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Curtain Call is the eighth episode of NCIS: Hawaii Season 2 as well as the 30th episode of the entire NCIS: Hawaii series.


When a naval officer is murdered while moonlighting in community theatre, the NCIS: Hawaii team recruits a familiar face to help lead them to a ruthless international killer as Kai enlists Whistler to open an investigation into an old childhood friend of his who's now become a criminal.



Jane in the kitchen.

Major Events

  • Jane reunites with Charlie 1 while Kai and Jesse meet him for the first time.


Series Regulars

Name Portrayed by Role
Jane Tennant Vanessa Lachey Special Agent in charge of the NCIS: Hawaii team.
Kai Holman Alex Tarrant Special Agent for the NCIS: Hawaii team.
Jesse Boone Noah Mills Senior Agent for the NCIS: Hawaii team.
Ernie Malik Jason Antoon Computer specialist for the NCIS: Hawaii team.
Kate Whistler Tori Anderson Special Agent with the FBI.
Alex Tennant Kian Talan NCIS Special Agent Jane Tennant's son.

Recurring Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
Charlie 1 Linc Hand Private Military Contractor.
Cassandra Souza Sierra Swartz Alex Tennant's girlfriend.
Alan Liu Danny Kang Special Agent.

Other Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
Duggy Atwater Charlie Hudson II
Harom Adam Karst
Emma Rose Alicia Kaori
Kendall Wells Aleks Pevec Navy Petty Officer.
Tran Don Hahaku
Janice Motts Elena Evangelo
Frederick Moku Durant
Mabel's Sister 1 Catherine Ann Restivo
Mabel's Sister 2 Carolyn Samuelson
Mabel's Sister 3 Anastasia Edwards
Mabel's Sister 4 Tyler Kealakai
Mabel's Sister 5 Sara Savusa
Opera Goer Josh Squire Uncredited role.
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