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Enigma is the fifteenth episode in NCIS Season 1 and the 15th episode of the entire NCIS series.


NCIS investigate when Gibbs's former C.O and a Marine Colonel arrives in the U.S. from Iraq but the team soon discover that nothing is what it seems and that there may even be a conspiracy behind the death of an FBI agent.


The scene opens with two masked and armed men holding someone hostage.

The mask is eventually removed to reveal that it's Colonel William Ryan. One armed man demands to know where the money is but Ryan remarks that it's somewhere they'll never find it.

When one of the men attempts to kill him, simply stating they've got their orders, Ryan produces a knife he kept hidden behind his bound hands and throws into the other men, causing him to fall to the ground, dead.

The other man rips off his mask to reveal that it's Lt. David Cameron.

Ryan states that it was four packages, not three.

It then cuts to Ryan who flees.

Act One

In the bullpen, the work day is just beginning and as an NCIS employee drops off mail at Gibbs's desk before moving on, Anthony DiNozzo Junior is busy looking through his own mail.

His partner, Caitlin Todd, who is removing a videotape from a VCR, remarks about Tony giving women his work address.

Tony tells him that it's because he broke up with a woman named Michelle who was a social worker due to the fact that she was under the impression that they were in an exclusive relationship. When Kate further presses, Tony admits that Michelle broke into his apartment and filled his closet with dog crap.

Kate's amused by that and when Tony vows to give her Michelle's number, sarcastically saying that they could get together to boil rabbits or something, Kate insists that it's not her style and that she would just shoot Tony instead.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs arrives in the bullpen and remarks that would be the reason for Rule 12 which he reveals is "Never date a co-worker".

He then informs that the NCIS Director, Thomas Morrow, wants them in MTAC right away.

Up in MTAC, Morrow is telling them that three weeks ago, a Marine transporting two million dollars of Saddam Hussein's cash was ambushed in Iraq. His driver was found dead on scene and the money and the officer have both disappeared. When Morrow tells Gibbs that Colonel William Ryan was the officer, Gibbs is left dumbstruck by the news.

Morrow then informs the team that the FBI has footage of Ryan entering Washington Dulles taken from two days ago and that he entered the country under an assumed name. When Kate voices her belief it's a classified op, Morrow tells her that no-one at the Pentagon knows anything about it and that the FBI believes that Ryan staged the ambush, taking the money for himself.

Gibbs refuses to buy that theory, stating that if he's in the U.S., then he has a good reason for doing so.

Morrow assures Gibbs it's one he's looking forward to hearing and then tells the team that they've got to find him and bring him in because if Ryan has turned on them, then half of the US-run operations in Iraq could be compromised. Gibbs states that Ryan would rather die than betray the U.S.

Morrow agrees before grimly telling them as of today, Ryan has made the FBI's Most Wanted list and ends the briefing.

With Morrow talking to another tech and Kate and Tony looking on, Gibbs personally examines the picture of his former C.O.

In the lab, Abigail Sciuto is talking about Colonel Ryan, regarding him as "cute" and when Tony presses her on it, she tells him that dating older people is a sign of maturity.

She tells him that the oldest person she's ever dated was her sixty-five years old biology professor. Tony states that the oldest person for him was his twenty-six years old dry-cleaner.

"I rest my case", Abby smirks.

Gibbs arrives in with a Caf-Pow for her and Abby tells him that from the video, it looks like Ryan's talking to someone but she can't tell who.

When Gibbs orders her to pull the airport tapes that match that time frame, Abby tells him she's already working on it.

Tony tells Gibbs that the remains of Colonel Ryan's Humvee was shipped to Camp Lejeune last week and that he can have it in NCIS by tomorrow.

When Gibbs asks about Ryan's personal effects, Tony assures him he's checking on it but Gibbs knows that means Tony has forgotten.

After thanking Abby, Gibbs leaves and Abby then sinks back into her chair, stating that she's just realized something.

Tony remarks that Gibbs never gives him any compliments, but Abby had something else in mind, stating that maybe it's not that he's dating younger women but maybe that they're dating an older man.

Cheered up, Tony leaves and Abby gets back to work.

In the bullpen, Kate is printing something out when Tony arrives in, examining the package on Gibbs's desk. She asks what SERE school is and Tony tells her it's Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape.

When he asks why she wants to know, Kate tells him that Ryan was an instructor there for three years and his OQR results are like something from Soldier of Fortune.

