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Judgment Day Part 1 is the eighteenth episode of NCIS Season 5 and also the 112th episode of the entire NCIS series.


When a former NCIS Special Agent is found dead in a swimming pool at his home in Los Angeles, Jenny, Tony and Ziva travel to Los Angeles to attend the dead Agent's funeral. An encounter at the dead former agent's memorial service has Jenny greatly unnerved and soon realizing that the agent's death may not have been natural after all, prompting her to bring in an ally of the NCIS team to help out. As Jenny and Mike dig deeper into the case, they're unaware of the fact that the same group of assassins that killed the NCIS agent are after them while Tony and Ziva attempt to find Jenny who has ditched them while they were in Los Angeles but tragedy lies in wait and it's something that threatens to change the structure of the NCIS agency forever.


The scene opens on a bushy suburban area where it shows two young boys playing with a sniper rifle.

An African-American boy, George (Judgment Day Part 1) remarks that he's in love with his friend reminding that it's the mailman although the other boy, Frankie tells him it's the mail-woman before asking his friend if he's gonna shoot something or keep staring?

George shoots the postbox, causing the lid to open much to the postwoman's shock.

The two boys then head off, laughing to themselves at what they've done and they then spot a man floating in a pool, listening to a radio.

George gives Frankie the rifle and they head up to a secluded high area to get a perfectly-good shot.

The other kid then aims the rifle at the center of the raft and fires, resulting in a hole being formed but as the man starts sinking, he's not responding which has George and Frankie puzzled.

The man then continues sinking underwater, not even moving.

It then cuts to George and Frankie who look at each other, both kids now greatly concerned.

Act One

A few hours later, with the deceased man having been identified as former NCIS Special Agent William Decker, NCIS Director Jennifer Shepard arrives in Los Angeles for his funeral.

She's standing outside the church, giving an interview but she's not alone as NCIS Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo Junior and Mossad/NCIS Liaison Officer Ziva David are with her, having been assigned to guard her while she's in L.A.

Once the interview's finished, Jenny goes to sign the memorial book while Tony and Ziva debate the funeral along with Decker's girlfriend, Sasha Gordon who is twenty-two years old.

However, as Jenny prepares to sign the book, she hears a mysterious man ask for someone named "Oshimaida".

As this goes on, Jenny reaches into her bag and produces a make-up kit which has a mirror, enabling her to get a closer view of the man in question.

As the man heads off to a waiting SUV, Jenny quickly produces her phone and snaps off a few shots.

Once the SUV's gone, she turns to Ziva and Tony who are waiting for her, wondering if she's ready to go.

Jenny tells them that she isn't and since they're not due to fly until the next day, then why don't they take the rest of the trip off?

This leaves Ziva and Tony stunned.

Tony then realizes that Jenny wants the keys to the car which he gives her.

As Jenny heads off to the car, talking on her phone, Ziva heads off in the other direction while Tony's just thrilled about getting to spend some time in L.A while saying that he'll have to cut Ziva loose, only to realize she's walking away.

As he spots her, Tony runs after her while urging Ziva to wait up.

At the main NCIS Building in Washington D.C., Timothy McGee arrives at NCIS for work and gets a shock when he finds Abigail Sciuto at Ziva's desk and Donald Mallard at DiNozzo's.

After they've exchanged greetings, Abby drops the hint about a haircut which Ducky believing that it was a suggestion, not an observation.

McGee, on the other hand wants to know if there's something going on downstairs.

Ducky simply reclines in DiNozzo's chair, putting his feet up on the table while Abby, having found one of Ziva's knives begins playing with it.

Abby then asks McGee if there's something wrong.

McGee starts to wonder why they're upstairs, only for James Palmer to wander in, announcing that there's a random bug sweep.

"Off limits to all non-security personnel", Abby replies, waving the knife around.

Ducky wonders why McGee wasn't told and then theories that Leroy Jethro Gibbs's head injury might have prevented him from doing it, only to realize that the man in question is standing behind him.

Seconds later, Gibbs enters the bullpen which has Palmer fleeing the bullpen in fright before McGee gives him a package from Tobias Fornell.

As Gibbs wanders back out again, Abby remarks that it's mysterious with Ducky agreeing.

Abby's ring-tone which consists of a bird crying and a bell tolling then erupts and she checks it before leaving the bullpen.

Ducky then realizes that the sweeping's probably finished and leaves too, thanking McGee or rather the Probie for the hospitality which has McGee looking after him, stunned.

In Los Angeles, Jenny arrives at a secluded motel and meets Michael Franks who demands to know why she had him jump on the earliest flight out of Mexico.

As they head for the ice machine, Jenny wants to know if Franks ever worked with Special Agent William Decker.

