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Kill Ari Part 2 is the second episode of NCIS Season 3 as well as the 48th episode of the entire NCIS series.

This episode also marks the final appearances of Sasha Alexander (Caitlin Todd), Pancho Demmings (Gerald Jackson) and Rudolf Martin (Ari Haswari).


With Ducky having been taken hostage in place of Gerald Jackson who was kidnapped at the end of the previous episode, Gibbs and the rest of the NCIS team race against time to find Ducky before he too ends up dead. As the team continue to struggle to solve the case while battling with their emotions over Kate's murder, Gibbs is still obsessed with avenging Kate by any means necessary even if the other federal agencies including NCIS don't believe that Ari was the one who murdered Kate. However, Ziva is beginning to have doubts about Ari being innocent and she may be the key to stopping Ari's rampage once and for all.


The episode then opens with a recap, showing NCIS Special Agent Caitlin Todd being shot dead at the end of the Season 2 finale, Twilight (episode) while her colleagues, fellow NCIS Special Agents Leroy Jethro Gibbs and Anthony DiNozzo Junior look on in horror.

The recap also shows events that happened in the previous episode and then ends with NCIS Medical Examiner Dr. Donald Mallard approaching the area, unaware that the team's enemy, Ari Haswari has a sniper rifle trained on Ducky.

Act One

In the street, Ducky and Gerald cautiously approach one another while from the back seat of Gerald's car, Ari still has his sniper rifle trained on both men.

As they edge closer, Gerald tells Ducky that he shouldn't have come with Ducky telling Gerald that he couldn't risk the bastard (Ari) putting a bullet in Gerald's good shoulder or Gerald would never return to work.

Ducky wants to know if Gerald has his cellphone but Gerald tells Ducky that Ari took it.

Ducky then urges Gerald to keep walking and not to turn back until he's behind the wheel.

Ducky then asks Gerald where Ari is with Gerald stating that Ari is in the back seat of Gerald's car.

As they pass by, Ducky tells Gerald that when he gets to Gerald's car, he'll lean in through the open window which will be Gerald's cue to drive off fast.

When Gerald protests, Ducky orders Gerald to go straight to NCIS and tell Gibbs everything that's happened.

It then shows that the sniper rifle is still aimed at Ducky.

In the bullpen, as it continues raining, Gibbs and Abby try to call Ducky but only get his voicemail.

Gibbs is clearly pissed that Ducky disobeyed him due to the fact that Gibbs gave the order that no-one was to leave the building.

Abby tries to get her point in by assuring Ducky that they're all worried, including Gibbs or he wouldn't be yelling.

As Gibbs continues working, Abby tries to tell him that it isn't Ducky's fault because he probably did Kate's autopsy on autopilot and then drove himself home the same way.

McGee then tells Gibbs that an outside came into Autopsy 23 minutes ago and that he's tracing the number.

Gibbs then heads over to McGee's desk and looks over the younger man's shoulder as McGee continues tracing the number.

Meanwhile, Gerald climbs into Ducky's Morgan but soon gets out after realizing that he has no idea how to get it going and as he does that, Ducky eventually reaches Gerald's car where Ari is waiting for him.

Ari lowers the sniper rifle just as Ducky leans into the car via the open window on the driver's side and tells Ari that he expected to be shot but Ari tells him that he would never harm a fellow physician.

On the street, it's shown that Gerald has managed to get Ducky's Morgan but he's not doing such a good job as he constantly stalls every few minutes, causing Ducky to tell Gerald to use the clutch.

As Gerald struggles, causing the engine to screech, Ducky winces before yelling at Gerald that he's stripping the gears just as Ari emerges from the car and tells Ducky that this is too painful.

Ducky then loses patience and tells Gerald to turn the engine off which he does.

Back at the car, while Ducky sighs, obviously ticked off, Ari remarks that it's obvious that Gerald doesn't have an intimate relationship with a standard transmission while Ducky states, "Unbelievable".

Ari then remarks that it's the price of growing up in America before telling Ducky that it was so unnecessary and as he grabs a bag before slamming the door shut, Ari also tells Ducky that Gerald is free to leave in his own car.

As Ari heads off, Ducky glares at him.

In the bullpen, McGee announces that the phone call came from Gerald Jackson's cell phone.

Abby remarks that she forgot about Gerald while McGee states that Gerald has been in rehab for a year.

Abby then states that maybe Gerald heard about Kate and he called Ducky with Abby and McGee soon realizing that Ducky and Gerald could be in a pub somewhere.

Gibbs, on the other hand, tells him that he doesn't buy it, causing Abby and McGee to wonder why.

"I don't need a reason why", Gibbs snaps.

As Gerald races off to NCIS, Ducky and Ari then head to the Morgan with Ducky obviously rejecting Ari trying to touch him.

As they approach the Morgan, Ari wonders if Ducky got it in such pristine condition but Ducky admits that he didn't because the frame had severe termite damage with Ari agreeing with him after realizing that the Morgan has a wood frame.

As they edge closer, Ducky remembers that when he got it, the top was in rags, the body dented and the rocker panels had rusted out, claiming that it was a disgrace.

Ari wants to know who restored the car with Ducky stating that he did.

"Of course you did", Ari says.

Ducky then gets in Ari's space and demands to know if Ari's doubting him.

Ari tells him that he isn't at all and he's just thinking of the irony due to the fact that hands that are so skilled at dissecting the dead are also capable of restoring life, at least to a machine.

"What do you want, Ari?", Ducky snaps.

"A test drive", Ari states.

As they head to the car, Ari glances at Gerald's cell-phone which is ringing before wondering who at NCIS could be calling Gerald at this hour.

Ari then looks at Ducky who simply sighs, having been caught out.

"Oh, well", Ari says before throwing the cell-phone into the grass area and he then remarks that Gerald is sure to arrive there shortly.

As they get ready to go into the car, Ari asks Ducky for his cell-phone which Ducky rather grudgingly hands over.

Ari then throws Ducky's cell-phone into the grass before telling Ducky to buckle up because it's a dangerous night and with the thunder rumbling, they both get into the car and head off into the night just as it begins to rain rather heavily.

At the bullpen, McGee reports that he's getting voice mail.

Abby again puts forward her theory that Ducky and Gerald are in a pub.

McGee wants to know if Gibbs wants to leave a message but Gibbs tells McGee not to and to get a GPS fix instead.

McGee hangs up and begins pinging the cell-phone's location, causing Gibbs to tell him to snap it up.