Unsurprisingly, Tony gets distracted by Gibbs's package and a slight prompt from Kate has him realizing that Gibbs is standing right behind him.

When Tony asks Gibbs if he'd like the package to be opened for him, Gibbs answers "No" and snatches the package out of Tony's hands while giving the younger agent the evil eye.

Unnerved, Tony then states that Ryan's belongings are going to be at NCIS in 48 hours. Kate tells him that Iraq hasn't caught up with Ryan's records yet but judging by his background, Ryan's not going to be easy to find.

When Gibbs gives them a hint suggesting that he knows how, he simply tells Kate and Tony to get the sedan out of the motor pool and that he'll explain on the way.

Once they've left, Gibbs opens the package and finds a flask (one that Gibbs originally gave Ryan back in 1991) along with an attached note that says: "Millions being smuggled out of Iraq. Used to fund covert operations outside military and government oversight. I'll contact when I know more".

Gibbs examines the flask and finds some kind of sandy substance inside. He puts everything back into the box again.

A while later, the team arrive at Ryan's cabin and upon approaching it, Gibbs realizes that the lock's been shot. He draws his gun and in response, Kate and Tony do so while taking cover.

From a quick glance, Gibbs sees that the cabin is in a right mess and he enters with Tony and Kate coming in behind him so that they can check the other areas of the cabin.

Their search turns up the body of an unidentified man and Tony estimates the time of death to probably three or four hours ago. Kate believes that Ryan is responsible.

Gibbs insists otherwise and leaves the room to call for back-up (the MCRT vehicle, the ME and a dog from the bomb sniffing unit). Upon returning, he hears something like a beeper and glances under the bed.

Sure enough, there's a bomb complete with a timer strapped to the bed.

Instantly, the three flee the cabin with Tony screaming before ducking for cover behind the car.

After waiting some time, nothing happens and Donald Mallard and Gerald Jackson soon arrive with Ducky telling them that they got lost several times because of Gerald.

They then spend the next minutes arguing over whether or not Gibbs saw a bomb and Kate even insists that Gibbs needs glasses. Suddenly, the bomb finally goes off, causing everyone to drop to the ground and once the danger's passed, they all glance up again albeit a bit weary this time.

"I'm sorry. I didn't quite catch that last part", Gibbs says.

It then cuts to Kate who looks ashamed.

Act Two

In the morgue, Ducky with a bandage on his forehead unzips the body-bag containing the unidentified man and he remarks on how the man has a good set of teeth.

There's some brief banter about the movie, "Pirates of the Caribbean" and Kate is taken aback by Gibbs's lack of knowledge in regards to the movie, stating that he needs to get out of his basement more.

Gibbs then tells Ducky that the man in question is his only link to Colonel Ryan. Ducky tells him it's going to take time to get a positive match on the victim and due to the intensity of the explosion, fingerprints are out.

He then states that they need to use his dental records but the one problem is they don't know if the victim is with the armed forces or a federal registry.

When Ducky starts rambling on yet again, Gibbs cuts him off, asking how long it's going to take.

Ducky tells him it will be nine or ten days but Gibbs states that won't be good enough. Ducky then wonders why no-one bothered to take the man's photograph before they fled the place. Tony defends himself by stating he was yelling very loudly, not screaming.

Gibbs then asks Kate if she can sketch the man from memory.

Kate tells him she'll try and Gibbs assigns Tony to help her while also stating that no-one is to talk about the case regarding Colonel Ryan unless it's with him. And with that, Gibbs leaves the morgue.

Once he's gone, Kate asks Ducky if he knew Colonel Ryan.

Ducky tells her that he only knew Ryan by his reputation which was professional, driven and that the fact that his work was his life.

Tony then states that Ryan was pretty much like Gibbs and with that, he and Kate leave the morgue.

In the bullpen, Gibbs is stunned when he gets a phone call from Ryan who tells him that they need to meet. He instantly turns on his heels and heads down to the section underneath the stairs leading up to MTAC.

Gibbs tries to get Ryan to come to NCIS but Ryan refuses, stating he can't take that chance because he's afraid that NCIS is the first place the mysterious figures will try to acquire him.

When Gibbs states that NCIS can protect him, Ryan refuses, stating that the people in question have tried to kill him and he doesn't want to give them a second chance.