Franks tells her that Decker hired on the year that Franks himself retired and then wonders if Decker's in trouble. Jenny then tells Franks that Decker's dead and that she's next.

It then cuts to Jenny who looks grim-faced.

Act Two

In a motel room, Jenny tells Franks why she called him to LA.

When Franks threatens to leave after Jenny isn't so forthcoming with information, she relents and tells him that she believes that Decker's death might be connected to an operation she, Decker and her partner did in Paris nine years ago which involved the three trying to get into a Russian spy ring.

Decker was their contact agent who got them their identities and handled communications with Franks stating that he knows the drill.

She then reveals that Oshimaida was a code-word they would use in the event that their cover was compromised.

Franks wants to know if it was but Jenny admits that they thought they'd gotten out clean at the time. She then tells Franks about the mysterious man at the funeral who asked for someone named "Oshimaida".

She also believes that the man heard it from Decker who only would have used it if he thought he was about to die.

While pouring some alcohol, Franks tells Jenny that she told him that Decker died of a heart attack.

Jenny tells him that it was actually the coroner who determined that Decker had died of a heart attack.

She then tells Franks that Decker was trying to get her a message which Franks figures out is that Jenny's next.

When Franks wants to know who Jenny's partner, she clams up and it's only when Franks tells her that the next time he opens the door, it won't be for show, does she relent and tell him that it's Gibbs.

"Where do I sign up?", Franks asks.

Gibbs arrives in his basement and opens the package, revealing that it's La Grenouille's autopsy report.

The first photo is of La Grenouille's decayed body with the bullet hole in his forehead while the second is a single bullet that was found at the scene and the third is a photo of Jenny.

Down in the lab, Abby's going through the photos Jenny sent her from the funeral, commenting that while Jenny is a great Director, she's not Annie Leibovitz.

She then asks two cardboard cut-outs of Tony and Ziva what to do but states that she can't tell because the Director told her to keep this on the D.L (down-low).

"Keep what on the D.L?", McGee asks, walking in, carrying a Caf-Pow.

"Nothing", Abby replies before switching off the monitor.

McGee gestures to the cardboard cut-outs of Tony and Ziva but Abby tells him they're not real as they're just keeping her company while Tony and Ziva are in Los Angeles.

McGee tries to leave upon realizing that Abby doesn't need his help.

Abby tries to agree but her weakness for Caf-Pow gets the better of her and she grabs the Caf-Pow before admitting that she does need McGee's help but he has to keep it a secret.

McGee assures her that his lips are sealed but the two make a pinky-promise before Abby shows McGee the photos, informing that the Director needs an ID on the John Doe.

McGee wants to know if Gibbs knows about this.

Abby tells McGee that she asked but Jenny said no and didn't anything else on the subject so Abby didn't push.

McGee has a few theories but Abby shoots them down although his theory of figuring out who the mysterious man was calling at the time proves to be a winner.

Abby then realizes that if they do that and ping all the cell-phone towers in the area, then they've got a chance of getting the guy's cell-phone number and she remarks that it's a genius idea.

As she works on that, McGee examines the cardboard cut-out of Tony.

Back in Los Angeles, Tony and Ziva have checked into a hotel where Tony's busy taking numerous photographs of women, Ziva among them with Collective Soul- Hollywood playing while this happens.

She remarks that he's googling or rather ogling again.

Tony remarks about the book which is a Hewbrew translation of Jack Kerouac's 1957 book, "On the Road", saying it's very McGee-ish of her.

Ziva tells Tony that he's in her sun but he insists that she'll thank him later and reveals that he plans to bring her on a tour of Los Angeles.

However, Ziva points out that he doesn't have a car given that Jenny took the rental car.

Tony then gives her a look.

A while later, the car Tony's chosen drives into view. It's a red Ford Mustang GT 500 and Tony's thrilled, commenting on how it goes from 0 to 60 in 5.2 seconds. Ziva tells him that at the first movie quote she hears, she's driving.

Tony hops into the driver's seat and urges Ziva to pay the hotel-man which she does, thanking him. She's barely gotten into the passenger seat before Tony puts his foot down and they drive off.

Meanwhile, Jenny and Mike have gotten into Decker's house and are busy searching for any evidence to determine that Decker's death was anything but a heart attack.

Jenny attempts to get something from Decker's laptop but they're interrupted by a thud and soon find that it's coming from one of the wardrobes.

Opening it, they find Decker's girlfriend, Sasha inside, crying. Jenny assures Sasha they're not going to hurt her but Sasha wants to know how Jenny knows her before remembering that she saw Jenny at the funeral.

Jenny agrees, stating that she's an old friend of Decker's.

Franks helps Sasha out and Jenny tells that she and Franks are here because they don't believe that Decker's death was natural and judging from Sasha's look, Jenny's guessing that the other woman doesn't believe it either.

