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Ice Queen is the twentieth episode of JAG Season 8 and the 178th episode of the entire JAG series.

In addition, it is also the first part of the backdoor pilot episode for the first ever spin-off series, "NCIS" while also introducing a new team composed of NCIS Special Agents, all of whom with the exception of NCIS Special Agents Vivian Blackadder and Don Dobbs would later go on to appear in the main NCIS series.


While searching for his missing arrow, a young Scout boy finds a badly decayed body resting in a tree in a small area of Potomac Park. As such, the NCIS Major Case Response Team team led by NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs are called in to process and investigate the crime scene and the body itself with the NCIS team soon discovering that the victim is a Naval officer formerly associated with the Judge Advocate General or JAG office. NCIS then begin searching for a potential suspect with one member of the JAG team later emerging as the main suspect in the investigation. While tackling the case, NCIS also attempt to break a possible terrorist who may hold key information in regards to a possible terrorist attack.


In a small area of Potomac Park, a group of fifteen young boys along with their two adult guardians are at an archery shooting range.

The Scoutmaster blows his whistle and tells the youngsters that it's their last arrows.

On cue, other boy scouts step forward and each one begins launching their arrows at the colored and designated targets with each one hitting its mark.

A young scout boy, Tommy then prepares to take aim and fires, only for his arrow to go over into the woods instead of hitting the assigned target.

As it goes over, a young blonde boy, Marcus (Ice Queen) asks Tommy if he's aiming at Maryland while the Scoutmaster then states that Tommy will never get his archery pin this way.

Marcus and Billy both begin comparing scores with Marcus announcing that he has twenty-six points and that he's won too.

As Tommy begins removing his own arrows from the target, the Scoutmaster then tells him to go get the arrow that went down the hill before urging his charges to give him the arrows back.

As this happens, Tommy then heads down the path, crossing a tree branch in the process.

Once he gets down to the main area of the forest, he sees a badly decayed corpse lying in the tree, his own arrow embedded in the corpse's back.

It then cuts to Tommy who looks greatly shaken at the discovery, almost to the point of tears.

Act One

On a lone stretch of road as the NCIS Major Case Response Team Truck is heading to the crime-scene, its blue crime lights flashing as well.

In the van are NCIS Special Agents Leroy Jethro Gibbs and Vivian Blackadder who are in the passenger seats while fellow Agent Anthony DiNozzo Junior is in the driver's seat.

As the journey continues, Gibbs remarks about the kid putting an arrow in a corpse and states that it's a new one.

Much to Viv's dismay, DiNozzo then chimes in with a story regarding two rookies who investigated a crime-scene and found an old man that later mumbled, causing one of the rookies to empty his weapon into the body in question while Gibbs takes a sip of his coffee and begins scribbling something down on his notepad.

Gibbs then tells DiNozzo what he thinks about it with DiNozzo adding that the thing wasn't an urban myth because he was there.

"I think you were the rookie", Gibbs finally states.

DiNozzo doesn't say anything for a while before stating to Gibbs that that's funny, wrong but funny.

Viv simply smirks, amused.

A while later, the van arrives at the crime scene.

Once it's been parked, all three Agents go to get their gear out of the back.

As this goes on, Gibbs then tells Tony that Tony is to do a hundred-meter perimeter search.

Having grabbed his backpack, Tony goes off to do just that, leaving Gibbs and Viv who are finally leaving the van, Gibbs carrying his own backpack while Viv is handling some equipment needed for the scene.

Gibbs tells her to go interview the Scoutmaster while he will handle the youngster who found the body.

Unsurprisingly, Viv's concerned about Gibbs questioning the youngster and creates a mess concerning just that.

Gibbs tells her he's going to talk to him anyway.

Viv states that Gibbs talking to him will only add to the youngster's trauma just as a State Trooper (Ice Queen) arrives to greet them.

After exchanging greetings, the State Trooper tells them that their Medical Examiner's down with the body and that the youngster in question is the same one who shot the arrow which landed in the corpse.

It then shows Tommy, the boy who's sitting in a corner, looking miserable.

"One for the books, huh?", the State Trooper states.

Gibbs then looks at Viv for a few seconds and tells her that he thinks that the Scoutmaster is the tall one.

Sighing heavily and rolling her eyes, Viv heads off to interview the Scoutmaster while Gibbs is left with the State Trooper who tells him that this is the first time he's known Chief Metz (possibly the State Trooper's boss) let an outside agency like NCIS handle a homicide on their turf.

"Maybe he knows something about us you don't", Gibbs states, placing his cap on his head before leaving while the State Trooper looks at his retreating back, either disgruntled or annoyed at the comment.

Meanwhile, Viv's arrived at the area where the Scoutmaster and the remaining scouts are standing around, the group looking completely stunned.

Viv quickly identifies herself as an agent of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service- NCIS.

From the looks of things, it's quite clear that the Scoutmaster is distressed or rather hysterical over seeing the body as he comments about how the corpse or rather she didn't have a face.

Viv asks him if he touched any other parts of the body.

The Scoutmaster tells her that he didn't and that once he'd thrown up, he called the police.

He then goes on to tell Viv that she has no idea how horrible it was.

Viv tells him it's okay and then tells him he might want to suck it up for the sake of his young charges, all of whom are looking tired and upset.

Gibbs arrives over to where the youngster, Tommy is before kneeling down.

Gibbs then identifies himself as being a Special Agent with Tommy instantly stating that he didn't kill the woman.

Gibbs assures him that he didn't and tells him that it's over.

Tommy disagrees, stating that it won't be over and that he'll dream about it before telling Gibbs that he's going to be dreaming about the woman.

Gibbs tells him that it won't happen if Tommy doesn't want to.

"I don't want to", Tommy admits.

Gibbs advises Tommy to close his eyes and tell himself that he won't be dreaming about the victim.

Tommy doesn't believe it'll work.

Gibbs tells him that it worked for him as when he was Tommy's age, he saw something bad just like this and asks Tommy to trust him.

He then advises the youngster to close his eyes.

Tommy, still not convinced closes his eyes anyway and states, "I won't dream about her" before opening his eyes again.

As the rest of the boy scouts look on and while Viv's still busy interviewing the Scoutmaster, Gibbs praises Tommy for doing it and then gives him his card before giving the youngster his cap, stating, "Good" which at last causes Tommy to smile .

Gibbs then advises Tommy to give him a call before getting to his feet.

He also puts his NCIS cap onto Tommy's head with the cap itself having a small golden NCIS badge beside the word "NCIS".

As Gibbs begins walking away, Tommy wonders about what to do if he has a nightmare.

