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Jeopardy is the twenty-second episode in NCIS Season 3 and also the sixty-eighth episode of the entire NCIS series.

It also marks the final appearance of NCIS Special Agent Cassie Yates.


A drug seizure for the team goes disastrously wrong when the suspect dies while in Ziva's custody, resulting in Ziva becoming the prime suspect in the investigation into the man's death. Things later take a dramatic turn when Jenny is kidnapped by the victim's brother who then contacts NCIS with an ultimatum: his brother and drugs must be returned to him within two hours or Jenny will die. With the deadline looming and time against them, the team along with Agent Cassie Yates must find and rescue Jenny before it's too late.


An SUV van arrives in the NCIS Evidence Garage and seconds later, NCIS Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo Junior hops out, stating that it was the longest three hours of his entire life as an NCIS staff members comes up to the van.

Tony then dumps a big bag onto the ground.

His partner, NCIS/Mossad Liaison Officer Ziva David exits the front seat, reminding Tony that he said no to the muzzle and that she wanted to shut his pothole two hours ago.

In the back seat, Brian Dempsey, a loudmouth drug dealer corrects Ziva by stating, "It's pie-hole. And by the way, we went to the Arby's drive-thru. No such thing as a ride-thru. How long have you lived here anyway?".

Tony drags Brian out of the van, causing Brian to protest.

Ziva then tells Tony that she'll pay him to take Brian upstairs for her.

Tony refuses, stating his rock beat Ziva's scissors and besides, he has a bag that happens to have five million dollars of heroin in it.

Brian smugly tells Tony that it's nothing.

Tony then disagrees, stating that he has a feeling that Brian's South African suppliers won't be feeling the same way with Ziva interjecting that considering how much Brian owns the South Africans, he should be thankful that he's in NCIS custody and Tony finishes by announcing that NCIS are now Brian's new best friends.

Brian then states that he doesn't care what they do to him because he's not talking.

Tony begs to differ before handing Brian over to Ziva and almost immediately, Ziva has to fight to get Brian to the elevator considering how much the drug dealer's struggling and kicking up a big fuss, even demanding that his handcuffs be removed but she soon succeeds.

Brian wants to know what Tony's problem is but Ziva tells Brian that he's the problem because Brian's insulting, crude and extremely annoying.

As they reach the elevator, Brian unsurprisingly rounds on Ziva, telling her that Tony is the one who's annoying because he's rambling on and on about Top Gun, giving Brian a migraine.

When Brian keeps talking, Ziva loses patience and yells at him to stop.

Back at the van, Tony who's witnessed the scenes then resumes his work, smiling.

Meanwhile, at the elevator, Ziva then removes her cap before looking into the iris scanner which enables the elevator doors to automatically open which they do seconds later.

Once her cap's back on, she then urges Brian to get in but he refuses and it then cuts to Ziva who gives Brian an angry look.

Upstairs, Leroy Jethro Gibbs has finished signing on something, calling the unnamed person a newbie. He then heads to the elevator, armed with his traditional cup of coffee and glances at the watch where it's obvious that he's waiting for Ziva and Brian to arrive up from the Evidence Garage.

The elevator doors suddenly open and inside, it shows that Brian is now lying on the ground with Ziva kneeling beside him.

After feeling his neck for a pulse of some sort, Ziva then looks at Gibbs and informs him that Brian's dead.

Gibbs after learning from Ziva that their suspect, Brian Dempsey is dead.

It then cuts to Gibbs who looks stunned.

Act One

Following the revelation that Brian Dempsey is dead, the elevator leading to the squad-room has been shut down and is now an active crime scene.

Ziva who has now been confined to her desk bangs her fist against the table, obviously frustrated with what's happened.

As they get ready for Tony to finish photographing the scene, Medical Examiner Dr. Donald Mallard tells his Assistant, James Palmer that he's been traveling to crime scenes for many years but he can say with complete confidence that this is the short commute he's ever had.

"And of the first times I didn't get us lost", Palmer remarks.

"True", Ducky agrees and as Tony leaves the elevator, he tells Ducky that it's all his.

As Ducky and Palmer head inside, Special Agent Timothy McGee arrives on the scene, carrying the equipment and wearing the NCIS uniform much to Tony's disbelief while sarcastically stating that he appreciates Tony's help but Tony tells him that it's a nice outfit.

McGee then states that the handbook requires all NCIS agents to wear the uniform at active crimes scene and that Tony should know that but Tony tells McGee that it shouldn't be in NCIS's own building because it's like wearing a nametag inside your own apartment.

As McGee gets to work, Ducky calls Tony over and as it turns out, Ducky wants to know Ziva's holding up. Tony admits that he doesn't know because he hasn't spoken to her yet. Ducky wants to know why with Gibbs arriving on the scene and stating that it's because he told Tony not to.

As Palmer exits the lift, Gibbs heads in and tells Ducky that at the moment, Ziva's a suspect, not an investigator just as McGee arrives and joins Gibbs in at the lift, wondering if Gibbs believes that Ziva is capable of doing something like this. Gibbs just glances at McGee who states that it's obvious Ziva's capable of it but he doesn't think that she would...

"Kill someone?", Gibbs finishes but McGee states that it's not without a good reason before McGee leaves the lift as Tony stares after him, stunned. Tony remarks that they all know that Ziva has crazy ninja skills but she has to have some self-control, right?

"Not a lot? Some?", Tony asks.

However, Gibbs is too intent on studying the body to reply so Tony mumbles, "Never mind" and walks off, leaving Gibbs and Ducky inside the elevator. Ducky then tells Jethro to forgive him for overstepping but they both know that this is far beyond Ziva's character with Gibbs stating that it isn't himself or Ducky that he's worried about right now before wondering if they've got a cause of death. Ducky remarks that at this point, he'd only be speculating which has Gibbs glancing at him albeit temporary.

"We won't know anything specific until I get him back. Well, downstairs, I suppose", Ducky replies.

Gibbs notes that there's no bruising on the body and Ducky states that the only injury he's been able to find on Dempsey is a single bruise on the top of Brian's forehead. Gibbs and Ducky get up at once, instantly bumping heads and Gibbs tells Ducky that he'll zig while Ducky zags which has the two men crossing with no problem whatsoever.

Ducky then shows Gibbs the bruise which has Gibbs believing that it looks recent while Ducky tells him that based on its location, it appears that Brian Dempsey struck his head on one of the lift's railings when he fell. Gibbs looks dismayed while Ducky states that there's no sign of any physical altercation.

"Duck, with her training, there wouldn't be", Gibbs states.

With that, Gibbs exits the elevator just as Palmer wheels the gurney in. Gibbs then heads over, gesturing for Ziva to join him. She does and as the two gather behind the staircase to talk, Ziva wonders if Gibbs is ready to hear her side of the story with Gibbs remarking that they're not going to be able to hear Brian Dempsey's.

