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Jesse Boone is a Special Agent assigned to the NCIS Hawaii team and also the second-in-command of the team as well as the Acting Special Agent in Charge whenever NCIS Jane Tennant is unavailable.

He is also the husband of Heather Boone and the father of Jake, Gracie Boone and one other child.



Born in an unknown State, Jesse is the son of an unnamed man who was an engineer and an unnamed woman with Jesse also having a sister who's divorced.

Jesse's grandfather was an outdoors man who taught him everything he knew about the woods.

During his time in Washington D.C., Jesse worked as a police officer and spent three years on the D.C.'s Joint Robbery Task Force and would spend many hours interrogating suspects and working on numerous cases. At the same time, though, he often received write-ups for insubordination.

One night, two of his colleagues, Hitchcock and Gomez responded to a call concerning an overdose involving the drug, fentanyl with the two men dying in the process, an incident that still haunts Jesse to this day.

Jesse also investigated a case involving the murder of a female student, Jessica Gains who was attending Georgetown University and was strangled to death a week before her graduation was due to take place. He later started a habit of asking the lab to run the DNA found on her body once every year in the hope of getting a match and identifying a possible suspect for the killing but so far, the case has remained cold.

At some point, Jesse met Heather and married her, the couple having three children including a girl named Gracie and a boy named Jake with the couple also owning a cat and dog.

Sometime later, Jesse left the police, joining NCIS and undergoing training at FLETC before he graduated.

He was later assigned to the NCIS: Hawaii team which presumably saw him moving his family to the island and soon became the Senior Special Agent of the team as well as the second-in-command of the team.

While living in Hawaii, Jesse developed a love for surfing and even began spending time at conversation weekends. He also spends his time helping to clean campsites while occasionally hiking, allowing him to use a paper map.

In spite of being an haola- an outsider, Jesse has a lot of respect for Hawaiian culture and nature.

NCIS: Hawaii Season 1


Jesse in the NCIS: Hawaii Season 1 premiere episode, "Pilot".

Like Jane Tennant, Kai Holman, Lucy Tara and Ernie Malik, Jesse made his debut appearance in the NCIS: Hawaii Season 1 episode, "Pilot" where he arrived into NCIS Hawaii HQ, armed with four cups of coffee, having interrupted his conversation weekend or rather, a weekend at Bellows Field to come in and help investigate the crash that had killed Navy Lieutenant Commander David Walters.

After Jesse, Jane and Lucy had discussed the case, Jesse left to go change his clothes and once he had done that, met Ernie in his office, Ernie beginning a search into Walters's life as Jesse departed to head for Walters's apartment, meeting up with Kai who he soon learnt had been locked up by the HPD or Honolulu Police Department earlier that day as the two agents began searching the flat for any bottles of alcohol which proved fruitless although Kai found a sticker advertising a place called Ace's Surfer Shop.

Back at NCIS Hawaii HQ, Jesse and Kai reunited with Jane and Lucy, the four agents sharing their respective findings before Ernie arrived in, announcing he'd found evidence that Walters had a girlfriend: a woman named Noelani Illihau whose car Ernie had detected thanks to the previous owner installing Lo-Jack onto it. With that new information, Jane dispatched Jesse and Lucy to go looking for the car with the search taking the two agents to a huge forest, Jesse realizing they need to use a map to get to the correct area as some of the trails were 150 years old.

After a search, they both found the car and Noelani inside it, dead which later led to the authorities brought Noelani's body out of the area, Jesse and Lucy informing Jane of the development over a phone call with Jane ordering them to keep working the scene.

Sometime later, Jesse and Lucy returned to the bullpen where Jesse revealed that Noelani had been dead before she had hit the ravine while Lucy revealed they had also found some material underneath Noelani's fingernails, the process being sped up so that they could get the results much quicker, only for the meeting to be interrupted by the arrival of DIA officer Kate Whistler.

The next day, in the bullpen, Jesse and Lucy discussed the case, Lucy revealing Walters's credentials hadn't been compromised with Jesse stating it was ironic as the spies knew but that only DIA could give the NCIS Hawaii team what they were looking before he told she should start practicing her apologizes.

A few hours later, Jesse and his colleagues gathered in the War Room where they discussed the list of names Whistler had given Lucy with Ernie identifying DOD engineer Charles Randolph as the spy ring's next target.

That same night, Jesse, Jane and Lucy waited outside in their respective cars as Kai went undercover to investigate the bar and when Kai used his duress word, "I'm new to the island", the three NCIS agents ran towards the bar, splitting up into two teams: Jane and Kai in pursuit of Big Luna while Jesse and Lucy searched for Randolph and Sally, his girlfriend and a cocktail waitress who was also a member of the spy ring in question.

When they got into the room, they found Randolph on the bed, presumably unconscious and Sally with him. Jesse arrested Sally while Lucy arrested Myra Tan, the bartender after a brief struggle, Jesse commenting, "Damn. Remind me never to piss you off, Lucy".

Presumably, after that, Jesse and Lucy brought the two women back to NCIS Hawaii HQ to book and charge them.

The next morning, once Jane and Kai had returned to the bullpen, Ernie having successfully found and rescued them with the help of the United States Coast Guard, the resulting pursuit having first taken the two NCIS agents to a safehouse Big Luna had been using and eventually into the ocean where after a fight between himself and the two agents, Big Luna had died after being swept away by a wave, Jesse arrived in with new damning information about Myra along with the revelation that the spy ring had been operated by the Chinese Ministry State of Security who also owned and operated the Namaka Ale House.

That same night, Jesse attended a dinner at the Tennant house, his NCIS teammates along with Jane's two children, Alex and Julie also there as well.

NCIS: Hawaii Season 2


Physical Appearance

Jesse is a man in his mid to late thirties with brown hair and hazel eyes.

He also wears a cross on a chain around his neck, implying he might be Catholic, although during his time at ranch in the NCIS: Hawaii Season 1 episode Paniolo (episode), he temporarily wore a pendant of some kind.

In the field, while investigating a crime scene, Jesse wears an NCIS windbreaker and a hat although like his colleagues, he sometimes stops wearing the hat.

While pursing a suspect, Jesse wears an NCIS bulletproof vest and an earwig.



He also carries a Glock 19 as his personal sidearm and often has it in a holster attached to his right hip when not in use.


Jesse is fluent in Italian.