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Minimum Security is the eighth episode in NCIS Season 1 and the 8th episode of the entire NCIS series.


After being nearly hit by a car, a biker couple discover the body of a translator. During the autopsy in the NCIS morgue, Ducky and Gerald discover that the victim has emeralds in his system. This eventually sends the NCIS team deep into the heart of Gitmo or Guantanamo Bay, Cuba where they meet an NCIS agent who may or not be involved in a possible terrorist plot concerning a prisoner at the camp and also a member of the family of Osama Bin Laden.


Wayne and his girlfriend, Biker Chick are busy arguing.

She tells him that she's serious and that he has to get her back.

Wayne soon gives up on fixing the bike just as he sees an incoming car.

He tries to get it to stop but it just keeps on driving, eventually running over his bike.

With his pride and joy now ruined, Wayne growls and threatens to kill the driver, only to realize in horror that the driver is already dead.

Act One

In the NCIS morgue, Donald Mallard and Gerald Jackson are studying the body of the man with Ducky telling the body that he must have in pain for many hours and what kept him from seeking help.

While Gerald begins running the gut, Ducky tells him it's a blockage and that it's a small cluster of objects.

Ducky then tells the story of how he found gallstones in a 200-pound male sumo wrestler's body, only for Gerald to interrupt him with the news that the stones are not gallstones.

They're emeralds.

A while later, Leroy Jethro Gibbs is studying the emeralds for himself while Ducky tells him that swallowing the emeralds resulted in the sailor's death.

When Gibbs presses further and also believes that the sailor smuggled them into the country, Ducky grimly states that the sailor in question just arrived from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba where he was a translator.

Up in the bullpen, NCIS Special Agent Caitlin Todd has found that the dead sailor is Khalil Sa'id, a Petty Officer Second Class who was born in Egypt and who was fluent in Arabic, Uygher and Pashto.

She also states that he died on Route 22 near Fredericksburg and that he nearly killed a pair of bikers.

Her partner, Anthony DiNozzo wonders if they're voom-voom bikers or pedal bikers.

"I said bikers, Tony. Not cyclists", Kate replies.

Tony begins rambling about how the term, "bikers" applies to both cyclists and bikers but Gibbs interrupts him by asking Kate if there's any next of kin for Sa'id. Kate tells him that there isn't and that there's no U.S address.

Apparently, Sa'id rotated from a naval station in Bahrain to Gitmo five months ago.

When Gibbs asks how Sa'id got the emeralds, Tony tells him the gitmo exchange but a sudden glare from Gibbs has him muttering an apology.

Gibbs then tells them to grab their gear because they're going to Gitmo.

Tony's in disbelief at first but Kate tells him she's sure Gibbs wasn't joking.

As Tony, overjoyed begins grabbing his things, Kate rolls her eyes in amusement.

Down in the lab, Forensic Scientist Abigail Sciuto is going through the luggage and personal belongings that Sa'id had with him when he died. She tells Gibbs that she has a gemologist coming in to look at the stones although she gives the hint that their relationship was short-lived.

Abby then tells Gibbs that the car was a rental and that there's no classified material of any kind in the suitcases with Gibbs noticing that Sa'id would have swapped his hard drive before he left.

Abby then shows him five letters that she discovered which all have the same name on them: NCIS Special Agent Paula Cassidy.

"You know her?", Abby asks.

"No. But I will", Gibbs vows.

Abby then asks Gibbs to smell some clothing and he does before asking her if it turns her on.

Abby tells him that it turned someone on and she also produces a box of condoms which she states are half-empty with the price stating that they're from the Gitmo exchange.

Gibbs then asks her to find the cologne.

"Why? You want some?", Abby asks.

"Nope, don't use cologne", Gibbs replies. "Women I date think the smell of sawdust is sexy. That's probably why I don't date many women".

And with that, he turns the gloves in the bin and leaves the lab while Abby smirks.

Outside, at the lift, Gibbs crashes into Tony before telling the younger man he'd better have a good excuse for spilling his coffee.