Gibbs assures him that they already took care of it and urges him to come see where Gibbs works before urging Tommy to bring some friends too so that Gibbs can give them a tour of the place.

Once he's gone, one of Tommy's fellow scout boys remarks, "That is so awesome" and once Gibbs has left to head to the main crime scene, the rest of the young scout group, amazed at who Tommy was talking to.

Tommy then proudly shows off his new prized possession: the NCIS cap Gibbs gave him.

Meanwhile, Gibbs and Viv have gone into the forest where Viv is telling Gibbs what she learnt from the Scoutmaster, remarking that the guy just took one look at the body, barfed (threw up) and then called 911.

As they edge down a hill, Gibbs opens his backpack and produces a spare NCIS cap which he places it on his head with his backpack still open.

Along the way, Viv asks him if he got anything new from the youngster.

"Well, he didn't barf", Gibbs replies.

The two get caught in a little mishap and Gibbs for once is kind enough to help Viv through it.

As they approach the crime scene which has been taped off, Gibbs calls out to someone named "Ducky" and asks them what they've got.

It then cuts to a middle-aged or old man standing with his back to the group as he examines the body.

He then remarks that the victim is a deceased, pregnant female Navy Lieutenant who in his words, "appears to have been tossed into a tree".

Turning around, NCIS's Medical Examiner, Doctor Donald Mallard or "Ducky" instantly tells Viv that he loves her perfume before asking her out for dinner after the autopsy.

As Viv places a pole into the ground, she tells Ducky that she never goes out with men old enough to be her father before leaving again.

Watching her go, Ducky remarks at how Blackadder remains him of a young woman he once autopsied.

Gibbs wants to when did the current victim die?

Mistakenly believing that Gibbs is actually asking about the victim in his story before stating that it happened in Hollywood over twenty years ago and that she was an assistant film editor and that the film editor's wife caught them in "flagrante delicto"- (Latin for "caught red-handed" or a euphemism used to describe someone being caught in the act of sexual intercourse).

Gibbs, thankfully gets Ducky back on track by asking when did their current victim die?

Ducky tells Gibbs that it's been a while.

Gibbs wants more details but Ducky tells he'll know more once he's completed the autopsy.

Gibbs then asks Ducky to humor him and heading to where the body is,

Ducky states that judging by the rate of decompose that the body's in, he's guessing that the victim's been dead for two and a half or maybe three weeks.

When Gibbs asks for a cause of death, Ducky tells him that it wasn't the arrow that killed her.

It then cuts to the metal pole and heads over to where Viv is.

She's busy taking readings and then notes the findings down in her PDA before asking Tony if he's found any tracks.

Tony tells her that he hasn't and that the rain must have washed them all away.

"You concrete cops can't read signs until it's in neon", Viv jokes before she stops and gestures to something on the ground. She asks Tony what it is and he realizes that it's a deer track.

Viv asks him how old it is and Tony wonders if she's Pocahontas but he stops upon noticing that Viv's clammed up.

When he ponders further, Viv tells Tony that he reminded her of her brother, Rex who taught her how to track and that he called her "Pocahontas".

Tony tells Viv that he'd rather she didn't think of him as her brother but she tells Tony that she could never do that because Rex was much better-looking.

Tony chuckles and asks her if she's been taking comedy lessons from Gibbs but Viv suddenly stops and then turns away, overcome with emotion.

She then tells Tony that Rex was killed in the USS Cole.

Tony hangs his head, ashamed that he didn't know and tells her he's sorry before figuring out that Rex's death was the reason that Viv quit the FBI and joined NCIS instead.

Back at the crime scene, Gibbs who's busy taking photographs wants to know how pregnant the victim was.

Ducky who's wearing some boots heads over to the body and presses his hands against the corpse's belly before telling Gibbs his guess is that she was about four or five months pregnant.

Gibbs then takes a snapshot of the victim's face where it's shown that the flesh has completely faded away, leaving nothing but a skeleton behind yet the rest of the body is still intact.

Ducky then grimly tells Gibbs that the crows took the victim's eyes first before tearing away what was left of the soft flesh.

Gibbs wonders why they didn't get her hands and feet.

Ducky admits that he's pondering about that ever since he got there and then tells Gibbs that he doesn't know.

Having gotten photographs from below, Gibbs climbs up the tree and at the top, takes more photographs of the body before looking out at the river, a possible scenario unfolding in his mind.

It then cuts to the corpse's point of view where it shows her gliding along in a river before she eventually ends up in the tree just below Gibbs and right in front of Ducky.

After he's gotten down, Gibbs announces that the victim was in the river.

Viv wants to know how she got into the tree.

Gibbs tells her to look at the watermarks on the trees and the rocks and that the river came up in the spring thaw, causing the body to float into the tree.

As Tony looks at the scene, Gibbs tells Ducky that he can bag the victim because she wasn't dumped here.

Ducky asks an unnamed Marine to bring a wrap while Tony rolls up the sleeve and discovers that she was a JAG before announcing it to the team.

Ducky wants to know if they've ever worked with her but judging by the silence coming from Gibbs, it's possible that they haven't.

Ducky then remarks that while she's a bit messy, how many blonde, JAG female Lieutenants can there be?

At JAG HQ, Admiral A.J. Chegwidden has called his team into the JAG Conference Room for a meeting and then gives them the grim news that NCIS has found the remains of an unidentified JAG Lieutenant in Potomac Park before announcing that their medical examiner has guessed that she's between four and five months pregnant.

Navy Lieutenant Harriet Sims simply hopes that it isn't Lieutenant Singer with Navy Commander Harmon Rabb Jr. agreeing with her, stating that it can't be Singer because she's due in two weeks.

When Chegwidden asks Harm if he's been in contact with Singer, Harm gets a little tongue-tied before he tells Chegwidden that he hasn't spoken to Singer since she left JAG three months ago.

Marine Colonel Sarah MacKenzie agrees, stating that there's no way the Medical Examiner could mis-estimate by four months.

Chegwidden tells her that the Medical Examiner hasn't conducted the autopsy yet and then informs them that he believes that the body is somewhat decomposed which leaves everyone including Harm disgusted and stunned by the news.

Petty Officer Jason Tiner, Chegwidden's assistant then arrives in with the news that he tried Lieutenant Singer's number and her cell-phone but both have been disconnected.

Chegwidden thanks him before dismissing him again.

Once Tiner's gone, Chegwidden grimly remarks that the news doesn't look good, causing Harm to wonder if Chegwidden's writing Singer off.

Chegwidden then tells Harm that while he may not know all the 750 JAG officers under his command, Chegwidden would however damn well know if one was missing for three weeks which leaves Harm greatly ashamed.

