The Fed. Five was a highly accomplished group of NIS agents who were active twenty years prior to the main "NCIS" series. They later achieved fame for apprehending the Privileged Killer.

The team consisted of the following NIS Agents

McLane and Franks were the Senior Special Agents attached to the case with Pride and Gibbs serving as "Probies" under McLane and Franks respectively. What role Special Agent Betts played in the original investigation has not yet been established.

Although based upon Gibbs' private comments to Pride about McLane being the "boss" following video conference with Director Vance and Fornell it is clear that Agent McLane was the Special Agent in Charge of the Fed. Five at the time of the original investigation into the crimes committed by the "Privileged Killer"

Interestingly both SSA's attached to the investigation were later murdered: Michael Franks was killed in 2011 while assisting the NCIS teams led by Gibbs and E.J. Barrett in their hunt for Jonas Cobb, the Port to Port Killer.

McLane was murdered in 2014, his murder and the subsequent murders of FBI Special Agent Lynette Doyle and Maurice Drenault prompted NCIS to reopen the investigation into "the Privileged Killer" with Gibbs and new NCIS Probie Agent Eleanor Bishop heading to New Orleans to help their fellow NCIS agents solve the case.

It should also be noted Gibbs' reference to having known SSA Pride for "thirty years" implies that they initially met while Gibbs was serving in the Marines because, he did not join NIS until 1991 after serving in Colombia and in the first Persian Gulf War.

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