McGee tells Gibbs to give him one second and as Gibbs and Abby look on, McGee remarks that he's got it before telling them that the location is Georgetown, Olive and 29th.

Gibbs then realizes that he knows the street because it's mostly residential and then tells McGee to bring up Ducky's cell-phone which McGee does.

Seconds later, Ducky's cell-phone number appears on the map while Abby joyfully remarks that they're together but Gibbs states that there's no pub there.

As Gibbs gets ready to go, grabbing his gun, Abby believes that Gerald might live in the area but McGee tells her that Gerald lives on Peabody.

Abby then states that they're parked and that they're probably talking.

As Gibbs leaves, McGee wants to know if he should accompany Gibbs but Gibbs refuses, stating that since Tony's out, McGee is stay with Abby.

As they watch Gibbs head off, Abby remarks that no-one leaving the building, there's a lot of people leaving the building.

In a small pool area with opera music playing overhead, Ziva is busy swimming while out at the entrance, Tony is busy watching her.

As he does so, Ghost Kate is heard asking Tony, "Why don't you visualize her naked?".

She also wonders if if Ziva intimidates Tony and as Kate's ghost edges closer, it's shown that she's wearing the Catholic schoolgirl uniform that Tony imagined her wearing in "Kill Ari Part 1".

Tony then remarks that a woman who doesn't intimidate him hasn't been born yet.

Ghost Kate tells Tony that he's forgetting his mother.

Tony tells her that mothers don't count with Ghost Kate asking about that lawyer, Marla.

Tony corrects her by stating that Marla is/was a divorce attorney and that they're worse than mothers.

As they both watch Ziva swimming, Ghost Kate muses that Ziva isn't Tony's mother nor is she a divorce lawyer before concluding that Ziva definitely does intimidate Tony.

Tony then responds by saying, "Does not" with Ghost Kate adding, "Does too".

It then cuts to show Ziva who's still swimming.

In downtown D.C. and as it continues to rain heavily, Gibbs arrives at the area where Ducky and Gerald were last seen.

As he gets out of the car, Gibbs wonders where they are now.

In the bullpen, as Abby stares intently at the screen, McGee tells Gibbs that they're still in the same place: Olive and 29th.

Back in the pouring rain, Gibbs tells McGee to get a fix on his cell with McGee doing just that.

Seconds later, Gibbs's cell-phone number pops up on the plasma.

McGee tells Gibbs that he's right on top of them but Gibbs is frustrated before yelling at McGee that they're not here.

McGee insists that they have to be.

Abby wonders if there's a pub but Gibbs tells her that there isn't any pubs, people or cars.

Abby then states that she was just checking.

Back at the car, Gibbs produces a flashlight and wonders how accurate the fix is.

"Within 25 meters", McGee replies.

Upon sensing something, Gibbs races to the small garden area opposite the NCIS Dodge Stratus and upon spotting something, picks up it with a glove.

He then examines it and realizes that it's a beer can with a bullet through it just as Ghost Kate's voice is heard saying in a mocking tone, "It's gonna happen again, isn't it? Ducky's gonna take a bullet for you".

It then shows that Ghost Kate is standing behind Gibbs, now wearing the same clothes she had on her when she died along with the bullet-shaped hole in the center of her forehead.

Gibbs begins searching the area with his flashlight and then states that Ari won't kill Ducky with Ghost Kate demanding to know why not before stating is it because Gibbs couldn't live with the guilt.

Ghost Kate then mockingly says that maybe Ari knows and that maybe the only way to save Ducky, Abby and McGee is for Gibbs to kill himself.

Gibbs in the park searching for both Ducky and Gerald.

It then cuts to Gibbs who after gasping is seen still searching the area with his flashlight as it continues to rain.

Act Two

A while later, Gibbs looks up, having realized something and hurriedly produces his cell-phone, dialing a number which is revealed to be Ducky's.

Upon hearing bagpipe music, Gibbs then turns around and races to an area where he spots Ducky and Gerald's cell-phones lying abandoned in the wet grass.

Back at NCIS, Abby and McGee are waiting for news and spring to life when McGee's desk phone rings.

It's Gibbs who tells McGee that he found Ducky and Gerald's cell-phones in the park.

McGee wonders why would they leave their cell phones in the park?

Abby slaps a button, putting Gibbs on speaker while Gibbs is heard telling that Ducky and Gerald wouldn't.

McGee again wonders if Gibbs wants him down there but Gibbs furiously tells McGee that if he'd wanted McGee to come down here, he would have told McGee so.

As Gibbs heads back to his car, he tells McGee to put a BOLO out on Ducky's Morgan and to pull his license plate from Ducky's file.

Abby then tells Gibbs that Ari has Gerald and Ducky with Gibbs telling her that they're not dead.

"How do you know?", Abby asks.

"Because Ari dumped their cell phones in the park, not their bodies", Gibbs states.

In the bullpen, McGee gets to his feet and tells that Gerald's arrived just as Gerald arrives in, telling them that Ari has Ducky.

In the car, Gibbs wants to know how Gerald got away but Gerald tells him that he didn't and that Ari let him go.

It then cuts to Abby and McGee who look shocked.

Upon hearing that, Gibbs revs the engine and heads off into the night.

Back at the pool, Tony is still watching Ziva swimming when Dana, a woman interrupts him to wonder if she can get through the door and head into the pool.

Tony then notices that she's wearing a Star of David necklace just like Ziva which means that she's not an Israeli but it's also possible that she's a Mossad Officer too.

After recovering, Tony tells that she certainly may and even opens and closes the door for her.

As soon as he shuts the door, Tony resumes spying on Ziva and sees Dana heading into the changing rooms.

Back at the bullpen, Gerald tells Abby and McGee that he's never driven a stick which has Abby stunned.

"What, you can drive a stick?", McGee wonders.

Abby tells her that she can and that she's been doing it ever since she was ten.

Gerald wants to know what she was driving with Abby stating that it was a red '47 Ford half-ton pickup with four on the floor and Bubba riding shotgun.

"Bubba?", McGee says.

"Best damn coon dog in Jefferson Parish", Abby replies.

McGee just looks at her.

Meanwhile, the elevators open, revealing that Gibbs has returned and as he walks out of the elevator, he's having a talk with Tony but unfortunately due to cell-phone interference, the conversation isn't going well.

Gibbs then tells Tony that he doesn't believe in coincidences with Tony telling Gibbs that he knows while Gibbs enters the bullpen, giving Abby an evidence bag containing Gerald and Ducky's cell-phones while Gibbs wonders if he hasn't beaten that into Tony by now.

