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Head Case is the fifteenth episode in NCIS Season 3 and also the sixty-first episode in the entire NCIS series.


The NCIS team raid an illegal chop shop operated by a group of sailors associated with the United States Navy but during the arresting process, Ziva makes a grim discovery in which she finds a severed human head inside a cooler in one of the recently stolen cards. This later prompts the team to launch an investigation but what should be a simple case soon becomes complicated when Tony, McGee and Ziva find a warehouse storing human body parts. Things later turn into a nightmare when Abby's tests subsequently reveal that the ashes in a urn that the Captain's wife and his young daughter have been holding onto are in fact bogus, sending the team on a quest to find the remaining body parts belonging to the Captain and ensure those truly responsible for what happened are brought to justice.


In a garage where an illegal auto chop-shop is being run, Petty Officers Fred Randall and Michael Jones are busy working on separate cars when another Petty Officer, Marc Hobie arrives back, driving a Mercedes.

Hobie remarks that they're going to get three G's for this car.

As the others admire the car, Hobie opens the trunk of the car and there's a cooler inside.

In the meantime, NCIS Special Agent Timothy McGee is carefully placing an oil drum-roll just below the entrance to keep the entrance open which works as seconds later, NCIS Agents Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Anthony DiNozzo Junior, McGee, and Mossad Officer Ziva David sweep into the garage, wielding their guns and urging the Petty Officers to freeze while announcing themselves as NCIS.

Knowing that they've got no choice, the Petty Officers give up.

While DiNozzo and McGee cuff the Officers and also read them their rights with DiNozzo sarcastically telling the "geniuses" that their first mistake was stealing tools from the motor pool, Gibbs calls for a prison van for the Petty Officers and to notify the Metro Police Department because NCIS busted the group on Metro P.D's turf.

While Gibbs is doing that, Ziva holsters her gun before heading to the trunk of the car where she opens the cooler.

She then calls for him.

Gibbs hangs up and walks to where Ziva is.

She grimly tells him that cars aren't the only thing that they've chopping here and as the two look inside, Gibbs sees why.

Inside the cooler is a severed human head.

It then cuts to Gibbs and Ziva with Gibbs still staring at the head while Ziva closes her eyes in dismay at the grim sight.

Act One

The garage is now a crime scene with NCIS and presumably Metro Police Department at the scene.

Gibbs leads a cuffed Marc Hobie to the prison van with Hobie protesting his innocence while insisting that they didn't kill anyone before Gibbs shoves him into the prison van and knocks, signalling that they're good to go.

As the van drives off, McGee asks Gibbs if he believes them.

"They had a human head in the trunk of a stolen car, McGee. What do you think?", Gibbs asks.

In the garage, Tony is busy snapping photographs while Ziva is taken aback by the head.

Tony remarks that his first severed head was a motorcycle accident in Baltimore.

Ziva then states that it's far worse if you know the person.

She then goes on to tell the story of one of her colleagues who managed to get into a Hamas cell and that his head was sent via overnight express which was when she decided she'd never be captured alive.

Outside, NCIS Medical Examiner Donald Mallard and his assistant, James Palmer have arrived.

The two head into the garage where Ducky gets a chance to study the severed head up close.

It then cuts to Autopsy where Ducky, now dressed in his autopsy clothes is now bringing the severed head which is wrapped in a plastic bag out of the cooler before placing it on the head.

Palmer hands him a scissor and Ducky begins cutting the plastic open while the two share a discussion about the French Revelation.

While he's talking, NCIS Forensic Scientist Abigail Sciuto arrives in the morgue, having been invited down to take some samples which will hopefully be used to ID the head.

While Ducky fills out the paperwork, Palmer makes some insensitive and creepy comments, causing Abby to wince in dismay.

Up in the bullpen, Ziva wants to know who Naomi Krutzhammer is.

Tony tells her he's reading his e-mails and gets a little techy about Ziva invading his personal space.

Ziva states that she doesn't mind and that she didn't know his nickname was "Honeybuns".

Gibbs heads into the bullpen, remarking that only he and Naomi call Tony that before asking who owns the car with the head in the trunk.

Tony says that they don't know yet. He then states that they managed to track the VIN to a Mercedes dealership in Riverdale which sold the car two weeks ago.

The registration is temporary and hasn't been processed by the DMV- (Department of Motor Vehicles).

Ziva also says that they called the dealership which doesn't open for another twenty-five minutes.

McGee then reveals that the car is owned by Epsilon Corporation.

Tony and Ziva, humiliated then go on to state that hacking is illegal and wonder what the penalty is.

Gibbs remarks that it's less than Tony remarking his emails on Gibbs's own time before adding "Honeybuns" in which also has Tony headslaps himself for screwing up.

McGee then states that Sean Oliver is a lawyer for Epsilon.

Ziva asks for the phone number but Gibbs stops her by saying, "We've found your car. Anyone at Epsilon missing a head?".

Ziva narrows her eyes.

Gibbs then dispatches Tony and Ziva to go investigate the Epsilon Corporation.

As they leave, Gibbs thanks McGee for finding the information but then berates him, saying that Tony was right and that hacking is illegal.

At Sean Oliver's office, Tony and Ziva are debating on what the lawyer (presumably a man in his mid-forties looks like) but the Receptionist interrupts them, telling them to follow her, having been summoned to the office and the two get a huge surprise when they meet a blonde-haired woman who's Sean Oliver, Attorney at Law.

