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Bloodbath is the twenty-first episode in NCIS Season 3 and also the sixty-seventh episode of the entire NCIS series.


A routine case for the NCIS team involving a trashed hotel room at a Navy Lodge quickly turns personal when Abby is the victim of an assassination attempt involving cyanide gas while working in her lab with McGee's quick reflexes saving the two of them from death, prompting the team to search for answers and uncover the identity of the person who wants Abby dead.


At the Navy Lodge, staff member Frank Dreyer is busy talking to Albert Hencheck and Lillian Hencheck about the options they've got at the Lodge including free phone calls, daily in-room coffee and an AM-FM radio.

Lillian wants to know if the room they're getting is clean with Frank assuring her that it is.

Lillian remarks that at the last place she stayed in, she saw a cockroach but Albert tries to tell her that it wasn't a cockroach with Lillian sarcastically wondering if Albert's an expert now.

Albert tells her that he's been an entomologist for 32 years and remarks that he'd know a cockroach if he saw one.

Frank again assures that their room is clean and opens the door to let them in.

As Lillian heads in while powdering herself, Albert tells Frank to stay single and then heads in with Frank telling them to let him know that there's anything wrong, then they can get an upgrade.

Upon realizing something's wrong, he joins Albert and Lillian in the room which happens to be a complete mess with the walls covered in blood.

Albert then weakly says that he thinks they'll take that upgrade.

It then cuts to show Frank staring at the scene, completely stunned while Lillian has her hand over her mouth, obviously trying not to gag at what she's seeing.

Act One

In the Director's office, NCIS/Mossad Liaison Officer Ziva David and NCIS Director Jennifer Shepard are having an intense discussion about something.

Seconds later, it's revealed that they're actually helping Forensic Scientist Abigail Sciuto pick out an outfit for her upcoming court appearance with Abby remarking that she hates court.

The talk is interrupted by NCIS Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo Junior who growls rather seductively, telling Abby just to go with heels.

DiNozzo then apologizes and tells the women that he's come to collect Ziva because the boss got the Bat-signal.

As they head downstairs to the main area, Tony remarks that he showed up just in time as in another minute, the girls would have been braiding each other's hair.

Ziva then remarks who remarks where that can lead to.

As they reach the end of the stairs, NCIS Special Agents Leroy Jethro Gibbs and Timothy McGee soon emerge with Tony and Ziva soon joining them.

Gibbs announces that they're going to Little Creek.

Ziva believes it's Little Creek Base but McGee tells her it's actually an off-base Navy lodging facility used mostly by (temporary duty)- TDY personnel and visiting family.

While they head for the lift, McGee informs Tony and Ziva that apparently, there was some kind of bloodbath.

DiNozzo grumbles about Mondays and wonders what the body count is.

As they all head into the lift, Gibbs wonders to DiNozzo who said anything a body? DiNozzo then gives Ziva her own backpack while DiNozzo then stares into the distance.

Seconds later, the elevator doors close.

At the crime scene, Ziva's busy taking photographs of the trashed room, DiNozzo then handles some of the evidence and is even disgusted by it.

Ziva takes more photos and even notices a tag saying, "REDRUM", causing her to wonder what it is.

Unsurprisingly, DiNozzo compares the scene to one from the movie, "The Shining" which has Ziva in disbelief.

Outside the room which has been sealed off and is now a crime scene, Gibbs and McGee are busy questioning Albert and Lillian, the couple seen at the beginning of the episode.

Unsurprisingly, Albert and Lillian are again arguing about the state of their hotel room and are presumably planning to leave the Navy Lodge due to the fact that their holiday plans are in ruins.

Their mood isn't helped by McGee asking them if they had a specific room in mind when making the reservations.

Lillian sarcastically snaps that they didn't and that they requested the one with the eviscerated squirrels but this is all the hotel had.

Albert is furious, wondering what the Hell kind of question is that.

Gibbs remarks that it's their last.

As Gibbs heads off, Frank is heard telling another couple about the channels they have that are in crisp, clear cable.

Upon reaching the scene which has been sealed off, Gibbs calls on DiNozzo for a report.

As they get ready to enter the crime scene, the three put on new gloves.

DiNozzo reports that the occupants left two days ago, that the room was cleaned the day before and then locked tight.

Gibbs wants to know if there are any signs of forced entry but Ziva tells that a previous guest could have kept the key and they're all going over lists.

DiNozzo then holds up a jar of the stuff gathered from the crime scene and reveals that blood tests confirm that the blood was human.

Ziva states that they don't know what parts are before stating that Dr. Donald Mallard is still working on the bathroom and as they head in, James Palmer comes out, advising them to take an umbrella if they go into the room.

Inside the room, McGee searches a wardrobe while Gibbs, DiNozzo and Ziva examine the main area. DiNozzo tells Gibbs that it doesn't make sense because if it's a prank, then there should be animal blood and that if it's a Satanic ritual, then where are the pentagrams?

Ziva suggests that it could have been an interrogation that got out of control while McGee believes that it was a drug deal that went bad before showing them a suitcase of packed drugs.

As Gibbs studies the drugs, Tony wonders how bad a drug deal had to have gone for the drugs to be left behind.

Gibbs wants to know what happened.

Ducky emerges from the bathroom, telling them that he knows something of what happened and he tells that all the scattered organ detritus is human fascia, fibrous connective tissue that connects skin to muscles.

He then produces a slab which he shows to Tony while telling them that if they look closely, then they can see that this is neither skin nor muscle.

"Yeah, I'll take your word for it", DiNozzo states.

Ducky then tells him that all the tissue was skillfully removed, possibly during extensive post-mortem procedure.

Gibbs then realizes that someone was dissected here with Ducky confirming that it was actually three people and whoever the guilty party is, they didn't get their technique from the Internet before revealing that they're looking for a trained medical practitioner.

Back in the bullpen, McGee reveals that no doctors or surgeons stayed at the Lodge in the last two months.

As this happens, DiNozzo who's reading some calendar stuff and is disgusted with some of it is wrapping them up into papers balls and throwing them at McGee.

As this goes on, McGee announces that he's going to be checking the surrounding hotels while Ziva is at a press, looking for something.

McGee tells DiNozzo that he missed again but DiNozzo wonders if he did before stating, "Remember, goals are deceptive. The un-aimed arrow never misses".

And with that, DiNozzo throws another paper ball at McGee with said paper ball landing into McGee's lap as DiNozzo wonders what kind of loser wrote that. Ziva tells him that she thinks it's very good advice with DiNozzo replying, "I have the perfect one for you. In great attempts, it is glorious even to fail".

McGee then wonders if Vincent Lombardi said that quote. DiNozzo then gets up from his seat, announcing that he'll keep that quote but the others are worthless before sarcastically telling McGee that his calendar is "nice".

