Delilah Fielding McGee
Alias: E. Pistachio
Gender: Female   Female
Status: Alive
Family members: Timothy McGee (husband)
Morgan McGee (daughter)
John McGee II (son)
Sarah McGee (sister-in-law)
John McGee † (father-in-law)
Penelope Langston (grandmother-in-law)
  Occupation Affiliation Rank / Title
 ●   Computer specialist   United States Department of Defense   Intelligence Analyst
            ●     Washington D.C
Portrayed by: Margo Harshman
 First Appearance
  ●   NCIS: Damned If You Do (episode) first mentioned Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (episode) first appearance
 Last Appearance
  ●   NCIS: n/a- recurring character.
List of Appearances

Delilah Fielding McGee is a Department of Defense employee and the wife of NCIS Special Agent, Timothy McGee.



NCIS Season 10

Delilah is first mentioned in Damned If You Do in a conversation between McGee, Tony and Ziva after McGee briefs them on Richard Parsons. McGee mentions she specializes in web and information security.

NCIS Season 11

Delilah first appears in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot where she surprises McGee in a cafe. McGee complains that he should be at work, which she reminds him he cannot do until he is reinstated. She informs him that the bomb used earlier in the episode wasn't Middle Eastern but American. Abby walks in and they have an awkward moment. When Abby asks if she can be trusted she responds by stating she has a higher security clearance than any of the team. After Abby leaves, Delilah says "Awkward!".

In Once a Crook when Tony enters the Bullpen he finds her sitting at Ziva's old desk. When he ask why she's there she jokes that her transfer to the team had come through. McGee warns her that Tony was seriously sleep deprived and so didn't understand her humour. She warns Tony of the health problems sleeplessness can cause. When asked again McGee informs Tony that the DoD had sent her over when the had heard about Petty Officer Wells murder as he wasn't just any crypto tech but was an expert in communications network defense and had top level security clearance. She provided information about what his work involved. She asks Tony for some gum stating that she loved grape. After a flashback that revealed Wells was in Baltimore recently and that a laptop had been recovered. She said to Gibbs that she would need to check the computer for classified information. Tony responded to this by saying that he would like to see her try to take it from Abby. After a head shake from McGee she backed down saying she could wait. Later when Gibbs go the see Abby, Delilah is in Abby's Lab having gone down to look at Wells' laptop. She interrupts Gibbs and Abby talking when she finds a code on Wells' web browser which turned out to be a fantasy football league. After a batch of knockoff Laptops is recovered Abby and Delilah brief Gibbs on the value of the seized products. Also they identified spyware found in all of the laptops each complimenting each other on the work that the other had done (Delilah broke to Operating systems code.) The computers belonged to US Customs. After the conclusion of the case she and McGee have dinner.

In Kill Chain Delilah and McGee enter the elevator talking about an upcoming event that McGee says is on really short notice. Bishop enters the elevator and after an awkward silent moment informs the two of them that she had been granted her parking spot and shows a photo of it to Delilah and Tim. Bishop and Delilah introduce themselves. Bishop is a fan of her work as an analyst ever since Operation Pin Drop which McGee has no knowledge of. As they enter the Bullpen talking and Tony reveals that McGee butt-dialed him and had listened to their previous conversation to both of their annoyance. Tony reveals to Bishop that Delilah is being awarded a fellowship by the Conrad Institute for her work in counter-terrorism at a black-tie gala event and wants to bring McGee who won't commit. McGee tries to argue his case due to having no tuxedo, a potential case coming up and Gibbs not giving him time off. At this point Gibbs walks in and Tony informs him why McGee needs time off which McGee attempts to pass off. Gibbs asks him if he wants to go. McGee turns to Delilah and says reluctantly that he does. After the team is called to a case and leaves,i Delilah glances around then leaves herself. Later during a conversation about who could steal or modify a drone Delilah renters the bullpen and after McGee sees her and asks what she is there for Director Vance interrupts as she is there to see him. The two head up to MTAC with Gibbs. In MTAC reveals to Gibbs a drone strike that had been carried out in the Pakistan wilderness on a terrorist camp belonging to Benham Parsa in response to the bombing that killed SECNAV the previous year. Delilah reveals that the camp was destroyed but Parsa escaped. Coyne, the victim in Gibbs' current case is revealed to be on the kill chain for the strike. She also reveals that chatter says he's making a move to the US. Delilah returns later and meets McGee in front of the elevator and gives him a Tuxedo aware that he cannot attend the Gala due to the current case. Asking about the sizes Delilah reminds him shes a DoD cryptologist and so can work out his size. As she goes to leave McGee apologizes but she stats that it is OK and that she knew he didn't want to attend the Gala but can't understand why. Later when at the Gala which McGee has now attended he gets a call from Tony which he has to go outside to take which he does asking Delilah to wait inside for him. Just after he gets the message the strike occurs. Delilah is revealed to have suffered some serious shrapnel related injuries and is in hospital.

