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Cassie Yates is an NCIS Special Agent.



Four years prior to her first appearance she was Chris Pacci's probie.

At some point following this she is reassigned to Norfolk placed in Narcotics Suppression.

NCIS Season 2[]

Following the biological attack in SWAK the team contact Cassie as she was Pacci's probie during the Sarah Lowell case. She makes her way to Abby's Lab and provides insight into the past case. She and Gibbs later go to Lowell Pharmaceuticals and arrest Hannah Lowell who freely admits to the attack. She introduces to Gibbs to Sarah who reveals to him that she was not actually raped but was tied up as a joke and the man she was with had been killed.

NCIS Season 3[]

In Jeopardy Cassie is on a video call in MTAC with Gibbs where she briefs him in regards to the activities of James Dempsey. She is surprised he would escalate to the act of abducting Director Shepard but as long as they have his brother James he can be controlled. Once she is told of his death she gets a helicopter down to assist at the MCRT. She helps determine where Shepard is being held by checking flight plans.


Physical Appearance[]