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Honor Code is the seventh episode in NCIS Season 3 as well as the 53rd episode of the entire NCIS series.


When a Lieutenant Commander disappears, his young son contacts NCIS and begs them to help find and save his father. The team soon discover that the Commander was working on a top-secret project named "Honor" but when one of the Commander's kidnappers turns up dead, the team suspect that the victim might not have been kidnapped after all although Gibbs believes otherwise.


The scene opens at a carnival with Zach Tanner running into the crowd, heading for the carousel/merry-go-round, only for his father, Commander Alex Tanner to call him back.

Zach stops as Alex approaches him with Alex telling his young son that he has to be careful.

Zach apologizes for doing so and Alex gives him a balloon but Zach tells his father that balloons are for babies.

Alex agrees before wondering if Zach still believes that cotton candy is for babies too.

Zach disagrees, stating that it's fine and that they can share the cotton candy after the ride.

As they head over, Alex tells Zach that he'll try and save his son although it looks awfully good.

Alex even attempts to eat some but Zach stops him, stating that they'll eat after the ride.

As they head up the steps, Zach gives his father his backpack with Alex telling his son that he'll be watching him.

A while later, the ride's underway with Zach sitting strapped to a pony or horse and it's clear that the youngster is having the time off his life while waving at Alex who waves back.

However, Zach soon spots a tall, bald-headed man wearing dark sunglasses in the crowd.

As they go around again, Alex and Zach continue waving at each other while the bald-headed man is still standing in the area except for the fact that he has his partner with him.

Zach then sees the two mysterious men confront his father with the bald-headed man whispering something in Commander Tanner's ear.

Zach quickly picks up on the fact that something's wrong and gets even more concerned when he realizes that his father and the two men have disappeared.

As the ride goes on, Zach calls for his father.

Once the ride's over, Zach rushes out of the merry-go-round area and soon discovers his backpack and cotton candy on the ground of the park, both having been abandoned while his father is nowhere to be seen.

It then cuts to an area above the park where Zach continues staring at the belongings just as the red balloon Commander Tanner had for his son soon appears before drifting into the air while down below, Zach soon grabs his backpack and walks off, obviously planning to call NCIS and inform them of what has happened.

Act One

In the NCIS Squadroom, the elevator doors open and NCIS Special Agent Timothy McGee emerges, carrying a packet of food and drink.

As he approaches his desk, his colleague, NCIS Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo Junior is in disbelief at the fact that it took McGee a whole hour for a lunch run.

While handing Tony his lunch, McGee then reveals that he and Mossad/NCIS Liaison Officer Ziva David were out, Ziva asked McGee to show her the best route to work with McGee revealing that Ziva's driving has improved and that she barely broke any laws this time.

As McGee heads to his desk, Tony gets to his feet and heads for McGee's desk, still over the fact that Ziva asked McGee who can barely get around the Navy Yard to show her the best way to work.

"That's right", McGee replies, sitting down at his desk.

Tony wonders about him and that he knows every shortcut in the Metro area and that he could shave ten minutes off her commute like that.

As he says that, Tony also snaps his fingers.

McGee tells Tony that he doesn't know what to tell him.

Tony then grabs McGee's roll and heads back to his desk, remarking that it doesn't make any sense before coming to the belief that maybe he intimidates her.

"Yeah, I'm sure that's it", McGee states sarcastically.

Tony remarks that he's seen it happen before and that it's a chemical thing and that it's hard to explain.

"I do hope you try", a female voice says, startling Tony.

Tony then remarks that he told Ziva not to do that again.

As she heads into the bullpen, Ziva apologizes, stating that she was so intimidated by Tony's presence that she must have forgotten.

McGee just smiles.

Ziva then tells Tony that she does apologize for not asking for Tony's advice on her commute.

"Don't worry about it", Tony remarks.

Ziva then remarks that if she had known Tony would have felt emasculated before Ziva calls on McGee to make sure the word is correct with McGee agreeing.

Ziva then states that if that had been the case, she would have asked Tony first.

Tony gets up and remarks that it takes a litle more than an exotic accent and some stealth ninjas to emasculate him.

"Only a little more?", Ziva remarks before stating how disappointing in Latino accent.

McGee just laughs which has Tony telling McGee not to take sides.

Suddenly, the team's boss, NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs arrives in, telling his team to gear up and that they've got a missing person at the Coleman Park Carousel in Arlington.

Ziva believes it's a child but Gibbs reveals that it's actually the father- Lieutenant Commander Alex Tanner.

As he says that, Gibbs loads a fresh round of bullets into his SIG-Sauer.

Tony glances at his lunch, having realized he's not going to get a chance to eat it while McGee prepares to leave as well.

Ziva wonders if they always respond to missing persons cases so promptly?

Gibbs reveals to Ziva that it's special circustances and that Commander Tanner's six year old son called NCIS. Furthermore, Tanner's young son is in the park, alone, waiting for them.

As he leaves his desk, Gibbs tells DiNozzo that he'll drive which Gibbs does by tossing DiNozzo the keys.

Unsurprisingly, DiNozzo tries to avoid that by stating that McGee wants to drive with DiNozzo tossing McGee the keys.

McGee tosses them back, stating that he'd rather have DiNozzo drive.

As DiNozzo takes the keys, he wonder if McGee's afraid he's going to run over another fire hydrant before stating that it wasn't McGee's fault but DiNozzo suddenly remembers that was McGee's fault according to the police report.

As they enter the elevator, Ziva remarks that she'll drive and snatches the keys from DiNozzo.

"One more word, you're all walking", Gibbs says.

"You got it, boss", DiNozzo states, giving the thumbs-up.

He then flinches and remarks that he deserves that.

Seconds later, the doors close.

In the park, Zach Tanner sits on a bench, remembering what happened. He remembers being on the ride, waving to his father who waves back and also seeing two mysterious men behind a tree with the same man confronting Zach's father.

As the flashback ends, DiNozzo arrives, introducing himself and telling Zach that he can call him "Tony".

DiNozzo then remarks that that was a smart thing to do: calling NCIS and tells Zach that he's a good boy. As this happens, Ziva is seen talking to a security guard.

Zach just looks at DiNozzo who tells Zach that this is scary but DiNozzo needs Zach to be brave before wondering if Zach can do that.

At Zach's silence, DiNozzo remarks that he wants Zach to think back to what happened today and that Zach should try to remember the details and that there's no wrong answer here.

As this happens, Gibbs arrives, asking DiNozzo what they know.

DiNozzo thinks that they know nothing and he also thinks that the kid's in shock.

"No, I'm not", Zach replies, startling both agents with Zach stating that he's waiting for DiNozzo to ask him a question.

Gibbs just smiles as DiNozzo wonders what kind of questions is he supposed to ask?

Zach states that it's what Zach himself saw and why Zach contacted NCIS.

Gibbs sits down beside Zach and asks the youngster what he saw.

As DiNozzo joins them, Zach reveals that two men were watching them and Zach thinks that they kidnapped his father.

Gibbs wants Zach to describe them.

Zach states that they had dark glasses and one had a military haircut with one even having a shaved head.

"How old?", DiNozzo wonders, scribbling the information down on a pad.

"About your age", Zach replies.

DiNozzo stops and looks up with Zach telling the two that they had iPods too.

DiNozzo tells Gibbs that an iPod is like a Walkman.

Gibbs just nods in understanding.

Zach produces his own iPod and reveals that the men were listening in one ear like this.

This strikes something with the two agents with Gibbs telling Zach that they'll be back in a minute.

