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Kai Holman is a NCIS Special Agent assigned to the NCIS: Hawaii team and also the team's newest member.

He is also the son of Wally Holman and an unnamed woman.



Born in Waimanalo, Hawaii, Kai was the son of Wally Holman and an unnamed woman.

During his youth, Kai participated in the Interscholastic League and to this day, still holds the record for the most strikeouts.

Years later, Kai's mother became sick and ultimately died, her death devastating Kai who chose to leave Hawaii altogether, joining the United States Marine Corps with his departure straining his relationship with his father.

When he was on the mainland for the first time at the age of eighteen, Kai had his first racist experience when while off-base, a car passed and the people inside told Kai to go back to Mexico, unaware that Kai was in fact from Hawaii.

During his time in the Marines, Kai served overseas in Afghanistan. Where he met Camille Davies. He later was presumably discharged. Rank of Staff Sergeant with 3rd Assault Amphibian Battalion.

Kai then began working with the U.S. Army's Criminal Investigation Division, remaining with the CID for three years before he quit and joined NCIS, undergoing training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centre. He was stationed at Camp Pendeton after FLETC. His SSA told him stories of NCIS Special Agent G. Callen, an agent assigned to the NCIS Office of Special Projects in Los Angeles, California.

Upon discovering his father was ill, Kai learnt of a vacant spot on the NCIS: Hawaii team led by NCIS Special Agent in Charge Jane Tennant with Kai being among fifty candidates who applied for the job, Jane personally interviewing every single one including Kai himself and eventually, Kai got the position, joining the team two weeks prior to the Prior.

At some point, he also became owner to a dog named Inoki.

NCIS: Hawaii Season 1


Kai in the NCIS: Hawaii Season 1 premiere episode, "Pilot".

Kai made his debut appearance in the NCIS: Hawaii Season 1 premiere episode, "Pilot" where he was first seen at a bar, drinking a mug of something, presumably coffee as behind him, two men from the mainland argued with a man, Moke about an incident that had resulted in two officers from the Honolulu Police Department or HPD being called to investigate. Despite Kai attempting to end things peacefully, he was ultimately arrested when he refused to give one of the HPD officers his ID and as he was dragged away in handcuffs, his boss, NCIS Special Agent Jane Tennant called his cell phone, the call eventually going to voicemail as a result of Kai being taken into HPD custody.

A while later, after it was discovered that Kai was in fact an NCIS agent and with a text having sent to Jane, he was released from custody and left the Kapolei Police Station, only to find Jane waiting for him as she explained to him the HPD deputy sergeant who had presumably been on duty had texted her the instant he had seen Kai's NCIS credentials, Kai revealing that local and vocal didn't always jive and that it was his responsibility to aid the situation and there was no need to involve the NCIS badge. After a talk from Jane about how she should be his first call if something went wrong, Kai apologized and the two agents left, Jane presumably heading back to NCIS HQ while Kai went to get another vehicle of his own so that he could meet NCIS Senior Special Agent at the apartment of deceased Navy Lieutenant Commander David Walters whose death the team were currently investigating.

Meeting Jesse at Walters's house, Kai revealed his absence was due to HPD locking him up when Jesse mentioned he'd been waiting for a while, having given up a cleaning weekend at Burrows Field to come and investigate the case. During a search of the house, Jesse gave some information about Kai's past with Kai only able to mention that Jesse's surname started with a B.

Not finding any bottles of alcohol while noting Walters's fellow workers had noticed him looking tired and worn-out in the time leading up to his death, Jesse volunteered to search the bedroom while Kai found a sticker for a business called Ace's Surfer Shop. Once they had presumably completed searching the apartment, the two returned to NCIS Hawaii HQ where they informed Jane and fellow NCIS Special Agent Lucy Tara of the discovery, Kai stating Walters had been hitting every dive bar on the island with NCIS Computer Specialist Ernie Malik soon arriving in to tell his colleagues evidence Walters had a girlfriend named Noelani Illihau with Jane dispatching Jesse and Lucy to go look for her car.

Hours later, though as Jesse and Lucy worked the crime scene where Noelani's body had been found, Kai arrived at the house where his father, Wally lived and had a brief talk with him, revealing their relationship was frosty before Kai left once again.

Arriving back at NCIS Hawaii HQ, Kai presumably worked on a theory for a while before contacting Jane as she returned home from the Namaka Ale House, having failed to get answers from Myra Tan, the bartender and the patrons, Kai telling her he had a possible lead but that he had to investigate this by himself.