Tony states that he's booked them on the first AMC flight to Gitmo tomorrow but Gibbs tells him to unbook it, stating that the Navy have given them a priority ride which means they'll be leaving today.

When Tony expresses doubt about the priority ride, Gibbs tells him he likes because sitting on canvas seats and being slung between cargo pallets reminds him of being in the Corps.

Once the lift's closed, it then cuts to an airplane taking off and on board, Tony is drooling over the plane, stating that he loves priority rides and even gets distracted by the luxurious settings while even reading out a description about Gitmo.

Kate bursts his bubble by telling him that since he's logged onto an official Navy website, it's PR.

Gibbs isn't impressed and then gives them files on Special Agent Paula Cassidy which Kate and Tony then begin looking through. Gibbs tells them that Cassidy is not to know that Sa'id is dead.

When Kate expresses surprise that they're not going to be working with Cassidy, Gibbs tells her that Sa'id was carrying five unmailed letters belonging to Cassidy and that until they find out how she was involved with Sa'id, Cassidy's out of the loop.

Unsurprisingly, Tony gets sidetracked by the jet and then reveals that the jet is a Gulfstream.

They soon arrive at Gitmo and meet Paula Cassidy which causes Kate to remark that they've lost the element of surprise.

After they're all introduced, Cassidy directs them to their car and even displays some likeness for the jet. She then voices her suspicions about her interrogations being cancelled which is seemingly connected to Gibbs, Kate and Tony's arrival at Gitmo before asking Gibbs how would he connect the dots?

"I wouldn't", Gibbs replies.

Cassidy then coolly tells them to enjoy their stay and as the car goes into reverse, Cassidy looks on, her arms crossed and a look of disbelief on her face.

Back in her lab, Abby is still going through Sa'id's belongings.

And after much digging, she gives up, frustrated but then decides to take a sample from one of Sa'id's clothing for testing after noticing some kind of smell on it.

The team soon arrive at their temporary Gitmo HQ.

While Gibbs is focused on the case, Tony and Kate then begin having an argument or rather a disagreement over who should get the bedroom that includes a bath.

Abby then calls Gibbs to tell him that Sa'id's laptop has no hard-drive.

Gibbs assures her that the minute they've tracked it down, they're going to send it to her.

While Kate and Tony begin putting up photos on a board, Abby tells Gibbs that her rock boy is coming in the morning and that her mother's very excited. She then tells Gibbs that the scent on Sa'id's shirt is peach and musk with vanilla on the top and that it's feminine.

When Gibbs asks her to ID the sample, Abby states that perfume is expensive and that she can't hang out at the Macy's tester tray with her lab kit because they frown on that sort of thing.

"Buy what you need to, Abby. We'll deal with it later", Gibbs says.

"Bold, Gibbs. Bold", Abby replies.

Once Gibbs has hung up, Tony and Kate try to stop him in hopes of asking him who he thinks should get the best bedroom in the house.

Unsurprisingly, Gibbs decides to settle it by removing their bags and then takes the room for himself, leaving Tony and Kate with the two other crappy rooms.

The next morning, Tony gets a nasty surprise when he wakes up and finds an Iguana lying beside him. His cry prompts him to draw his gun and seconds later, Gibbs and Kate enter, their weapons drawn although their attention soon turns from the iguana to the fact that Tony's naked.

Gibbs's response to the whole thing is that he needs coffee while Kate is simply amused and Tony has to settle for using a stool to cover his lower body.

In the lab, Benjamin Frank, a gemologist and Abby's former boyfriend has arrived and is studying the emeralds. He then gives her a gift of a bottle of perfume which he states that Abby's mother thought she could use.

Abby thanks him for before placing it on the counter with other bottles of perfume before getting back to the case.

Frank then tells her that the emeralds came from the Panjshir Valley.

"Where's that?", Abby asks.

"Afghanistan", Frank replies.