As they walk away, Gibbs remarks, "Dark glasses, earwigs".

"Sounds like feds", DiNozzo.

Gibbs then wonders if the FBI would arrest a man and leave his kid in the park.

As this happens, McGee and Ziva finish talking to a guard and head over to join Gibbs and DiNozzo.

DiNozzo believes that maybe the commander took a walk before revealing that his own father left him in the Maui Hilton for two days and that DiNozzo's father didn't even realize that DiNozzo Jr was missing until the father got the room service bill.

Gibbs just smiles.

Ziva remarks that it's sad but enlightening.

As DiNozzo heads back to Zach, McGee reveals that he just spoke to Commander Tanner's C.O. and that the C.O. is very concerned.

McGee then states that apparently Commander Tanner was working on a highly classified DOD project.

Gibbs wants to know what project it is.

McGee states that the C.O. wouldn't say over an unsecured line before McGee says that he's going to find out.

Gibbs asks about the footage from the security cameras.

Ziva gives Gibbs a tape, stating that Park Security released them to her.

Gibbs then states that they should get a hold of Zach's mother and that she can pick up her son at NCIS.

Gibbs walks off but McGee stops him with the news that Zach's mother is dead, having died in a car accident four years ago.

Gibbs wants to know about the primary next of kin but McGee states that there is none before revealing that it's just Commander Tanner and his son.

Gibbs just looks conflicted.

In the bullpen, as they examine the footage, DiNozzo remarks that the guys are pros because they keep their faces from the camera and all they've got to go on is the kid's description of them.

McGee remarks that it doesn't look like a kidnapping to him and that they don't have any guns and they barely touched the commander.

Gibbs grimly remarks that they could have threatened the commander's son.

DiNozzo then remarks that that explains why they left Zach Tanner alone in the park.

Gibbs wants to know what they know about Commander Tanner.

McGee takes the remote from DiNozzo with McGee remarking that Tanner is a brilliant man and as a photo of Commander Tanner appears on the monitor, McGee states that Tanner has a dual PhD from Caltech in Number and Chaos Theory with McGee revealing that he was reading the Commander's thesis online.

As DiNozzo and Gibbs look at him, McGee reveals that Tanner managed to link non-relativistic quantum effects..

Gibbs sarcastically says that's useful to this case.

McGee then reveals that for the last three years, Commander Tanner has been the Navy's liaison to a defence contractor, Q and R Software and that they've been the project lead on Honor.

"Which is?", Gibbs asks.

"Classified", McGee replies.

McGee reveals that he put a call to the head of security over there but no-one's gotten back to him.

As Ziva arrives in, bringing Zach with her, McGee thought that he'd pay them a visit.

Gibbs remarks that that's a good answer before telling Tony to go with McGee.

Ziva then hands Gibbs the pad, stating that the sketch artist is done with Zach's descriptions. She also remarks that the boy has a remarkable memory before revealing that there's someone here from Social Security to pick Zach up.

Gibbs corrects her by saying that it's actually Social Services and Security is for older people.

"Noted", Ziva replies before asking Gibbs if he wants her to tell the boy.

Gibbs states that he'll handle it before telling Ziva to sit down and that Ziva should put a BOLO out on the composites.

As Ziva sits down at Gibbs's desk, Gibbs heads over to Zach and compliments him on the sketches with Zach accepting the praise.

Zach looks up and sees a woman talking to an NCIS Special Agent.

As he sits down, Zach remarks that that's Social Services.

Gibbs remarks that they'll take care of Zach until NCIS finds Zach's father.

Zach states that he can take care of himself.

Gibbs tells Zach that he doesn't doubt that before patting Zach on the head.

"But I still have to go", Zach says.

Gibbs agrees but tells Zach that it's just for a while before telling Zach to "come on".

As they leave the desk, Zach wonders what will happen if NCIS doesn't find his father.

"I'll find him, Zach", Gibbs vows. "I'll find him".

Just outside the bullpen, Gibbs stops Zach and gives Zach his phone card with Gibbs telling Zach that if he ever needs him or if Zach just walks to talk, Zach calls, okay?

Zach takes the card, nodding.

As Zach heads off, Gibbs looks back at him.

Meanwhile, Tony and McGee have arrived at Q&R with Laura Osgood apologizing for not getting back to them because apparently, they've been having some problems of their own.

McGee wants to know what kind of problems.

Osgood honestly admits that she doesn't know and she's only Mr. Connell's assistant. She's also sure that Connell can..

Suddenly, the lights go off with Osgood stating that that's been happening for the last half-hour or so and that they should snap back on.

Seconds later, they do.

Tony then saves Osgood from being hit by someone on a scooter and as the scooter goes past, Tony asks Osgood if she's alright.

Osgood reveals that her name is Laura.

"Laura", Tony says.

At this happens, Frank Connell emerges, calling Osgood which has Tony and Osgood standing aside. As Osgood nods, Connell tells her that he'll take it from here.

As Osgood leaves, Connell introduces himself to DiNozzo and McGee, Connell remarking that they got here fast while Navy Commander Harry Wilder states that they only found out about the break-in themselves an hour ago.

This has McGee and DiNozzo looking at each other.

As they head into the office, Connell and Wilder tell McGee and DiNozzo that at 0300 this morning, their network was breached and that they didn't detect the intrusion until they attempted to boot up their main servers.

Connell remarks that since then, they've had their hands full tracking down the viruses they embedded in the system.

McGee asks Wilder if they know what data's been compromised yet.

Wilder tells McGee that they were going after a working copy of Honor but fortunately, Honor is protected by a key that exists outside their system.

As Osgood gives Tony a mug, Tony remarks that "key" doesn't sound very high-tech.

Connell reveals that it's an asymmetric algorithmic key that's committed only to memory.

Wilder remarks that without it, the software won't work and that it's just random ones and zeroes and also completely worthless.

Connell then tells DiNozzo and McGee that NCIS has nothing to worry about.

Tony remarks that that's great except that's not why they're here.

McGee wants to know who has the Honor key committed to memory.

Wilder reveals that it's the project leader- Lieutenant Commander Tanner.

This has DiNozzo and McGee looking at each other, concerned.

In the NCIS Dodge Stratus, Gibbs attempts to listen to the iPod but finds the music blaring which causes him to jump.

He's then interrupted by his phone ringing.

As Gibbs answers, it's revealed that the caller is DiNozzo who tells Gibbs that they may have a problem.

"May have?", Gibbs states.

DiNozzo reveals that the Project Honor thing Commander Tanner was working on may have been stolen and that they're trying to confirm it right now.

Gibbs wants to know what it's supposed to do.

"Break any encryption in use today", DiNozzo grimly states.

"Well, yeah, DiNozzo", Gibbs remarks. "I'd say that sounds like a problem".

DiNozzo then states that it gets worse and that according to the people here, Tanner's the only one who can make it work.

Gibbs tells DiNozzo that he's heading their way and that he's got to drop off Zach's pod thing first.

At a payphone, Zach is dialing a number.

Gibbs wants to know if Zach is calling about Zach leaving the pod thing on his desk.

Zach then reveals that he isn't and that the man from the park is here.

Gibbs wants to talk to Zach's social worker.

Zach reveals that he isn't in her office anymore and that as soon as he saw the man, Zach took off.

As this happens, it shows the bald-haired man on the street.

Gibbs wants to know where Zach is with Zach stating that he's on the street.

Gibbs tells Zach that he's a few blocks away from him and that Zach should stay right where he is.