The next day, at a beach, Kai arrived and greeted Hina who responded by punching him in the mouth while sarcastically welcoming him home. As Kai nursed his mouth, Hina spoke of her resentment at him for joining the Marines and heading to the mainland, believing he should never turn his back on the ocean although upon Kai showing a photo of Neolani, Hina slowly relented, giving him a name: Big Luna. Once the talk had ended, Kai presumably thanked her and left, calling Ernie and Jane to inform them of the development, Jane believing Noelani, a local woman dated men with need-to-known information, worked them before she became a ghost, disappearing in the process, Kai and Jane believing it was either a con woman or at worst, a spy who was responsible with Ernie managing to identify and find the location of another engineer, Don Sloane who Jesse and Lucy both saved from a hit and run sometime later.

Meeting Jane at an area where a food truck operated, Kai gave her a slip of paper with the name Big Luna on it. He later returned to NCIS Hawaii HQ and along with his colleagues, learnt of the spy ring's newest target: an engineer named Charles Rudolph, Lucy having obtained the list from Whistler.

Eventually, Kai was chosen to go into the bar undercover, the bartender and patrons there already knowing of Jane's true identity as an NCIS agent and while at the bar, drinking, Kai secretly informed his colleagues that Randolph was also in the bar along with Sally, one of the bar's cocktail waitresses.

However, due to Kai's curiosity, Big Luna got suspicious with Kai tailing Big Luna to the back of the bar, Big Luna in turn having been an eye on Rudolph and Sally as he saw Rudolph as a potential target but in a room behind the bar, Big Luna produced a knife with Kai revealing his duress word: "I'm new to the island", prompting his colleagues to quickly sweep into the bar as Kai fought Big Luna, managing to land a punch on him before Big Luna ran off, resulting in the team splitting up: as Jesse and Lucy ran upstairs to look for Randolph, Kai and Jane set off after Big Luna who had fled the bar in a vehicle.

With Ernie keeping tabs on Big Luna's car, Jane and Kai soon tracked him to a safehouse located a few miles away from the bar with the safehouse already on fire due to Big Luna who was inside very quickly cleaning house and destroying the evidence connecting him to the spy ring.

Creeping up on the house, Jane attempted to get Big Luna to stop, only for him to flee, racing through a forest outside the house while shooting at Jane and Kai with Big Luna dropping the gun once he realized he had no more bullets left in the gun.

The chase continued for a few miles before the three ended up at a point overlooking the ocean and instead of surrendering, Big Luna jumped into the ocean which left Jane and Kai shocked but refusing to give up, Jane proceeded to jump into the ocean as well, going straight after Big Luna with Kai following her as well.

Now in the ocean, Big Luna and Jane fought, exchanging blows with one blow causing Jane to drop her Glock which Big Luna took a hold of and after kicking her straight back into the water, fire off a few rounds, intending to kill her, only for the shots to fail while Kai who had caught up to the two raced towards Big Luna, the two men plunging into the ocean once more as they also began fighting one another and upon Kai seeing Jane, he swam towards her as Big Luna used his opportunity to try and kill the two, Kai told Jane to trust him, the two taking deep breaths before they dived underwater while on the surface, Big Luna noticed too late a big wave behind him and in that moment, was swept away, the impact of the wave presumably causing him to drown.

Even though they were stranded, it wasn't for long as Ernie, having enlisted the help of a boat belonging to the United States Coast Guard tracked them down and brought them back to shore.

The next day, Kai, having changed his clothes reunited with Lucy and Ernie, Lucy informing Kai they had recovered evidence from the safehouse consisting of smashed hard-drives and burnt files and photos.

Later, with the case having been solved, Kai brought his pet dog, Inoki who had been in quarantine for the last few days to meet both Hina and Wally, Inoki taking an instantly shine to Wally with Kai leaving Inoki in his father's care as Kai left to go to a dinner being held at Jane's house with his NCIS colleagues and Jane's two children, Alex and Julie all in attendance.

NCIS: Hawaii Season 2


Physical Appearance

Kai is a young man in his early twenties, late thirties with short curly black hair and brown eyes.

In the field, while investigating a crime scene, he wears an NCIS windbreaker and cap although he sometimes shows up at crime scenes without the hat.

While pursing a suspect, Kai wears an NCIS-standard bulletproof vest and an earwig.

In the first two episodes of NCIS Hawaii Season 1, Kai originally had a Glock 17 as his main firearm before exchanging it for a SIG-Sauer P229 E2 which he later stops using, replacing it with a SIG-Sauer P229R, one he has continued using it to this day.


  • Alex Tarrant who plays Kai is originally from New Zealand.