Sure enough, Tony begins flirting with Ms. Oliver who insists on being called "Sean". She only tells them that she can't give out any information about her client because she is bound to protect their rights.

As they leave, Ziva remarks that she hates lawyers.

In the Interrogation Room, Petty Officer Marc Hobie is dragged in for an interview with Gibbs and McGee debating on what the Petty Officer should get for operating an illegal chop-shop and then what crime he deserves for carrying a human head in a car. H

Hobie protests his innocence and tells them that he left a strip-club at midnight, stating that he only saw the car.

In Abby's lab, the plasma shows "Positive Match" while Abby's telling Ducky that science doesn't lie but Ducky tells her that in his experience, it can often be misleading which wipes the smile from Abby's face and has her frowning.

Gibbs comes in and Abby asks where her Caf-Pow is.

Gibbs gets her back on track and Abby reveals that the missing head belongs to Navy Captain Parker Wayne.

Gibbs wonders if they know who he died and why.

Abby assures him that they do with Ducky informing that Captain Wayne died after suffering a fatal coronary infarction at Bethesda Naval Hospital four months ago.

"So what was his head doing the trunk of a stolen car?", Abby asks

"And where is the rest of his body?", Ducky wonders.

It then cuts to Ducky and Abby who stare at each other before glancing back at Gibbs.

Act Two

Now that they've ID'd the head, the team gather in the bullpen to discuss the information and they also remark that they can't find any connection between Captain Wayne and the three Petty Officers.

Gibbs is in disbelief about how a Petty Officer could hijack a car and remain unaware that there was a human head in it.

"If the glue fits", Ziva states.

"If the shoe fits", McGee corrects

Ziva mouths "Thank you" and Gibbs calls on Tony who tells him that he agrees with Gibbs's theory and that they don't believe in coincidences around although Gibbs states that they do believe in bad luck.

Gibbs asks McGee if he's gotten the search warrant yet and McGee tells they have to get an injunction to force Sean Oliver to give up the name of her client but since the Captain died of natural causes, it's going to take a judge a while to sign off on the warrant.

Ziva remarks that the lawyer drooled over Tony so why doesn't he sleep with her?

She then says that it's a interrogation technique and states that she's done it with Gibbs remarking that he has too.

Lieutenant Commander Kyle Ross, the man who performed the autopsy on Captain Wayne has arrived in the NCIS morgue and is busy showing Ducky CAT scans of Captain Wayne's head, confirming that the Captain did indeed die of a heart attack.

Gibbs comes in and after Ducky does the introduction, Gibbs asks him if the heart attack was indeed the cause of death.

Ross agrees, stating that Captain Wayne was pronounced dead by one of the Hospital's best heart surgeons and that Ross himself performed the autopsy two days later.

Ross then tells Gibbs that at the request of Captain Wayne's widow, his remains were released to the Vernon Family Mortuary in Annendale, Virginia.

Gibbs then pulls out his cell phone and dials a numbers.

At the Mortuary, DiNozzo and McGee talk to Floyd Vernon who apologizes for being extremely short-handed.

He then gives them the name of a furnace operator named Martin Broussard and takes them to Martin's room, expressing disbelief that he let Broussard live on the grounds for nearly three years and states that this could ruin him as his family have been operating the Mortuary for 63 years.

DiNozzo, having told Vernon to wait outside, goes in to explore the room with McGee tagging along.

They then realize that Broussard's room is full of tribal items and then come across a cooler.

DiNozzo, unsurprisingly pulls rank on McGee, forcing the younger Agent to open the cooler instead while calling McGee a chuckle-head.

McGee produces the item from inside the bag and tells DiNozzo it's feet which has Tony remarking that they're dealing with another Dahmer.

McGee then shows Tony that it's actually pigs feet.

Gibbs arrives at the Wayne household where Captain Wayne's daughter, Chrissy is sitting on a rocking chair, going back and forth while cradling her doll. He then heads up to the door and knocks on it.

Chrissy then asks him if he knew her father with Gibbs stating he didn't, not personally.

She then tells him he's dead.

In the sitting-room of the Wayne household, Chrissy's mother and Parker's widow, Jocelyn takes out the urn containing Captain Wayne's ashes.

She explains that she had them on the mantle but Chrissy would spend hours staring at them, wondering how her daddy could fit inside a jar.

Chrissy's therapist said that it was probably unhealthy so Jocelyn put them away.

Gibbs then tells her that he's come to take the ashes because there was a mix-up at the Naval Hospital and that they need to sort it out. He also vows to treat the Captain's remains with the utmost respect.

Sure enough, Chrissy arrives, wanting to know where they're taking her dad but Jocelyn tells her that Gibbs is a Marine and states that Parker loved the Marines.

After comforting Chrissy, Jocelyn tells Gibbs that their last command was the Manassas and that her husband's last wish was to have his ashes scattered at sea by them.

Gibbs vows that they'll have them back by then and leaves.

Back at the office, Ziva tells DiNozzo and McGee that she's hit a dead wall- (brick wall). She tells that them that Nevis is where Epsilon Corporation and that she has a contact who can get her the info.

