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Broken is the fourteenth episode of NCIS: Hawaii Season 1 as well as the 14th episode of the entire NCIS: Hawaii series.


While Jane is questioned following Maggie Shaw's arrest, the rest of the team investigates a mysterious case of Marines with damaged ear canals from a weapon that emits ultrasonic waves while Ernie visits his friend, Dr. Tony Lee to identify possible suspects who had access to his classified weapon.


Series Regulars[]

Name Portrayed by Role
Jane Tennant Vanessa Lachey Special Agent Assigned to NCIS Pearl Team.
Jesse Boone Noah Mills Senior Agent for the NCIS Pearl Team.
Lucy Tara Yasmine Al-Bustami Junior Agent for the NCIS Pearl Team.
Ernie Malik Jason Antoon Computer specialist for the NCIS Pearl Team.
Kate Whistler Tori Anderson Former DIA Officer who becomes a new FBI Special Agent.
Alex Tennant Kian Talan Jane's older son.
Kai Holman Alex Tarrant Special Agent for the NCIS Pearl Team.

Recurring Cast[]

Name Portrayed by Role
Julie Tennant Mahina Napoleon
Carla Chase Seana Kofoed Navy Commander and Medical Examiner.

Other Cast[]

Name Portrayed by Role
Silkies Tim Herkenhoff
Doug Smith Patrick Fischler
Norwood Peter Togawa
Tony Lee Alex Mapa Doctor.
Meg Laura James
Joel Johnson David Call
HR Rep Betty Bolton
Silkies Tim Herkenhoff
Norwood Peter Togawa