Joelle Taylor


Real-world information

Joelle Taylor is a CIA agent previously known to the OSP as a teacher and the ex girlfriend of G. Callen.

Undercover Edit

She and Callen were set up by his partner Sam Hanna and his wife Michelle Hanna on a blind date. Michelle knew her as the teacher who taught Sam's daughter in kindergarten. In season 6 episode 11 "Humbug" Joelle is held hostage during a case and Callen is forced to reveal his true job. This leaves Joelle feeling betrayed, but she forgives him and they agree to get to know each other better.

They eventually break up because of Callen's job and the number of secrets he keeps. They spend Christmas together before going their seperate ways.

After the Mole Hunt Edit

After the team attempts to rescue a kidnapped Kensi from CIA Operative Ferris and finds Joelle bound and gagged in her place, they take her to the Boathouse. There, Hetty reveals that she knows Joelle is a CIA officer. Joelle confirms this, saying her assignments are usually to keep tabs on her students' parents for the CIA, but she was later assigned to get close to Callen as well. She claims her assignment was only to observe and report, though her role changed as the op changed. After they talk, Callen forgives her for lying, though not her betrayal. She points out he's done the same thing.

Trivia Edit

  • Joelle lives in Los Angeles county with her legal husband and their biological son.