Gibbs tells her not to talk about it but to do it. Ziva starts to say that it's a delicate situation but one glare from Gibbs has her rushing back to her desk where she begins working.

DiNozzo and McGee, interrupting each other than tell Gibbs all they know about Martin Broussard and that they've gotten fingerprints from the Merc which Abby is running.

Unfortunately, the two get into an argument with DiNozzo remarking or rather stating that McGee's apartment needs a makeover.

As the argument gets more crazier, Gibbs, losing patience responds by head-slapping the two Agents which has DiNozzo remarking that he's shutting up.

Ziva then arrives in MTAC, asking NCIS Director Jennifer Shepard for a favor which Jenny assumes is that Ziva wants to go back to Israel. Ziva says no, telling Jenny that she loves it here and that Gibbs is a great teacher.

Jenny states that Gibbs is like the Hope Diamond: A valuable gem which comes with a curse.

Ziva asks if there's anyone she knows in the Taxi on screen but Jenny says, "If you have to ask...".

Ziva just looks at her.

Gibbs comes into Abby's lab, causing a Caf-Pow which has Abby relieved that they've refilled the machine.

It then shows Abby is busy practicing yoga, having gone upside as she's trying to increase the blood flow to her brain but one glimpse of the Caf-Pow has her standing up.

She then tells Gibbs that she's found in regards to the ashes that Gibbs brought her.

Abby then heads over to her computer and brings up a map of what's in the urn.

She tells Gibbs it's full of burnt wood chips, concrete, dust and pebbles which means that they're not actually Captain Wayne's ashes after all.

They're bogus.

Gibbs after learning Abby that the ashes that are supposedly those of Navy Captain Parker Wayne are actually bogus.

It then cuts to Gibbs who looks completely stunned at the news.

Act Three

The next morning, in the squad-room, upon bringing a photo of Martin Broussard onto the plasma, Tony wonders what kind of guy lives in a coffin storage shed at a funeral home.

Ziva believes that it might be a poor guy.

Tony states that he'd believe that except it looks like Broussard did an episode of Trading Spaces with Satan before stating that they need to figure out why Broussard kept Captain Wayne's head.

"And how it ended up in the truck of a stolen Mercedes", McGee replies.

Ziva believes that Broussard might have needed the Captain's head for a ritual or sacrifice and when McGee suggests witchcraft, Tony states, "Whatever you wanna call it, Probie".

Just as Abby enters the bullpen, Ziva takes the control from Tony and begins believing that anyone so obviously fascinated with death has to be deeply disturbed on some level. Tony spots Abby approaching and smiles at her.

As Ziva points out the masks, Abby gives Tony her own version of the evil eye and shakes in disbelief while Tony just looks on.

Ziva then wonders what kind of person would collect such horrible-looking things.

Abby then announces that she would and Ziva changes her words from being "horrid" to "finely crafted and artistic".

After she's said these words, Ziva pulls a face before turning around to greet Abby who tells them that the masks are Ogum, that they're used in tribal ceremonies and that a friend of Abby's makes them.

Ziva agrees and points out the flag.

Abby tells them that it's a drapeau or flag which symbolizes the bridge between a person's spiritual and earthly planes.

Abby then tells them that while she isn't an expert, it looks like Broussard is into voodoo big time.

"So it is witchcraft", McGee states.

Abby tells McGee that it's actually voodoo with McGee wondering what the difference is.

Tony then chimes in by asking McGee if he's ever seen Voodoo Island with Boris Karloff, the Believers with Martin Sheen or the Serpent or the Rainbow before asking about Sleepless in Seattle.

McGee wonders if that film was about voodoo.

Tony admits that it wasn't but the first time he saw it, it scared the beejesus out of him.

Gibbs then comes in, wondering if that's a fact.

Tony tells him that it is and also tells Gibbs that they believe that they just had a major breakthrough in the case.

As they head over to Gibbs's desk, Gibbs wonders if they've found Broussard but they haven't.

Nor have they gotten the warrant to search Sean Oliver's law offices and Ziva's contacts haven't found out who owns Epsilon Corporation.

Upon realizing that they're getting nowhere, Tony then states that in retrospect, "major" might have been overstating things and he apologizes.

Gibbs then rounds on Abby who's had her right hand in the air for the last few minutes. He wonders if she has to go to the bathroom or if she has something to tell them.

Abby states that she needs to use the bathroom but that's not the point before telling them that she and Ducky might have found something that's minjor- not major but it's more than minor.

In the lab, as Abby brings up the photos of the mask, Gibbs asks Ducky if he believes that Captain Wayne was used in some kind of sacrifice.

Ducky admits that it's a possibility.

Abby then announces that they found traces of blood on all three of the knives that they got from Broussard's room with Ducky announcing that they all came the same type.

Ziva believes it's Captain Wayne's but Abby and Ducky tell them that it was actually chicken blood.

While Gibbs, Tony and Ziva are stunned, Ducky remarks that it's not an uncommon substance to find at a voodoo ritual, causing Gibbs to state, "Yeah, or at a KFC" before asking Abby what else.

Heading back to her computer, Abby urges Gibbs to have patience before revealing that she ran the fingerprints from the Mercedes, the cooler in the back of the car and Broussard's room. She's found that that they all match and that they belong to the missing Martin Broussard.