It then cuts to Abby who looks at the emeralds.

Act Two

Hours later, the FBI agent and translator William Gamal aka "Bill" arrives with the files in regards to Nassir Al-Jazair that Gibbs requested. Gibbs asks him if he knew Sa'id. Gamal tells him it was only to say hello.

Once they're inside, Gamal tells them that the door should be kept closed because iguanas have been known to wander inside.

Much to Kate's amusement, Tony closes the door and they get down to business.

According to the file, Nassir arrived at Gitmo in June from Afghanistan and is insisting that he was picked up by mistake.

"Weren't they all?", Tony states.

Gamal states that Agent Cassidy did well with the subject given that younger detainees feel more comfortable with female interrogators and that once rapport has been formed, the prisoner in question is only interrogated by that team.

When Gibbs focuses on the files, Gamal states that he believes that Agent Cassidy isn't in the loop which Gibbs confirms.

Gamal then tells them he's booked them an interrogation room for this afternoon.

"Well, we better get started", Gibbs replies.

Gamal then nods before leaving the room, closing the door behind him.

As he does that, Kate and Tony begin digging into the files.

Gibbs then states that he wants to know more about Agent Cassidy such as who her friends are in Gitmo, how she spends her free time, where she hangs out and was she involved with Sa'id?

Tony and Kate then make a beeline for the door but Gibbs stops them by stating did he order both of them to go?

The two admit that he did not say anything about that.

Gibbs stamps down his authority by ordering DiNozzo to go do that job while Kate is to stay in the house and help Gibbs go through the files. DiNozzo agrees and leaves the room while Kate is dumbstruck by what's happened.

Hours later, DiNozzo comes back and tells Gibbs that Cassidy has a lot of male friends who are interrogators or translators and that she hangs out out on a club called "El Floridita".

DiNozzo is chosen to go there and observe Cassidy if she's there.

When he asks Gibbs if he can drink, Gibbs says that he can but his drink of choice is to be sarsaparilla.

DiNozzo's confused about the movie references that Gibbs and Kate give him so much so that even Gibbs considers choosing Kate to go instead but DiNozzo gets his act together and heads off.

While evening prayers are being conducted, Gibbs and Kate meet Gamal at the entrance to the Interrogation Center.

When Kate asks Gamal why he isn't praying, Gamal tells her he's Presbyterian.

The three get inside and Gamal tells them that Nassir is due to arrive in five minutes.

Gibbs then orders Kate to watch Nassir's body language which Kate agrees to do.

While Kate stands in the Observation Room, Gibbs and Gamal make themselves comfortable in the interrogation room.

While Gamal sits in the chair, Gibbs paces the room, almost impatient.

It then cuts to the nightclub, "El Floridita" where many patrons are dancing to salsa music.

At the bar, Jimmy (Minimum Security) is trying to tell DiNozzo about a certain movie but the whole thing goes over DiNozzo's head. Cassidy arrives and manages to guess that since DiNozzo's drinking sarsaparilla (root beer, Jimmy helpfully offers), then he must be on duty.

Cassidy then orders a Cosmo and for the next few minutes, she and DiNozzo flirt with one another.

When DiNozzo offers to pay for the Cosmo, Cassidy refuses, stating that she buys her own drinks.

Once she's gone, Tony tries to talk to Jimmy again but Jimmy gives him the cold shoulder.

In the Interrogation Room, Nassir has arrived and is stunned when he meets Gibbs instead of Cassidy. Nassir wants his cuffs removed but Gibbs refuses.

When Nassir wants to know who he is (a fact Gamal translated), Gibbs removes his badge and identifies himself as a member of the US Naval Criminal Investigative Service before ordering Nassir to sit down.

When Nassir asks where Paula Cassidy is, Gibbs tells him that he has replaced her.

Nassir wants to know why. Gibbs tells him he thinks he knows why but Nassir tells him that he doesn't.

Gibbs tells Nassir to sit down and that he'll tell him why. Nassir does so and Gibbs then breaks the news of Sa'id's death to Nassir.