Double Back opens in hospital where McGee looking in on Delilah who is lying in a hospital bed. She is confused as to what has happened which McGee tells her. She asks if it was Parsa and if they got him. She then begins to code and the hospital staff take her for further surgery. She is later revealed to have undergone further surgeries and something went wrong leaving her paralyzed. Later McGee visits Delilah and apologies for not being there when she first woke up which she forgives him for and they talk. Her mother and father visit her.

Delilah next appears in Bulletproof in the Bullpen talking to Tony about disabled movie characters. McGee comes in after hearing Delilah is there and tells Tony off. Delilah corrects him stating it was her idea to do it and thinks she can name more than Tony. She then tells McGee he was right about her getting out. when Gibbs walks in she thanks the team for taking out Parsa. Bishop then enters and says hello to Delilah but says that she has a break in their current case. When the faulty vest are revealed to have been sent to multiple branches of the military Gibbs asks Delilah to for help when contacting the DoD. She says he is just doing it to make her feel better, which is working and so she heads upstairs. At the elevator McGee asks if she wants him to roll her in which she responds to by saying she was letting him go first. She then attempts to turn around in the elevator with McGee's assistance due to lack of space but decides to just back out. McGee lists two disabled characters to which Delilah responds saying it only really works between her and Tony. Delilah and McGee late inform Gibbs that DoD put out a system-wide advisory to only use military issue body armor. She then informs him about a team in Helmand Province which two member are currently using the faulty armor and that they are out of radio contact and so cannot be warned. Bishop is in MTAC waiting on communication in regards to the unit and is concerned that they cut off the connection. Delilah asks if the team sent her up to wait for word and whether it was rookie hazing. Bishop jokes its because they are two hot chicks and so will get faster results which Delilah responds to with a joke about double points because she is in a wheelchair. She explains that people go out of their way to help her such as total strangers and McGee even if she doesn't need it. When Bishop says that people are generally good Delilah points out that someone was selling faulty armor, that someone had killed the seller and that they were now trying to retrieve the vests from a live unit. Bishop responds by saying we all need help sometimes. Delilah asks if she read that in a fortune cookie which Bishop reluctantly responds yes to. Delilah returns later to inform them that the marine unit had made it back safely. She then thanks them for including her. McGee asks if she is ready to get back to work, which she responds by saying she still has a few things to figure out and needs more time with her wheelchair. When Bishop renters holding her chest Delilah jokes that she may need it more than here and then asks her how she is. She then asks Gibbs if McGee could take her home which he says yes to as long as he buys her breakfast first. McGee interrupts saying he has another stop in mind. Delilah asks whats going on and if she should be worried which Gibbs responds no too and so they leave. McGee takes her to a field seen earlier in the episode. When they arrive she says this is creepy and asks why there is a wheelchair in the middle of the field. When Linn parachutes in Delilah looks on in awe. McGee explains that he thought the two of them talking would be nice. She thanks him and kisses him. She then says that as they are already here they might as well go skydiving.

