmer bring it up to Abby.

Gibbs and DiNozzo are heading for Lisa Kerr's house with DiNozzo telling Gibbs that he appreciates Gibbs bringing him along for this. Gibbs then pulls into the driveway and announces that they're here.

Unsurprisingly, DiNozzo gets sidetracked by the amount of women practicing yoga in the garden but Gibbs snaps him out of it.

DiNozzo then hastily gets out of the car and joins Gibbs before going back to get his PDA.

"Not a great start, boss?", he asks.

"Could've been better", Gibbs admits.

A few minutes later, they begin interviewing Lisa who tells them everything she knows about Petty Officer Jordan including the fact that Jordan posed nude for GSM- (Get Some Monthly) magazine and got a slap on the wrist for it.

The interview gets interrupted by the appearance of Kevin Holt, Lisa's fiancé and a keen surfer. Gibbs then ends the interview and he and DiNozzo head back to the car.

In the lab, McGee studies a sample which Abby identifies as bikini glue which she tells that the contestants use to keep their suit bottoms from riding it up.

Abby then reveals that she went through sticks of that stuff when she was in the circuit and upon McGee looking at her, tells him there's so much he doesn't know.

McGee wonders if the substance is the same Palmer found in Jordan's hair.

Abby tells him that she compared both and it isn't because the stuff in her hair is thicker, more like a wax of some sort.

Abby then asks how Kate's doing on time.

McGee tells her it's eight minutes but Kate enters the lab, carrying some letters corrects McGee to seven and tells his watch must be slow.

They then spend the next few minutes sorting through the letters with Kate revealing that she got the letters from a guy in the mail department who's always flirting with her and Abby stating that she doesn't even have a mailbox while McGee informs them that they will all take a third each and go through it.

"I love it when you're rough, McGee", Abby remarks.

McGee just looks around before getting down to work.

Up in the bullpen, Tony finally discovers that Lisa Kerr is none other than the daughter of Mr. Kerr of Mr. Kerr's Cupcakes fame and tells Gibbs that he was afraid to ask Lisa because he suspected that he might have had a failed relationship with her before.

"I have the same problem with ex-wives", Gibbs replies.

Kate comes in and announces that the guy who wrote Jordan the letters is Jonathan Redding and the writing suggests that Redding is a classic stalker who gives off the impression that if he can't have Jordan, then no-one can.

It looks like a good suspect but then Kate reveals that Redding's in jail.

McGee then interrupts proceedings by revealing that Redding was paroled thirteen days ago.

Gibbs after learning from McGee that their suspect, Jonathan Redding was paroled from prison thirteen days previously.

It then cuts to Gibbs who looks away, annoyed.

Act Three

The next morning, Kate reveals to Gibbs and McGee that Jonathan Redding was arrested for assault and battery in May 2001 and that Redding had two priors before that which are violation of a restraining order and possession of narcotics with two of three of Redding's assaults involving ex-girlfriends.

Gibbs then asks McGee if they've located Redding yet.

McGee tells him that he rang Redding's registered address with the person claiming that they haven't seen Redding.

Gibbs asks about Redding's parole officer.

A single glance from Gibbs has McGee scurrying back to his desk as he prepares to call the parole officer again.

Kate then remarks that Redding fits the profile but Gibbs reminds her that they've only got some fan mail and even if they do find Redding, then they can't hold him.

Tony then hangs up and informs them that Redding's former cellmate who saw the murder on the news has some information that might interest NCIS.

Gibbs wants to know what the price is.

Tony informs him that in exchange for giving the information, the cellmate believes that the D.A may be able to cut him a deal.

After debating it for a few seconds, Gibbs orders Tony and Kate to go to the prison and find out what the cellmate knows.

As they grab their belongings, Tony orders Kate to go with him.

Kate just grabs her bag, annoyed and then follows Tony to the elevator.

A while later, Tony and Kate are inside the prison, heading to the yard to meet the cellmate.

Along the way, Tony wonders if Kate's ever interrogated a prisoner before.

Kate retorts that she has and that she's been doing this for a while.