Tony's stunned that Broussard stole the Mercedes with Abby remarking, "Either that or he just really likes to touch stuff".

At his desk, McGee tells someone that he'll let Gibbs know before hanging up.

Jenny then enters the bullpen and stops at McGee's desk, wondering what McGee's going to be telling Gibbs.

McGee tells her that he's going to tell Gibbs that Captain Wayne's widow, Jocelyn is on her way up.

Jenny wants to know how much Mrs. Wayne knows with McGee admitting that he's not sure, only that Gibbs came back with the cremains but McGee isn't sure what Gibbs said in order to get them.

Jenny voices her hope that Gibbs didn't tell Mrs Wayne that they found her husband's head in the back of a trunk.

McGee wonders how Gibbs would say something like that before glancing in the direction of the elevator while the fingers on his right hand go back and forth, suggesting that he's obviously nervous in Jenny's presence and he wants Gibbs to get up to the bullpen as soon as possible.

Jenny then asks McGee if he's gotten the warrant for Sean Oliver's law office yet. McGee tells Jenny that he's working on it and that he's put several calls into the U.S Assistant Attorney's office but they're dragging their feet.

Jenny tells McGee that she suspected they would so she made a personal call to the U.S Attorney General's office before handing McGee the warrant he's been looking for.

McGee takes the sheet and is stunned while Jenny tells him to close his mouth because it's not that impressive.

McGee then looks over at the elevator with Jenny following his gaze where it's shown that Jocelyn Wayne has arrived and is being accompanied by an NCIS Special Agent.

Jenny then orders McGee to get Gibbs before heading over to meet Mrs. Wayne at the elevator and as McGee heads off to do that, Jenny arrives at the elevator, telling the NCIS agent accompanying Mrs. Wayne that she'll take it from here.

The Agent agrees and then walks off.

Jenny tells Mrs. Wayne that Gibbs is on his way and she then attempts to introduce herself but Mrs. Wayne interrupts, wondering if they've made a positive identification.

Jenny soon realizes that Mrs. Wayne is wondering if there's been a positive identification of Captain Wayne's cremains.

In the lift, Gibbs tells Tony and Ziva that he wants remains verified for every body that Broussard was tasked with cremating.

Tony assures Gibbs that it isn't a problem before wondering what they're going to tell the families.

Gibbs tells them that it'll depend on what they find.

Ziva then wonders if Broussard has done this before.

Gibbs rounds on her, telling her that Broussard is cutting up chickens and carrying heads around in coolers before wondering what her gut tells her.

Ziva then states that she never wants to be cremated.

Gibbs smiles and heads the lift as soon as it arrives, only to bump into McGee who apologizes.

McGee then tells Gibbs that he got the warrant.

Gibbs tells McGee that's a good job before telling Tony that he's with him.

As Gibbs heads into the bullpen, McGee stops him by telling him that Mrs. Wayne is here and that Jenny's with her.

Gibbs then heads off into the bullpen with Tony following after him while Ziva winks at McGee for some reason.

At the elevator, Mrs. Wayne is telling Jenny that the paper mix-up could be resolved with her husband's teeth.

Jenny tries to assure Mrs Wayne by stating that if Gibbs told her that, then Jenny's sure that it's the truth before telling Mrs. Wayne that Gibbs is one of the most knowledgeable agents that Jenny herself has ever worked with.

Mrs Wayne then tells Jenny that she got the impression from Gibbs is that he was glad that he got the assignment, even though it was punishment.

Jenny then glances over to the bullpen where she sees Gibbs coming in with Tony, Ziva and McGee following him.

Jenny then calmly asks about the "punishment" with Mrs. Wayne stating that the new director has it in for Gibbs, not realizing that Jenny is the new Director.

As they head into the bullpen, Jenny wonders what else Gibbs told Mrs. Wayne.

As they reach the bullpen, Mrs. Wayne tells Jenny that she saw it all the time and that when her husband, Parker was X.O for one of the first female ship captains and apparently, that woman was a nightmare trying to prove herself.

Once they've reached the main area of the bullpen, Jenny then tells Gibbs that she had no idea that the new Director was punishing him before remarking that the new Director (Jenny herself) always seemed fair.

Mrs. Wayne then states that Jenny's a woman and that she doesn't have to prove anything to the new Director, ie, Jenny herself.

"Oh", Jenny states.

Upon spotting Tony, McGee and Ziva trying but failing to leave the bullpen quietly, Jenny asks them what they think and she wonders if the new director is reasonable.

Ziva speaks for the group by stating, "Very".

Gibbs, on the other hand wants to know why Mrs. Wayne is at NCIS.

Once that's over, Tony and McGee flee the bullpen while Ziva heads to her desk.

Mrs. Wayne wants to know if they've made a positive identification with Gibbs telling her that the lab's working on it.

Mrs. Wayne apologizes for troubling Gibbs but Gibbs tells her that she isn't troubling them at all.

Mrs. Wayne then tells Gibbs that the Manassas has been put on alert to sail early with Gibbs wanting to know how early.

Mrs. Wayne informs him that it's Tuesday and that she has to have her husband's ashes there by Monday night because she doesn't want to wait another year to honor her husband's last wish.

Gibbs states that he'll do his best before Jenny informs Mrs. Wayne that she'll have her husband's ashes by Monday before coolly asking Gibbs, "Won't she?".