Sasha breaks down again and once she's recovered, tells Jenny and Franks that Decker told her that if anything were to happen to him, she would deliver a message for him.

Jenny wants to know who. Sasha turns to grab a book from a drawer and opens it, revealing something resembling a room-service sign which she gives to Franks and as he takes it, it's shown that it has the title, "Jenny Shepard, Director of NCIS".

When Sasha asks Franks if he knows Jenny, he replies, "Unfortunately", causing Jenny to glare at him.

Realizing that Sasha's life might in danger, Jenny decides not to reveal who she really is and assures Sasha that they'll deliver the message.

Sasha tells them that Decker had some sort of insurance policy in a small place out in the desert and that he was planning on fixing it before he died.

Franks turns over the other side, revealing the address and a key which Sasha confirms.

Jenny wants to know if Sasha's got family in L.A. Sasha admits that she doesn't but she's got some in Nevada.

Jenny advises her to go there right now, knowing that Sasha's a potential target.

Sasha tells her that she doesn't have a car but Jenny gives her the keys to her rental.

Once Sasha's gone, Franks wonders if Jenny forgot her name but Jenny assures Franks that it's better that Sasha doesn't know who she is.

Franks wonder who's better for and stating that when they find who did this...

Jenny vows that it will be just the way Franks likes it: no paperwork.

It then cuts to Franks who is staring at Jenny before he nods in agreement.

Act Three

With the Beach Boys's "I Get Around" playing, Tony and Ziva are continuing their trip through Los Angeles, only for the trip to come to a screeching halt given that they're now caught in traffic.

Tony insists that Ziva wanted the L.A experience and that he's giving it to her. Ziva tells him she wanted to read her book.

"They have books in D.C", Tony replies.

"They have traffic as well", Ziva snaps.

Tony raises the volume on the radio but Ziva turns it all the right down, causing a frustrated Tony to beep the horn rather loudly. Ziva remarks that she doesn't like this because something feels off.

Tony believes it's the transmission but Ziva's talking about the Director and voices her concerns, stating that as Jenny's escorts, they're supposed to be guarding her.

"Maybe she found a new escort", Tony says. "The director is a flesh-and-blood woman with flesh and blood needs. You wanna call and ruin her private party, be my guest".

As he says that, he gives Ziva his cell-phone and she starts dialing Jenny's number.

Back at Decker's house, Jenny's examining a map, searching for the desert and the diner when her phone rings.

She answers it.

In the car, Tony's stunned when Ziva puts the phone on speaker and aims it at him. Jenny wants to know what DiNozzo wants with DiNozzo telling her how the paperwork's going.

Jenny tells him that it's slow because of too many interruptions.

DiNozzo tells her that it's a beautiful day to be stuck inside.

"You need something, Agent DiNozzo?", Jenny asks.

"No, just checking it with our fearless leader", Tony replies.

"Got it!", Mike announces.

"What did I tell you, Tony?", Jenny demands.

"Not to call you our fearless leader", Tony admits.

"And?", Jenny prompts.

"To take the day off", Tony mumbles.

"Enjoy your time in LA because believe me, I could always find something for you to do", Jenny states before hanging up.

In the car, Tony and Ziva realize that Jenny's with a man although Ziva admits that just because the Director's with a man, it doesn't mean that she's sleeping with him.

Tony believes that they're tag-teaming the paperwork while Ziva believes Jenny's hiding something from them.

"Yes, it's called a sex life", Tony says. "Maybe if you had one, you'd be a little more understanding".

Ziva laughs, admitting that she could tell him stories.

"Tell, slowly", Tony replies.

Ziva admits that she will on the condition that Tony contacts the Los Angeles Police Department, informs them he's running a local investigation and then requests that he run down the GPS signal to find where the Director's rental is car and she'll even let Tony do his Chinatown impression.

Back in the lab, McGee is giving cardboard Tony a little mustache courtesy of a marker which ends when he and Abby get a hit from pinging all the cell-towers in the area.

McGee realizes that ten calls were in progress when Jenny took the photo and the two soon discover the man's name: Viggo Drantyev.

McGee finds nothing in the domestic database but uncovers some disturbing information in the national database. Abby's phone rings at the moment and she picks up to see that it's Jenny calling.

McGee tries to leave but Abby drags him back, stating that since he wanted in, he's in and orders him to keep quiet.

She then answers the call.

Mike and Jenny are now in another car, halfway through the desert.

Jenny gets straight to the point and Abby tells her about the man's name along with the news that "Viggo Drantyev" didn't exist three days ago and that he doesn't anymore.

Jenny realizes it's a burn alias which Abby agrees, calling it a damn good one.

When Abby asks if Jenny wants McGee to put out a BOLO, McGee again tries to leave but Abby prevents him from doing so.