Chegwidden then tells them that NCIS is going to get DNA from the remains and run them through the military database and that they'll know shortly if the body is Lieutenant Singer's.

Suddenly, Harm abruptly gets up and excusing himself, leaves the room before closing the door behind him.

As he does that, it then cuts to Chegwidden who turns to his staff and wonders if there's something going on between Harm and Lieutenant Singer that he should know about.

Chegwidden keeps looking around the table, waiting for an answer, only to be met with silence.

Act Two

In the NCIS squad-room, more importantly the Bullpen, Gibbs is pointing out the area where the body was found.

He remarks that while he had DiNozzo do a hundred-meter perimeter search, Gibbs still wants a search team out there first thing in the morning and that the team ought to go through both sides of the Potomac.

Tony's busy on the phone, talking to Chegwidden while scribbling something down.

As fellow NCIS Special Agent Don Dobbs looks on, Gibbs tells him to start at the falls and work his way downstream.

When Dobbs ponders further, Gibbs tells him to go to the tidal basin if he has to and that if they're lucky the purse washed up somewhere as Viv looks on from her desk.

Dobbs protests, stating that because of the ongoing war in Iraq, he can't get enough Agents to cover that area.

Gibbs then tells him to call a Gunnery Sergeant Puller who's stationed at Quantico and to tell Puller that Gibbs needs a few of his Marines for a little field exercise.

When Dobbs hesitates, Gibbs tells him that Puller owes him and that he'll send them before silently gesturing to Dobbs to get to work.

As Dobbs leaves, heading to the unoccupied desk next to Gibbs's desk and as Dobbs prepares to get to work, Tony hangs up and heads over to Gibbs's desk, reporting that he was talking to Chegwidden who told him that he couldn't reach Lieutenant Singer and that her home phone in San Diego and cell are both disconnected before announcing that Singer was due to deliver in two weeks.

Viv disagrees, stating that there was no way that the body could be full-term.

Tony remarks that some women hide it well before Viv tells him that it's not that well.

Their banter is interrupted when the NCIS Director, Thomas Morrow passes by the bullpen, telling Gibbs to follow him and that his team can tag along which they do.

Gibbs, Viv and Tony along with Dobbs follow Morrow with all five heading for MTAC.

Morrow then gains access to the area by use of an iris scanner and as they all head into the room which is a big room where some monitors in the corner with some small screens overhead as well as a big screen in the center of the room and given the group of people inside, it's obvious that something big is happening or rather about to happen.

Viv instantly recognizes the man on the main screen as being Amad Bin Atwad which has Dobbs impressed.

Morrow remarks that if their intel is correct, then Bin Atwad has just completed an "tirer un coup" which Dobbs translates is French for "nooner"- (a mid-day sexual encounter).

On the screen, it shows a young woman emerging from the hotel whom Tony identifies as Heather (Ice Queen), an NCIS Special Agent.

As such, both Tony and Dobbs are drooling over the fact that Heather's got great legs while Gibbs silently looks on.

It then cuts to a male voice telling Heather that the target's standing right next to her with the voice telling Heather to get a snapshot.

During a talk in French, Heather gets a snapshot which she sends back to MTAC.

The techs then spend the few minutes searching and scanning the image before stating that the ID is an exact match.

The male voice tells Heather that the ID's been confirmed and to proceed.

Heather and Bin Atwad have another talk in French just as another man wearing sunglasses emerges before changing direction and throwing a bag over Bin Atwad's head, greatly surprising the terrorist which has Tony and eventually everyone else in the room applauding.

Heather then gets into the car and she and the driver head off with Bin Atwad in the back.

It then cuts to MTAC where everyone including Gibbs is clapping wildly over such a successful operation.

Down in the squad-room, at the Most Wanted Wall, Tony's busy marking Bin Atwad off with a tape, confirming that the terrorist has been captured.

While Gibbs and Morrow talk in the background, Viv who is not celebrating tells Tony who looks concerned that Bin Atwad supplied money and explosives to Hussan Mohammed who executed the attack on the USS Cole that cost Viv's brother, Rex his life.

She also mentions that the two have been an al-jhad team that has been together for nine years.

As Morrow and Gibbs finish their talk with Morrow leaving, Viv's still on a rant, stating that she wants in on the kill-team if Bin Atwad gives up Hussan.

Gibbs comes over, informing her that they're not part of the kill team assigned to get Mohammed.

Viv protests, stating that her brother died on the Cole.

As they head for a stairway or an elevator, Gibbs tells her she's not here to use NCIS as her own personal instrument of revenge before telling her to get her head around the murder case they're investigating or he's going to send her back to the FBI.

When Viv refuses to answer, Gibbs gets in her face and only when she says she's gotten the order, adding a sir in for good measure does Gibbs walk away.

Tony who has been an uncomfortable witness to the exchange leaves his desk and asks Viv if she's ever wondered if all the Marines think that they're D.Is (Drill Instructors)?

He gives Viv a little nudge but Viv just stands there, arms crossed and still pissed off before she sighs heavily and heads off to join him.

Back at the river, Dobbs has managed to get a group of Marines together and is busy giving them instructions while telling them that they're searching for a purse.

Back in the NCIS squadroom, as someone works on a dummy composed of a single skeleton face with brown eyes, the NCIS team head down the stairs, Viv and Tony talking about the victim with Viv believing that if she had delivered before she died, then it would like she was still pregnant.

As this goes on, Gibbs stops for a second to sign something before he joins the others.

Viv then believes that the victim couldn't cope with the possible premature delivery and while suffering from post-partum depression, she threw herself off the railing.

Gibbs who's in the process of opening a door with "RESTRICTED" on it wonders if the victim had the baby.

Viv remarks that it's a horrible thought.

Gibbs agrees before stating that they need the foetus in utero if they've got any chance of matching the father's DNA.

He then looks at Viv who looks disgusted or horrified before Gibbs asks her if she thinks that it's cold.

"Very", Viv replies.

"Good", Gibbs states. "It means I'm focused".

"I hope I'm never that focused", Viv mutters bitterly before heading off.

It then cuts to DiNozzo who looks silent.

In the morgue, Ducky is busy taking photographs from the corpse from her point of view. He then tells her that despite having no face, she cleaned up pretty good.

It then cuts to the normal scenario where Viv is busy applying vap-o-rub to her face despite Gibbs telling her the only thing she's going to be smelling is a dead girl with a chest cold.

Viv who has tied up her hair, just rolls her eyes as the team descend on the corpse where it cuts to her point of view again. Gibbs remarks that the only missing JAG is Lieutenant Singer who's pregnant and is supposedly full term.