McGee tries to take it back but DiNozzo refuses, stating that the stuff will melt McGee's mind and it's not good for the younger Agent because it makes him look weak.

"Tony, it was a gift", McGee snaps.

"From who? Your wet nurse?", DiNozzo states before pulling a face that resembles a goldfish.

"No. From me", Gibbs announces, causing DiNozzo to stop acting so childish.

DiNozzo then remarks that it's a nice calendar with McGee taking the calendar back.

Gibbs wants to know if anyone's found his doctor yet.

McGee admits that they haven't but they do know who the person got into the room due to the fact that a maid had her master key stolen two days previously. Gibbs wants to know if the maid but McGee reports that she didn't.

Gibbs then gives DiNozzo a headslap which leaves DiNozzo slightly ashamed although McGee smiles rather smugly at seeing DiNozzo get his comeuppance.

As Gibbs heads to his desk, Ziva reports that she ran prints from the crime scene and they were 15 in total from registered guests and as she stands up to give Gibbs a file, she reports that only two were in the area the previous night.

Gibbs wants them brought in but Ziva tells them that both have air-tight alibis, causing an extremely pissed off Gibbs to throw the folder aside.

DiNozzo then realizes that the unaimed arrow missed after all and announces now that "amateur hour" is over, he wants everyone to direct their attention to the plasma screen in the middle of the room.

He then presses a button and a single photo of the crime scene pops up with DiNozzo commenting that it looks like a psychopathic blood spatter, usually randomly scattered and DiNozzo then tells them to take a look at the drips on the wall before commenting that it's a little Jackson Pollack and asking them if they notice anything.

McGee realizes that they're emanating from a central point.

"Step off, McPowerPower", DiNozzo remarks. "You've had your chance to speak" before adding what McGee just said which has Ziva laughing and Gibbs smiling.

DiNozzo then points shows them the TV and that it looks like it was knocked off the bureau in a struggle of some sort except Abby found some CRT- (Cathode ray tube) shards in a bath mat.

When Ziva says, "So?", DiNozzo tells them that Dr. Giggles laid the TV on the floor, covered it with the bath mat to muffle the sound and then broke it, confirming that the crime stage was staged and the victims were killed someplace else.

Gibbs wants to know where, causing DiNozzo to wonder if he's gotta do all the work but a single glare from Gibbs has DiNozzo stating that he's going to get right on it.

As Gibbs heads off downstairs, he tells DiNozzo to do that because he's doing most of it anyway.

While McGee and Ziva return to their desks, Tony rubs it in but later ends up on the floor seconds later.

In the morgue, Palmer's trying to figure out to put the remains together but after some advice from Ducky, he gets the hang of it and begins assembling the pieces together.

As Ducky works on another piece, he correctly predicts Gibbs arriving in the morgue much to Gibbs's amusement which wonders if he's that predictable.

"That thorough", Ducky replies.

Gibbs wants to know if they're still looking at three bodies with Ducky stating that they've got the remains of four people and it might be more.

Palmer then pipes up with the news that at first, they thought it was a serial killer but he quickly states, "Not that that is a good thing".

As Gibbs heads over to the other table, Ducky reveals that Palmer's hopes were dashed when Ducky noticed in their latest meat puzzle that there were traces of vascular tissue and he tells Gibbs that it's what he'd see if he looked into a medical disposal bin after surgery.

Gibbs then wonders if these are actually medical waste and at Ducky's confirmation, soon realizes that they're being set up.

Ducky agrees but for what?

In the lab, as she opens the suitcase found at the crime scene, Abigail Sciuto tells Sigmund Freud to eat his heart out.

At the edge of the lab, McGee's just outside of the door but Abby knows he is and she tells him that there's no lurking without a permit.

Busted, McGee walks into the lab and apologizes, stating that he just came to check if she's finished the analysis on the powder yet and he reveals that the field test was cocaine.

Abby then interrupts him by stating that she'd email him the results when she was finished.

McGee nods and then heads over to another part of the lab where he notices Abby's jacket hanging in a corner. He then asks her if she had court today.

Abby tells him that she's finished and that the only thing she had to do was give a deposition before she turns back to her work.

McGee's obviously disappointed and wonders if Abby has to go back or anything.

After finally catching on, Abby realizes that McGee actually came down to see her in her court outfit. McGee tries to deny it but Abby has caught on and she's busy giving McGee a ribbing, telling him, "Your mouth lies but your red ears are telling the truth".

Suddenly, Abby stops upon smelling something. She then wonders if McGee smells that too but he doesn't.

Grabbing McGee, Abby tells him that it's almonds and that they've got to get out of here.

McGee wants to know what's going on.

As she drops behind her desk, Abby tells him it's cyanide gas.

McGee instantly responds by rushing for the door while dragging Abby with him and once they're outside with McGee having shut the door, Abby gets to her feet and quickly hits the Emergency Biohazard button, triggering the alarm and causing the lab to be placed into lockdown.

After a few seconds, a line beside the button that the Forensics Lab has been secured appears.

McGee after Abby has sealed the Forensics Lab off caused by her detecting almonds, a scent associated with cyanide gas.

It then cuts to McGee who looks stunned.

Act Two

In Abby's lab, various men in big suits are busy examining the area while an ERT Member tells Jenny and Gibbs who are waiting outside that it was hydrogen cyanide gas and that if McGee and Abby had spent another three seconds in the lab, then both of them would have almost certainly died.

Outside, Jenny wonders how this could have happened.

Tony then arrives, carrying a report and stating that Abby said that the cocaine was bad and that it had potassium cyanide which turned into gas when Abby added in the cobalt thiocyanate from her drug test kit.

Tony struggles with the word but the EMT members helpfully states it aloud.

As Tony closes the report, Jenny believes that this was an accident but Gibbs disagrees, stating that Abby doesn't have accidents.

Jenny states that Abby doesn't have any enemies and it's not like they're talking about Tony.

Unsurprisingly, Tony takes offense, shouting "Hey!" before adding a "Ma'am" in.

Gibbs tells Jenny that the crime scene was a set-up with Tony adding that right now, Abby is their best lead.

As they head into the lift, Tony tells Jenny and Gibbs that while Abby and McGee were in the showers, Tony and Ziva took a walk through the world and they've discovered that the Mistress of the Dark is keeping secrets from them.

He then gives Gibbs a file which both Gibbs and Jenny both begin reading as the elevator doors close.

In the morgue, Abby and McGee now wearing NCIS uniforms are busy sitting on a single slab with oxygen masks around their mouths while Ducky examines them to make sure that they haven't suffered any effects.

As her blood pressure is being studied, Abby remarks that the situation is so embarrassing and that in her defense, what self-respecting drug dealer would cut their cocaine with potassium cyanide.

"Obviously one that doesn't care about repeat business", McGee replies which has Abby smiling. Ducky then reports that Abby's own exposure to the gas was brief and that he doesn't anticipate any long-term ramifications.