Jenny tells Abby to erase the search which she does while stating, "What search?".

Back in the desert, Mike and Jenny are putting the pieces together with Mike agreeing that it's not enough for a conviction.

Jenny disagrees, stating it's good for her and she knows who sent Drantyev as well as who he's after.

Gibbs arrives down to the morgue to find Palmer performing CPR on a doll while shouting although Ducky emerges, carrying some planets as he tells Palmer he doesn't remember shouting being one of the instructions.

Upon Ducky calling Gibbs's name, Palmer stops.

Gibbs wants to know what's going on with Ducky telling him that it's CPR re-certifications and that work has been slow enough for Ducky to be able to update them before asking if he can put Gibbs's name down.

"Not today", Gibbs admits

Ducky wants Palmer to give them a minute which Palmer agrees to.

As he moves to take the doll, Ducky tells Palmer that "Annie" can stay with Palmer dropping the doll and leaving the morgue.

Once they're alone, Gibbs and Ducky talk about the Frog's autopsy report with Ducky admitting that there was nothing out of the ordinary.

As Gibbs leaves, Ducky calls him back and tells him that he had the impression that the case was closed.

Gibbs admits that it is but Ducky wants to know why Gibbs is digging and what he hopes to find.

"Answers", Gibbs replies and leaves the morgue.

"There's a reason sleeping dogs are left to lie, Jethro", Ducky mumbles.

In Los Angeles, Tony and Ziva have arrived at the Santa Monica Pier where they discover Jenny's rental.

Upon seeing nothing out of the ordinary, Ziva relents and rejoins Tony back in the car where he asks her where to- Rodeo Drive? Venice Beach?

Ziva tells Tony the hotel or she'll file kidnapping charges.

They prepare to head off when they spot a LAPD car at the scene which instantly has Tony doing a double-take and reserving the car into a parking spot as he and Ziva go to investigate.

Upon getting down to the lower area of the beach, they produce their badges, giving them access to the crime scene where they meet LAPD Detective Monroe who shows them the victim.

It's none other than Decker's girlfriend, Sasha Gordon.

Tony is in disbelief.

It then cuts to Ziva who stares at Sasha's lifeless body.

Act Four

A while later, Franks and Jenny arrive at the diner which is in ruins and looks completely empty.

As they head for the entrance, Franks remarks that the diner is his kind of place and that he isn't a people-person.

Jenny remarks that she noticed.

Franks then insists that it's not that he doesn't like them, they never seem to like him.

"Decker didn't have that problem", Jenny says.

She then gives Franks the key to the diner and Franks recommends that she save it for the guy who killed Decker although Jenny tells Franks that they have to find the guy first.

As they reach the door, Franks remarks that if the guy they're looking for knows about Decker's insurance policy, then he'll find them.

While Franks unlocks the door, Jenny looks around the desert.

Back in Los Angeles, while his men process the scene, LAPD Detective Monroe tells Tony and Ziva there's no obvious signs of foul play in regards to Sasha Gordon's death.

Ziva disagrees, stating that Sasha is dead. Monroe then remembers that they told him that Sasha had just buried her boyfriend.

Tony suggests that Sasha could have been drinking to help herself cope and even suggests that Sasha could fallen or jumped but Ziva remarks that Sasha could have been pushed.

This gets Monroe's interest, forcing Tony to drag Ziva back behind the crime scene tape.

Ziva wants to know what Tony's doing but he tells her to leave the Director out of it. Ziva states that Jenny's car is there with Tony agreeing that there are fifty other cars there too.

Ziva snaps that she's not providing security detail for the fifty other cars there.

Tony reminds her that Sasha's been dead for two hours, that he and Ziva both spoke to Jenny twenty minutes ago with Jenny herself even telling them that everything was fine and that it's all a big coincidence.

Ziva then asks Tony if he really believes that.

Tony puts his sunglasses and looking at Ziva, says "No".

In her lab, Abby is busy performing CPR on her Tony model, using her farting hippo, Burt as a pressure point.

Gibbs comes in and Abby tells him it's not what it looks like.

Gibbs, however knows that it's actually CPR and Abby states that it's exactly what it looks like.

She then goes into detail about Ducky asking them to do it but Gibbs assures that he already knows.

As she gets to her feet, abandoning the Tony model and Burt who farts a bit, Abby's more interested in knowing what brings the almighty Gibbs to her humble lab.

Gibbs tells her that it's the Frog case.

Abby winces, stating that she's sorry she asked and that she thought the case was closed.

Gibbs then holds up a photo of a shell casing that was found at the crime scene.

Abby takes the photo of him and explains that shell casings contain a variety of useful data points.

She then places the photo underneath some lamps and heads over to her computer where the photo is in the process of being scanned onto the computer and transferred to the plasma screen.

