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NCIS Season 5 premiered on September 25, 2007 and marks the end of Donald P. Bellisario's involvement as show runner. The new showrunner, starting from this season, is Shane Brennan. It concludes the La Grenouille storyline which ended with a cliffhanger in season four's finale, "Angel of Death". This season also reveals more background information about Gibbs. It was aired at 8:00 P.M Eastern Standard Time (EST) in the United States.

It premiered on September 25, 2007 and ended on May 20, 2008.

This is the only NCIS season to have nineteen episodes in it due to the fact that the Writers of Guild went on a strike and as such, NCIS Season 5 is the only season not to have an episode that aired before Christmas.


Series Regulars[]

Season Five Cast
Name Occupation Portrayed by
Leroy Jethro Gibbs Special Agent in charge of the Major Case Response Team, NCIS Mark Harmon
Anthony DiNozzo Senior Special Agent, MCRT, NCIS Michael Weatherly
Officer Ziva David Mossad Liaison to the NCIS Cote de Pablo
Abigail Sciuto Chief Forensic Specialist, NCIS Pauley Perrette
Donald Mallard Chief Medical Examiner, NCIS David McCallum
Timothy McGee Junior Special Agent, MCRT, NCIS Sean Murray
Jennifer Shepard Director of NCIS Lauren Holly

Cast Notes[]

For undisclosed reasons, Lauren Holly (Jennifer Shepard) chose to leave NCIS for good. In light of news of her departure, Deputy Director Leon Vance was created and the character made his debut appearance in the episode, Internal Affairs (episode), played by actor Rocky Carroll.

Holly's final performance in the NCIS series was in the Season 5 finale episode, Judgment Day Part 1 (episode) where her character, Jenny Shepard died from injuries in a gunfight.

In Judgment Day Part 2 (episode), following Shepard's death and Holly's departure from the show, Vance became the new NCIS Director after Jenny's death with Rocky Carroll being promoted to a series regular.


NCIS   Season Five - Episode List

Episode Number Title Airdate Notes
Series Season
95 1 Bury Your Dead (episode) September 25, 2007. With Tony's cover having been blown, Jenny is forced to tell the NCIS team the truth about Tony's undercover assignment and the team are left horrified when they see footage of Tony's car blowing up, prompting them to wonder if Tony is really dead or if he is still alive while Jenny herself confronts an old enemy.
96 2 Family (episode) October 2, 2007. The team investigate the death of a Petty Officer and soon find themselves not only trying to arrest the killer but to also arrest a kidnapped newborn baby.
97 3 Ex-File (episode) October 9, 2007. A Marine Captain is found dead and Gibbs finds his past and present relationships threatening to collide with one another.
98 4 Identity Crisis (episode) October 16, 2007. The NCIS team investigate when it's revealed that one of Ducky's cadavers was actually murdered. This episode marks the debut appearance of Dr. Jordan Hampton, a Medical Examiner and also a future love interest for Ducky.
99 5 Leap of Faith (episode) October 23, 2007. A suicidal Navy Lieutenant is shot and falls to his death during a high-profile stand-off. The NCIS team investigate and discover that someone close to the victim is responsible. This episode marks the debut appearance of NCIS Intel Analyst Nikki Jardine.
100 6 Chimera (episode) October 30, 2007. The NCIS team investigate the death of a sailor on board a top-secret Naval research ship and soon discover that there's a secret lurking on board the ship, one that could cost the NCIS team their lives.
101 7 Requiem (episode) November 6, 2007. Gibbs aids a young woman who was his late daughter's best friend.
102 8 Designated Target (episode) November 13, 2007. The team investigate the killing of both an admiral and a cab driver, only for Gibbs to soon realize that it was the cab driver, not the admiral who was the true target and that an African-based assassination squad may be behind the killings.
103 9 Lost and Found (episode) November 20, 2007. The NCIS team discover that the father of a young boy may be a killer but all is not what it seems...
104 10 Corporal Punishment (episode) November 27, 2007. NCIS investigate when a Marine up for a Silver Star escapes from the hospital he's in. This episode also marks the debut appearance of Corporal Damon Werth.
105 11 Tribes (episode) January 15, 2008. The NCIS team investigate of a Muslim Marine. This is also the last NCIS episode to have been completed before the Writers Strike of 2008.
106 12 Stakeout (episode) April 8, 2008. The NCIS team must find a missing stolen Navy radar.
107 13 Dog Tags (episode) April 15, 2008. The NCIS team raid the home of a Petty Officer and suspected drug dealer, only to find their suspect dead while McGee is left injured by being attacked by the victim's dog. As the team try to determine what happened while also attempting to dismantle a ongoing drug ring at the Pax River Naval Air Base, Abby puts her career and future at NCIS on the line as she seeks to protect the dog's innocence.
108 14 Internal Affairs (episode) April 22, 2008. The Frog's body is eventually discovered and the FBI led by Agent Tobias Fornell descend on NCIS to interview the members of the main NCIS team. This episode marks the debut appearance of Deputy Director/future NCIS Director Leon Vance.
109 15 In the Zone (episode) April 29, 2008. A Marine Captain is murdered in Iraq, prompting NCIS to investigate. As Gibbs, McGee, Ziva and Abby tackle the case from Washington D.C., Tony and Nikki Jardine head to Iraq to determine what really happened.
110 16 Recoil (episode) May 6, 2008. Ziva goes undercover to stop a serial killer but further investigation by NCIS soon reveals that there may be a copycat killer out there.
111 17 About Face (episode) May 13, 2008. NCIS investigate the death of a worker and soon discover that an assassin is targeting one of the NCIS team.
112 18 Judgment Day Part 1 (episode) May 20, 2008. Jenny investigates the death of a former NIS agent and soon begins to suspect that there may be something bigger at stake. This episode marks the final appearance of Director Jenny Shepard although she would later return in the Season 9 episode, Life Before His Eyes (episode).
113 19 Judgment Day Part 2 (episode) May 20, 2008. As the main NCIS team struggle to come to terms with Jenny Shepard's murder, they must also find out who is responsible while Tony and Ziva struggle to cope with the fact that they both failed to protect Jenny.