Panicking, Zach states that he can't and that the man's leaving.

Gibbs tells Zach to listen to him and that he needs him to.. but is interrupted by Zach stating that the man knows where Zach's father is and that they can't let him get away before telling Gibbs to hurry.

With that, Zach flees, leaving the phone hanging by its cord and his backpack as well.

Gibbs then drives like a manic to get there.

Zach wanders the street, searching for the man but finding no sign of him.

Suddenly, someone comes up from behind him.

It then cuts to Zach who's now panicking as a hand covers his mouth.

Act Two

A while later, Gibbs arrives at the scene and hops out, racing up to the steps but stops upon seeing the empty payphone and Zach's backpack.

As Gibbs heads over, he produces the backpack but there's no sign of Zach.

As Gibbs looks, a black SUV pulls up and seconds later, the bald-haired man from before emerges, bringing Zach with him, Zach who's in tears and crying for help.

Gibbs quickly draws his SIG-Sauer and identifying himself as NCIS, orders that the kid be let go.

The bald-haired man fires some shoots which has Gibbs ducking behind a tree for cover.

Zach uses this to help the bald-haired man in the balls and as Zach runs off, the bald-haired man calls Zach a little bastard.

Using this to his advantage, Gibbs fires off a single shot that embeds itself in the bald haired man's right shoulder, causing the man to grunt with pain.

As people run for cover, the bald-haired man climbs into the SUV as the passenger window is shot out.

As the SUV drives off, Gibbs holds onto Zach before firing off two more shots that destroys the SUV's back window. The SUV heads off and turns a corner before disappearing altogether.

Once it's over, Gibbs kneels down and tells Zach that it's okay.

Zach just stands there, breathing heavily and still clearly shaken.

A while later, back at the bullpen, Gibbs is busy entertaining by blowing into a glove to form a balloon of some sort which has Zach amused.

From a distance, NCIS Director Jennifer Shepard watches them.

Seconds later, Tony and Ziva join her with Tony remarking that the new hires just keep getting older and Tony calling her "Madam Director".

Jenny tells Tony that he didn't get the memo.

"What memo?", Tony wonders.

Ziva then explains that it's the one where the next person who calls Jenny "Madam" gets keel-hauled, whatever this is.

Tony starts to explain but Jenny states that it's unpleasant.

As she heads for the stairs, Jenny tells them to tell Gibbs that she wants him upstairs.

With that, Tony and Ziva descend the stairs and head for the bullpen.

As they head into the bullpen, Gibbs asks Ziva what the director wanted.

"You", Ziva replies. "Upstairs".

Gibbs just looks at her.

Ziva remarks that she'd better check on those sketches.

Gibbs looks at DiNozzo with DiNozzo stating that he put out a BOLO on a black Chevy Suburban but without plates.. Gibbs tells DiNozzo that he will spend the next 24 hours personally checking each one in Virginia, Maryland and D.C.

DiNozzo starts to protest, stating that it's.. before changing his mind and stating that he's on it.

As DiNozzo gets to work, Gibbs whispers to Zach that Zach should keep an eye on DiNozzo for Gibbs.

Zach just nods.

With that, Gibbs gets up from his desk and leaves the bullpen.

As Gibbs head upstairs, Zach approaches Tony with Tony telling Zach that Gibbs was just kidding when Gibbs told Zach to keep an eye on Tony.

Zach states that he couldn't remember what Gibbs told him but he believes he got it right.

"Got what right?", Tony wonders, typing slowly.

"The numbers on the licence plate", Zach explains.

Tony looks at Zach.

Suddenly, it cuts to a flashback of Zach covering his ears and seeing the plate.

In the present, Zach remarks that he was scared but he remembers most of the numbers.

Tony is overjoyed, asking Zach for a high-five but Zach doesn't do that with Tony lowering his hand and stating that they'll work on that.

"Good job", Tony states, patting Zach's shoulder.

As Gibbs reaches the top of the stairs, Jenny remarks that she's always admired his way with children and does Gibbs ever think of having any of his own?

"Is that an offer, Jen?", Gibbs wonders.

As Gibbs chuckles, Jenny remarks that it wasn't an offer, merely an observation.

Gibbs wonders if she knows why he gets along with kids so well. It's because when they lie, they don't have the guile to get away with it.

Gibbs looks up, reminding Jenny that she wanted to see him.

Jenny remarks that she's spent the last hour on video conference with directors of the FBI, NSA and Homeland Security.

"Your kind of tea party", Gibbs remarks.

Jenny tells Gibbs that if Project Honor's compromised, it will cripple their intelligence networks and they all want jurisdiction on this one.

"And you said?", Gibbs wonders.

"I have my best agent working on it", Jenny replies.

She then asks Gibbs to tell her that he has something.

Gibbs reveals that the same men who kidnapped the commander went after his son.

Jenny then wonders if Gibbs has considered the fact that Commander Tanner may not have been kidnapped.

Gibbs admits that he has and upon Jenny prompting him, Gibbs remarks that he doesn't buy it.

"Your famous gut again?", Jenny wonders.

Gibbs shakes his head, remarking that it's his son.

It then pans to the bullpen where it's shown that Tony is talking to Zach.

In the lab, as NCIS Forensic Scientist Abigail Sciuto works with McGee while Abby's assistant, Charles Sterling or "Chip" is in the background, Gibbs asks Abby to give him some good news.

Abby then remarks that she got this email that says that she may have won $50 million dollars and she's really, really psyched.

At Gibbs's glare, Abby remarks that Gibbs means about the case.

Turning back to her computer, she reveals that she's been going through O&R's security logs and that it's like the Fort Knox of computer systems.

McGee reveals that it's next-generation anti-virus software, intrusion detection.

Abby picks by revealing about crypto processors, ACLs and firewalls but Gibbs stops them with Abby stating that no-one can penetrate the system and that it could be disabled if someone had a high enough clearance.

This has Gibbs realizing that it's an inside job.

Abby reveals that Q&R is monitored 24/7 and that all employees have passwords to gain access to the system.

McGee states that it's like digital fingerprints and every keystroke is recorded for posterity.

Abby joins Gibbs at the main monitor area and reveals that at 3am this morning, someone planted a virus into the network.

Chip reveals that it shut down the security system one hour later.

McGee also states that it was long enough to breach the network, remove the software and plant the viruses.

Chip explains that the virus originated from Commander Tanner's terminal.

"Someone else could have it", Gibbs states.

Chip disagrees, stating that the data is very clear and that pointing out the Q&R's security system was designed to be accurate.

Abby stops Chip and tells him to go elsewhere.

McGee remarks that Chip is right about the design.

Gibbs wants to know who designed it.

As Gibbs joins McGee at the main computer area, McGee reveals that it was Q&R's risk management team but all of their people are either former law enforcement or military, at the highest level with Gibbs revealing that Tanner was at the highest level too.

McGee reveals that Tony is reviewing statements from the employees. McGee also states that he himself is reviewing the computer terminal but the virus wiped a lot of files before McGee admits that it doesn't look too good for the Commander.

Gibbs leaves but glances at Chip, telling Chip to wipe that dirt off his lip.

As Gibbs leaves, Chip wonders about the dirt Gibbs referred to.

Abby and McGee both then silently make a reference to Chip's mustache.

Upstairs and as Laura Osgood heads into the elevator, she feels as if she's wasted DiNozzo's time with DiNozzo telling her to bite her tongue and that she's been great.

Osgood remarks that she just feels so bad for that poor little boy.