Abby states that the first thing she's found is the indentation caused by the firing pin with its position narrowing down the list of possible firearms.

Gibbs wants to know if she can trace it back to a specific gun.

Sticking her head out, Abby tells him that she will be able to do that in 2010 because that's when the gun manufacturers will be required to by law to micro-stamp a serial number onto the firing pin.

As usual, Gibbs wants Abby to do it today.

Abby states that it depends on who Gibbs is asking with Gibbs stating that he's asking her.

Abby then tells him that the second data point is this and reveals that the breechblock pattern around the back of the shell casing that came from the concussive force of the gun firing.

She states while it doesn't let them say what gun was fired but it can rule a gun out.

She then sees something of interest and heads out to the plasma where she points out the scratch on the shell casing, remarking that it could be an ejector impression from when the spent case was ejected or it could have come from a slight defect in the gun clip.

As she says this, Gibbs realizes something and abruptly leaves the lab, taking the photo with him.

Once Gibbs has gone, Abby confronts her Tony doll, stating that she has a really bad feeling too and wondering why he didn't stop her before giving the doll a head-slap.

At the diner, Franks and Jenny are searching for the insurance policy.

Jenny then berates Franks for looking at her ass with Franks stating, "Not much else to look at" and remarks that it would help if Jenny told him what he was looking for. Jenny then states that Decker knew someone was after him and he knew why.

Franks realizes it's connected to the mysterious op Jenny, Franks and Gibbs did together with Jenny silently nodding in agreement. She then states any policy would contain names.

Franks suggests Viggo but Jenny tells him that the policy would have real names, targets, dates, plus operational blueprints, photos.

Franks then points at the wall and states that they've got plenty of photos.

Jenny glances at the photos and it then cuts to a flashback of a hotel room, presumably in Paris.

While Jenny gets ready, putting on a wig and make-up, Gibbs, sitting on a bed examines the photos and writes down the numbers.

Back in the present, Jenny approaches the wall and begins removing the photos, remarking that the dates are all wrong.

She then grabs a pad before asking Franks for a pen.

As Franks searches for a pen, Jenny brings the photos back to the table and lays them down one by one.

Franks gives her a pen and Jenny studies the photos, remarking that the first one of Sasha Gordon and Decker smiling is one of Decker's retirement party in 2007 which was only last year.

The second photo was taken at a crime analyst's conference in 2002.

Franks guesses that the third photos was taken September 18, 2004 and when Jenny looks at him, Franks points out the TV in the background of the photo, stating that the boxing match was Hopkins-De La Hoya.

Jenny then begins writing down the numbers, remarking that it's some kind of code.

Franks wonders it's a bank routing number but it's too long for a cash account.

Jenny believes that it might be a safety deposit box and the rambling is interrupted by her cell-phone ringing.

She realizes it's Ziva again.

Franks tells her that if she doesn't answer, then Tony and Ziva will assume something's wrong and they'll call in the SWAT team.

Jenny answers, telling Ziva or "Officer David" that this call better be World War Three.

Back on Los Angeles, as Tony and Ziva head down the path with Tony's phone on speaker, Ziva tells Jenny that Sasha Gordon's dead.

Jenny wants to know what happened.

Tony and Ziva tell her that LAPD is still investigating the scene and that it looks like she broke her neck in a fall.

Ziva gets all cagey, stating to Jenny that Sasha's body was found less a hundred meters away from Jenny's car.

Jenny wants to know when. Tony tells her that it was three hours ago.

Ziva states that this isn't a coincidence and they were assigned to protect her before demanding that Jenny tell them where she is.

Jenny angrily tells Ziva that she doesn't appreciate the other woman's tone and that despite what Gibbs might have told, coincidences do exist and that's what they have.

Tony and Ziva are dismayed but Jenny assures them that she's fine and that she'll meet them later to take the red-eye flight back home to D.C.

She hangs up and Franks wonders if it's good news.

"Not for Sasha", Jenny says.

Back in Los Angeles, Tony and Ziva discuss the phone call with Ziva believing that Jenny might have lied to them under duress.

She then realizes that Tony does see what's going on but that he doesn't want to get involved.

Tony tells her that Jenny doesn't want them involved and if there's one thing he's learnt from the Director's wars, it's that it's best to stay away, for her and for them.

As Tony gets into the car, he remarks that Jenny's a big girl and that she can take care of herself before stating that she's probably behind one of those expensive windows, munching on overpriced cashews courtesy of Mr Out of Town.

He looks at Ziva who nods after a few seconds.

In the diner, Jenny remarks that she told Sasha to leave town.

Franks believes that if Sasha probably went back to her apartment to grab a few things and that Viggo got to her, they have to assume that Sasha talked which means that Viggo knows about Franks and Jenny, the insurance policy and the diner.