Tony then tells her that she should remember never to let her guard down because an inmate, unlike a civilian has nothing to lose.

Kate agrees and then tells Tony that Walters asked to speak to them because he wants to do the right thing.

"He's a felon and that's the way we're gonna treat him", Tony replies as they approach another gate.

A while later, the two talk to Luke Walters, Redding's former cellmate or rather, Tony does the talking while Kate notes everything in her PDA.

Unsurprisingly, the second Tony spots a tattoo on Walters's left arm, he realizes that the other man is a fraternity pledge and the two instantly begin bonding over Spring Break as Kate looks on in dismay.

Back at the bullpen, McGee's finishing getting some information from someone just as Gibbs comes in. McGee leaps up and tells Gibbs that Redding's been found.

Apparently, the guy's working at a place called Walter Wheel Carwash and that the place is only two miles away from where Petty Officer Jordan was murdered.

Gibbs isn't happy, stating that they should've had Redding in custody three hours ago. McGee tries to apologize but Gibbs tells him to learn to anticipate, think a step ahead and that McGee shouldn't have to ever waste any time deciding what to do next.

As McGee heads back to his desk, Gibbs's phone rings.

It's Kate who tells him that according to Walters, Redding stared at the photo of Petty Officer Jordan for hours at a time and then the letters started.

Unsurprisingly, as this goes on, both Walters and Tony are talking like they've known each other for years.

Kate just rolls her eyes and continues telling Gibbs what she knows.

When Gibbs asks Kate if she believes Redding was obsessed, she agrees, stating that Redding found Jordan's address over the Internet and that he planned to contact her when he was released and that he didn't want to live without her.

"Or her to live without him", Gibbs replies.

Kate wants to know if McGee's gotten an address.

Gibbs tells her that he has and that they're on their way before hanging up.

As he leaves the bullpen, McGee has already taken Gibbs's words to heart and is ready to go.

Gibbs barely has to ask for the car keys before McGee throws them to him, causing Gibbs to catch the keys in surprise.

With that, they leave the bullpen.

A while later, the two Agents at the carwash where a lot of souped-up and painted cars are on display.

Instantly, the NCIS Dodge Charger draws some glances from the crowd with Gibbs remarking that they're out of place here.

McGee remarks that it feels like high school to him.

After McGee has tried to educate Gibbs in what the cars are and having failed miserably, the two then meet Rodney Garrison and ask him about Redding.

Garrison points them in the direction of Redding but once they've gotten to the car wash, Redding panics and flees, forcing McGee to go through to the car wash to get Redding while Gibbs wisely stays outside.

As a result, McGee goes through the car wash and gets dosed with everything in sight. He finally gets to the exit, only to discover that Redding's on the ground with Gibbs cuffing him while informing McGee to anticipate.

Despite being wet, McGee simply nods and gives Gibbs a thumbs-up.

Back at NCIS, Redding is sitting in Interrogation while Kate and Tony observe him from Observation.

Tony remarks that Luke Walters was right and that Redding is creepy.

Kate finally gets tired of it and tells Tony that Luke is a criminal and that it appears that Tony also has a man-crush on Luke.

Tony defends himself, stating that he doesn't and that he just feels sorry for Luke.

Kate believes otherwise and then states that she doesn't understand why men feel the need to get drunk and laid above everything else.

Tony tells her that getting drunk and laid is 90% of it with the rest being brotherhood and solidarity.

Kate retorts that it's as juvenile as Spring Break.

Tony asks Kate if she's ever been on Spring Break.

She tells him that she has and that she went to Panama City, junior year but unlike the girls Tony's going to be seeing, Kate and her friends conducted themselves with complete dignity.

Tony sarcastically remarks that it sounds like a blast, causing Kate to roll her eyes.

Gibbs finally appears in Interrogation and Redding, still cuffed to the chair begins whining about how he's been here for nearly twenty minutes. Gibbs sarcastically apologizes, telling Jon he asked them to put refreshments out and that they must have forgotten before sitting down opposite Redding.

Redding, on the other hand wants to know why he's here.

"Because killing people is illegal", Gibbs states.