After a quick glance between himself and Jenny, Gibbs then replies, "If you say so".

Jenny then heads off.

As soon as she's gone, Mrs. Wayne wonders if she isn't the new Director but Gibbs confirms it for her.

A while later, Gibbs and DiNozzo arrive at the law office with the warrant. The Receptionist tells them to go in because apparently, Ms. Sean Oliver has been expecting them.

Gibbs and Tony pause for a moment before heading in where Sean Oliver's busy working.

She stops to greet them and then remarks that it was fast.

Gibbs then tells her that the warrant they've got gives them the right to search the premises for every and all documents concerning Epsilon Corporation.

Sean then tells them that she believes that everything they need is right in those boxes which are stacked in the corner of her office before telling them that their Director isn't the only one with friends in the U.S Attorney's Office.

Gibbs, on the other hand goes out into the lobby and begins opening the drawers with Sean stating that while they've got the papers for a search, it seems like overkill for a stolen car.

As he searches, Gibbs tells Sean that they're more interested in who was driving the car before it was stolen.

When Sean wants to know why, Gibbs tells her that he'll make her a deal: she tells him who runs Epsilon Corporation and Gibbs will tell her why. Sean tells him that she can't make deals without consulting her clients.

Tony tells Sean that she should make the call with Sean demanding a clue as to why they're dealing with here.

Gibbs just looks at Tony and nods.

Sean believes it's drugs but Tony grimly states that it's more along the lines of human sacrifice which has Sean stunned.

Back at the office, Ziva and McGee are busy going through the files while Tony sits at his desk, reading GSM.

Ziva states that Sean Oliver's had 24 hours to cleanse the files before wondering what they're hoping to find. McGee tells her that it should be the names of employees and addresses.

Ziva then remarks that they might actually get through this by the end of the month if Tony actually helps them. Tony tells her that he's supervising.

Ziva then says, "Hi, Gibbs", causing Tony to do a double-take and remark, "Nice one".

Gibbs is then heard stating, "Yeah, it is".

Tony then abandons his magazine and gets to his feet, stating that he was about to call Gibbs with Gibbs telling him that it must have been a coincidence and that he was just about to put his boot up Tony's... (ass, presumably).

Tony then tells Gibbs that he's got a lead thanks to finding an electric bill in one of the boxes which is for an industrial space in Anacostia which is three miles from the strip club where the Mercedes was stolen.

Gibbs then orders Ziva and McGee to go check it out before telling Tony to go "supervise".

Tony leaves the bullpen, carrying his NCIS backpack and GSM magazine.

A while later, Tony, McGee and Ziva arrive at the space in Anacostia with Tony remarking that it doesn't look like anyone's there. Tony then pounds on the door and tries to look but the windows are too dirty.

As this goes on, Ziva gives Tony a poke in the ass, causing the two to exchange looks.

McGee tries the door but it's locked and the three then spend the next few minutes searching for a way to get in. Tony then remarks that at least, they've got a warrant.

Ziva agrees but McGee tells them that they don't.

Tony then rounds on McGee, wanting to know what McGee's problem is.

McGee states that the warrant they got only covers Epilson's files.

Tony then asks McGee if he can see inside the warehouse but McGee tells Tony that he knows that McGee can't.

Ziva then realizes that for all they know, there could be files in there with McGee agreeing although they could be obfuscating- (hiding of intended meaning in communication) the warrant.

Tony and Ziva don't know what the word means before Tony orders to pick the lock which she does.

Tony then rounds on McGee, wondering what kind of knucklehead would use the term, "obfuscating".

McGee then turns away.

As soon as Ziva's finished, the lock turns with Tony calling McGee a "picklehead"- (a reference to McGee's haircut).

Tony then tells Ziva that it's nice before telling McGee that it's two against one and that McGee loses.

Tony then opens the door of the garage and all three get a surprise when they hear alarms coming from inside.

McGee tries to vain to get his point that this was a bad idea across but Tony can't hear him because of the alarm ringing.

Tony gets the door open and he and Ziva head inside with McGee joining them albeit reluctantly.

As they study the warehouse, the trio wonder what was going on in the building.

McGee then states that they shouldn't have broken in here with Tony stating, "If you wanna be a crybaby, why don't you wait outside for the police?".

McGee wonders what they're going to tell the local cops.

Ziva then spots a door and opens it before flickering on the light.

Inside, and lying on separate areas are human body parts, wrapped in plastic bags and it shows that they're mostly arms and hands along with various other body parts too.

Ziva remarks that it might be easier to show the police.

It then cuts to McGee, Ziva and Tony who are staring at the room, Ziva's face emotionless while both McGee and Tony look completely stunned.

Act Four

The warehouse is now a crime scene with both NCIS and Anacostia police processing the area.

Outside, Palmer gets the equipment from the Medical Examiner's van while inside, Tony is busy photographing the tools of the warehouse which include a buzz-saw.

Once he's finished, Tony wonders what this place reminds him of.

Ziva believes that it's one of his stupid voodoo movies but Tony disagrees, stating that the scene actually reminds of his uncle Vincenzo's shop on Long Island with Uncle Vincenzo being a butcher.

Ziva is left stunned and disgusted as Tony takes more photographs of her.

As she recovers, McGee states that this whole thing is yet another reason as to why he's considering becoming a vegetarian.