Jenny grabs the photos and dumps them in a coal fireplace before setting them on fire, destroying any proof of the photos.

As this happens, Franks gets up from the seat, stating that Viggo's probably on his way and suggests that they leave.

Jenny tells him that he can go but she's staying behind and that this ends here.

Franks then produces a gun, most notably a Heckler & Koch P2000 SK from a holster strapped to his left leg and gives it to Jenny, remarking that she's going to need a clean one.

Jenny takes the Hecker and Koch and smiles.

As Franks sits back, the two play the waiting game.

It then cuts to Jenny who nods in agreement before smiling again.

Jenny after Franks has given her a clean gun, ie, a gun with no registered or VIN number on it for use.

Act Five

Back in Los Angeles, Tony and Ziva debate about calling Gibbs to inform him of the situation but after going against each other and with no agreement being reached, Tony decides to compromise.

Back in the office, McGee's sitting at Tony's desk, reading a copy of GSM magazine when the phone rings.

He answers it with Tony wondering what took McGee so long.

Despite McGee lying, Tony figures out that McGee was at his desk.

An impatient McGee demands to know what Tony wants with Ziva telling McGee that they want his advice.

McGee smugly realizes that they've lost the Director but Tony and Ziva disagree or rather lie, simply stating that they don't know where she is.

McGee singsongs that Gibbs is going to kill Tony and Ziva.

Tony tells McGee to calm down and not get his panties in a twist before stating that they just spoke to Jenny who told them that she's fine and that she needed a little alone time.

Ziva then interjects with the thought that they're worried that Jenny might be under duress.

When McGee asks if Jenny used the duress word, Tony reacts with triumph while Ziva grudgingly admits that Jenny didn't. McGee then states that Jenny's probably fine.

Tony thanks McGee for his advice, stating, "The great McOz has spoken".

Despite this, Ziva wants McGee to trace Jenny's cell but McGee isn't too thrilled about that nor is he delighted about the fact that Tony and Ziva threatening to call Gibbs unless McGee traces Jenny's cell.

Tony tells McGee to do it anyway, stating that if Jenny is at the Farmer's Daughter's Motel with some guy, then they'll call it a day.

McGee grudgingly begins searching and tells them that there are no hits in the LA area.

Tony then asks McGee to expand the search which McGee does but McGee reveals that the search has come up blank, stating that Jenny must have turned her phone off.

McGee then tells that Jenny's last call was off the 14, about 35 miles into the Mojave Desert.

"Fifty miles away from her car", Ziva states.

Tony wants to know if McGee has an exact location in regards to where Jenny is but McGee tells him he'll work on it.

Tony then tells McGee to let them know before hanging up.

As he does that, Ziva then leans over and switches on the engine, causing the Mustang to spring to life.

"This is not a good idea", Tony states.

"Humor me", Ziva replies grimly.

In the diner, Jenny is busy reassembling the gun Franks gave her while the man himself sits in a chair, smoking another cigarette.

Franks wonders if she always cleans her gun before a fight.

Jenny states that it isn't her gun before asking Franks if he always sits on his ass before one, causing Franks to chuckle.

When Franks asks her what he should be doing, Jenny tells him he ought to be assessing the situation.

Franks wonders if she read that in the manual.

He then points out that the locks are Deadbolt, Schlage and that they're the same as the front before stating that there's a wood-frame, stucco exterior, lath and plaster walls, stone in the rear.

He also believes that Viggo and his men don't come too heavy, then the walls should be provide cover before remarking that the situation has been assessed.

Jenny then gets up and heads over to the window, telling Franks that she never said thanks.

Franks tells her to thank him later before taking another puff of his cigarette.

Jenny then sits one of the seats and remarks that when she'd first heard that Decker had died of a heart attack, she'd been relieved.

"Gibbs did say you were complicated", Franks mutters.

Jenny then states that the reason for her relief was because she always knew that there was a chance that this whole thing could come back to haunt them before remarking that it's her fault.

Franks looks at her.

Jenny then admits that she's made some choices she's not particularly proud of.

"We all have", Franks remarks, taking yet another puff of his cigarette.

"Even Gibbs?", Jenny states.

Franks then states that Gibbs let her go but Jenny corrects him by stating that Gibbs didn't let go her and that she did because he didn't fit into her five-point plan.

Franks then states that it comes back to choices and that she made her bed.

"What if I don't wanna sleep in it?", Jenny wonders.

"Does Gibbs know?", Franks asks.

"Would it make a difference?", Jenny replies.

Franks then states that Gibbs came back but Jenny tells him that Gibbs came back for the job.

Franks then remarks that it explains all the conversations they had on his boat.

At Jenny's shocked look, Franks assures her that it was just about the job before telling Jenny that she's still young and she's got plenty of time to make things right.

