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Meltdown is the twenty-first episode in the JAG Season 8 and also the second and final part of the backdoor pilot for the spin-off series, NCIS as well as the 179th episode of the entire JAG series.

This episode also marks the final appearances of both NCIS Special Agents Vivian Blackadder and Don Dobbs respectively.


As the JAG team attempt to come to terms with the news that one of their own is awaiting trial, the NCIS team continue investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of Lieutenant Loren Singer. It appears to be a simple case but one member of the NCIS team soon uncovers new evidence that could ultimately change everything. As this happens, NCIS also find themselves attempting to stop a terrorist from carrying out another terrorist attack on an unidentified American ship at a port but one NCIS team member's obsession with avenging a dead relative at all costs may jeopardize the entire operation.


The episode opens with a recap showing what happened in the previous episode and after the recap, the credits roll.

Act One

A while later, Commander Harmon Rabb sits in a small room, wearing a blue jumpsuit when the door opens and a young woman arrives in with the woman introducing herself as Lieutenant Commander Faith Coleman and that she's Rabb's legal team.

As she sits down, Harm looks deeply puzzled.

Coleman remarks that she got a red-eye from San Diego and that she had his files faxed so that she could study them on the plane.

As she also opens her very well-organized suitcase, Coleman then remarks that she has two short lists: primary and secondary before asking Rabb which questions he wants to cover first.

Rabb states that he wants to cover his before asking Coleman why she's here.

Coleman reveals that she was detailed by COM Naval District in Washington.

Rabb tells her that the last time he checked, he retained the right to request his own military counsel.

Coleman wonders if it is a job interview.

"Let's call it a short list of queries", Rabb states.

Coleman then suggests that she runs through the summary of legal arguments.

Rabb states that he's a lawyer and that he's aware of the legal arguments before stating that the only unknown is sitting across from him.

Coleman nods and asks Rabb what he wants to know.

Rabb wants to know how many murder cases she's defended.

Coleman states that she's had nine homicide cases go to verdict.

"How many wins?", Rabb asks.

"Nine, sir", Coleman replies.

"Well, it tells me you can count", Rabb states but it doesn't tell him whether they were slam dunks or if when the going gets tough, she cops a plea.

Coleman then asks Rabb what is it that he really wants to know: did she get into her first college of choice? No, she didn't.

Was she on the dean's list? Yes, she was.

Did she go to law school with dreams of saving the world?

"No comment", Coleman replies before stating that she's a damn good lawyer and that Rabb could do worse.

Rabb just looks at her.

Coleman then says that she can see that Rabb is not convinced and she's on the verge of putting her things away when Rabb tells her to stop with Rabb stating that he doesn't think he can bear watching Coleman rearrange that.

Rabb then states that he hopes her legal arguments are as squared away as her briefcase.

It then cuts to Coleman who smiles.

On a shooting range, numerous Marines are busy practicing their shooting skills.

Among them is Major Jack McBurney who lowers his weapon.

Seconds later, NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs arrives, wondering if McBurney is sharpening his courtroom skills with the two men introducing themselves to each other.

McBurney wonders if Gibbs wants to set one up for him with Gibbs stating that he's here to discuss the Rabb case and then asks McBurney how long the Major figures it's going to take.

McBurney then wonders if Gibbs has some place to go.

Gibbs just smiles.

When McBurney wonders, Gibbs tells McBurney that it's need to know and that McBurney doesn't.

A few seconds later, a P.A. announcement tells the Marines to cease fire, to clear and lock all weapons before stating that the Marines can go check their targets now.

As they walk off to the shooting targets, McBurney tells Gibbs that how long this goes depends on how well they do on the stand and assumes that Gibbs's people are prepped.

"How about you, councilor?", Gibbs wonders.

"Looks like a slam dunk", McBurney replies.

At Gibbs's look, McBurney wonders if Gibbs disagrees with Gibbs commenting that Rabb is a smart lawyer and that Rabb is the killer, then he made some dumb-ass mistakes with NCIS only being able to arrest him because Rabb was protecting his brother.

McBurney then tells Gibbs to do a favor and not to show that kind of doubt in court as the trial could last a lot longer than both of them want before stating Gibbs is the one who needs to get out of town, not McBurney.

Gibbs then throws a bullet at the paper target, wondering if McBurney always aims for the head.

"Cuts down on appeals", McBurney replies.

A while later and at JAG HQ, Admiral A.J. Chegwidden is talking to both Coleman and McBurney, wondering if they're both aware of the sensitivity of their assignments.

"Understood, sir", McBurney states.

Coleman remarks that since of Chegwidden's staff are witnesses to the prosecution, it may be necessary to keep everyone at JAG at arm's length.

"Including me?", Chegwidden wonders.

"Yes, sir", Coleman states. "You most of all".

McBurney states that it's respectfully since neither of them wants to see their cases being compromised.

As he sits down, Chegwidden remarks that he has no intention of interfering with their case. Coleman remarks that she has every confidence of that but on behalf of her client, she needed to make her position clear.

"Well, you certainly succeeded, didn't you?", Chegwidden says.

He then remarks since they're short on space, he will be putting Coleman in Manetti's office while McBurney will be in Rabb's office.

"Never had the office of a man I'm trying to send to Leavenworth, sir", McBurney replies.

Chegwidden advises him to make do before Chegwidden begins shuffling some papers and as he takes his glasses, leaning back in his chair, Chegwidden announces that they're both dismissed.

"Aye aye, sir", McBurney and Coleman state together before leaving.

Outside, in the main JAG office, as Petty Officer Jennifer Coates shows McBurney to Rabb's office, Lieutenant Bud Roberts Jr. spots Chegwidden and asks Chegwidden if that's them.

"It is", Chegwidden replies.

Roberts states that he's been thinking about Rabb's case and that he has a few ideas with Chegwidden stating to Bud to do nothing.

Coates then arrives, stating that if she could talk to Commander Sturgis Turner to shape her testimony to Rabb's advantage but Chegwidden shuts her down.

When Colonel Sarah MacKenzie arrives, Chegwidden stops her, stating that he knows what they're all thinking and tells his staff that they're not to get involved in this beyond their required participation in the courtroom.

Chegwidden then states that Rabb stuck in his nose and looked what happened before Chegwidden asks his people if they're clear.

Without waiting for a reply, Chegwidden heads off.

McBurney arrives in Rabb's office to find that it is completely empty. He searches the drawers but doesn't find anything useful and when he tries the phone, he gets nothing either.

In the other office, Coleman is busy opening her suitcase and unpacking all the necessary items she needs.