  • From this season onwards, the opening sequence was shortened to an even 30 second duration instead of the normal 37–44 seconds duration that was used during the previous four seasons.
  • This is also the last season to have Lauren Holly (Jennifer Shepard) on the DVD cover.


  • The Region 2 DVD version*

NCIS: The Fifth Season delivers more drama, surprises, wit and humor than ever before from the elite team of special agents that bravely battles spies, kidnappers, murders and terrorists around the world. This season is marked by mysterious secrets among the cutting-edge crew, an explosive showdown with an elusive arms dealer and a shocking final episode that should not be missed. Starring Mark Harmon, Michael Weatherly, Pauley Perette, David McCallum, Sean Murray, Cote de Pablo and Lauren Holly, this 5-disc set includes all 18 Season 5 episodes, plus all-new behind-the-scenes special features.

Special Features[]

  • Requiem Revisited- The NCIS cast and crew discuss the Season 5 Halloween episode, "Requiem".
  • NCIS Season 5: Stem to Stern- The NCIS cast and crew discuss NCIS Season 5 and also the 100th episode, "Requiem".
  • The Dressing Room: The Costume and Wardrobe of NCIS- The NCIS Costume Supervisors discuss the costumes that the main NCIS cast as well as one-off and recurring characters are regularly seen wearing.
  • NCIS on Location- The NCIS crew discuss locations that they shoot various scenes at. The segment also includes a behind the scenes plan and arrangement for shooting scenes from the Season 5 episode, "Stakeout".
  • From Pauley to Abby: Hairspray, Lipstick and Tattoos- A behind the scenes of Pauley Perette in the Hair and Make Up trailer which shows her being given make-up and hair arrangements for shooting scenes in an NCIS episode.
  • Cast and Crew Commentaries on Selected Episodes (Region 1 only): Commentary on "Bury Your Dead" with actor Michael Weatherly and Patricia H. O'Hara, Commentary on "Requiem" with actor Mark Harmon & co-executive producer Shane Brennan, Commentary on "Dog Tags" with actors David McCallum & Brian Dietzen and Commentary on "Recoil" with actor Cote de Pablo and director James Whitmore, Jr.
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