Tony then tells Palmer that they may need a couple of extra gurneys on this with Ziva nodding.

As the other three continue their work, Gibbs and Ducky are in at the main room.

Gibbs wants to know how many they're looking at with Ducky stating that based on size, skin tone and gender difference, then they've got the partial remains of at least six cadavers in the room.

Gibbs believes that it isn't voodoo with Ducky agreeing, stating that based on the surgical skill with which the body parts were dissected, it looks like NCIS has found another chop shop but instead of automobile parts being harvested, it's body parts but as usual, Gibbs wants to know if any of the parts belong to Captain Wayne.

"Oh, Jethro, please", Ducky replies before leaving the room.

In the lab, Abby wants to know how grisly the room was but Ziva tells her that it wasn't bad.

Tony's in disbelief, wondering how shelves lined with body parts cannot be bad.

Ziva then reveals that at least the body parts were all surgically removed with Tony agreeing.

Abby wonders if the bodies were supposed to be cremated yet Tony admits that he doesn't know.

Ziva then reveals that McGee's busy getting the mortuary records for the last few months and as she signs to maintain the Chain of Evidence, Abby states that she doesn't know why anyone would want to be cremated.

Ziva's stunned, asking Abby if she really wants to be stuck in the ground when she dies. Tony states that Abby owns a coffin which has Ziva saying, "Oh, no" while laughing.

Abby then states that she just wants to know that the rest of her body parts after she's donated what she can to science are going to rot for eternity in a familiar place.

Ziva then asks Tony for his opinion and Tony wonders if he'd consider the slow rot or fast burn before stating, "Neither, please. Thank you very much". Abby asks Tony what his alternative will be with Tony announcing that he'll be going the way of Ted Williams and cryogenics.

Jenny arrives in, telling Tony that it's appropriate because the only thing Ted Williams had frozen was his head which has Abby and Ziva laughing.

Jenny then tells Ziva that she has what Ziva was looking for: information concerning the principal and sole shareholder of Epilson Corporation.

Ziva glances at the file and realizes that it's Sean Oliver which has Tony disappointed.

Ziva then remarks that she really does hate lawyers before thanking Jenny who tells her that she's glad that she could be of help.

As Abby continues signing, Ziva and Jenny then look at Tony.

"Is something wrong?", Jenny wonders.

"Oh, I was just wondering if Gibbs knows who Ziva's secret contact is", Tony replies.

Jenny then tells Tony that she and Ziva had a saying in Europe: Whatever Gibbs doesn't know.

"Can't hurt him", Tony finishes.

"Can't hurt us", Jenny corrects before leaving as Abby and Ziva glance at Tony.

In the morgue, while Palmer takes fingerprints from the hands, Ducky tells Gibbs that it appears that all the bodies were all dissected by the same person but Ducky tells Gibbs that it's the way the incisions were made because straight cuts are normally canted to the right but that the cuts were done in the opposite direction which has Gibbs realizing that they're looking for someone who's left-handed.

Ducky agrees but Gibbs wants to know which parts are Captain Wayne's.

Ducky tells Gibbs that they're taking tissue samples of the individual parts as well as prints from the hands and that they'll try and assemble Captain Wayne when they can.

Gibbs tells Ducky that he's got less than two days because they told Mrs. Wayne that they'd return her husband's ashes by Monday.

Ducky then tells Gibbs that he could bring in another M.E to help with Gibbs agreeing, telling Ducky to do it.

Ziva then arrives in with the news that her contact came through and the client Sean Oliver was actually protecting was Sean Oliver.

Ziva informs Gibbs that Tony and McGee are picking Sean up.

Gibbs tells Ziva that it's not bad with Ziva stating that she does what she can. Gibbs then tells her that when she sees Jenny, Ziva can thank Jenny for Gibbs.

As he leaves the morgue to head into the elevator, Ziva glances around, obviously stunned at being caught out.

In Observation, while looking at Sean Oliver who's talking to her lawyer, Simon Katz, Jenny tells Gibbs that there's a reason they couldn't find her last night because Oliver was meeting with the District Attorney's office, cutting a deal.

Gibbs wants to know what kind of deal with Jenny telling that it was more than Sean Oliver deserves before wondering if it would be inappropriate that as Director, Jenny went in there and smacked that smile off Sean's face?

"Yeah, it would. But that's what you have me for", Gibbs replies, leaving Observation.

Once he's gone, Jenny settles into her spot and while sipping her tea, glances at Sean and Simon in Interrogation who are sitting down and patiently waiting for Gibbs as Sean sips some water from her bottle.

Tony finishes talking to someone and hangs up before telling Ziva that the person he spoke was to was one of Martin Broussard's elementary school teachers. Ziva wants to know what the woman could tell Tony that's of use to the case. Tony tells Ziva that it's a lot as apparently, Broussard was a slow learner, a troublemaker and not very big on oral hygiene.

Ziva wants to know how this helps them find Broussard but Tony remarks that it doesn't because at least they now know that Broussard was left-handed. Ziva's interrupted by her phone ringing and she promptly answers it with the call being revealed as none other than Abby who tells Ziva that she's got something for them.

Ziva tells Abby that they're on their way before hanging up. She then slaps Tony who was looking at something on her desk and as she leaves her desk, she tells Tony that Abby found something with the two of them heading down to Abby's lab together.