While this goes on, Kate watches from Observation.

Nassir doesn't react, instead choosing to produce some prayer beads which he kisses and Gamal tells Gibbs that Nassir is praying.

Back at the club, Paula is dancing with another unidentified man as Tony looks on.

Once the dance has ended, she thanks the man and heads over to Tony.

After some flirting, Tony asks her to dance which Cassidy agrees to.

In the interrogation room, Nassir states that Sa'id was a good man and that he gave Nassir hope that he would see his family again.

In the Observation Room, Kate has rightly determined that Nassir knows.

Picking up on that, Gibbs then shows Nassir the photos of the emeralds that were in Sa'id's stomach and he believes that Sa'id got them from Nassir.

Nassir doesn't understand.

Gamal helpfully provides a translation in Arabic and then tells Gibbs that Nassir states that he has never seen those emeralds before.

Nassir then wants to be taken back to cell to pray for his friend's soul.

Gibbs yet again refuses to grant the request and that instead of returning to his cell, Nassir is going to be sent to Isolation.

Nassir reacts by lunging for Gibbs but the M.P standing by intervernes and restraints Nassir from doing so although Nassir begins yelling in Arabic.

Gamal then tells Gibbs that Nassir said that he was promised a transfer to minimum security and when Gibbs asks who arranged for that, Gamal tells him that Cassidy ordered it.

Back at the nightclub, Paula and Tony are still dancing but their dancing is interrupted when DiNozzo gets a phone call from Gibbs ordering him to bring Cassidy back to the house.

DiNozzo assures he'll be there in five and hangs up before telling Cassidy that he's back on duty.

"Well, that's too bad", Cassidy says.

"So are you", DiNozzo replies.

It then cuts to Cassidy who then heads off.

Act Three

Back at the house, Gibbs demands to know why Nassir was promised minimum security.

Cassidy tells him it was a reward for co-operation.

Cassidy wants to know what's going on.

Gibbs counters with is she going to tell them what was going between her and Sa'id?

Cassidy insists that they just worked together.

Gibbs then produces the five unmailed letters Abby found in Sa'id's luggage and Cassidy tells him Sa'id was going to put them in the mail for her.

Cassidy then states that mail out of Gitmo is very slow and since Sa'id was on his way to the U.S, she asked him if he could put them in the mail for her.

"Do you mind if we open them?", Gibbs asks.

Cassidy tells him she does mind because they're private. Gibbs then states that they'll get a court order.

Cassidy finally snaps, demanding to know what the Hell the whole thing is about and demands to know why the letters are in NCIS's possession and then the realization that something happened to Sa'id hits her.

Gibbs tells her that Sa'id is dead and Cassidy is stunned before she demands to know how he died.

Gibbs then tells the cause of death is internal bleeding caused by the presence of hard objects in Sa'id's intestines.

Cassidy wants to know but the team still give her the wall of silence.

Cassidy goes on to say that she's been a good NCIS agent for six years and that she doesn't deserve to be treated this way.

Gibbs goes back to his previous point and asks her can they open the letters?

Cassidy relents and gives him her permission to do so.

Gibbs thanks her and gets down to opening them.

Cassidy admits they're to her family and would the team like to search her apartment too?

Gibbs states that they would and Cassidy pulls the key out of her purse, slamming it onto the table.

Gibbs then catches the key and tosses it to DiNozzzo who leaves but not before apologizing to Paula.

Gibbs then gives Kate the key to Sa'id's apartment and orders her to go check it out too.

Needing no further orders, Kate grabs her bag and leaves.

Tony and Kate are heading upstairs to the apartment area while still discussing the fact that Tony's attracted to Cassidy.

During the entrance process, Kate discovers that while Sa'id had a key to Cassidy's apartment, she didn't have one to his.

After some bantering, the two then split up and begin searching the respective apartments.

