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Database Development Phase Two

Episode Pages

  • 1st. The “Credits” and “Transcripts” subpages, as their names imply they were intended to house a detailed listing of all those associated with each episode; and a comprehensive unabridged transcript of each episode. Each transcript and credits list will be carefully reviewed to ensure that none infringe on any copyrights of other websites such as The Official CBS Website or the NCIS Squadroom.
  • 0: The main page of episode article will be transformed into a summary consisting of the following elements:
    • 1: The introductory paragraph containing the title of the episode and it place within series as a whole and within the individual season.
    • 2: The episode infobox:
    • 3: A synopsis of the episode developed from the appropriate press release; Each episode's synopsis will be reviewed and modified if necessary to avoid potential copyright infringements
    • 4: An act by act progression in which each act is summarized in one to two paragraphs without the use of dialogue:
    • 5: A cast list developed from the appropriate press release.potential copyright issues
    • 6: A single section containing a list of trivia, major events, character developments, real world connections etc.
    • 7: The appropriate categories and navigation bar.

Character Pages

  • The sourcing of each character page will be modified to incorporate the source information into the main texts to minimize the use of the reference tags by using either the citation style employed by the Modern Language Association or the Chicago Style.

Real World Articles

  • The sourcing of each character page will be modified to incorporate the source information into the main texts to minimize the
  • Each article will be subject to careful review for plagiarism, any plagiarized material will be summarily deleted and the person responsible for posting the material will be subject to punishment.

Database Development Phase Three

  • The projects begun in Phase Two will be continued.
  • The breadth of the Database will be expanded through the development of materials related to NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: New Orleans.

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Gibbs's Rules

Rule 10
Rule 10: "Never get personally involved in a case."

(Obsession, 7.21)

See the Complete list of rules

Meritorious Agents and Other Officers

Jacqueline Sloane, is a Forensic Psychologist with NCIS and often assists the Major Case Response Team led by NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs....Read more

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