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Frame-Up is the ninth episode of NCIS Season 3 and also the fifty-fifth episode of the entire NCIS series.

It is also the first-ever episode in which Lauren Holly (Jennifer Shepard) appears in the opening credits, having been previously credited as a guest star. From this episode on-wards, Holly becomes a member of the cast and also a series regular.

In addition, this episode also marks the final appearance of Charles Sterling.


When a pair of legs belonging to an unidentified woman are discovered on a Marine base, the team are left stunned when the evidence points towards Tony as the one responsible for the death. This revelation forces the case to be turned over to the FBI with Tobias Fornell leading the investigation. In the meantime, the team go through a long list of people with grudges against Tony as they attempt to clear his name, only to discover that an unlikely person is truly responsible.


The scene opens with a group of teenagers having an illegal night-time party which involves kissing and drinking.

As this goes on, Mina Campbell and her boyfriend, Grant Bridges emerge with Grant talking about mushrooms.

They soon sit down and join the others in kissing, only for the party to be interrupted by a group of Marines led by Brooks who tells the group that they're not supposed to be lighting fires out here in the forest.

Brooks then tells them that it's against base rules and breaks up the party, sending the teenagers home.

As the group heads off, Brooks then sees someone lying underneath and tells her to go home too but when he attempts to grab the supposed women, he soon discovers that there are actually two female legs underneath the bush.

This causes Brooks to scramble back in shock.

It then cuts to an overhead view of Brooks who is still staring at the scene before him, obviously in disbelief while the campfire itself rages on.

Act One

As NCIS/Mossad Liaison Officer Ziva David reads a book titled "The Handbook of American Slang", her partner, NCIS Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo Junior is making loud noises and saying, "Yeah, baby".

Tony then states "Come on".

Ziva looks up and then glances back down at her book while shaking her head.

Tony's noises even have NCIS Special Agent Timothy McGee looking up.

Tony then jumps, startled.

Ziva then tells Tony that she's trying to concentrate.

"That makes two us then, doesn't it, Ziva?", Tony says.

Ziva wonders if it's work-related.

Tony tells her that of course, it's work-related.

As this goes on, McGee, hands on his hips walks up to get a glimpse of what Tony's doing and states that the website is

Upon realizing McGee's standing right behind him, Tony freaks and covers the monitor with a file before telling McGee to give him a little privacy here.

McGee simply turns around.

Ziva then looks out from her desk.

McGee then gives a small glimpse of his ass.

Ziva remarks that she gives it a four which has McGee stunned and in disbelief.

"Out of five", Ziva corrects before saying that she thinks that's good, isn't it?

Unsurprisingly, Tony gets into it, asking Ziva to rate his ass too and then begins making loud noises.

Ziva, on the other hand, refuses, stating that she will not get in this further before stating that Gibbs always seems to be around the corner.

Tony asks Ziva to give him a little something.

Again, Ziva refuses.

Tony asks Ziva what she thinks of it and suggests that she rates it.

Ziva gives in and tells Tony that it's a two.

This has McGee laughing and Tony in disbelief.

"What's a two, DiNozzo?", The team's boss, NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs asks, wandering into the bullpen with Tony stating that he was just explaining the rules to Ziva.

As Gibbs heads for his desk, he wonders what number two is.

Tony seems tongue-tied while Ziva simply smiles.

Tony then admits that he's a little fuzzy on two.

Gibbs then tells the team to grab their gear and that they're going to Quantico.

With that, he leaves the bullpen while McGee, Ziva and Tony follow suit and as McGee follows Gibbs, Ziva gets ready to leave, only to stop when she sees Tony standing in front of her, wondering about the "two".

Ziva states that she took off three points for excessive hair.

Tony starts to say that he doesn't have... but then stops and then states that's a five which means that Ziva's rated Tony's ass a number higher than McGee's.

Ziva just smiles before telling Tony if he shaves.

She then slaps his chest and leaves.

"Shave", Tony mutters before he too leaves the bullpen.

At Quantico, the team are making their way to the crime scene with Brooks telling Gibbs that Marines run tactics through these woods everyday.

Gibbs wonders what time yesterday.

Brooks tells him that it was 1900.

McGee wants to know where Ducky's assistant, James Palmer is with Ducky stating that Palmer is having a rout canal.

Once they've gotten to an area where a single branch is covering the view, Ducky tells Ziva to allow him to pull back the huge branch for her with Ziva thanking him.

Seconds later, the branch returns, smacking McGee in the face who sarcastically mutters, "Thank you".

As they walk on, Ducky tells Ziva to watch her step and as Ducky helps Ziva, she thanks him in Hebrew with Ducky saying that she's welcome, also in Hebrew.

Eventually, they reach a river where there are stones that someone must step on in order to get a cross and as Brooks, Gibbs and Tony go on, Ducky tells Ziva to let her give him a hand.

Ziva refuses, stating that it's lovely that chivalry is not dead before revealing that in the Israeli Army, she swam three miles across the Red Sea after scaling rough cliffs without safety lines.

She believes she can manage and she cups Ducky's face for a second before giving him a little touch on the nose which has Ducky smiling.

Ziva and Ducky attempt to cross with McGee following.

Unfortunately, the two lose their balance and fall into the river, getting drenched as a result as McGee looks on. As they sit in the river, Ducky remarks, "How refreshing. An independent woman".

This has both of them laughing uproariously.

At the crime scene, Brooks shows the legs, stating that they were under the bush until Brooks moved one.

As Gibbs takes photographs, he asks about the teenagers with Brooks stating that the teenagers never noticed the legs.

With that, Gibbs gives orders: Tony is to shoot- take photographs, Ziva bag and tag evidence while McGee is to get samples.

"Got it", McGee states.

As they kneel down beside one of the legs, Ducky tells Gibbs that a liver temp is out of the question.

Gibbs tells Ducky to talk to him.

Ducky admits that it's very strange and the marbling on the skin suggests advanced decomposition and as McGee gathers evidence, Ducky states that the complete lack of insect activity on the moist area of the open thigh suggests a cessation of decay.

Gibbs wonders if Ducky has any idea how long.

Ducky remarks that the muscles have gone through all three stages of rigor mortis so that gives them at least 48 hours but the leg is in pristine condition, having been untouched by air, water, soil or insect.

"Frozen?", Gibbs wonders.

Ducky states that there are no ice crystals.

"Basement?", Gibbs wonders.

Ducky then says if that's the case, then they're dealing with a dark soul, one who kills, cuts and keeps.

Gibbs then looks at Ducky, seemingly startled.

In another area, Ziva finds something while Tony photographs items.

Ziva looks at Tony with Tony smugly telling her that's trash.

"I think I know what I'm doing by now", Ziva says.

Tony then remarks MREs- Meals ready to eat and pellets say training area to him.

As McGee joins them, Ziva wonders if anyone has ever been killed during training?

McGee then states that his forensics instructor at FLETC once planted a pregnancy test at a crime scene to test McGee and his class.

Tony remarks that that's nice but that in his years as an investigator, Tony has learnt that trash indigenous to an area isn't worth collecting.

Ziva then remarks that what if because she did not bag and tag this trash, she missed this?

As she holds it up, she reveals that it's the finger of a rubber glove.

Tony looks stunned.

He then takes a photograph with Ziva being startled.

"I didn't say don't look under indigenous stuff", Tony states.

Ziva then tells Gibbs that she thinks that they're almost done here.

Gibbs disagrees, stating that he doesn't think so and that he wants every paper, projectile, stomped-on leaf within a ten-foot radius of both legs.

As he leaves, Tony looks slightly abashed.

Ziva just grins.