At the house, Cassidy wants to know if she's going to be read her rights with Gibbs stating that she has the right to be reimbursed for postage and tells her to put it on her expense report. He then hands the letters back and Cassidy sarcastically thanks him before insisting that she be treated as a member of the team.

Gibbs then reminds that while they might be in the same agency, they're not on the same team. Cassidy nods and then asks if the interrogation's over.

"Yeah, almost", Gibbs says. "Why is Special Agent DiNozzo sorry?".

"He blew his chance to get laid", Cassidy replies and leaves.

Gibbs just smiles.

In the lab, the hard-drive for Sa'id's laptop has arrived from Gitmo and Ducky gives it to Abby.

While she begins opening the package, Ducky admires the bottles of perfume Abby has collected and drops hints that like Marilyn Monroe, his mother also sleeps naked and that makes for terribly awkward slumber parties much to Abby's amusement.

Back at Gitmo, Gibbs is busy going through Nassir's former cell while Gamal tells him that Nassir is extremely upset and a psychiatric is worried for Nassir's mental health.

Gibbs tells Gamal that he isn't interested in the mental health of people who try to kill him.

Gamal begins expressing doubts about Nassir being a terrorist although Gibbs sticks his guns and tells Gamal that Nassir was probably the same man who gave Sa'id those emeralds.

When Gamal asks why would Nassir do that, Gibbs then believes that Gamal might be involved too.

Gamal just storms off, furious.

Gibbs then flushes the toilet.

It then cuts to Abby's lab where she's holding a video-conference with the team and Gibbs is asking her what's with all the bottles she has.

When Gibbs asks her did she have to get so many, Abby assures him that she only has thirty because there's more than 2,500 on the market.

When Gibbs asks how much the perfume costs, Abby tells him it's $1,500 and Gibbs freaks. Despite this, Abby has identified the perfume as "Escada".

While she's talking about this, Kate and Tony return and Tony's obviously taken aback when Abby reveals the perfume.

Abby tells them about Sa'id's hard-drive and remarks that Sa'id deleted twenty gigs of porn before turning it in. She also mentions that Sa'id was trading with someone on a Hotmail account that no longer exists and once she's made a comment about sawdust, Gibbs ends the conference.

Kate and Tony then tell Gibbs what they found in Cassidy and Sa'id's apartments along with the news that Sa'id had a key to Cassidy's place but she didn't have one to his.

Once Tony has stormed off after informing them he's going to bed, Gibbs gives Kate Sa'id's laptop and orders her to send it to Abby first thing in the morning.

The next day, Gibbs and Cassidy meet with Gibbs informing Cassidy about Sa'id having a key to her place. Cassidy tells him that she didn't give Sa'id a key to her place but remembers that she lost a key and had to it have it replaced which meant that Sa'id could have stolen it.

Gibbs wants to know why Sa'id would have a key to Cassidy's room.

Cassidy tells Gibbs that Sa'id probably wanted to get at her computer but she's lost at how he could have gotten her password. Gibbs hints that if the doors aren't shut at night, then the iguanas get in.

Cassidy then realizes that because the two did so many interrogations together, Sa'id could have watched her type it in.

Gibbs then asks why Sa'id would want access to her computer.

Cassidy suggests to read the interrogation reports she had but she doesn't know. She then recalls how Sa'id's talk with Nassir had gone on longer than his translations, something she even noted on her computer. She then tells Gibbs that Sa'id then took leave and headed for the U.S. the day after she wrote that down.

Gibbs then realizes that the only reason Sa'id's room was completely empty was because he wasn't intending to come back.

Cassidy notices her mistakes, stating she should have had Gamal come in and sit in on the translations which would have checked her suspicions. She then admits that she blew it.

Gibbs then shows her the photos of the hard objects Sa'id had in his stomach when he died.

Cassidy is stunned by the emeralds and wonders how Nassir got them through the body search. She then remembers that when Nassir first came to Gitmo, he was complaining of constipation and they gave him a laxative.

Gibbs then realizes that Sa'id got the emeralds out the same way Nassir originally brought them in.