As he says this, the doors to the morgue open and Gibbs, Ziva and Tony arrive in with Gibbs stating, "Better not be. You two don't have permission to be sick".

As McGee and Abby remove the oxygen masks, Abby assures Gibbs that both she and McGee are fine and that the only damage was to Abby's ego because she believes that it was a newbie accident.

This has Ziva and Tony looking at each other, concerned.

When Abby states "What?", Tony grimly tells her that they're not so sure about it being an accident.

McGee isn't convinced either but Ziva tells them that they believe whoever set up the crime scene might be after Abby.

As this goes on, Abby's in disbelief over the news, insisting who would want to kill her but she understands that it'd be Tony who yells "Hey!" again for the second time.

Gibbs then interrupts by asking Abby if the name Mikel Mauher rings a bell.

When Abby doesn't understand, Ziva tells her that it should because Mauher placed over 200 phone calls to Abby in the last four months and that he even called her right before the accident in the lab.

Abby is stunned that they went through her phone records with Tony even adding that they went through her credit card bills too and did she really get Mauher a straitjacket for his birthday?

Abby wants everyone to slow down with McGee remarking that it sounds like the couple were serious.

Tony then reveals that Abby filed a restraining order against Mauher and tells Abby that the straitjacket was a red flag there. Ducky wants to know how they've never heard about Mauher.

Abby then tells them that she and Mauher dated for a year and that things got a little out of hand.

Tony brings up the restraining order again, causing Abby to change tact and state things got a lot out of hand. Gibbs wants to know why Abby didn't come to him.

Abby tells him that she just wanted Mauher restrained, not beaten to a pulp with a baseball bat and as Gibbs walks away, Abby admits that she's embarrassed and that it wasn't great taste in boyfriends.

Tony also reveals that he saw the Web shrine Mauher made for Abby with Ziva stating the address is and Abby remarking that the Shrine is creepy but she tells them that it's not dangerous before remarking Mauher has trouble accepting the fact that it's over between himself and Abby.

Abby believes that Mauher isn't the violent type with Tony telling her that Mauher cleans up crime scenes for a living.

Abby acts that was what she liked about Mauher and she insists to Gibbs that Mauher isn't the guy they're looking for. She then realizes something and nods, stating that Gibbs is going to pay Mauher a visit anyway.

With that, Gibbs turns and leaves the morgue with Tony and Ziva following him while Abby calls after them, wondering if they could get her red-studded dog collar while they're there.

Gibbs just gives her a silent look before he joins Tony and Ziva who are waiting for the lift.

It then cuts to Abby who sighs heavily.

A while later, Gibbs, Tony and Ziva arrive at Krime Kleaners with Ziva reading the slogan on the van that says, "Free decomposition odour removal included in all double homicides".

As they head for the entrance, Tony remarks that he can now see why Abby fell for Mauher because the two of them even have the same taste in music.

One glance inside the door which is half-open reveals a potential crime scene for the team to investigate while rock music is still blaring.

Upon realizing what's up, Tony quickly draws his gun with Gibbs and Ziva following him as they quickly get into position.

Gibbs nods and as Ziva opens the door, Gibbs rushes in, flanked by Tony and Ziva.

As they search for the scene for anything suspicious, Tony's distracted by the sound of a camera taking a photograph which draws Gibbs and Ziva's concern.

Seconds later, Mawher springs up from his desk, protesting that Tony ruined his shot which leaves the other three confused.

However, after glancing at the photograph, Mauher changes his tune, stating that he's impressed with it and that he's in the process of redoing his before and after shots for his new brochures.

As Mauher emerges from his desk and begins picking up the dummies, Tony studies the photo himself and begins brushing his hair as well as straightening his tie. Mauher then states his company logo is "Name the crime scene, we wipe the grime clean".

Mauher then cleans up the room and begins handing Gibbs, Tony and Ziva some brochures, wondering if they've got a sub accident or an explosive decompression while stating that he's never had the chance to work with NCIS before.

Tony then remarks that the restraining order probably made that difficult.

Mauher tries to act all obvious, claiming that he doesn't know what they're talking about but Gibbs tells Mauher that the only reason Mauher is still walking is because Gibbs never heard about him until today. Mauher then states that he knows that he shouldn't have called earlier and that he just wanted to apologize.

Tony wonders if Mauher's got something to apologize for. Mauher then admits that he was a little crazy before, that he was in therapy and that he was projecting his own obsession onto Abby and as such, she didn't want to reciprocate it. Mauher then admits that he wanted to call and apologize for any pain and suffering he'd put her through before wondering if Abby is in some kind of trouble.

"You tell me", Gibbs says.

Ziva then shows him photographs of the trashed hotel room and Mauher is in disbelief over the sight, stating that for two grand, he could probably do something with it but Gibbs loses patience and shakes Mauher who admits that he has no idea what they're talking about before stating that he's good, that he's on antidepressants and that he has a new girlfriend.

Tony remarks that Mauher just needs an alibi for the last two days and then he's golden. Mauher then tells them that he's golden because he's been with D.C Metro for two whole days.

Back at NCIS and in the bullpen, Abby paces the floor while stating the lunar cycle is a myth and remarks that she and McGee would never work out because she's a scientist and McGee plays with voodoo dolls.

McGee pipes up that Abby plays with voodoo dolls but Abby tells McGee that she meant it metaphorically and that she doesn't think they do anything, instead saying that she plays with voodoo dolls to relax.

Gibbs and Tony arrive in with Tony remarking that Abby can put away her Mike Mauher doll and that they've checked Mauher's alibi with Tony confirming that Mauher cleaned eight crime scenes over the past four days and that Mauher was surrounded by Homicide Detectives the whole time.

McGee wants to know if the crime scenes matched the one they investigated the Navy Lodge but Gibbs tells McGee that they're not even close.

Abby then voices her joy that she's off the hook but as Ziva gets up to give Gibbs a file, she believes that Mauher could have an accomplice which has Abby remarking, "Leave the assassin to rain on my parade".

Tony believes that it could have been an accident and wonders who would really want to kill Abby? McGee agrees, stating that it isn't like someone was after Tony.

Ziva then tells them that's a suspect list she wouldn't want to run down again which causes Tony to sarcastically laugh and remark that the joke's over.

Gibbs asks Ziva about their suspect list but Ziva tells him that they don't have any.

At Gibbs's glance, she then changes her tune, insisting that she will contact the local medical waste facilities and see if anyone reported a break-in while Tony will run a full background check on the lodge employees and that he might find someone who's got a vendetta against the cleaning stuff.

McGee wants to know what he can do it but he has no idea what it is. Gibbs instead insists that McGee go home and that the younger Agent take Abby with him.

Unsurprisingly, Abby protests against this, stating that she's fine, that she's got one stalker and that he has an alibi but Gibbs tells Abby that he doesn't want her being by herself tonight and that she's going with McGee.

