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Hometown Hero is the twenty-first episode in NCIS Season 2 and also the 44th episode of the entire NCIS series.

It also marks the final appearance to date of JAG officer and lawyer, Navy Lieutenant Commander Faith Coleman.


When the executor of a petty officer's will and the owner of the unit discover the skeletal remains of a missing girl in the dead man's rented storage unit, NCIS investigate as the Petty Officer who died in Iraq is up for a Silver Star, sending the team into a race against time to clear his name and find out who is responsible while Tony believes his car has been towed but is left completely stunned when he soon discovers that it has actually been stolen.


The scene opens at a garage unit where the owner, Steve Hager is talking to a woman, Emmy Poole about her dead friend, Petty Officer Justin Dobbs.

Hager's curious about buying the truck so much so that he goes to explore it.

Unfortunately, Hager ends up getting a nasty surprise when he discovers skeletal remains in the back of the truck.

It then cuts to Hager who looks stunned at the discovery.

Act One

It's another morning at NCIS and as the day begins, NCIS Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo Junior enters the bullpen in a bad mood.

As he heads to his desk, his partner and colleague Caitlin Todd approaches the drawers beside Tony's desk and tells him that they're leaving in five minutes before demanding to know where Tony's been.

Tony tells her that he got the call and that he's here.

Kate wonders if Tony got up on the wrong side of the bed.

As he speed-dials a number on his phone, Tony tells her that his car got towed and that he had to take the bus to work.

Kate wants to know where it was packed but Tony tells her that it's not important.

"Didn't make it home last night, did ya?", Kate asks.

After a series of dial-tones, Tony finally gets through and tells the person at the end who he is and that his car got towed from the 3400 block of Dumbarton near Georgetown.

When the operator tells him he'll have to put him, an extremely annoyed Tony states that they've already put him on hold three times and that they killed his cell-phone battery while doing it but despite his protests, Tony is put on hold again.

As soon as she's finished at the drawers, Kate repeats the location, suggesting that it might be near a local college and voices her hope that the woman Tony was with is over twenty-one before heading back to her desk.

With his left ear still glued to the phone, Tony snaps, "You'd love to know, wouldn't you?".

Kate then produces a suitcase from underneath her desk which unsurprisingly has Tony interested and he asks where she's going. Kate, smiling smugly tells him he'd love to know, wouldn't he?

As this goes on, Timothy McGee arrives in, informing them the truck's gassed up and that the Medical Examiner, Donald Mallard has already left before remarking that Tony made it.

Tony advises McGee not to start.

Kate fills McGee in by stating that Tony's car got towed this morning and that the poor baby (Tony) had to take the bus to work.

Tony wonders if Kate knows what kind of people take the bus. McGee then interjects by stating that he takes the bus which proves Tony's point.

Abigail Sciuto rushes in, heading for Kate's desk and informs her that she heard they were going to Norfolk.

Kate assures Abby that it shouldn't be a problem and that they should be able to leave by six.

Unsurprisingly, Tony wants to know where they're going and then puts two and two, having figured out they're spending the weekend together before closing his eyes and painting a picture in his mind.

"You're a pig", Kate states.

Tony then calls on McGee, wondering if the younger Agent knows where the two women are going. McGee refuses to say, stating he can't divulge that information.

Unfortunately, Leroy Jethro Gibbs interrupts proceedings by revealing that Kate and Abby are going to a health spa much to Abby's dismay.

Gibbs then tells them that DiNozzo will be spending all day trying to figure and that he doesn't need DiNozzo distracted.

While this goes on, Abby shows Kate a purple item, possibly a shower hat which Kate hurriedly grabs and presumably puts into an open spot in her suitcase.

"I appreciate that, Boss", DiNozzo replies.

Gibbs wants to know what they found out about Petty Officer Dobbs.

Kate tells him that Dobbs rented a storage locker ten months ago before he shipped off to Iraq.

McGee announces that the Officer died in Fallujah and that his remains are in the Theater Mortuary Evacuation Point in Kuwait.

Gibbs then orders McGee stay in the office and get in contact NCIS Iraq with the objection being to find out everything about Petty Officer Dobbs. After grabbing his gun and slipping it into his holster, Gibbs leaves his desk, tosses McGee a file before preparing to exit the bullpen.

He then approaches DiNozzo, wondering if the Senior Agent's wearing the same clothes he did the previous day.

DiNozzo tells him that he doesn't buy a lot of things and that it makes the mornings a lot less stressful while also stating that he's still here but Gibbs ends the call by hitting the button on the top of the phone, ending the connection while remarking, "Now you're gone" before he leaves.

DiNozzo drops the phone into his lap and holds his head in his hands for a few seconds.

As this goes on, Kate having already grabbed her gear gives DiNozzo a smug look before leaving the bullpen.

DiNozzo then recovers before returning the phone to its original spot as he too grabs his gear and joins Kate and Gibbs at the elevator.