In Rabb's office, McBurney is still at a loose end and when he sees Coates, McBurney gets to his feet. He then asks Coates if she's got a minute with Coates stating that she doesn't believe she's permitted to engage him.

McBurney states that it isn't a proposal: it's a request before stating that he needs a pad, a marker, a stack of 5-by-8s and some of that weird sticky spitball gum you put posters up with.

"Poster gum, sir?", Coates says.

"Sounds right", McBurney agrees.

Coates states that she guesses that's allowed.

McBurney thanks her.

A while later, Coleman is making progresses by writing everything down on a sketch pad and lining various places on the sheet with a ruler.

McBurney has gotten the small cards which he applies to a small window.

On the outside, Coates glances at them for a few seconds before moving on.

McBurney then leans back to get a good look and it's shown that the small wall is completely covered with sheets containing information essential to the case.

In MTAC, via a live feed, Amad Bin Atwad is being interrogated by the CIA with agent William Randall Hawkins stating that this will go well if Bin Atwad confirms a few facts for them.

Bin Atwad states that Allah will give them all their answers and that it will be soon.

Dawkins tells Bin Atwad that he may not know the target and the time but that Bin Atwad knows Hussan Mohammed and that Bin Atwad should talk to them.

As this goes on, numerous NCIS personnel including NCIS Director Thomas Morrow are watching the interrogation when Gibbs arrives in.

As Gibbs joins Morrow, Bin Atwad states that he's cold and hungry.

As Gibbs sits down beside him, Morrow reveals that as Gibbs can see, the boys up the river have taken over the interrogation with Gibbs remarking that they'll break Bin Atwad in a month or two.

Morrow states that they know that Bin Atwad passed money to Mohammed some time during the ten days that they lost him between Cairo and Nice.

Gibbs remarks that if they can find out where he was, maybe they can follow the money trail.

"That's why I need you in that room", Morrow states before saying that NSA encrypts suggest that once the money has been passed, the attack can happen anytime.

As Morrow gets to his feet, he tells Gibbs to wrap up that JAG case fast because Morrow needs him out there.

On the screen, Dawkins asks Bin Atwad where is Hussan Mohammed with Bin Atwad stating that he doesn't know.

A while later, Gibbs is heading down from MTAC where he meets NCIS Special Agent Vivian Blackadder.

Without waiting for a reply, Gibbs tells Viv she's going back to the FBI to get the information they've got on Bin Atwad.

"Right", Viv states.

As they descend the stairs, Gibbs states that he wants all previous transcripts of all the previous al-jihad interrogation featuring mentioning Bin Atwad or Mohammed.

Viv protests that'll take weeks with Gibbs stating that she's got two days and that if she can't get it done by then, then Viv shouldn't bother coming back.

Gibbs then heads to his desk to grab his coffee.

At the prison, Harm thanks Coleman for bringing in dinner with Coleman stating that she figured that Rabb would be tired of brig chow.

Harm states that if she's going to be his counsel, then she should forget about the "sir" at least in here.

"Yes, sir", Coleman replies.

Harm wonders if she packed a file in here just in case they need to bust out.

Coleman states that this is the only file she brought: Government's disclosure, evidence, witnesses.

Harm asks if she has a defense but Coleman tells him that it's her turn to ask the questions before wondering what happened at Benzinger's Bar.

Harm states that he met Lieutenant Singer and that they argued. Singer left with Harm following her outside and they then argued some more in Singer's car.

"And was that when you phoned your brother using your cell phone?", Coleman asks.

Harm tells her that he wanted to be there when Singer told Sergei that it wasn't his baby and that he wanted to look into Singer's eyes.

"Because you didn't believer her?", Coleman asks.

Harm states that he rarely believed anything Lieutenant Singer said.

Coleman remarks that she read Harm's interview with Gibbs and wonders why Harm didn't tell Gibbs his side of the story.

Harm states that he was protecting his brother.

Coleman says that's fine but when they told Harm that the murder happened in January, not six weeks ago, Harm knew his brother couldn't involved so why didn't Harm co-operate?

"Because by then, I looked guilty", Harm remarks before going on to say that he trusted Navy justice instead of Navy cops.

Coleman looks uncomfortable.

Harm remarks that there are enough holes in this case to raise reasonable doubt with Coleman pointing that there's also enough evidence to tie Harm to the murder, a string of witnesses and that Harm's colleagues will testify to angry words between Harm and Singer right up to the time of Singer's death.

Harm remarks that it could be worse.

"How?", Coleman asks.

"I could not have an alibi", Harm remarks.

"You have an alibi?", Coleman asks.

"No", Harm replies.

Coleman just nods.

It then cuts to Harm who begins slurping on his drink.

Act Two

The next morning, McBurney arrives into the NCIS lab and meets Forensic Scientist Abigail Sciuto with McBurney remarking that it's a nice lab Abby has and that it's an interesting Martha Stewart on LSD touches around the place too which makes a reference to the paintings hanging on Abby's wall.

Abby assures McBurney that it's just a hobby.

McBurney looks at one painting and realizes that it's upside down and that the Duodenum's heading north.

"That's how the body was found", Abby states, impressed. She then remarks that it's nice to meet a lawyer that actually knows his stuff before saying that she means it, forensically speaking.

"Lieutenant Singer's plane ticket?", McBurney asks.

"Yeah", Abby states.

McBurney wonders if Abby's got the date nailed with Abby stating that she has, 100 per cent.

McBurney's attention then turns to the cover that NCIS Special Agent Don Dobbs and his search party found.

Heading over, Abby remarks that she's still doing a fibre analysis on it but she found this ID tag in the visor. She then grabs it and holds it up to the light.

Abby remarks that she sees a butterfly before asking McBurney what he sees.

"More work to do", McBurney states grimly. He then remarks that the key to winning this case is tying Rabb to Singer the night Singer died which also means that the evidence such as the stomach contents and the bar napkin as well as all the forensics have got to be tight.

"Well, duh", Abby remarks before changing it to "Definitely".

McBurney wonders if Abby's got a suit before stating that she bought a suit, something in color and that her hair's a different story and that she should wear it down to hide the tattoo.

He even suggests that Abby get some glasses.

"I don't need glasses", Abby says.

McBurney states that he does and that this isn't about Abby. At Abby refusing to meet him in the eye, McBurney wonders if there's something wrong.

Abby admits that there is and that McBurney is probably gonna think she's a freak before stating that she gets nervous when she has to testify in front of all those military uniforms.

McBurney has some advice for her and that is picture all of them naked.

"Including you?", Abby says.

McBurney smiles.

