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Field of Fire is the 22nd episode of NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 as well as the 142nd episode of the entire NCIS: Los Angeles series.


OSP investigate when a former Marine who is also an expert sniper escapes from a veteran's hospital with the investigation intensifying when they learn that the Marine has a connection to the leader of an extremist group while Kensi remembers her own past as a sniper.


Callen and Sam watching as the suspect escapes in a vehicle.


Series Regulars

Name Portrayed by Role
G. Callen Chris O'Donnell NCIS Special Agent and the leader of the Office of Special Projects field team.
Sam Hanna LL Cool J A former Navy SEAL-turned-NCIS Special Agent with the Office of Special Projects.
Henrietta Lange Linda Hunt Operations Manager with the Office of Special Projects.
Marty Deeks Eric Christian Olsen A Detective with the Los Angeles Police Department and also the LAPD/NCIS liaison.
Kensi Blye Daniela Ruah NCIS Special Agent with the Office of Special Projects.
Eric Beale Barrett Foa Tech Operator with the Office of Special Projects.
Nell Jones Renée Felice Smith Tech Analyst for the Office of Special Projects.
Owen Granger Miguel Ferrer NCIS Assistant Director.

Other Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
Camille Rivers Rowena King Department of Veterans Affairs Doctor.
Michael Takahamo Derek Mio Department of Veterans Affairs Nurse.
Fred Kington Jonathan Schmock Founder of Protectors of a Free America (Extremist Anti-Islam Organization).
Carol Rutnam Lilli Birdsell Gunnery Sergeant Connor Rutnam's wife.
Lisa Rutnam Madison Grace Gunnery Sergeant Connor Rutnam's daughter.
Connor Rutnam Troy Mittleider Gunnery Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps who is the husband of Carol Rutnam and father of Lisa Rutnam.
Homeless Man Robert Craighead
Vamsi Patel Shawn Parikh
Jonny (Field of Fire) Eddie McGee
Raft Jeff Staron
Mark Simmons Antal Kalik Corporal in the United States Army.
Security Guard (Field of Fire) DeMarkes Dogan
Girl (Field of Fire) Mila Brener
Boy (Field of Fire) Mason McNulty
Brice Nimbani Stevens Gaston
ISIS Man Roman Mitichyan
Russian Mob Guy Marco Morales
Event Attendee Diane Yery Uncredited role.
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