Page Not Found opens with Delilah and a coworker Ginger talking. Delilah is examining her emails and Ginger wonders if she is running RSA keys. Which she confirms and that the encryption isn't problem but that as the email is useless and a week old. She then wonders why it was dark in the room and if they could turn on the overheads. Ginger responds saying that the lights make her violent and that Delilah's Conrad award is a murder weapon waiting to happen.Ginger believes Delilah is tired and so she offers her caffeine eye drops. Delilah then tells her to go and get their boss. When their boss Fisher arrives Delilah explains that two weeks earlier a Naval officer was killed in Budapest and that a bomb had been found in his hotel room. Due to lack of evidence the case went cold until now due to an email sent by an anonymous person to a tracked alias that mentions a rental address in Virginia. Delilah states that there is an operative in the States and this could bust wide open the case and that they should inform NCIS and FBI. Fisher tells them not to and instructs them to forget they saw it. Delilah asks why and Fisher just reiterates her instructions to which Delilah nods much to her own despair. McGee and Tony are talking about McGee asking Delilah to move in with her when she calls Tony and asks him not to tell McGee who is calling. She asks him to talk to her privately so Tony has a pretend conversation and leaves and enters a cupboard. Delilah tells him he is talking to him as it's harder to draw the line between the two of them. She then asks about the bombing and what information they uncovered as well as asking if there is any indication of a classified investigation. She tells him she has already hacked into every federal database and has found nothing and she needs to talk to Gibbs. Gibbs opens the cupboard door and Tony passes him the phone. Delilah meets with Gibbs and McGee who states she could get fired for this and asks why she didn't call him. Delilah talks directly to Gibbs explaining what Jones was doing that lead to his death. She then gives him the Intel she retrieved and was told to ignore but cannot figure out why. She says it's their only lead and it will go cold unless they do something. McGee reminds her that she has only been back at work for a week and should slow down which annoys her a lot. Gibbs defends him saying that they will check into it first. When McGee asks about a warrant Delilah tells them she has spoken to the Landlord and he is willing to let Animal Control check for rats. which they can use for as a cover. During a briefing with Vance, Bishop, Gibbs and Delilah she and Bishop explain that Jones was a cyber specialist and a member of an inter-agency task force trying to shut down the servers of the website The Phoenician Exchange or PX. She explains it acts as a middle man between buyers and sellers of any black market products. Bishop explains that taking these websites down takes the work of a lot of different people such as Jones and even Delilah. Bishop tells them about Heidi Partridge who is currently in prison in relation to the website but Delilah states that they will be able to find a replacement quickly. Later on Delilah is in Abby's Lab when McGee comes down looking for Abby. She says that Abby ran up to Autopsy and he has her for now. He ask why she isn't at her own office as the case they are on isn't supposed to exist which she responds she called in sick. He asks her if she is trying to get fired which she explains that she is trying to find out what happened to a man they had thought died in an explosion which hits home for her and is now trying to take down a major source of illegal drugs. She asks him what the problem is and her getting in trouble hits home for him as well which she agrees with. Delilah is now through PX's Tor browsers and jokes that it was a naval research project that made hidden websites possible an explains she wrote a layman's summary for Gibbs which she begins to quote. She reveals that she has found classified DoD protocols on the website which had originally been designed to defend US secure systems but was now being used to protect the website. The two of them wonder how that got this intel in the first place and suspect that Jones is a double agent. After the case is handed over to NCIS Abby, Delilah and McGee are looking into security protocol used for PX which Delilah knows how to decrypt. The three exchange information which leads them to a Local ISP of Bluemont Medical Centre run by the Landlord of an apartment that was met earlier in the case. While Tony is in the bullpen looking at some phone records Delilah approaches and asks whose they are and why he is looking at them. He explains that they are Jones' wife's in case she is hiding something or becomes a target. He then jokes with her about become Jane Bond which she insists she can do. She asks him about advice with McGee which he responds jokingly. She explains to him that she is trying to show she can do more for her job and get a promotion to Dubai which she needs to discuss with McGee. As Tony begins to ask her a question an alert comes up showing a phone call from Leo S restaurant. Back in Abby's lab while a hard drive is being decrypted Delilah and McGee ask about what each one of them need to talk about but both say that it can be done later. When the hard drive is revealed to be blank they determine that the suspect was tipped off. Later when the Landlord's daughter who is revealed to be the true runner of PX wears a wire to incriminate Jim Brisco, Delilah is in the bathroom when she hands the tape back. Also she is in the car with McGee when they drop of Jones to the church he was going to get married in. Delilah says that she hopes they made it in time to get married which McGee said he had spoken to the judge and explained the situation. Then he tells her that Tony had told him about the job and that she should go for it if its what she wants. She explains to him why she wants it and also that she will only take it if they stay in a relationship. He turns silent and she asks him if she scared him when she said he was the one she wanted to be with which he jokingly says yes. He then gives her a pair of his house keys for when she gets back as he feel the same way about her. As they are about to kiss Jones calls out to them and asks them to act as witnesses for his marriage.