At the sound of her name, Abby snaps back to reality where it's revealed that she's now testifying in the case.

McBurney asks her about the silver found in the head of the deceased.

"Yep", Abby replies before changing it to "Yes, I did".

She then states that the tests revealed ferrous metal which is the same material that was on the railing of the bridge of the overlook.

McBurney asks her about the blood at the crime scene.

Abby states that she did and that it was an exact match between that and the blood of the vic. She tries to jump ahead but McBurney tells her to wait for the question.

"Okay", Abby replies.

McBurney asks if she ran tests on a plane ticket found on the body.

"Certainly", Abby replies. "The lieutenant was on a flight scheduled for 6am on January 6th".

McBurney wonders about the napkin found in the deceased's pocket.

Abby remarks that she ran a slew of stuff on that.

McBurney asks her what she found with Abby remarking that there was a phone number on it and that the handwriting matched Commander Rabb's and that above that, there was a logo for a bar with the logo being Benzinger's.

McBurney asks about the stomach contents and what she found there.

Abby says that she found a bar mix and that based on digestion, she got whacked before stating that Singer went to Vahalla within two hours on ingesting it.

McBurney then states that based on forensic evidence, the victim was at Benzinger's the night before her scheduled flight with Commander Rabb two hours before her death.

"Objection!", Coleman calls out.

"Withdrawn", McBurney replies before he states, "Nothing further".

As McBurney sits down, Coleman rises to begin her own questioning of Abby. She holds up a copy of Abby's evidence report but when Abby doesn't respond, Coleman states that she can hold it further.

"No, don't", Abby states. "I'll ralph" before she apologizes to the judge.

"Perhaps, you don't need the glasses?", the judge suggests.

"Yes, sir", Abby remarks, placing the glasses on top of her head which gives everyone a glimpse of the spider tattoo on her neck which Coleman remarks as being "nice".

Coleman then asks Abby that the deceased's body was in the river for a month and how can Abby be so sure that her findings regarding the stomach contents are accurate before Coleman also suggests that couldn't the vic have been whacked way later than two hours after sucking pretzels at Benzinger's?

"Way later?", Abby states. "No way".

She then states that first of, ice rules as a preservative and second, food doesn't stay in the stomach long and that carbs last for two hours, tops and third, given technology, they can nail that window pretty tight.

Abby then says that Singer got popped and turned to a popsicle in less than two hours.

"You say pretty tight", Coleman says.

"Yeah", Abby remarks.

Coleman turns back to the audience and remarks that it doesn't sound like beyond a reasonable doubt to her.

At NCIS, Viv arrives in with a disk containing everything that the FBI has on Bin Atwad with Viv triumphantly remarking that she did it in a single day.

Gibbs takes out the CD and places it into the CD of his computer, stating that it contains Bin Atwad's education, training, known associates and his past ops but it doesn't tell him about Bin Atwad, the man.

Gibbs removes the CD with Viv remarking that Bin Atwad is a terrorist and what else is there to know? Gibbs remarks that it's personal information before wondering what food Bin Atwad enjoys and what's his favorite wine.

Viv states that the guy's a Muslim and that he doesn't drink.

Gibbs tells her that Bin Atwad drinks, eats and cheats which is how NCIS caught him in Nice. He gives Viv the CD case which she takes albeit reluctantly.

Without looking, Gibbs remarks to Viv, "See you".

At the courthouse, it's NCIS Medical Examiner, Dr. Donald Mallard's turn to testify.

McBurney states to Ducky that he performed the autopsy on Singer before wondering if Ducky can tell them where Singer died.

Ducky remarks that the body was found on April 22nd but the victim had been caught in the winter ice and thawed with the Spring. He then states that Singer's death happened around three and a half months ago.

"That'd make it early January, right?", McBurney wonders.

Ducky states that would be right.

McBurney wonders if Singer was pregnant with Ducky stating that Singer was twenty weeks.

McBurney then asks about the extent of Singer's injuries.

Ducky explains that Singer suffered severe blunt-force trauma to the postieur of her skull and also numerous fractures as she floated down river, going over the Great Falls.

"The head injury was the cause of death?", McBurney wonders.

Ducky remarks that the Lieutenant actually drowned.

As Coleman and Rabb look on, McBurney asks Ducky if Singer was alive when she entered the water.

Ducky then remarks that it was without question which has Rabb greatly dismayed.

Ducky remarks that he found water residue in Singer's lungs with McBurney asking what else Ducky found.

Unsurprisingly, Ducky goes track by stating that he found a tattoo of a leaping leopard on Singer's left buttock with Ducky remarking that he's only ever seen something similar on a tango dancer in Bueonos Aires who died of dehydration and Ducky remarks that he was on sabbatical at the time.

McBurney then remarks that he was asking about Singer.

Ducky remarks that Singer wasn't in Bueonoes Aires before getting back to the case. He then tells them that he found a metallic silver in the wound around the skull fracture consistent with Singer's head hitting the railing at the walkway bridge over the falls before she went into the water.

McBurney then wonders based on Ducky's own findings, would Ducky say it's plausible that someone caused the Lieutenant's head injuries and then perhaps in panic, threw her still-living body from the bridge into the river?

Coleman objects, stating that this goes beyond speculation and that they're now telling bedtime horror stories.

"Sustained", the judge remarks.

McBurney thanks the Judge and remarks that he has nothing further to add.

As McBurney sits down, Coleman walks up, asking Ducky if it isn't possible that Singer's injuries were the result of an accidental fall.

Ducky remarks that the railing is very high and that it's quite unlikely, unless Singer's unconscious body levitated and dropped over the side.

"Thank you, Doctor", Coleman states before she sits down again.

It then cuts to Ducky who looks at the Judge.

In the prison, Rabb states to Gibbs that he thought the Interrogation was over or is Gibbs just here to gloat?

Gibbs remarks that something's been bothering him but it isn't what's in the file: it's what's missing.

Gibbs remarks that after Rabb was informed on Singer's death and the death of the foetues Rabb also thought was his brother's,

Gibbs assumes that Rabb made a phone call to Russia.

But there's no record of that: not from Harm's office, his cell or even his home.

"Well, that's what phone booths are for", Rabb announces.

Gibbs remarks that Rabb went to a lot of trouble to eliminate his brother as a suspect.

"That's how you got your man", Rabb remarks.

"I know", Gibbs replies.

The two men then sit there, exchanging silent glances with each other.

Now it's Gibbs's turn on the stand.

McBurney then asks Gibbs where exactly Singer's body was discovered.