Ducky assures them that Singer's not their guest and continues taking photographs.

Tony asks Ducky if the victim could have just delivered but Ducky tells him it's not possible.

Ducky then heads over to Viv and asks her if she's having a good day.

"Oh, just ducky", Viv grumbles.

Ducky then tells them that DNA results are going to be in shortly and remarks that he and the victim will be formally introduced.

Gibbs then requests the DNA from the foetus and Ducky wonders if whoever the father was of Singer's baby could also be the killer.

Gibbs tells him that the victim was single and Ducky rather jokingly berates the victim, stating, "Shame on you".

Gibbs states that if they're lucky, then the baby's DNA will match someone at JAG. Viv kicks up yet another fuss by stating that it's illegal to use military DNA for anything except to identify a body.

Gibbs tells Viv that he doesn't intend to use it in court but Viv reminds him that it's still illegal.

Tony tells her that the law's gonna change soon but Viv states that it hasn't changed yet.

Gibbs interjects by stating that while the politicians have their own timetables, Gibbs has his.

Ducky orders them to stop fighting because they're all on the same team. He then begins heading over to the desk to show them what he found on the body before he sends them up to Abby.

The contents are one cocktail napkin, very water-soaked and that it appears to have had something written on it and that the Lieutenant was travelling American Airlines but Ducky can't figure that out either because it's in worse shape than the napkin.

Gibbs examines it and soon figures out that it's "S something N". Tony then remembers that Chegwidden told him that Lt. Singer lived in San Diego.

Gibbs orders that NCIS in San Diego be contacted so that a full search of Singer's place as well as interviews with her neighbors can be done and that a full investigation is to take place.

Ducky then produces a small tube containing a metallic silver which he found in the victim's posterior skull fracture and then shows the team the X-rays determining where it was found.

Ducky believes that she was hit on the head with a blunt metal object before being dumped into the falls.

He also states that judging by the fractures, it's possible that these were caused by the victim going over the falls without a barrel.

Gibbs wants every bridge in and around the area checked.

Tony tells him that both he and Viv will be out at first-light.

Gibbs informs that Tony that he's going to be by himself because Viv will be going with him to JAG.

While Gibbs beckons Tony forward to show him something, Ducky calls for Viv and gives her a plastic helmet before asking her if she wants to find out how their guest is hiding a full-term foetus despite the fact that Viv is clearly uncomfortable with his actions.

Having placed his helmet on, Ducky picks up a scalpel and just as he gets ready, the phone suddenly rings, causing Ducky to remark that they've been saved by the bell.

It's the Armed Forces DNA Registry which has officially identified the body as being that of missing JAG Lieutenant Loren Singer.

The next morning, Chegwidden is in the JAG Conference Room giving his team news about the development with both Gibbs and Viv now in attendance.

Chegwidden also states that NCIS will be leading the investigation into Singer's death and that he expects his fellow JAG officers to give the NCIS agents their full co-operation.

Harm's stunned that Chegwidden's letting NCIS take the lead on the investigation and requests a con-current JAGMAN investigation also be run, only for Chegwidden to deny the request which leaves everyone stunned and when Harm tries to ask for it again, Chegwidden shuts him down altogether.

Recovering quickly although he's slightly frustrated, Harm instantly rounds on Gibbs, stating that Singer was murdered.

Gibbs wants to know why Harm would something like that.

Harm sarcastically states that if it was an accidental death, then they wouldn't be here otherwise.

Mac then tells them that Singer was meant to be in San Diego and do they have any idea what she was doing in D.C? Viv responds by stating that they were hoping one of the JAG staff could tell them.

Harm then states that no-one's seen Singer since she left the JAG office in January.

Getting up from his seat, Gibbs is wondering if Harm's doing the talking for everyone in JAG.

Chegwidden then reveals that Gibbs and Viv have requested a separate interview with each of the JAG team and that he expects their full co-operation to be given in regards to the investigation.

Gibbs then reminds them about talking about the case and their testimonies could result in them getting an obstruction of justice charge and begins stating that if they could refrain from discussing their questions and answers.

Harm, however cuts him off, telling Gibbs that they do know the law because they're lawyers.

Gibbs wants to begin grilling Harm but just as things look like they're going to get very messy with Gibbs and Harm staring at each other, Chegwidden thankfully intervenes, stating that he and Harm need to rework a court schedule and that Chegwidden should be spoken to first before asking Gibbs if there's any problems regarding that.

Gibbs insists that there isn't.

With that, Chegwidden orders Harm to join him while the other members of the JAG team stand to attention as Chegwidden tells his staff that'll be all.

Viv gets up from her seat and joins Gibbs before asking him why they're letting Chegwidden cool Harm down.

Gibbs tells her that they're going to let Chegwidden play good cop for about seven minutes and invites her to have a seat.

Heading into Chegwidden's office, the Admiral is busy ripping Harm a new one for acting all so secretive and tells Harm that after that performance in the conference room, Harm would be a prime suspect if Chegwidden were in charge of the investigation.

Harm defends himself, stating he didn't kill Singer.

Chegwidden agrees but has picked up on the hint that Rabb's involved and he wants to know how.

Harm refuses to say anything with Chegwidden guessing that Harm probably got Singer pregnant although seconds later, he changes his tune, stating Harm didn't get Singer pregnant but he believes that Harm knows who did and that the other JAG officer is protecting them.

Harm insists that the only thing he's protecting is Singer's privacy and tells Chegwidden that if Singer didn't tell anyone who the father was, then he's not going to speculate on the subject.

Chegwidden tells Harm that he's not being more truthful with him than he would be with NCIS with Harm protesting that he's not going to lie.

Chegwidden remarks that Harm's a damn good lawyer and begins stating that Harm knows how to obfuscate the truth in an interrogation before realizing that Gibbs has played them and tells Harm that hearsay rules don't apply in an interrogation because Chegwidden is duty-bound to repeat anything that Harm's told him.

"You really think he's that devious?", Harm asks.

"Reminds me a lot of you", Chegwidden replies.

Tony's back out at one of the bridges and is busy examining the railings for any sign of blood but upon finding nothing on the railings, he puts the items in his backpack and then decides to move on to another area, Tony clearly frustrated and disappointed.

In Chegwidden's office, Gibbs and Viv are talking to him although Gibbs is looking around Chegwidden's office while Viv is interviewing the Admiral.

Chegwidden tells them that Singer requested extended maternity leave in January and that it was granted.

Gibbs wonders if that's the last contact Chegwidden had with Singer and Chegwidden admits that it was.