Jenny swallows and doesn't say anything, instead choosing to look out the window.

It shows a man (Viggo) heading into a SUV and as the SUV leaves the gas station, the Mustang with Tony and Ziva pulls in with music blaring from the stereo.

It's obvious that the two are having another argument.

Ziva believes that they could have made it but Tony insists that the needle is below E with E standing for "Empty" which is why they're here at the station.

Tony states that they don't know where they're going with Ziva going back to her original point that they still could've made it.

The two then shout "What?" at the same time.

As Tony gets out and begins filling with the car with gas or petrol, he tells Ziva to make herself useful. She turns around and wonders what Tony wants her to do: hold his noozle?

Tony wants her to go get a map.

As Ziva gets out of the car and heads inside, Tony orders her to get them some white-powdered doughnuts and some Blue Ice Gatorade.

Ziva simply slaps her behind before heading into the shop.

Tony's phone rings.

It's McGee who tells him that he did a little digging and he's discovered that Decker owns a diner in the desert.

While this goes on, Tony glances at his watch and cuts McGee off by asking for the coordinates.

McGee tells him that he's just sent them to Tony's PDA.

"You deserve a probie snack", Tony tells him by way of thanks. "Get yourself one but not from my desk. Use the vending machine".

With that, Tony hangs up and glances around, obviously nervous about something.

Back at the diner, Franks and Jenny are busy making their final preparations for the upcoming gunfight.

Franks then remarks that he was once in love with a girl named Maggie but when Jenny asks what happened, Franks replies he traded Maggie for a Harley when the transmission blew which has Jenny smiling.

Franks then gets up and tells Jenny that when he asked her if Gibbs knew, he wasn't referring to the feelings Jenny obviously has for Gibbs.

Franks wants to know if Gibbs knows that Jenny is sick before asking her if she's going to lie to him now.

Jenny tries to play it cool but it's clear that Franks isn't buying it and states that a person gets a look in their eye when their time's running out.

Jenny tells Franks he's not that good but Franks tells her that he found her pills which has Jenny realizing he went through her purse.

Franks admits that in addition to that, he went through Jenny's purse, her cell-phone and glove box.

After a moment of silence, Jenny admits that Gibbs doesn't know.

"What are you waiting for?", Franks asks.

"Good question", Jenny replies.

In the basement, Gibbs is studying the photographs of the crime scene involving the Frog. He pours some alcohol into a glass after throwing some nails out of said glass.

After taking a sip, he glances at the shell casing in the photo and notices the mark that Abby pointed out earlier.

Back in the desert, Tony and Ziva are still driving to the diner but they're having no luck getting there.

Tony eventually gives up, gets out of the car, screams out loud in frustration before getting back into the car. He then asks Ziva that they do go right at the giant cactus.

"That is what he said", Ziva confirms, implying it's either the unseen gas station owner or McGee who gave them the directions.

Tony just gives her a look before starting the engine again and they head in search of the diner once more.

In the empty diner, Jenny tells Franks that she's found some tea.

Franks wonders what it is and tells her that he only drinks lemongrass.

Jenny remarks that Franks doesn't strike her as being the tea-drinking type with Franks remarking, "And people say I don't open up".

Jenny then remarks that there's no water so there's no point in having any tea.

Franks then remembers seeing a water tank out back.

When Jenny volunteers to go, Franks tells her he'll go instead and that he has to go hit the head again anyway before telling Jenny that she's up.

Franks then heads out back, leaving Jenny alone in the diner and with nothing to do, she keeps staring out the window.

Back in the basement, Gibbs examines the gun clip and it then cuts to a flashback of him talking to Jenny during Bury Your Dead (episode). He then gives her a round for her gun before leaving.

It cuts to Jenny who drinks some whiskey.

As the flashback ends, Gibbs takes another sip.

It then heads into another flashback where it's night-time in the bullpen and Jenny comes in, returning the round which she places on his desk before leaving.

Back in the present, Gibbs then takes a bullet out of the clip and using a magnifying glass, realizes that the round has the same marks as the shell casing found at the crime scene which seems to confirm that it was Jenny who killed the Frog, not Kort as originally suspected with the revelation leaving Gibbs completely stunned.

Back at the diner, Franks heads for the tank, carrying a jug with him.

As he does that, the SUV that left the gas station arrives outside the diner and all the passengers including Viggo get out.

They then grab their guns from the trunk of the SUV and upon cocking them and while leaving the truck of the SUV still open, head for the diner.

Unaware of what's going on, Franks is still at the tank, filling the jug up with water.

The four assassins then head for the diner with two going around the back while Viggo and another shooter head for the entrance.

Without waiting, Viggo bursts in almost immediately just as Franks keeps on filling up the jug.