DiNozzo tells Osgood to listen and that if she thinks of anything.

As he says that, DiNozzo gives Osgood a card and tells her to give a call, day or night before whispering that the home phone number is on the back.

With that, DiNozzo steps away just as the elevator doors.

In the corner, Ziva who's been listening in rolls her eyes.

DiNozzo spots her and asks her where she's been with DiNozzo telling her that he could have used her help with those interviews.

As they walk back into the bullpen, Ziva states that it looks like DiNozzo had his hands full with Osgood.

DiNozzo tells her to shush and urges her to watch her sexual innuendo around the kid who DiNozzo believes has had a hard day.

It then shows Zach who's sitting at Gibbs's desk, listening to his iPod.

Ziva remarks that Zach is taking it better than most adults and he's resilient.

DiNozzo then asks Ziva if she's seen the way Zach has been acting around DiNozzo.

"I think it's because he doesn't like you, Tony", Ziva replies.

"Kids dig me", DiNozzo says.

"No, they don't", Ziva replies.

DiNozzo just laughs and then calls on Zach or "Zacharoo" before telling Zach to come over here.

As he says that, Zach removes the earphones from his ears and heads over to the desk just as DiNozzo states that he was going to wait until tomorrow when everyone was here but considering what a brave little boy Zach has been and how much he's helped them, DiNozzo announces that he's going to make Zach an honorary NCIS agent.

"Thanks", Zach says, taking the certificate before announcing that he's got to go to the head-toilet.

As Zach walks off, leaving a stunned DiNozzo staring after him, Ziva cackles with laughter before she calms herself and tells DiNozzo that his way with children is only rivaled by his way with women.

DiNozzo remarks that Zach's under a lot of stress.

Ziva just nods before walking off.

Gibbs then arrives in, wondering where Zach is with DiNozzo stating that Zach is on a potty break.

As he sits down at his desk, Gibbs glances at Ziva and wonders if she's gonna speak.

Ziva tells Gibbs that she got an ID on one of their suspects and that his name is Vincent Pazzo.

As Gibbs takes the file with DiNozzo joining them, Ziva reveals that Pazzo is Italian-born, a freelance mercenary. Black ops mostly with some wet work.

DiNozzo wants to know how Ziva found out about that.

Ziva reveals that she sent Zach's sketches to some people who own her a favor.

As Gibbs smiles, DiNozzo reveals that if Pazzo's got the Honor program and the guy who knows how to make it work, then why did they go after Zach?

"To force him to co-operate", Gibbs states.

As Gibbs searches through the photos, Ziva reveals that there's the possibility that Commander Tanner set this up to make it look like kidnapping.

Gibbs gets to his feet and gestures for Ziva to lower her voice, telling Ziva to keep her voice down.

"Ssh", DiNozzo says.

Ziva then states that's what she would do if it were her op and the authorities are looking for a kidnapper when they should be looking for a traitor.

Gibbs states that it doesn't feel right.

"It doesn't have to feel right to be right, Gibbs", Ziva snaps.

A while later, Gibbs and Zach are in Gibbs's basement with Zach wondering if he can ask Gibbs a question.

"Yeah, shoot", Gibbs replies.

Zach wants to know how Gibbs is going to get the boat out of here when it's finished.

Gibbs admits that that's a good question but that he doesn't know before admitting that he hasn't thought about it much.

Zach then states that maybe Gibbs could use a crane or something.

"Yeah?", Gibbs says. "I could dig a ramp".

As Gibbs heads back around, he also states that he could knock that wall out and hoist the boat out of here.

Zach reveals that he once went sailing with his father and Commander Wilder and that it didn't go too well.

Gibbs wonders if Zach got seasick but Zach tells that his father, Lieutenant Commander Tanner got seasick before revealing that Commander Wilder thought it was very funny, Zach's father being in the Navy and all.

"Yeah", Gibbs says.

Zach again wonders if Gibbs is going to find his father.

Gibbs vows that they will.

"Promise?", Zach asks.

"Yeah", Gibbs states before telling Zach that he promises him.

Gibbs stands up and asks Zach if he wants to give him a hand.

Zach admits that he doesn't know how.

As Gibbs puts Zach onto the timber, he then tells Zach to come over here with Zach revealing that he doesn't want to ruin the boat.

Gibbs tells Zach that he isn't going to ruin anything and tells Zach to come here.

As Gibbs demonstrates, he tells Zach that he always wants to go with the grain.

As Zach gets ready, Gibbs tells Zach to place his hand there and put some weight behind it while going back and forth, real even too.

The next morning, Ziva arrives in, asking McGee where Zach is.

McGee tells her that Zach is at home with Gibbs before wondering what's up.

Ziva hands McGee a sheet, revealing that it's Commander Tanner's bank statement.

McGee takes it.

As he does, Ziva wonders do Americans usually empty their bank accounts before they take children to the park?

"You're kidding", McGee states.

As DiNozzo runs in, Ziva reveals that it's savings, checking, money market and that it's $23,000.

"Gibbs is not gonna like this", McGee replies.

As DiNozzo reaches his computer, Ziva wonders if they're solving this case to please Gibbs.

DiNozzo reveals that he got a trace on the Chevy Suburban and that although Zach missed two numbers on the plate, DiNozzo himself found the vehicle.

As DiNozzo grabs the remote, he states that it's a rental car out of Maryland and that the ID's fake because the credit card was stolen before DiNozzo also reveals that's their other kidnapper.

McGee wonders if the car has a navigation system and that they could use the GPS.

DiNozzo states that he's got two words for McGee; Lo and Jack.

"That's one word", McGee corrects.

Ziva's puzzled and DiNozzo and McGee don't even bother explaining.

As this goes on, Gibbs arrives in.

DiNozzo then reveals that he tracked it down to a parking lot a couple of miles from here.

"Good job, McGee", Gibbs states.

"What?", McGee wonders.

Unsurprisingly, DiNozzo doesn't look too thrilled at McGee getting the praise for DiNozzo's own had work.

"Come on, let's roll", Gibbs orders.

As they leave, Ziva wonders about Zach.

In the lab, Zach who Ducky and Abby are looking after watches as Ducky tells Zach to keep his eye on the coin.

"Yeah, like this", Ducky states before cupping his hand around the object and it disappears seconds later.

Ducky then tells Zach that that's magic.

As Abby looks at Zach, smiling, Ducky tells Zach that a true magician doesn't reveal the mysterious of his craft to anyone else but another magician before asking Zach if he'd like to learn.

"It's in that hand", Zach explains, pointing at Ducky's right hand.

"Isn't it?", Zach wonders.

Ducky then blows his nose and a coin appears with Ducky remarking, "So it is".

As Ducky hands the coin to Zach, Ducky also remarks that Zach is quite observant before Abby asks Ducky if Zach reminds Ducky of anyone.

Zach then closes his hand and seconds later, the coin that was in his hand disappears too.

"Very good", Ducky says.

As Zach glances at his hand, Ducky and Abby look at each other and smile.

In the parking garage, Tony who's looking through some binoculars tells Gibbs that he's got the black SUV with no rear windows and that there's one visible suspect in the vehicle.

Tony wonders if they should take the suspect now.

As McGee emerges from a pillar, holding his SIG-Sauer, Gibbs who has his SIG-Sauer out too tells DiNozzo to wait before Gibbs states that he's almost in position here.

"Copy", Tony replies.

With that, Tony then hands the binoculars to Ziva who examines the SUV for herself.