"Great", Abby replies. "Like I haven't been traumatized enough today".

McGee then looks around and then pulls a face.

At McGee's apartment, Abby's playing the Godfather on McGee's computer, insisting that there's nothing like a nice, relaxing video game to calm the nerves.

McGee then arrives in and Abby wonders if it's pretty good. McGee tells her he's seen better and wonders if she changed the refresh rate.

Abby tells him that she downloaded new OpenGL Drivers for him and that he's getting a way higher FPS. McGee tells her that he was only in the bedroom for a minute. Abby reveals that she also optimized his TCP/IP settings and that she increased his throughput by 50%.

McGee then announces that it's bedroom and switches off the console much to Abby's dismay. She then gets up and begins poking at his typewriter while McGee comes in, telling her he's going to be taking the sleeping bag. Abby tells him that they're adults and that they can share the same bed.

As this goes on, McGee uses a small view from in between the book case to grab a small view of Abby's ass but then rushes over and stops her from using his typewriter, stating that it will happen, only if she keeps her hands to herself. Abby then remarks, "Clearly you haven't been" and begins going through her bag while telling McGee that his MIT shirt smells like JLo Glow.

Abby then states that she can't find her toothbrush and believes that it fell out while they were in McGee's car.

McGee tells her that it's alright and that her old toothbrush is still in his bathroom.

Abby's in disbelief that McGee kept her old toothbrush, remarking that it's a little creepy before she heads off to the bathroom and suggests that McGee should take the sleeping bag after all.

Now pissed off, McGee tells Abby what's so creepy about him keeping her old toothbrush? He even mentions that he never bothered to throw it out. Abby then emerges, holding a toothbrush which she states isn't hers. McGee then states that he must have brought a second one and forgotten about it.

Abby takes one look at the toothbrush and remarks that it's a ladybug toothbrush which are for cute girls named Gina Marie that bake cookies and wear JLo Glow, not for a quasi-manly federal agent that carries a gun.

McGee wants to know if she wants to use it or not.

"An anonymous toothbrush?", Abby states. "I would rather remove my own tonsils with Typhoid Mary's straight razor".

As she heads over, placing the toothbrush on the desk, McGee wants to know where she's going.

Abby tells him she's going to go get her toothbrush. McGee stops her by telling her that she's not leaving the apartment.

Abby wants to know why not and that they both know Gibbs is being over-protective.

McGee tells her that he's worried about himself and what's going to happen to him if Gibbs finds out that McGee let Abby go. Abby then agrees and tells McGee that he should go instead but McGee tells her he's not leaving her alone either.

Abby then squares up to McGee and tells him that she'll use his toothbrush instead.

Unsurprisingly, McGee eventually cracks and leaves to go get her toothbrush but not before grabbing his coat and telling her not to open the door for anyone.

As he leaves, Abby then heads back to the computer to resume playing "The Godfather" with a sudden knock on the door interrupting her.

She opens the door and McGee reacts rather angrily, insisting that he told her not to open the door for anyone. Abby wants to know what McGee forgot with McGee telling her that he forgot his keys.

Abby wonders why he needs keys when she's here but McGee tells that it's his car keys.

As he heads back out, McGee tells her not to open the door, not for anyone with Abby saluting him or he's going to tie her up much to Abby's amusement.

With that, McGee leaves and Abby begins playing the game again when another knock on the door interrupts proceedings.

She then gets up from her seat and opens the door but the smile's wiped off her face when she realizes with horror that the person at the door is none other than her ex, Mikel Mauher.

It then cuts to Abby who's staring in shock at seeing her ex at the front door.

Act Three

In the apartment, Abby glances at Mauher who tells her that he's forgotten how beautiful she is or rather up, close and personal.

Taking a step back as Mauher enters the apartment, Abby wants to know what he's doing here. Mauher tells Abby she's in terrible danger with Abby telling him that she got that but Mauher tells her that he's here to save her.

Abby wants to know what he's saving her from.

"How could you ask that after what happened?", Mauher wonders.

Backed into a corner, Abby then comes across McGee's laptop and realizes that he's talking about what happened in her lab.

After quickly removing the cloth, she demands to know how Mauher knows about that incident before throwing the typewriter at her but Mauher then states, "Can we not talk about this now?".

Abby then attempts to flee, only for Mauher to grab her. In despair, Abby begins calling McGee's name while Mauher wonders if she can not always cast him as a stalker.

While grabbing some handcuffs, Abby then tells him that the role is his but Mauher insists that he's sick of it and that he thought Abby almost dying made her realize how much she cared about him and how much he cares about her.

Once Abby's handcuffed him, she gets away while Mauher realizes that he was wrong and that he was foolish for trying, trying and trying but he believes she's going to be thanking him.

Glancing at the handcuffs, Mauher remarks that she still has the handcuffs he gave her and that it's really great because he still has the key.

Realizing her plan's failed, Abby flees into McGee's bathroom, silently remarking that she's never picking up a guy in a cemetery again. Outside, Mauher tells Abby that he just wants to start over. Abby angrily tells Mauher to go away but Mauher believes that they had fun.

"Until you bugged my phone, you nutjob", Abby snaps.

"Well, I could pick a lock too. You forgot about that", Mauher states and begins unlocking the bedroom door. Upon realizing what he's doing,

Abby flees into the bathroom and shuts the door, quickly searching for something to defend herself against Mauher. She then hears the door knob of the bathroom turning and soon, the mysterious figure steps inside.

But it's not Mauher.

It's McGee who's armed with his gun. He eventually reaches the toilet where Abby's standing, having planned to throw something hard at Mauher.

Abby drops the hard object and runs to McGee, embracing him before the two hear a motorcycle revving and it's shown that Mauher escaped by climbing through the bedroom window.

McGee then produces Abby's toothbrush which is interestingly enough colored back and red.

In the office next morning, as punishment for allowing Mauher to get near Abby, McGee has had his chair temporarily confiscated and is being forced to work while kneeling at his desk.

Ziva reports that there's nothing on the statewide BOLO and she then heads over to McGee's desk, telling him to get off his knees and that it's just a typewriter.

McGee then reports that there are no ATM transactions and that Mauher hasn't touched his credit cards before telling Ziva that it "was" just a typewriter but thanks to Abby using it as a weapon, the motherboard and BIOS got messed up so badly that McGee had to a hard reset.

As McGee talks to Ziva, Tony comes in, armed with a camera and takes a few seconds to glance at the ass of a passing female colleague.

Gibbs sarcastically remarks that it must be traumatizing for McGee.

As he arrives into the bullpen, Tony tells Gibbs to go easy on McGee because even a single hair out of place traumatizes McGee before giving McGee the memory card from the camera and telling McGee to put it on the plasma.