Gibbs remarks that Singer was found on the banks of the Potomac River, 1.3 miles below Great Falls.

McBurney wants to know if they found Singer's vehicle.

Gibbs remarks that they did and that it was towed from a parking lot next to the falls.

McBurney asks if the car was dusted for prints.

Gibbs states that only two sets of prints were gotten from the car: Singer and Rabb's.

McBurney then wonders when did Rabb last claimed to have seen Singer?

Gibbs announces that they met at Benzinger's Bar the night before Singer's scheduled flight.

McBurney then remarks that according to Rabb's statement, Rabb spoke to his brother that night before asking Gibbs if Rabb explained why.

"No", Gibbs replies.

McBurney wonders if Rabb knew that Singer was pregnant with Gibbs stating that Rabb said that he did.

McBurney asks if Rabb knew who the father was.

Gibbs, giving nothing away states that Rabb was unsure.

McBurney then states that at that time did Gibbs himself ask for a DNA sample to determine paternity?

Gibbs remarks that he did.

"What was his response?", McBurney asks.

"He refused", Gibbs replies.

McBurney wants to know if Rabb was co-operative during the NCIS investigation.

After a moment's silence, Gibbs states that Rabb was generally uncooperative.

As McBurney thanks Gibbs, Harm leans forward in disbelief and begins writing something.

Coleman gets to her feet and Harm shows her something he's written on the page.

Coleman simply walks off and approaches the witness stand, telling Gibbs that all he has is a car with Rabb's fingerprints.

Gibbs remarks that it's a car found less than 100 yards from the murder scene.

Coleman states that there's no murder weapon, right?

Gibbs tells her that the blood at the scene suggests that Singer hit her head on a bridge railing.

Coleman remarks that it sounds like an accident.

McBurney objects to that with Faith deciding to withdraw her comment. She then asks Gibbs if he's got anything tying Rabb to the crime scene.

"Not directly", Gibbs replies.

Coleman remarks that Gibbs just has circumstantial evidence, coincidences from which Gibbs has manufactured a case against the defendant.

"Do I even need to object, Your Honor?", McBurney says.

The Judge remarks that it's sustained and urges Coleman to refrain from supplying testimony.

Coleman then asks Gibbs if he submitted a request to the M.E. for Rabb's DNA profile.

Gibbs remarks that he did but that it didn't go through.

This has McBurney stunned.

"The ACLU might have a problem", Coleman remarks before asking Gibbs what his intent was.

Gibbs remarks that at the time he believed Rabb was a killer and that his intent was justice.

Having gotten the hint, Coleman asks Gibbs if he believes that Rabb is now the killer.

McBurney objects, stating that it calls for an opinion.

The Judge remarks that as the lead investigator, Gibbs is entitled to an opinion and that the witness will answer.

As McBurney sits down again, it's shown that the Senior Agent of the NCIS team, NCIS Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo is at the hearing, sitting at the very back of the room.

Gibbs then remarks that going with his gut, he'd say no and that Rabb is not the killer.

A while later, with the court in recess, Gibbs and DiNozzo head for the lift with DiNozzo asking Gibbs if he believes Rabb is innocent.

"What are we gonna do?", DiNozzo wonders.

Gibbs remarks that he's got Bin Atwad to interrogate and that as of now, DiNozzo is the highest ranking team member associated with this case.

With that, DiNozzo heads off.

As soon as DiNozzo's gone, McBurney, clearly pissed off confronts, demanding to know where Gibbs was going to tell McBurney of the request for Rabb's DNA.

Gibbs states that the request didn't go.

"You crossed the line", McBurney says.

"A line that shouldn't exist", Gibbs states before remarking that they should have access to a suspect's DNA.

McBurney remarks that it isn't Gibbs's call and that he can handle circumstantial cases but screw-ups and witness flip-flops on the stand, McBurney can't handle that.

Coleman arrives, thanking McBurney for his honesty before asking McBurney if he's ready to discuss dismissing the charges.

Suddenly, McBurney's phone rings, interrupting him.

He takes the call and remarks that she is the girl of his dreams before hanging up and announcing that the caller was Abby.

Gibbs is clearly pissed at the thought of Abby calling McBurney.

McBurney nods and states that they were separated at birth before he reveals that Abby has invited them to the lab and that Coleman should come and partake in the wonders of science.

A while later, in the lab, Abby, having changed back into her normal clothes reveals that she got a series of latent partials but AFIS can't match them before saying, "Check this out".

She then hits a few buttons.

Gibbs then asks if Abby can analyse the handwriting.

Abby states that it's definitely Rabb's.

McBurney states that this should be logged into the evidence and that he'd like the members to see the genuine article.

As Abby examines the sheet, McBurney tells Coleman that he has a counter to her offer to dismiss the charges.

"If the hat does fit, you can't acquit", Abby says.

The two lawyers glance back at her, puzzled.

Abby states that one of them would have said it if they'd thought of it at first.

McBurney and Coleman then leave.

Once they've gone, Gibbs tells Abby "Good job" with Abby thanking him but Gibbs has a warning for Abby in that next time, she shouldn't go calling lawyers, she should call Gibbs first.

Abby in the lab.

It then cuts to Abby who silently nods.

Act Three

The next morning, as Gibbs arrives down, DiNozzo gives him a sheet, stating that a plane is waiting for Gibbs at Norfolk and that Gibbs can catch a helo at Naples out to the Chattanooga.

Viv arrives in with information on Bin Atwad with the names of his family, wives, mistresses.

She reveals that Bin Atwad loves great food and goes to five-star restaurants and that his favorite dishes are Moroccan and that his favorite wine is Chaeteau Boulmont before telling Gibbs that it's all there.

"Good", Gibbs replies.

Viv makes a last attempt, asking Gibbs if she can go with him.

Gibbs tells her but that she can put her suit back in mothballs and stick around for a while.

A while later, Gibbs arrives on the Chattanooga and meets CIA agent Dawkins with Gibbs introducing himself.

Dawkins introduces himself as being from the Company, presumably the CIA and remarks that he heard someone called the cops.

Dawkins then states that since NCIS took Bin Atwad down, then Gibbs deserves a shot at cracking Bin Atwad.

As Gibbs rolls his eyes, Dawkins remarks that they got Bin Atwad cleaned up and even gave him a nice dinner but there's one problem, though.

Gibbs wonders what that is.

Dawkins voices his concern about Gibbs giving Bin Atwad booze because it's against regs and the CIA don't want any impaired testimony being tossed out of court.

"Not interested in court", Gibbs replies.

With that, Gibbs heads into the brig and shows his ID to the security guard at the door who grants him access as Dawkins looks on.