Tony then asks Ziva if she's sure she wouldn't rather be partnered with McGee with Tony believing that McGee and Ziva seem to click and that they're about to storm this vehicle and besides, who knows how this is gonna down.

Ziva tells Tony not to worry and that she's got his back.

"My back", Tony states before telling Ziva to listen and that if anyone's getting anyone's back, it's Tony getting Ziva's

"In position, DiNozzo", Gibbs states just as McGee emerges from another pillar.

Gibbs then orders for the team to take him down.

On cue and together, Tony and Ziva race from their hiding spot as McGee joins in.

One on one, the team race across the parking lot, ducking at various points before they reach the SUV.

Once they've all reached the SUV and with Gibbs, McGee and Tony providing back-up, Ziva opens the passenger door, only for Pazzo's body to tumble, revealing that he's dead with a bullet hole in the center of his forehead.

It then cuts to Tony who lowers his gun while Ziva still has hers up.

Act Three

In the morgue as Ducky prepares to examine Pazzo's body, Gibbs and Ziva arrive in with Ducky greeting Ziva and telling her what a pleasure.

"Doctor Mallard", Ziva says.

"Oh, Ducky, please", Ducky replies.

"Ducky", Ziva says.

Gibbs just wonders if they're done with the name game.

Ducky admits that they are and their guest, Pazzo departed this world a few hours ago but that Pazzo was in a great deal of pain before he died.

As they head over to some X-rays, Ducky remarks that it seems that Pazzo was wounded from a single round and that the bullet lodged itself under Pazzo's scapula, the shoulder blade.

As Ziva studies Pacco's body, Gibbs tells Ducky that he's going to bet that the round is from Gibbs's own SIG.

Ducky agrees and states that as for the fatal injury, the burn around the entry wound suggests...

"A silencer was used", Ziva interrupts.

As Gibbs and Ducky look at her, Ziva explains that it was done in haste by someone with little or if any experience and that if a professional did this, he would have not left his weapon.

She also goes on to say that it's untidy and the marks of an amateur.

As she walks around, Ziva states that if it were her, she would not have been so obvious and that there are literally dozens of effective ways to eliminate a target without raising suspicions.

She reveals that heroin overdose is quite popular but that it requires a history of prior use and that something like insulin or potassium can be used to suggest death by natural causes.

Ducky remarks that he really must ask Ziva over for dinner and that his mother would love to talk to Ziva.

Gibbs realizes that they cleaned house and that he wounded Pazzo when Pazzo tried to grab Zach. After that, Pazzo simply became a liability.

Ziva again suggests that Commander Tanner may be involved and that all the evidence says that Tanner stole the hardware with Tanner even clearing out his bank accounts and that Tanner likely killed Pazzo.

She also states that from an investigator's point of view, the pieces fit together quite well.

Gibbs just looks at Ziva, turns around and leaves the morgue.

"Or not", Ziva replies.

Gibbs heads into the lab, asking for Abby with Chip telling Gibbs that Abby is in the ballistics lab with Chip even adding a "sir".

Without stopping, Gibbs stops to wonder if Chip served with the military with Chip stating that he didn't.

Gibbs tells Chip to stop standing at attention.

Chip calls back that it's good posture.

As this happens, Abby arrives out of the lab, asking for Zach although Gibbs tells her that she's yelling.

Abby then removes the muffles and asks Gibbs where he is.

"He's upstairs", Gibbs replies.

As they head back into the main lab, Abby remarks that Zach is cool and that Zach reminds Abby of Gibbs with Abby believing Zach is a mini-Gibbs.

When Gibbs doesn't reply, Abby states, "Austin Powers?".

"You calling Zach a Mini Me?", Gibbs wonders.

This causes Abby to remark that she is so impressed with Gibbs's pop culture reference.

Gibbs wants to know about the weapon.

Abby tells him that it's a Makarov .380 and that it matches the hollow point slugs taken from the body downstairs. She then reveals that the bullet they pulled from Pazzo's shoulder matches Gibbs's own SIG.

Gibbs wonders if there are any prints from the .380.

"Dead guy's", Abby replies.

Gibbs wonders if she's got something else with Abby stating that she does and she then reveals that Chip shaved.

"I didn't notice", Gibbs states before he leaves.

"He didn't notice?", Chip says.

Abby tells Chip that Gibbs doesn't notice unimportant things.

Chip just nods.

Abby grabs something and tells Chip that she's sorry and that she didn't mean it before she walks off.

Chip just stands there, puzzled.

Outside, Gibbs brings up the elevator which arrives and as the doors open, it's revealed that Jenny is standing inside.

Gibbs wonders if Jenny was getting off.

Jenny simply tells Gibbs that she was actually looking for him.

As they stand in the elevator, Jenny remarks that she saw Ducky's report on the body downstairs.

Gibbs remarks that that was fast.

"One of the perks of being Director", Jenny says. "I get to read all the good reports".

As the elevator doors open, she then asks Gibbs what's next.

"Finishing this conversation", Gibbs states.

As Jenny hits another button, she tells Gibbs not to give her a hard time.

"I didn't realize I was", Gibbs replies.

As the door close again, Jenny reveals that the man who supposedly kidnapped Tanner is lying dead in Autopsy and that Tanner is looking less and less like a victim.

Gibbs wonders if Jenny wants to get back in the field again.

As they both leave, Jenny states that Tanner has technology that could set back their intelligence monitoring thirty years and she also sarcastically states, "Pardon me for taking an interest".

"And here I thought you just wanted an excuse to spend time together", Gibbs states.

Jenny just wants to know that this is about more than a fatherless child to Gibbs.

As this happens, McGee arrives.

Jenny berates McGee, asking McGee if he didn't notice that she and Gibbs were in the middle of a conversation.

McGee apologizes and wonders if he should come back.

"No", Gibbs replies.

"Yes", Jenny says.

Gibbs tells Jenny that he's simply trying to solve the case.

Jenny then tells McGee to speak.

McGee reveals that Commander Wilder has arrived, Commander Wilder being someone who works with Commander Tanner at Q&R.

Gibbs simply heads downstairs with McGee as Jenny looks on.

In the bullpen, Commander Wilder is busy something into Zach's backpack just as Gibbs and McGee arrive, Gibbs greeting Commander Wilder.

Commander Wilder reveals that he went by Zach's house to grab some stuff for him but Gibbs's agents wouldn't let Wilder in so Wilder managed to get an Nintendo for Zach.

"That's the DS", McGee states. "It's an excellent system".

Gibbs just stops tending to Zach and looks at McGee with McGee stating that he's heard before McGee heads to his desk.

As they leave the bullpen, Wilder remarks that this is one Hell of a situation and that Zach's been through so much in his life already.

Gibbs wonders if there was a reason Wilder wanted to see him.

Wilder reveals that Tanner is a close friend and that Wilder himself was hoping for information before revealing that people at Q&R consider Tanner a suspect.

As they stand at the window, Wilder asks Gibbs if Gibbs knows the sacrifices Tanner has made to serve their country?

"I do", Gibbs replies.

Wilder then states that he doesn't care what the computer log says and that Commander Tanner is no traitor. Wilder also wants to know what it's gonna take to prove that.

"Finding who is", Gibbs states.

Wilder suggests that Gibbs look at Q&R's civilian employees and that they're all falling over themselves to try and protect their collective asses.

Wilder then wonders about Zach and where he's staying.

"With me", Gibbs replies.

Wilder remarks that he's the closest thing Zach has to family and that Wilder could take Zach home with him.