Viv then reads from a file that there was a charge dropped by the skipper of the Seahawk with the charge being Conduct Unbecoming which happened during the JAG Season 8 episode, When the Bough Breaks (episode) with Chegwidden agreeing and revealing that Singer was found to be pregnant while on sea-duty with the skipper suspecting an on-board liaison.

Viv then reports that Singer stated that it happened before she sailed but Singer refused to prove it by naming the father.

Chegwidden agrees but Viv wants to know why the skipper dropped the charges.

Chegwidden tells her that he assumed that the skipper had believed Lieutenant Singer.

Gibbs then brings up Mac and the fact that Chegwidden sent her to investigate Lieutenant Singer as well.

Gibbs also reveals that the file he's holding is that of Commander Rabb's and wonders if Chegwidden sent Rabb to the Seahawk as well.

Chegwidden admits that he did but it was for separate investigations. Gibbs notes that Rabb and Singer left together.

Chegwidden dismisses it, stating that Singer was on her way to Washington D.C while Harm was on his way to an assignment in Naples just as Gibbs picks a tiny box containing a baseball and begins examining it before wondering if the two spoke on the COD (Combat Operations Division or Carrier Onboard Delivery).

Gibbs then returns the baseball to Chegwidden's desk and the Admiral tells them he has no idea what was said.

"He didn't mention it, Admiral?", Gibbs asks, stunned.

Chegwidden then gets to the point by stating that Harm told him he did not kill Lieutenant Singer and that he has no idea who did which has Gibbs smirking.

Back at the river, Tony's arrived at a new area and is busy spraying the railings, examining them with an ASL to see if there's any blood.

Seconds later, he hits pay dirt when he sees blood on the ground which reveals that this is the area where Lieutenant Singer went overboard.

It then cuts to Singer's point of view, a role that Tony's presumably playing in his mind and as Tony looks on, it shows her falling off the bridge and as soon as she hits the water, she eventually drowns with the river carrying Singer's remains away.

Act Three

A while later, Tony heads back to NCIS, driving into the Evidence Garage where it's all hustle and bustle as numerous lab techs are working on various things.

Dobbs has returned from the field and is busy, keeping an eye on the Marines removing various items from a truck.

Tony then asks Dobbs if he's found the purse yet.

Dobbs tells him that he hasn't and that the only things he's found is enough junk for a garage sale.

Furthermore, Dobbs doubts any of the items are connected to the murder case Gibbs and his team are investigating at the moment but he's not taking any chances before asking Tony if the Marines he sent found the other man.

Tony states that they did and that they're guarding the area, not even bothering to ask where they're going to get relieved.

Dobbs remarks that after what they go through at Quantico, this sounds like a vacation for them.

Tony then sarcastically tells Dobbs to get a purse at the Navy Exchange, soak it in mud and turn it in himself.

As Tony heads for the lift, triggering the iris scanner with his eye, Dobbs remarks if Blackadder doesn't know.

When Tony ponders further, Dobbs tells him that Gibbs is the best interrogator NCIS has and that once they've loosened Bin Atwad, the Director's gonna send Gibbs in but is Gibbs going to bring Blackadder with him or not?

As he enters the lift, Tony remarks that that would Gibbs a good guy in Viv's eyes and Tony believes that Viv is only starting to like Tony himself.

And with that, the doors close.

It then cuts to a lab where two scientists wearing lab coats and ear-mufflers are running tests on a dummy dressed in a sailor's uniform.

One fires a shotgun that while ejecting the round from the magazine apparently leaves six holes in the dummy.

As this goes on, it then shows NCIS's Forensic Scientist, Abigail Sciuto, a young woman wearing Gothic clothing who is listening to gothic/techno music on her stereo while also sipping on her Caf-Pow.

Tony then arrives in and pauses at the doorway, asking if the drink she's finishing is number two or three with Abby stating that if he must know, it's number four.

Tony then produces the bag containing the sample he got from the bridge, calling it a little present.

As she gets up from her chair, Abby then tells Tony why he wonders why he's still single.

As they head into the main area of the lab with Abby putting her NCIS coat on, Abby also wants to know if the blood is from the victim.

Tony hopes that is and wanders how long it's going to be before they can get any DNA.

While putting on her lab coat, Abby tells him to see what the ABO typing says first.

As she grabs some gloves from a box, Tony examines the walls and wants to know if she's re-decorating.

Abby admits that she thought she'd brighten the place up a bit and when Tony asks her if she took the photos, she admits that she did.

Abby then explains the first painting is a cross section of what a 12-gauge did to an L3 to L5.

Tony realizes it's a shotgun-shattered backbone.

As she begins working on the sample, Abby explains that the second one is a cross section of an ice pick to a cerebellum.

Tony realizes it's duodenum.

Abby states that she calls it a "Duodenum with a lye chaser" and she calls it "The Sad End of A Drano Drinker".

"You need to get out more, Abby", Tony states.

"Is that an invite?", Abby asks.

Tony just smiles.

Back at JAG, Gibbs and Viv are now interviewing Lieutenant Bud Roberts Jr. who gets tongue-tied about Lieutenant Singer and begins speaking of Singer in a negative light.

They then turn their attention to Tracy Manetti who denies knowing anything concerning Lieutenant Singer, stating that she's new at JAG but she then reveals that a bartender at Benzinger's had told her that Singer was seeing a civilian before she shipped out.

It then cuts to Gibbs who's asking someone if they knew that Rabb asked Manetti to ferret out who Lieutenant Singer was seeing prior to her deployment?

It's then shown that the person they're talking to is none other than Mac who looks stunned.

Gibbs asks her if Rabb was part of her investigation, then why would he do that?

Mac then admits that she has no idea before suggesting that they ask Rabb themselves.

With the interviews over, Gibbs and Viv head back to NCIS although Viv is clearly pissed off about them not interviewing Harm.

Gibbs tells her that they couldn't because Harm happens to be JAG's fair-haired boy and that he's the best defender and prosecutor that they've got and if they'd started questioning Rabb before their pieces were in place, he's going to pull an O.J on them and he won't need a fancy lawyer to do it himself.

The words hanging in the air, Viv finally comes around to Gibbs's way of thinking and Gibbs tells her that she's just a little behind the learning curve.

It shows an overhead shot of the sedan heading straight for the capitol and it then shows Harm entering a subway station as he goes into a pay-phone to call his half-brother, Sergei Zhukov who's stunned at the news that Lieutenant Singer was murdered three weeks ago.

Sergei remarks that Harm's the big brother, always looking out for Sergei with Harm remarking that's what big brothers are for.