In the lab, Abby's looking through Sa'id's laptop and realizes that the files are too big. Ducky gives her a hint and when Abby clicks on one photo, a map of Camp Delta pops up, causing her to realize that it's an Easter egg. She then tells Gibbs, Kate and Tony that the term, "Easter eggs" is a term used to describe hidden messages in a computer program and she sends the images to the team.

Gamal arrives and is busy going through the files.

Gibbs then figures out that they've got one of Osama Bin Laden's son-in-laws here in Gitmo, a revelation that stuns Kate and Tony.

When Tony asks how they're going to find the son-in-law, it then cuts to Gibbs who tells them that they're going to transfer Nassir to minimum security so Nassir can kill the intended target.

Gibbs after informing Tony, Kate and FBI agent William Gamal that they can transfer Nassir so that he can use the opportunity to kill another prisoner who also happens to be one of Osama Bin Laden's sons-in-law.

Gibbs just nods and smiles.

Act Four

Army Captain Dan McClafferty has arrived and informs the team that if Nassir kills an detainee, then it's his ass on the line.

Gibbs counters that if that happens, then the son-in-law is going to sing like a bird in Islamic paradise and maybe they'll be able to stop another 9/11 from happening.

Kate volunteers to go deliver the news but Cassidy steps into the room, stating that she's the one Nassir trusts. She wants to be given a chance to make up for her mistakes and Gibbs asks how good an actress she is.

Cassidy tells him to ask Tony because he fell for her routine.

When Tony questions Cassidy, she tells him that letting her think she was melting was.

In the Interrogation Room, Cassidy's bracing herself as Gibbs, Tony and Kate look on from Observation.

When Nassir arrives, he tells her he wasn't expecting for them to meet again. Cassidy agrees and gives the order for the shackles to be removed which happens.

Just as that is going on, Nassir asks about Gibbs.

Cassidy lies, stating that Gibbs has been recalled back to Washington D.C. and that his superiors felt his concerns were unfounded. Nassir and Gamal have a talk in Arabic.

In the Observation Room, Kate gets the impression that Nassir isn't buying what Cassidy's telling him.

"He will", Tony replies.

Cassidy then continues on.

Nassir then protests that he was locked up like a dog which Cassidy tells him she's sorry for but it was out of her hands at the time. She also tells him she's made arrangements and that he's going to be returned to his cell but she then asks him if he has a conscience.

Nassir replies that he's morally aware of his actions.

"Good", Cassidy states and tells him she's trusted him. Nassir responses by telling her that he's happy, she's back.

Cassidy agrees with that.

When the session ends abruptly, Kate is confused and asks what's going on. Tony tells her that Cassidy is playing Nassir.

Inside the Interrogation room, Cassidy prepares to leave but Nassir says something in Arabic.

Gamal then translates, telling Cassidy that Nassir is asking about the minimum security transfer she promised him.

Cassidy assures him she'll try and with that, everyone leaves.

After the session ends, the team regroup in a van where McClafferty announces that there are 120 detainees in minimum security right now with twenty in a single unit.

Barracks 20 is the one Nassir is being assigned to. He then shows them a camera inside the room.

When Gibbs asks about the guards, McClafferty tells him there are two with one being posted on each exit, the front and rear.

Tony states that the odds of Nassir and his target being together in the same room is six to one which has Gibbs realizing that Nassir is going to kill his target in the exercise yard.

When Kate's asked for her opinion, she recommends posting three sharpshooters around the area and she has an idea in regards to Nassir changing his jumpsuit.

Gibbs presses her further but Kate tells him that she wants to add a little trim. Cassidy soon arrives and gives Nassir his clothes while voicing her hope that he won't betray her trust.

Nassir assures her he won't.

Nassir is soon taken to the minimum security area and while he's walking towards the building, it's shown that he's unknowingly carrying a small camera that enables the team to do see everything.

Back in the van, they're debating what weapon Nassir has.

