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Jessica Knight is an NCIS REACT Chief Training Officer at Camp Pendleton. She took this position after her tenure as a Special Agent on the main NCIS Major Case Response Team. Previously, she was assigned to the REACT Unit in the Navy Yard at Washington D.C.

After her team was presumably disbanded following the deaths of agents Edward Madden, Benji Vargas and Diane Ono as well as the arrest of its leader, Tom Dalton, Knight subsequently joined the main NCIS Major Case Response Team, officially replacing Eleanor Bishop who had resigned from NCIS.

She is also the daughter of former NCIS Agent in Charge Feng Zhao and an unnamed woman, the sister of an unnamed man and Robin Knight as well as the current girlfriend of NCIS Chief Medical Examiner James Palmer and the ex-girlfriend of Gage Winchester.



Not much is known about Knight's past except for the fact that she has an older brother and a younger sister named Robin with their parents divorcing while Jessica, Robin and their unnamed brother were still young with Jessica staying with her father while Robin stayed with their mother.

During her time in college, she was a track star for a division 1 school.

Presumably after in later years, Knight followed in her father's footsteps by joining NCIS even though her father disapproved of it. At this time, Knight began using her mother’s maiden surname to reduce shows of favoritism and accusations of nepotism due to her father’s position. Despite Feng Zhao’s disapproval, the two regularly kept in contact, often talking to one another in Mandarin. During a case in 2024, Zhao would cut contact for a time, leading Jessica and Robin to conclude he might be dead.

Knight attended FLETC and became a favorite student of instructor Greta Ford, Knight later graduating and conducting numerous assignments before she joined the NCIS REACT team led by Tom Dalton.

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Physical Appearance

Knight is a woman in her mid thirties to early forties with brown hair and brown eyes.



Like her NCIS colleagues, Knight is trained in the use of firearms and can fire a single round from her gun to either injure or kill her target.


Knight is fluent in Mandarin.

Hand-to-Hand Combat

Knight is trained in marital arts and can also use her surroundings as well as any possible weapons to use to her advantage.


  • She is the first Special Agent of the Major Case Response Team to have not worked under Leroy Jethro Gibbs’ leadership.


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