Ziva then insists that she hardly touched Brian Dempsey at all and states that when the elevator doors opened, he refused to get in. She also tells Gibbs that if this had been a year ago, she would snapped Brian Dempsey's neck but it's not and she didn't.

Gibbs just stares at her.

Ziva continues on, stating that she told Brian Dempsey several times to step into the elevator, that Brian wouldn't co-operate and that's when Ziva struck him before admitting that she hit Brian Dempsey in the jugular with her fist just as Abigail Sciuto arrives on scene, obviously excited that she's about to go to her first ever active crime scene which she celebrates by taking a photograph of Ziva and Gibbs. She tells the two of them of this achievement but one stony glare from Gibbs has Abby realizing that it's not a good time before heading off.

As Abby scurries away, Ziva remarks that it was just a little love tap and that it only choked him up for a few seconds before insisting that she knows it looks bad and that due to the fact that Brian Dempsey's dead, bringing their South African suppliers down for good is going to be impossible and so is the chance of prosecuting Brian's brother.

Gibbs tells her that those things aren't their biggest problem here.

Ziva remarks that there's only one way to fix this and while she removes her holstered gun, she remarks that she's seen it in the U.S movies. She then gives Gibbs her badge, stating that is where she resigns but Gibbs doesn't buy it, stating that the next time she gives him her badge she'd better be prepared to lose it before Gibbs heads off, leaving Ziva behind.

At the crime scene, as Ducky and Jimmy emerge with the gurney containing Brian Dempsey's body, Abby is busy taking photographs to celebrate her being at an active crime scene. Once they've gone, Abby heads into the scene, remarking that after all these years, it feels like she's losing her crime scene virginity.

While McGee grins, Tony says, "Wow, I don't think that's ever been said before".

McGee even gives Abby his NCIS cap to wear which she thanks him for while snapping off another photograph. McGee tells her that he thinks that they've got enough crime scene photos with Abby apologizing before remarking that maybe his cap is turning her into some sort of super agent.

"That's weird", Tony remarks. "It never had any effect on McGee".

Abby then wonders why she's getting the feeling that everyone's staring at her with McGee telling her that it's because they are. Abby wonders if she did something wrong. Tony then comes up and asks Abby if she's ever been to Disneyland with Abby stating that she's gone every summer.

"You know those camera-toting tourists with the tall white socks up to their knees, wearing fancy packs?", Tony continues as McGee joins them. Abby remarks that she does and that they spent half the time laughing at the tourists in question before stopping abruptly as Tony says, "Yeah" before leaving.

Abby looks at McGee who just shrugs and then heads off.

Now alone in the scene and with her fellow NCIS agents/colleagues glancing on while talking amongst themselves, Abby looks down and it's revealed that she's wearing knee white socks, causing her to remark with dismay that she's turned into her Uncle Larry.

In the morgue, Ducky and Palmer are busy working with Palmer remarking that Brian Dempsey doesn't look a day over thirty. Ducky then remarks that according to Dempsey's arrest report, he would have turned twenty-five the following month. Palmer then suggests that assuming Ziva didn't kill him, that means that Dempsey just dropped dead.

Ducky remarks that it would appear so, wouldn't it?

"He's so young", Palmer remarks.

"Yes", Ducky states. "My father used to say: We must live for today because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come" which has Palmer stating that the poem was really beautiful. Ducky then states that unfortunately, his father never practiced what he preached and that he was always a bit of a penny-pincher, a Papa Scrooge which is the reason that he and Ducky's mother went their separate ways.

Palmer then remarks that most people don't know this but apparently, financial disputes are the second leading cause of divorce with Gibbs soon arriving in just as Ducky asks what number one is. Gibbs states that it's marriage but Palmer believes that it's infidelity before going away to his duties.

Ducky tells Gibbs that he understands Gibbs's sense of urgency but their examinations are still underway. Gibbs tells Ducky to tell him what he knows so far. Ducky reports that so far, he's found no life-threatening abnormalities with Gibbs wondering about Dempsey's throat.

As Ducky and Palmer glance at each other, Ducky remarks that in their internal examination, they found a slight irritation of the anterior jugular, caused by a physical blow.

"Mm-hm", Gibbs says before asking if the blow was fatal. Ducky then tells Gibbs that it didn't appear to be before stating that he won't know the cause of Brian Dempsey's death until he's completed his work and that MRIs, Abby's tox screen are all forthcoming.

Ducky then states that he knows what Gibbs wants to hear but Ziva isn't off the hook yet.

With that, Gibbs leaves the morgue as Ducky and Palmer continue working but as soon as the doors close, Ducky stops what he's doing and sighs heavily.

Up in the bullpen, and at her desk, Ziva is getting increasingly bored and she tries to relax yet nothing's working. Her moans draw McGee and Tony cause to stop their work and wonder what Ziva is up to.

At his desk, Tony just rubs his eyes.

Again, Ziva tries to relax with Tony telling her to stop because apparently, she's making him nervous. Ziva wonders how long it can possibly take. Tony states that he doesn't know because it's an autopsy, not an oil change.

As Ziva gets up from her desk, McGee remarks that he believes that they're not supposed to be talking about the case with her. Tony just glared at him while Ziva then states that it's a simple conversation before she begins imitating Ducky and Gibbs.

McGee and Tony just look to one side as Gibbs appears behind Ziva, causing her to ask, "What?" twice. McGee and Tony then jump into action with McGee heading back to his desk and Tony beginning to work again.

Ziva then turns around and bumps into Gibbs who looks her and it's shown that he's smiling, obviously impressed or amused at the way that she was acting like him and Ducky. He turns around and heads back to his desk with Ziva following him.

She wants to know if he spoke to Ducky. Gibbs admits that he did but when Ziva prompts further, Gibbs doesn't reply, instead stating that he now has to go talk to the Director.

At the filing area, Tony remarks that maybe Ziva did kill Brian Dempsey after all. As Gibbs heads down the hall to the staircase, Ziva wonders again what Ducky told him. She follows after him, wondering if he's going to tell her anything or not.

But Gibbs stops and heads to the railing, telling Ziva that there's nothing to tell yet before continuing to go up the stairway as Ziva looks on.

In the office, Cynthia Summer is busy leaving a voice-message for Stanley Hobart. She states that she's really starting to get worried and she urges him to call her as soon as he gets this.

As she hangs up, Gibbs arrives in, asking Cynthia if Jenny's in. Cynthia tells Gibbs that Jenny still hasn't returned from lunch and that the man in the corner, an Unnamed Visitor has been waiting for half an hour.

"He'll survive", Gibbs states.

