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Michael Aaron Rivkin (מיכאל ריבקין) was a corrupt Mossad Officer who worked in the Kidon unit of the Israeli agency. He was also Ziva David's boyfriend and partner up until his death in May 2009.



NCIS Season 6

Michael was known to be a heavy drinker, but not drunk enough to not drive. He was drinking the night that NCIS Special Agent Tony DiNozzo found him at Zivas' apartment. He originally went there to question her about Abin Tabal's computer at some point, being connected to Zivas' account. DiNozzo then pulls out his handcuffs & gun to arrest Rivkin for the murders of Tabal & ICE Special Agent Thomas Sherman. As he attempts to arrest him however, Rivkin lashes out & his leg strikes Tony's right hand, making him drop his gun. DiNozzo then rams himself into Rivkin's stomach & chest but Rivkin who's taller & stronger gets the upper hand, sending Tony to the couch.

DiNozzo however, quickly recovers & heads off, unknowingly knocking over a framed photograph of young Ziva, Ari & Tali which lands on the ground, the glass shattering. They then exchange punches with neither man backing down. Tony attempts to launch some punches at Rivkin's chest but misses while Rivkin manages to get the advantage, his kicks striking Tony. The two men then attempt to bear-hug each other with Tony fiercely hanging on. DiNozzo then lashes out, causing Rivkin to let go. With Rivkin now temporarily stunned, Tony heads off with Rivkin giving chase & as Rivkin edges closer, Tony cleverly uses the small door of Ziva's freezer to send Rivkin staggering back.

Seeing the opportunity, Tony then attempts to launch a pain, but Rivkin quickly recovers & then gets Tony's left arm in a vice grip before Tony screams in pain as Rivkin breaks Tony's left arm with a sickening crack. Now dazed by the attack, Tony stands there, struggling as Rivkin gets Tony into a choke-hold, obviously intending to strangle Tony. Despite his left arm having been broken, Tony uses his right arm to send Rivkin staggering back into a wall. Upon realizing that he's on the verge of choking, Tony then sends himself & Rivkin crashing to the ground, Rivkin taking the full brunt of Ziva's glass table shattering. The fight apparently over, Tony staggers to his feet, his left arm broken as he relays on his right arm for support while Rivkin lies there, dazed. Still using his hand to crawl across the floor, Tony tries to reason with Rivkin, Tony yelling, "Enough!".

Rivkin gets to his feet & it' shown that there's a small shard of glass piercing the right side of his body. Tony just lies there, exhausted & hurt, his right hand holding his SIG-Sauer. Ignoring the pain, Rivkin digs the blood-soaked shard of glass out of his body & grips it, intending to use it as a weapon. Still on the ground, Tony tries to talk Rivkin out of it, telling Rivkin not to do it. Consumed by pain, Rivkin then lungs forward. In that moment, Tony raises his SIG & fires off three or four shots which has Rivkin kneeling before Rivkin collapses to the ground, unconscious while Tony lies there, exhausted with the fight now finally over. Seconds later, though, Ziva bursts in, her gun drawn & sees Rivkin lying on the ground, unconscious with Tony aiming his gun at Ziva. Ziva breathes heavily, her gun still in front of her as she struggles to decide what to do. It pans over to Rivkin who's on the floor, still unconscious & blood on his lip. Ziva just stands there, still deeply conflicted. Tony lies on the carpet , sweating & exhausted as he stares back at Ziva, his own gaze full of despair.

Time passes by for a few seconds before Ziva lowers her gun, eventually holstering it. As DiNozzo gets up, groaning, Ziva tends to Rivkin, pulling him onto his back before she begins performing CPR while also muttering "Oh my God" in disbelief. As this happens, Tony gets to his feet, obviously in pain. Ziva continues performing CPR while saying, "Come on, Michael". This gets Rivkin's attention & he raises his head to look at her while muttering her name & telling her that he's sorry. Ziva looks conflicted for a second but upon Rivkin coughing, she turns to Tony & yells at him to call an ambulance now. Tony, on the other hand, just stares at her. As she continues performing CPR, Ziva urges Rivkin to stay with her. She then glances over at the damaged photograph that was knocked over by either Rivkin or DiNozzo during their fight. Ziva then says, "Come on".

Later on at the hospital, Rivkin dies of his injuries.


Physical Appearance

Known Kills

  • Rafi Zayid- (stabbed).
  • Nasim Boutros- (stabbed).
  • ICE Special Agent Thomas Sherman- (accidental; died of a stroke while being held in a choke-hold).
  • Abin Tabal- (presumably force-fed him a suicide pill, killing him, later stole his laptop and managed to get all the intel Tabal had).