"That's what I said", Tony replies.

"What did you just say?", Gibbs says, his voice distorted.

Tony then removes a piece from the top of his phone and as he heads away from the door, tells Gibbs that the reception sucks.

Back in the bullpen, Gibbs tells Tony to stay with them (presumably Dana and Ziva) and that he's on his way.

"What if they split up?", Tony asks.

"What about your gut?", Gibbs mistakenly wonders with Tony telling him that it wants a pizza before hanging up.

Gibbs just grumbles, "Oh, God" before hanging up and slamming his cell phone onto the table while asking McGee what they've got.

McGee tells Gibbs that Ari picked up Gerald to force Ducky into a meet. Gibbs then asks Gerald if he warned Ducky beforehand.

Gerald admits that he did but they know Ducky who came anyway.

"It's not your fault, Gerald", Gibbs states. "Ari's the bastard. Ducky made the decision to go, not you. Debrief it. Write it up" before stating that he'll be with Tony at the Embassy.

Abby then corrects Gibbs by stating that Tony's actually at the Embasero.

Gibbs wants to know why Tony said the Embassy with Abby putting it down to cell-phone garble.

As they head for the lift, Gibbs tells Abby that from now on everyone is using phonetics like they did in the Corps.

"Um, Golf. India. Bravo. Bravo. Sierra", Abby says.

This gets Gibbs's attention and he looks at her with Abby telling him if she can go back to her lab because she's flipping out here with nothing to do.

Gibbs tells her she can but Abby interrupts him by stating, "Don't leave the building. I know. Bravo. Yankee. Echo" just as the elevator doors close.

Back at the swimming pool and as it still rains, Dana emerges from the changing rooms, wearing a white dressing gown while Ziva is continuing to swim.

As Ziva takes a quick break, Dana wonders if she can join Ziva with Ziva telling her that after she's finished her final lap, then Dana can have the pool all too herself.

As Dana hangs up her gown, outside, Tony gets ready to take some photos with his phone.

As Ziva sits on the steps, Dana asks her how the water is with Ziva stating, "Lovely".

As Ziva gets out, she tells Dana to have a nice swim which Dana thanks her for.

Upon realizing that Ziva's coming his way, Tony ducks for cover.

Seconds later, Ziva emerges from the swimming pool, wearing her gown and sandals as she presumably goes to have a shower and change just as the hotel's elevator dings.

Tony emerges from an open door and after discovering that the coast is clear, heads back to the swimming pool entrance where he sees that Dana has now begun swimming.

He then replays images from his phones and soon comes to the conclusion that the two women are switching robes.

Taking a gamble, Tony then rushes into the pool just as Dana is swimming and after hanging up his coat, examines Dana's robe. He soon discovers a passport with the name, "Rene Saurel" and it has Ari's photo in it.

Unfortunately, he catches Dana's attention and as she gets out of the pool, demanding to know what he's doing, Tony tells her that he's planning on going for a swim and even begins removing his clothes.

Dana tells him that there's a locker room but Tony assures her that he's fine.

As she hops out of the pool, Dana wants to know where Tony's swimsuit is but Tony tells her that he doesn't have one.

As Dana grabs her gown, she remarks that she should call security while Tony laughs, wondering if she didn't see the sign.

"What sign?", Dana wonders.

"I must have been blocking it", Tony states and tells her if she remembers him waiting outside when she first wanted to come on.

Dana remarks that she does and Tony tells her that he's part of Hackensack Nudist Society, that from 10:27 to 11:51, the pool is theirs and that it's their third annual convention before stating that here's Agnes and Agnew right now.

On cue, a man and his wife come in with Tony stating that Agnew is the society's president and Agnes is their social secretary.

Tony greets them and states that they look funny with clothes. Dana laughs and remarks that inventive and funny even before telling him that she's married.

As she heads into the changing rooms, Tony soon grabs his clothes and runs out of the room as the couple stare at him, confused.

A few seconds later, now wearing everything, Tony emerges from the hotel, talking to Gibbs, wondering if he can him.

Gibbs then tells Tony that he's across the street before flashing the headlights.

"Gotcha", Tony remarks and heads over to the car.

As he slides into the passenger seat straightaway, he then tells Gibbs that Ziva slipped a phoney French passport and some cash into the woman with the Star of David that he told Gibbs about.

Gibbs then grabs a pizza box from the back seat and dumps it into Tony's lap, causing Tony to tell Gibbs that he loves him but Gibbs is more focused on knowing how Tony knows that the passport's phoney.

As Tony grabs a slice, he tells Gibbs that it has Ari's photo but not the name. Gibbs wants to know what name Ari's using but Tony wants to know if Gibbs is curious as to how Tony got it.

"I assume you improvised like a good agent should", Gibbs replies.

"Oh, what an improv", Tony states. "I swear to God. I could get a gig on SNL. Okay, get this. I pretend like I'm this real goof guy trying to get-".

"Pretend?", Gibbs wonders.

"That hurt, boss", Tony says, crestfallen.

Gibbs wants to know and Tony's about to keep on eating but Gibbs stops him, causing Tony to tell him that the name Ari's travelling under is "Rene Saurel".

Gibbs wants a description but Tony tells him that he only saw the name and the photo.

However, Gibbs wants a description of the woman.

Tony tells him that the woman, Dana about 5'9 with dark hair and she's wearing a blue and white jogging outfit before remembering that she's carrying a big gym bag and that she's a real pretty girl and according to Tony, Dana looks enough like Ziva to be her sister before again stating that she's real pretty.

"Maybe she is", Gibbs remarks. "Mossad's like the Mafia, one big happy family".

He then contacts McGee to tell the other man that he has a passport alert and that Ari's travelling under an alias: Rene Saurel before stating, "Sierra. Alpha. Uniform. Romeo. Echo. Lima".

McGee is then heard asking what alert category under with Gibbs stating, "Terrorism!".

"On it", McGee says and then hangs up.

As soon as Gibbs hangs up, Tony remarks that it should get Custom's attention with Gibbs wanting to make sure that Ari doesn't even get that far.

From the car, Tony watches Dana emerging from the hotel and points her in Gibbs's direction.

Gibbs tells her to stay with Ziva while Tony wonders what if Dana's meeting with Ari? Tony then states that Gibbs is going to need back-up but one glare from Gibbs has Tony stating, "Let me rephrase that".