A while later, the garage unit is now an active scene and as two police cars drive by after Gibbs has finished talking to them, DiNozzo's busy interviewing Hager who tells him that most of the people who rent the unit are Navy personnel and when they ship out, they pay in advance before telling DiNozzo that Dobbs had paid for a year and had two months left.

The interview ends rather abruptly when DiNozzo's phone rings and judging by the expression on his face, it's not good news.

Inside the unit, Ducky and his Medical Assistant James Palmer are examining the scene where the skeletal remains lie in the truck.

Ducky tells Gibbs that the remains are female and begins rambling on about how the female form is different from that of the man, unaware that Gibbs has long since left the scene with Palmer rather unsuccessfully telling Ducky although Ducky soon informs Palmer that he's been aware Gibbs left some time ago which has Palmer completely stumped.

Outside, Gibbs approaches Tony who tells him that he's upset because he's just learnt that his car was actually towed. It was stolen.

Unsurprisingly, Gibbs wants to know about the storage unit. DiNozzo gets himself together before telling Gibbs that every renter has a code to enter the main gate.

It's a locker number plus the last four digits of their Social Security number. DiNozzo also tells Gibbs that the manager's checking the computer to see if anyone accessed Dobbs's locker.

Once DiNozzo's finished, he apologizes to Gibbs for his behavior.

Gibbs just gives DiNozzo a look and walks away while DiNozzo winces.

As they walk along another series of storage units, Kate talks to Emmy who tells the Agent that she and Justin Dobbs were just friends, nothing more.

Emmy reveals that Dobbs sent her the key to his locker along with a will and power of attorney which Kate admits is a lot for anyone to handle.

Emmy tells Kate that Justin sent them to her because he didn't have anyone else.

The two women eventually stop outside Dobbs's locker area where they watch as Ducky and Jimmy put a small piece of the skeleton's hand into a separate Evidence Bag.

Kate wants to know if Emmy knows who it is but Emmy seems rather distraught or even reluctant to say anything.

Kate tells Emmy that they're going to find out and that it'd be easier for them if Emmy told them everything she knew.

Emmy finally breaks her silence and confesses that she and Dobbs were friends with another girl named Nora Webb who went missing their senior year and according to Emmy, the police suspected that Dobbs knew what happened to her.

It then cuts to Ducky and Palmer who are busy wrapping up the main skeletal remains for transport back to NCIS and then changes into the elevator opening as Gibbs, Tony and Kate leave, heading back into the bullpen.

Gibbs asks McGee if NCIS Iraq were aware of Dobbs.

McGee replies that they were.

Gibbs believes that it was because Dobbs got in trouble but McGee corrects him by stating that it was the opposite and that Dobbs's C.O wrote him up for a posthumous Silver Star.

This gets a response from the other three.

McGee then informs that Dobbs's C.O wants to talk to Gibbs personally and that he's standing by on satellite right now.

Getting up, Gibbs decides their next plan: Kate is to talk to the LEOs in Dobbs's hometown and verify what Emmy told them but Kate is not to tell the local LEOs what NCIS found.

Kate agrees.

Gibbs has barely left the bullpen before DiNozzo's on the phone again.

Gibbs then orders DiNozzo to talk on the insurance agent on his time before ordering that DiNozzo get down to the Evidence Garage and start an inventory of Dobbs's belongings.

As Gibbs heads up to MTAC, DiNozzo remarks that Gibbs is a boat man and that he doesn't understand that DiNozzo has to have his car.

"They're giving you a rental, DiNozzo", McGee states. "What's the big deal?".

"It's not the same, Bus Boy", DiNozzo snaps. "My car is part of my being".

Kate tells Tony that it's just a car but Tony corrects her by stating that it's his car and that the car is a classic before saying that the car is a 1991 ZR1 Corvette which is powerful, fast and gorgeous.

Kate then realizes with some sarcasm that Tony's actually talking about himself.

"Exactly", Tony agrees which has Kate disgusted and McGee just annoyed.

Up in MTAC, Gibbs is talking to Dobbs's C.O, Rob King who tells him that while under heavy fire, Dobbs dragged two Marines to safety but died in the process.

King states that it was because of this that he recommended Dobbs be given the Silver Star and that's why it's been forwarded up the chain of command.

King then introduces Gibbs to Lance Corporal Jaime Ramos who served with Dobbs.

Ramos steps forward, informing Gibbs that while Dobbs wasn't a Marine, he was one of the group and voices his disbelief at the rumors.

King then tells Gibbs that they'd appreciate whatever he and his team can do to clear Dobbs's name.

"Understood, Lt", Gibbs replies.

Ramos then tells Gibbs that Dobbs isn't around to defend himself and that NCIS has to.

Gibbs just nods.

A while later, Gibbs descends on the morgue where Ducky confirms that the skeletal remains is that of Nora Webb and that the match came from dental records courtesy of the FBI Missing Persons Database.