Ryan then orders Gibbs to meet him at the bar when he got that flask at 2100 hours and to make sure he's not being followed.

Ryan also warns Gibbs not to trust anyone before hanging up.

Gibbs hangs up and then closes his eyes, sighing heavily.

It then cuts to the bar where Cameron is waiting for Ryan.

Once Ryan sits down and begins drinking a beer, Cameron begins voicing his concerns about Gibbs and wondering if they can trust him.

Ryan tells him it's a gut feeling.

Cameron then asks for permission to speak freely.

"When has that ever stopped you?", Ryan asks.

Cameron then wonders what if Ryan's wrong.

Ryan then produces a gun and aims it under the table at Cameron's leg.

"Then there's a first time for everything", he states.

Back at NCIS, Kate's efforts to get a likeness of the victim are coming up blank.

Tony offers to help but his drawing simply consists of a single man with a bullet wound on his forehead, two xs for eyes and his tongue sticking out.

Kate laughs at the drawing before calling Tony "pathetic".

Gibbs then arrives and asks Kate if she's had any luck.

Kate stammers and is tongue-tied by Gibbs's unexpected appearance before managing to tell Gibbs she can't sketch him.

Gibbs agrees and eventually orders the two of them to find out who Colonel Ryan was working with in Iraq as well as to focus on anyone responsible for finding or shipping US money into the country.

When Tony asks him where he's going, Gibbs tells him he's going to track down another lead. He then walks out of the bullpen, leaving a confused Tony staring at him.

It then cuts to a busy street at night-time where Gibbs is walking.

A few meters behind him are two FBI agents, one of whom is Special Agent Charles and judging from their walking, it's obvious that they overheard Gibbs and Ryan's phone call. Gibbs then spends the next few minutes playing cat and mouse before heading into a shop to buy an umbrella with the agents following him.

As he leaves, the agents attempt to, bypassing some citizens, only to realize that the door is closed because Gibbs has managed to fit the umbrella in between the door's hinges which leaves the agents extremely frustrated.

Gibbs then smirks in amusement at having outwitted the two agents.

Back at the bar, Cameron yet again expresses doubts about working with Gibbs.

Ryan tells him there's a time Cameron would have trusted Gibbs with his life.

At the sound of the talk, two patron glance at Ryan, puzzled.

Cameron then states that if Gibbs and Ryan are both compromised, then who's going to stop the mysterious figures?

Ryan then agrees for the two of them to split up but they've got to stay close at all times.

Cameron nods and then leaves.

Seconds later, Gibbs enters the bar and meets Ryan with the two having a quick reunion before getting down to business.

Gibbs then notices that Ryan's been wounded although Ryan assures him it's nothing. The two then leave the seating area and begin playing a game of pool.

During it, Ryan tells Gibbs that he was part of a task-force charged with recovering money Saddam had stashed around the country.

He then states that he and his men did a damn good job and that they found close to 30 million dollars in U.S currency but Ryan soon began noticing irregularities in the accounting and when he began investigating further, strange things began happening.

Ryan mentions that his reports to high headquarters would either disappear or be ignored and even simple shipments would be redirected or cancelled at the last moment.

Ryan then reveals he set up a decoy in hopes of drawing the people behind it and while it worked, it wasn't what he had been hoping for. The people in question killed his men and then captured Ryan.

When Gibbs ponders further, Ryan tells him it could have been the CIA, NSA or even NCIS and that the guys had "black ops" stamped all over them.

Ryan tells Gibbs that the people involved are stealing money for something and that they're killing anyone who finds out about it.

When Gibbs mentions the man they found in the cabin, Ryan asks if they've got him in custody but Gibbs tells him that the man is dead, having suffered an execution-style gunshot to his forehead. Ryan expresses disbelief that Gibbs think he killed the man but Gibbs wants to know who the guy is.

Ryan tells him he was trying to find out and that he caught the guy tailing him two days ago.

Gibbs then wonders just how long Ryan's been in the U.S. Ryan tells him it's been a week and a half and that he had always stayed one step of those men until they had tried to kill him. Gibbs insists yet again that they've got to go to NCIS but Ryan refuses, stating that they could be inside NCIS.

"Sir, with all due respect, it's not a request", Gibbs tells him. "We can protect you".

Ryan simply refuses, stating he can't take that chance and that someone has to stop these people before putting the gun he'd aimed at Cameron in his pocket.