Cynthia then tells Gibbs that it isn't like Jenny and that Jenny has never been late for a meeting. Gibbs wants to know if Cynthia contacted Jenny's driver. Cynthia tells him that Stan isn't answering his cell or pager and that she's left him four messages before admitting that she doesn't know what to do because she's calling Jenny's cell..

As this happens, Gibbs dials a number and tells Cynthia to be quiet.

It then cuts to show an SUV being driven while a cell-phone rings. Jenny then answers it and she and Gibbs exchange greetings. Gibbs then remarks that they've got a major problem with Jenny telling him that she's sorry to hear that but she has a serious problem herself.

"I'm sure you're gonna wanna hear mine first", Gibbs states.

Jenny remarks that she's entirely sure that it's true. It then pans to show Brian Dempsey's brother, James who is now accompanying her. He then answers and tells Gibbs that he really should listen to Jenny's problem before telling Gibbs that they're holding his heroin and his little brother.

As it shows Alex Rudd driving the car, James tells Gibbs that if he doesn't get both of them back in two hours, then Jenny's going to die.

Jenny just looks at him while James tells Gibbs that he'll call back with the details before hanging up.

It then cuts to Gibbs who looks frustrated with the turn of events.

Act Two

At her desk, Cynthia tells Gibbs that Jenny called in at 11:45 when she arrived at the Whitmore Hotel and that according to the senator's assistant, lunch ended at 12:50, ten minutes ahead of schedule and that Jenny never checked it again.

Gibbs states that he needs to see Jenny's itinerary but Cynthia tells Gibbs that she can't do that.

Gibbs then changes position and glances at Cynthia, causing her to give in and get up from her desk where they both head inside to Jenny's office as the man glaces at his watch, stunned.

Inside, Cynthia tells Gibbs that she isn't trying to be difficult but Jenny's been very clear because her schedule is confidential, even to Gibbs himself. Gibbs wonders if she's done before telling her that Jenny has been kidnapped and that Gibbs needs to know where Jenny was when it happened.

Cynthia then shows Gibbs the schedule, stating that at 9am, Jenny met the GAO- Government Accountability Office and that at 10:30, it was with the ATCC. Gibbs then remarks that after lunch, Jenny met with the B.O.B with Cynthia stating it's Congressman Bob Sommers before telling Gibbs that he's a friend of Jenny's. Gibbs however then realizes that it doesn't say where she's meeting Soomers.

Cynthia then admits that she isn't sure because Jenny usually has the car at the hotel, gets coffee nearby before wondering if Sommers is involved. Gibbs doesn't think so but at least, it's going to give him a search radius.

Gibbs wants a copy which Cynthia then produces and gives to him. She wants to know what else she can do but Gibbs tells her to keep quiet. As Gibbs heads for the door, Cynthia wonders if Jenny's going to be okay.

Gibbs just looks at her before opening the door and walking out, leaving Cynthia dismayed.

Down in the bullpen, Ziva's working while Tony is staring at her. She then tells Tony that if he has a question, he should ask it which has McGee glancing up. Lying back in his chair, Tony remarks that he's afraid that Ziva's going to put the Vulcan death grip on her.

"I'm considering it", Ziva admits.

As he gets up from his desk and heads over, Tony wonders where Ziva learned to do that anyway before suggesting that it might have been years of training on a secluded, desert island.

While Ziva continues typing something, Tony grabs an eraser from her desk and states that Blind Master Po is always one step ahead of her. While intimating Po, he remarks that when she takes the peddle from his hand, then it will be mine...

Without looking, Ziva grabs the eraser from Tony's hand while it's shown that Gibbs is heading back down, still holding the sheet that Cynthia gave him.

Tony's amazed and wants to know Ziva did that but she simply throws the eraser at him just as Gibbs enters the bullpen, calling for Tony and McGee.

Once the three have gathered at his desk, Gibbs grimly tells them that James Dempsey, Brian's brother has taken Jenny hostage which leaves Tony and Ziva stunned. Gibbs then states that James is demanding the return of his drugs and his brother or Jenny will die.

As everyone struggles to digest the news, Gibbs ups the pressure by stating that they've got two hours to make it happen. He then tells them that the last contact anyone had with Jenny as at the Whitmore Hotel but the driver isn't responding before he dispatches Tony to the scene which Tony agrees to.

As Tony heads off, Gibbs tells McGee that James Dempsey used Jenny's phone with McGee stating that he's going to start a trace. As Tony and McGee head off to do their respective tasks, Ziva wants to know what she can do.

Gibbs gives her the Director's schedule that Cynthia printed out for him. Gibbs tells Ziva to start making calls. As this happens, in the background, it shows Tony armed with his backpack heading off to the lift while Ziva argues with Gibbs, demanding to be put in the field but Gibbs tells her that it isn't going to happen.

Ziva states that they need her out there but again, Gibbs states that it's not happening before telling her that he needs her at her desk, making calls while urging her to go. As he heads off, Gibbs tells them that the clock's ticking.

As Gibbs heads for the stairs, Ziva yells that Jenny can take care of herself and that she was a good agent.

"Still is", Gibbs replies.

It then cuts to Ziva who looks stunned.

A while later, Gibbs is up in MTAC, having a conference with NCIS Special Agent Cassie Yates who states that she's been investigating James Dempsey for nine months and that he seems like a frat boy on the surface but apparently, Dempey's brutal and that they've linked him to half a dozen unsolved homicides. She then remarks that kidnapping Jenny took guts that she didn't know Dempsey had.

Gibbs then snaps that Dempsey's going to kill Jenny and that it's nothing to be impressed by. Cassie tells Gibbs that she isn't impressed, she's worried. Gibbs wants to know if they got any intel from those squids they busted.

Cassie tells him that they were just mules moving products for the South Africans and that they didn't even know who they were working for. Gibbs tells Cassie to get down to NCIS with Cassie stating that she should be there in a couple of hours.

Gibbs tells her to hold on because the base commander has a chopper waiting. Cassie then states that the only thing James Dempsey loves more than money is his baby brother and that as long as they've got Brian in custody, then James should be easy to manipulate.

Gibbs states that Brian Dempsey's dead before asking Cassie if she still thinks James will be easy to manipulate with Cassie stating that she's on her way.

With that, Gibbs throws his headset.

In the lab, Abby remarks that this is totally disturbing with McGee agreeing with her. But as it turns out, Abby's talking about Brian Dempsey's shoes which has McGee stunned. Abby then tells him to look at these soles and does McGee know what that does to someone's arches? She then remarks that it's heel spurs, torn ligaments, not to mention the effect on spinal alignment.

McGee states to Abby that Brian Dempsey was a drug dealer but Abby tells him that there's no excuse whatsoever for poor foot care. Losing patience, McGee rounds on Abby, stating that she wears platforms before telling her that he's trying to work here.