As this goes on, Palmer's busy dusting off the bones.

Gibbs wants to know how long Webb's been dead while Ducky wonders how long she went missing for. ]

Gibbs tells him that it's been two years and that Dobbs rented the locker ten months ago.

Ducky then states his belief that it's likely that Webb died around the same time that she disappeared.

But Ducky states that he can't be certain until he knows where Webb's remains were kept.

Palmer then begins stating that the elements will be kept if she was buried inside or outside.

Gibbs wants to know a cause of death but for once, Ducky has no answer, telling Gibbs that it will be hard to determine.

Gibbs insists that he needs to know before leaving the morgue.

In the Evidence Garage, the truck where Webb's remains were found has been brought in and as Abby signs for it, she informs the courier that her signature only looks like a skull and crossbows before heading over to join Tony who's already going through some of Dobbs's belongings including some tapes.

He signs the clipboard and then turns the talk to what girls do at a health spa.

Abby tells him that they get pampered with Tony wondering if it's massages as he hands Abby the clipboard and pen.

Abby tells him it's many kinds.

It's obvious that Tony's stunned and as he asks if it's full body, Abby tells him that it's places he could only dream of.

"Masseuse or masseur?", Tony wonders.

"I go both ways", Abby replies.

As this goes on, Tony's cell-phone rings and just as Abby remarks, "Whatever works, man", Tony answers his phone.

In the bullpen, Kate confirms that she spoke with a LEO in Richfield, Virginia with an officer named Billy Kreig confirming that Dobbs was a person of interest in Nora Webb's disappearance.

She also tells Gibbs and McGee that Dobbs enlisted out of high school and that he was raised by a single mother who died of cancer while he was in boot camp.

Dobbs also managed to get into the advanced medical training program and made PO3.

Tony then arrives in, telling Gibbs that Lt. Commander Faith Coleman wants to talk to him. Gibbs tries to get out of the interview by having Tony tell Commander Coleman he's not here but unfortunately, Coleman's already in the NCIS building.

She breezes into the bullpen and sensing a fiery confrontation on the cards, Kate, Tony and eventually McGee all beat a hasty retreat while Gibbs and Coleman engage in a stand-off.

Coleman informs Gibbs that SECNAV wants JAG involved in the investigation into Dobbs's death and that he's on the fast track for a Silver Star.

She also tells Gibbs that the Navy doesn't want to be embarrassed by awarding the Star to a murderer and asks Gibbs if Dobbs did it.

Gibbs calmly tells her that he'll let her know when the investigation's over.

As Tony, Kate and McGee look on from a safe distance, Coleman then states that Dobbs's remains arrive at the military mortuary in Dover on Sunday and that Dobbs's unit is pushing for a funeral with full honors. She then states that Gibbs and the team have 24 hours to solve the case.

Gibbs protests, stating that the timeline isn't enough time.

Coleman tells him that SECNAV and reminds him yet again that they only have 24 hours.

With that, she leaves and enters the elevator just as Abby comes in, armed with a suitcase and obviously raring to go to her spa trip with Kate.

It then shows Gibbs who looks puzzled or rather annoyed for a split-second before he orders the entire team to cancel their weekend plans.

It then cuts to Tony, Kate and McGee who are standing directly behind the bullpen, having heard everything in sight.

This causes all three Agents to react to that statement with disbelief as well as reluctant acceptance.

Act Two

The next day, Tony and McGee are watching a video showing footage of the victim, Nora Webb and her friend, Emmy Poole along with Justin Dobbs.

Tony remarks that if the time-stamp is right, then the video was shot after two days before Webb disappeared.

McGee then recounts of how he crashed his car when he was sixteen years old and how he got a student pass the day he left traction.

The fact that his car was a 84 Camaro Z28 has Tony impressed for once and after hearing McGee's harrowing story,

Tony even gives McGee a brotherly hug before returning to his desk.

It then cuts to Nora Webb in the video before morphing into the photo of her skeletal head while revealing that Gibbs and Kate are in Richmond, Virginia, talking to Billy Kreig and Jeff Whalen about the investigation.

Whalen's stunned that NCIS has managed to confirm that the skeletal remains are that of Webb before remarking that he knew that the son of a bitch (Dobbs) was responsible.

Kate wants to know if Dobbs was the prime suspect.

Whalen confirms that Dobbs was given how Dobbs and Webb were last seen leaving a party together.

Kreig than joins in, stating that some kids saw the two drive off in Dobbs's truck and that the next day, Webb's parents reported her missing.

Whalen states that when they brought him in, Dobbs had scratches on his face and arms.

Apparently, Webb got abusive before Dobbs had brought him home with Krieg picking up the story, saying that people at the party said that they thought they saw Dobbs coming on to Webb.

At Whalen's silent gesture, Krieg gets off the table and explains that Dobbs had been drinking.