Redding states that he didn't kill anyone but Gibbs wants to know why Redding ran. Redding tells him that he owned the wrong people a lot of money when he was sent to jail.

Gibbs wants to know if it's drugs but Redding doesn't say anything before stating that now that he's out, the people are looking to collect and when he saw Gibbs and McGee coming at him, he reacted.

In Observation, Tony believes that Redding's lying while Kate remarks that if Redding is lying, then he's pretty good at it.

They're interrupted by McGee joining them in Observation and it's shown that he has exchanged his ruined worksuit for his clean gym clothes which has Tony and Kate snickering at him.

McGee tries to defend himself, stating that he chased Redding through the car wash and that the gym clothes were the only thing he had that was clean.

Unsurprisingly, Tony continues mocking McGee while Kate tries her hardest not to laugh but ends up failing rather miserably.

Back in Interrogation, Gibbs shows Redding the letter Redding sent Petty Officer Jordan. Redding wants to know where Gibbs got them.

Gibbs tells him he got the letter just like the other three from Jordan's P.O Box, causing Redding to realize that Jordan never got his letters.

Gibbs believes that's why Redding killed Jordan because she didn't reply to him.

Redding insists that he didn't kill Jordan and that he loved her.

Gibbs then asks Redding where he was on Saturday between 12pm and 1:15pm. Redding admits that he was there at the bikini contest, causing Gibbs to remark, "You're not helping your case here much, Johnny Boy". Redding then admits that he went to talk to Jordan and tell her how much she meant to him.

Gibbs wants to know why Redding didn't tell Jordan that when he delivered the flowers, revealing that Redding was the guy who delivered the flowers that Kate found in Jordan's apartment.

Redding tells him that Jordan wasn't home at the time and that he left them at the door.

Redding also tells Gibbs that he didn't see her at the contest either. He waited for her but she never showed up.

Gibbs wants to know if Redding went alone.

Redding tells him that he did, that he showed up at the contest half an hour before it started, that he stood right in front of the stage until it ended and then again insists that he didn't kill Jordan before simply stating that he just wanted to be a part of her life.

Redding then tells Gibbs that the Agent has to believe him.

The team then gather in the lab to watch the video where after a single mishap which Abby explains was the result of Tony taking the video and watching it before forgetting to rewind, a statement that has Kate annoyed to no end shows them that Redding's alibi is solid: he was at the bikini contest the whole time.

"He's telling the truth", Gibbs states. "Jonathan Redding did not kill Petty Officer Jordan".

It then cuts to Gibbs who stares at the screen while Kate looks on.

Act Four

The next morning, Tony breezes into the office, asking for Gibbs.

When Kate and McGee ask why, Tony shows them a copy of GSM Magazine which has Kate remarking that Tony needs help.

Tony smugly tells her that she'll be singing a different tune when he shows this to Gibbs.

As if hearing his name being called, Gibbs appears and heads into the bullpen, asking, "Show me what?".

Tony then remarks that he was going through Petty Officer Jordan's layout and he found something that he thought Gibbs should see.

Once Gibbs has sat down at his desk, Tony shows him the copy of GSM and tells Gibbs that the two photos of Petty Officer Jordan came from Jordan herself.

Tony then reveals that it's something that GSM likes to do: give the reader a voyeuristic look into the girls's lives.

McGee gets a little close for comfort and wonders who took the photos. Tony tells McGee to back it up.

McGee does just that, apologizing.

Tony then goes out to say that the two photographs in question were taken by Petty Officer Jordan's boyfriend with McGee voicing his belief that he thought that Jordan didn't date.

Tony sarcastically tells him that since Jordan was pregnant, there's only one way that could happen.

Gibbs wants to know if Tony contacted GSM.

Tony reveals that he has and that a local photographer named Jason Kaplan took the pictures. Kaplan also happens to be a freelancer who the magazine works with a lot.

Gibbs then orders Tony to go check it out with Tony stating that he's going to keep it professional.

"Yeah, I know you will", Gibbs replies, not convinced one bit. "Because Kate's going with you".