Gibbs tells Wilder that he can't do that and that Zach is in protective custody.

"You mean they're after Zach too?", Wilder says, appalled.

Gibbs tells Wilder that they'll take good care of him.

Wilder simply nods and then tells Gibbs that he's just going to say goodbye.

With that, both men head back into the bullpen.

McGee meets Gibbs who wonders if Gibbs told Wilder that they think that Tanner is innopcent.

Gibbs states that they don't know he is before wondering if McGee has something to say.

As this goes on, DiNozzo arrives in.

Holding an evidence bag to Gibbs, DiNozzo reveals that he's been going through the evidence they bagged from the vehicle and that they found a prepaid burn phone before asking Gibbs to guess whose number is on the caller ID.

As Gibbs examines the bag, DiNozzo reveals that it's Frank Connell, Q and R office.

A while later, as McGee examines a computer in the Q&R, Connell storms in, demanding to know what the Hell they're doing here.

Osgood states that she's sorry and that she couldn't stop them.

DiNozzo tells Connell that that's not Osgood's fault and that she was overwhelmed by a federal search warrant.

As Connell takes the warrant, obviously in disbelief, he remarks that this is completely out of line and that he's been nothing but co-operative.

DiNozzo wants Connell to explain why he called the kidnappers from this office the day the Honor code went missing.

Connell remarks that that's a ridiculous accusation.

As DiNozzo takes the warrant back, he wonders if Connell's denying that he was here.

Connell remarks that he said in his statement that he was working late that night.

"So you made the call", Gibbs says.

McGee reveals that someone's tampered with the hard drive and that they tried to erase the command logs the morning of the robbery.

Connell states that they had a virus which corrupted thousands of files.

Gibbs asks McGee if that's what happened.

McGee simply states that he can't tell until they get it back to the lab.

Gibbs then announces that they should bag and tag before leaving the office.

Connell protests, stating that they cannot remove that computer from this building.

"Don't worry", DiNozzo says, cuffing Connell. "You're going with it".

As he's cuffed Connell tells Osgood to go up and call the lawyers.

As Osgood rushes off, DiNozzo is busy reading Connell his rights while dragging Connell out of the office.

McGee then switches off the monitor.

A while later, in the bullpen, Ziva arrives in, carrying an apple.

She asks DiNozzo if Gibbs got Connell talking with DiNozzo stating that Connell's lawyer won't let Connell talk so Gibbs is giving him the old stare.

After a few seconds, Ziva walks away, remarking that Gibbs does it much better.

"Apple for teacher?", DiNozzo wonders.

As she places the apple on McGee's desk, Ziva states that it's for McGee and that McGee has been very generous, helping Ziva adjust to this new city.

"So you're giving him an apple?", DiNozzo states.

Ziva states that it's a small gesture.

DiNozzo tells Ziva that if she really wants to thank him, then why she doesn't get McGee a date? DiNozzo then laughs at that joke of his.

As Ziva rolls her eyes, DiNozzo tells Ziva that Gibbs wants to know if Ziva's got anything that Gibbs can use on Connell.

Ziva reveals that Connell is a deacon at his church and that Connell has never had a moving violation let alone a parking ticket before stating that Connell calls his mother every Sunday.

She then states that Connell is spick and spam.

DiNozzo corrects her, stating the saying is "spick and spam" before revealing that "spam" is lunch meat.

Ziva wonders what span is then.

DiNozzo tries to come up with an answer but tells Ziva that he'll get back to her on that.

Ziva then states that in her opinion, Frank Connell is not involved.

DiNozzo sarcastically remarks that that's good and that he'll let Gibbs know right away because Gibbs loves to hear their opinions.

Ziva believes that Gibbs is distracted by his affections for Zach.

DiNozzo tells Ziva that Gibbs doesn't get distracted.

Ziva wants to know what DiNozzo calls it, then.

As he gets to his feet, DiNozzo states that the Boss moves in mysterious ways before telling Ziva to get this to Gibbs.

"Why me?", Ziva wonders.

DiNozzo then remarks that he's going to see Ziva's buddy, McGee and as he passes by McGee's desk, DiNozzo also grabs the apple.

"Hey!", Ziva snaps. "Put that back".

DiNozzo remarks that he's just bringing the apple to McGee.

Ziva simply sits at her desk and begins reading a file.

In the lab, Chip is examining something as Tony arrives in, munching on the apple.

As DiNozzo heads in, he asks McGee for a progress report.

McGee remarks that he thinks that Connell put a trace on Commander Tanner's computer.

"Think?", DiNozzo says.

As DiNozzo walks around the main desk area Abby and McGee are at, McGee reveals that he's got scrapes of code, protocols and commands before stating that Connell might have put the trace in, gotten access to Tanner's passwords and stolen the software.

Abby reveals that "might have" and "think" are not going to make Gibbs happy.

McGee then tells her that whoever wiped his files did a good job and that there's nothing left but fragments before McGee wonders can't Gibbs bring in Interrogation.

"Not with a $500-an-hour defense attorney breathing down his neck", DiNozzo states before telling McGee that it's on him.

McGee then states that nothing he's found contradicts the evidence that they've got against Commander Tanner.

As DiNozzo stops, looking at them through the visible area, he tells McGee that he agrees with him but Gibbs is feeling pretty strong on this one.

McGee then asks if anyone has considered the fact that Gibbs may be wrong this time.

Unsurprisingly, Abby is horrified at that, telling McGee to bite his tongue and that Gibbs knows what he's doing. She also believes that they have to show Gibbs love.

"We show the love, Abby", DiNozzo states. "Just don't want to let the bad guys get away while they're doing it".

As this happens, McGee just rubs his head, obviously frustrated.

As DiNozzo attempts to leave, he throws the apple in the bin but stops upon seeing Chip with DiNozzo telling "Chipper" that Chip almost blocked his shot there.

DiNozzo wonders if Chip ever played ball.

"College", Chip states.

DiNozzo agrees that he did too.

Abby joins them, proudly announcing that Tony ran point for Ohio State.

DiNozzo wants to know what conference Chip played in.

Chip tells them that they didn't exactly have a conference.

"Division?", DiNozzo wonders.

"Not really", Chip says. "It was more of an intramural thing".

"Skins and mustaches?", DiNozzo wonders.

With that, DiNozzo leaves.

Abby then stands opposite Chip, wondering what he's got for her.

Chip then snaps to attention and tells her that it's the fingerprint analysis results.

Abby glances at the results and walks away with Chip following her.

Unnerved, Abby tells Chip that he's free to go with Chip admitting that he doesn't mind staying late. Frustrated, Abby then tells Chip to please go home.

"Is that an order?", Chip wonders.

"Yes", Abby says before telling Chip to "go".

As they walk Chip leave, McGee states that he doesn't know Abby concentrates around Chip.

Abby remarks that she knows before stating, "No, no, no!".

She then states that she's good at what she does.

"No, you're not", McGee says.

As she gets up again, Abby admits that she is and that Gibbs is going to hate her for it.

McGee wonders what happened.

Still studying the sheet Chip gave her, Abby reveals that she was following up on the murder weapon and double-checking to see if there was anything she missed.

"Was there?", McGee wonders.

"Fingerprints", Abby states.

"On the gun?", McGee says, surprised.

Abby states that it's on the rounds in the magazine.

McGee tells her that that's great.

Abby reveals that most people get obsessed about cleaning the grip and trigger and that they don't think twice about the bullets.

She reveals that they've got a nice partial thumb, a forefinger and a perfect index print.

"Amazing", McGee says.

