Morgan Cade

November 21, 2017


Security Guard



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Ready or Not

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Ready or Not

Morgan Cade was a security guard at Washington General Hospital in Washington, D.C.


Cade was formerly an officer of the Park Police Service, but after retiring, took the security guard job in 2016, after his wife died.

Season 15 Edit

Cade was on duty when Abby Sciuto rushed Delilah McGee to the hospital's maternity ward, in labor with her twin children. Knowing that Timothy McGee was on the way, Cade intercepted him in the lobby and escorted him to the ward in a private elevator, congratulating him on his impending fatherhood.

Unfortunately, McGee recognized Serbian arms dealer Andre Yorka among the patients, waiting to be treated for a gunshot wound received in a recent confrontation with an MI-5 officer. When Yorka's cover was blown, he drew a gun and held the entire ward hostage. Cade tried to disarm him, only to receive a gunshot wound to the side. McGee managed to escape the ward with Cade, while Leroy Jethro Gibbs and Jacqueline Sloane disarmed Yorka, but Cade died from blood loss shortly afterwards.

Timothy and Delilah agreed to name their newborn daughter Morgan in honor of Cade.

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