The next morning, in the bullpen. Viv arrives for work, greeting Tony, only to find him glancing at the monitor which has a shot of the crime scene.

As she heads for her desk, Viv wonders what Tony is doing and that the investigation is wrapped up.

"Is it?", Tony says.

Viv is stunned that Tony is now in Gibbs's camp, believing that Rabb didn't do it.

Tony urges Viv to think outside the FBI box for a second and that it's too perfect with Tony remarking that he's a cop and that it doesn't sit right.

"Sits all right from where I stand", Viv replies as she removes some books from her bag and sits down at her desk.

Tony remarks that Dobbs found Rabb's cover up river, near the bridge where Lieutenant Singer was murdered. He then heads over to the monitor and remarks that Singer's body floated all the way down here.

Viv believes that the cover got caught in some branches.

"I don't think so", Tony remarks.

"You really are sounding like Gibbs", Viv states in disbelief.

In the court room, it's the turn of the JAG staff to give evidence and Bud is first on the stand.

McBurney states that on the day before Singer died, did Bud witness an encounter between Singer and Rabb?

Bud remarks that he overheard a conversation.

McBurney wonders if Bud can recall what was said.

Bud replies that Rabb wanted to see Singer after work to talk.

McBurney wonders if Singer refused Rabb at first with Bud admitting that yes, Rabb did.

McBurney then asks what happened then.

Bud takes a deep breath.

It then cuts to a flashback from the JAG Season 8 episode, "Complications" with Singer telling Rabb that she doesn't have the time with Rabb saying to Singer that they should have dinner.

When she turns away, Rabb grabs her.

As this goes on, Bud watches from a distance.

In the present, McBurney wants to know if it was Rabb's practice to go around grabbing junior officers.

Bud stammers for a few seconds, unable to answer before Coleman objects, stating the counsel is badgering.

The Judge tells Coleman that Bud is a Naval officer and a JAG lawyer and that Bud can handle it before the Judge tells Bud to answer the question.

Bud nods and then remarks that Rabb did not make it a habit to grab anyone and that just this once, Rabb was agitated and that it wasn't unusual with Lieutenant Singer.

"By agitated you mean angry?", McBurney asks.

Bud tries to response but McBurney thanks him and remarks that he has no further questions.

As McBurney sits down, Coleman remains seated, obviously focused on sharpening her pencil.

At NCIS and in MTAC, everyone including Morrow watches via a video link as Gibbs interrogates Bin Atwad with Gibbs asking how the lamb tagine is.

Bin Atwad remarks that it's good but it lacks zest.

Gibbs mentions "Harissa" and that the best their chef here could do was canned chili paste with Bin Atwad remarking that Gibbs knows his cuisine.

"Marines travel", Gibbs states as they clink glasses.

"Yes, they do", Bin Atwad replies.

As Bin Atwad asks Gibbs if he ever met to the South of France with Gibbs stating, "Not as often as I'd like", it pans to Morrow while revealing that DiNozzo and Viv are watching the interrogate too.

Bin Atwad remarks that if Gibbs is in Marseilles, then there's a place.

"Ras el Hanout", Gibbs replies.

Bin Atwad is surprised that Gibbs knows it with Gibbs laughing.

Bin Atwad remarks that again, Gibbs surprises him before suggesting that they have a toast to the French who know how Morocco food should taste.

The two men clink glasses again.

Gibbs wonders if it was the cuisine that drew Bin Atwad to Nice.

Bin Atwad remarks that it wasn't and that it was the women and that the food is so much expensive that the honey catches the flies.

In MTAC, Viv and Tony look on.

Bin Atwad then tells Gibbs that the best food he's had in a long time and that it came from a restaurant in Toulon near the water, Alhaggar.

Gibbs remarks that he ate there last summer with Gibbs going on to say that the kibbe was bland, the kouzi mushy.

Bin Atwad remarks that the gheimeh is inedible and that Gibbs cannot be talking about the same restaurant.

"Well, maybe they changed the chef", Gibbs says.

"Perhaps", Bin Atwad agrees with Bin Atwad stating that the gheimeh he had last week was incredible.

In MTAC, Tony remarks that he knew Gibbs could get it.

"Get what?", Viv asks, puzzled.

Morrow tells her that it was where Bin Atwad was before NCIS arrested him and that the location is Toulon. He then asks Tony and Viv what they're standing here for before telling them to get on it.

With that, Tony and Viv leave MTAC.

On the ship, Gibbs emerges from the cell and meets Dawkins if they can have Bin Atwad back.

"He's all yours", Gibbs replies.

"What did you get out of him?", Dawkins wonders.

"A good restaurant in Toulon", Gibbs states.

As Gibbs heads off, Dawkins remarks "Cops" before heading into the cell.

In the courtroom, it's now Coates's turn on the stand.

McBurney asks her that she was present in Benzinger's the night Rabb met Singer.

Coates remarks that she was in the next booth.

"You overheard their conversation?", McBurney wonders.

"Yes, sir", Coates replies.

McBurney wonders if Coates recalls what was said.

Coates remarks that she didn't get all the words but she got a sense of it. She reveals that Singer was pregnant and Rabb thought that his brother, Sergei could be the father.

McBurney wonders what Rabb wanted Singer to do.

Coates remarks that Rabb wanted Singer to call Sergei in Russia to give him a say in the child's future and that Singer told Rabb that the baby wasn't Sergei's.

After glancing at Rabb, McBurney asks Coates if Rabb believed Singer.

"No, sir", Coates replies.

McBurney wonders what happened then.

It then cuts a flashback of the scene in the restaurant again from the JAG Season 8 episode, "Complications" as Coates tells McBurney that Singer told Rabb that she was giving up the baby for adoption.

McBurney wonders how Rabb reacted.

"This isn't over", Rabb states.

"That sounds like a threat", Singer replies.

Rabb who had been holding onto Singer lets go with Singer leaving while Coates looks on, stunned at the scene.

Back in the present, McBurney agrees that it sounds like a threat.

Coleman objects with McBurney withdrawing his remark.

McBurney then asks Coates if there's anything else she remembers.

Coates recalls that Singer took off and that Rabb followed her.

McBurney thanks her.

As McBurney sits down, Coleman rises to talk to Coates with Coleman asking Coates if Rabb has ever displayed anger towards Coates herself or has he ever threatened her?

"No, ma'am", Coates replies.

Once Coleman has finished, she sits down again with McBurney rising and stating, "Redirect, Your Honor".

The judge grants it.