Tony wants to know where McGee's chair is but Gibbs tells Tony that McGee doesn't deserve to sit.

"With that ass?", Tony remarks before reporting that he didn't find Mauher as the guy has completely disappeared before confirming that he found something else. He hits a button and a collage of Abby pops up on the screen, causing Ziva to remark that Mauher has been tracking Abby for a while.

"So much for that restraining order", McGee remarks.

Tony also reveals that he spoke to Mauher's supposed girlfriend and that the couple only went on one date with Mauher talking about nothing but Abby the whole time.

Tony then announces that he'll find out more this weekend because they're having dinner together but Gibbs interrupts by stating that he doesn't eat until he finds the guy who's trying to kill Abby.

McGee chimes in with a suggestion and states that he's been analyzing incoming packets on Abby's system and that there appears to be a shellcode.

Behind Gibbs, Tony silently gestures for McGee to get straight to the point given how McGee is in the doghouse with Gibbs at the moment.

McGee gets the hint and then tells Gibbs that he believes that Mauher has been worming his way into Abby's computer to monitor her communications.

Gibbs wants to know if McGee can access the worm with McGee stating that Mauher tries to access it again, then he can.

Gibbs tells McGee to co-ordinate with Abby and pushes a chair over to him, hinting that Gibbs believes that McGee has just redeemed himself for screwing up the previous night. As McGee grabs the chair, he tells Gibbs that he's gonna have to try and get Abby out of the elevator first.

Gibbs then gets up from his desk and heads off for the elevator.

At his desk, McGee just leans back in his chair and sighs with relief, obviously thrilled to be able to sit down again.

Gibbs summons the elevator and the doors open to reveal Abby sitting against the elevator wall which has Gibbs smiling a small bit. He then heads inside and the elevator doors close again.

Inside, Abby tells him if he knows that only five of the two and a half million deaths every year happen in an elevator?

Gibbs tells her that he didn't.

Abby just nods before telling him that Ziva gave her the Taser gun, the pepper spray came from Cynthia Summer, Jenny's secretary before revealing that the brass knuckles are from Jenny herself.

Gibbs tells Abby that no-one's going to hurt her. Abby just states that Gibbs is only saying to make her feel better. Gibbs wants to know if it worked. Abby tells him that it did and could he say it again? Gibbs tells her that no-one's gonna hurt, causing Abby to nod before the two embrace with Abby leaning against Gibbs's shoulder and wondering if she can stay at NCIS until they've gotten Mauher. Gibbs tells her that she can and that he'll move her whole lab into the elevator if that makes her feel better.

Abby smiles.

But the moment is interrupted by the elevator doors opening to reveal Palmer who's stunned at seeing Gibbs and Abby have a moment in the lift.

For once, Gibbs just smiles up at Palmer who seems completely taken aback at what he's seeing before him.

In MTAC, an MTAC Tech is telling Jenny that Singapore has infiltrated Abu Sayyaf just as Gibbs arrives in. Jenny is impressed, telling the Tech that the information needs to be forwarded to Sealift Command ASAP- (as soon as possible).

As Gibbs sits down, Jenny remarks that she picked a bad week to cut out caffine before taking a sip from a bottle of water.

Gibbs asks about Abu Sayyaf with Jenny telling him that Singapore's mole believes that they've secretly gained access to a prepositioned ship at Diego Garcia but unsurprisingly, she's distracted by Gibbs sipping his coffee.

She then tells Gibbs she'll fill in him later before wondering about Abby. Gibbs tells her that Abby's scared while Jenny remarks that she thought that Mauher had an airtight alibi. Gibbs tries to tell her about it yet Jenny gets off topic by smelling Gibbs's coffee.

Gibbs then gets straight to the point by stating, "Alibi, yes. Airtight, no" and that the last thing a homicide detective worries about is his clean-up guy. Jenny then tells Mauher just made an interesting play and reveals that Abby has been subpoenaed again.

Gibbs voices his belief that Abby was done with the court and Jenny agrees that she was, that is until the defense got an anonymous e-mail informing them that the counsel for the prosecution had gone into protective custody. Gibbs believes that Mauher must have found out from Abby's computer.

Jenny then asks Gibbs if he doesn't use cream or sugar?

Gibbs just shakes his head before telling Jenny that Mauher found out about the case from Abby's computer with Jenny believing that Mauher is trying to lure Abby out. Gibbs wants to know if the defense know that they're being used. Jenny tells him that the defense doesn't care and her guess is that they're going to use Abby's restraining order to claim that her judgment is faulty.

"Her judgment?", Gibbs asks.

"Yeah, the defense is gonna argue that she makes bad choices", Jenny replies.

Gibbs turns away, amused while Jenny tells him that she's never dealt with this defense lawyer before it's obvious that the lawyer in question is someone who likes to win. Gibbs takes one look at the sheet and remarks that the lawyer in question does, causing Jenny to remark if Gibbs knows the female lawyer.

"Yeah, I thought I did", Gibbs replies. "If she wants to talk to Abby, she can do it".

As he gets up and heads for the door, Jenny tells him that she agrees and that she'll pass before asking Gibbs if he'll leave her his coffee. Gibbs tells her that he already did and as he leaves MTAC, Jenny triumphantly grabs the coffee. Down in the bullpen, Ziva wants to know if McGee's having any luck with the trace yet but McGee tells her that he isn't.

Ziva suggests widening the perimeter of the BOLO for Mauher before she calls for Tony who's sleeping at his desk and telling her not to yell so loud because he was up all night scrounging through Mauher's garbage and that he's Jack Kerouac and that he's beat before closing his eyes.

Meanwhile, Terry Spooner and his lawyer, Ginger Stevenson arrive at NCIS with Terry telling Ginger that the drive wasn't so bad but Ginger tells Terry that at 400 n hour, she's sure Terry will consider saying that when he gets her bill. Tony then sees Ginger's legs approaching the bullpen and gets up from his seat, telling the guard escorting them that he'll take from it before thanking the guard.

Once the guard's gone, Tony asks Ginger how can he help her? She reacts by telling him to first eat a breath-mint and then take her to the overprotective candy ass who made her come all the way down to NCIS for a simple deposition. Flattened by Ginger's words, Tony then points her in the direction of Gibbs who's sitting at his desk, smiling at Ginger who upon seeing Gibbs heads into the bullpen and smiles.

"Hello, Ginger", Gibbs says. "Or should I say overzealous defense attorney who came all the way down to harness my forensic scientist?". At the edge of the bullpen, Terry's wondering if Gibbs and Ginger know each other, causing Tony to sarcastically remark, "Nothing gets by you, does it?".

Ginger tells him that harassment is illegal but she announces that she has a subpoena and produces one but Gibbs surprises her by announcing that he has one himself and even produces it. Ginger snatches it out of his hands and begins reading it before realizing that Gibbs is looking for the e-mail that tipped them to the restraining order.