Kate then states her theory that the police believe that Dobbs forced himself onto Webb in the car and that when she didn't go along, that's when things got out of hand.

Sitting down at his desk, Whalen states that they believed Dobbs had buried Webb in the woods but when they couldn't find a body, the DA chose not to go forward and that after graduation, Dobbs left town in a Navy uniform.

Gibbs rounds on Whalen, stating that Dobbs died saving lives while wearing that uniform.

Whalen appreciates that statement but it doesn't excuse Dobbs taking one before he left.

Gibbs requests a copy of the case file which Whalen agrees to before telling Kreig to go get it.

As Kreig heads off to do that, Whalen then requests that he tell their friends where the copy machine is.

Kate looks unimpressed while Gibbs just smirks in amusement.

After getting the information they need, Gibbs and Kate arrive at Webb's Nursery.

As they head inside, Kate remarks that Whalen doesn't have any single doubt and solely believes that Dobbs is guilty.

Gibbs tells her that if he were in Whalen's shoes, then he wouldn't either.

The two Agents eventually meet Kathy Webb, Nora's mother and Bruce Webb, Kathy's husband and Nora's stepfather. Whalen then appears and abruptly leaves.

As it turns out, Bruce and Kathy are eager to get Nora's remains back but Gibbs tells them that if Dobbs did murder Nora, then the NCIS investigation will confirm it.

As it turns out, the wounds and grief over losing Nora is still painfully fresh for Kathy who breaks down, crying during the interview.

However, Kathy wants to know if NCIS know how Nora died.

Gibbs tells her that they don't yet.

Bruce then rounds on Gibbs and Kate, refusing to ask any of their questions and even tells Kate that she doesn't know anything.

When Kate reacts rather angrily, Gibbs interjects, ending the talk and bringing the interview to an end.

The two Agents then leave and Bruce and Kathy return to work although it's rather obvious that Kathy's still struggling with her grief over her daughter's death.

In the lab, Abby's busy working on something when Palmer arrives in with a sample for her to examine.

After talking about the cancelled weekend and the fact that someone (Tony) send an email about Abby and Kate's spa trip to everyone in the agency, Abby manages to get Palmer to try and give her a massage but it ends rather abruptly when Tony who is now acting like Gibbs storms in and gives Palmer a headslap.

After switching off the music, Tony has Palmer fleeing back down to the morgue in fear.

As this happens, Tony gives Abby her Caf-Pow, wondering what she has.

Abby takes it as she and McGee talk about how Tony is becoming a lot more like Gibbs whenever the Boss himself isn't even around.

Tony denies that but there's strong evidence to back up the theory.

When McGee has a laugh, Tony rounds on him, demanding McGee inventory the contents of Dobbs's sea-bag.

Abby, on the other hand wants to know if McGee knows anything about qi.

Meanwhile, Gibbs and Kate have arrived to talk Emmy who realizes that it was Nora. She then angrily states that Dobbs chose to go off to the war by himself and that she didn't need this before insisting that they were tight in high school.

As she heads off to talk to a customer once the interview's ended, Gibbs remarks that there's a lot of pissed off people in Richmond.

In the morgue, Ducky and Palmer examine the skeletal remains and realize that Nora Webb was strangled.

In the bullpen, a few hours later, while Tony talks to an Male Officer (Hometown Hero), Gibbs and Kate arrive back in Richmond.

McGee tells them that the records show no-one accessed the storage facility with Dobbs's code after he was deployed, that there's nothing out of the ordinary in Dobbs's belongings and that the only thing of interest is a padlock key similar to the one Emmy has.

Gibbs then gets a call on his phone and hangs up, leaving the bullpen just as DiNozzo intercepts him. DiNozzo tells him that his car was used in a convenience store robbery in Tennessee.

At Gibbs's glance, DiNozzo backs down, realizing that there are more important things to focus on.

Gibbs just gives DiNozzo a look and then leaves. DiNozzo then turns back to look at Kate who smiles rather smugly at him.

DiNozzo heads for his desk, unimpressed.

Up in MTAC, Gibbs is talking to Commander Coleman who tells him that NCIS has 24 hours.

Gibbs states yet again that 24 hours isn't enough time. Coleman tells Gibbs that Dobbs's body left Kuwait an hour ago and what she's supposed to tell the SECNAV?

Gibbs states that there's nothing conclusive at this point.

Coleman tells Gibbs that he's forcing her to have the medal withheld with Gibbs retorting that they might be denying a hero his due.

Coleman wants to know if there's something, anything working in Dobbs's favor.

However, Gibbs gives a signal and one of the MTAC techs begins messing with the signal which ends with the conference call ending rather abruptly.

Gibbs heads outside to the staircase and meets Ducky who calls MTAC such a mysterious room. Ducky then tells him that they've finally determined that Nora Webb was strangled to death. Gibbs doesn't react, instead stating that they're running out of time.

