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"There's a secret department in the Mossad called the Kidon. I had dealings with them when I was a SEAL."
—Sam Hanna on the Kidon Unit.

The Kidon Unit is a top secret intelligence unit within Mossad. Its main activities are the hunt for the enemies of Israel and the fight against terrorism.


Kidon was created after the Second World War to track down exiled Nazi criminals.

Nowadays, its primary concern is to insure that Israel's security as well as the safety of its people is to come after and hunt down all criminals and enemies who would harm Israel or its people.

Leadership and Agents[]

In the NCIS universe, Kidon is led by Eli David, the Director of Mossad, and Officer Malachi Ben-Gidon. They alone can reveal the existence of the unit to others within Mossad and choose the agents and assets that the unit will use.

Michael Rivkin worked for Kidon and, after his death at the hands of NCIS Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo, Ziva David took his place.

During Legend Part 1 (episode), Sam Hanna, an agent with the NCIS: Office of Special Projects mentioned to his partner, fellow NCIS Special Agent G. Callen that Sam himself had had dealings with the Kidon unit.