Abby admits that she knows.

McGee then asks who are they?

"Commander Tanner's", Abby replies.

McGee just looks disappointed.

Abby after informing McGee that prints on the murder weapon belong to Navy Commander Alex Tanner.

It then cuts to Abby who looks at McGee, unsure of what else to say.

Act Four

In the basement, Zach and Gibbs are still working on the boat with Gibbs stating that at this rate, they'll have her seaworthy in no time.

As Gibbs heads over, Zach who's still working on the boat states that maybe his dad can help when he gets back.

As this goes on, Jenny who's wearing a gown arrives in.

"Hubba-hubba", Gibbs says at seeing Jenny before asking her if there was dinner at the White House?

Jenny states that it was a date, actually.

Gibbs tells her that it must be an important guy for Jenny to get all decked out.

As she walks up to Gibbs, Jenny states that she'd prefer if Gibbs told her that he liked her dress with Gibbs telling her that he hasn't decided yet.

As Gibbs walks off, Jenny turns to Zach and asks if he wonders giving them a moment.

Gibbs then tells Zach to go upstairs and grab a soda.

Zach then stops working and runs up the steps.

Now that they're along, Jenny then approaches Gibbs, wondering how long he's going to keep Frank Connell locked up.

Gibbs then wonders if Jenny made a house call to reprimand him.

Jenny then states that he's got Commander Tanner's fingerprints on the bullets of the murder weapon. Gibbs then tells her that he's not sure that Tanner did it.

Jenny wants to know and tells Gibbs not to say that it's his famous gut again.

As this happens, Zach arrives in, peeking secretly in at the talk from the top of the stairs.

Jenny remarks that Zach is a great kid and that it doesn't mean that his father's a bastard.

Gibbs admits that Tanner might be but Zach's their only link to Tanner.

Jenny wonders if they might make another attempt to get Zach back?

"If he does, I'll be waiting for him", Gibbs vows.

Zach then yells that his dad didn't do anything wrong, startling Gibbs and Jenny.

Jenny simply tells Zach that it's a complicated situation but Zach states that it isn't.

Gibbs tells Zach that there is evidence his father did something wrong.

Zach remarks that it doesn't matter and that he knows in his stomach that his father didn't do anything wrong. He then reminds Gibbs that Gibbs promised he'd bring his father back to Zach before Zach adds in, please, obviously desperate for GIbbs to keep his promise.

Gibbs just nods in agreement.

Jenny, on the other hand looks unsure.

The next morning, as Ziva stands at the window, talking to someone, Gibbs arrives in with McGee wondering where Zach is.

"Ducky's", Gibbs replies.

As Gibbs sits down at his desk, McGee gets up, informing Gibbs that he spent half the night taking Frank Connell's hard drive apart and there's nothing but McGee states that they need to accept that Commander Tanner stole the hardware.

Gibbs puts his foot down, stating that he's not accepting anything.

McGee tries to persaude Gibbs but Gibbs tells him that they need to look at this a different way.

Ziva then arrives, stating that she agrees and that she just talked to the CIA who were very co-operative.

"They were?", McGee says.

Ziva then admits the man she spoke to owned her a favor.

McGee wonders how many people own Ziva favors?

"How many dates does Tony go on a month?", Ziva wonders.

With the remote in her hand, she heads over to the monitor and brings up a photograph, stating that it's from Kosovo in the late 1990s.

She reveals that the man with the shaved head is the dead man, Vincent Pazzo while the one on the left is Willis Hurst.

Gibbs then gets up from his desk.

As Gibbs and McGee look on, Ziva reveals that they were mercenaries for the Kosovo Liberation Army. McGee believes that they were freedom fighters but Ziva tells him not exactly before revealing that the two men worked for a warlord as specialists.

McGee asks what specialty with Ziva telling him "coercion".

"Torture", Gibbs replies.

McGee's confused, wondering about the evidence they've got against Commander Tanner. Ziva tells McGee that this is a covert operation and to take nothing at face value.

She then reveals that they framed Commander Tanner as a diversion.

"While they torture him for the access code", Gibbs remarks grimly.

McGee believes that maybe Commander Tanner won't talk.

Ziva then asks McGee if he's ever been tortured and as McGee looks at her, Ziva says that there's only so much torment the human body can bear and that strong men break in a few days and that no-one can hold out forever, not even Gibbs.

She then states that to a trained interrogator, it can be done in less time and she also expresses confidence that she can get that code in hours.

McGee then states that they've had Tanner for two days.

"He's running out of time if he hasn't talked already", Ziva states.

"A few hours, huh?", Gibbs says.

"Give or take", Ziva replies.

Gibbs tells Ziva that he's putting her in a room with Frank Connell and that she has forty minutes. They're interrupted by DiNozzo who tells Gibbs that he'd hold off on that.

"DiNozzo, where have you been?", Gibbs demands.

DiNozzo reveals that he was tracking down the convenience store where their dead guy purchased his phone and that it wasn't easy.

As this goes on, DiNozzo is busy taking off his coat while Ziva returns to her desk.

DiNozzo also reveals the language barrier between himself and Mr. Singh was no piece of cake either.

As he says that, DiNozzo goes and takes a pastry from McGee's desk much to McGee's horror.

As DiNozzo eats the pastry while remarking that once Singh was convinced DiNozzo wasn't going to shut his store and that Singh gave his surveillence video tapes.

DiNozzo then spits out the uneated pastry, asking McGee if this is poppy seed.

Gibbs impatiently wants to know where the tapes are.

DiNozzo tells that they're in Abby's lab before apologizing and revealing that Abby's also scanning the tapes right now.

As Gibbs leaves, DiNozzo follows him with DiNozzo later throwing the pastry back to McGee which lands on McGee's lap much to McGee's own disgust.

In the lab, Abby reveals that the phone was purchased with cash, a week before Commander Tanner disappeared.

Gibbs tells Abby to pause the tape and then remarks that the woman's got four tapes in her hands.

As Gibbs joins DiNozzo at the main monitor area, DiNozzo tells Abby to zoom in.

Abby does that.

DiNozzo then remarks about the woman's lips, the angle of her chin and the curve of the neck.

"Okay, we got it, Tony", Abby states. "She's attractive".

DiNozzo then reveals that the mysterious woman is none than Laura Osgood, Frank Connell's assistant.

With that, Gibbs and DiNozzo leave the lab.

As they do that, Abby tells them that she'll make them a print before she turns around and realizes that they're gone. Abby remarks that she hates it when they do that.

At the office, Osgood is busy shredding documents when Gibbs, Ziva and McGee arrive in.

Osgood gets to her feet and asks what's going on.

Gibbs tells Osgood that she bought phones connected to a robbery, kidnapping and murder.

Ziva digs into Osgood's bag and produces a phone with Ziva stating that the number matches several calls on the kidnapper's phone.

"You're done", Gibbs whispers.

He then tells Osgood that the only way to help herself is for Osgood to tell everything she knows.

Osgood stands her ground, stating she wants a lawyer.

Ziva just turns around, smirking.

Ziva, McGee and Gibbs then regroup with Gibbs announcing that that Commander Tanner has been missing for 47 hours- nearly two days.

Ziva remarks that if Tanner isn't dead yet, then he soon will be.

McGee believes that maybe they can convince Osgood to change her mind about the lawyer.

Ziva remarks that she can convince Osgood far more than that.

"How long?", Gibbs wonders.

"Not long", Ziva replies.

With that, Gibbs heads for the door before asking McGee if he's thirsty.