In the morgue, Palmer remarks that he bets that Tony made some unseemly comment about the legs.

Ducky wonders to Palmer why would Tony do that?

Palmer states that he just means knowing Tony... before he tells Ducky that the legs are fairly shapely legs.

"Yes, no-one had the bad taste to verbalize such a thought until now", Ducky remarks.

Palmer just looks ashamed.

Ducky then states that now that Palmer's mentioned it, the legs look like Betty Grable.

As this goes on, Gibbs arrives in and as Ducky gives Palmer a sample, Gibbs states that Grable was one of the pin-up gals of the 1940s.

Ducky agrees, stating great gams.

Palmer's confused by the term, gams.

Ducky then asks Gibbs if he's a little young to remember Betty Grable.

Gibbs reveals that his father had Betty Grable painted on the nose of his P-51.

Yet again. Palmer's confused by the P-51 term.

Ducky tells Palmer to get the sample to Abby and quick as Palmer can.

With that, Palmer leaves while adding, "Yes, doctor".

Once Palmer's gone, Gibbs wonders what they know about their Jane Doe.

Ducky tells Gibbs that Jane Doe was young before telling Gibbs to look at the femur here and as they head over to the X-rays, Ducky reveals that the femur is one of the last bones in the body to fully develop.

As Ducky points at the X-ray image, he also states that in the female, growth is complete around the age of 25 before stating that his guess is that their victim was between 19 and 21 years old.

Gibbs wonders about an ID?

Ducky states that without a toeprint database, they'll just have to rely on good old DNA.

As they turn back, Gibbs looks down and wonders about the "splotch" on the victim's calf?

Ducky believes that it's blood, the assailant's and that it's on its way up to Abby's mass spectrometer.

Gibbs wonders if it could be the victim's.

"Could be", Ducky states before saying that the victim was dead long before she was dissected. Blood no longer pulsed through the victim's veins when Ducky believes a surgical saw severed her thighs from her torso.

Ducky then tells Gibbs to look and to see how his glove sticks here?

Ducky points out that the DNA there is also headed up to the mass spectrometer. He then tells Gibbs to take a look at this and it's shown that there's a circle in one of the legs.

"Skin's been cut", Gibbs states.

Ducky agrees, pointing out that it's a meticulously cut circle.

"Strange keepsake", Gibbs remarks.

Ducky believes that it was actually the killer trying to remove his mark.

Gibbs wonders if it was all sex killers after Bundy?

Ducky then states that Theodore Bundy was identified and caught by his crooked lower teeth, sadistic biters have been forced to excise their evidence.

Suddenly, Ducky gets an idea and states that he might be able to get an impression of teeth from the underlying damaged tissue.

"You could get me a bite mark?", Gibbs wonders, hopeful.

Ducky remarks that he could try.

Gibbs just nods and smiles.

Meanwhile, Palmer arrives and is met by Charles Sterling with Palmer stating that he has some samples for Abby.

Chip tells Palmer that's convenient because he's Abby's assistant.

Palmer remarks that he wanted to say hi to Abby and that he hasn't seen in a while.

Chip stops him, stating that Abby's really busy right now.

Palmer states that it'll only take a minute.

Chip takes the clipboard and tells Palmer that he hasn't been an assistant for very long.

"Longer than you", Palmer says, defiantly.

Chip tells Palmer that they'll see about that.

Palmer states that doesn't make any sense.

Chip looks up and shoving the clipboard into Palmer's face, tells Palmer that it's Charles.

Palmer heads back into the elevator.

As the doors close, Chip says, "Charles".

A while later, NCIS Forensic Scientist Abigail Sciuto emerges, telling Chip it's an evidence showcase showdown. She then asks Chip what he'd prefer- possible prints, sticky stuff or name that blood?

Chip remarks that he aced serology and that he was a dilettante with fingerprint identification so..

Abby simply stops Chip by handing him an evidence bag and asking him to name the sticky stuff for a hundred.

In the Bullpen, Ziva's at McGee's desk, remarking that for a Caucasian female, a factor of 2.90 is multiplied by the tibia length.

McGee states that according to the autopsy report, the tibia is 38.34 centimeters.

As he begins typing, Tony who's on the phone wonders what they're doing with McGee stating that they're calculating their Jane Doe's probable height and weight.

"Why didn't you ask me?", Tony wonders.

Ziva remarks that these are complex equations they're dealing with.

Tony simply shrugs, stating that Jane Doe was 5'8 and she was also like 125, 126 pounds before he speaks to the person at the other end of the line.

Ziva shakes her head.

McGee remarks 111.186 for adipose, density of musculature....

"That's 61.53", Ziva remarks.

McGee then states that 172.72 centimeters for height with Ziva adding that Ducky believes that it's 57.08 kilograms for weight.

McGee announces that they convert it to imperial and they're done.

On the screen, the results pop up.

"She's five foot eight", Ziva says.

"125 and a half pounds", McGee replies.

Tony just looks up while McGee stares at Tony, stunned.

In the lab, Chip is mumbling things such as "This doesn't make any sense".

Abby tells Chip that he's grumbling.

Chip admits that he knows and that he can't read Ziva's writing.

Abby then turns around, heads over and grabs the evidence bag before stating that it looks perfectly clear to her. She then hands it back and tells Chip that he has to loosen up before giving him a punch on the shoulder with Abby stating that evidence is fun.

As she keeps mentioning fun, Abby jumps around.

Chip just looks stunned.

Abby then states that Chip is a tough case.

"Yeah, I know", Chip says.

Gibbs then arrives in with a Caf-Pow.

Abby's stunned at the evidence she received and now the Caf-Pow she's getting before wondering if it's her birthday.

"Pretend it's mine", Gibbs announces.

Abby nods in agreement and as she heads over to the computer, she tells Gibbs what she has. She then states that the blood on the calf is different from the victim's and that she sent both off for processing before stating here's Gibbs's real gift.

She reveals that she found a smudged print on the tip of the glove finger and clarified it into a partial print before wishing Gibbs a "Happy Birthday".

On the screen, various fingerprints are being scrolled through as the system searches for a match.

Gibbs wonders if she got a match.

Abby states that it's running through AFIS right now.

Gibbs heads over to the main screen and suddenly, "Positive Match" pops up, revealing that a match has been found.

It then shows that the fingerprints belong to none other than DiNozzo.

Gibbs looks back at Abby and Chip, both of whom look stunned at the news with Abby saying, "Whoa".

It then cuts to Gibbs who looks at the information.

Act Two

In the lab, Gibbs, DiNozzo, Ziva and McGee have all gathered with DiNozzo stating to Gibbs that he must have ripped a glove at the scene.

A while later, Abby and Chip are busy producing all the used gloves from the bin and Abby arranges them into a single pile but DiNozzo hesitates, saying again that he must have ripped a glove at the crime scene some time before yesterday.

Gibbs wants to know the last time DiNozzo worked a case at Quantico with DiNozzo telling Gibbs that it was the case concerning mob boss Jimmy Napolitano.

Abby heads back to the monitor and reveals that the computer only found three points from Tony's fingerprints to the sample and that most prosecutors want 11.

Chip corrects Abby by stating that technically, the minimum to go to court is one.

This has everyone glancing at Chip.

Despite this, Chip stands his ground, stating that he's just saying that people have been convicted on less.

Tony sarcastically tells Chip or "Chipper" that that's great and that Chip's a team player.

As Tony and Chip glare at each other, Abby states that she's going to do this by hand. She then places a small image over the fingerprints.

Tony then glances at Chip, remarking, "You set this up, didn't you?".

For a second, Chip looks startled, wondering if Tony's talking about him but in actuality, Tony's referring to Ziva who states at first that she would never before admitting that maybe she would before stating that she didn't.