The team have descended on the lab where Abby gives them her findings and confirms that the blood type found on the bridge is AB.

Gibbs thanks her, stating, "Good job" but Tony mistakenly believes it's for him although Gibbs bursts his bubble seconds later.

Abby then reveals that she has more including a name: Benzinger's.

Gibbs reveals that the building's a bar on Falls Church where Lt. Singer used to hang out.

Abby reveals that a bar goes with the analysis she did on Singer's stomach contents and tells the team that Singer died within two hours of eating her last snack which solely consisted of peanuts, pretzels and crackers which is essentially a bar mix.

Viv wonders what the thirteen digit number is.

Gibbs informs her that it's a Moscow cell-phone number.

When Viv wonders how he knows, he tells her that he can't ID a Moscow phone number after six months undercover, then the tax payers should be getting their money back before asking her if she knows how to trace the number fast.

"Oh, yeah", Viv replies. "Through the FBI".

As she heads off, Gibbs mumbles that he guesses that will work too.

Abby announces that she's got more goodies for them and that she's found the name of the airline ticket.

Tony believes that the departure date was early April but Abby tells him it's actually January 6th.

Gibbs believes that it's April 6th.

Abby tells him that it's a one, not a four which has Gibbs puzzled. Tony then figures that Singer missed her flight.

Abby then tells Tony that it was because Singer got whacked aka she was murdered but Tony believes that it was three months ago.

Ducky interrupts to tell them that three months is probably quite accurate and that their victim was in the Potomac at least that long.

Abby jokingly wonders if Singer was racking up frequent floater miles

"Being an Ice Queen. She was frozen", Ducky replies.

Viv then announces that she has a suspect.

This has Gibbs, Ducky and Tony heading into the other area of the lab while Abby stays put.

Viv goes into detail about how she's managed to connect the number to a guy named Sergei Zhuvok but the team are downhearted by that with Gibbs revealing that Singer was murdered months ago.

Gibbs then orders Viv to cross-check Zhuvov's cell-phone and Harm's number before calling someone and telling them he needs to talk to the Director.

Viv then tells them that she won't have to because Sergei's green card-sponsor was Commander Rabb before revealing that the two men are half-brothers.

It then cuts to Gibbs who closes his cell-phone, obviously taken aback by the new information.

Act Four

Up in MTAC, as a live feed of Bin Atwad is broadcast into the room, Gibbs is busy briefing Director Morrow in regards to the case concerning Lieutenant Singer.

He also informs the Director that Harmon Rabb is their prime suspect although Morrow had suspected A.J Chegwidden.

But when Morrow asks if he's certain that Harm's the guilty party, Gibbs admits that he's not 100% but what they do know is that he's deeply involved.

Gibbs tells Morrow that he's moving slowly because he's aware of the implications that will happen if they're wrong.

Morrow advises him not to move too slowly, though because NSA decrypts suggest that al-jihad is poised to launch another grey-hull attack and that only Hussan Mohammed knows who's responsible, not Bin Atwad.

Morrow tells Gibbs that the boys up the river (the CIA) that al-jihad is limiting target data to the executor and that Morrow needs Gibbs to break Bin Atwad.

Gibbs wants to know where he's going with Morrow announcing that he's going after the JAG murder but Gibbs on the other hand disagrees, stating that breaking Bin Atwad is a lot more important than solving a murder.

Morrow knows and states that the crime involved anyone other than JAG, he'd agree but the only thing he can tell Gibbs is do both fast which has Gibbs nodding in agreement.

Back in the forest, the search for the purse is going rather bad so Dobbs decides to boost morale among the members by stating that if anyone finds the purse, then a steak dinner is on Dobbs himself.

Lieutenant Singer's car, a Volkswagen Golf has been found and brought into the NCIS Evidence Garage with Abby dusting the dashboard for fingerprints.

She asks Tony how he found the wheels.

Tony tells her it was thanks to a DMV check which revealed that Singer's car has been sitting in an impound lot since January.

As she grabs a sample, Abby hopes that the fingerprints will do the talking and she wants to know why they towed it.

Tony explains that it's because it was abandoned in a lot of Great Falls and asks her if any of those prints are large enough to be a man's and Abby tells Tony it's possible given whoever was riding shotgun at the time.

Tony asks how fast she can run them and Abby tells him it usually talks about twelve hours but then recommends for dinner.

Tony then announces if she can get him an ID in two hours, then he'll take her to Cafe Atlantico.

"Sweet", Abby whispers and gets to work.

Gibbs heads back downstairs from MTAC and arrives in the bullpen, asking Viv what she's gotten.

Viv tells him that she's got plenty and reveals that Singertook a furnished rental on Coronado Island, ordered a phone to be installed but Singer herself never showed.

Furthermore, there's been no credit card or bank-account activity since she withdrew 200 dollars at a Falls Church ATM on January 4.

Gibbs, having grabbed his gun realizes that this has narrowed the murder date between January 4 and the fact that Singer missed her flight two days later on the 6th.

Tony, having arrived in while Viv was talking announces that Abby's gotten a man's prints from the car and that she's going through them right now.

Gibbs orders Viv to go check with Ducky and determine if the dates in question match up with Ducky's autopsy results.

As this happens, Gibbs orders Tony to come with him to Benzinger's as they're going to go get a drink where in actuality, they're going to interview the people for information on Singer.

Tony gives Viv a small smile before leaving the bullpen.

"They get drinks and I get Ducky", Viv grumbles bitterly as she gets up from her desk and heads down to the morgue.

At the river, Dobbs and the Marines are still searching but nothing's been found yet.

In the morgue, Ducky is telling Viv that when the Potomac thawed, the victim thawed which explains why the crows only got at Singer's face but her arms and legs were in ice.

Viv wonders if she could have died between January 4th and January 6th. Ducky then tells her that the development of the foetus matches the dates.

Looking at the fetus, Viv asks Ducky if he didn't match Rabb's DNA to the fetus.

Ducky tells her he didn't have to and begins going into a long-winded explanation about radio being a huge source of entertainment before TV ever came on the screen but Viv gets him back on track by repeating her question.

Ducky tells her he checked Rabb's blood type and that there's no way he could have fathered the girl, strongly suggesting that if Singer hadn't been murdered, then she would've ended up giving birth to a girl.

As he dumps one of Singer's organs into a weighing scale, Ducky, unsurprisingly asks Viv out to dinner again.

Viv, on the other hand is disgusted.

Ducky believes it's because of the fact that older men are so lascivious but Viv tells him that it's his lack of respect for the dead.