Abby then puts down the shoes and joins McGee before wondering if he's still tracking Jenny's cell-phone. McGee states that he tracked it to half a dozen different cell towers. Abby realizes that James Dempsey called from a car.

"Driving down the 395", McGee agrees.

Abby wants to know if there were any other calls but McGee tells her that the phone was turned off which means that James Dempsey probably tossed it as well before remarking that he pinpointed the GPS to its last location.

Abby remarks that it's great but at McGee's glance, soon changes her tune, admitting that it might not be great after all. McGee tells her it's a major interchange and that he could have taken any of the four highways.

"So much for Plan A", Abby states.

"Better have a plan B", Gibbs remarks, walking in. Abby then throws herself at Gibbs, telling him that she was worried about him because of Jenny and all before stating that she knows that Gibbs and Jenny are really close.

Abby then tells Gibbs that Plan B is that she's running samples on Brian Dempsey's clothing and personal effects to Sherlock where he's been hanging out. She then tells Gibbs that it's going to take some time.

At Gibbs's glance, Abby then states that it's time that they don't have so she's going to hurry up right now. McGee tells Gibbs that he's working a different angle which consists of him collecting Brian Dempsey's credit cards and phone records and that by creating a simple algorithm, using his personal data, McGee also reveals that he constructed a computer model of Dempsey's buying patterns juxtaposed with his calling patterns.

Gibbs snaps that he doesn't care and tells them to get it done before leaving.

Meanwhile, Jenny's SUV eventually arrives at an airplane hangar and James and Alex both get out with Alex not too gently shoving Jenny, urging her to get out. James urges Alex to get easy, stating that she's not one of Rudd's dates. Alex then snaps that Jenny wouldn't even be here if James's idiot brother (Brian) hadn't gotten caught. As they walk across the hangar, James apologizes for Alex because apparently, Alex takes some getting used to and that once she gets to know Alex, Jenny will really learn to hate Alex.

Once they're inside a darkened room, James tells Jenny to get on her knees. Jenny just looks at him, disgusted before James aims his gun at her and tells her, "Please". Jenny does so while James searches for something.

As this happens, Jenny tells James that he's wasting his time. James states that he's just trying to make her more comfortable but Jenny actually means taking her hostage before stating that they (NCIS) are never going to negotiate.

James, however, urges Jenny not to sell herself so short. Jenny then tells him that they're not allowed to but James admits that he doesn't know because he picked up on the fact that Gibbs is fond of Jenny before wondering if Gibbs will make an expection.

As James places a chair opposite her, Jenny then admits that Gibbs thinks of her like a wife.

"See?", James states.

Jenny then reveals that Gibbs has had three and that NCIS busted James's brother, Brian with 5 million in pure heroin before asking James if he really does think that NCIS are just going to give him back.

James urges Jenny to stand up, right now which she does before urging her to sit down on the chair which she does. Once she's done that, James holsters his gun and tells Jenny to lean back.

As he ties the ropes, James apologizes, stating that his brother's always had a way of getting them into trouble and that James is usually the one who ends up bailing them out. Jenny remarks that he didn't break someone's window with a baseball because he actually kidnapped the head of a federal agency.

"Yeah. You got a point", James remarks before telling her to look on the bright side because this will be over soon, one way or the other. Jenny then remarks about Stanley which leaves James confused.

Jenny states that Stanley is her driver with James assuring her that Stanley's fine although he might be a little uncomfortable but they stuck him in the trunk of her car. James assures her that he's not a bad guy but Jenny is not convinced.

James tells her that he just wants the drugs NCIS stole from him and his brother back.

As James heads off, Jenny struggles, obviously working to get herself freed.

In the bullpen, Ziva's on the phone to someone, begging them not to put her on hold when McGee arrives in, wondering if she's alright. Ziva tells him that she's doing desk work while McGee admits that it could be worse.

"What part of desk work don't you understand?", Ziva wonders while a woman wonders if Ziva's still there. She assures the other woman that she is before getting very tongue-tied while McGee then leans down in front of her, assuring her that he knows what she's going through.

Ziva wonders if he does because is he busy making pointless phone calls and following up dead leads (or rather dead ends)? McGee tells Ziva that's not what he meant before stating that when he shot that cop, he felt like everyone doubted him but after a while. However, Ziva interrupts him by placing her hand on his and wondering if he's trying to make her feel better.

"Is it not working?", McGee asks.

Ziva just smiles and assures McGee that it's not necessary before giving him a little slap which leaves McGee stunned. She chuckles and remarks that their only concern should be the Director.

McGee remarks that she's right and heads to his desk.

Ziva then loses her cool, stating that if the woman puts her on hold again, then she's going to jump through this phone and strangle the person involved. Unfortunately, it doesn't work as she's put on hold again.

As McGee gets ready to leave, Ziva tells him that no-one ever doubted him.

"Just like those calls you're making aren't pointless", McGee replies and leaves.

It then cuts to Ziva who's still on the phone but at least, she's smiling.

Meanwhile, Tony is talking to Jerry Kemper, telling him that they're looking for a black Town Car. Kemper tells him to be more specific. Tony states that it's got federal plates with Kemper remarking that Tony just described half the limo company's clientele.

Tony then informs Kemper that the car belongs to the Director of NCIS and that she's here twice a week and that she comes with a driver. Kemper clicks onto the fact that it's Jenny with Tony agreeing.

Kemper wonders why Tony didn't say so with Tony stating that he was trying to be discreet. Kemper wonders if Jenny's alright. Tony lies, stating that Jenny's just peachy because she just left her keys in her car.

Kemper then realizes that they're at the car and states that it looks like the door is open. Tony's instincts then kick in and he advises Kemper to hold on before slipping a glove and as he opens the door, he takes a quick look inside to find that the place is empty.

Tony then hits a button, opening the truck of the car as Kemper wonders if it's a crime scene. As soon as Tony reaches the boot and takes a look inside, he remarks that it is now. It then shows that Jenny's driver, Stanley is lying in the truck, dead.

It then cuts to Tony and Kemper who stare at the scene, stunned.

Act Three

In the bullpen, as photos of the crime scene are shown on the plasma, Ziva grimly remarks that the director's driver, Stanley was taken by surprise and shot once in the back of the head before stating that Dempsey kidnapped Jenny and he's demanding his drugs and brother be returned to him or Jenny will die.

Cassie arrives in, announcing that she hopes they find him before that happens. She then gives Gibbs a stick, stating that it's everything she's managed to gather on the Dempseys which has nine months of surveillance, wiretaps and buy-busts.

As Ziva heads off, Cassie wants to know where she can sit with Gibbs silently directing her to a vacant spot just outside the bullpen. As Ziva interests the stick into a slot and gets ready to upload, Gibbs wonders if this will help him find Jenny but Cassie doubts it, stating that she wishes she could tell him she had someone inside Dempsey's organization. As the photos appear on the plasma, Gibbs is in disbelief that Cassie never flipped an informant.