Tony just looks at Ziva.

A few minutes later, Abby grimly remarks that the sample matches Tony's.

Gibbs tells Abby to put a rush on the blood samples with Abby stating that she did and that it's going to be a sixteen hour turnabout.

Unsurprisingly, Gibbs orders Abby to make it twelve.

Gibbs then joins Tony at the main monitor with Tony glancing at the results, a look on disbelief on Tony's own face.

As Gibbs stands behind Tony, he wonders where was the last time Tony was at the dentist.

A while later, Tony has a retainer stuffed in his mouth with Ducky ordering him to hold still.

Tony struggles again while mumbling, "Cooon't yooo haaa uuued my een-al ray-corss?" which presumably translates to "Couldn't you have used my dental X-rays?".

As Gibbs looks on, smiling, Ducky remarks that this is far faster and more accurate than Tony's X-rays. He then gives a push and removes the retainer from Tony's mouth with Tony telling Ducky that he's not known for his bedside manner, is he?

Ducky believes that Tony is upset that Ducky didn't have any peppermint.

Tony just licks his mouth, obviously attempting to get the taste away.

Ducky calls on McGee.

McGee takes the sample and scans it via a digital printer which uploads the image onto a laptop.

At her monitor, Abby remarks "Here's Tony" and states that the program uses laser scans of 3D objects to create 3D images for comparison.

Chip remarks that it's computer-generated hollow volume overlay and that it measures inter-tooth spacing, dental arc, tooth thickness.

Tony then impatiently states that be enough of the geekspeak.

Abby just smiles.

She then shows them Tony's muscle-tissue scan and adds in a little 3D magic for clarity.

As this goes on, Tony, Ducky and Gibbs stand there, staring at the monitor.

Abby then announces that those are the killer's incisors and that the next step... before she changes her mind and states to Tony not to worry because the chances of even one of Tony's teeth matching are like 100,000 to 1.

Tony nods.

Gibbs then tells Abby to do it.

Abby then hits a key and a single 3D image of Tony's mouth bites down on the leg sample but unfortunately, every sample matches which has Gibbs and everyone else completely stunned.

In the officer, Director Jennifer Shepard tells Gibbs that she knows that Tony didn't that but that it would be political suicide if NCIS got caught investigating one of its own agents.

While pacing around the office, she then remarks appearances matter and sometimes, more than facts. She remarks that this could ruin the agency before telling Gibbs to look at Robert Novak and the CIA.

Gibbs just looks at her.

Jenny states that Gibbs has a responsibility to Tony, she knows that but she has a responsibility to the entire agency.

Gibbs looks up at the ceiling, his patience wearing thin.

He calls her name but Jenny states that she's not forgetting the time that she stepped in it and that Gibbs covered her ass until she could get out of it but that was alone, undercover and in the field.

As she heads back to her desk, Jenny remarks that half of NCIS already knows about this.

She knows that Gibbs has to do and she won't stop him but officially, she's suspending him from investigating this further and she's turning this over to the FBI.

Gibbs remarks that he knows.

Jenny looks at him.

Gibbs then states that he has one request.

Jenny states that she'll see that Fornell runs the investigation.

Gibbs just looks at Jenny and nods, half-smiling.

Jenny remarks that she could always read Gibbs's mind.

It then cuts to a flashback of Paris and an unknown man standing in an alleyway or street before he is shot dead with the shooter being revealed as Gibbs.

As it cut backs to the present, Gibbs remarks, "Not always, Jen" before he leaves.

Jenny just looks lost in thought.

A while later, Gibbs, McGee, Ziva and Abby with Abby stating that she's still waiting on Jane Doe's DNA.

McGee remarks that the Corporal at Quantico says that there were no missing female dependents or UA Marines.

Gibbs suggests the Base hospital.

Ziva reveals that she checked missing persons for Maryland, Virginia and D.C. and there were a few similar descriptions and that their DNA is headed over now.

As this goes on, the group reach the lower stairways.

As Gibbs arrives, he meets David Brant with Brant greeting Gibbs.

As they shake hands, Gibbs states that he heard Brant was quitting.

Brant tells Gibbs or "Jethro" that he likes to refer it as a lateral move into the recreational sector.

Gibbs remarks that he wishes Brant luck with that.

As they enter the bullpen, Ziva wonders about the lateral move into the recreational sector and as they head for their desks, Gibbs remarks that it mostly means fishing and hitting a golf ball.

As he sits down, Gibbs then calls on Tony who's sitting at his desk, writing something.

"Yeah, Boss?", Tony says.

Gibbs wonders what Tony's doing.

Tony then states that someone's setting him up.

"Two surgically removed legs dumped into a training area?", Gibbs says. "Do ya think?".

Tony agrees, stating that he was trying to think of arrestees with grudges.

"Wouldn't they all have grudges?", Ziva wonders.

Tony then remarks that she sees his dilemma.

McGee asks about Mike Macaluso with Gibbs revealing that Macaluso was the Mafia boss that Tony busted while in Baltimore.

Tony then remarks that the mobs get a little touchy when they think of someone as family and that person turns out to be a cop.

Abby then asks about that forensics dweeb Tony got fired.

Tony states that he didn't arrest the man while Ziva looks on, puzzled.

Abby then says that Tony really, really pissed the guy off.

McGee then reveals that a forensic tech set a killer free when the tech contaminated some blood samples and that Tony reported him.

"Good old George Stewart", Tony grumbles.

Ziva just nods.

McGee then suggests that Tony expands the list just to include people that just hate Tony in general.

Tony believes that no-one hates him.

McGee then brings up Paula Cassidy.

Tony then glares at McGee, telling McGee not to go there and that people like Tony with Tony stating that he's a nice guy.

McGee wonders about the woman who posted Tony's picture on the Herpes Alert website.

Tony then realizes that it was Lieutenant Pam Kim with Abby stating that Lieutenant Kim went so Fatally Attraction on Tony.

"Boiled the bunny", Tony says.

McGee then suggests Mrs. Dean.

As Tony looks thoughtful, Ziva wonders if this woman was another girlfriend.

McGee then reveals that Mrs. Dean threatened to cut off Tony's penis when Tony put Mrs. Dean's husband away due to the fact that the unnamed husband had murdered his first wife.

While on the topic, Ziva suggests Tony's ex-girlfriend, Monica.

Tony retorts that he always breaks up with them when he finds out that they're married.

Ziva then sits down.

McGee tries to help but Tony states thanks before stating that he thinks that's enough.

Ziva hops up, mentioning the personnel in the Evidence Garage.

Tony wonders about them with Ziva stating that they hate Tony.

McGee agrees, stating that Ziva's right and Tony never waits his turn to check in evidence.

Ziva then leaves her desk while saying that women don't appreciate being called "baggie bunnies".

Gibbs then gets to his feet, stating that they're right and that's eight years with three different police forces to go through.

Tony protests, stating that that's a lot of names and people to remember.

Gibbs then orders Ziva take the women while McGee is to tackle the men while Gibbs himself will pull the case files of the ones Tony put away who aren't on the list.

As this happens, Tony holds his head in his hands while Ziva pats him on the head.

Tony then states to wait a minute and that Gibbs never does anything.

Unsurprisingly, Tony gets a Headslap with Tony stating that it's because Gibbs is such a good delegator.

Suddenly, the elevator bell rings.

Abby, having taken one look then remarks that this is not good.

Tony and Gibbs then look up to see the visitor who is none other than FBI agent Tobias Fornell but Fornell isn't alone as this time, he's accompanied by fellow FBI agent Ron Sacks.

As Fornell arrives in the bullpen, he greets Gibbs and Tony before introducing them to Sacks.

