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Ned Dorneget (or "Dorney" to his colleagues) was an NCIS Special Agent assigned to the Navy Yard in Washington D.C. and a member of the NCIS Cyber Operations Division.

Tragically and unfortunately, Dorneget's life and his career as an NCIS Special Agent came to an end in May of 2015 when he was killed in an explosion caused by Daniel Budd in a hotel blast in Cairo, Egypt with his death greatly devastating his mother, the NCIS agency and its members.


Ned Dorneget was born to Joanna Teague and an unnamed father. His father died just before his first birthday. He was a Detroit cop who was killed in a traffic accident.

NCIS Season 9[]

In Sins of the Father, NCIS Agent Dorneget is seen outside of the Interrogation room, "baby-sitting" Anthony DiNozzo Senior, Tony's father. When Tony wants to talk to his father for two minutes about the mess that he is in, Dorneget refuses to let him in mainly due to his personal involvement in the current case. DiNozzo then blackmails Ned into letting him in by telling him that he will tell Gibbs about Dorneget dressing up as "Leroy Jethro Gibbs" for the Halloween Party in the copy room the previous month. Later in this episode, he is seen assisting Tony's father.

In Need to Know, Ned is working as an alternate evidence custodian. He asks Tony, Ziva, and McGee for some advice about how to "get in the field" (become a field/probationary agent). McGee tells him that Gibbs likes agents that are one step ahead, anticipating what he wants before he asks. He attempts to give Gibbs a cup of coffee from the break room, but he throws it away, saying it's "not" coffee. He is assigned a field assignment with NCIS Special Agent Timothy McGee to go pick up Ava Baransky, who attempted to board a plane at Philly International Airport, but failed.

The assignment is a test for Ned; "if you make a mistake, you don't get a second chance.", and most importantly, "follow Gibbs's rules.", said by McGee. Dorneget then reveals that he forgot his gun and McGee states that no agent is to leave the building without a weapon, but Dorneget does have his cuffs. After losing the suspect at a gas station (Ava knocks Ned to the ground, cuffs him in the women's bathroom, and disappears), Dorneget reveals that he is gay and not attracted to women.

In Up in Smoke, some type of high-tech bug device is found implanted in Dorneget's tooth after a visit to the dentist.

NCIS Season 10[]

In Prime Suspect, Dorneget is assigned yet again to a field assignment, but this time, with NCIS Special Agent Tony DiNozzo. They're sent to the Bahamas to track down Cpl. Douglas Alexander and stripper Melissa Tourney for stealing 120 grand from a cash sales office in Norfolk. McGee warns Ned that Tony might "probie" him (perform personal services), (which is what DiNozzo did to McGee during Seasons 1-3). During their stay at the hotel, Dorneget alerts Tony that Alexander is in the lobby. When Melissa meets up with him, Tony reveals himself as a Federal Agent. Douglas attempts to run, but Dorneget stands in his way, causing him to get punched in the eye in the process. Alexander then runs away, dropping the bag of money, with Tony in pursuit. Ned quickly recovers and chases after them. Both he and DiNozzo were able to catch and tackle him to the ground after he bumped into two civilians while running as fast as he could and arrest him for money theft.

NCIS Season 12[]

In Troll, Dorneget is officially named an NCIS Probationary Field Agent. It is revealed that he is a master at the Skyrim video game and he treats normal computer work as if it is a video game mission (Skyrim; Dragon Priest). He is also known for cyber-operation hacking during The Calling case.

In The Lost Boys, Dorneget reveals that stressful situations don't get to him anymore as he heads into MTAC. Still on the case, Dorneget brings together Vice President Marco Sali, DGSI Divisional Commissioner Colette Girard and G.I.D. Officer Omar Hassan to "pool the intel on the cell." They state that the cell's mission is to employ chat rooms, first-person shooter games, even cartoons, in an effort to weaponize kids as young as about ten. Both Dorneget and McGee are sent to Cairo, Egypt to represent NCIS and to find out more about the case and who is leading The Calling. As Dorneget is on break, McGee finds out that there is a threat at the hotel and he alerts Ned to evacuate everyone out of there. He uses his Arabic accent to evacuate those who don't speak English. He then comes across the real calling leader Daniel Budd and before he can do anything to stop him, Budd walks away and a civilian accidentally runs into a laser, which triggers a series of S-Bombs. Luckily, everyone gets out of range of the explosion just in time, but Dorneget gets caught in the explosion and collapses onto the ground, motionless, severely injured. He is rushed to the hospital, but he unfortunately dies of his injuries, ending his legacy as an NCIS Special Agent.

As NCIS Agents Leroy Jethro Gibbs, DiNozzo, McGee, Eleanor Bishop, Abigail Sciuto, Donald Mallard, and Leon Vance are present for Dorneget's funeral, Gibbs sees the spirits of deceased NCIS Agents directly across from them (Paula Cassidy, Michael Franks, Caitlin Todd, Jennifer Shepard, Christopher Pacci, and Ned Dorneget himself). His mother Joanna Teague arrives at the funeral shortly afterwards to say goodbye to her son.


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