Ducky wonders if Gibbs has considered the possibility that Dobbs may be guilty.

Gibbs admits that it's crossed his mind.

"More than once, obviously", Ducky agrees.

After a talk, Gibbs realizes that his gut is telling him that Dobbs is correct and as he heads back downstairs, Ducky wonders if it is Gibbs's gut saying that or if it's Semper Fi?

As DiNozzo hides his cell-phone, Gibbs then orders that Emmy be brought into NCIS because she's holding something back from them before heading down the hall.

Kate dials Emmy's number and someone answers it at the end.

It's Officer Whalen.

Kate identifies herself and tells Whalen she'd like to talk to Emmy but Whalen tells her that it's not going to happen.

It then shows a bath where Emmy is lying in the blood-drenched water, dead and closes up on her wrists which are revealed to have been slashed with a knife that's lying on the floor a few inches or meters away from the bath.

Act Three

Emmy Poole's home is now a crime scene and as the local police department corner off the scene with the coroners removing the body to a nearby van, the NCIS truck arrives on scene with Kreig remarking, "Nice truck".

While DiNozzo and McGee wait at the truck, Gibbs and Kate confront Whalen with Gibbs wondering if NCIS hadn't called the house, would they have been notified of Emmy's death?

Whalen admits that he would have told NCIS eventually.

Gibbs is in disbelief at that but recovers quickly before mentioning that he'd like his people to take a look.

Whalen is aghast, asking Gibbs what he expects to find.

Gibbs retorts that Emmy Poole was material to his investigation.

Whalen shoots back with the news that the investigation is an investigation into a murder that took two years ago in Richmond and when Justin Dobbs was a local civilian before stating that just now the investigation into Emmy's death, it's a local matter.

"Understood", Gibbs replies.

Whalen eventually gives in and Gibbs gives the silent signal, causing McGee, Kate and Tony to head for the truck and grab the belongings necessary for processing the scene.

Inside the bedroom, Kate's busy dusting a box for fingerprints while Tony gets distracted by a goth doll and begins playing with it as McGee takes photographs of the scene.

As this goes on, Whalen gives Gibbs an account of what happened.

Apparently, it was Emmy's mother who found the body and when Gibbs states that he wants to speak to Mrs. Poole, Whalen says that he's welcome to because she's staying with some friends and that she didn't want to stay in the house tonight.

Gibbs wants to know if they found a note but Whalen states that they didn't. He then tells Gibbs that the mother mentioned that Emmy had been depressed and had been on medication for the past few years since Nora Webb disappeared.

Whalen rounds on Gibbs again, reminding him that Emmy and Nora were close, that Emmy took Nora's disappearance very hard and that finding the body of her friend didn't exactly help Emmy.

Gibbs then states that they spoke to Emmy this afternoon but he got the feeling that she wasn't telling everything she knew.

Whalen insists that the only thing they need to know is that Justin Dobbs killed Nora Webb but it's obvious that Gibbs is starting to have his doubts.

The next morning, in an unnamed park, Coleman's out on a morning jog and gets a surprise when she reaches her truck to find that Gibbs is there waiting for her, complete with a coffee for himself and one for her.

As Coleman recovers from her jog, Gibbs breaks the news that the girl who found the remains in Petty Officer Dobbs's truck is dead and that it appears to be suicide.

He wants more time and when Coleman wants to know why he's sticking his neck out for Dobbs, Gibbs tells her that several Marines in Iraq witnessed Dobbs saving many lives but no-one ever saw him take one.

Kate returns to the Webb Nursery, this time with Tony accompanying her and this time, Kathy is more than willing to answer questions.

She tells them that she's heard that Emmy's dead and remarks that Emmy and Nora were very, very close. At the time of Nora's disappearance, everyone believed that Justin was responsible and as a result of that, Emmy was caught in the middle between her two best friends.

Kathy even believes that finding Nora's remains sent an already traumatized Emmy over the edge and prompted the young woman to take her own life.

Kathy tells Kate and Tony that the last two years have been Hell for them which is why they've sold the business, simply because there's too many bad memories in Richfield.

Unsurprisingly, Bruce Webb appears at the moment, stating that Whalen told them that they didn't have to deal with NCIS.

Kathy stands her ground, insisting that Tony and Kare are here to do their jobs.

Bruce believes that they're here to ensure that Dobbs gets buried as a war hero before remarking, "He killed our daughter. As far I'm concerned, he's responsible for Emmy's death as well" before demanding that the two Agents leave right now.

With that, Tony and Kate leave with Bruce and Kathy returning to work.

In the parking lot, Kate, glancing at a big, red SUV wonders why Tony doesn't get an SUV because it fits his personality perfectly: loud, overbearing and politically incorrect.

Tony admits that it is tempting but he loves the car he has.

Kate corrects it with "Had", remarking that it's too bad Tony isn't as faithful to the women in his life.