Gibbs just nods and then leaves Tony's desk.

With that, Gibbs and Fornell head over to a corner where they begin talking just out of earshot and away from their respective teams.

Gibbs tells Fornell that Tony's being framed with Fornell telling Gibbs that he believes Gibbs and that Fornell has been there himself and that Fornell will take care of Tony.

Gibbs states that he knows but that he wants to be kept in the loop.

Fornell then says that he's hurt before wondering if Gibbs doesn't trust him.

Gibbs then tells Fornell or "Tobias" that whoever set this up is a pro and that this were to go to court right now, Tony would not stand a chance.

Fornell then states that he's gotta take Tony into custody for questioning.

At Gibbs's look, Fornell states that they could question Tony here.

Gibbs just smiles.

As they turn away and head back into the bullpen, Gibbs tells Tony that Fornell's gonna be questioning him.

As he gets to his feet, Tony believes that Fornell will interrogate him.

Gibbs just stands in front of Tony, stating, "Question. Draw it out".

Sacks then announces that after they talk to Agent DiNozzo, they'll need to requisition any evidence involved in the case.

Tony just looks at Gibbs who stares back.

Finally, Tony relents and leaves the Bullpen with both Fornell and Sacks following.

Once they're gone, Gibbs asks if they're covered on evidence.

McGee announces that he'll make a hard copy of the data on Tony's hard drive, cell phone..

Abby heads off, announcing that she'll make duplicates with Gibbs telling Abby to tell Ducky to do the same thing.

Ziva gets to her feet and asks what she can do with Gibbs telling her to help, help Abby, help McGee, help Ducky.

Ziva then heads back to her desk, frustrated.

In Interrogation, Sacks wonders where Tony was on Tuesday night between 0900 and 0300 the next morning?

Tony then pauses and begins humming while wondering what that would be Zulu time.

Sacks then tells Tony to just run through his night.

Tony then moves about but then realizes that he has to say it out loud much to Sacks's annoyance.

Tony then states that he worked until 7, went for a run and then drove home. He also reveals that he spent the night alone which is unusual but it was a school night and Tony wanted to watch Magnum.

Sacks wonders what it was about.

Tony says that it was the old checking the plot ploy.

Sacks just looks annoyed.

Tony then tells Sacks that he's good, very good and that it's Tony's favorite Magnum before revealing that the episode is where Magnum finds himself adrift at sea after a boating accident and vividly relives his father's death during the Korean War.

Sacks sits there, saying nothing, his expression unconvinced.

Tony smiles.

Sacks then states that he's gonna go out on a limb here and states that Tony thinks he was framed.

Tony remarks that they're getting somewhere.

Sacks nods before wondering who does Tony think framed him?

Tony pauses for a second before stating that it could be any one of a hundred people, maybe and that he has a list if Sacks is interested.

Sacks wonders if Tony realizes the kind of trouble he's in.

"Oh, believe me, I do", Tony says seriously.

He then leans in and asks Sacks if he's aware that he has an enormous clump of something green between his teeth? Tony also helpfully points out that it's the center of Sacks's mouth.

Sacks just looks more annoyed than ever.

As Tony puts one of his legs up on the table, he wonders what is about women? Is it the way they smell or the beguiling smiles?

The whispers? The secrets?

The way they tiptoe around in those little ridiculous shoes?

And the way they fit their tiny little bodies into those tiny little outfits?

Sacks's patience grows thin and he tells Tony that Tony's wasting his time.

With that, Sacks gets up and leaves Interrogation as Tony looks on.

When Sacks is gone, Tony puts his foot down on the ground and sits back up again.

Outside, Fornell tells Sacks to take it easy but Sacks is on a rant, stating that Tony or "this guy" is implicated in a homicide and that he's making jokes.

"You've never worked with NCIS before, have you, Agent Sacks?", Fornell says.

Sacks then states that in his book, federal agents suspected of crimes don't get special treatment.

Fornell remarks that it's late and that they should collect the evidence.

Sacks tells Fornell that they have to arrest Tony with Sacks stating that bite marks don't lie and that this guy (Tony) can't stop.

Fornell states that he'll think about it.

With that, Fornell heads off, leaving Sacks behind.

Still alone in Interrogation, Tony scratches his hair for a second before he begins banging his hand against the table with the bang eventually turning into a solo drum beat.

As this goes on, and in the morgue, Ducky takes photographs of the bite mark on the victim's leg before FBI agents wrap up the leg and remove it from the morgue as Ducky sits at his desk, lost in thought.

Tony pauses for a second, building up the temp before he resumes.

In the lab, as Chip looks at something, Abby's busy signing something on a clipboard and as Fornell, Chip and Abby look on, an FBI team led by Sacks personally gathers the evidence and takes it all away.

In Interrogation, Tony having finished his drum solo then air-drums.

Meanwhile, up in the Bullpen, Ziva and McGee are at Tony's desk, copying all the evidence from Tony's hard-drive while another FBI team led by Sacks arrives in and removes the hard-drive before leaving as Ziva looks on.

McGee looks down and sees "File Transfer Complete".

Back in Interrogation, Tony then finishes his drum solo and examines himself in the mirror.

In the corridor, Fornell tells Gibbs that the U.S. attorney's gonna see this as a heinous crime with Gibbs remarking that it is a heinous crime before stating that Tony didn't do it.

"Without an alibi", Fornell says.

Gibbs just sighs.

Fornell tells Gibbs that he'd be remiss if they didn't detain him and that people are gonna start believing that they're orchestrating a cover-up.

Gibbs arrives into Interrogation with Tony stating "Finally" and wondering how he did.

Gibbs tells Tony that he did fine.

Tony remarks that he thought he was Oscar material.

As Fornell arrives in, Gibbs tells Tony that Fornell isn't going to book him which has Tony smiling but then Gibbs states that Fornell is going to take Tony into custody until they can figure out a few things.

Tony just looks away.

In the lab, Abby sits at her desk, her head in her hands.

Seconds later, Gibbs arrives in off the elevator and heads for the main area of the lab. As he rests a hand on her shoulder, Gibbs asks Abby if she's alright.

Abby tells Gibbs that she must have screwed up.

Sitting down beside her, Gibbs tells Abby that she didn't screw up.

Abby then remarks that she now has all this evidence, forensics, the thing she loves and believes in and it's saying that Tony's a murderer.

Gibbs firmly states that Tony isn't a murderer.

Abby remarks that she knows Tony isn't but something's gotta give.

She then states that either the forensics are wrong, just bad forensics or.... before she tells Gibbs that they have to save Tony.

Leaning in to face her, Gibbs vows that they will.

Abby believes that if this goes to court, with his fingerprint and bite mark on the leg, then Tony's going to go to prison for the rest of his life and Abby will be the one who put Tony there.

Gibbs just kisses the top of Abby's forehead.

It then cuts to Abby who sits there, wringing her hands back and forth, obviously in great distress.

Act Three

A while later, Gibbs arrives with a pizza box which he shoves through the cell bars.

Tony gets to his feet, remarking that he smelled Gibbs coming and as he heads over, Tony takes the pizza box while asking Gibbs if it's pepperoni, sausage and extra cheese.

Gibbs simply smiles.

Tony remarks that it's his favorite and thanks Gibbs.

Once he's gotten the pizza box, Tony dumps onto the bed and tells Gibbs that he'll save it for later.

Glancing at Gibbs, Tony remarks that he's been thinking with Tony stating that he's a federal prosecutor's dream.

Suddenly, Tony pauses for a second and then states that Tony does tend to date a lot, doesn't he?

