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Jesse Boone is a NCIS Senior Field Agent assigned NCIS: Hawaii.


Jesse is Jane Tennant's right-hand man. He was with the NCIS Hawai'i Field Office when Tennant took over as Special Agent in Charge. Before that, he gained his experience with the police force, in D.C., including 3 years with the D.C.'s Joint Robbery Task Force, and a-many hours spent interrogating suspects.

One of his memorable – and still unsolved – cases, included a student at Georgetown University. He asks the lab to run the DNA found on her body, once a year, in hopes of getting a match.

Despite being a haole, he has a lot of respect for Hawaiian culture and nature, surfing, spending time at conservation weekends, or cleaning campsites. He knows how to use a paper map.

Jesse has 3 kids, including a daughter named Gracie. As well as a cat and a dog.