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Kyle Thomas Boone was a man who was also a notorious serial killer responsible for killing many women during the 1990s in Virginia.



His mother was a Hooker his father was one of her customers. As he was growing up she would abuse him this cause him a great anger towards her. When he was twelve he killed and torture her and told everyone she abandon him. He was then sent to be raised by his uncle.

His abuse from his mother cause him view all women were like her selling their way in the street. He began his killing in the 1990s in DC and killed over twenty women. When he killed a petty officer this caused NCIS to get involved. Agent Gibbs was the agent the caught him and when he did he found two human female tongues in his refrigerator. He spent five mouths integrating and he refused to give up the location of the body’s of the victims.

NCIS Season 3[]


Physical Appearance[]

Known Victims[]

  • Selena Booth, his mother.
  • Twenty-one unnamed female victims.
  • Navy Petty Officer Desiree Ann Rivera.

Victims by Proxy[]

The following were targets of Kyle's lawyer Adam O'Neill:

  • Four unnamed victims- (same M.O as Boone's).
  • NCIS Special Agent Paula Cassidy- (kidnapped and attempted to murder but she fought back and killed him).