In the corner, a hallucination of Tony's other self sits there, smiling with the other Tony stating that he does tend to date a lot but where does it say that dating a new girl every week is a crime?

The normal Tony agrees that doesn't but that it does speak to Tony's deep-seated psychological problems and commitment issues.

With that, Tony then glances at Gibbs for a few seconds before turning away.

The other Tony states that what Tony is saying is that his own intimacy issues stem from his mother who dressed Tony as a sailor until he was ten years old and maybe.

Tony coughs slightly and then states that it might explain why he objectifies women and treats them as sexual objects. He then tells the other Tony that while he's being so forthright and insightful, why did he sink his teeth into the victim's leg?

The other Tony then remarks that it's because he's angry, he's immature and he likes control.

Tony simply states that he has no alibi.

The other Tony just laughs hysterically, wondering how can he have an alibi when the murder doesn't even have a time or a date?

Tony remarks that's interesting before wondering about means. Latex gloves? Scalpel? And that Tony could have gotten those things from work, no?

The other Tony then sarcastically states, "Right. Of course" before stating that he ripped a glove at the crime scene and that it seems a little sloppy for a federal agent who investigates crime scenes but those are the breaks when he's a homicidal maniac dumping butchered women's remains out in the woods in the middle of the night right?

Suddenly, the hallucination fades away, revealing the real, flesh and blood Tony is leaning against the wall, exhausted as Tony states to Gibbs that he's probably not getting out of this one, is he?

Gibbs then gestures Tony to come forward.

Tony heads over to the bars and as he does, Gibbs head slaps him with Tony muttering, "Thank you, boss".

Gibbs just smiles and leaves.

Once he's gone, Tony sits on the bed, gets the pizza box and starts eating a slice from it.

In the office, with Chinese takeaway boxes littering her desk, Ziva's typing while on the phone. She then reveals that Mike Macaluso is still in jail and her sources are saying that Macaluso's family are very happy about it.

McGee who's the phone is in disbelief at the fact that Ziva's been in this country for a few months that she already has sources.

"Who says my sources are from this country?", Ziva asks.

Suddenly, the person at the other end of the line answers McGee and informs them that he was killed in prison with McGee stating that he's sorry for their loss.

As this goes on, Gibbs arrives in.

The person at the end of the line asks McGee if they can ship the body with McGee telling them that they'll have to take it up with ICE.

McGee hangs up, announcing that the unnamed man is dead.

Gibbs wants to know where they are.

Typing at his keyboard, McGee reveals that the head of his suspect list is George Stewart, the forensics tech Tony got fired from Baltimore P.D.

As they gather at the monitor, McGee explains that Stewart lost everything when Tony accused Stewart of contaminating blood samples in 2002.

"Define everything", Gibbs says.

McGee then says that it means wife, house and kids before stating that Stewart fought the firing and won but by then, no-one would hire Stewart and that Stewart disappeared two years ago.

Gibbs wants to know how Stewart won.

McGee admits that he doesn't know and that George Stewart vs Baltimore P.D. was sealed.

Gesturing at the monitor, Gibbs tells McGee to undisappear Stewart.

McGee nods.

Ziva hits a button and a photo of Lieutenant Pam Kim pops up with Ziva stating that Lieutenant Kim is a surgical nurse and fully capable of slicing off a woman's legs.

Ziva reveals that Lieutenant Kim met Tony during the Jeremy Davidson serial rapist case.

Gibbs replies that it was Quantico.

McGee reveals that Lieutenant Kim was the one who egged Tony's car which has Ziva stunned.

Gibbs wants to know where Lieutenant Kim is.

Ziva reveals that Lieutenant Kim is in Virginia and that Lieutenant Kim returned two weeks ago from a tour in Iraq and that Lieutenant Kim is currently at her honeymoon in the Greenbrier.

McGee wonders who Lieutenant Kim married.

"Scott Sparks", Ziva says.

McGee reveals that Sparks was the guy Lieutenant Kim was engaged to when she met Tony.

Gibbs tells Ziva to get Lieutenant Kim in with Ziva saying, "On it".

As Ziva sits down, McGee then states to Gibbs that he was thinking that Lieutenant Kim was on her honeymoon. This has Gibbs looking up from his computer and glaring at McGee.

McGee turns around and heads off before it focus on a photo of Lieutenant Kim on the monitor.

A while later, in Interrogation, Lieutenant Kim asks Gibbs if he's ever heard of "coitus interruptis".

"Nope", Gibbs says as he scribbles something down.

Lieutenant Kim then asks Gibbs if he's ever been on a honeymoon with Gibbs stating "Yep".

In Observation, as McGee and Ziva, McGee wonders if Ziva found the newlywed couple...

"Flagrante delicto", Ziva says.

McGee's lost.

Ziva then states that it's Roman slang for what Tony calls "badda-bing-badda-boom".

As McGee looks on, Ziva turns away, smiling.

Back in Interrogation, Lieutenant Kim is still on a rant, stating that being dragged into NCIS for interrogation isn't exactly the best way to start a marriage.

Gibbs then wonders Lieutenant Kim's husband is the same guy Lieutenant Kim dumped for Tony last year.

Lieutenant Kim sits there for a second but then leans forward, stating that she had a fling with Tony and that she regrets every last minute of it.

In Observation, as McGee and Ziva look on, Gibbs wonders if that's why Lieutenant Kim put Tony on the Herpes Alert website?

Back in Interrogation, Lieutenant Kim admits that she got a little emotional.

Gibbs remarks that "a little emotional" was egging Tony's car and that putting Tony on the herpes website was...

"Bitchy?", Lieutenant Kim says. "I know".

Gibbs just looks at her.

In Observation, Ziva wonders what a woman accomplishes by cracking eggs on a man's car?

McGee explains that a lot of guys really care about their cars and that it's like "you break my heart, I break yours" thing.

Ziva then chimes in with the statement that in Israel, women just shoot men who are untrue.

McGee just looks at Ziva.

Back in Interrogation, Lieutenant Kim states that Tony could have turned her in while she was harassing him but he didn't and if anything, she owes him.

Gibbs wants to know the last time Lieutenant Kim was at Quantico.

Lieutenant Kim is puzzled, stating that she's been on tour in Iraq for the last eight months.

"That's not my question", Gibbs says.

Lieutenant Kim relents, stating that she checked in with her command ten days ago before she took leave to get married. As Gibbs glares at her, Lieutenant Kim states that if someone brown-bagged Tony's door or torched his car, it wasn't her.

Gibbs wonders if Lieutenant Kim's husband knows about Tony.

Lieutenant Kim is speechless, stating that of course her husband knows..

In Observation, as Ziva and McGee look on, Lieutenant Kim states that her husband, Scott is a lawyer and that if he has a problem with someone, he sues them, not...

Lieutenant Kim then stops, wondering if Tony wasn't murdered.

"No", Gibbs replies.

Lieutenant Kim then wonders what this is all about.

After a moment's pause, Gibbs tells Lieutenant Kim that she can return to her honeymoon but if he needs her...

Lieutenant Kim states that they'll be at the Greenbrier for another week.

With that, she gets up and heads for the door but not before turning around and telling Gibbs next time to have his Agent knock.

In Observation, Ziva smiles.

Back in Interrogation, Gibbs looks annoyed.

When Gibbs emerges from Interrogation some time later, Ziva and McGee are there waiting for him with McGee asking Gibbs if he really doesn't know what "coitus interruptis" means.

Gibbs has a better question, stating does McGee know what it means if McGee hasn't located Stewart?

As Gibbs heads into McGee's space, McGee rushes off.

As this happens, Ziva states that her father used to say before saying something in Hebrew which leaves Gibbs greatly confused and asking Ziva to translate.