However, Gibbs tells him to get out of the car and as Tony gets out of the car, he thanks Gibbs for the pizza with Gibbs stating that Tony is to thank the night shift because apparently, Gibbs swiped the pizza from them.

Upon seeing the taxi with Dana in it is taking off and that Dana is talking to someone on her phone, Gibbs follows it, maintaining a small distance.

But as they turn another corner, Gibbs spots a car approaching and he realizes that it's Ducky's Morgan.

With that, Gibbs swings the car so that it's blocking the Morgan before he hops out of the seat, his gun drawn and demanding that Ari get out.

However, it's Ducky who tells Gibbs to put that gun down because he's had enough excitement for tonight.

It then cuts to the taxi which drives off into the night.

As Gibbs examines the Morgan, Ducky complains about how Ari abducted him, Gerald stripped his gears and now Gibbs is busy playing chicken on a wet street.

Gibbs then demands to where Ari is with Ducky telling him that he imagines that Ari's gone before stating that they were parked about, well, a ways back.

Ducky then explains that Ari received a phone call and told Ducky to drive down the street for ten minutes.

Gibbs is on the phone to McGee, stating that Congress Number 17 picked up a female fare at the Embasero Hotel ten minutes ago.

He then tells McGee that if he's en route, Gibbs needs his 20 but if he's dropped his fare, then McGee is to get Gibbs an address before telling McGee to take the BOLO off Ducky's Morgan because Ducky's safe.

As soon as Gibbs hangs up, Ducky states that their paths didn't cross by accident with Gibbs stating that Ari's call came from that woman in the cab that he was tailing.

Ducky then states that Ari sent him down this street so that Ducky would run into Gibbs.

"Yeah", Gibbs states. "A cab keeps going. Picks him up. They're gone".

Ducky then realizes that Ari abducted him to get Gibbs off Dana's tail.

Gibbs wants to know what Ducky and Ari spoke about with Ducky stating that they spoke about his Morgan and that Ari was surprisingly knowledgeable before telling Gibbs that they then discussed Edinburgh Medical School and that they were both alumni, a decades apart of course but Gibbs impatiently interrupts, wondering if they spoke about anything important.

Ducky tells Gibbs that Ari swore to him that he didn't kill Kate and that he made a very logical and passionate defense.

Gibbs wants to know if Ducky believes Ari.

Ducky then states that Ari was very persuasive and that Ari said that he knew Gibbs would never believe him.

"He's right about that", Gibbs snarls.

"And that it's a shame that one of you has to die", Ducky states. "He's arrogantly confident it won't be him but said on the off-chance that it is, to keep looking for Caitlin's killer".

As he says those words, Gibbs rushes for the car, remarking that Ari is a slick bastard but he's right because one of them is going to die.

As Gibbs gets into the car and starts the engine, Ducky tries to stop Gibbs but can only watch as Gibbs reserves the car and heads off into the night.

It then cuts to Ducky who sighs heavily as he watches Gibbs leave.

Act Three

A few hours later, Tony is standing outside the Embasero Hotel, still holding the pizza box.

Suddenly, thunder is heard and seconds later, it begins raining again. Tony then gets a hop when Ziva emerges, offering him an Espresso.

She tells him to take it and that it's not a bride.

Tony wants to know how long Ziva has known that he was following her.

She tells him that she knew the second she left the Navy Yard. Tony scoffs, stating, "I don't think so".

Ziva then remembers a blue sedan and then Tony lay behind a white station wagon for a while and then a telephone van before stating that he lost her at the traffic circle on.. but Tony interrupts, finally admitting that she knew all along.

Ziva again offers him the Espresso, telling him that it's chilly outside. Tony eventually relents and takes it from her.

As the rain keeps pounding, Ziva tells Tony that he shouldn't feel bad because she was trained by the best.

"You know, that's what I like about Mossad", Tony replies.

"Our training?", Ziva wonders.

"Modesty", Tony states which causes Ziva to laugh. Tony then heads for the bin, intending to dump the pizza box in the bin but Ziva stops him by stating that there's a slice in the box which has Tony dumping the box in the bin although he takes out the slice which he then gives to Ziva.

As she takes it, she thanks Tony in Hebrew while he says, "You're welcome" in Italian.

While Ziva eats the pizza, thunder crackles again and it keeps on raining.

She tells Tony that she lost her little sister, Tali in a Hamas suicide bombing and goes on to say that Talia was sixteen and the best of them before telling Tony that Talia had compassion.

Tony states he's sorry.

Ziva then tells him that after Talia died, she was like Gibbs as the only thing she wanted was revenge.

Tony then wonders if Talia's death was the reason for Ziva joining Mossad before sipping some coffee but Ziva tells him that she was Mossad long before Talia died. Tony believes it was an old family tradition but Ziva corrects him, stating that it was an Israeli sense of duty.

Tony then wonders who recruited Ziva into Mossad: Father? Uncle? Brother? Boyfriend?

"Aunt. Sister. Lesbian lover", Ziva replies.

Tony laughs and tells Ziva that she's good. He also mentions that she almost got him off the question.

Ziva states that she volunteered before dumping her coffee cup on top of Tony's and as she heads back into the hotel, she says something in Hebrew.

Tony again says something to her in Italian.

Back at NCIS, McGee who is alone in the bullpen is busy working on something.

As he heads over to the printer to grab the "Case File Report" which is presumably part of the investigation into Kate's death at the hands of Ari, he looks over at Kate's desk which is completely empty with the lamp having been switched off as well.

McGee then collects more sheets from the printer and heads over to a drawer to get something.

However, upon opening the drawer, Ghost Kate is heard asking him why he hasn't come down to see her yet?

It then cuts to show that Ghost Kate is lying in the drawer and she tells McGee if that he doesn't look at the back of her, then it'll just look like she's asleep.

She sighs and then tells McGee that she's so lonely that she would even welcome a visit from Tony of all people.

Their talk is interrupted by Abby rushing into the bullpen, calling McGee's name which has him closing the drawer as he looks at Abby who tells him didn't Tony match the tyre tracks to a Chevy Suburban.

Putting his report aside, McGee states that Tony did and that it's Bridgestone Duelers, factory issue before asking Abby what she's doing. Abby tells him that they caught a break.

She then tells him that NRO- National Reconnaissance Office orbited a new Key Hole and that they're doing calibration tests using the seventh hole of Norfolk Naval golf course.

"Why the seventh hole", McGee wonders.