When McGee doesn't reply, Gibbs tells McGee to come on and that he'll buy McGee a cup of coffee.

The two agents then leave.

Once they're gone, Ziva closes the door.

Outside, in the lobby, as both Gibbs and McGee wait, McGee wonders what Ziva is doing in there.

Gibbs just looks at McGee with McGee stating that he doesn't want to know.

A while later, as Ziva looks on, Osgood tearfully reveals that it was a three-man team and that she was on the inside. Osgood also reveals that she put a trace on Tanner's computer to get his passwords.

Osgood also reveals that she planted the virus using Tanner's log-in.

Ziva tells Osgood or Laura to keep going.

Osgood states that Pazzo and Hirst grabbed the Commander to get the access code.

McGee wonders who set it up with Osgood telling him that she doesn't know.

Osgood then states that they were contacted separately and that the money was wired with instructions being emailed on an anonymous server.

Gibbs asks Osgood where Commander Tanner is.

When Osgood doesn't reply, Ziva comes up from behind and asks Osgood who flinches where Commander Tanner is being tortured.

Osgood states that that wasn't part of her assignment before stating please and that they'll kill her.

Ziva then touches Osgood on the shoulder which has Osgood flinching again.

As Gibbs and McGee look on, Osgood finally gives up the location, revealing that it's a garage near Coleman Park.

With that, Ziva leaves, taking Gibbs's coffee as McGee looks on.

Osgood just looks exhausted.

In the garage area, Willis Hirst receives a phone call with the person at the other end stating that the code checks out and that Hirst should proceed as planned.

Hirst agrees, stating that he'll go clean up.

Hirst then hangs up and heads back into the main garage area where a very much alive but bruised and bloodied Commander Tanner is, Tanner hanging from a pole with his mouth tapped shut.

Hirst produces a gun and places the silencer on it.

Suddenly, something outside catches Hirst's attention and he stops.

Grabbing a shotgun, Hirst then slams the door shut.

Seconds later, the garage door swings open and Ziva, Gibbs and DiNozzo arrive in, all three now wielding their SIG-Sauers.

They then duck for cover as Hirst fires from the room.

Once Hirst runs out, the three then respond by combining their firepower and together, they all shoot Hirst at the same time.

Seconds later, Hirst hits the ground, dead.

As DiNozzo and Ziva sweep the area, Gibbs kicks Hirst's weapon aside.

Gibbs then heads into the main garage and removes the tape from Commander Tanner's mouth.

Despite bloodied and weak, Tanner asks about Zach.

Gibbs tells Commander Tanner that Zach is safe and that NCIS have Zach.

As Gibbs cuts the bindings, finally freeing Commander Tanner's arms, Commander Tanner rasps that they told Tanner that they had Zach.

As Gibbs cuts more of the ropes, Tanner also reveals that if he didn't give them the codes, then they would kill Zach.

"You gave them the key?", Gibbs says.

Tanner states that he had to before stating the kidnappers had his son and that they showed Tanner proof.

Gibbs wants to know what proof.

Once Gibbs has finally removed Tanner by cutting the Commander free, Tanner gestures over to the corner with Gibbs looking over.

On the table is Zach's iPod.

It then cuts a flashback showing Commander Wilder secretly putting the iPad into his bag which confirms that he's working alongside Hirst.

A while later, Commander Wilder is in an area where Gibbs, DiNozzo and Ziva emerge from three positions, essentially boxing Wilder in.

Wilder wants to know what the Hell is going on.

Not one to waste time talking, Gibbs settles for tackling Wilder, sending the disgraced Commander to the ground as DiNozzo and Ziva look on.

Gibbs then places his SIG-Sauer in front of Wilder with Wilder stating that he's not resisting.

"Too bad", Gibbs replies.

Wilder then reveals that he could never hurt Zach and that it was strictly business.

As Gibbs steps aside, DiNozzo kneels down and cuffing Wilder, states that they'll be sure to let Zach know that.

With that, Gibbs heads off with Ziva and DiNozzo following, Ziva carrying Wilder's hat and briefcase while DiNozzo is dragging the cuff Wilder with him.

A few hours later, back at NCIS Headquarters, Zach who has a coffee mustache is glancing out the window, lost in deep thought.

Gibbs then joins him.

From his desk, McGee who's writing something looks on.

Gibbs then stands beside Zach and as the two take a sip from their respective plastic cups, Gibbs asks Zach if he's okay.

"I guess", Zach says.

Looking at Gibbs, Zach then states that Commander Wilder was his father's.. before changing his sentence and stating that Commander Wilder was Zach's friend.

Gibbs just looks at Zach.

Zach then states that he should have known and that he shouldn't have let Commander Wilder fool him like that.

Kneeling down, Gibbs tells Zach that sometimes really bad people are good at fooling you.

Zach wonders if anyone bad ever fooled Gibbs.

"Oh, yeah", Gibbs replies. "More than once".

Gibbs then rubs the mustache off Zack's mouth.

Zach then states that someday he's going to find them and put them all in jail.

Gibbs remarks that he believes Zach will.

"Zach", a voice calls.

Now overjoyed, Zach runs and embraces his father, Commander Tanner who is revealed to have been treated for his wounds with Tony and Ziva accompanying him.

Although Commander Tanner's right arm is in a sling, he manages to embrace his son with Zach relieved that his father's alright and Zach also stating that he knew his father would never leave him.

As Gibbs picks up the downed cup that Zach dropped in his excitement, Tanner assures Zach that everything's alright with Zach telling his father that he loves him.

It then cuts to a series of flashbacks showing Zach in the basement, working on the boat.

It then morphs to another set of flashbacks. this time showing Gibbs and his young daughter working on another different boat together.

It then cuts to Gibbs and his daughter who are smiling.


Series Regulars

Season Three Cast
Name Portrayed by Role
Leroy Jethro Gibbs Mark Harmon An NCIS Special Agent in charge of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Anthony DiNozzo Junior Michael Weatherly The Senior Agent of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team and also the second-in-command.
Abigail Sciuto Pauley Perette A Goth who is also the Chief Forensic Scientist and who also works for the NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Timothy McGee Sean Murray (actor) An NCIS Special Agent previously assigned to the Norfolk Naval Base who is now the Junior Agent of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Jennifer Shepard Lauren Holly The Director of NCIS who was also Gibbs's former girlfriend and partner.
Ziva David Cote de Pablo The Mossad Liaison Officer to NCIS.
Donald Mallard David McCallum NCIS's Chief Medical Examiner.

Recurring Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
Charles Sterling Michael Bellisario Abby's new lab assistant.
Kelly Gibbs Mary Mouser Gibbs's murdered young daughter.

Guest Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
Harry Wilder Jack Stehlin A Naval Officer who's involved with the same group that kidnapped Commander Alex Tanner.
Frank Connell Michael Reilly Burke The head of Q&R Security.
Zach Tanner Joseph Castanon Alex's young son who later contacts NCIS, informing them about his father's kidnapping.
Laura Osgood Susse Budde Frank Connell's personal assistant at Q&R Security.
Alex Tanner Paul Webster Zach's father.
Willis Hirst Brian Fitzpatrick A mercenary responsible for kidnapping Commander Tanner.
Vincent Pazzo Dominic Pace Hirst's partner who helped in the kidnapping of Commander Tanner. Is later found dead in a car, having been fatally shot after becoming a liability due to the fact that Gibbs shot and injured Pazzo in the shoulder when Pazzo attempted to kidnap Zach Tanner.
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