Jenny then arrives in, stating that it's a little fire burns a great deal of corn.

"What?!", Gibbs says.

Jenny shrugs, stating that it never made sense to her either.

Ziva simply replies that it loses something in translation before acknowledging Jenny and heading off.

Gibbs and Jenny then head down the other area with Jenny saying that she saw Lieutenant Kim leave while wondering if the Lieutenant had an alibi.

"No, she framed DiNozzo and I let her go", Gibbs says sarcastically.

Jenny then wants to know George Stewart with Gibbs telling her that he's next on Gibbs's list and as they turn a corner, Jenny tells Gibbs that there's no need to be petulant.

Gibbs tells her that the word is pissed and that she can drop the Director act because they're alone.

Jenny wonders if Gibbs thinks that her job is an act.

"Not all of it", Gibbs says. "Ass-kicking on the Hill is a skill".

"So is castration", Jenny adds in.

"I wear a cup", Gibbs mutters.

The two then spend a few seconds glaring at each other before Jenny hands Gibbs a pamphlet with some information on it and as Gibbs takes it, wondering what it is, Jenny tells him that it's George Stewart's alias and work address before sarcastically informing Gibbs that she managed to find it between kissing asses.

As she turns around and heads off, Gibbs yells that this just proves she should have stayed a field agent.

Once Jenny's gone, Gibbs himself heads off.

In the lab, Abby's glancing at one of her printings for inspiration when Chip comes in. His calls fail to get her but when he touches her on the shoulder, Abby looks at Chip while wondering what.

Chip remarks that he might have found something that helps Tony.

"Why didn't you say so?", Abby says, getting to her feet while startling Chip.

Chip then corrects that it may not exonerate Tony but place someone else at the crime scene.

Abby wonders what is it?

Chip then states that the sticky substance at the ankle?

And as they head into the main area of the lab, Chip reveals that he chemically and instrumentally checked it and the material's an adhesive, suggesting it's the kind found in duct tape or carpet tape.

Abby wonders how this helps Tony.

Chip states that he discovered an anomaly in the adhesive material, a carpet fibre.

At Abby's gesture, Chip also reveals that he used FTIS and the mass spec to determine its chemical composition and it's a DuPoint fibre for a Mustang.

Abby starts to say that Tony drives... but Chip interrupts, stating that he knows what Tony drives with Chip hitting some keys on the keyboard and as a photo pops up, Chip explains that when he tested the strain resistance, it showed that the fibre had a coating from a 2004 Mustang.

As Abby looks at the result, Chip reveals that Tony drives a 66 Mustang and that it couldn't have been Tony's car.

Abby then turns around and as she leaves the lab, she remarks that they've got a fibre from Tony's car before it gets towed.

"Nice to have you back, Abby", Chip mutters.

In a morgue, George Stewart is busy dissecting a body when Ziva and Gibbs walk in with Ziva asking for George Stewart although the man claims that he goes by Petrie now.

Stewart looks up, stating that he changed it legally.

Gibbs then shows Stewart/Petrie his ID.

Stewart/Petrie tells them that there are no Navy sailors here.

Gibbs wonders about some Jane Does with Stewart/Petrie stating that he always got a couple of them.

Ziva wonders if they could see the Jane Does with Stewart/Petrie stating that he already told them that there are no sailors here and as Ziva turns away, repulsed by Stewart/Petrie's breath, Gibbs wonders how the other man knows that they're Jane Does?

Stewart/Petrie stops, wondering the Hell they want.

"To see your Jane Does", Gibbs replies.

Stewart/Petrie wonders if they've got a warrant.

Gibbs just laughs, stating that they don't and do they need one?

"Hell, yes", Stewart/Petrie snaps. "Now get out".

As Stewart/Petrie resumes working on the corpse, Gibbs mentions Tony.

This gets Stewart/Petrie's attention as he wonders what the bastard (Tony) said about him now.

As Gibbs glares, Stewart/Petrie remarks that he was exonerated.

Gibbs then grabs the scalpel, removing it from Stewart/Petrie's hands before lying it on the table opposite the one with the body and as this happens, Ziva grabs some clippers.

Gibbs wonders how Stewart/Petrie was exonerated.

Ziva then uses the clippers to crack a rib, startling Stewart/Petrie who tells Gibbs that it was the Fourth Circuit Court and as Ziva uses the clippers again, Stewart/Petrie protests it wasn't him that messed up a lab as he sent it out to a lab.

Gibbs wants to know about the lab.

Ziva uses the clippers for the third time.

Stewart/Petrie looks at Ziva, horrified and reveals that it was Pemberton Medical Analysis.

Ziva then uses the clippers again while asking if Stewart/Petrie is sure if they can't take a look around.

Stewart/Petrie states that it's not without a warrant and that's what happened last time. He states that there's a quick look around, a few questions and then Stewart/Petrie is fired and his life is thrashed before telling them to get out.

Ziva puts the clippers down and states that they'll be back, with a warrant.

Gibbs then throws something onto the table.

It's some breathmints which Stewart/Petrie picks up and examines and as he looks up again, Stewart/Petrie sees Ziva waving at him.

Stewart/Petrie just looks annoyed.

In the lab, Abby tells Chip that reasonable doubt can go a long way with a jury and as Chip looks on, Abby tells him that if this was someone else's carpet fibre that was on that duct tape..

She then places the small item into an evidence capsule and states, "Frame-up".

As she places the sample into Major Mass Spec, Chip asks about the bite mark before stating that he guesses someone could steal their own dental records and create their own mold, make an impression on the leg with Abby telling him to keep going.

Chip then realizes that she's talking about the gloves and that anyone could pulled the gloves from their trash and as Abby heads back to the main computer area, she agrees.

Chip then wonders how anyone would know which print is Tony's.

Abby stops Chip by telling him not to blow it and that he's on a roll.

Chip apologizes.

Abby brings up the results and it's revealed that there's a 96% match which leaves Abby dismayed and asking Chip to see what she means.

"No", Chip remarks.

Abby then remarks that the carpet fibres match and that Tony must have redone his carpeting and as she joins him at the main area, Abby tells Chip to never have a negative thought when he's on a roll.

Chip tells Abby that it could have been worse.

"How?", Abby wonders.

Up in the bullpen, Fornell has arrived in, telling Gibbs about the blood on the severed leg and that DNA came back with a match.

"It matched DiNozzo", Gibbs says.

Ziva and McGee both look stunned while Fornell nods and Sacks stands there, grim-faced.

Ziva looks at Gibbs who simply rubs his face.

In the booking area, Tony stands there as his height is photographed and then photos of him standing from left to right are taken before focusing on a center, main shot of Tony.

Tony being photographed as the FBI officially charge him with murder.

It then cuts to Tony who looks grim-faced.

Act Four

In the lab, Abby has fallen asleep with a Caf-Pow in her arms.

McGee then takes the Caf-Pow or rather tries to do it with his efforts waking up Abby as she asks McGee what he's doing. He tells her that he was trying to throw away her Caf-Pow.

Abby wonders why.

McGee reveals that he bought Abby a fresh Caf-Pow while she was sleeping.

Abby then springs to her feet, stating that she can't sleep and that she has to save Tony. She gets up and wonders what time it is.

This has her checking McGee's watch and Abby states that it's six am before realizing that she lost two hours.

Typing frantically, Abby remarks that she's been running Jane Doe's DNA everywhere and that Jane Doe is not in CODIS, the Armed Forces, the fertility clinics or rare diseases database.

McGee tells Abby that it's not her fault.

Unsurprisingly, Abby is hysterical, stating that it's not her fault before stating that someone's using forensics to frame Tony and she's letting them get away with it.