This draws some surprise from both Tony and Kate with Tony stating that it's an in and out job and Kate trying to protest. However, as it turns out, Gibbs's word is law.

Tony then grabs his backpack and leaves with Kate rather reluctantly going along too.

As they head for the office, Tony remarks that Kaplan has the life because he spends the day photographing the world's hottest women. Kate disagrees, stating that the pictures are demeaning and that they make women look like sex objects.

Tony tries to get Kate to loosen up, stating that the human body's a wonderful thing and that it should be admired.

As Tony heads inside, Kate just rolls her eyes.

Inside, Kaplan is busy photographing some men much to Kate's delight although it's clear that Tony doesn't exactly appreciate the scene.

Kaplan then finishes the scene and introduces himself before telling Kate and Tony that they're looking at three members of the US water polo team.

"Great uniforms", Kate replies dreamily.

Tony, on the other hand isn't too thrilled and suggests if there's somewhere else they could. Kaplan suggests his office much to Tony's relief while Kate can't help but exchange a flirty look with one of the polo members.

In the office, Kaplan remarks how devastated he was when he heard that Jordan was dead and then gives them a sheet containing the information.

Tony recognizes the name: Kevin Holt whom he reveals to Kate is Lisa Kerr's fiancé.

In the lab, Abby who's developed a hatred for wax after spending many hours testing them tells what she's found. She holds up some wax labelled "Mr. Zog's Sex Wax" before revealing that it comes in Cool, Warm and Tropical. McGee wants to know how it works.

Tony believes that a girl is needed.

Abby corrects him by stating that it's a brand name made for surfers who put it on their boards to help with traction which leaves Gibbs and Tony stunned.

A few hours later, Gibbs and Tony return to the beachhouse where Kevin's busy working on his board where they tell him that they know about his relationship with Petty Officer Jordan.

Kevin tries to put down his relationship with Jordan as being nothing but friends.

Gibbs asks for a DNA sample to which Kevin agrees to, stating that he'll do it because he's confident that he's got nothing to hide.

Back in the lab, a test Abby's running has turned out to be positive but she also reveals to the team that Kevin's fingerprints don't match what Tony and McGee got from the beach restroom where Jordan's body was found.

Tony believes that just because the fingerprints don't match doesn't mean that Kevin's off the hook.

Tony then heads into Interrogation to talk to Kevin while McGee brings Lisa into Observation who's stunned at the fact that her fiancé is still being interrogated.

Gibbs tells Lisa that the evidence is suggesting that Kevin was involved in Petty Officer Jordan's murder.

Lisa refuses to believe it, stating that Kevin's not capable of killing anyone.

In Interrogation, Tony reveals that Jordan was pregnant and that the tests have confirmed beyond a doubt that Kevin is the father.

This revelation leaves both Kevin and Lisa stunned with Lisa remarking that she can't believe that Kevin cheated on her because she's given him everything.

In Interrogation, Tony remarks that he decided to go with the bad news.

In Observation, Gibbs wonders why Lisa never suspected what was going between Jordan and Kevin.

"Why would I?", Lisa asks. "She's my friend".

Kate assures Lisa that it'll be okay while Gibbs tells McGee to get Lisa a glass of water which McGee leaves to do.

Lisa also voices that she still doesn't believe that Kevin is responsible for Jordan's death while back in Interrogation, Tony tells Kevin that there's a 0.2 chance Kevin will be walking out of here.

Kevin then tells Tony that he and Jordan agreed to end their affair.

While this goes on, back in Observation, McGee gives Lisa a glass of water which she grips rather tightly.

In Interrogation, Tony isn't buying Kevin's story and wonders why NCIS should believe him.

Kevin is left puzzled by this.

Tony gets in Kevin's face by angrily stating that NCIS has been calling Kevin non-stop for two days and that he left four messages on his phone.

In Observation, unable to watch anymore, Lisa snaps, telling them that Tony never called or even left any messages whatsoever.

Gibbs wants to know how Lisa knows.

The camera then heads into Interrogation, showing Lisa sitting at the table, waiting for something.

Gibbs comes in and asks her if she wants to call her lawyer.