At Gibbs's nod, McGee tells Ginger that they're hoping there's routing information in the header that can help them trace it. Ginger then wonders if they're going after the whistle-blowers. Gibbs then tells her that it's just stalkers. Terry enters the bullpen, demanding to know what's going on and who's being stalked.

Tony tells him that the person's name is Abby and Ziva rounds on Terry by stating that Ginger, Terry's lawyer is going to use Abby's own taste in men to impregnate her credibility but Tony insists that the word is actually "impugn". Terry, on the other hand wants to know what this has to do with the embezzling charges.

Now really interested, Tony joins Terry and wonders how much with Terry telling him that it's ten million dollars but Terry believes that he's innocent and that he was framed. Tony then states in Terry's case, he actually does believe that but Ginger intervenes by ordering Terry not to say another word before asking where her witness is with Gibbs countering where his e-mail is.

Ginger soon relents and gives the email to Gibbs who puts it down on his desk before he gets to his feet and silently orders Ginger to come with him. Gibbs then summons the elevator and the doors open to reveal Abby who's sitting inside on a desk and chair, writing something with her stuffed hippo, Bert on the table.

Upon realizing that she's being watched, Abby greets Ginger and Terry who stare back at her, stunned while Gibbs smiles, amused.

At the bullpen, McGee tells Gibbs that the e-mail will help narrow down the DNS server but they've still got a ways to go in regards to the trace.

Gibbs tells voices his frustration by telling McGee that he thought computers were supposed to make things go faster.

McGee then goes into some technological term but quickly changes his mind and resolves to let Gibbs know when he has something.

As Gibbs heads back to his desk, he tells Ziva to go home after noticing that she's struggling to stay awake.

Ziva gets up and tells Gibbs that if he's staying, then she's staying too.

Gibbs tells her that he's staying.

Ziva nods before sitting back down.

McGee then chimes in that he's staying with Tony who's still sleeping announcing that he's staying too, causing Ziva to sarcastically remark, "I'm sure Abby feels safer already".

Tony's head pops up for a few second before he drops down onto his elbows again.

In the lab, Ducky realizes that Abby has finally left the elevator for the evening but Abby tells him that it was because the elevator wasn't quite so cosy after Abby spent an hour with Queen Boudica aka Ginger.

Ducky just chuckles, amused.

As she heads back, carrying Bert and a stuffed toy, Abby wonders if Ducky knows that the five people that die in elevators every year, they only spend an average of 60 seconds in there a day?

"And you've already been one for six hours", Ducky replies.

"Exactly. Increasing my risk by a thousand fold. I'm lucky to be alive, Ducky", Abby states with Ducky telling her that isn't luck when she has Leroy Jethro Gibbs protecting her but sure, one can't be too certain, Ducky has brought her a present. It's a safety whistle which emits a 120-decibel blast which means one good blow and whoever's attacking Abby will have their eardrums shattered.

Abby thanks Ducky and then hugs him.

Up in the bullpen, McGee notices that he's getting a verification ping on his tracer program while also revealing that he's trying to back-trace. The frantic typing awakens Tony who wonders if McGee can type any harder. McGee remarks that this guy is good and that he passed all the authentication routines before asking Ziva if she's getting this.

Ziva tells him that she is and that it looks like Mauher accessed Abby's account 30 minutes ago. Gibbs then silently gestures for the information to be put on the plasma with Ziva stating that he used her terminal to send an email to the Pass and ID Officer at the Navy Yard.

Gibbs then realizes that Mauher was giving himself which essentially Mauher has managed to illegally gain access to the NCIS Building. Sensing Abby might be in danger, Gibbs heads off to the lab. Tony and Ziva quickly grab their guns from their desks and head after him while McGee calls for Base Security.

In the lab, Abby's phone rings and lying down on the mat, she tells someone (possibly Jimmy Palmer) that he doesn't need to keep calling her and that she's fine.

When Mauher announces himself, Abby's mood changes and she sits up in horror, remarking, "Oh, great. My biggest fan".

Mauher tells Abby that he knows that they got off the wrong foot but Abby's extremely pissed off, telling him that the only right foot is her foot up his... but Mauher interrupts her, stating that he needs to see her. Abby remarks that Mauher really is insane but Mauher assures her that if she trusts him, then nothing bad's going to happen to her.

"And if I don't? What?", Abby snaps. "You're gonna tear up that nice collage you were making for me?".

Meanwhile, outside and at one of Abby's windows, Mauher emerges and sits down flat on his stomach, gazing directly into Abby's lab and it shows him looking in at her while he states, "Let's just say, you're not as safe in there as you think you are".

It then cuts to Abby who looks stunned at the news.

Act Four

As Abby paces back and forth in the lab, Mauher tells her that someone tried to kill her in her own lab and that she isn't true. Abby's in disbelief, sarcastically commenting that Mauher believes that he's probably the only one who can protect her with Mauher pleased that she's starting to understand him.

Abby then heads over to her computer and begins typing, running a search to see where Mauher is. While this goes on, she attempts to keep Mauher occupied, unaware that he's outside, looking in at her from the main area which is presumably the entrance to NCIS.

However, the search fails due to the incorrect parameters with Mauher suggesting that she try SID instead of the ESN for registration request. Abby tells him that's a good idea before looking up out the window and seeing Mauher who waves back at him just as Ziva comes in, yelling at Abby to get down.

Abby points to where Mauher is or rather was with Tony telling McGee on a walkie-talkie that Mauher's on the move. McGee comes back, stating that the MPs are on the scene already.

As Tony and Ziva sweep the lab, Gibbs asks Abby if she's alright but Abby, clearly shaken tells him that she isn't.

Ziva and Gibbs then announce that the area's clear.

Taking action, Gibbs orders Ziva to go give the command for the whole Navy Yard to be locked down which means that once that happens, no-one can get in or out.

Nodding, Ziva heads out while Gibbs and Tony sweep the lab again with Gibbs assuring that they'll find Mauher.

"Well, then, I can't stay here, Gibbs", Abby replies.

"Definitely not staying at McGee's place", Tony announces grimly.

Abby believes that no place is safe and that if Mauher can get to her on the Navy Yard, then he can get to her anywhere but while stroking her hair, Gibbs softly tells Abby that there's one place Mauher can't and will never ever gain access to and that place happens to be Gibbs's basement.

In the darkness of the basement, Abby who is clearly drunk and sanding on Gibbs's boat rambles on to herself about how there's nothing like a nice, calm, quiet, dungeon-like basement to calm her nerves.

As she takes another sip from a bottle of whiskey or brandy, the lights snap on and Gibbs comes down the stairs, telling Abby that she needs to sleep.

Abby tells him that she tried but every time she closes her eyes, all she can see is Mauher.

Realizing that her sanding is off, Gibbs then instructs Abby to go with the grain but Abby remarks that she thought she was.

