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NCIS Season 9 premiered on September 20, 2011, in the same time slot as the previous season. The season introduces several recurring guest stars, most notably Dr. Samantha Ryan, a love interest for Gibbs.

By the end of the season, NCIS and the Navy had found themselves under threat from a new and dangerous enemy: insurance CEO-turned terrorist, Harper Dearing, who lost his son in a fire aboard a Navy ship and is out for revenge against the Navy for not solving the problem that led to the fire and then not updating ships with the same problem. He also has a grudge against NCIS, as his son would not have been on the ship if they had not transferred him.

Managing to get a hold of powerful explosives, Dearing starts firebombing Navy ships. However, towards the end of the season, Dearing stepped up his game: he had Director Vance abducted. Whilst NCIS finds him quickly, it transpired that Dearing is only after Vance for his car, managing to rig up explosives in the car seat so that Vance would unknowingly deliver a car bomb to the Navy Yard. By the time Gibbs realized, it is nearly too late; the bomb detonates, resulting in major damage to the NCIS building, as well as many deaths and injuries and leaving the fates of Gibbs, Tony, McGee, Abby, Ziva and Vance unknown. Upon learning of the destruction, Ducky suffers a heart attack on the beaches of Miami. The season finale aired on May 15, 2012.

It premiered on September 20, 2011 and ended on May 15, 2012.


Series Regulars[]

Name Portrayed by Role
Leroy Jethro Gibbs Mark Harmon Special Agent in charge of the Major Case Response Team, NCIS
Anthony DiNozzo Michael Weatherly Senior Special Agent, MCRT, NCIS
Ziva David Cote de Pablo Junior Special Agent, MCRT, NCIS
Abigail Sciuto Pauley Perrette Chief Forensic Specialist, NCIS
Timothy McGee Sean Murray Special Agent, MCRT, NCIS
Leon Vance Rocky Carroll Director of NCIS
Donald Mallard David McCallum Chief Medical Examiner, NCIS

Cast Notes[]

No cast changes took place.