NCIS Season 12

In Kill the Messenger Tony answers a video call from Delilah to McGee which he quickly hangs up on.

Delilah next appears in Status Update when McGee calls her about a symbol found on the team's current case as she had mentioned tracking a Terror Group called the Dragon's Tooth. After an interruption by Tina Larson about an extra key Delilah tells him that they need to co-ordinate with DoD immediately as their case is not a robbery but an act of domestic terror. After this she asks him why Tina needs the key. In MTAC Delilah briefs Vance, McGee and Gibbs about what she has been doing for the last year and about Dragon's Tooth. Rafi Ali the Dubai task force team leader interrupts and explains the groups goal. She then explains how social media is used by the group to find a target. This means that the victim in the teams case and a terrorist broke into the house on the same night. McGee telling Delilah that she will call her but Rafi ends the communication. Later when the Team in preparing to arrest Malik a suspect of theirs when a meeting occurs the team opens the door to find Delilah and an ICE team. Delilah explains to McGee that one of the alias' that they have been looking for is actually her undercover alias. She also tells him that she has been in the US for a week but couldn't tell him she was back. A while later McGee goes to the apartment Delilah is staying in and they have an argument about keeping secrets and discuss whether they should break up. When there is a knock at the door McGee answers and finds Malik with a gun. The two further argue while Malik holds them hostage and he tries to determine if Delilah was undercover for him or DoD. The pair of them work together to have a fake argument based upon the the problems they have but end up being truthful and working out that they still care about each other. When Malik gives Delilah a gun and tells her to shoot McGee he tells her to do it. When she drops it instead not knowing it wasn't loaded. While they argue about their plans she stabs Malik in the leg and he falls down. He and McGee struggle in an attempt to get a dropped gun which ends when Gibbs and the team enter. When asked about the knife Delilah mentions "Rule 9" followed by telling McGee they need to work on their communications. He ignores this and instead kisses her and finally said hello. Back in the bullpen Delilah and Tina enter talking about the spare key offer from earlier in the episode and about the inside scoop on Rafi. She and McGee say good morning and he mentions he heard Rafi had been suspended. She then reveals that DoD had made her team leader and so she would be moving back to DC.

NCIS Season 13

In Viral Delilah and McGee are in the bullpen talking about them moving in together and the problems that arise. When Tony points out a trap question the two of them begin speaking in their own Binary shorthand. When Gibbs enters and tells them about a case they all go to leave he asks about the move and once Delilah answers in progress he tells McGee that he needs to compromise. Later Delilah gets asked to help Abby and Bishop on the current case. Abby talks about the amount of brainpower in the room and Bishop suggests jerseys but Delilah instead suggests matching Decoder rings. The three work on the case and Delilah finds a dummy account email address and says that Meyers was more tech savvy than they had thought and the three ponder this. In the bullpen McGee and Delilah are talking about information regarding a Bombing in Dubai at a hotel Jake Malloy was having a meeting at. McGee then tells her that they can get rid of the couch in their apartment to which Delilah says she is rethinking it and tells him that big or small they would face things together. Tony then enters and tells them whats he has been doing. He then starts itching and complains about his dad. Delilah asks McGee whats up with Tony who keeps rambling on. In MTAC later Delilah and Bishop are awaiting information about the bombing in Dubai. Bishop tells Delilah about a going away ritual they have. She responds by saying that the worry she is feeling would be felt no matter what job they did. They then determine that Jake was not at the hotel when the bomb went off which provides relief to Bishop.