Gibbs then blows some dust aside and then sits a few metres away from Abby who tells him that she doesn't understand why people drink alcohol when they're depressed because alcohol is a depressant before stating that she's still depressed, nauseous and really drunk which has her dropping the sander although she doesn't seem to notice.

As Abby heads over to the table, Gibbs grabs the bottle from her and once she's there, Abby grabs a chainsaw and begins waving it about while drunkenly stating that tomorrow she's going to have to go fight a hangover while she's in court while some ambulance-chasing attorney tries to attack her credibility.

Gibbs takes the chainsaw from her too as Abby wonders what's wrong with her and she's also wondering what she did to deserve this. Gibbs tells Abby that it isn't about her, it's about Mauher. Abby just wants to know why she feels so guilty but Gibbs doesn't know before asking her why does she feel guilty?

Abby pauses for a second before stating that she believes that all this might be her fault. Gibbs tells her that it might be which has Abby in disbelief and wondering how Gibbs could say that to her. She then states that she didn't do anything wrong before stating that just because some defective lunatic can't get it through his thick skull that she thinks he's a defective lunatic.

As she paces back and forth, Abby states that it isn't her fault and finally begins to accept it, causing Gibbs to smile. Once she's accepted, Abby states that she now understands why Gibbs likes to work his boat because it's very cathartic before placing a screwdriver against a single wooden line of the boat.

She hits it with a hammer, causing the wooden line to fall to the ground and it's shown that Gibbs is not impressed about Abby demolishing his hard work.

Realizing her mistake, Abby hands the screwdriver and hammer to Gibbs who accepts them and she then tells him that suddenly, having a stalker on the loose is quite so scary.

Gibbs then tells her that Mauher isn't on the loose anymore and that's why he came down to the basement to tell her. DiNozzo called and as it turns out, the Coast Guard picked up Mauher trying to cross the Anacostia.

In Observation, presumably the next day, as Mauher yells from Interrogation that this is harassment and that he's going to be filing restraining orders against the entire NCIS department, Abby who's now wearing her court outfit tells Mauher to knock himself because they did wonders for her.

Jenny tries to assure Abby that it's over but Abby isn't so hopeful, stating that Mauher will find another loophole to crawl out and that Jenny doesn't know Mauher.

Jenny remarks that while she might not know Mauher, she does know Gibbs.

As this goes on, it shows Gibbs who's now arrived in Interrogation grabbing Mauher by the shirt and telling the other man to sit down and shut up.

McGee then enters, stating that the Federal Marshal is here for Abby.

"Just when it was getting good", Abby replies while a video feed from Interrogation has Mauher stating that he's agreed to sit down but he wants it on record that it was under extreme duress with Gibbs sarcastically telling Mauher that it's been noted while Jenny tells Abby that judges don't like to be kept waiting.

As Abby walks away, Gibbs focuses on the camera as if he knows that Abby's leaving Observation.

"Let me know how it turns out", Abby replies.

"Don't worry", Jenny states. "Gibbs won't let him crawl out of anything".

With that, Abby leaves Observation.

In Interrogation, Gibbs and DiNozzo are talking to Mauher who's telling them that they've got it all wrong and that he isn't the one trying to hurt Abby.

DiNozzo then leans in and tells Mauher that he just happens to be the misunderstood lover who happens to fly in at the last second and be Abby's savior before asking if that's how the game's played.

"This isn't a game", Mauher snaps. "OK, I'm trying to protect Abby here".

"Interesting way of showing it", Gibbs states.

"No choice", Mauher says. "It's the only way I can get her to listen. And in case you haven't noticed, Abby and I have been going through a rough patch lately".

"Hey!", Gibbs yells, extremely pissed off. "There is no Abby and you".

DiNozzo then adds that rough patches don't usually include cyanide. Mauher insists that it wasn't him before remarking that he didn't know Abby was in trouble until after NCIS came to his office.

Gibbs backs away for a second while Mauher licks his lips and then states again that he's not the one trying to hurt Abby but he knows who is.

He then gestures to the camera in an evidence bag and remarks after they left, Mauher started going through his old photos with Gibbs wondering if they were exhibits A through G of Mauher violating his restraining order.

Gibbs then takes the memory card of the camera with Mauher protesting that it isn't illegal if he stays 100 yards away. DiNozzo then remarks that it is illegal if Mauher harasses, follows or threatens Abby. Mauher believes it's all semantics before telling them that he's going through his old photos and the same guy kept popping up again and again and that the man's gotta be who they're looking for.

As this goes on, Gibbs gives DiNozzo the memory card with DiNozzo placing it into a small gap in the TV installed in Interrogation. Once the files are downloaded, DiNozzo grabs a remote and hits a button with a photo of McGee and another man with Mauher announcing that the scary guy's right there.

DiNozzo's in disbelief that it might be McGee but Mauher tells him that it's the other guy and as DiNozzo brings up more photos, it's becoming increasingly clear that someone else was after Abby. Mauher then tells them that the only reason he was able to worm into Abby's computer in the first place was because someone had cracked the protocols before he had.

Meanwhile, downstairs in the Evidence Garage, Abby heads for the Federal Marshal's van and while she's getting in, she thanks him for the lift, stating that she could use it after the week she's had. It's then shown that the Marshal is actually the same man who was in the photos Mauher looked through and he tells Abby not to forget their seatbelt before they head off.

McGee's in Abby's lab at her computer, telling Gibbs and DiNozzo that Mauher was right about someone cracking Abby's protocols before Mauher himself. As Mauher begins pounding and yelling from Interrogation, Gibbs orders the Tech stationed there to shut Mauher up which the Tech does, silencing the speakers so that they can't hear Mauher anymore while Jenny remains glued to her phone.

Gibbs wants to know who cracked them with McGee telling him that it's going to take some time. Jenny hangs up and tells Gibbs and DiNozzo that they don't have time as that was the Federal Marshal who was supposed to pick up Abby which has DiNozzo confused.

Jenny then states that someone else slashed the tires of the real Federal Marshal's van and that the Marshal hasn't even left yet. Having realized that an imposter is now with Abby, Gibbs rushes out the door with DiNozzo following him.

In the van, Abby's telling the fake Marshal that it's always important to trust your insticts before telling the Fake Marshal that he scares her so they could never date one another. Just as Abby's phone rings, she tells the fake Marshal not to feel bad because he's a federal agent and that he scares people because it's his job.

However as Abby grabs her phone, the fake Marshal brushes it off out of her hand, grabbing her right hand. Upon discovering that something's gone horribly wrong, Abby tries to get out but finds out that the doors have already been locked. Back int the bullpen, Ziva states that there's no answer on Abby's phone before she tries again. McGee states he's running a trace while Jenny comes in, telling them that the state police have been notified.

