Ellick is a shipper term used to describe the possibility of a romantic relationship between NCIS Special Agents, Ellie Bishop and Nick Torres.


Ellie and Nick are the newest additions to Gibbs’s team following the departures of Ziva David and Tony DiNozzo respectively. Nick and Ellie start as friends, coworkers and teammates and always look out for each other. In Season 15, Nick and Ellie go undercover as a criminal couple and become much closer. Since then, Nick and Ellie begin to develop romantic feelings for each other, but have yet to act on their feelings.

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Season 14 Edit

  • Rogue
  • Ellie and Nick met.

Season 15 Edit

  • High Tide
    • Nick and Ellie go undercover as a crime couple, Charlie and Luis. Because they are investigating a drug ring, they infiltrate it by getting jobs as dealers.
    • Ellie is mad at Nick, who left her at the hospital when he was following up on a lead.
    • To keep their cover as a couple, Ellie kisses Nick.
    • When Nick's cover is blown, the boss tells Nick that his reaction to the kiss was real.
    • After the mission, the two flirt talk about their kiss and Nick complements Ellie's undercover abilities.
  • Death From Above
    • Dinozzo Sr. is with Nick when the garage is set on fire. He asked Nick if Ellie had ever dumped him.

Season 16 Edit

  • Third Wheel
  • Nick plays music in the office and dances around Ellie
  • Love Thy Neighbor
    • Nick shows up at Ellie's house and they talk about how much they miss Reeves.
  • Beneath The Surface
    • Nick and Ellie have a code, where they call each other by their first names to make sure they have backup.
    • Nick calles Ellie "babe."
  • A Thousand Words
    • Nick and Ellie go to goat yoga together.
  • Tailing Angie
  • What Child is This?
    • Nick and Ellie care for a child for a day after they are unable to find either of his parents.
    • At night, they sit on Gibbs' couch and talk about how terrifying the day was when Ellie almost got shot in the head. Ellie talks about being a mom one day.
    • They fall asleep on Gibbs' couch and wake up with their heads facing each other.
  • Toil and Trouble
    • Nick and Ellie go a to a seminar. They talk about Boyd, the person who Ellie had gone on dates with.
    • Nick suggests that they pretend to date to get into a wedding for food, calling her the "stylish distant cousin" and him the "bad boy boyfriend."
    • Nick cancelled Ellie's date with Boyd.
    • He apologizes to her at the end of the episode. Ellie tells him that they need to trust each and asks him why he cancelled the date but he is unable to answer. He calls back to her when she is about to leave but only says good night. He unhappily walks back to his desk.
  • The Last Link
    • Ellie and Nick go undercover at a bar as a couple.
    • Nick buys Ellie chips.
  • Mona Lisa

Season 17 Edit

  • Out of the Darkness
  • Into the Light
    • Ziva calls Nick a "wuss" for not admitting his feelings to Ellie.
  • Wide Awake
    • Nick writes Ellie a note while hypnotized.
  • Institutionalized
    • After Ellie asks Nick to dinner, he reveals to her that he has a girlfriend.
    • Nick smirks when she asks him about his girlfriend.
  • No Vacancy
    • Nick tells the team about how his girlfriend, Elena, has a son named Ricky. They are surprised to meet him, a fully grown man, at the NCIS headquarters.
    • While Nick is on a date with Elena, Ellie shows up at the restaurant with Ricky. They decide to share a table. Ellie and Nick fight at the table, only stopping when McGee texts them to meet at a crime scene.
    • At the office the next day, Nick asks McGee to go with Ellie to ask questions to a suspect after Gibbs asks him to go. Ellie is confused and asks him if they are "good. They awkwardly tell each other that they are fine and that they don't care who they others date.
    • Palmer tells Nick that the existing awkwardness between Ellie and Nick is the reason that Gibbs has Rule 12, never date a coworker. Jimmy tells Nick that there is no chemistry between him and Ellie.
    • Ellie talks to McGee about how its not fair that Nick is upset, seeing as he cancelled her date last year. McGee suggests that only did this to irk Nick and now feels guilty.
    • After the case is over, Ellie and Nick talk. He begins to tell her how he felt when he saw her with Richard but she finishes his sentence with "overprotective". He then tells her that she is like a sister to him.
    • Nick reveals that he and Elena broke up but doesn't tell Ellie why. They then go out to dinner.
  • On Fire
  • Ellie and Nick run together.
  • Ellie was worried about Nick after he was hit by car.
  • She watches through the glass while he is in hospital bed.
  • She was hurt when she saw Nick in coma.
  • She says ,,Torres is laying in a hospital maybe he never get out".
  • She wants to kill suspect for Nick's condition.
  • After he wakes up they grab each others hand.
  • Lonely Hearts
  • Ellie gives Nick Valentine's day chocolate.
  • Ephemera



  • Ellie joined the team in Season 11 and Nick joined in Season 14.
  • Ellie and Nick both became the newest members of the team following the departures of Ziva David and Tony DiNozzo.
  • Tony’s father, Anthony DiNozzo Sr. was the first to realize the growing attraction between Nick and Ellie in Season 15.
  • Since Nick began developing romantic feelings for Ellie, several people have began to notice his feelings including, Anthony DiNozzo Sr., Kasie Hines and Ziva David.
  • Ellick shares a few similarities with Tiva.
    • Both are the most popular relationships on NCIS.
    • Ellie and Ziva served as the NSA and Mossad liaisons to NCIS before becoming agents.
    • Both went undercover as criminal couples.
    • Both couples shared their first kisses during their first undercover operations.
  • Ellie and Nick have both made a special guest appearances on NCIS: New Orleans.
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