In After Hours Delilah and McGee are preparing for dinner with her telling him about her day in what they call a "Download dinner." He then takes his turn starting with saying it was a routine day and then explaining about their current shooting case that looks to them a cut and dry situation until Abby's shoe drops which McGee doesn't think will happen. Delilah asks him to tell her about the shooter which he does. Delilah interrupts and tells him that their first shoe has dropped. She then explains that the shop that Muldoon said he stopped at was the opposite direction that he would be travelling in. The timer then dings signalling the end of his turn to "Download." During dinner Delilah talks about where they could go for their holiday and suggests Turks and Caicos and asks if he wanted to go there. McGee is thinking and so doesn't hear until she asks again. She points out that he is still thinking about the case which she points out is not meant to be happening. She suggests putting it out of his mind until it stays out as she didn't spend two hours making dinner for him not to eat it. He apologizes and she goes to the toilet. When she comes back she finds that he has made a layout of the case's crime scene much to her annoyance. As he tries to talk through the case and doesn't hear her talking about the food she has cooked being used to make the display. She then gets that he has destroyed their dinner and broken the use of their pre-dinner "Download." McGee tries to play it off as partially her fault for distracting him with her earlier information. McGee says that dinner is not ruined and he could still eat it. She tells him to do exactly that and after some hesitation he eats a piece of chicken off her plate which prompts her to leave. Later Delilah is lying in bed when McGee enters and try's to go to bed however she is only pretending to be asleep. He apologizes to her and explains that the case is distracting him as it is not a normal case as the details do not add up. This is making him question whether to trust his gut or not. Delilah explains to him that he doesn't want work to be the basis of their relationship as they had seen what this had done to Bishop. After a message from Jimmy tells them the body was moved Delilah begins questioning the case herself and so the two of them discuss it. Both of them go to the scene of the crime and meet up with the rest of the team who have realized the problems with the case on their own. McGee informs the team what the two of them has discussed. Delilah is in the bullpen after Gibbs and Tony had questioned Muldoon and suggests that they improvise their plasma display as they hadn't prepared it before like McGee had done with her dinner. When Tony draws a female stick figure with exaggerated features Delilah and Bishop point out how else he could have displayed her. Gibbs puts the picture on McGee's forehead which Delilah makes a joke about. Delilah, Tony and McGee watch the interview of Amy the women who Muldoon claimed he was protecting. After the case is resolved the team including Delilah head to the elevator and when Gibbs gets a phone call about a case they attempt to leave quickly.

NCIS Season 14

In Love Boat McGee has received the ring he had chosen to propose to Delilah. He is discussing how to keep it hidden from her with Bishop when Delilah arrives into the bullpen causing the two of them to pretend to be talking about something else. McGee asks why she is there forgetting about the fact Bishop and Delilah were having lunch. When Delilah asks to come McGee says no and pretends its because of allergies which makes her suspicious. Torres enters the room flying a drone and mentions that they are used for illegal street races. Delilah then introduces herself to Torres and then he explains why he was flying it. The team talks about the increasing trouble that NCIS is having with similar drones. Delilah mentions DoD having the same problem across the world and they believe they could be being used for surveillance or smuggling. McGee says that he will tell Gibbs and then promptly leaves the room even with Delilah point to his desk phone. Bishop and Delilah then leave for lunch. Later McGee leaves the squad room to find Delilah but runs into her in the elevator. McGee asks the other elevator passenger to to leave, which he does. McGee then enters the elevator and performs a Gibb's stop. McGee begins to talk through his plan which he has decided to call of as he doesn't want to waste any more time. He then proposes the Delilah which she says yes to.

In Something Blue McGee is shopping for his wedding Tux with Delilah on video who pushes him to make a decision as their wedding is 2 months away. When McGee returns to the squad room after the initial case investigation Delilah is waiting for him but Torres makes a big show of the pending wedding. She is there about the guest list as the decisions need to be made. After making a joke that embarrasses himself Torres leaves and Delilah tells McGee that there is still so much to do and that he has been slacking. She then leaves greeting Vance as she left. Later McGee comes home and Delilah is lying on their bed having accidentally slept for two hours, the two further discuss the invitations to their wedding. When Delilah goes to get up as McGee grabs her wheelchair she collapses. She is taken to hospital and McGee calls Gibbs to let him know what happened. Later Delilah gets moved to a new room and McGee accompanies her. In the hospital room McGee is telling Delilah that she is going to be fine which she responds yes too but asks if he knows she will be too and will be as long as they have each other. Delilah's doctor then enters and explains the collapse was caused by stress from the wedding planning and being a little anemic. When she tells them it's to be expected due to her condition the two of them look at her with confusion and the doctor realizes they are not aware. She then informs them that Delilah is 10 weeks pregnant causing McGee to faint. Abby enters their hospital room and is concerned at seeing McGee lying in the bed with an ice pack. McGee explains that he just passed out which makes Abby a little more concerned until Delilah says they are fine. this makes Abby realize that they are not just fine but glowing and asks why they are. The two try to say they aren't but Abby insists as she had been worrying the previous night. The two then tell her that she cannot tell anyone until they do which she promises to do as she has figured out that Delilah is pregnant and so hugs the two of them. McGee and Delilah invite the whole team to dinner after the case is resolved, before they serve dinner they prepare to make the pregnancy announcement but Abby blurts out that they already know. The pair say that its OK as their families are already aware and the team congratulate them. They then say that their is another thing that they asked them to come to dinner for was to have their own private wedding. Delilah asks Gibbs to be her man of honor which he accepts. Ducky asks to be the one to give her away which she accepts. Jimmy has registered to be a minister so that he can perform the ceremony. The wedding begins with Delilah entering in her dress and approaching McGee. Jimmy performs the ceremony and the two exchange vows and he tells them they should smooch which they do without hesitation.