McBurney approaches the stand and asks Coates if she's ever seen a man strike a woman in anger before. Coates pauses for a second before replying that she did as she saw her father strike her mother.

McBurney then asks Coates about the night at Benzinger's and if she saw any anger in Rabb.

Coleman objects, stating that it calls for speculation.

The Judge overrules it and that he'd like to hear the answer.

McBurney then asks Coates if she saw that kind of anger.

Coates pauses for a second and then looks at Rabb who silently nods back.

After recovering, Coates remarks, "Yes, sir".

McBurney thanks Coates before remarking to the Judge that he has no further questions.

Back on the ship, an Officer tells Gibbs that they've got the Washington MTAC on the VTC.

Via a video link, Morrow tells Gibbs that ten days ago, five million was sent from a hawala broker in Toulon to a hawala in Tunis.

Gibbs wonders if NCIS has any assets in Tunis.

Morrow replies they don't but that their friends up the river AKA the CIA do and of course, the CIA will take the credit.

Gibbs states that who gets the photo op doesn't matter.

Morrow tells Gibbs that he'll remember that at their next appropriations hearing but Gibbs is right before Morrow orders Gibbs to use whoever he has to stop that attack.

Gibbs just nods.

In the lab, Tony asks Abby what she has for him as Viv looks on.

Abby remarks that she tested the sediment in the fibres in the cover and that there were high traces of quartz, feldspar and kalonitie.

Tony is confused, remarking to Abby that he flunked Earth Science.

"It's river silt", Viv replies.

Abby agrees, stating that there wasn't any present in these levels when she tested Lieutenant Singer's uniform.

"And that's because she plunged into the river in January and spent the next few months packed in ice", Tony states.

Viv then remarks that it's only been in the last few weeks that the river's been raging with spring thaw.

"Kicking up silt", Tony says.

Abby remarks that this cover is a spring look and that there's no way it was out there for months.

Tony then realizes that it's a plant and that Gibbs's gut was right all along before telling Viv that they've got the wrong man.

It then cuts to Viv who looks lost in thought.

On the ship, Dawkins is glancing out when Gibbs emerges to join him. Dawkins remarks that he loves Naples and that Gibbs is looking for a restaurant.

Gibbs gets straight to the point by telling Dawkins that the grey-hull attack is coming straight out of Tunis.

Gibbs also reveals that they got word of a money transfer, five million dollars from Bin Atwad to the executor.

Dawkins realizes that it puts it in the Western Med before realizing that Gibbs needs something.

Gibbs states that Dawkins has people in Tunis and that NCIS doesn't.

Dawkins remarks that if they locate Mohammed, then they'll take him down.

Gibbs states that the attack's going to be on a Navy asset and that they will both take Mohammed down.

Dawkins states that it's complicated before wondering who gets credit.

"You do", Gibbs replies.

"Deal", Dawkins remarks.

Suddenly, a young female officer emerges, telling Gibbs that he has a call on the VTC.

The call is from Tony and Viv with Tony remarking that they got confirmation from Abby and that it's a plant.

Tony tells Gibbs that they got the service record of Rabb's brother, Sergei from Russia as well with Viv chiming in that Sergei is not the father despite the fact that Sergei and Rabb share the same blood type.

Tony remarks that they went through Singer's credit-card history and that they traced her social life, going back the last year.

Viv then states that except for the months at sea, starting at May, every Wednesday, Singer had dinner for two.

Tony remarks that while the restaurants were different, the times were the same but who was Singer dining with?

Gibbs suggests they do a canvass.

"Already did", Tony remarks.

Viv tells Gibbs that they showed Singer's picture and asked if anyone recalled anything, a face, a name dropped in conversation, angry words.

Tony remarks that a waiter from an Italian restaurant recalls an ugly incident, tiramisu turned into a projectile.

Viv states that the waiter gave them enough so that they could start putting together a sketch.

Gibbs tells them that he's their guy and that somehow, the guy got a hold of Rabb's cover and that they should check the JAG security logs, going back four weeks before suggesting that they compare the sketch to service photos.

"That's gonna be a lot of people", Tony remarks.

Gibbs remarks that one of them paid a visit to Rabb and that they should look for someone with an axe to grind.

"Got it", Tony states.

Gibbs tells Tony to nail this guy because Gibbs needs Tony's ass out here.

"Alone?", Tony wonders.

"Bring whoever you need", Gibbs states.

It then cuts to Tony and Viv who look at each other for a second before they both leave MTAC.

Act Four

The next morning, Tony and Viv arrive at JAG Headquarters to talk to Rabb with Coleman stating that before they begin, she wants them to know that she's advised Rabb against this interview.

Tony states that as Rabb knows, his cover was found near the scene of the crime.

Rabb believes that they want to know how it got there.

Tony remarks that they know before revealing that it was planted.

"Looks like you may be off the hook", McBurney announces.

As Rabb looks at McBurney, Viv explains that they did some checking into Lieutenant Singer's love life and Singer was seen having dinner and drinks with a sandy-haired man.

"My brother at Benzinger's Bar", Harm states.

Viv disagrees, stating the man in question was older and that they'd never met at Benzinger's.

Tony then chimes in with the announcement that they checked the JAG security logs and that they've got a suspect and as he gives Rabb a photo, Tony asks Rabb that they just need to know if he had the opportunity.

Rabb picks up the photo and examines it.

It then cuts to a flashback from the JAG Season 8 episode, "Second Acts" showing the man in question grabbing Harm's cover.

"That son of a bitch", Rabb mutters.

As this happens, Tony looks at Viv and grins.

"He did it right in front of me", Rabb says before throwing back the photo.

As Tony takes it, he tells Rabb that's all they needed to know before Viv thanks Rabb.

As the NCIS agents leave, Rabb tells them to tell Gibbs that Rabb owns Gibbs.

With that, Tony, Viv and McBurney leave while Rabb looks at Coleman who smiles.

A while later, in NCIS's Interrogation Room, Tony is unpacking evidence and remarking that back when he was in Baltimore, where he worked homicide in a former life, he had this case.

It then shows the man responsible for framing Rabb and killing Singer is none other than Theodore Lindsey, a Commander who is also an enemy of the entire JAG staff.

As Lindsey sits there, stone-faced, Tony continues rambling on about his murder case while in Observation, Viv rubs her head, obviously getting a headache from Tony's story.

Tony states that the story consists of a gynecologist who walked into a strip club and met a stripper with the stripper later blackmailing the gynecologist and that the stripper threatened to tell the gynecologist's wife.

As such, the gynecologist paid two guys to kill the stripper.

Lindsey remarks that he's not really one for jokes.