Cassie remarks that she was hoping to flip Brian Dempsey but given that Brian's dead, that's never going to happen.

At her desk, Ziva is insult but then her phone rings and she answers it before hanging up. She tells Gibbs and Cassie that it was Tony who's busy uploading the security footage from the Whitmore Hotel before stating that the footage has Dempsey leaving the garage.

Cassie remarks that Dempsey had less than a day to target Jenny which means that he'll have been sloppy and hopefully left a trail of some sort.

As they watch the footage, Ziva remarks that James Dempsey is in the passenger seat which means that Jenny must be in the back. Ziva wants to know who's driving. Cassie realizes with dread that it's Alex Rudd, the point man for the cartels running the drugs through South Africa and she remarks that Rudd is a serious psychopath before stating that she had no idea that Rudd was in the country.

Gibbs just glances at her while Cassie states that she knows 50 places Rudd likes to hang out before stating that she'll start knocking down doors but Gibbs refuses, stating that he needs her here and that he'll get someone else to do it.

Ziva volunteers but again, Gibbs refuses, telling her that she isn't going anywhere before urging her to sit down and to run a BOLO on the car. Cassie assures Gibbs that they'll get Jenny back but Gibbs leaves the bullpen, leaving both Cassie and Ziva alone.

Not meeting Cassie's gaze, Ziva states that Cassie believes that Jenny's already dead but Cassie tells her that she thinks that today is a real bad day to be the Director of NCIS. It then cuts to Ziva who looks downhearted.

Back in the hangar, Jenny remarks that the plane out there is nice before asking if it's a G-Three. James tells her that he wouldn't know and as he glances out, it's shown that Alex is busy heading up the steps of the plane.

Jenny remarks that the range is 4100 nautical miles, unless he risks refuelling but she remarks that James doesn't look like the European type to her. She believes that he's more Mexico or maybe the Caribbean.

James states that Mexico would be great because Brian, his brother has always wanted to see Cabo and Jenny agrees that maybe James can take Brian there in about 30 to 40 years. The door opens and Alex storms in, demanding to know where the pilot is.

James insists that he already told Alex and that the pilot's on his way.

"What the Hell?", Alex snaps before stating that James has Jenny in full view of the window before pulling her back. Jenny states that she tried to tell James who states that no-one's gonna see Jenny.

As Alex begins shutting the blinds, Jenny assures them that it's a dangerous assumption and wonders how many people saw them stuff her into their car? She then states that they've kidnapped the head of a federal agency before remarking that they take it very seriously.

Alex then tells James that he knows that the Dempsey brothers are tight but in Alex's opinion, James isn't thinking. James snaps that Jenny's just messing with Alex who tells him that Jenny's doing a good job of it before asking James how does he see this thing working out?

Alex then insists that they should have shot her just like her driver, Stanley which leaves Jenny stunned.

As the argument drags on, James tells Alex that he gave NCIS two hours and that they've got 58 minutes left before urging Alex to relax. Alex states that they're gone as soon as James's fly-boy shows up.

"We're not leaving without my brother", James insists.

Alex snaps and slams James against the wall, stating that it was Brian who screwed up and because of that, Alex has to explain to his bosses how James lost their product and that James doesn't even have the money to pay for it.

James insists that he's getting it back.

"Yeah?", Alex says before letting go. As James struggles for breath, Alex sarcastically tells James, "Good luck with that" before insisting that he's not sticking around to find out. As Alex leaves, James rubs his head while Jenny comments that it looks like he has a difficult decision: it's either Alex or Brian.

James just responds by angrily slamming his foot into a bin, causing it to fall over.

In the morgue, as the doors open, Ducky remarks that he trusted that Palmer remembered his tea this time. But it's not Palmer. It's Ziva who after glancing at Brian Dempsey lying on the slab, tells Ducky that it's only her and that she's empty-handed.

As Ziva tries to look at the X-rays, Ducky takes matters into his own hands and drags her away while stating that the coffee stand is unable to master the art of brewing a decent cup of Earl Grey but Ziva wants to know if the X-rays are from Brian Dempsey.

Ducky tells her that he can't discuss it with her and that he doesn't mean to be rude but Ziva assures him that she understands. Ducky tells her that she probably shouldn't be down in the morgue.

"I shouldn't be here. I shouldn't be in the field", Ziva snaps. "Can you please tell me where I should be?".

As the morgue doors open, Ducky states that he can understand Ziva's feelings of alienation. Ziva remarks that everyone's avoiding her and do they think she's going to lose control, just enter the building and masscare everyone?

Ziva believes that she's being treated like a leopard but Ducky corrects her, stating that she means like a leper. Ducky approaches her and puts his hands on her shoulders, insisting that she shouldn't start blaming herself.

Ziva states that she doesn't, that she knows where she hit Brian Dempsey. She knows how severely she hit him and she also knows that she didn't kill him. Ducky wonders why she's here with Ziva insisting that she needs Ducky to tell Gibbs that.

"Tell me what, Ziva?", Gibbs asks, entering the morgue.

Ziva then changes her tune and states that the BOLO came back on the car that Jenny was kidnapped in and that it was abandoned three miles from the hotel. She also states that it's en route to NCIS and that it should be here but Gibbs interrupts her by ordering her back to her desk.

Ziva states that she's no use chained to a computer and that she should be out looking for Jenny but Gibbs tells Ziva that it wasn't a suggestion. Ziva then leaves but stops and tries to tell Gibbs something, only for him to state that he doesn't care.

Ziva eventually gives up and leaves.

Ducky then wonders if Gibbs doesn't think that he's being too hard on Ziva but Gibbs tells him that it's not the time to hold hands. Ducky wonders even though Gibbs feels Ziva's blameless?

"You have anything to back that up?", Gibbs wonders.

Ducky reveals that he found blood on Brian Dempsey's brain tissue and that he might have died of an intracranial hemorrhage. Gibbs wonders with Ducky stating that he sent the tissue up for a full neural report and states that it's true, then the hemorrhaging could be the result of a pre-existing condition.

"Or a well-paced strike to the jugular", Gibbs states.

Ducky agrees but before admitting that at this point, the truth is anyone's guess and with that, Gibbs leaves the morgue. Up in the lab, Abby is busy playing Tarot cards with McGee remarking that he thought that she didn't believe in voodoo.

Abby states that it isn't voodoo, it's tarot, the ancient art of divination.

"So you're using tarot cards to find the director?", McGee wonders.

Abby assures him that she isn't and that it's helping her to think. McGee then tells that they've got less than an hour before suggesting that Abby could be working. Abby states that she's busy identifying the mystery goo from Brian Dempsey's sneaker and tells McGee not to forget the saying, "A watched G.C mass spec-".