It then pulls away from the diner to show the outside of the diner with nothing except gunshots being heard for the next few minutes before silence descends on the diner again.

A while or so later, Tony and Ziva finally reach the diner.

Upon realizing that the SUV is the one they saw at the gas station, they leave the car and grab the holsters containing their guns which were in the back seat of the rented car.

As they strap the holsters to their hips, Ziva wonders if Tony believes that Jenny is still on one of her booty calls.

"If there's a sock on the door-knob you're knocking", Tony states.

But as they get closer to the diner, a single glance at the shattered windows tells them that something's up.

Ducking for cover, Tony and Ziva grab their guns and head to the entrance of the diner.

Once Tony's put his glasses aside, he takes a quick glance inside and upon seeing a body on the floor, tells Ziva that she's in.

With that, Ziva then heads inside, her gun drawn with Tony joining her almost seconds later.

They then spend the next few minutes checking for anyone in hiding.

Tony finishes checking his area and reports that it's all clear.

Ziva, on the other hand edges further into the diner and finds two more bodies. She then spots something or rather someone lying on the ground in the distance and calls Tony's name.

Tony then heads over to see what she's found.

It then shows that the person lying in the corner, her own left arm drenched with blood is none other than Jenny herself.

Tony and Ziva then approach Jenny's body with Tony edging in closer and feeling Jenny's neck, hoping to get some sign of a pulse but there's nothing.

Tony closes his eyes in dismay and hisses sharply, obviously dismayed at the fact that Jenny is dead while Ziva just looks on.

As the two continue standing there, still stunned, they both get a surprise when Jenny's phone which has been by her side, silent lights up and begins ringing loudly, suggesting that someone's trying to call Jenny.

Tony leans over and careful not to compromise or touch anything, picks it up off the floor before standing up again.

Tony and Ziva glance at the Caller ID.

It's Gibbs.

Dreading the response, Tony bites the bullet and accepts the call with Gibbs's voice heard asking for Jenny.

It then cuts to Tony and Ziva who are silently looking at each other in despair while wondering how they're going to tell Gibbs that his former partner and girlfriend as well as the Director of NCIS, Jenny Shepard is dead.

To Be Continued...


  • When Gibbs goes down into his basement, he opens an FBI case file with the number 8675309, a reference to Tommy Tutone's song, "Jenny." One of the pictures inside is of Director Jenny Shepard.
  • While this is a separate episode on the TV, this along with Judgment Day Part 2 (episode) was edited together to create an hour or two-hour long finale on the DVDs with the episode simply titled, "Judgment Day" and the single episode is 1 hour and 23 minutes long. Also in the TV series, "To Be Continued" appears on the screen during the final scene while on the DVD version, it goes straight to the next episode.
  • The various places that Tony and Ziva are seen driving through or past while in Los Angeles including the Santa Monica Pier would reappear almost two years later during episodes of the first-ever NCIS spin-off series, NCIS: Los Angeles.


Series Regulars

Name Portrayed by Role
Leroy Jethro Gibbs Mark Harmon NCIS Special Agent in charge of the NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Anthony DiNozzo Junior Michael Weatherly Senior Special Agent and second-in-command of the NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Ziva David Cote de Pablo Mossad Liaison to NCIS and also a member of the NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Timothy McGee Sean Murray (actor) NCIS Junior Special Agent and a member of the NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Abigail Sciuto Pauley Perrette Forensic Specialist, NCIS.
Jennifer Shepard Lauren Holly Director of NCIS. Later dies in a gunfight in an abandoned diner in the Californian desert that takes place against herself and four other assassins who have been sent to kill her.
Donald Mallard David McCallum Chief Medical Examiner, NCIS.

Recurring Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
James Palmer Brian Dietzen Assistant Medical Examiner, NCIS.
Debra Green Sheila Frazer ZNN Reporter.
Michael Franks Muse Watson Former NIS, NCIS Supervisory Agent.

Other Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
Viggo Drantyev Oleg Taktarov Natasha's Lieutenant.
Sasha Gordon Betsy Rue Decker's girlfriend.
George (Judgment Day Part 1) Terrence Hardy Jr. One of the young boys seen at the beginning of the episode.
Frankie Wyatt Smith One of the young boys seen at the beginning of the episode and also George's friend.
Monroe Reginald James LAPD Detective in the Los Angeles Police Department.
William Decker Marc Vahanian A former NIS and NCIS agent.
Attendant Jeff Witzke An attendant at William Decker's funeral.
Russian Shooter Bryan Friday One of Jenny Shepard's assassins. Uncredited role.
Mexican Shooter Carter Vera One of Jenny Shepard's assassins.
Reporter (Judgment Day, Part 1) Kristi Vetica Newspaper Reporter. Uncredited role.
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