Ducky insists that he has the utmost respect for the dead and Viv sarcastically tells him that it's obvious given the way he speaks to them.

Ducky then tells her that if she were dead, wouldn't it be nice if someone spoke to her instead of speaking about her?

Viv's taken aback, remarking that Singer's soul isn't in her body, implying that she sees Singer as a corpse, nothing else.

Ducky agrees but tells her he's always felt a presence when it comes to conducting an autopsy, especially with murder victims and then states that he couldn't understand at first why the crows hadn't gotten to Singer's hands and feet before imagining himself in a block of ice with only his head exposed.

Viv then realizes that Ducky's subconscious solved the problem.

Ducky wonders why he shouldn't have thought of Singer being in a block of ice before once again inviting Viv out to dinner. Viv, still shaken turns him down, stating, "Not tonight".

As she leaves, Ducky remarks that Viv didn't say no but she also said not tonight.

As Ducky walks off, the corpse then turns and from its view, Viv is seen placing the head mask on the wall before leaving the morgue to go back up to the bullpen.

Meanwhile, Gibbs and DiNozzo have arrived back at JAG HQ where they're busy interviewing Petty Officer Jennifer Coates while also recording the talk.

Gibbs tells her that they spoke to a bartender at Benzinger's who recalls Coates being there one evening in January.

Coates tells them that she was Benzinger's a couple of times in January.

Gibbs tells her that she was in a booth behind Lieutenant Singer and Commander Rabb.

Coates is nervous about that, telling Gibbs that she makes an effort not to listen into other people's conversations.

DiNozzo then tells her that the conversation in question was so heated that it got the bartender's attention across the room.

Coates then admits that she might have heard a few things.

Back at the river, the search is still ongoing and it's looking bleak, that is until Dobbs finds a Navy Commander's hat buried in among a few leaves and judging by the condition that it's in, it's been there for a while.

At NCIS, Harm has been dragged into Interrogation and is wondering why NCIS think that he was involved in anything other than professionally with Lt. Singer's death.

As the talk goes on, Viv watches from the Observation Room and in the other room, it's clear that Harm and Gibbs are eyeing each other, trying to determine who cracks first.

Harm then tells Gibbs that he's playing a very risky game since he's a Gunny.

Gibbs retorts that he's not smart enough to play risky games with a lawyer of Harm's calibre.

Harm snaps that it's either Commander Rabb, Commander or sir and tells Gibbs that since he's a reservist, he's technically in the Marine Corps.

Gibbs, on the other hand is amused, stating that the only thing he is an NCIS Special Agent and that means Gibbs doesn't have to salute Harm, call him, "Sir" or even give him any kind of military courtesy whatsoever but he knows that Harm already knows that.

Harm then gets up, asking Gibbs who's playing the games here.

Inside Observation, Viv's still watching the whole thing, her arms crossed and silently watches as Harm approaches the window before slamming his hand against the glass, creating feedback which has the tech inside the room wincing slightly and also hints that Harm knows that they're recording the Interrogation.

Gibbs notes that Rabb is quite the control freak with Harm remarking, "That makes two of us".

Viv silently mouths, "Asshole", implying she doesn't like Harm and as just as Harm withdraws his hand, moving away, Viv looks behind her to see Tony coming in, looking excited about something.

Tony then tells Viv that Dobbs is coming back to NCIS with a cover he found in the woods below the falls, a cover similar to Harm's.

In Interrogation, Harm announces that since he's not a suspect, then there's no point in wasting his time and grabs his hat, intending to leave.

Gibbs stops him by grabbing the phone and telling Harm how Admiral Chegwidden's going to feel when he hears that his top JAG lawyer (Harm) isn't responding to an investigation into the deaths of one of their officers?

Knowing Chegwidden's going to come down on him like a ton of bricks if he leaves, Harm closes the door and remains in Interrogation.

Gibbs has dialed another number and tells someone named Jessie to bring him a black coffee.

Harm silently hints that he wants one and Gibbs changes the order to two before hanging up again.

Once Harm's sat back down again, he tells Gibbs that he has no idea who fathered Singer's baby nor does he even who killed her.

Gibbs wants to know about the investigation Harm did.

Harm tells Gibbs that he was there and that Admiral Chegwidden ordered him to stay out of the whole thing.

Gibbs then tells Harm that he's actually referring to the investigation Harm gave Commander Manetti to do concerning Singer's life prior to her deployment which leaves Harm stunned.

"Oops", DiNozzo remarks.

Viv isn't convinced. She tells DiNozzo that if they don't read Harm his rights, then they're going to lose all the evidence in court and grabs her PDA.

DiNozzo assures her that Gibbs knows what he's doing and that he's merely setting Harm up.

Viv doesn't buy it and sends Gibbs a message.

In Interrogation, Harm tells Gibbs that Mac's investigation into Singer's pregnancy wasn't going so well so Harm thought he'd give her a hand. Gibbs states that it's a reasonable answer with Harm remarking, "Yeah, the truth usually is".

But when Gibbs asks for a DNA sample, Harm gets annoyed and asks why they want it.

Gibbs tells him it's a paternity test which means that they can determine if Harm fathered Singer's baby.

Harm states that he didn't even like Singer with Gibbs telling the other man that he wouldn't say that during a murder investigation.

Harm then tells him that they can't have his DNA and that it's general principle.

Gibbs then takes DNA off the table and reads the message from Viv which states: "Read him his rights".

Gibbs presumably deletes the message before asking Harm when was the last time he saw Singer?

Harm states that it was early January before Singer left for San Diego.

Gibbs wants to know what they spoke about. Harm tells him that it was the usual stuff between two officers who have nothing in common with one another.

"Here it comes", DiNozzo singsongs.

Gibbs then realizes that it was the first week in January which an impatient Harm agrees with but when Gibbs drops Benzinger's into the mix, Harm is left stunned.

In Observation, DiNozzo remarks, "Oh, buggered" just as a smiling Abby enters Observation and then gleefully informs them that Harm's fingerprints are all over Singer's car.

While Viv sends Gibbs another message, Harm demands to know how they found out about Benzinger's and when Gibbs asks Harm if he met her there, Harm admits that he did.

Suddenly, there's a knock on the door and a man comes in, putting two coffees on the table before leaving again.

Gibbs keeps one for himself and then passes the other to Harm who wants to know who's prompting Gibbs from behind the mirror.

Gibbs then presses a button on his PDA and spins it around to show Harm a number.

When Gibbs asks about it, Harm wants to know if he should know.

Harm states that he calls enough numbers while Gibbs announces that the number in question is that of Harm's half-brother, Sergei Zhukov.

