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The NCIS Most Wanted Wall is a list that contains names and photos of the fugitives that the NCIS agency are currently tracking or after.

Photos of those who have been captured or killed during a stand-off with either NCIS Agents or members either associated with another federal agency or the United States military have had red tape placed over them, revealing that they are no longer a threat while those who remain at large or who are still alive are left untouched with the crimes that they are wanted for underneath the photos of the criminals in question.

Overall, there are fifteen NCIS Most Wanted fugitives on the list at the moment.

In 2021, it is yet unknown whether Eleanor Bishop will appear on the Most Wanted Wall for treason and espionage.


In the JAG Season 8/NCIS backdoor pilot episode, Ice Queen (episode), the Wall which was at first located a door was originally composed of a single stone wall where the photos and information concerning the terrorists which were in a simple cardboard were simply hung onto the wall with the "NCIS Most Wanted" also composed of plastic letters as well.

In the main NCIS series, the Wall has moved to the center area of the Squadroom and is located just a few meters away from the Elevators. The words "N.C.I.S. Most Wanted" are painted into the wall while various clipboards containing the criminal and information about them are now hung all over the wall.

The Most Wanted[]

Picture Name Crime Status
butter International Terrorism Status unknown but believed to have gotten life in prison during (Meltdown (episode)).
Hussan Mohammed International Terrorism Deceased- killed by NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs during the JAG Season 8/NCIS backdoor pilot episode, (Meltdown (episode).)
Roland Alan Moore International Terrorism Status Unknown. Believed to have gotten life in prison during (Terminal Leave (episode)).
Bob Lamport Arms Smuggling and Domestic Terrorism Inactive (Terminal Leave (episode)).
Khalid Rashir International Trafficking of Explosives Inactive (Terminal Leave (episode)).
Ari Haswari Terrorism/Also responsible for the death of NCIS Special Agent Caitlin Todd which he carried out in the last few seconds of the NCIS Season 2 finale episode, Twilight (episode). Deceased- eventually killed by his Mossad control officer/half sister, Mossad Officer Ziva David during the Season 3 episode, (Kill Ari Part 2 (episode)).
Mamoun Sharif Terrorist. Deceased- shot dead by Lieutenant Colonel Hollis Mann of the Army CID during the NCIS Season 4 episode, (Sharif Returns (episode)).
Rene Benoit, a.k.a La Grenouille (translates to The Frog in French) Arms Dealing. Deceased- shot dead presumably prior to the NCIS Season 5 premiere episode, (Bury Your Dead (episode)). Killer originally thought to have been CIA agent Trent Kort but it was later revealed that NCIS Director Jennifer Shepard was the one responsible.
Jonathan Siravo Organized Crime. Left in a coma as a result of a motorcycle five years prior to the events of the NCIS Season 6 episode, (Dead Reckoning (episode)).
Michael Rivkin Assassination. Deceased- badly wounded from injuries sustained in a fight against NCIS Special Anthony DiNozzo which took place during the Season 6 episode, Semper Fidelis (episode). Rivkin later died from his wounds during the NCIS Season 6 finale episode, Aliyah (episode).
Lee Wuan Kai Assassin/Also murdered a North Korean living in Los Angeles and also tried to kill members of the Office of Special Projects including Agents G. Callen, Sam Hanna and Dominic Vail. Later escaped and wound up in Washington D.C. where she found herself up against NCIS Director Leon Vance and the main NCIS Major Case Response Team. Deceased- shot dead by Jackie Vance during the NCIS Season 7 episode, (Endgame (episode)).
Osama Bin Laden Terrorism. Deceased May 2, 2011. Killed by Navy SEALs around the time that the Season 8 episode, (Baltimore (episode)) aired.
Lt. Jonas Cobb Serial Killer who targeted Naval personnel and also NCIS Special Agents. Is responsible for the deaths of NCIS Agent Gayne Levin and former NIS agent, Michael Franks. Deceased- shot dead by both Gibbs and Vance during the NCIS Season 8 finale episode, (Pyramid (episode)).
Harper Dearing Terrorism/The mastermind behind the Navy Captain which he carried out due to his own grief and anger over the fact that the Navy didn't repair faulty wirings on a ship, the U.S.S. Brandywine that his son was serving on. As a result of his son's death, Dearing snapped and launched a campaign of revenge against the Navy. Deceased- died after being stabbed by Gibbs in the Season 10 premiere episode, (Extreme Prejudice (episode)).
Benham Parsa Terrorism/Also responsible for targeting various members of the NCIS team as well as carrying out two separate bombings that left SECNAV Clayton Jarvis dead and former NCIS Director/current member of the Department of Homeland Security Thomas Morrow injured while another incident left Delilah Fielding, the current girlfriend of NCIS Special Agent Timothy McGee permanently paralyzed. Deceased- shot dead by Gibbs during the Season 11 episode, (Monsters and Men (episode)).
Sergei Mishnev Assassin targeting Leroy Jethro Gibbs who he believed killed Mishnev's friend and also half-brother, terrorist Ari Haswari. Deceased - shot in the forehead by FBI Special Agent Tobias Fornell during the Season 12 episode, Cabin Fever (episode) mirroring Ari's own death at Ziva's hands which occurred nearly ten years ago during Kill Ari Part 2 (episode).
Daniel Budd Terrorist and leader of the Calling. Is responsible for the Cairo hotel bombing that killed NCIS Agent Ned Dorneget. Deceased- died after being shot in the chest by NCIS Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo in Shanghai, China.
Kai Chen Businessman using terrorism to manipulate the stock market. Also responsible for putting a hit on NCIS Translator Qasim Naasir and the suicide of Navy Commander Renee Turner Deceased- Forced to commit suicide by blowing up a diesel generator he was chained to in order to avoid being taken in by the Syrians when NCIS Agent Eleanor Bishop gave them his location
Ramsay Whitman Criminal mastermind behind the hijacking of a navy truck as a member of an anti-government militia responsible for the deaths of two marine guards. Was living under the alias John Joseph Manning. Arrested by NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs after 15 years on the run.