McGee believes that Abby will find something.

Abby wonders how because all the FBI left her with was a speck of blood and carpet fibre.

As she paces back and forth, Abby remarks that she has to look at this from a new perspective. Suddenly, Abby puts her head to one side and tells McGee that his butt is getting bony.

McGee's annoyed about the bony comment and tells Abby that he'll have her know that Ziva rated it a four out of five.

Abby then states bone narrow and there's a national database for bone marrow donors.

As she begins typing, she pauses, asking McGee why Ziva rated his butt. McGee then states that Tony started it buy Abby freaks, stating that McGee shouldn't blame Tony and Tony is almost on Death Row.

McGee tries to say something but Abby suddenly stops upon hearing a beeping sound from her computer which confirms that the DNA has found a match.

Abby then triumphantly remarks that Jane Doe is Carla Johnson.

A while later, Gibbs and Ziva are interviewing Carla Johnson who's in disbelief at the fact that they matched her DNA to a pair of disembodied legs.

Johnson tells Gibbs that she'd fire whatever lab they're using at NCIS before assuring them that the legs are real and that they're hers.

As they walk down the corridor, Gibbs wonders if Johnson is a bone marrow donor.

Johnson states that she volunteered for bone marrow, organs, blood and that she believes in sharing her good health. She then tells Gibbs that she draws the line at body parts, at least until Johnson herself is dead.

Ziva reveals that they got the DNA match from a bone-marrow database.

Johnson states that she hasn't donated any bone marrow yet before revealing that she did give blood to an accident victim a couple of weeks ago and that the victim died on the operating table.

Ziva wonders if the female victim lost her legs.

"No", Johnson replies. "Her chest were crushed".

Gibbs wonders where the female victim's body is now.

Johnson reveals that the body is either at the hospital's morgue at the state morgue because the victim herself was a Jane Doe.

In the lab, Chip remarks that he can't believe the blood they DNA-tested was from someone else's from a transfusion before wondering what are the odds?

"The same as this killer getting away with framing Tony", Abby replies.

Chip remarks that the guy is a genius and that Abby has to give him that.

Abby remarks that even genii make mistakes and that she did.

Chip then turns around to face Abby, wondering what her mistake was.

Abby states that it was giving up on forensics when she should have looked deeper.

Chip tells her that they already processed that fibre.

Abby remarks to Chip or Chaz-zoid that she knows that before stating that the killer picked up this fibre, took it to work, had it in his car, carried it through the woods and there has to be some sign of that guy on this fibre.

As she closes the capsule, Chip disagrees, stating not if he wore gloves.

Abby believes that maybe the gloves have a different residue than NCIS gloves and that maybe he smokes a cigar, maybe there's cigar residue on the fibre.

Chip wonders if Abby is testing for cigar smoke.

Abby looks back at Chip and he stares at her, impassive.

Abby then turns back and admits that for a second, she lost her faith in...

Clasping her hands, Abby then states that but now she can see that the forensics was just testing her. She then vows in a Southern accent that she will rise up, find the man that did this to Tony and crucify him.

As Abby stands there, Chip awkwardly turns around and looks away, obviously unnerved.

Back at the hospital, Ziva wonders if it's standard operating procedure for nurses to give transfusions?

At the computer, Johnson states that it isn't and that they were low on blood before revealing that she's a universal donor. She then remarks that identifying a pair of legs must be a first.

Ziva just looks at Gibbs.

Finally, the search result pops up and Johnson reveals that Jane Doe was transferred to the Virginia County Coroner's office eight days ago.

Gibbs wants to know who signed for the body.

In the morgue, Ziva slams Stewart, remarking that they have a warrant now.

"For what?", Stewart protests as Ziva slips the warrant into a pocket in Stewart's shirt. "I didn't do anything wrong".

Ziva remarks that she can think of two things- framing an NCIS agent for murder and really, really pissing Gibbs off.

"Open it", Gibbs orders.

Ziva then tells Steward that she strongly recommends that Stewart does what Gibbs says before she slaps him across the face.

As Stewart heads off to do that, Gibbs gives Ziva a small smile.

Stewart then opens the door to the morgue and Gibbs heads in with Ziva and Stewart at a close distance.

Once inside, Gibbs switches on his flashlight.

Ziva then remarks that this explains why Jane Doe's legs were in such pristine condition.

As this goes on, Gibbs begins searching through the various body bags to see if any legs are missing but so far, no luck. As he carries on, Stewart is outraged, wondering if Ziva thinks if Stewart cut off some girl's legs.

"Did you?", Ziva asks.

"No", Stewart replies before wondering why would he ever do such a thing.

Ziva states that she doesn't know and then tells Stewart that if he's going to talk to her, then Stewart should get a breath mint first, please.

In his cell, Tony is lying on his bed, looking up at the ceiling when McGee arrives in, playing a harmonica.

Tony tells McGee or Probie that it's very funny with Tony stating that it's a gift.

As he gets up, Tony wonders who it's from: the baggie bunnies or Pam Kim?

McGee reveals that it's actually from Chip.

Heading to the prison bars, Tony sarcastically remarks that it's great because now he's getting prison crap from lab monkeys. He takes the harmonica from McGee and throws it to the ground.

McGee then states that it's not for much longer.

Tony joyfully remarks that he knew that Gibbs or Boss would get him out of here before asking McGee what Gibbs found.

"Hopefully the body that goes with those legs", McGee replies.

Tony wonders what McGee meant.

McGee explains that Abby matched the legs that Tony severed.

Tony then gets in McGee's face and furiously states that he didn't severe any legs.

McGee admits that it was a slip of the tongue before stating that it was the legs that Tony supposedly severed and that the DNA matched to a Carla Johnson who... before telling Tony that he's not gonna believe this.

"I will if it gets me out", Tony replies.

McGee then tells him that Johnson is alive.

"With no legs", Tony presumes.

McGee states that she's got legs.

Tony then nods and in a lighting-fast move, reaches out through the bars, grabbing McGee's head before slamming McGee against the bars.

"Okay, Tony", McGee states.

"Prison changes a man", Tony says darkly.

McGee then tells Tony to come on.

In the freezer at the morgue, Gibbs has reached the final body bag and realizes that the body inside this bag has no legs. As this happens, both Ziva and Stewart look on.

Gibbs then unzips, revealing the face of the female Jane Doe that Johnson informed them about.

Gibbs glances back, turning his flashlight on Stewart who begins stating that he's doing it to him again while Ziva has Stewart and as she cuffs Stewart, Ziva begins reading Stewart his rights.

Unsurprisingly, Stewart is still protesting, stating that DiNozzo set him up.

Gibbs just looks on.

A while later, McGee now accompanied by Fornell watch as a prison guard opens the door to Tony's cell.

Sitting in the corner, Tony remarks that he never thought he'd say this... before jumping off the bed and announcing that he is so happy to see Fornell.

As he leaves the cell, Tony hands Fornell the harmonica that McGee bought Tony earlier.

"That makes one of us, DiNozzo", Fornell dryly remarks.

As Fornell takes the harmonica, Tony remarks that he never got to do his Cool Hand Luke impersonation either. Placing his arm around McGee, Tony states, "What we got here is a failure to communicate".

As they walk down the hall, McGee remarks that he never saw it.

This has Tony in disbelief and stating that Cool Hand Luke is only the greatest chain-gang movie of all time.

Once they've left, Fornell begins playing the harmonica.

In the lab, Abby is still busy working when Chip arrives in, telling her that they're throwing a little welcome back party for Tony upstairs.

Abby tells Chip to go before stating that she's not finished here. She also believes that there's no way Stewart pulled this whole thing off by himself.