Gibbs then states that Immigration records show that Sergei was here when Singer got pregnant and was also in the U.S three weeks before she died.

This causes Harm to lose it and he stands up, insisting Sergei didn't kill Lieutenant Singer.

When Gibbs asks if Sergei's the father, Harm again insists that Singer told Sergei that he wasn't but it's clear that Harm is having doubts about the whole thing. He then tells Gibbs that he believes Sergei who told him that he hadn't heard from Singer since early January.

When Gibbs asks about the number, Harm admits that he wrote that on a napkin he got from Benzinger's which quickly convinces Gibbs and as he starts up, he begins reading Harm his charges, telling Harm that he's suspected of having committed murder which leaves Harm in disbelief.

From Observation, it's clear that the whole thing's getting out of control so Tony and Viv leave to go help Gibbs while Abby looks on.

Seconds later, the two arrive in Interrogation as Gibbs continues reading Harm his rights who's still in shock over what's happened.

As Tony cuffs Harm, Viv then takes over the reading with Harm insisting over and over again that he's waiving his rights.

"She used to be FBI", Gibbs supplies.

When he's being cuffed, Harm asks Gibbs how he's long been doing this job.

"Nineteen years", Gibbs replies.

With Viv still reading his rights, Harm wonders if he's looked into a lot of people's eyes and asks Gibbs to look in his while demanding he ask a question.

Gibbs asks Harm if he'd kill for his brother.

It then cuts to Harm who's stunned by the question.

To Be Continued....

Major Events


  • This episode marks the debut appearance of the main NCIS team led by Leroy Jethro Gibbs, all of whom except for Viv Blackadder and Don Dobbs would later go to appear in the main spin-off series, "NCIS".
  • Mark Harmon who plays Leroy Jethro Gibbs is credited as a Special Guest Star while Michael Weatherly (Tony DiNozzo), Robyn Lively (Viv Blackadder), Pauley Perette (Abby Sciuto) and David McCallum (Donald Mallard) are all credited under Guest Starring with David McCallum recieving the "And" credit.
  • This episode is also the only episode in the entire JAG series to focus on the NCIS team who are seen investigating the crime instead of the main JAG team who are usually seen in a military court prosecuting or defending members of the United States Navy or Marine Corps who have been accused of various crimes including drug smuggling or homicide. Furthermore, this episode along with "Meltdown" are the only two episodes of the whole JAG series to feature a full team from NCIS as previous JAG episodes only ever featured a single agent from NCIS with NCIS itself sometimes being mentioned during a conversation between the main JAG staff. This episode and "Meltdown" are also the only two episodes of the entire JAG series to also show the NCIS Headquarters and the facilities inside the NCIS building which are the Bullpen, Squadroom, Interrogation, Abby Sciuto's Lab and MTAC.
  • The song playing in the background in the lab during the scene where Abby is introduced for the first time is Collide- Transfer.
  • A new type of font different from the one usually used on the JAG episodes was shown for both this episode and Meltdown which signaled that it was a potential pilot for another upcoming TV series. Three months later, in September 2003, NCIS now a solo show began using a different font which was revealed in its pilot episode although the NCIS font was later changed again in the Season 4 episode, Singled Out (episode).
  • In addition to new font being added to this episode and Meltdown, new background music is also heard airing during the two episodes with some of the music later being used during NCIS Season 1.
  • This episode and Meltdown are the only two episodes of the entire JAG series to feature a shot of the team being seen from the corpse's point of view, a move that was later dropped altogether and not brought into the main NCIS series, presumably because it was too dark.
  • The next shot of the sedan driving down a divided street going straight at the Capitol after Viv and Gibbs have spoken to each other during the return trip to NCIS after leaving JAG is the end-shot which would be used as the final scene for the opening credits of NCIS. It originally premiered in the NCIS Season 1 premiere episode, "Yankee White" and has continued to be used ever since.
  • The Attack on the U.S.S. Cole which is mentioned during the episode is an incident which took place on October 12, 2000 and saw the Cole being attacked by Al Qaeda while anchored in a Yemeni port. The attack subsequently resulted in the deaths of nineteen sailors while thirty-nine others were hospitalized with serious injuries.


Guest Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
Leroy Jethro Gibbs Mark Harmon A Special Agent who is also in charge of the NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Anthony DiNozzo Junior Michael Weatherly The second-in-command and also the Senior Agent of the NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Abigail Sciuto Pauley Perette A Goth who is also the Chief Forensic Scientist for the NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Vivian Blackadder Robyn Lively A former FBI agent who is now an NCIS Special Agent and who is Tony DiNozzo's partner.
Donald Mallard David McCallum NCIS's Chief Medical Examiner.

Recurring Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
Thomas Morrow Alan Dale Director of NCIS.

JAG Series Regulars

Name Portrayed by Role
Harmon Rabb Jr. David James Elliot A JAG Officer and a Commander in the United States Navy.
Sarah MacKenzie Catherine Bell A JAG Officer and a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Marine Corps.
Bud Roberts Jr. Patrick Labyorteaux A JAG Officer and a Lieutenant in the United States Navy.
A.J. Chegwidden John M. Jackson Judge Advocate General of the United States and also an Admiral in the United States Navy.
Tracy Manetti Tamlyn Tomita A JAG Officer and a Lieutenant in the United States Navy.
Jason Tiner Chuck Carrington A.J Chegwidden's personal assistant and a Yeoman in the United States Navy.
Harriet Sims Karri Turner A JAG officer and Bud's wife as well as a Lieutenant in the United States Navy.
Jennifer Coates Zoe McLellan A JAG officer and a Petty Officer in the United States Navy.
Sturgis Turner Scott Lawrence A JAG Officer and a Commander in the United States Navy.
Sergei Zhukov Jade Carter Harmon Rabb's half-brother.
Heather (Ice Queen) Cathleen Gallagher An NCIS Special Agent who helps the agency capture terrorist Amad Bin Atwad.
Don Dobbs Thomas Anthony Jones NCIS Special Agent.
State Trooper (Ice Queen) Wiley M. Pickett A State Trooper seen at the crime scene who talks to Agents Gibbs and Blackadder and informs them about what's happened.
Amad Bin Atwad Faran Tahir A terrorist who NCIS captures in hopes of discovering the location of the next suspected terrorist attack.
Scoutmaster William Francis McGuire A scout leader in charge of a group of young boy scouts.
Billy Kevin Schimdt One of the young scout boys seen at the beginning of the episode.
Tommy Rory Thost A scout boy who discovers Lieutenant Singer's body.
Marcus (Ice Queen) Nicholas Bellisario A boy who appears in the episode.
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