As this happens, Gibbs and DiNozzo rush to the scene, having heard everything thanks to McGee's office phone being on speaker. Ziva tells him that there's no answer but despite this, Gibbs urges her to try again. DiNozzo wants to know how far the fake Marshal could have gone.

"Far enough if he knows his window's small", Gibbs replies.

DiNozzo looks at Gibbs and then angrily tells McGee that he's not going to ask again. McGee then tells DiNozzo that the location's coming up and that he's sending the GPS co-ordinates to DiNozzo's PDA. DiNozzo then announces that he got it but that the location can't be right because it says that they're right on top of her.

"That's because we are", Gibbs snaps before stopping the car.

As he and DiNozzo get out, Gibbs picks up Abby's cell-phone as the two men begin searching for clues. Thankfully, a truck decides to reverse, revealing the Federal Marshal's van that the imposter stole. Upon seeing it, both Gibbs and DiNozzo race for the van while grabbing their guns from their holsters as they hear screaming from the van.

Once they've gotten to the van, they take a second to pause before Gibbs silently orders DiNozzo to open the door and as DiNozzo does that, the fake Marshal comes trumbling out onto the floor. Abby then emerges, telling Gibbs that she'll be with him in a moment as she begins tasering the imposter while ordering him not to look up her skirt.

Gibbs just laughs, relieved as DiNozzo looks on, stunned.

A few hours later, Gibbs and DiNozzo are now leaving the court with Abby who tells them that the case went horrible due to the judge ruling all of her physical evidence as being inadmissible before they threw out the case. DiNozzo wants to know if it's hit Abby hard with Abby disagreeing, stating that the lawyer didn't bring up Abby's own taste in men and that she attacked.

Sure enough, Ginger and Terry arrive with Ginger telling Abby that it was always about the science and that she only questioned Abby on the restraining order to throw the prosecution of her real game plan. Abby angrily insists that human-scent detection is a viable forensic tool but Ginger tells her that it has yet to be fully-vetted and peer approved.

"Lucky me", Terry announces.

Gibbs then tells Ginger that scent evidence is the only evidence connecting Terry to the money he took with DiNozzo stating that they believe Terry is a very smelly man. Terry doesn't buy it, stating that he was proven innocent. Abby tells him that he was just found not guilty and that there's a big difference between the two.

Terry then sarcastically tells Abby that he'll keep that in mind when he's getting a tan on the beaches of Bora Bora.

As Abby looks away, ticked off, Ginger tells her not to take it so hard as she knew that it was going to end like this right from the very beginning but Gibbs states that it's too bad that Terry didn't. As DiNozzo arrests Terry, he remarks that Terry should have trusted his lawyer.

"Instead spending all that money hiring a hitman to eliminate the star witness a.k.a Me", Abby announces smugly. Ginger wants to know what they're talking but Terry lies, telling her that he doesn't know. Gibbs then remarks while Terry might have hired the hitman to kill Abby, the hitman wasn't paid to keep his mouth shut with Tony commenting that the hitman even told them that Terry was the one responsible for creating the bloodbath at the Navy Lodge.

It then shows McGee and Ziva guarding the fake Marshal who's in cuffs and has a lot of bruises on his face. Terry's facade drops and he snarls at Abby that she thinks she's so smart. As Tony drags Terry off, Ginger advises him not to say another word.

Gibbs then heads to Abby's side with Abby finally managing a sigh of relief, obviously delighted that her traumatic experience is over.

A while later, Gibbs arrives in Interrogation with Mauher believing that he's the true hero, stating that if it wasn't for his effects, then Abby would be dead. Gibbs wonders if that Mauher thinks before telling him that he believes that Terry Spooner would never have gotten as close as he did without Mauher as a distraction when in actuality, Mauher is the real danger.

Mauher denies everything but Gibbs tells him that the Metro cops found Mauher's car along with the gun and the suicide note that Mauher himself wrote in Abby's handwriting, suggesting that if things hadn't panned out the way they had, then Mauher would have planned to kill Abby and disguise her death as a suicide.

Mauher insists that it was just a last resort before insisting over and over again that he loves Abby. He and Gibbs then stand up with Mauher stating that Abby doesn't want anyone knowing that she still has feelings for Mauher and that even Abby herself believes it sometimes.

"Tell you what, if you don't care about me, then how you can't take your eyes off me right now?", Mauher says. "You can lie to the rest of the world but you can't lie to your heart".

Gibbs doesn't say anything else and simply puts the note in his jacket pocket and leaves Interrogation but not before switching a light which has Interrogation cloaked in darkness and the Observation room is then bathed in light.

Mauher is then stunned and begins calling for Abby, believing that she's in Observation where in fact there's no-one there at all.

It then cuts to Gibbs who's heading down the hall and as he hears Mauher screaming for Abby, he smiles.


  • The suit that Abby is using to go to the court on the end of the episode is the same suit she used on the JAG episode, Meltdown (episode) which along with Ice Queen (episode) was the one of the two that was made to present NCIS as a spin-off.
  • When Gibbs, Tony and Ziva pay Mikel Mauher a visit at Krime Kleaners Inc, the song playing is "American Witch" by Rob Zombie while the song playing in McGee's apartment is "Over My Head (Cable Car)" by The Fray.
  • The camera memory card that Tony uses is never in the camera. Tony has it in his right hand and pretends to remove it from the camera.
  • The game that Abby is playing on McGee's computer is The Godfather.


Series Regulars

Season Three Cast
Name Portrayed by Role
Leroy Jethro Gibbs Mark Harmon An NCIS Special Agent in charge of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Anthony DiNozzo Junior Michael Weatherly The Senior Agent of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team and also the second-in-command.
Abigail Sciuto Pauley Perette A Goth who is also the Chief Forensic Scientist and who also works for the NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Timothy McGee Sean Murray (actor) An NCIS Special Agent previously assigned to the Norfolk Naval Base who is now the Junior Agent of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Jennifer Shepard Lauren Holly The Director of NCIS who was also Gibbs's former girlfriend and partner.
Ziva David Cote de Pablo The Mossad Liaison Officer to NCIS.
Donald Mallard David McCallum NCIS's Chief Medical Examiner.

Recurring Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
James Palmer Brian Dietzen Ducky's assistant.

Guest Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
Mikel Mauher Vincent Young (actor) Abby's ex-boyfriend and a stalker.
Ginger Stevenson Mimi Kuzyk The lawyer representing Terry Spooner.
Terry Spooner Eddie Jemison A man believed to have embezzled 10 million dollars.
Lillian Hencheck Sondra Currie Albert's wife.
Albert Hencheck Ken Lerner Lillian's husband.
Frank Dreyer Richard Keith A man working at the Navy Lodge Albert and Lillian Hencheck were staying at.
ERT Member Gregory Crane A man seen in Abby's lab after an accident involving a suitcase containing drugs and a leak of cyanide gas.
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