"Never boils", Tony interrupts, arriving in.

As he glances at the screen, Abby states that she was going to say that it never compares well to the concentration of atomic mass before wondering where her Caf-Pow is. Tony tells Abby that they're in a time-crunch and that she's going to have to do this one caffeine-free.

Abby tells Tony to bite his tongue which he does before revealing that Rule Number 9 is always keep a spare. Tony's confused, stating that he always thought that Rule 9 was always carry a knife but Abby tells Tony that it's isn't part of Gibbs's rules, it's part of hers.

Tony then tells her that he got the evidence from the director's car which consists of cigarette butts, empty coffee cup and a half-sucked breathmint but it's nothing that gets them closer to James Dempsey's location.

"Ah, tarot, the ancient art of divination", Tony remarks, placing the "Death" card down on the table.

McGee then tells them twice that he's got something and that he plotted on the map the locations where Brian Dempsey made credit card purchases in the last six months before stating that it's everything including gas, ATM withdrawals and even motel rooms before revealing that he cross-referenced the cell towers that Dempsey's phone interfaced with.

"I can literally map out his life", McGee announces.

Tony remarks that it's mostly strip clubs, escort services, off-track betting before stating that Dempsey had so much to live for. McGee then states that according to his program, Brian Dempsey spent the majority of his time in this 50-square mile area.

Tony wants to know how this will help them find Jenny but McGee states that it helps them narrow down the search radius. Placing his cap back on, Tony wonders if McGee knows how long it takes to search 50 square miles before stating that it's too long and as he leaves, he slams the Death Card into McGee's hand.

Abby just looks at McGee.

In the hangar, Jenny remarks that his name was Stanley, the man that James murdered in the parking garage. James then states that he didn't kill Stanley and that he tried to stop it which has Jenny stating, "Good" and then remarking that James still has a chance of getting out of it which is more than what she can say for James's boss, Alex out there. James states that Alex isn't his boss and that he's simply a business partner.

"Well, I'd keep an eye on your business partner if I were you", Jenny states.

"Oh, yeah. Why's that?", James wonders.

Upon hearing the engines starting, Jenny then tells James that it sounds like Alex is about to take off without him, causing James to stop what he's doing and head out while Jenny works on getting herself free.

In the hangar, airport personnel are getting the plane ready and as Alex descends the steps, James wants to know what's going on. Alex tells him that the pilot's here but James insists that he's about to make the call with Alex wondering if the feds are really going to negotiate with James.

"Yeah, I do", James says.

"Then you're even dumber than your kid brother", Alex snaps.

James states that they'll bring Brian and the drugs if they want to see their director alive again.

Alex then realizes that's what's holding James back before stating that it's easy to fix.

As he heads inside the room, Alex intends to kill Jenny but she gets the drop on him before a single gunshot kills Alex, sending him to the ground.

Jenny looks up and it's shown that James is the one responsible for firing the shot that killed Alex. He tells Jenny that he just shot Alex to get his brother back and what does Jenny think he'll do to her?

It then shows blood beginning to emerge from Alex's head wound while Jenny stands still as James continues holding her at gunpoint.

Up in the bullpen, as Tony straps on a bullet-proof vest, he says "Tick tock" to McGee who's busy uploading stuff onto the plasma while Cassie states that James Dempsey should be calling any second.

Ziva hangs up and states that tactical's pre-positioned in the search grid. McGee states that the trace program's almost ready and that he needs another computer for back-up. He then realizes he can use Ziva's and as he begins working, Ziva comments that she's being wasted here and that they'll need her when James Dempsey discovers that his brother's dead.

"We don't need the brother", Gibbs states. "Once we have a location, we take him out".

Ziva then tries to prove her point but Gibbs's glare and the phone ringing stops her, prompting everyone to rush over and get ready. McGee announces that they're connected and that the trace will start when Gibbs picks up.

Gibbs then produces his cell phone and upon answering, everyone listens in.

It's James who tells Gibbs to listen carefully and that they need to have one car and one agent in the back. Gibbs tells James to put Jenny on but James tells Gibbs that he's wasting time and time is something that Gibbs doesn't have.

Gibbs again tells James to put Jenny on or the deal's off. As those words are said, it cuts to Jenny who's now back in her chair and glaring at James. In the bullpen, McGee looks at Gibbs.

"He wants to know if you're still alive", James states, approaching Jenny. "Play nice and you'll stay that way".

Jenny tells Gibbs that she's fine and that she wishes she had her coat while back in the bullpen, Ziva smiles. James states that it's enough before stating again that they need one car and one agent in the back and that drugs should be in the trunk with Brian behind the wheel.

As everyone listens in, James tells Gibbs that he'll see him in 45 minutes. Gibbs wants to know where they're driving but James tells him to leave to Brian because Brian knows where before advising Gibbs not to be late.

With that, James hangs up.

It then cuts to Gibbs who looks extremely annoyed while Ziva looks on.

Act Four

From his computer, McGee tells Gibbs that Dempsey made the call over a VOIP system, VOIP standing for voice-over Internet protocol and that it's a wireless signal converted to analogue.

Gibbs wants to know how long it's going to take McGee to trace it with McGee telling him that it'll take about three hours, two if McGee's lucky but Tony reminds McGee that Dempsey said 45 with Gibbs ordering McGee to find another way.

Cassie then emerges, wondering how they're going to do that considering that the only other person who knows where they are is dead. she then wonders on Ziva, wondering if Brian Dempsey said anything before Ziva killed him although she later changes it to say, "I mean before he collapsed and died while he was in your custody". Ziva is annoyed, telling Cassie that she's already told her once, that Ziva didn't kill Dempsey and that Cassie should stop making accusations but they're interrupted by Gibbs who suddenly remembers something, stating that Jenny wants her coat which has Cassie wondering if Jenny was trying to tell them something.

McGee wonders if Jenny's cold but Tony elbows him, causing McGee to wonder if Jenny is in someplace cold. Ziva wonders if Jenny left something in her coat. Gibbs then experiences a flashback of him giving Jenny a coat during one of their missions, the two then kissing and Jenny heading off a plane, leaving her coat behind and back in the present, he realizes that Jenny left the coat on the plane.

Gibbs then stands up that Jenny's at an airport which has Tony confused for a second but Gibbs's glance soon shuts him up and he states that Jenny's at an airport while McGee keeps working on tracking Dempsey's location but he then changes tatic, stating that he's pulling up every airport in a 45-minute drive from the NCIS Building.

As Gibbs answers his phone, McGee brings up a map of the area onto the plasma while Cassie remarks that there's got to be at least a dozen airports on the map with Tony grimly stating that they'll never have time to sweep them all.

