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Kelly Gibbs (born 1982 - died February 25, 1991) was the young daughter of former Marine-turned-NIS/NCIS Special Agent, Leroy Jethro Gibbs and civilian Shannon Gibbs.

In addition, Kelly was also the childhood best friend of Maddie Tyler. Her paternal grandparents were Jackson and Ann Gibbs, while her maternal grandparents were Joann and Mac Fielding.



Kelly's parents, Jethro and Shannon Gibbs, got married in December 1981 and she was born in 1982 (as seen on her gravestone when her father visits her and her mother’s graves on Shannon's birthday in Date With Destiny).

Not much is known about her life, except she was primarily raised in the D.C area. She is shown in flashbacks to be happily horseback riding with her parents on the beach, and doing other family activities with them.

In 1991 her father was fighting in Desert Storm in Kuwait. At the same time, her mother witness a shooting of a Marine in Oceanside, and she identified the killer as Pedro Hernandez, a Mexican drug dealer working out of Camp Pendleton. Shannon agreed to testify against him. An NIS agent was assigned to protect the two of them, but Hernandez shot him in the head while he was driving. The agent - Kurt Mitchell - was killed instantly. Kelly and Shannon were both killed in the following car crash.

Kelly only became eight years old.

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Kelly had quite a bubbly personality. She had a liking for the Strawberry Shortcake series, liked to draw, and played the piano. She also had a particular fondness for horses, earning her the nickname Sergeant Reckless as a young girl.

Proud of her father, she buried a time capsule in her backyard for Gibbs with several important objects to her and a handwritten note.

"Dear Daddy,

I love you so much. I buried this so we could open it together when I get older. I miss you.

Love, Kelly ❤️"

Physical Appearance

Kelly was a young girl of average height with red or reddish-brown hair. She had blue eyes like both of her parents.