NCIS   Season Nine - Episode List

Episode Number Title Airdate Notes
Series Season
187 1 Nature of the Beast (episode) September 20, 2011. When Tony is left injured after working on an assignment with the new Secretary of the Navy, it falls to the NCIS team to determine what happened.
188 2 Restless (episode) September 27, 2011. A homecoming party ends in tragedy when a Marine is stabbed to death, prompting the NCIS team to investigate.
189 3 The Penelope Papers (episode) October 4, 2011. The team investigate the death of a Naval officer and discover that his murder may be connected to a top-secret project that was created thirty years ago while the team meet McGee's grandmother.
190 4 Enemy on the Hill (episode) October 11, 2011. The NCIS team investigate when they learn that a Navy Commander is being targeted by a mysterious assassin while Abby discovers some startling secrets about her own family history.
191 5 Safe Harbor (episode) October 18, 2011. The NCIS team investigate when a Coast Guard Officer is shot dead and with the help of CGIS agent Abigail Borin, uncover a possible terrorist plot that could destroy the Norfolk Naval Base.
192 6 Thirst (episode) October 25, 2011. The NCIS team investigate when a Naval Lieutenant is found dead and they soon discover evidence that strongly suggests that they're dealing with a serial killer.
193 7 Devil's Triangle (episode) November 1, 2011. The NCIS team investigate the abduction of the current husband of Gibbs and Fornell's ex-wife, Diane Sterling.
194 8 Engaged Part 1 (episode) November 8, 2011. NCIS investigate when a C-130 carrying the remains of Marines who were killed fighting in Afghanistan crashes into a field and evidence soon comes to light, suggesting that a supposedly dead Marine may actually be alive.
195 9 Engaged Part 2 (episode) November 15, 2011. Gibbs and Ziva head to Afghanistan to rescue a kidnapped Marine from the clutches of a member of a terrorist organization and they and the rest of the NCIS team must stop a terrorist attack from happening.
196 10 Sins of the Father (episode) November 22, 2011. DiNozzo is sidelined when his father becomes a suspect in the death of a man. This episode also marked the debut appearance of Ned Dorneget.
197 11 Newborn King (episode) December 13, 2011. The NCIS team investigate the murder of a Navy captain and soon discover that it's his pregnant, female companion who is the true target. Worse still, there are Russian mercenaries after her, forcing Gibbs and Ziva into an intense gunfight when they become stranded at a gas station while DiNozzo and McGee race to save them before it's too late.
198 12 Housekeeping (episode) January 3, 2012. The NCIS team investigate the death of a Navy Commander and in the process, Tony is reunited with someone from his past as an old enemy of the NCIS team returns. This episode also marked the final appearance of Erica Jane Barrett and Sean Latham.
199 13 A Desperate Man (episode) January 10, 2012. The NCIS team investigate the death of a Navy Commander but the investigation is hampered by the victim's grieving husband who also happens to be a Metro Police Department Detective while Ziva gets a shock when her boyfriend proposes to her. This episode also marked the final appearance of Ray Cruz, CIA agent and Ziva's boyfriend.
200 14 Life Before His Eyes (episode) February 7, 2012. While in a stand-off at a diner, Gibbs finds himself being transported to a mysterious room in the diner where he relives the decisions that have shaped his life and wonders what could have been if certain scenarios hadn't played out while flashbacks show the team handling a case that later turns into international espionage concerning the Chinese.
201 15 Secrets (episode) February 14, 2012. The NCIS team investigate the death of a Navy officer and soon uncover a society of real-life superheroes while DiNozzo gets a shock when his ex-fiancee returns.
202 16 Psych Out (episode) February 21, 2012. A Naval reservist is found dead and the NCIS team have to investigate to determine if it was a suicide or a murder. This episode also marked the debut appearance of Dr. Samantha Ryan.
203 17 Need to Know (episode) February 28, 2012. NCIS investigate the death of a Chief Petty Officer but find themselves suffering setbacks in the form of red tape and agents from the Defense Intelligence Agency.
204 18 The Tell (episode) March 20, 2012. NCIS must work with Dr. Samantha Ryan to find a possible mole in the wake of a security breach being exposed.
205 19 The Good Son (episode) March 27, 2012. The NCIS team investigate when a Petty Officer is found dead, having been stabbed while the team meet Vance's brother-in-law who soon becomes a potential suspect.
206 20 The Missionary Position (episode) April 10, 2012. Tony and Ziva along with a member of the Chaplain Corps travel to Colombia to save a kidnapped fellow Chaplain while Gibbs and McGee handle the rest of the case from Washington D.C.
207 21 Rekindled (episode) April 17, 2012. The team join forces with members of the Baltimore Fire Department when it's revealed that a fire at a warehouse where Navy documents are stored could have potential national security issues while Tony is reunited with the boy from Baltimore.
208 22 Playing with Fire (episode) May 1, 2012. NCIS investigate the explosion that happened on the USS Brewer and soon find themselves racing against time to stop another attack from occurring on the Benjamin Franklin.
209 23 Up in Smoke (episode) May 8, 2012. NCIS investigate after a bug is discovered in the tooth of agent Ned Dorneget.
210 24 Till Death Do Us Part (episode) May 15, 2012. The NCIS team search for Vance and soon, the entire Navy Yard is threatened by a potential attack, one that could cost Gibbs and his team their lives. This episode marked the final appearance of both Jonathan Cole and Samantha Ryan and was also the final episode to have Brian Dietzen (Jimmy Palmer) credited as "Also Starring".


  • NCIS Season 9 aired alongside NCIS: Los Angeles Season 3 and Hawaii 5-0 Season 2.


The NCIS team is back in action with all 24 suspense-filled episodes of Season 9. Special Agent Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) continues to lead the team at the Naval Criminal Investigative Service as they probe into intense military matters, including national security breaches, a secret society of superheroes, and brutal murders--one of which drops them in the heart of Afghanistan and another which leads them to a long-lost agent. Co-stars Michael Weatherly, Cote de Pablo, Sean Murray, Pauley Perrette, Rocky Carroll, Brian Dietzen and David McCallum comprise this do-or-die unit that seeks truth beyond a doubt and puts justice above all.

Special Features[]

  • Nine Is Fine- The NCIS cast and crew discuss Season 9.
  • The Finish Line- A behind-the-scenes feature of the post-production of NCIS Season 9 which shows how an episode is put together.
  • Casting Off- Casting Directors Susan Bluestein and Jason Kennedy as well as the NCIS cast discuss the casting of various characters in NCIS Season 9.
  • Episode Two Hundred- The NCIS cast and crew celebrate the 200th episode, "Life Before His Eyes".
  • NCIS Season 9 Cast Roundtable- The NCIS cast discuss NCIS Season 9 and answer questions from the fans.
  • Psyched Up: Jamie Lee Curtis on Set- The NCIS cast and crew discuss getting actress Jamie Lee Curtis for a few episodes of NCIS Season 9.
  • Cast and Crew Commentaries on Selected Episodes (Region 1 and 2): Commentary on "Housekeeping" with Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo, Commentary on "Life Before His Eyes" with Mark Harmon, Gary Glasberg and Tony Wharmby. Commentary on "Rekindled" with Michael Weatherly and Mark Horowitz. Commentary on "Up in Smoke" with Brian Dietzen, Matt Jones and Steven D. Binder.
  • Deleted Scene (Region 1 and 2 only).
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