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Spongebob456 Spongebob456 20 days ago

Celebrate Pride Month with Fandom!

Hey all.

In June, Fandom is celebrating Pride Month! Fandom is excited to celebrate Pride and the accomplishments of creators in the LGBTQIA+ community. Our theme for Pride this year is Love Will Keep Us Together - and it would be great if all if you could join in the celebrations!

We want to raise awareness and celebrate through a variety of events which you can find out more about in this blog.

We are spotlighting content in upcoming events, including roundtables and hosting a tournament bracket on Drag Race Wiki! The Movies/TV roundtable has already happened, but below are some other great upcoming ones! Roundtables are a great opportunity for users to discuss their favourite franchises. They are easy to join, you just need to be in Fandom's …

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Spongebob456 Spongebob456 14 May

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Hey guys!

Fandom is celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month. It’s important to celebrate AAPI Month as Asian Americans have contributed significantly to American culture—science, sports, activism and entertainment to name a few.

What is it?

Celebrating it in May we extend this initiative for all to celebrate! This year’s theme will focus on Visibility and Amplification - shining a light on individuals, amplifying voices, and creating spaces for people to share their story.

You can read more in this blog!

Ways to celebrate

Fandom is hosting some events to celebrate this month, including roundtables, interviews, and more!

In terms of roundtables, the next one is covering TV shows!


May 18 - 9AM PST / 6PM CET



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Spongebob456 Spongebob456 24 April

Interactive Maps are here!

Hey all!

Fandom recently announced that Interactive Maps are live on the platform. As a recap, Interactive Maps is a feature available on Fandom where communities can design their own customized maps. You can place pins on an image that will lead to wiki articles when clicked on!

Interactive Maps are available to all communities, accessible from the the "Explore" menu on the local navigation, or by visiting Special:AllMaps directly in the URL. Map creation and editing is currently limited to those with the user right editinteractivemap, which is automatically given to administrators and Fandom Staff.

If you're excited about this feature and would like to start playing around with one, reach out to an active admin to receive the necessary rights.…

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Spongebob456 Spongebob456 25 March

Fandom Wiki Rules and Blocking policy updates

Hey guys!

Recently, Fandom staff posted updates to the Fandom Wiki Rules and Blocking Policy. As a reminder, this is a global policy to aid the wellbeing of communities that all wikis have been following since 2021. These new changes go into effect on April 4th.

  • An added section outlining what it means to be a good admin. Some tips include being open to users asking for advice, not acting as if you are the “owner” of the wiki, assuming good faith etc
  • The “Need ideas for rules?” section was moved to its own page and added more example rules to be used if needed.
  • An added section requiring a pathway to adminship. This is a system your community can set up to allow for long-time users who care about the wiki and community to eventually become admins…

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Spongebob456 Spongebob456 4 March

Fandom updates - Women's History Month, MediaWiki 1.37, and quizzes!

Hey guys!

Further to my last post, I have updates on Women's History Month, MediaWiki 1.37, and quizzes!

Women's History Month in March

For Women’s History Month, Fandom intends to spotlight creators, IPs, and women behind-the-scenes at Fandom and editors that “break the bias” by forging a path that supports women's equality. Read more here!

MediaWiki 1.37 upgrade

In March, Fandom will starting the upgrade from MediaWiki 1.33 to MediaWiki 1.37. Think of this like a mobile phone software update that brings security updates and more. Upgrading means wikis get the latest updates and improvements.

Note: this is not a design change on Fandom and impact on wikis should be minimal compared to UCP and FandomDesktop changes. This Help page provides a detailed …

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Spongebob456 Spongebob456 2 February

Fandom Quarter 1 updates for 2022!

Hey again everyone!

For those of you who don't know who I am, I'm Chris - the Fandom Wiki Representative assigned to this wiki. I just wanted to update you all on some Fandom updates in the first quarter of this year, including new team members, new features, and a new initiative!

Celebrating Black History Month with Fandom!

Fandom is celebrating Black History Month throughout February! We’re highlighting recent media impacted by Black creators, including TV shows, movies, video games, comics, and artists. We hope that you spend some time diving deep into some of the IPs that made 2021 such a memorable year.

We’re preparing some fun initiatives for later this month so make sure to join our Discord server, as well as follow our @FandomWikis Twitter…

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NCIS2009 NCIS2009 30 November 2021


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Spongebob456 Spongebob456 8 September 2021

The Downstream - September 10

Hey again folks!

Fandom is holding another edition of The Downstream on Friday, September 10 at 11am EST.