Ryan then gives Gibbs a small tape which he hopes will be able to prove that he's innocent and tells Gibbs he's going to be in touch before leaving.

In Abby's lab, she tells Gibbs she spent all day scanning through the tapes but Gibbs ruins her surprise by stating that Colonel Ryan wasn't on any of the tapes while also telling the team that Ryan returned to the U.S a week and a half ago.

When Tony ponders further, Gibbs states that the FBI was lying to them and tells the FBI that they've been using NCIS to find Ryan all along.

Gibbs after informing Abby, Tony and Kate that the FBI lied to them and they've been using NCIS all along to help them find Colonel William Ryan.

It then cuts to Gibbs who looks grim-faced.

Act Three

Next morning, in the bullpen, Tony and Kate are voicing their thoughts on Colonel Ryan and about the possibility as to whether or not he's innocent.

They then get a huge surprise when Tobias Fornell along with Agent Charles and another unknown FBI agent arrive in the bullpen with coffee and some food in hopes of buttering up the NCIS agents.

Gibbs then arrives and he and Fornell leave to go have a private "conference".

Once they've gone, Charles remarks that he feels sorry for Gibbs because Gibbs doesn't know Fornell very well.

Tony and Kate jump to Gibbs's aid, stating that they've worked with Fornell before and that they don't like him.

Charles just drinks his coffee.

Once they're in the lift, Gibbs shuts it down before grilling Fornell for information.

Fornell tells him not to make it personally and that he'd lie to his own mother if he thought it helped solve a case. He then grimly tells that one of his agents is missing and that the guy disappeared two days after he reported seeing Ryan.

Gibbs soon puts two and two together before taking Fornell down to the morgue.

Once everyone's gathered in the morgue, the FBI agents are shown the body and are taken aback by the sight.

Charles remarks that the agent was going to get married next month. Fornell tells them not to be so hasty and that it might not be Agent Carlson.

Ducky then states that it is and that the dental records match, confirming that the missing John Doe NCIS couldn't identify is that of FBI agent Carlson. Fornell then remarks that Ryan is a murderer but Gibbs refuses to believe and tells him he's going to get the evidence.

"How?", Fornell asks.

"Any way I can", Gibbs replies before leaving the morgue.

Fornell and Charles then round on Kate and Tony, telling them Gibbs is playing a very dangerous game. Tony retorts that Gibbs doesn't play games.

Fornell ignores him and warns that if he finds out Gibbs is aiding Ryan, then Gibbs is going to be charged as an accessory to murder.

He and his men then leave too.

Kate and Tony voice their concern about being left out of the loop but Ducky tells them that Gibbs is doing it to protect them and that he wants to stop them from becoming accessories themselves.

When they ask what they should do, Ducky tells them to let know Gibbs that he's not alone in this.

Gibbs arrives in the Evidence Garage where Abby is busy working on the damaged Humvee. She tells him that it looks like the damage came from an American AT4 which is a light anti-tank weapon and that the whole situation looks like "friendly fire" but Gibbs disagrees, doubting friendly had anything to do with it.

Just as he moves to go, Abby stops him by telling him that they called him down for another reason.

Sure enough, Tony and Kate emerge and the three form a tight-knit group as they begin asking Gibbs for information in regards to the case while stating that they can't help him if he doesn't tell them anything.

Surprisingly, Gibbs is more outraged about Tony "borrowing" his cell-phone but he eventually gets back on track. He then gives Abby the video tape Ryan gave him and tells her to go through it for her which she agrees to do, stating, "All you had to do was ask, Gibbs".

Things look good for a while.

That is until Gibbs gets into the lift and just before the doors close, he tells Tony that if he ever touches his cell-phone, then Gibbs is going to break Tony's fingers.

As the door closes, Kate tries to assure by telling him that Gibbs does like him but Tony is not convinced.

It then cuts to Abby's lab where the tape is playing but judging by the poor coverage, it was damaged during the gunfight that killed Carlson. When it's over, Abby suggests sending it to another lab but Gibbs wants the event kept in-house.

The team then ask him about Lt. Cameron.

Gibbs tells them that he and Ryan used to work with a Cameron but that it can't be him because Cameron died fourteen years ago. He tells Kate to run down every Cameron she can find in the Pentagon before requesting that Tony and Abby transcribe what's on the tape.

He then abruptly leaves the tab, telling the team he's going home to think.