Gibbs then states that maybe they won't have to before telling Tony and McGee that they're with him. Tony rushes after Gibbs, quoting the legendary, "On your six, boss!" with McGee running after the two of them while Cassie and Ziva are left behind in the bullpen.

In the lab, Abby tells them that she got the results back from Brian Dempsey's shoe goo and that it's a smorgasbord of Juicy Fruit, chewing tobacco, dog poo but Gibbs interrupts her by demanding to know what the point is. Abby tells Gibbs that there's also traces of fire suppression foam before suggesting that they might be at a manufacturing plant or a firehouse but Gibbs again interrupts, impatiently telling Abby that they're at an airport and she realizes that it's because they use foam on the runaway for emergency landings which has McGee asking them if they remember a few weeks ago, that there was a commuter plane with faulty landing gear.

"Yeah, we watched it for hours on ZNN waiting to see if it was going to crash and burn", Tony replies.

McGee then states that it was diverted to a small airfield with Gibbs wondering which one. McGee then heads over to the computer console just underneath the plasma screen and begins typing before a search comes up, confirming that it's the Potomac Airfield. McGee tries to announce it but Gibbs is already behind him, causing McGee to say it albeit much lower.

In the bullpen, Cassie tells Gibbs, McGee and DiNozzo that they've got the airport layout. Cassie recommends that they seal it off and go through with tactical assault but Ziva states that it's an airfield and do they expect to sneak up on James Dempsey?

Cassie states that they don't have a choice and that if his brother but Ziva finishes, "Wasn't dead. I think we've established that". Gibbs interrupts the arguing, stating that Ziva's right and that they go in small. He then tells Cassie and McGee to go find out what building they're holding Jenny in.

McGee wants to know how to do that but Gibbs snaps that he doesn't care, suggesting that McGee trace the call or find out what planes are scheduled to take off. As McGee and Cassie get to work, DiNozzo joins Gibbs while Gibbs tells Ziva who's sitting at her desk, looking grim to come with them which means that she can finally work in the field again.

Upon grabbing her bag and coat, Ziva smiles, relieved before joining Gibbs and Tony who are heading for the elevator. Tony then states that they've got the problem because James Dempsey is obviously expecting his brother who's dead to drive.

"Well, then we give him what he wants", Gibbs states. "We give him his brother".

At the airport hangar, James Dempsey is busy dragging the body of his associate, Alex Rudd through the room while Jenny who's still tied to her chair looks on. James then tells Jenny that he should thank her but Jenny wants to know what for.

"Him", James replies and begins covering the body. "Friends are important but in the end, family's all we have". Once he's finished, James then heads back to where Jenny is, remarking that Alex never understood that and that Jenny did him a favor.

"Well, let me do you another one", Jenny states. She tells James that he's a smart guy, that he knows that this whole affair isn't going to end well before stating that they (Gibbs and his team) are going to kill James, maybe even Brian before wondering if he's willing to risk Brian's life.

James tells her that it depends before wondering if NCIS are willing to risk Jenny's own life. Jenny just stares at him, stone-faced while James states that if she tries something like that with him again, he'll be sending her back in little pieces.

It then cuts to Jenny who still stares at James, her face giving nothing away.

At the hangar, the two NCIS-issue Dodge Stratus arrive. Gibbs hops out of the second and heads for the first one. In the backseat is Ziva while Brian Dempsey is in the driver's seat with Tony guiding him. As he removes his sunglasses Tony remarks that this is the second stupidest thing he's ever before wondering if anyone wants to know what the first is as he and Ziva drag Brian up from the seat.

"No", Gibbs replies. "Less talking".

Tony then remarks that they should tape the dead guy's hands to the steering wheel before telling Gibbs that he's on it. As they begin working, Tony remarks, "Here we go. It's showtime, Bernie" with Ziva wondering who "Bernie" is.

To give the impression that Brian's still alive, not dead, Tony puts his sunglasses on Brian's face while Ziva states that it's 3 and 11. As Brian's body slumps over, Ziva brings him back up with Tony stating, "2 and 10" before saying that it explains a lot.

As Tony and Ziva continue working, Gibbs then calls McGee before telling him that they're at the airport while wondering if McGee's got the location. McGee tells Gibbs that he's still working on the trace and that they've localised the DNS servers.

It then cuts to Abby's lab where it's shown that McGee and Abby are now talking via speakerphone to Gibbs while Cassie paces the lab, talking on her cell-phone to someone. Abby tells Gibbs that they're having trouble matching the computer's profile to the subnet.

Gibbs wants to know what Cassie's doing but she's too pre-occupied with arguing with the person on the phone about the scheduled flight plans to reply so McGee tells Gibbs that Cassie's working on the flight plans.

Unsurprisingly, Gibbs wants them to work faster.

Back in the car, Tony remarks that they never had this much trouble with Bernie while Ziva wonders who Bernie is. Tony tells it's Weekend at Bernie's which is a cinematic masterpiece and as he begins describing the movie, Gibbs while on his phone impatiently head-slaps Tony, causing Tony to remark that it's thumbs-down from the boss-man while Gibbs states that they're out of time.

In the lab, Cassie who's finished her call prepares to tell Gibbs that the only non-commerical aircraft cleared to leave Potomac with Abby announcing that it's from hangar number three while McGee announces that they're sending out the coordinates as Cassie gives them the thumbs-up.

At the car, Gibbs hangs up and asks Tony if he's sure that this isn't the stupidest thing he's ever done before remarking that they're ready to go.

In the hangar, James announces that time's up and as he glances out the window, he doesn't see any cars or anything. Upon turning around, he tells Jenny that she was right and that it looks her own people don't care about her after all.

Jenny calmly tells him that NCIS doesn't negotiate with criminals, causing James to tell her that she'd better hope that they're willing to make an expection for her. Meanwhile, the car has set off with Brian "driving" when it's actually Tony while Ziva sits in the back seat, giving directions.

Tony then remarks that he can't see out the windshield, that he's driving with his hands and that he still thinks he's driving much better than Ziva. As the car begins going sideaways, Ziva tells Tony to go left and snaps, "The other left".

As Tony does that, he tells Ziva that it's really hard to concentrate when his head is three inches away from a guy's... but Ziva tells him to watch out, causing Tony to put his hand on the brake and wonder which way they're supposed to be going.

Ziva tells Tony that he's driving straight into an airplane hangar but Tony tells her if she could be a little more specific. She tells him to make a left and then to go straight. As the car goes all over the place, Ziva snaps at Tony to go straight.

At the hangar, the sound of screeching tyres catches James's attention and as he looks the window, he sees a car approaching. He then turns away, remarking to Jenny that it looks her people came through for her after all.

"So you're home free", Jenny remarks.

James tells her that he's not stupid and as he begins untying, he knows that the car will be followed but in five minutes, he's going to be 25,000 feet over the Atlantic before ordering Jenny to get up which she does.