When Kate remarks that she hopes Tony and his car are reunited, Tony remarks that he doesn't want the car back because it's been violated which has Kate horrified and disgusted at that statement.

At that moment, Krieg arrives, demanding that they leave the Webbs alone by order of the Chief.

Kate tells him that they're just proving Dobbs's guilt or innocence with Krieg wondering why can't they accept the facts that are right in front of them?

Tony retorts that Kreig is the only thing in their way and Kate smiles rather sweetly at Kreig who seems unsettled by the two ganging up on him.

Back at NCIS, McGee's trying rather unsuccessfully to fix the Mass Spec which has crashed and believes that it's the power supply.

Abby, having returned from church is busy spinning her tiny parasol around to pass the time and isn't helping McGee's efforts at all.

Gibbs arrives in and gets a shock at Abby's clothes. She tells him she was at church but Gibbs is more interested in finding out what she has.

Abby tells him that he owns her big time and that it took her and Kate six months to get reservations to that spa.

"If you tell me you found something, I'll think about making it to you", Gibbs replies.

"Typical man", Abby states. "Promise you everything until he gets what he wants".

She then asks McGee for his opinion but cuts him off before heading over to the computer to show Gibbs what she's found. Her tests have found dirt on Webb's femur bone and almost identical traces on the inside of the plastic Webb's remains were wrapped in.

Gibbs realizes that Webb was buried in the ground before being removed.

Abby finishes that Webb was later wrapped up in plastic before being placed in Dobbs's truck.

Gibbs then states that Whalen had stated that the locals had always believed that Webb's remains had been buried in the woods.

"Maybe yes. Maybe no", Abby replies.

Gibbs wants to know if she's got anything more than dirt.

Abby tells him that she has except for the fact that her Mass Spec has crashed and that there's a certain MIT grad who's supposed to be fixing it but he's actually making it worse.

Gibbs then tells McGee, "Sooner than later" before leaving the lab.

McGee, frustrated then gives up and wonders why Abby hasn't hired a service tech.

"I would, McGee", Abby says. "Except it's Sunday".

With that, she closes her eyes, bowing her head as if in prayer while McGee looks on, puzzled or rather extremely annoyed.

Outside, just as the elevator doors open, Ducky comes out. Gibbs tells him that he appreciates Ducky coming in on a Sunday. Ducky states that it's a godsend because his mother has the ladies of the Kennel Club over for cocktails.

Gibbs invites Ducky to take a ride with him.

Once they're inside the lift, Ducky tells Gibbs that he spoke to the Medical Examiner in Richfield and that they both came to the same conclusion: Emmy Poole's cause of death is indeed suicide given how the cuts of her wrists showed every sign of being self-inflicted but he's figured out that's not why Gibbs asked him in.

Gibbs wants Ducky looking at Dobbs's, simply for no reason whatsoever, only than the fact that Gibbs needs to buy time for himself and his team to investigate the case.

"Oh, Jethro", Ducky states. "I can spend forever finding nothing".

In the bullpen, McGee announces to Gibbs who's bouncing an orange around that he's tracked down the two witnesses who signed Dobbs's will.

As it turns out, they were corpsmen Dobbs met during training. One is in Gitmo and the other is in Coronado but neither of them knew anything important concerning the case.

Abby comes in, demanding to know if they're still on. She then shows Gibbs a sample of the plastic that Webb's body was wrapped in and reveals that the sample is part of a brand-new product that has only been on the market for four months.

McGee then states that Dobbs has been in Iraq for ten months and that he couldn't have put it there.

But Abby's joy is short-lived when Gibbs tells them that just because of that, it doesn't mean that Dobbs is innocent and that it only means he could have had an accomplice.

As this goes on, Gibbs's phone rings and he answers it. He then states that he'll be right there.

As he leaves, he throws the orange to Abby who catches it before sniffing it.

In MTAC, Gibbs states that they're not calling with good news.

It's Coleman who tells him that SECNAV's made his decision and that he's not signing off on the Silver Star.

Gibbs in MTAC, having just learnt from Navy Lieutenant Commander Faith Coleman that the SECNAV- Secretary of the Navy is not signing off on the Silver Star due for Navy Petty Officer Justin Dobbs.

It cuts to Gibbs who looks annoyed.

Act Four

As Gibbs works at his desk, McGee and Abby, standing at a window debate about Gibbs wanting them to hang around.

McGee disagrees, stating he can't imagine anything that can't wait until tomorrow.

They then try to get the other to ask Gibbs but instead settle for rock, paper, scissors.

Before they can do anything, Gibbs asks them if there's anything on their minds.

Abby and McGee turn around, assuring him that there's nothing whatsoever.

Gibbs wants to know if they weren't thinking of leaving early. Again, they lie, assuring him that they weren't.

Abby tells Gibbs that she's going to check on the Mess Spec and flees the scene, leaving McGee alone with Gibbs who then turns his gaze onto the younger Agent.