Lisa tells him that she wants to get this over with and that she didn't do anything wrong.

As soon as he sits down, Gibbs tells Lisa it must have been a shock for her to hear Tiffany's message and tells her that no-one would blame her for being angry.

Lisa insists that she didn't listen to any messages and that she wouldn't invade Kevin's privacy like that.

Gibbs tells her that she didn't have a problem going through his emails which has Lisa stunned.

Gibbs then produces the very same glass Lisa drank from a while ago which is now wrapped in an Evidence bag before revealing that they got her fingerprints from this glass and it happens to match a print they found a few feet from Jordan's body.

It then cuts to Lisa who having realized she's been caught begins whimpering and with tears in her eyes, voices her belief that she'd like to call her lawyer now.

"I think that's probably a good idea", Gibbs remarks.

In the bullpen, as Kate continues working, Tony has finished his and is preparing to depart for his Spring Break vacation.

As he switches off his desk lamp and heads for the lift, Kate tells Tony not to embarrassed himself.

Tony calls back that he's way too grown-up for that.

It then cuts to a number of people who are pouring beer down a funnel or tube which Tony's drinking through as the chanting, "Go! Go!!" increases and sure enough, Tony's making an ass of himself.

Tony then staggers up from the chair, obviously drunk as he rambles, "You're pretty" to anyone in sight before stating to no-one that he's going to the head.

As he does, Tony then sees Rod's Tiki Tavern Wet T-Shirt Hall of Fame and stops right there, taking a moment to study the photographs of the various winners from years gone by.

He then grins at the photos of girls getting their t-shirts wet and remarks that he loves this place.

He then scans through the photos and then stops upon 1994, having seemingly recognized the girl in that photo with a close-up revealing that the girl in question is none other than Kate.

It then cuts to Tony who cackles rather loudly with his impression of a mad scientist echoing into the night.


  • When Tony and Kate speak to the freelance photographer, Jason Kaplan, in his office, the office is the same set that was used in NCIS's parent series, JAG with the set being notably used for Harmon Rabb's bedroom and bathroom area.
  • "GSM" magazine is a clear allusion to real-life men's magazine "FHM".


Series Regulars

Season Two Cast
Name Portrayed by Role
Leroy Jethro Gibbs Mark Harmon An NCIS Special Agent in charge of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Anthony DiNozzo Junior Michael Weatherly The Senior Agent of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team and also the second-in-command.
Caitlin Todd Sasha Alexander A Secret Service Agent previously assigned to the Presidential Protection Detail on Air Force One and who is now an NCIS Special Agent as well as Tony DiNozzo's partner.
Abigail Sciuto Pauley Perette A Goth who is also the Chief Forensic Scientist and who also works for the NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Timothy McGee Sean Murray (actor) An NCIS Special Agent previously assigned to the Norfolk Naval Base who is now the Junior Agent of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Donald Mallard David McCallum NCIS's Chief Medical Examiner.

Recurring Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
James Palmer Brian Dietzen Gerald Jackson's temporary replacement as the Assistant Medical Examiner.

Guest Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
Lisa Kerr Tamara Marie Watson A yoga instructor and also Petty Officer Tiffany Jordan's killer.
Kevin Holt Lochlyn Munro Lisa's fiancé and the father of Tiffany Jordan's unborn baby.
Jonathan Redding Jon Sklaroff A stalker obsessed with Tiffany Jordan.
Sommers Lamont Thompson A member of the Virigina Beach Police.
Jason Kaplan Larry Cedar A freelance photographer.
Luke Walters Nathan Anderson A man who's also a former cellmate of Jonathan Redding.
Egan (Bikini Wax) Emma Bates Petty Officer Tiffany Jordan's former rackmate.
Jamel Jones Teck Holmes The host of the bikini contest.
Rodney Garrison Floyd Van Buskirk The supervisor of the car wash where Jonathan Redding works.
Gina Shepard Tasha Dixon Uncredited role.
Sally Nicole Pano Uncredited role.
Tiffany Jordan Sarah Prikryl The murder victim and a Petty Officer in the United States Navy. Uncredited role.
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