Gibbs reckons it's a shiv. McClafferty agrees, stating that a shiv is small and easy to conceal.

When Kate asks how a shiv could be created, McCafferty tells her it could be a comb or a toothbrush, something ground to a point.

Nassir soon enters the room and sees his target. Cassidy arrives back in and after holstering her gun, states she's not sure if Gibbs is hoping whether she's right or wrong about Nassir.

Gibbs tells her Nassir is a killer and that it's in his eyes.

"Yeah, the eyes always give you away", Tony agrees.

Nassir then opens his Qaran and pockets a shiv which he hides in his pocket..

Outside, the guards are opening the doors.

In the room, Nassir lines up with the others as they prepare to head outside.

During the walk, a small game of football begins, throwing the sharpshooters off balance.

This gives Nassir the opportunity to sneak back in again.

Gibbs demands to know where the guards are but they're caught in the football game.

Unwilling to let a murder happen, Gibbs, Tony, Kate and Paula exit the van just as Nassir approaches his target.

The team edge closer to the room with Nassir ordering them to possibly block the exits in Arabic.

Gibbs orders DiNozzo to go around the back which Tony does.

Meanwhile, Nassir edges closer to Tariq Abassi who realizes too late what's happening.

Just as Nassir edges closer to stabbing Tariq, a single gunshot rings out, hitting Nassir in the shoulder. Tony and Paula who have already burst in order the other inmates to get down while seconds later, Gibbs and Kate arrive in, guns drawn.

Tony tells Cassidy he would have killed Nassir but Cassidy states that she didn't because Nassir dying would have made him a martyr and that Nassir being alive is for him a fate worse than death.

As she says that, Tony has Nassir pinned to the ground and is cuffing him.

The team with Cassidy are heading back to Washington D.C. Kate attempts to go comfort Tony but Tony gets there first.

As they sit in the back, both he and Cassidy finally make up with Tony revealing to Cassidy that the jet they're on is a Gulfstream much to her amusement.

Major Events


  • The Iguana used to scare Tony was used several times throughout the episode, indicating something similar to a running gag.
  • While Abby's taking a sample of Sa'id's clothing for testing and when she's on the phone to Gibbs, talking about Sa'id's laptop and the clothing she ran tests on, "Follow" by Android Lust can be heard playing in the background on both occasions.


Series Regulars

Name Portrayed by Role
Leroy Jethro Gibbs Mark Harmon An NCIS Special Agent in charge of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Anthony DiNozzo Junior Michael Weatherly The Senior Agent of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team and also the second-in-command.
Caitlin Todd Sasha Alexander A Secret Service Agent previously assigned to the Presidential Protection Detail on Air Force One and who is now an NCIS Special Agent as well as Tony DiNozzo's partner.
Abigail Sciuto Pauley Perette A Goth who is also the Chief Forensic Scientist for the NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Donald Mallard David McCallum NCIS's Chief Medical Examiner.

Recurring Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
Gerald Jackson Pancho Demmings Assistant Medical Examiner for NCIS.

Guest Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
Paula Cassidy Jessica Steen NCIS Agent and interrogator at Gitmo.
William Gamal Erick Avari An agent with the FBI.
Dan McClafferty Kevin McCorkle An Army Captain assigned to Gitmo.
Jimmy (Minimum Security) Michael Shamus Wiles A bartender who works at a nightclub at Gitmo.
Benjamin Frank Heath Freeman A gemologist and Abby's former boyfriend.
Nassir Al-Jazair Joseph Bey A recent arrival to Gitmo who's tasked with killing a prisoner who has links to Osama bin Laden.
Tariq Abassi Hrach Titizian The son-in-law who Nasser Al Jazair is tasked with killing.
Biker Chick Casey McCarthy A tattooed biker girl seen at the beginning of the episode.
Wayne Paul Vinson Biker Chick's boyfriend.
M.P (Minimum Security) E. Roger Mitchell A Military Police Officer who's assigned to Gitmo.
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