"See?", Abby replies. "That's why I dig you. You think specific. Whatever the reason, we are grateful because that orbit took the Key Hole over Newport News".

As she says that, the plasma shows a map of Norfolk with McGee heading over to see it for himself.

Abby states that she inputted the warehouse coordinates and as she keeps typing at the keyboard, McGee tells her that it's the rooftop that they were on.

The plasma then pulls up a photo showing the team which shows McGee is on the ground floor just behind the ruined NCIS car while Tony's standing at the edge of the rooftop while Gibbs is seen kneeling down, presumably placing his windbreaker over Kate's head

Abby then brings up another photo and wonders if that was the building where Ari's sniper nest was.

McGee tells her that it is.

Abby then brings up another photo but McGee is disappointed that Ari isn't there.

"What do you expect?", Abby asks. "Video of him shooting?".

"Well, I was hoping", McGee says.

Abby tells McGee that it only happens in movies while McGee wonders why Abby is so excited? She tells him that she doesn't know and that it might be because she's alone with McGee on a rainy night.

"Abby", McGee snaps, annoyed.

"Oh, look. Could it be?", Abby says.

She then brings up photos of a black Chevy Suburban driving down the alleyway. McGee's overwhelmed by that news and wonders if Abby can read the licence plate.

Abby tells him that it depends more on angle than resolution.

McGee tries to read the plate but Abby tells him that it isn't a dress and that he can't look up it to see what he wants.

Abby then brings up something and says, "Hah" in triumph.

She then brings the licence plate and it's revealed that it's Virginia-registered with the plate being "724-TJA".

Abby then celebrates with McGee even giving her a hug for her efforts but she complains that he's hurting her.

McGee apologizes before telling her that he has to put out a BOLO on that plate.

As Abby leaves his seat, McGee hops in and gets to work.

Abby states that they did great but McGee tells her that she did great and then she embraces McGee again.

Meanwhile, Gibbs arrives at a very quiet residential neighborhood and gets out, obviously looking for something.

Inside her house, Jenny is busy going through numerous files and as Gibbs edges closer to the house, his cell-phone rings, forcing him to do a double-take and head back to the car.

It's McGee who tells him that they've got Ari's address but Gibbs advises McGee to slow down and take a breath before urging the younger man to start with the address.

In her home, Jenny is still examining the files.

Gibbs then states that the address is seven, two, four, Tango, Julia, Alpha and that he's got it before hanging up. He then goes to Jenny's house and spots her bedside lamp before sitting on the car and dialing a number.

Gibbs then laughs, obviously amused at something.

Up in her bedroom, Jenny is working when her phone rings.

It's Gibbs who tells her that he needs a partner for the night before wondering if she's up for it.

Jenny then wonders if Gibbs knows any other woman but Gibbs tells that there's no other women he can call for back-up.

"You didn't think I meant-", he states.

Removing her glasses, Jenny then tells Gibbs that's what he has a whole team of agents for.

Outside, Gibbs tells her that McGee's on protection detail and that Tony's busy tailing Ziva which has Jenny outraged.

She then wonders where Gibbs is and he tells her that he's right outside her house.

Jenny then gets up from her bed and heads over to the window.

When she looks outside, Gibbs waves back at her.

Jenny then hangs up, amused.

A few hours later and as they're heading back into D.C. with the rain still pouring, Jenny who's tying up her hair wonders what the chances are that Ari's still at the house.

Gibbs tells her that it's zero and that Ducky was a diversion so that Jenny's friend, Ziva could pass cash and documents onto Ari.

Jenny tells Gibbs that Ziva's a control officer doing her job and that Gibbs would do the same if the roles were reversed.

Gibbs tells Jenny that Ziva's using her with Jenny arguing that she's using Ziva and that half a dozen Hamas suicide bombers won't be blowing up their boys in Iraq because of Ziva.

"She's Metsada, isn't she?", Gibbs wonders.

"The Mossad code name for that division is Komemiute", Jenny insists.

Gibbs then snaps that whatever they name it, they specialize in assassinations with Jenny reminding Gibbs that wasn't he a Marine Sniper?

Gibbs then tells Jenny that if he has to go through her friend, Ziva, to get Ari, then he will.

"Ziva knows that", Jenny replies.

"You really do like her", Gibbs says.

"She's damn good", Jenny replies. "And I owe her. She saved my life in Cairo two years ago".

Gibbs just looks at Jenny for a second before turning his attention back to the road as they continue the rest of the journey in silence. A while later, they arrive at the address in question and begin staking-out the area.

In the car, Jenny states that she can't believe this. She's been a Director less than 24 hours and she's already back on the street.

Gibbs tells her that it's great but Jenny states that it isn't but Gibbs tells her that she loves it.

Jenny then admits that truthfully, she'd rather be in bed and at Gibbs's amused glare, she adds, "Sleeping".

Gibbs then wonders if she remembers that stakeout they did together in Marseille in August and that they were stuck in that attic with no air, photographing everyone who boarded that Lebanese trawler.

As he says that, Jenny nods with Gibbs stating that second night and that's the first time they....

But Jenny simply claps a hand over Gibbs's mouth, telling him to shut up before removing it.

Suddenly, something gets Gibbs's attention and he activates the wipers, dispelling the rain on the windshield.

He then tells Jenny to give him the binocs that are underneath her seat.

She does and Gibbs examines the registration plate of the truck before discovering that it's a match to the plates of the truck that was seen driving away from the warehouse just seconds or minutes after Kate was shot dead.

"What", Jenny asks.

"That's Ari's SUV", Gibbs replies, giving Jenny the binocs and as Jenny takes a look for herself, Gibbs draws his gun.

However, the SUV's window soon rolls down and Jenny yells, "Shooter!".

She and Gibbs duck for cover just as a single gunshot hits the windshield and Gibbs urges her to stay down before putting the car forward while gunshots continue to hit the car's windshield.

As they edge closer, the sniper flees the SUV with Gibbs soon bringing the NCIS Dodge Stratus to a halt across a pavement.

Almost instantly, Gibbs and Jenny leap out of the car, their guns drawn and begin shooting at the sniper who soon hits the floor, dead.

Gibbs and Jenny then cautiously approach with Gibbs turning over the sniper's body while Jenny is still holding her gun.

As Gibbs does that, Jenny remarks that she expected Haswari to be older.

It then shows that the sniper in question is not Ari Haswari.

"He is", Gibbs states.

It then cuts to show that he and Jenny are still staring at the sniper in disbelief, Jenny with her gun still trained on the dead sniper.