In his basement, Gibbs looks at the two flasks before sensing that someone's in the basement. He draws his sidearm and Colonel Ryan emerges from the shadows.

Gibbs remarks that Ryan isn't looking too good before telling him that the man on the tape was an FBI agent.

"Now you know what I'm up against", Ryan states.

But when Ryan states that the voice he was talking was Gibbs's X.O, Gibbs is left stunned and tries to tell Ryan that Lt. Cameron is dead. He then tries to take Ryan in but Ryan has managed to remove the rounds from Gibbs's gun, rendering it useless and Ryan orders Cameron to step forward.

Cameron does, showing himself.

Gibbs's expression is blank, causing Cameron to remark, "He doesn't look happy to see me, sir".

It then cuts to Gibbs who still stares ahead.

Act Four

In the basement, Ryan is explaining that the group he's after have been influencing national policy for years and that he and Lt. Cameron have been trying to trace the organization in hopes of seeing who's at the top.

When Gibbs suggests they go to NCIS, Ryan and Cameron reject the offer with Ryan explaining that the men in question would kill them before they even got close to the building.

Ryan then tells Gibbs that it's not that they don't trust him. It's just a question of is Gibbs prepared to believe the whole thing?

Back at NCIS HQ, Tony and Kate are getting worried and the pressure to find him gets much bigger when Fornell arrives at NCIS, announcing that he has a warrant for Gibbs's arrest which leaves the two agents stunned.

Gibbs and Ryan are in an abandoned hanger with Ryan telling Gibbs the hanger is in his aunt's name.

Once they get to a certain area, Ryan then pulls off a big cloth, revealing a huge stach of weapons including guns and RPGS. He announces that he plans to expose the group by any means necessary, even force and that the people after him aren't the only ones who know how to smuggle things out of Iraq.

Gibbs then produces his cell-phone, causing Ryan to demand to know who he's calling.

Gibbs tells him he's calling his team because he wants to know if they've gotten anything from that tape Ryan gave him.

Ryan relents and Gibbs makes the call, speed-dialing.

Back at NCIS HQ, Kate and Fornell are at the NCIS Most Wanted Wall where Kate is trying to smooth things over with Fornell and insists she doesn't know where Gibbs is.

Tony answers the phone and informs Gibbs there's a warrant for his arrest before demanding to know where he is.

Gibbs then asks Tony to get Abby to pull stuff of the video-tape and that he isn't planning on coming back to NCIS.

Unbeknownst to them, two FBI agents are busy analyzing and they're able to get an exact location before Gibbs abruptly hangs up, leaving Tony's sentence of "I just hope you know what you're.." hanging in the air.

In the lab, Abby's having no luck, stating that the data was corrupt but she eventually manages to get a good enough image of a face, one that Kate recognizes as she remembers Gibbs had her run down files of units responsible for transferring money in Iraq and she believes he's a reserve Army Colonel.

With that, Kate and Tony both leave the lab.

In the hanger, Ryan is assembling a gun and loading a round when Gibbs expresses doubt about what Cameron has been telling him.

Ryan tells Gibbs that Cameron saved his life in Iraq and that the man has no reason to lie.

Outside, Charles pulls in a van and heavily armed SWAT officers get out.

Back in the hanger, Gibbs gets a call from Kate who tells him they've ID'd one of the shooters from the cabin as Reserve Army Colonel Mike Granger and that he left Iraq two weeks ago.

Gibbs prepares to write down an address.

Meanwhile, outside, the SWAT officers are waiting for the opportunity to go in.

Gibbs hangs up and gives Ryan the news. Gibbs wants Granger to be brought in for questioning but Ryan insists that they need to strike at the head.

While the two argue about Lt. Cameron, the SWAT team break into the hanger and once they've gotten ideal positions, begin shooting despite Gibbs ordering them to stop.

Ryan is furious, believing that Gibbs set him up.

Gibbs wonders then why are they shooting at him?

Removing his ID, Gibbs identifies himself as NCIS and attempts to defuse the situation.

Unfortunately Ryan, no longer wanting to wait runs for the exit with SWAT opening fire. He gets shot in the side but manages to flee with two SWAT officers hot on his heels.

Losing his rag, Gibbs orders the SWAT to stop shooting before emerging, his hands raised in the air and one holding his ID.

Charles tells Gibbs that Gibbs is under arrest.

Gibbs wants to know why.

Charles remarks that it's for pissing off the FBI.