This 2-hour event is held on Twitch at and is a bit like a mini Community Connect 4 times a year. Fandom staff brief viewers on what is happening on Fandom, with the latest news and updates.

In this edition, guests include:

  • Joey Merkel, Director of Social Strategy & Operations, who will be presenting on how Fandom approaches social media and answering questions about how admins can manage social media accounts for their wikis.
  • Maggie Owens, Sr. Analyst - Site Analytics, who will be explaining how Fandom tracks traffic trends on the platform and connects them to external events, like how the Spider-Man trailer caused cert…
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Spongebob456 Spongebob456 1 June 2021

The FandomDesktop opt-in is LIVE

Hey all,

FandomDesktop is available for users to opt-in and test NOW!

To access the new skin, you need to do the following:

  • Go to Special:Preferences
  • Click "Appearance"
  • Click "FandomDesktop"
  • Click any FandomDesktop preferences you want such as light/dark mode, content width, and right rail
  • Click "Save"!

There you go, you're on the new skin! Now not all wikis will have theming set up and templates may look different. To help with this, there is a Preparation Guide to help admins prepare their wikis. Admins - if you have any issues - please do contact me via my wall or on Discord at Spongebob456#7402. You can test out the new Theme Designer and if you feel your wiki is ready to be fully migrated to FandomDesktop, there is a button to mark it as such in…

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Spongebob456 Spongebob456 28 May 2021

The Downstream - 28.05.21

Hey folks!

Today Fandom hosted The Downstream where they offered news extended from coverage from Community Connect.

This included news on:

  • The FandomDesktop (UCX) design
  • An appearance by a representative at Fanatical
  • An appearance by a representative for branding at Fandom
  • SEO and UCX
  • Trust and Safety

Here is a link to where you can watch the video!

Feel free to comment below with thoughts, questions, and comments! :) --Spongebob456 talk 18:54, 28 May 2021 (UTC)

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Spongebob456 Spongebob456 2 May 2021

FandomDesktop: Share your navigation feedback

Hey everyone,

In 2021, Fandom is releasing a new, redesigned skin called FandomDesktop. We have been gathering feedback in order to help communities prepare for the change, but also so they can offer feedback.

I have more to show you, this time about Navigation for desktop users on the new skin. We have new looks at Search, Profile submenu, and Notifications. There is also insight into why the local navigation decision was made.

Feel free to check them out!

What do you think of these? What do you like/dislike? Would you change anything? Please comment below and the more feedback we receive, the more areas we can give extra attention to. Thanks! --Spongebob456 talk

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Spongebob456 Spongebob456 6 April 2021

Post your FandomDesktop feedback

Hey everyone!

Fandom posted a preview of the new Fandom desktop experience, called FandomDesktop.

The blog outlines some areas which are seeing significant changes such as:

  • Native support for Light and Dark mode
  • Flexible content area width
  • Collapsible right rail
  • Redesigned editor toolbar
  • And more!

We really want your feedback, both good and bad, so please feel free to fire away! If we know of your concerns beforehand, we can pass that on so those areas can receive extra attention, to help the transition go as smooth as possible.

What do you think of FandomDesktop? Do you have any concerns/highlights? How do you feel it will impact the community?

Comment below! :) --Spongebob456 talk 14:30, 6 April 2021 (UTC)

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AdingTyler AdingTyler 16 March 2021

I'm sad. Kate dies, I'm up to season 2

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Spongebob456 Spongebob456 14 March 2021

Bug smashing efforts

Hey everyone!

My name is Chris, a Fandom Wiki Representative working with this community.

Today I have an exciting project to share - Fandom announced in a blog that it would be devoting two weeks on a quality of life project - a two-week bug squashing effort!

So my question to you is - are there any bugs that have been really annoying on Fandom that you would like fixed? These can be big bugs or small bugs - any report is appreciated!

Please include below the following to help us work on these issues:

  • Describe the bug in as much detail as possible
  • What browser are you using?
  • Which editor are you using? Visual editor - source mode (otherwise known as 2017 editor)? Source editor (otherwise known as 2010 editor)? Visual editor? You can check your Pr…
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UnknownStalker101 UnknownStalker101 16 September 2017


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AK47908 AK47908 14 September 2016








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Major~Künzel Major~Künzel 24 April 2016


Meine Verhalten Regeln und Ordnung im Leben sind:

Micha Regeln und Ordnung, Systematik und Anordnung und die Zusammenarbeit nach bestimmten Regeln, die gelernt und beherrschen werden müssen wer im Haushalt bei Micha Lebt!


#1.0: Lasse Verdächtige niemals zusammen bleiben!