Act Four

The next morning, as the camera soon pans to reveal Gibbs who's half-heartily listening to everything, it first has Ducky who's in the morgue telling him of the wounds that both he and Jenny inflicted on the dead terrorist.

It then changes to the Evidence Garage where Gibbs hears McGee telling him that it's a miracle because the sniper was looking to kill Jenny, not Gibbs and it's the same thing he did with Kate and Abby.

As McGee examines the ruined car, he remarks that it's funny that the sniper always went after women, not to imply that he would have shot at Gibbs.

It then changes to Abby's lab where she's telling Gibbs that he won't like this because all of the .308 full metal jacket rounds recovered from the shooting came from the Bravo-51 rifle in her lab that was dropped by the sniper that Gibbs and Jenny both killed the previous night.

It then morphs into the bullpen where Tony tells them that two years ago that Mohamed Esfiri was a homegrown terrorist who was born in Cleveland and who was a fan of a radical inam who promised but his words tail off when Jenny announces that since Abby has confirmed that the sniper rifle that they recovered last night was the weapon used to kill Kate and with no evidence to the contrary, it appears that Esfiri was the sniper and she then tells Gibbs that she believes it's safe for them to go home.

It then cuts to show that Tony, Abby, McGee and Ducky are in the bullpen with Ziva at the entrance while Gibbs sits at his desk.

Jenny then tells the other four that Kate's funeral is going to be held tomorrow afternoon in Indiana.

She tells them SECAV has offered them his private jet to fly them there before telling the team to go home and get some rest but everyone's waiting for Gibbs's response.

Surprisingly, Gibbs doesn't argue, instead choosing to silently nod in agreement. Tony and McGee go to their desks to get their things while Abby and Ducky head off backstairs with Ducky embracing Abby.

Jenny glances at Ziva who simply nods, grabs her bag and then leaves the bullpen. She then wonders about Gibbs who tells her that Mohamed didn't kill Kate and that he also didn't shoot at Abby.

Jenny then tells Gibbs that he isn't infallible, no matter what his gut's telling him. She remarks that Ari isn't trying to kill Gibbs but Gibbs's own obsession might.

Gibbs then asks Jenny what the sniper only shot at her side of the car last night with Jenny admitting that Gibbs is right because Ari was trying to kill women who work with him.

Gibbs gets to his feet and remarks that he called Jenny at the spur of the moment, that Gibbs parked in the dark, that the sniper couldn't see through the windshield even with a scope and he tells Jenny that the sniper was sent to die, not to kill.

"No. No-one's going to do that", Jenny states.

"Come on, Jen", Gibbs says.

As they leave the bullpen, Gibbs tells her that Hamas suicide bombers blow themselves up all the time and that it doesn't matter how they die as long as it's for jihad before telling her that Mohamed last night died for rivers of honey and 72 virgins.

As Gibbs summons the lift, Jenny tells him that she's not saying he's right but if he does, then how do they prove it?

Gibbs is stunned, wondering if Jenny just joined his side but Jenny tells Gibbs that she's always been on her side.

"What do we do?", she wonders.

"Kill Ari before he kills me", Gibbs states and then the elevator doors close.

In the morgue, in a slab designated Locker 107, McGee drags out a slab and takes a deep breath before pulling down the sheet, revealing that it's Kate who's on the slab.

Tony then appears from behind McGee, telling him that he told McGee that Kate looked good.

Tony also tells Kate that McGee wouldn't believe him and that Tony thought Kate would look like Return of the Living Dead.

McGee states that he didn't but Tony tells him not to lie to the dead because it isn't good.

McGee nods, admitting that he was a little afraid.

Tony states that McGee was terrified before stating that it took a lot of guts to come down to the morgue, alone and Tony also states that that it showed how much McGee cared for Kate

"I really did like you, Kate. A lot.", McGee says.

With that, both he and Tony begin putting the sheet over Kate's body again.

Ducky silently watches from the morgue entrance and then closes the door, looking grim.

Gibbs is sitting outside in the pouring rain when FBI agent Tobias Fornell emerges, telling Gibbs that it's raining.

It then cuts to show that Fornell is holding an umbrella while Gibbs who's soaking wet is sitting alone on a park bench.

Fornell then joins him and the two men try to stay dry over a single umbrella.

Fornell tells Gibbs that he smells like a wet dog.

Gibbs states that there was one underneath the bench when he first got here before stating that he put the dog (a male dog) in the gazebo.

It cuts to show the dog in question sitting on the floor of the gazebo while Fornell wonders why Gibbs isn't in the gazebo with Gibbs stating, "Dog smells like Hell".

Fornell then begins wondering why Gibbs didn't leave him under.. before changing the subject.

Gibbs then asks Fornell if he asks him something, is Fornell going to lie to him?

"Depends on the question", Fornell states.

"What's Ari Haswari's real mission here?", Gibbs wonders.

"I'm gonna lie to you", Fornell replies before telling Gibbs that Mossad lies to the CIA with the CIA lying to the FBI and Fornell who's an FBI agent in turns lies to Gibbs who's an NCIS Special Agent.

He then tells Gibbs that he doesn't know who Gibbs lies given that NCIS is at the bottom of the armed Fed food chain and that Gibbs isn't married. Gibbs then realizes that Fornell doesn't know with Fornell agreeing.

But then he asks Gibbs if he ever goes to the movies which catches Gibbs's attention. Gibbs then tells Fornell that he builds a boat with Fornell stating that Gibbs and the dog will need one.

As Fornell gets up, he tells Gibbs why doesn't he get out of the rain and watch a movie?

"You have a film in mind", Gibbs states, catching on.

Fornell then tells Gibbs that the movie in question isn't in theaters anymore but at least Gibbs can rent a DVD.

Gibbs nods, stating that it sounds like a good idea and it's a good thing to do on a rainy afternoon before wondering what the name of the film is.

In the bullpen, Tony is telling Ziva about the movie, "The Peacemaker" which stars George Clooney and Nicole Kidman which Mimi Leder directed back in 1997.

Tony regards the movie as a real action flick before outlining the plot which is that Clooney and Kidman have to find this stolen nuclear weapon before terrorists use it.

Tony can't believe that Ziva never saw but she wants to know where Gibbs is.

Tony then realizes that's the first question she asked him when they met but Ziva corrects by stating, "No, the first question was: Were you having phone sex?" which has Tony laughing.