Gibbs tells Charles to get used to it.

Outside the hanger, Fornell demands Gibbs give him one reason he shouldn't be charged with aiding and abetting a suspected murderer right now. Gibbs tells him he knows where Ryan's going and Fornell tells Gibbs that if he screws him on this, Gibbs tells him he'll consider it a bonus.

The two set off, arriving at a warehouse where Granger works and once a woman is heard screaming, all Hell breaks loose.

Fornell goes for his weapon but Gibbs warns him that if he takes a shot at Ryan, then Fornell's going to be answering to Gibbs.

"I can live with that", Fornell remarks.

Upstairs, while everyone's fleeing, Ryan is confronting Granger in his office, demanding to know who he's working.

Granger tells him he doesn't know anything.

Ryan eventually chooses not to kill Granger, stating he wouldn't waste the bullet and instead settles for knocking Granger out.

Outside, Cameron aims his gun at Gibbs while telling Ryan that they couldn't trust Gibbs. Fornell then emerges, drawing his own gun yet makes no moves of any kind.

For the next moments, a battle of wills begins with Gibbs and Cameron trying to get Ryan onto their side of thinking.

A wound then appears on the left side of Cameron's shirt and he slides to the ground, bleeding heavily.

As Ryan watches in disbelief, Cameron then begins to shake rapidly before sliding to the ground, his hands drenched with his blood.

Seconds later, he disappears for good, revealing that Cameron is in fact a hallucination, one that only Ryan has been able to see and talk to.

Shocked, Ryan pulls the gun to his head and attempts to kill himself but not before suffering a psychotic break. He then slides to the ground, crying as he finally begins to accept Cameron's death and mumbles, "I don't understand".

Gibbs embraces him, telling him, "None of us ever do".

A while later, Ryan stands in the room of a hospital, staring out a window.

Outside, as Gibbs, Tony, Kate and Fornell watch, a doctor states that although it's late for paranoid schizophrenia to strike, it's not unheard of.

The doctor is also hoping that with the right medicine, Ryan will soon recover and be able to return to a normal life.

"Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean people are out to get you", Fornell explains.

Kate wants to know about why Ryan fixated on Lieutenant Cameron with Gibbs telling her he has some idea.

As Gibbs looks at Cameron, he remembers the battle: the sound of gunfire as Gibbs yells for a Corpsman while telling Cameron to hold with a dying Cameron saying that he can't before telling Ryan that he doesn't understand.

It then cuts to Ryan who is still whispering, "I don't understand".

Major Events


  • Gibbs is heard calling Fornell by the name "Tobias" for the first time. In the Season 1 premiere episode, Yankee White (episode), Fornell's name was originally thought to have been Tom but the writers presumably changed it so as to avoid the FBI Agent getting mixed up with Director Thomas Morrow.
  • This is also the first episode which includes the first meeting between Gibbs and Fornell in Gibbs's "private office", the elevator with the emergency switch thrown. It's also the first time Gibbs and Fornell are shown to be on a first name basis with each other, at least in private.


Series Regulars

Name Portrayed by Role
Leroy Jethro Gibbs Mark Harmon An NCIS Special Agent in charge of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Anthony DiNozzo Junior Michael Weatherly The Senior Agent of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team and also the second-in-command.
Caitlin Todd Sasha Alexander A Secret Service Agent previously assigned to the Presidential Protection Detail on Air Force One and who is now an NCIS Special Agent as well as Tony DiNozzo's partner.
Abigail Sciuto Pauley Perette A Goth who is also the Chief Forensic Scientist and who also works for the NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Donald Mallard David McCallum NCIS's Chief Medical Examiner.

Recurring Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
Thomas Morrow Alan Dale Director of NCIS.
Gerald Jackson Pancho Demmings Assistant Medical Examiner for NCIS.
Tobias Fornell Joe Spano Agent, FBI.

Guest Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
Mike Granger Jeff Austin A man involved in a suspected conspiracy.
David Cameron Kevin McClatchy A Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps.
Charles John Rosenfeld An agent with the FBI.
Cobb Barton Tinapp An agent presumably with the FBI.
William Ryan Terry O'Quinn Gibbs's former C.O. and a Colonel in the United States Marine Corps.
Carlson Grinnell Morris An FBI Agent.
Surveillance Technician David Rountree A tech who helps narrow down the location for Gibbs and Colonel Ryan.
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