NCIS Season 15

In House Divided Delilah is having a difficult time because of McGee being missing in Paraguay. Delilah calls Bishop for an update and she gets told by her that NCIS is barred from investigating but insists that if they do hear anything they would let her know. Later in Abby's Lab Delilah is there as she had figured out that they did have some related information and points out that the current cases suspect is using a dating app which can be used to locate him. After McGee is rescued he returns home to Delilah and lays his head in her lap.

In Ready or Not while McGee and the team are at a crime scene he gets a call from Abby who tells him not to panic. Delilah cuts in the say her water broke and Abby was taking her to the hospital. When McGee says that the babies aren't due for 3 more weeks Delilah snaps at him that the babies have other ideas. McGee rushes to the hospital and gets escorted to see her by the security officer Morgan but can't see her as she is in with her doctor. A while later McGee is let in to see and he and Delilah are told not to worry as early labor is common in twins and that they need to try and relax. Once the doctor leaves McGee starts saying that how can anyone relax which Delilah cuts off. He then gives her a duplicate of her comfort kit and Delilah asks him to get her an ice cold grape soda so that he has a task because he is nervous. Abby asks her to do the same for her which she does but in the room then Delilah has a contraction. After a hostage situation unfolds downstairs Abby tries to ring McGee but doesn't get an answer. Abby asks how far he'd go to get her a soda which Delilah responds by saying until the end of the earth. She then points out a red light flashing outside her room which after Abby looks outside and sees police officers tries to say there is nothing wrong and promptly leaves. Abby reenters the hospital room and tries to further play off the situation but Delilah is already watching the news story on the TV leading to Abby telling her McGee is right in the middle of it. A little while later Delilah is having a contraction and Abby is trying to assure her that McGee will get back soon. In another contraction McGee enters the room much to the relief of Delilah. A short time later the actually birth begins. After the situation is resolved Delilah and McGee are holding their newborns. The two discuss the baby names deciding on John McGee (after McGee's father) and Morgan McGee (after the security guard who died to save McGee's life.

NCIS Season 16

In Once Upon a Tim McGee is reminiscent of his high school and talking about that he hasn't achieved much in his skills in writing or with tap dancing, which Delilah points out his two best sellers. When he mentions that the last thing he wanted to do was join the Navy, just as his dad wished, Delilah points out that he doesn't which he again responds that he doesn't serve in them put does police them. His old PC which the pair have been working on comes to life and opens a messaging service. They then exchange a brief conversation with McGee saying he is alone due to Delilah's suggestion. This prompts a message that says their is a package in their stairwell. McGee immediately jumps into action and retrieves his gun and goes to check the stairs telling Delilah to call 911 and Gibbs which she goes to do. After McGee leaves Delilah screams due to an intruder and McGee returns and shoots them. Delilah explains to the team what she heard and saw. McGee interrupts this to say that the twins are asleep at her moms house which Delilah jokes about having more shootings prompting Torres to mention about the previous one. Delilah stares at McGee as she was not aware of this and asks what he meant which McGee then explains. Delilah mentions to him that now she is wondering what else he didn't tell her which he assures her is nothing. At this moment Palmer enters the apartment asking if it was just the one body or if there was another mummified body prompting another stare. McGee quickly distracts the team onto what the intruder was after, his old computer. Later Delilah is in the squad room when McGee returns with his old high school stuff and tells him the their babysitter needs to see him. Delilah asks him who the girl next to him is and when he panics reveals that she already met Chloe in the lobby who says he had married up. The two then head to dinner, leaving McGee behind, and while leaving, Chloe mentions that they were more than just friends, intriguing Delilah.


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