They're interrupted by Jenny who's up at the staircase with Gibbs. Jenny then tells Ziva that Deputy Director David is on teleconference for Ziva.

As Ziva grabs her belongings, Tony jogs up to her, wondering if Deputy Director David is Ziva's father yet Ziva assure shim that David is a common Israeli name.

As she heads up for the stairs, Tony then tells Ziva that she didn't answer his question and moves to go after her, only to change his mind when he sees Gibbs coming down. Tony then wonders if Israel lost a nuke.

Gibbs then tells Tony that according to the deputy director, Israel doesn't have nukes and that they have a power plant in Dimona where a small amount of plutonium is missing. Tony soon picks up on it and realizes that Hamas is making a bomb.

Gibbs tells Tony that Hamas have a core but no detonator, that Ari was to buy a krytron trigger and deliver to the Hamas cell with the plutonium with Tony finishing that Mossad grabs him.

However, Gibbs states that Ari's only a little behind schedule and that Mossad are getting nervous. He then tells Tony that Deputy Director David is up there right now, ordering Ziva to co-operate.

"He her daddy?", Tony wonders.

"No idea", Gibbs replies. "I didn't ask".

With that, he then leaves his desk with Tony following him.

In the lab and with various bullets in evidence cases on a table, Gibbs asks Ziva if she knows why Ari left his brass behind.

Ziva huffs and tells Gibbs that he's like a broken tape but Tony corrects her by stating that it's actually a broken record.

As Abby and Jenny look on, Gibbs examines the bullets and tells Ziva that a sniper's brass is like signing your signature and that it's why a sniper always polices his brass.

He then tells her that the bullets are Lapua .308 casing, boat-tail, moly-coated, full-metal bullet jacket.

"That's what you shot as a Marine sniper", Ziva states before revealing that she and her Mossad colleagues use Sierra 6.5 hollow points. Gibbs then looks up and wonders how she knew what he shot.

Everyone looks at Ziva who looks away and Jenny reveals that Ziva profiled Gibbs for Ari.

Tony then states that it wasn't just Gibbs because it's how she knew where Tony was born and where he went to school.

Ziva stands her ground, insisting that Ari's missions involved NCIS and that as his controllers, Ziva did dossiers on everyone that he might interact with. Jenny tells them that it's SOP at Komemiute.

Gibbs then tells Jenny, Abby and Tony to give him a minute alone with Ziva.

Once they're alone, Gibbs tells Ziva that she found out about his first wife and his daughter.

At Gibbs's glance, Ziva admits that she did and she apologizes.

"Then we know why Ari is shooting at women then, don't we?", Gibbs states softly.

Ziva then tells Gibbs that if Ari wanted to let Gibbs know that he was the sniper, then why he didn't use Gibbs's rifle which was an M40?

Gibbs tells her that the Bravo 51 Ari fired is called a "Kate".

Ziva is left stunned and takes a few seconds to pace the lab and get herself together while Gibbs looks on.

She then tells Gibbs that she doesn't believe that Ari is the sniper but she claims that what Gibbs has said should be investigated with Gibbs stating that when the media gets a hold of this, it's going to create a furor.

Ziva then wonders if Gibbs is threatening to go the media but he tells her that he isn't because it can stay between Mossad and NCIS.

"In exchange for what?", Ziva asks. "Setting up Ari for you to kill?"

"No, setting me up for Ari", Gibbs states. "And if I'm wrong about this, he won't show up".

"And if you're right?". Ziva wonders.

"Then I'm counting on you to back me up", Gibbs replies.

It cuts to Ziva who looks stunned.

A while later, Gibbs enters the basement, carrying flowers, roses presumably intended for Kate's grave. He switches on another light and then begins unlocking a drawer, hoping to find his rifle but when he pulls the drawer out, it's shown that the rifle is missing.

Then, Ari's voice comes out of the darkness, asking Gibbs if he's looking for this which catches Gibbs's attention.

And sure enough, it then pans to show Ari sitting in the corner, holding Gibbs's sniper rifle.

Gibbs just sighs, closing his eyes.

Ari then tells Gibbs that he wants him to know that he wishes he hadn't had to shoot Kate.

Gibbs then asks Ari why he did it.

Ari states that he killed Kate, all for the sake of causing Gibbs pain.

"I piss you off that much?", Gibbs wonders.

"Not you", Ari admits. "My father. You have the misfortune of reminding me of the bastard".

Gibbs then catches on and tells Ari that his father didn't marry his mother before closing the empty drawer.

Ari tells Gibbs that's what makes Ari himself a bastard, not his father before stating that from the moment he was born, his father groomed him to be one thing, his mole in Hamas.

As Gibbs looks on, Ari then states that his father sent him to Edinburgh to become a doctor so Ari could go work in the Gaza camps alongside his mother and that when his mother died, Ari had no trouble joining the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam.

"You don't really your father had your mother killed?", Gibbs states.

Ari admits that it was a retaliatory Israeli strike that happened on a day when Ari was in Tel Aviv, visiting him and that after decades of planning, Ari's father finally had his mole in Hamas but he never knew how much Ari hated him.

"I wish I could see his face when he realizes he created not a mole but a monster eager to strike at the heart of Mossad and Israel", Ari states. Gibbs remarks that he almost feels sorry for Ari.

"And I for you", Ari replies and he then gets up.

Gibbs just remains where he is before moving away with Ari unsurprisingly following him and it's shown that Gibbs is at the entrance/exit to his basement while Ari is near Gibbs's table.

As he holds Gibbs's sniper rifle, Ari recalls that when Ziva told him that Gibbs was placing flowers on the roof where Kate died, Ari couldn't believe it because it was such a romantic touch and that it was almost too good to pass up, almost before asking Gibbs why he did it.

He then tells Gibbs that he needs him to commit suicide with his own sniper rifle before stating that Gibbs never gave him enough credit in their game.

As Gibbs looks on, Ari smugly states that he knew it was a trap before Ziva told him that Gibbs had asked her to cover her because Gibbs would never trust Ziva as Gibbs would personally need to kill Ari himself to taste the sweetness of revenge.

With that, Ari takes aim but Gibbs puts his hand and states that he's killed enough men in his life. Gibbs then sits down at the steps and in an act of defiance, tells Ari that it's going to be just as sweet watching Ari die before shrugging as if to say, "Come get me".

Ari aims the rifle at Gibbs and states, "Sorry to spoil your-" just as a single gunshot emerges from nowhere, striking Ari in the forehead and causing him to hit the floor, dead with Gibbs's sniper rifle finally freed from his grasp.