Chip wonders why not.

Abby states that it's because she refuses to believe that some alcoholic ME's assistant beat her at her own game.

Chip then asks Abby if she doesn't think she's obsessing.

As Abby gets up, holding some of the capsules, she then asks Chip or Chippy does he know what she found in the fibres? Opening the machine, she reveals that she found sodium, chlorine, potassium, lactate, urea.

"Sweat?", Chip says.

Abby agrees, stating that she should be able to pull DNA from that.

As she heads back, Abby reveals that she's also put a call into the Pemberton Medical Analysis, the lab that fired Stewart and that Stewart is probably targeting them too.

Chip wonders what he can do to help.

But Abby tells him to stay out of her way.

In the bullpen, DiNozzo remarks that he didn't doubt Gibbs for one second but maybe a second.

Gibbs remarks not to thank him and that it was all Abby.

As Gibbs hands DiNozzo a pen, Ducky remarks that Abby hasn't slept since this whole affair began.

As this happens, Gibbs sees Jenny heading down the stairs.

Ziva believes that Abby has passed on by now but McGee states that the term is "passed out". Ziva just states that the girl is tired.

Gibbs then meets Jenny who reveals that she got the records from Stewart's case in Baltimore unsealed and she hands Gibbs the file.

As he takes it, Gibbs tells Jenny that he's a little late.

Jenny just looks at him.

Ashamed for once, Gibbs then changes to "Thank you, Director".

Jenny then tells Gibbs that that's better.

In her lab, Abby is talking to someone with Abby stating that all she wants to say is they might actually want to warn the person who made the mistake that got Stewart fired.

The person starts to say something else but is interrupted when the phone cuts out.

Abby calls but there's no reply.

She then turns around and sees Chip waving gloves and acting like a manic while also wielding a knife with Chip stating that it looks like they lost their connection.

"It was you", Abby states as the truth dawns on her.

As Chip points the knife at her, Abby realizes that Chip was the one who worked at Pemberton Medical Analysis.

"Until I got fired", Chip says.

Abby is in disbelief at the fact that Chip took up this job to set up Tony.

Grinning psychotically, Chip states, "Yup" before remarking that he did a pretty good job of it, didn't he?

It then cuts to a flashback in Honor Code (episode) where Tony dumps the apple into the bin in the lab with Chip using a glove to retrieve the apple which led to the teeth marks on Jane Doe's legs.

Another flashback from Under Covers (episode) saw Tony resting with two cotton items up his nose. As he sits up, Tony takes them down before dumping them into the bin.

During daylight and presumably while the team were out in the field, a flashback shows Chip arriving in the bullpen and retrieving the items from the bin.

The third flashback has Tony removing his gloves and dumping them into the bin in front of Chip.

A fourth flashback has Chip in Tony's car and Chip carefully removing carpet fibres from the trunk and placing them into an evidence bag.

It then cuts back to the present where Chip is still aiming the knife at Abby.

Chip then states that he thought that a fair trade would be taking down those two idiots- Stewart and Tony who got Chip fired but Abby couldn't leave it alone, could she?

Abby, her face impassive just stares at Chip.

With that, Chip lunges at Abby.

In the bullpen, the team are laughing at a joke while Gibbs is scrolling through the folder but when he sees something, he drops it and runs, causing Tony, Ziva and McGee to follow him while Jenny calls Gibbs's name.

Jenny looks at the file and sees a photograph of Chip on the witness stand, testifying.

A few minutes, Gibbs and Tony rush in, their guns drawn with the others following. The lab is a huge mess with a table lying on its aside while Abby sits there, presumably slumped.

On cue, Abby turns around and as the others arrive in, Abby silently points to the corner.

In the corner, Chip who lies on the floor, bound and gagged, his protests muffled by the duct tape Abby used against him.

Tony just looks stunned.

Chip is still yelling or rather swearing, his cries muffled.

"Now can I work alone?", Abby wonders.

Gibbs and the others who have wandered in simply stand there, awestruck.

It then cuts to Abby who looks exhausted.

Major Events

  • It's shown that Ducky can speak Hebrew.
  • FBI Agent Ron Sacks is introduced for the first time.


  • When Ziva, Gibbs, & McGee are running down the list of possibles and crossing them off you can see all of the possibles on a plasma. On the bottom right is an employee card for Mr. Yee - Security Officer for C.W. Murray Security Service. C.W. Murray is Chad W. Murray, Sean Murray's real life brother and Don Bellisario's step son, in season one he was also the late Russell MacDonald in The Immortals (episode). He is listed as a post-production coordinator on NCIS for 2003-2004 and is currently a Producer for the NCIS spin-off, NCIS Los Angeles.
  • The jail cell that Tony is sent to, is the same jail cell that FBI Agent Fornell is sent to in the Season 2 episode, The Bone Yard (episode).
  • During the episode, McGee and Ziva make a reference to the events in the Season 2 episode, Forced Entry (episode).
  • In the commentary for this episode featured in the Region 1 Season Three DVDs, Michael Weatherly, who plays Tony revealed that his lines were hidden on the back of his camera in the scene where the team first find the glove in the forest.
  • Gibbs and Ducky mention the serial killer Theodore Bundy (Ted Bundy) in where he bit his victims and was later identified by his crooked lower teeth. The movie The Deliberate Stranger from 1986 was based on Ted Bundy. The part of Ted Bundy was played by none other than the same man who plays Gibbs, namely Mark Harmon.
  • The episode features a cameo appearance by David L. Brant, who was at that time the real-life director of NCIS. Just after Leroy Jethro Gibbs meets with Jenny Shepard about having FBI Agent Tobias Fornell take over investigating the murder, Gibbs and Brant end up walking down the same hallway. Gibbs addresses Brant by name and teases him about his quitting the agency, which Brant jokingly describes as "a lateral move into the recreational sector." Brant did in fact retire in December 2005, not long after the episode's original airdate.


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Season Three Cast
Name Portrayed by Role
Leroy Jethro Gibbs Mark Harmon An NCIS Special Agent in charge of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Anthony DiNozzo Junior Michael Weatherly The Senior Agent of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team and also the second-in-command.
Abigail Sciuto Pauley Perette A Goth who is also the Chief Forensic Scientist and who also works for the NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Timothy McGee Sean Murray (actor) An NCIS Special Agent previously assigned to the Norfolk Naval Base who is now the Junior Agent of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Jennifer Shepard Lauren Holly The Director of NCIS who was also Gibbs's former girlfriend and partner.
Ziva David Cote de Pablo The Mossad Liaison Officer to NCIS.
Donald Mallard David McCallum NCIS's Chief Medical Examiner.

Recurring Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
Jimmy Palmer Brian Dietzen The new Assistant Medical Examiner, permanently replacing Gerald Jackson who previously held the position.
Charles Sterling Michael Bellisario Abby's lab assistant. Later exposed as the one responsible for framing Tony for murder.
Tobias Fornell Joe Spano An agent with the FBI.
Pam Kim Lindsay Price A Navy Lt. who first appeared in Forced Entry (episode).

Guest Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
Ron Sacks Don Franklin An agent with the FBI.
George Stewart Matt Malloy A former Medical Examiner who goes by the surname, "Petri" and who has something of a grudge against DiNozzo.
Carla Johnson Elizabeth Ann Bennett A nurse at a local hospital.
Brooks Jarrod Crawford A Marine M.P and Sergeant stationed at Quantico Marine Base.
Grant Bridges Randy Wayne Mina Campbell's boyfriend.
Mina Campbell Casey Weiant Grant Bridges's girlfriend.
David Brant David Brant David Brant was the real-life NCIS Director who retired shortly after this episode was aired.
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