Gibbs then states if Dobbs is innocent, then why did Webb's remains show up in his storage locker?

McGee considers that for a second and then realizes that someone's framing Dobbs.

Heading back into the bullpen once again, McGee listens as Gibbs states that Emmy Poole had a key with McGee stating she would have to go there before the remains were discovered.

Gibbs agrees, stating that it happened after Dobbs died so that he couldn't defend himself.

McGee states there's a problem with the computer showing that Dobbs's entry gate access code was used only once and that at the time, Emmy was with the manager before realizing that Emmy could have used someone's else code.

Gibbs smiles at that.

McGee then tells him that there's a surveillance camera at the entry gate with Gibbs telling McGee he already knows.

As this goes on, Kate and Tony arrive back in from Richmond just as McGee is gearing up.

Tony advises McGee to avoid the 295 because it's packed, only for Gibbs to tell Tony that he's going with McGee.

Unsurprisingly, Tony is extremely pissed off but he goes anyway, throwing McGee the cars and informing the younger Agent that he's driving.

As he heads for the lift, Tony gives Kate the evil-eye. She simply waves at him before glaring at his back.

As the two Agents stand, waiting for the lift, Tony remarks that Mother Teresa would have road rage Hell out there and even shoots McGee's belief that he's having instincts, claiming that the younger man hasn't even been around long enough to have them in the first place.

Tony gets so caught up in a movie reference that he and McGee miss the first time the lift arrives and when the second one, carrying two cleaners or janitors, both of whom are wearing NCIS Visitors Badge, Tony tells McGee that he's taking the stairs with McGee demanding to know why.

"Because I am not riding in the elevator with anyone who doesn't know who Gary Cooper was", Tony snaps.

The elevator doors then close on McGee's stunned expression.

Down in the lab, while a service tech works on repairing the Mess Spec, Gibbs arrives in for another talk with Abby who tells him that Dobbs's padlock was not picked.

Upon examining it for himself, Gibbs realizes that a key was used with Abby stating that she would swear to it.

As soon as Gibbs has left, the Service Tech announces that he's finished and that it's nothing someone doesn't pick up during an intro I.T class.

Abby then smugly remarks that she guesses that they don't offer that at MIT.

Up in the bullpen, Gibbs wants to know if there's been any luck with Emmy's psychiatrist.

Kate tells him that it's Sunday.

Gibbs knows because everyone keeps reminding him of that statement.

Coleman then arrives in to help with the investigation and Gibbs has her "borrow" DiNozzo's desk given that DiNozzo is out in the field. She even gives Gibbs a coffee which he accepts.

Abby soon arrives up, telling Kate that if their plans hadn't been cancelled, they would be at the spa right now. Gibbs wants to know why she's here.

Abby tries to tell him but is interrupted by Tony and McGee who are just in from Little Creek and it's obvious that something has the two men very excited.

McGee states that they've got footage of someone entering the locker the day Justin Dobbs died and it's someone that DiNozzo recognizes.

Holding out a memory stick, McGee states that the footage they managed to get is very grainy but they're hoping that Abby will be capable of enhancing it.

Abby silently steps forward.

Kate bits her lip, uneasy.

Abby gives McGee a look and then grabs the memory stick out of his hand before heading down to the lab with the others following her.

In the lab, the camera footage is up on the plasma and as it begins playing, McGee reveals that the day Dobbs dies, someone opened up a locker using the name "John Weston".

DiNozzo asks Abby to freeze it right there which she does and as Gibbs wonders if they can make the driver, Abby states, "Not a chance, Gibbs. A certainty".

The software gets to work and soon, a familiar face is on screen.

It's none other than Bruce Webb, Nora Webb's stepfather.

McGee states that there were no other surveillance cameras on the premises and that once he'd gotten in, Webb could have gone to any locker.

Kate states that Webb had to have known which one was Dobbs's and Abby finishes with the fact that Webb had to have had a key because the lock wasn't picked.

Gibbs then realizes that Webb used Emmy Poole's key to get in.

With that new information, he orders Kate and McGee to begin back-grounding Bruce Webb and tells DiNozzo that he's with him.

As they all leave the lab, Abby calls Gibbs and DiNozzo back, revealing that Webb wasn't buried in the forest and her tests have shown that the stuff on her femur have chemicals that are found in plant food.

Gibbs and DiNozzo arrive at the Webb Nursery.

While there, Gibbs's phone rings.

It's McGee and Kate who tell him that Bruce was Nora's stepfather and due to the fact that her biological father left when Nora was three, she took Bruce's name when he adopted her when she was six years old.

While Kate tells Gibbs that they're working on it, he hangs up.

Back in the office, Coleman's amused or stunned by the short phone call.

"He does that to you?", Coleman asks.

"He does that to everyone", Kate replies.