1.1) Leg niemals Deinen Partner/in aufs Kreuz!

#2.0: Entschuldige dich nie!

2.1) Es ist ein Zeichen von Schwäche.

#3.0: Glaube nie was man Dir erzählt, überprüfe es zwei mal!

3.1) Sei niemals unerreichbar!

3.2) Glaub nie, was man Dir erzählt!

#4.0: Die beste Art ein Geheimnis zu bewahren ist: Das man es für sich behält!

4.1) Die zweitbeste ist: Es nur EINEM anderen zu zusagen, wenn…

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Bobdog54 Bobdog54 24 December 2015


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DeHybrid DeHybrid 20 January 2015

Sarah McGee's Pizza!

Heys! If your here, you clearly love NCIS!

...if you love food too, you can check out my good friend James, who upon suggestion, makes dishes and meals from our favorite Books, TV shows and Movies! ...because he loves us.

Check out His POP-Culinary volg!!! :D

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CoolBurnMtW CoolBurnMtW 4 March 2014

Big Fan!

I am a huge fan of NCIS, NCIS:LA, and JAG.  I watched JAG when it first came out.  Only missed a handful of Episodes of NCiS.  Have barely gotten to watch many NCIS:LA Episodes, but it's impressive in its own way.

This is a great Wiki.  I hope I can find a way to Contribute at some time.

CoolBurnMtW (Wall) 07:56, March 4, 2014 (UTC)

(Should Signatures be used in Blogs?  Not sure what the guidelines are on that.)

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Amy+Abby=Power Amy+Abby=Power 3 March 2014

All About Abby

All About Abby

Abby Sciuto's official rules

Rule #1 Never lie to Abby

Rule #9 Always keep a spare (Caf-Pow!)

Random story that Abby told in season seven-

When Abby was 6, she went to her cousins wedding in LA and she got an allergic reaction to avocados.

Random Facts-

Abby sleeps in a coffin

Abby loves Caf-Pow!

Abby hates Gibbs' Coffee

Abby's biggest fear is being on Ducky's autopsy table

Abby loves dogs

Abby talks to her machines to help them work faster

Abby is the only one who can mimic Gibbs and still be alive

Abby and Gibbs sign to each other often

Abby knows how to use sign language because her parents were deaf

Abby's parents died in a drunk driving accident

Abby hates it when people say they are vegetarian and eat chicken

Abby hates it when people m…

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Zehrweyandt Zehrweyandt 7 September 2013

Wow they were different!

So I'm watching the series from the beginning (again), and it strikes me each time how different each character looks and acts compared to later in the series. Abby's hair is shorter and she wears darker colored lipstick making her look a lot whiter in the face than she is later. She also has no objection to lab assistants (watch S1E7 Sub Rosa when she is working on the dead guys computer generated facial reconstruction and Ducky walks in you can see people in lab coats near Major Maspec and we all know that Abby does not share a lab with anyone). She acts more subdued and not as happy go lucky though you never really see her depressed. Tony..... well don't get me started on Tony. He could take up a whole wiki page with all of the changes …

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NJZimmermann NJZimmermann 7 February 2013

Episode Victims

  • - Lieutenant Loren Singer, USN
  • - Lieutenant Loren Singer, USN
  • - Lieutenant Loren Singer, USN

  • - Commander Ray Trapp, USN and Major Timothy Kerry, USMC
  • - Sergeant Larry Fuentes, USMC
  • - Commander "Seadog" Farrell, USN
  • - Seaman Russell MacDonald, USN
  • - Lieutenant Mark Schilz, USN
  • - Petty Officers Bobby Wilkes, USN and Peter Shrewe, USN
  • - Petty Officer Drewe, USN
  • - Petty Officer Second Class Khalil Sa'id, USN
  • - Major Jim Kidwell, USMC (kidnapped and murdered), Major Craig Peary, USMC (kidnapped and later rescued)
  • - Suzanne McNeill (faked her kidnapping), Walter Richter and Stephen Bauer (murdered by McNeill)
  • - Lieutenant Commander Thomas Egan, USN
  • - Private First Class Thomas Dorn, USMC and Corporal Morgan, USMC a historical murder that occurred before the m…

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Erinsmclaughlin Erinsmclaughlin 9 January 2013

Two (minor) Losses on NCIS

Warning: This blog post will contain Spoilers for the Jan 8,2013 episode "Shabbat Shalom". READ AT  YOUR OWN RISK

I have never been so right and so wrong about an episode at the same time.  When my family and I saw the previews for last night's episode, we all knew at least one person was going to die. My mother speculated it would be Ziva because she was the only team member not  in the emergency waiting room. I argued with her about this for a week, telling her that I didn't think the team would lose another agent, as I thought it was still too soon. I was half right about who  I thought would die. When I didn't see Ziva at the hospital, I figured something had to be up with Eli. Mom was hesitant when I voiced the idea that it might be the …

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Carpetgirl Carpetgirl 19 September 2012


Have our beloved NCIS characters finaly beet the dust? I don't think so, but the last explosions gonna leave a nasty bruse on the building. I wonder If Dukeys gonna quit! what do you Lot think?