James then directs Jenny to leave the room while holding her at gunpoint.

The NCIS car has finally arrived in the hangar and Tony wonders if Ziva has eyes on James Dempsey but she tells him that she doesn't yet. Tony then tells her to remember that Gibbs doesn't want Ziva taking a shot until Jenny's clear.

Finally, James emerges, his gun trained on Jenny.

In the car, Ziva watches and waits.

As James approaches, he tells Ziva to get out of the car which she does and as James tells her to put her hands on her head, it's shown that Ziva has a gun tapped to her back. Ziva then gets out, closes the door and approaches James who then throws her some cuffs while ordering Ziva to cuff herself but Ziva doesn't do anything.

Ziva then quickly bends down and picks the cuffs up off the floor before cuffing herself which she does. James then tells Ziva to lie down while Ziva stares at him, her face emotionless before getting to her knees and lying on the ground.

Ziva then turns over, revealing the gun strapped to her back which has James remarking that it's very clever. He then leans down, rips the gun off Ziva's back much to her annoyance, throws it across the floor before telling Brian to go get the drugs, put them back on the plane and that the drugs are right behind him. When Brian doesn't do anything, James angrily tells Brian to get the damn drugs.

As soon as Brian's head slumps over, James realizes with dismay that Brian is dead, commenting that NCIS killed his baby brother but before James can do anything, a single bullet emerges, hitting him in the forehead.

Jenny then watches as James, now dead falls to the floor before glancing over to see who fired the shot.

It then cuts to show that the person is none other than Gibbs who despite being right-handed, managed to kill James Dempsey by firing his SIG-Sauer with his left hand. Gibbs then gets out off the boat while Ziva approaches Jenny who's obviously stunned at the turn of events.

As Gibbs heads over to check James Dempsey before kicking the gun away, Ziva and Jenny glance at Tony who now emerges from the driver's seat and Ziva then tells Jenny that it's actually a pretty interesting story.

In the morgue, while Ducky works in the background, Jenny examines the two body bags containing James and Brian. The morgue doors open and Gibbs and Palmer arrive in.

While Palmer talks to Ducky, Gibbs holding his ever present coffee looks at Jenny and she assures him that she's fine before remarking that it was a probie mistake and that she should have known better and that she never should have let her guard down before wondering how many times they've said it.

As Gibbs approaches James Dempsey's body, Jenny remarks that Stanley was one Hell of an agent and that he didn't deserve this- (to die at the hands of a drug dealer).

As Gibbs sips his coffee, Jenny tells him that she knows what he's going to say: that she's the Director now and that it comes with the terrority but Jenny remarks that she hopes to God that she never gets used to it. Jenny then wonders if Gibbs is ever going to say anything but Gibbs just states, "Have a drink".

Ducky announces that he has the results of Brian Dempsey's neuropath report which states that the hemorrhaging was caused by a congenital defect in the subarachnoid artery. Jenny's stunned to discover that Brian Dempsey died of a brain aneurysm which Ducky states was present since birth and that Dempsey was a ticking time bomb with Gibbs telling Ducky that every time bomb has a trigger with Ducky stating that anything could have precipitated Brian Dempsey's death, ie, a cough or a sneeze.

"A blow to the throat", Gibbs states which has both Jenny and Ducky looking at him.

Jenny then states to Ducky that it sounds like natural causes to her.

Ducky then smiles, stating that it's actually the way he ruled it before leaving. As he does, he then gives Gibbs the clipboard.

Gibbs then looks at Jenny before leaving the morgue.

It then cuts to Jenny who looks lost in thought.


  • Tony calls Ziva "Agent David." However, at this point in the series, Ziva is still working for Mossad and is only an Liaison Officer to NCIS and wouldn't become a full NCIS Special Agent until the Season 7 episode, Good Cop, Bad Cop (episode).
  • In the previous episode Bloodbath (episode), when Abby is sitting in the elevator she tells Gibbs the statistics on deaths on elevators. In this episode the suspect Ziva is escorting becomes one of the five people to die in an elevator that Abby spoke of.
  • This episode has a number of connections to popular Star Trek series - two of the guest stars (Connor Trinneer, who played chief engineer Charles "Trip" Tucker III on Star Trek: Enterprise, and Tim Russ, who was Lt. Commander Tuvok on Star Trek: Voyager, and a remark by Tony to Ziva in which he quips that she might apply the Vulcan death grip to him. Also, the director of this episode (James Whitmore Jr.) directed two Star Trek: Enterprise episodes. There is also a reference to one of Gibbs's Rules. While this is ongoing in the series, it is similar to the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition. Also, Ducky had Palmer get him a cup of Earl Grey tea. Earl Grey is Capt. Picard's (Star Trek: The Next Generation) beverage of choice. Another connection is connected to the name of the NCIS Special Agent Cassie Yates: on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine there was a frequently recurring character named Kasidy Yates.
  • During the episode, Tony makes a reference to "Blind Master Po", a character in the TV series, "Kung Fu".
  • It's possible that the Whitmore Hotel is a reference to James Whitmore Jr, the director of this episode.
  • In the scene before the security footage showing Jenny's car leaving the Whitmore Hotel garage is shown, arrest photos are shown of the two Dempsey brothers and it should be noted that James Dempsey has the name, "Michael" on his rap sheet instead of "James" which means that it's a possible mistake.


Series Regulars

Season Three Cast
Name Portrayed by Role
Leroy Jethro Gibbs Mark Harmon An NCIS Special Agent in charge of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Anthony DiNozzo Junior Michael Weatherly The Senior Agent of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team and also the second-in-command.
Abigail Sciuto Pauley Perette A Goth who is also the Chief Forensic Scientist and who also works for the NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Timothy McGee Sean Murray (actor) An NCIS Special Agent previously assigned to the Norfolk Naval Base who is now the Junior Agent of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Jennifer Shepard Lauren Holly The Director of NCIS who was also Gibbs's former girlfriend and partner.
Ziva David Cote de Pablo The Mossad Liaison Officer to NCIS.
Donald Mallard David McCallum NCIS's Chief Medical Examiner.

Recurring Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
James Palmer Brian Dietzen Ducky's assistant.
Cassie Yates Tamara Taylor An NCIS Special Agent.
Cynthia Summer Stephanie Mello Jenny's secretary.

Guest Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
James Dempsey Connor Trinneer A drug dealer.
Alex Rudd Alex Nesic A South African and an associate of James Dempsey.
Jerry Kemper Tim Russ A man who runs his own limo business.
Brian Dempsey Rodney Scott James Dempsey's younger brother who dies while in Ziva's custody.
Stanley Hobart David Winston Barge Jenny's driver who is later executed by Alex Rudd while James Dempsey takes her hostage. Uncredited role.
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