Gibbs has arrived in Interrogation and is showing Sean and Simon a photo of the victim, Captain Parker Wayne, stating that the Captain was married and that he had a nine year old daughter who worshiped the ground that her father walked on.

Simon then tells that Sean has already admitted that she was involved in the sale of illegal body parts.

Gibbs then tells them that Captain Wayne's last wish was to have his ashes scattered at sea before producing a photograph of Wayne's daughter, Chrissy which he puts on the table while asking Sean what she'd like him to tell Chrissy and not to tell him that it was because she wanted to join a more expensive country club.

It then cuts to Sean who's obviously affected by seeing Chrissy in the photo as she's about to cry. She then tells Gibbs that it was never about money but Simon assures her that Gibbs is just trying to bait her.

Sean tells Simon that she's going to let Gibbs do that before stating that the dead were supposed to be cremated and that by supplying their bodies for medical research, advances were made to benefit the living.

Gibbs wonders if any profits Sean made were incidental. Simon then tells Gibbs that part of Sean's plea agreement was to make financial restitution.

With his eyes focused on Sean, Gibbs then angrily tells Simon that Sean was carving up dead people and selling parts like meat.

Gibbs wants to know where Martin Broussard is.

Simon insists that telling them where Broussard isn't part of their arrangement but Gibbs tells them that he's got parts to six different bodies downstairs and that Sean isn't going anywhere until Gibbs has managed to positively ID them, a move that has Sean stunned.

Tony and Ziva arrive down in the lift and are met by Abby who wonders where Gibbs is.

Tony tells her that Gibbs is in Interrogation.

Abby then stretches out her hands which has Tony and Ziva looking at her, puzzled and as they reach up, Abby grabs Tony's left hand in her right hand and Ziva's right hand before dragging them from the lift into her lab.

As she does that, Abby tells them that she found him but McGee corrects that the two of them actually found him. Ziva wants to know who they're talking about and Abby soon reveals that she and McGee have successfully located Martin Broussard which has Tony and Ziva looking at each other and smiling.

Gibbs arrives back in Interrogation with the news that they've found Martin Broussard. Simon gets up and as he prepares to go, he believes that since they've found who they were looking for, NCIS has no further need to question Sean.

Gibbs then tells them that they have Broussard downstairs in the NCIS morgue.

Sean wonders if Broussard is there to ID the bodies but Gibbs tells them that Broussard is one of the bodies.

Sean's stunned to learn of Broussard's death before telling Gibbs that she doesn't know anything about it.

Simon's too taken aback to reply so Gibbs does the talking, stating that they found the body parts in Sean's building but for some reason they can't seem to locate Broussard's head.

Gibbs then approaches Sean and tells her that he thinks that her deal with the D.A just went south.

Sean insists that she didn't kill Broussard, causing Gibbs to realize that if she didn't kill Broussard, then she knows who did.

Simon then tells Sean that as her lawyer, he's advising her not to answer any more questions.

Sean however disagrees, telling Simon that a man was murdered and that Vernon was the one who supplied the bodies before stating that Broussard was just a delivery man and she realizes that they must have thought Broussard was too weak to stand up to an investigation.

"They?", Gibbs repeats, confused.

Sean just looks at Gibbs.

In the morgue, Ducky tells Captain Ross that he appreciates the Captain volunteering to help.

As he scrubs out, Ross tells Ducky that it's anything to get out of Bethesda for a couple of days.

Jimmy then arrives, holding a hand and asking Ducky where he wants it.

Ross then wonders what the whole thing is about, body parts?

Ducky states that it would appear that way. Ross states that it's understandable and believes that the arm alone would be worth a fortune.

Jimmy's stunned with Ducky telling him that pharmaceutical and medical-instrument firms would pay vast sums for cadavers.

Jimmy wonders where they would get the cadavers with Ducky telling him that they come from willed-body programs and universities before stating that the need far outstrips the supply.

Ross then tells them that a human body can be worth as much as $200,000.

Jimmy then asks Ross what he thinks a small arm would be. Ross then admits that it'd be a lot because it's not like car theft and that a vehicle stripped and sold for parts is far more than when it's whole.

Ducky then pipes up that it'd be harder to trace which has Ross looking up in surprise.

Ducky then orders Jimmy to put the hand in question on Table 2.

Jimmy then remarks that this could pay off his college loans.

Ducky then tells Jimmy not to give him reason to check Jimmy's car trunk tonight while Ross just smirks in amusement.

Ducky also states that they haven't determined the cause of the other man whose torso is lying on the table.

As he and Ross examine the torso Ducky asks Ross if he'd care to open.

Ross tells Ducky that it'd be his pleasure before taking the scalpel which he holds in his left hand.

Ducky smiles while Ross studies the body before making an incision cut on the upper part of the torso.

As this goes on, Ducky then tells Ross that he supposes Ross will tell him that he didn't do it for the money.

Ross is stunned, but Ducky tells him that he's talking about Ross dissecting those bodies.

Having been exposed, Ross stops and looks up at Ducky, stunned.

It then shows Gibbs, Sean, Ziva and Simon coming in from one door as Ross wonders why Ducky would think that.