Tony then changes tactics and shows Lindsey some transcripts consisting of Lindsey interviewing the JAG staff with Tony revealing that in seven hours of conversation, Lindsey himself mentioned Singer fourteen times and that Lindsey showed an unusual interest in Singer.

Lindsey defends himself, stating that he was just doing his job.

Tony then remarks that the night Singer died, Lindsey cashed a S5,000 cheque at E-Z Al's Cheque Cashing and that the next day, Lindsey deposited the money minus the hundred dollar charge back into his account with Tony believing that Lindsey didn't need it after all.

Unsurprisingly, Lindsey is outraged at the fact that NCIS looked through his banking statements and demands to know if they had a warrant.

Tony remarks that he got the warrant and wonders if Singer needed the cash for an abortion before remarking that Lindsey is a family man.

As Lindsey looks on, Tony can't believe what he himself is saying because Lindsey has a wife and kids and it's beautiful.

Tony believes that the money is hush money and that Singer was going to tell Lindsey's wife at some point.

Lindsey wonders if the joke's over because it wasn't very funny.

Tony then tells Lindsey to bear with him and that it will be before revealing that the gynecologist had the stripper killed or rather, whacked and that the problem should be solved, right?

Tony states that it was wrong because the guy got nervous and set it up so that another doctor at his practice, a rival looked like the killer.

Tony also reveals that the main killer planted evidence and that it was a good theory but the finger came pointing back to the main gynecologist.

As this happens, Tony pushes an evidence bag containing a hat over to Lindsey's side of the table with Tony stating that Rabb was supposed to have lost his cover during the struggle with Singer, meaning that the cover would have been out there for four months but the tests NCIS conducted showed that it was more like four weeks.

Tony then remarks that he checked the JAG security log and does Lindsey know that a month ago, Lindsey was there in Rabb's office.

Tony also reveals that technology is an amazing thing, stating that they can pick up latent prints that a year ago would have gone undetected before asking Lindsey if he knows why Tony always nails the doctors and lawyers?

It's because they overthink before Tony announces that the joke's over.

Tony remarks that Lindsey probably already knows his Article 31 rights but Tony likes reading them.

Lindsey interrupts, stating that this whole thing was all an accident.

"Oh, hold up", Tony states. "You're gonna have to explain that one".

Lindsey reveals that Singer threatened him, threatened his family and they argued with Singer turning to leave. Lindsey tried to stop her and that he grabbed her with the two of them struggling before Lindsey remarks that Singer fell over the railing.

As this goes on, Viv looks on from Observation.

Lindsey tells Tony that he was going to call for help but by then, it was too late because the river had taken Singer away and Lindsey himself was just too scared.

Tony remarks that it's a good story before pointing out that there are a couple of problems with it. He tells Lindsey that they found Singer's blood on the bridge where she slipped and hit her head on the railing.

As this happens, a flashback shows the night of bridge where it's snowing and as Singer slips and hits the ground, Lindsey looks on, his face giving nothing away.

As Lindsey tends to Singer, Tony's voiceover states that maybe Lindsey thought Singer was dead and that Lindsey believed he had killed her and that maybe Lindsey reached for his phone but Lindsey had another idea.

Tony tells Lindsey that Singer didn't fall into the river and that she was thrown.

As this happens, it shows Lindsey grabbing Singer's unconscious body and throwing her into the river with Tony grimly remarking that Singer drowned before revealing that that was no accident.

It cuts to Lindsey who looks emotionless.

Tony then reveals that NCIS checked Singer's baby's blood type against Lindsey's service record and a few seconds pass before Tony reveals that the child wasn't Lindsey's either.

With that, Tony leaves.

As that happens, it cuts to a TV in the NCIS Observation Room which shows that Lindsey has been left completely stunned by the news.

Back on the ship, Dawkins reveals that the five million Bin Atwad forwarded through the network was picked up four days ago and that it was cash with the signature being K. Zahari before asking Gibbs if he believes that Zahari is Hussan Mohammed, their triggerman.

Gibbs admits that he doesn't know but that if the cash is moving, then the clock is ticking.

As they head for the main control, Dawkins remarks that the skipper just Dawkins that Gibbs's two packages arrived, looking jet-lagged.

As they head inside, it's revealed that the two packages are none other than Viv and DiNozzo who look exhausted which has Gibbs amused.

Gibbs remarks if they're sleepy before remarking that he got word that Lindsey pled out.

Tony states that it was involuntary manslaughter which means that Lindsey got eight years at Leavenworth before telling Gibbs that Abby finally pulled off the destination of Singer's plane ticket.

Singer wasn't going to S-A-N or San Diego as they originally thought because Singer was in fact going to Shannon Airport in the Republic of Ireland.

Gibbs wants to know with Viv stating that maybe Singer was going to see the baby's father since it wasn't Lindsey.

"It wasn't Rabb or his brother", Tony pipes up and remarks that they don't know.

"It wasn't the killer", Gibbs states. "Who cares?".

They're interrupted by a Senior Chief telling Gibbs he's got the Director with Gibbs asking the Senior Chief to put it up.

Morrow appears on screen and tells them that Khalil Zahari, listed as the director of the Institute of Advanced Oceanography in Tunis and that the group is non-profit.

They've got no assets apart from a thirty year old fishing trawler until a few days ago when they bought an unnamed submersible and that the asking price was five million dollars.

Morrow also reveals that it took delivery 58 hours ago in Sorrento.

Gibbs turns to the Senior Chief and asks for a list of all ports with naval assets within 58 hour sail of Sorrento. Dawkins wonders if it's Naples but Gibbs states that Naples is too secure.

"Cannes?", Dawkins wonders.

"Same thing", Gibbs replies.

Gibbs believes that a thirty year old trailer is not enough to ferry an unmanned submersible before Gibbs asks for a list of all the research vessels leased in the last year and that they should be ninty tons or more.

They've got results so far with Dawkins revealing the Woods Hole, National Geographic and Gibbs states the Institute of Advanced Oceanography issued the Deep Explorer, Panama registered.

Gibbs tells another sailor to check with the coastal cops to see if they've submitted a navigational plan.

As soon as a result pops up, Viv reads it out, remarking that the Spanish Coastal Civil Guard Patrol has Deep Blue Explorer setting a course for Cadiz.

Gibbs realizes that they're heading for Rota and then asks Tony how his Spanish is.

A few hours later, the Deep Sea Explorer rests peacefully at dock in Rota as its personnel in actuality terrorists discuss things in Arabic while assembling a huge bomb.

A small van pulls into the market.

Inside are Gibbs and Viv, both working undercover.