Gibbs then looks down at Ari before glancing up at the entrance to the basement.

Someone is then heard coming down the steps while from his spot on the position, Gibbs smiles before getting up.

Gibbs then heads over to where Ari lies, dead on the floor and retrieves his sniper rifle just as the person responsible for firing the shot that killed Ari enters the basement.

As they head down the steps, it's revealed that the person is none other than Ziva who cocks her gun before joining Gibbs as she studies Ari's body.

It's shown that Ari is lying on the floor, dead, a single bullet-hole in the center of his forehead while blood is emerging from behind his head and there's a look of shock, maybe even surprise on his features.

"His father is a deputy director of Mossad?", Gibbs states.

Still overwhelmed, a gasping Ziva states, "Yes" and when Gibbs wonders if it's David, Ziva confirms that it is before revealing Ari is/was her half-brother.

Gibbs looks at Ari and Ziva before gently touching Ziva's left hand as if he's silently thanking her for having the strength to avenge Kate by murdering Ari.

With that, Gibbs then heads up the steps, leaving Ziva alone in the basement with Ari's remains. She then sits on a stool and begins singing a prayer in Hebrew while staring sadly at Ari's body.

A few hours later, with the sun high in the sky, the NCIS team gather in a ceremony in Indianapolis to pay their final respects to their fallen comrade, colleague and friend, Kate Todd.

One by one, the NCIS team all place roses on Kate's coffin and Tony's up first, laying his rose on the coffin as his flashback shows him and Kate arguing during Terminal Leave (episode) with Kate throwing a sponge at him as Tony stands there, brushing his teeth.

As the flashback snaps back to the present, Tony leaves.

Ducky's up next, placing yet another rose on the coffin as he remembers embracing a crying Kate after she's been released from the isolation room in SWAK (episode).

As this goes on, Gibbs emerges behind Jenny, stating that he was afraid that he wasn't going to make it.

Jenny wants to know about Ari with Gibbs informing her that Ziva is busy escorting Ari's body back to Tel Aviv for burial.

Up next is McGee who upon putting his rose down on the coffin remembers of the time that he and Kate broke into the Watson's house during See No Evil (episode).

As he goes away, Abby appears, holding a tape recorder as well as her umbrella. She then puts her own rose down, recalling handing Kate the hat she made for her during Caught on Tape (episode) as well as the massage Kate gave her during Black Water (episode).

Abby then leaves.

Jenny quietly puts her rose down on the coffin before leaving too.

And last but not least is Gibbs who places his own rose down on the coffin but he doesn't get any memories.

Instead, he gets a vision of Kate who's lying in her coffin, wearing the Presidential Medal of Freedom and holding some beads.

It's quiet for a second before Kate then looks at Gibbs and tells that he's late for her funeral before she smiles.

It then cuts to Gibbs who looks at the coffin for a second before telling Kate that he's sorry and once he's finished, he walks away.

Abby's busy talking to Kate's parents, asking if they mind if she plays a song for Kate while Mrs. Todd states that Kate was very fond of Abby.

As the NCIS team all slowly leave, Jenny offers Mrs. Todd and Mr. Todd along as well as one of Kate's unidentified brothers her deepest sympathies.

Abby then clicks a recorder and a song titled "The Viper" from the Associated Production begins playing.

One by one, the NCIS team all begin leaving and as they walk away with the song still playing in the background while also passing various gravesides, Gibbs has Abby holding his left arm and Jenny in his right while behind them, Ducky, Tony and McGee bring up the rear, the NCIS team now a united front.

It then cuts to Gibbs who smiles, having finally made his peace with Kate's spirit while also satisfied at the fact that her murder has also been avenged.

Major Events

  • Ari Haswari's reign of terror finally ends when he is shot dead by Ziva David with Ziva revealing that she and Ari are half-siblings due to the fact that they both share the same father.
  • Caitlin Todd's funeral is held as the team say their goodbyes to her.


  • The song heard coming Abby's tape recorder and which is played as the NCIS team walk away from Kate's funeral is "The Viper" from the Associated Production music album "Dixieland".
  • This episode marks Sasha Alexander's 48th and final appearance as Kate Todd. In addition, this is the last episode of the entire NCIS series where Alexander would ever be given any official credit as she would be uncredited for all her other future appearances with some of her appearances even being archive footage from previous NCIS episodes.
  • This is the first-ever episode that Mark Harmon can be heard saying, "Previously on NCIS" and it's also the first-ever episode to introduce the slogan as well.
  • In most countries, manual transmissions are more common than automatics, which is why Ari remarks "the price of growing up in America" at Gerald's inability to drive Ducky's Morgan.


Series Regulars

Season Three Cast
Name Portrayed by Role
Leroy Jethro Gibbs Mark Harmon An NCIS Special Agent in charge of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Anthony DiNozzo Junior Michael Weatherly The Senior Agent of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team and also the second-in-command.
Abigail Sciuto Pauley Perrette A Goth who is also the Chief Forensic Scientist and who also works for the NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Timothy McGee Sean Murray An NCIS Special Agent previously assigned to the Norfolk Naval Base who is now the Junior Agent of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Donald Mallard David McCallum NCIS's Chief Medical Examiner.

Recurring Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
Ari Haswari Rudolf Martin A terrorist and double agent responsible for killing Agent Kate Todd. Later launches a series of attacks against the team before Ziva, in a surprise move finally kills him just as Ari is about to kill Gibbs.
Tobias Fornell Joe Spano An agent with the FBI.
Caitlin Todd Sasha Alexander Special Agent, MCRT, NCIS who in the Season 2 finale Twilight (episode), died after Ari Haswari shot her in the head. Despite her physical self being dead, she appears as a ghost or in random visions to the team during the episode as a means of helping them cope with her devastating murder. Is later buried at a ceremony in her native Indianapolis and for her work as a NCIS Special Agent, she is post-humorously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
Jennifer Shepard Lauren Holly Tom Morrow's replacement as the NCIS Director and Gibbs's former partner and girlfriend.
Ziva David Cote de Pablo Ari's Mossad Control Officer who kills Ari when he attempts to kill Gibbs. In addition to being Ari's Control Officer, she's also his half-sister.
Gerald Jackson Pancho Demmings Ducky's Medical Examiner Assistant.

Guest Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
Dana Gloria Votsis An agent of the Israeli Mossad.
Mohamed Esfiri Michael Steger A terrorist. Uncredited role.
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