As that goes on, DiNozzo and McGee arrive in from another door while Ducky points out that he knew Ross was responsible because of the way Ross handled the scalpel in his left hand. S

Sean tells Ross that they know.

With McGee and DiNozzo flanking him, Ross tells them that he admits that the money was good but his intent was to help people.

Gibbs wonders if that was the case and as McGee and DiNozzo edge closer, Ross insists that it's the truth and that he doesn't care whether they believe him or not before telling Ducky that it's as long as Ducky believes him.

Ducky sighs heavily.

Gibbs then tells Ducky that before he accepts Ross's story, then Ducky should know that Ross murdered Martin Broussard.

Almost instantly, Sean and Ross begin arguing and shouting over each other, claiming that the other did it but Gibbs stops them by stating that he doesn't give a damn which one of them did it.

"Well, I do", Ducky replies grimly.

Gibbs then orders Tony to get out of him and as Ross and Sean are dragged out off the morgue with Tony, McGee and Ziva following them, the two are still protesting and exchanging insults at each other.

Once the morgue has quietened down, Ducky tells Jimmy to give them a moment which he does.

In the morgue, Ducky tells Gibbs if he's aware of the fact that Captain Wayne's remains are now considered evidence in the case.

Gibbs does but Ducky then states that Gibbs can't possibly be considering cremating them in time to give them to his widow.

Gibbs just smiles and Ducky states that he'll go with him to the crematorium before running off to get changed.

It then cuts to Gibbs who silently stares at the body.

A while later, with the urn containing Captain Wayne's ashes safely back on the mantelpiece and with Chrissy staring at it intently, Mrs. Wayne remarks that Chrissy was really starting to worry but that Mrs. Wayne told her daughter that Marines always keep their word.

She then tells Chrissy to go get changed because they're going to be departing for the ship and she also tells Chrissy to put on the dress that Captain Wayne bought home from France because he loved to see his daughter wearing it.

Chrissy then heads off to get ready, leaving Gibbs and Mrs. Wayne in the kitchen by themselves. Mrs. Wayne then glances at the urn and the two photos of her husband, one of Captain Wayne in his Navy uniform and the other of him on board a ship while Gibbs sips some coffee. She then asks Gibbs if they are her husband's ashes.

Gibbs tells her that they are but when it's obvious that Mrs. Wayne is having some doubts, Gibbs tells her that he gives her his word.

Mrs. Wayne nods, accepting that and Gibbs then states that it would be his pleasure to escort both her and Chrissy to the ship but Mrs. Wayne declines, stating that the Navy's sending a car although she thanks him for it.

Mrs. Wayne then grabs Gibbs and gives him a kiss on the cheek before thanking Gibbs. Mrs. Wayne then states that Parker would never forgive her if she didn't say "Semper fi".

Gibbs looks at her before placing the mug down on the table and makes to go before stopping and telling Mrs. Wayne, "Fair winds and following seas, ma'am".

Mrs. Wayne smiles.

It then cuts to Gibbs who nods.

Major Events


  • The song playing in the garage at the beginning of the episode is Korn- Twisted Transistor.
  • Tony's father is referenced in this episode although he wouldn't officially appear in the series for another four or five years.
  • The State of Nevis is also referenced in this episode. There would be another reference to them in the Season 7 episode, Double Identity (episode) which aired four or five years later.
  • Tony makes a reference to Jeffery Dahmer when he says, "I knew it. We're dealing with another Dahmer here". Jeffery Dahmer was an infamous serial killer who cannibalized his victims. He was beaten to death in prison in 1994 by a fellow inmate.


Series Regulars

Season Three Cast
Name Portrayed by Role
Leroy Jethro Gibbs Mark Harmon An NCIS Special Agent in charge of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Anthony DiNozzo Junior Michael Weatherly The Senior Agent of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team and also the second-in-command.
Abigail Sciuto Pauley Perette A Goth who is also the Chief Forensic Scientist and who also works for the NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Timothy McGee Sean Murray (actor) An NCIS Special Agent previously assigned to the Norfolk Naval Base who is now the Junior Agent of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Jennifer Shepard Lauren Holly The Director of NCIS who was also Gibbs's former girlfriend and partner.
Ziva David Cote de Pablo The Mossad Liaison Officer to NCIS.
Donald Mallard David McCallum NCIS's Chief Medical Examiner.

Recurring Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
James Palmer Brian Dietzen Ducky's assistant.

Guest Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
Jocelyn Wayne Chelsea Field The widow of Navy Captain Parker Wayne.
Kyle Ross Scott Atkinson Lieutenant Commander in the United States Navy and Medical Examiner involved in the illegal chop shop which involved human body parts.
Sean Oliver Stephanie Michels A lawyer and Ross's accomplice.
Floyd Vernon Bruce French (actor) The owner of a funeral home.
Marc Hobie Jamie Martz A Petty Officer involved in an illegal automobile chop shop.
Simon Katz Ivar Brogger Sean Oliver's lawyer.
Chrissy Wayne Thea Rose Captain Parker Wayne's young daughter.
Fred Randall Rick Sparks Seaman in the United States Navy who's involved in an illegal automobile chop shop.
Michael Jones Caleb Brown Petty Officer Third Class in the United States Navy who's involved in an illegal automobile chop shop.
Receptionist (Head Case) Greta Sesheta A woman who's a receptionist at Sean Oliver's law firm.
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