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Emily Fornell was the daughter of former FBI Special Agent Tobias Fornell and his ex-wife Diane Sterling.



NCIS Season 4[]

Emily and Tobias are together at "My First Makeover" when she is spoken to by Derrick Paulson before he confronts Fornell about his case. She is later dropped off to Diane.

In Angel of Death Tobias is picking Emily up from his ex-wife when Gibbs meets him to discuss polygraphs that had been scheduled for all NCIS personnel.

NCIS Season 11[]

In Devil's Triad Emily appears in Gibbs' front room after discovering that her parents are sleeping together again. She accompanies Gibbs back to the MCRT after sleeping over and after Bishop stops Gibbs just out of the elevator she tells her she needs to relax. She and her parents get into shouting match about their new relationship even revealing that she had put a keystroke logger onto their Facebook accounts. Later Emily is kidnapped by Elijah Banner as he is setting up his exit plan. When she is found and taken back to the squad room she reveals that she planted her watch on Elijah so that the team could catch him.

NCIS Season 12[]

In Cabin Fever Emily approaches Gibbs to ask him to help her father whose life is on the verge of imploding altogether as Fornell still struggles to come to terms with his ex-wife's brutal murder and has taken to drinking heavily.

NCIS Season 13[]

In Homefront Emily misses a phone call from Tobias who had to cancel plans with her, returning the call moments after her father was shot.

In Dead Letter Gibbs takes temporary custody of Emily while her father Tobias is fighting for his life in the hospital after getting shot.

In Family First Gibbs still has custody of Emily, though she opts to spend most of her time at the hospital by her father's side. By the middle of the episode, Tobias finally wakes up.

NCIS Season 14[]

In The Tie That Binds Emily wakes her father - who is sleeping on Gibbs' couch up with an air horn. He's overstayed his welcome. Wanting to be at home with him for Christmas, she asks her Uncle Gibbs for permission to take matters into her own hands. Gibbs, wanting his space back, readily agrees on the condition that she not burn his house down.

Emily took full advantage of the permission she was given, having her entomologist boyfriend plant termites in Gibbs' basement so both men to have to leave and stay at the Fornell home, Gibbs ultimately finding the humor in it.

NCIS Season 16[]

In Daughters Emily overdoses on opiodes and ends up in the hospital. Although resistant at first, at the end of the episode she finally talks to her dad and says she needs help.

NCIS Season 18[]

In Sunburn Emily successfully earns her chip for being six months sober, Gibbs watching proudly as she receive it. Tobias missed the ceremony as he was undercover.

In Head of the Snake Emily sees her father in person again for the first time in months, the undercover operation finally over.

In Winter Chill Emily relapses, tragically dying of a drug overdose.


She has a very fiery personality and enjoyed being on the high school debate team.

Physical Appearance[]

Emily is 5ft5 with red hair and blue eyes.