Gibbs tells Viv to get a shot of everyone and go as tight as she can before telling Viv to let him know when she gets a match.

As Gibbs get out of the van, Viv gets her own camera trained on the ship's personnel.

Gibbs then begins talking to a regular market man in Spanish, the two discussing fish.

As this happens, Viv keeps her camera trained on the ship's crew.

Back in MTAC, photos are being taken of the crew and run through a database of known terrorists with the photos being compared against one of Hussan Mohammed himself.

A female tech remarks that the first one is a negative match.

Viv tries again, only for the second to be a negative match.

Viv then tries for the third time, focusing on the ship's captain and amazingly, it matches, revealing that the ship's captain is Hussan Mohammed himself.

Morrow tells Viv that it's Mohammed.

After nodding, Viv relays this information to Gibbs via an earpiece.

With that, she gets out and joins Gibbs as they prepare to arrest Mohammed.

Gibbs then tells Tony to move in.

Having been waiting in a red truck, Tony hops out and begins talking to two men in Spanish, the two men in reality security for the ship.

This draws Mohammed and the crew's attention.

Gibbs tells everyone to get ready.

Viv, on the other hand simply glares at Mohammed and can't bring herself to look away no matter what Gibbs says. She turns back with Gibbs remarking that it's too late.

It is too late as Mohammed attempts to get the ship's engines going.

Viv remarks that Mohammed ducked into the pilothouse.

"Let's go", Gibbs urges.

Tony talks with the guards again in Spanish and attempts to run, only to be caught.

Gibbs runs across the Harbor just as the Spanish police wielding guns of their own arrive in.

As Gibbs arrives, he takes down one of the bodyguards while Tony strikes the other before all three NCIS agents rush down the gangplank, heading straight for the ship.

Suddenly, one of the terrorists wielding an AK-47 emerges and begins shooting, triggering a gunfight.

Realizing that time is of the essence, Gibbs tells Tony to secure the submersible.

As Tony does that, Gibbs gets up to the top of the ship and manages to shoot and kill the AK-47 wielding terrorist.

As the dead terrorist's body slides down the stairs, Mohammed spins around, revealing that a grenade is resting in his left hand.

For a few seconds, there's nothing but silence as the two men engage in a stand-off.

Mohammed then drops the grenade with Gibbs shooting and killing Mohammed.

Seconds later, an explosion rips through the pilotroom of the ship, sending Gibbs falling down some stairs.

On the lower area, having heard the blast, Tony and Viv draw their SIG-Sauers and for a few seconds, they can't see anything or anyone due to the smoke engulfing the area.

As they look closer, they see a figure appear.

It's Gibbs.

This causes Tony and Viv to lower their guns, both agents relieved.

Gibbs then climbs down the stairs and meets them with Viv apologizing, stating that she almost blew it.

"Almost?", Gibbs says coldly.

As Gibbs begins walking back up the gangplank, Tony tells Viv that he still likes her before heading up the gangplank as the police follow.

Viv just stands there, lost.

As the Spanish police begin escorting the captured terrorists to the surface, it's relatively quiet.

It then cuts to Gibbs who reaches the top of the stairs and removes his earwig and hat. obviously very annoyed at how the undercover anti-terrorist operation has ended.


  • While Abby and Major McBurney are discussing the photos in her lab, Collide- Frozen is heard playing in the background.
  • This episode also marks the final appearance to date of NCIS Special Agent Vivian Blackadder played by Robyn Lively as due to overwhelmingly negative feedback from test audiences in regards to her, Blackadder was written out of the show and Lively was also released from her contact. As a result, the character Caitlin Todd was created with Sasha Alexander later being hired to play Kate Todd. When NCIS first aired as a solo series in October 2003, Blackadder was shown to have been removed from the show altogether to this day no reason has been given as to where she ended up although many suspect she could have been fired from NCIS or simply returned to the FBI of her own accord.
  • On the Region 2 DVD, the recap of the previous episode was removed and as such, the episode simply cuts to the opening credits instead.
  • Although the NCIS team are successful in solving the case of who murdered Lieutenant Loren Singer, they aren't able to identify who fathered Singer's unborn baby.
  • Mark Harmon (Leroy Jethro Gibbs) reads the "Previously on JAG" line.


NCIS Series Regulars

Name Portrayed by Role
Leroy Jethro Gibbs Mark Harmon A Special Agent who is also in charge of the NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Anthony DiNozzo Junior Michael Weatherly The second-in-command and also the Senior Agent of the NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Abigail Sciuto Pauley Perette A Goth who is also the Chief Forensic Scientist for the NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Donald Mallard David McCallum NCIS's Chief Medical Examiner.
Vivian Blackadder Robyn Lively A former FBI agent who is now an NCIS Special Agent and who is also Tony DiNozzo's partner.

Recurring Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
Thomas Morrow Alan Dale Director of NCIS.
William Randall Hawkins Vyto Ruginis An agent with the CIA.
Amad Bin Atwad Faran Tahir A terrorist NCIS captured and who the CIA are interrogating.

Guest Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
Harmon Rabb Jr. David James Elliot A JAG Officer and a Commander in the United States Navy.
Sarah MacKenzie Catherine Bell A JAG Officer and a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Marine Corps.
A.J. Chegwidden John M. Jackson Judge Advocate General of the United States and an Admiral in the United States Navy.
Bud Roberts Jr. Patrick Labyorteaux A JAG Officer and a Lieutenant in the United States Navy..
Loren Singer Nanci Chambers A JAG Officer and the main murder victim as well as a Lieutenant in the United States Navy.
Faith Coleman Alicia Coppola Another JAG Officer tasked with defending Harmon Rabb who is a Lieutenant Commander in the United States Navy.
Jennifer Coates Zoe McLellan A JAG Officer and a Petty Officer in the United States Navy.
Theodore Lindsey W.K. Stratton A JAG Officer and also the one responsible for murdering Lieutenant Loren Singer while attempting to frame Rabb for the crime as well as a Commander in the United States Navy.
Sergei Zhukov Jade Carter Harmon's half-brother.
Jack McBurney Michael Muhney A JAG Officer prosecuting Harmon Rabb and also a Major in the United States Marine Corps.
Senior Officer David Haskin A Petty Officer assigned to the Chattanooga.
Merchant Seaman Joseph Hodge An officer presumably stationed on the Chattanooga.
Judge Paul Norwood An JAG Officer presiding over Harmon Rabb's trial.
Female Petty Officer Krystal Pertsch An officer assigned to the Chattanooga who informs Gibbs he has a teleconference call.
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