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Erinsmclaughlin Erinsmclaughlin 17 May 2012

Thoughts on the season finale

So, here I am with a new blog on another Wiki. I've been an NCIS fan since the show premiered in 2003. I'll never forget it. I was thirteen and very excited when I found out that they were doing a spinoff of one of my then favorite shows, JAG. Since that time I feel as though I've gotten emotionally invested in these characters. Which is why the season finale threw me for a total loop.

TV shows very rarely make me cry, but the Season 9 finale came close. The show has only made me cry twice before: once at the death of NCIS Special Agent Caitlin Todd, and again at the death of NCIS Director Jenny Shepard. The heart wrenching season finale, though... almost. It was shocking to be sure. But it's the moments that make us go "Oh, no!" in shock t…

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ElFatso ElFatso 9 February 2012

Life Before His Eyes

Does anyone else find it strange/annoying that because Kate survived in the what-if scenario of Ari being spotted, basically everyone in Gibb's team broke Rule #12?

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Giggity Giggity Giggity Giggity 7 December 2010


Giggity here; who wants Tony from NCIS to slap Gibbs.? I think that would be hilarious, Gibbs is always slapping Tony so he should slap Gibbs back. Yep. That's pretty much it. Thaaanks.

Giggity Out--

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Devilz Vampire Devilz Vampire 19 August 2010

Season 8


Does anyone know when season 8 airs in Australia?

I have looked but all the websites have the US dates and that is no help to me.

Please Help Me!!!

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Folsominc2 Folsominc2 21 March 2010

What does the NCIS writers have against Israel?

ceOk, I have to admit, I have not been a fan of NCIS and have not watched it over the years like so many other fans. However, I gained an interest in it recently since there, frankly, has been nothing else on lately and then the marathon over the weekend got me even more interested.

Nevertheless, I have noticed a recurring theme in the episodes I have watched and that is that they are making Israeli Mossad as the really really bad guys. So much so that whenever they do mention Al-Quaida, it is usually with the assistance of members or rouge members of Mossad.

Granted there are good and bad things with every organization. I mean, for example, I don't think that the higher members of Acorn expected prostitution rings within their very large o…

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Cbbaby Cbbaby 16 February 2010

Really free ringtone for my iPhone 3g

Can anybody help me with this problem. I find lots of downloads that they say are free but then they want you to sign up at $10 a month for 5,000 ringtones. The Apple store doesn't have NCIS for me to download.

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Free4butterflys Free4butterflys 7 October 2009


Whyed ncis and the new actors may be g in the world have you chang

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Leroy Jethro Gibbs Leroy Jethro Gibbs 8 July 2009


I got up at five forty-five in the morning, in the middle of the summer, for NCIS, and I'll be downstairs on my couch all day. Yikes. If that isn't addiction, I'm not sure what is, especially since I saw the first three episodes yesterday. And is it just me, or can you not actually see anything under the ice in Iced until the boy wipes away the top layer of the ice?

Okay, I fell asleep during Designated Target, and woke up in Abby's lab with Kate and Abby. Oops.

Oh, and I'm addicted to Tim/Sean's hair- when it's about the length it is now (meaning both in the episode Silver War and the end of season six). I don't like it when it's wicked short or really long.

Signing off,

NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs

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Leroy Jethro Gibbs Leroy Jethro Gibbs 8 July 2009

Welcome to My Life

Some stuff happened to me today. My dad called my goalie coach, a man nicknamed Walshy. In two weeks, minus a few days, I shall disappear for a while when I go to hockey camp in Vermont. Soon after that, I shall go to camp at the University of New Hampshire. I got information on each camp today, including that, for the Vermont one, not only do I have to play paintball and probably wake up extremely sore every day of the week, I also apparently have to sleep on the floor on a thin mat and a sleeping bag, which will only make me more sore. Not to mention the welts I'll get playing paintball.

And tomorrow, I wanted to wake up a little before six, as I'm sure many people on this site also are planning to do, but I forgot, and now it's nearly el…

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