In the Nursery, Bruce confronts Gibbs and Tony about their visit but they confront him with the damning evidence including the revelation that he dug up Nora Webb's remains because he was afraid that the new owners of the nursery would find it and the facts leave Kathy stunned while confirming that Bruce Webb is the one who killed Nora and framed Justin Dobbs for the crime.

Back at NCIS, with Coleman and this time, Whalen in attendance and watching from Interrogation, Gibbs talks to Bruce Webb who finally cracks, admitting that he and Emmy Poole had had an affair and that one night, Nora had found out. She'd confronted Bruce, hysterical over the revelation with Bruce putting his hand over her mouth.

As he talks, it's obvious that Bruce is struggling over the guilt and he tells Gibbs that he didn't mean to kill Nora, that it was all an accident before finally breaking down and sobbing.

While this happens, Gibbs gets up and turning around, asks Whalen if he wants to talk down.

In Interrogation, Whalen silently nods.

As they leave Interrogation, Coleman invites Gibbs to join her to Dobbs's funeral.

At first, Gibbs is against the idea, having worked all weekend but soon agrees, realizing that he could always come in late on a Monday.

Once he's gone, Coleman just walks off, amused.

In the bullpen, everyone's watching live coverage of Tony's car driving through the I-40 in Oklahoma.

Tony believes that the driver won't get away with Abby remarking that the person driving it even drives like Gibbs.

Unfortunately, Tony's hopes of reuniting with his car are permanently dashed when the car ploughs in the back of a truck.

And while the driver has survived, Tony's car has been completely destroyed by the impact.

In the office, as everyone stares at the screen, stunned, Kate, unsurprisingly struggles to contain her laughter at what's happened.

It then cuts to Tony whose lower lip is shaking and who's on the verge of tears at seeing his car being destroyed on national TV.


  • At some point during the episode, an old, bearded man gazes into Abby's lab, causing Gibbs to do a double-take. The man in question is Donald P. Bellasario, the Executive Producer and creator of NCIS and also Sean Murray's stepfather.
  • Look closely as Abby exits the elevator to pick up Kate for their Spa appointment. Gibbs has a phone to his ear, it cuts to Abby then back to Gibbs, who no longer has a phone.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Tony states that he has used up the whole of his phone battery, trying to find out what happened to his car yet he is seen using it several times, throughout the episode.
  • This episode marks the final appearance of Faith Coleman although Alicia Coppola who plays her would go on to appear in the spin-off, NCIS: Los Angeles albeit in a different role.
  • While the team are investigating the crime scene where Emmy Poole killed herself, DiNozzo who's seen playing with one of Emmy's goth dolls is seen wearing his watch on his right hand instead of his left.
  • Also, while Gibbs is talking to Officer Whalen, in the background, the body-bag containing Emmy Poole's body is being loaded onto the van but in a close-up, it hasn't even reached the van yet. 


Series Regulars

Season Two Cast
Name Portrayed by Role
Leroy Jethro Gibbs Mark Harmon An NCIS Special Agent in charge of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Anthony DiNozzo Junior Michael Weatherly The Senior Agent of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team and also the second-in-command.
Caitlin Todd Sasha Alexander A Secret Service Agent previously assigned to the Presidential Protection Detail on Air Force One and who is now an NCIS Special Agent as well as Tony DiNozzo's partner.
Abigail Sciuto Pauley Perette A Goth who is also the Chief Forensic Scientist and who also works for the NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Timothy McGee Sean Murray (actor) An NCIS Special Agent previously assigned to the Norfolk Naval Base who is now the Junior Agent of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Donald Mallard David McCallum NCIS's Chief Medical Examiner.

Recurring Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
Faith Coleman Alicia Coppola An officer with JAG.
James Palmer Brian Dietzen Gerald Jackson's temporary replacement as the Assistant Medical Examiner.

Guest Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
Bruce Webb Vincent Angell Nora Webb's stepfather and also the one responsible for her death.
Jeff Whalen Shashawnee Hall The head of the local police department in Richmond, Virginia.
Emmy Poole Anne Judson-Yager A woman who was best friends with Justin Dobbs and Nora Webb. Later commits suicide.
Billy Kreig Zack Ward A member of the local police department in Richmond, Virginia.
Kathy Webb Elizabeth Connors Nora Webb's mother.
Rob King Matt Bushell Justin Dobbs's C.O.
Steve Hager Paul Rae The owner of a series of locker rooms who discovers Nora Webb's remains.
Jaime Ramos Hosea Chanchez Lance Corporal in the United States Marine Corps who served with Dobbs in Iraq.
Service Technician Tim Barraco A tech in MTAC.
Justin Dobbs Matt Funke Petty Officer in the United States Navy. Uncredited role.
Nora Webb Amanda MacDonald Uncredited role.
Female Officer (Hometown Hero) Schatar Sapphira Uncredited role.
Male Officer (Hometown Hero) Unknown actor Seen talking to DiNozzo when Gibbs and Kate first return from Richmond.
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