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Jennifer Coates is a member of the JAG HQ staff and a Legalman First Class as well as a former Navy Electronics technician.



The daughter of Reverend Conrad Coates and an unnamed mother, Coates had an unhappy home as her father was very strict and unforgiving while possibly also physically abusive to her with Coates even witnessing her father striking her mother.

When Coates was ten years old, Coates's unnamed mother died and at the time, the doctor treating Coates's mother hadn't expressed any sympathy or interest in them whatsoever, presumably causing young Coates to resent doctors everywhere.

At some point, Coates left home and became a thief, stealing whatever she could with Coates even working alongside her father.

Coates later opted to join the United States Navy and subsequently became a Electronics technician on the USS Gainsville.

JAG Season 7[]

Coates made her debut appearance in the JAG Season 7 episode, "Answered Prayers" where she was kept under the close guard of JAG lawyer Lieutenant Commander Harmon Rabb Jr. as the Navy brig was closed due to it being Christmas.

JAG Season 8[]

JAG Season 9[]

In the JAG Season 9 episode, "What If?", the JAG staff held a celebration for Coates at a Chinese restaurant due to the fact that Coates herself had been promoted to the rank of Navy Petty Officer First Class.

During the episode, it was shown that in the alternate reality, Coates had never rejoined the Navy after going U.A. and as such, had never met Harm which had caused her to reform.

Instead, she now worked as a master thief.

JAG Season 10[]


Physical Appearance[]

Coates is a young woman in her mid-twenties with brown hair and brown eyes.

She is often seen wearing the uniform associated with that of a Petty Officer and later a Petty Officer First Class.

In the summer, her Navy uniform consists of a white blouse and skirt as well as white high-heeled shoes.


Awards and decorations[]

Here is a list of awards and decorations worn by LN1 Coates:

  • Meritorious Unit Commendation
  • Navy Good Conduct Medal, w/1 bronze service star (2nd award).
  • National Defense Service Medal
  • Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal
  • Sea Service Deployment Ribbon