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Paloma Reynosa was the head of the Reynosa Cartel and also the daughter of murdered drug dealer Pedro Hernandez as well as the older sister of Alejandro Rivera.



Presumably born in Mexico, Paloma was the first born child of drug dealer Pedro Hernandez and Hernandez's unnamed wife with Paloma later gaining a brother named Alejandro many years.

Not much is known about their family life but it's implied that both Paloma and Alejandro greatly admired their father.

However, in 1991, Marine Gunnery Sergeant Leroy Jethro Gibbs, seeking revenge against Hernandez who killed Gibbs's first wife, Shannon Gibbs and their daughter, Kelly. Gibbs murdered Hernandez by shooting Hernandez in the head which killed him instantly.

Left grief-stricken by her father's murder, Paloma swore revenge and began making her own way in the world of crime. She also found the sniper bullet that Gibbs had used and kept it on a chain around her neck for many years with the item itself possibly serving as a reminder as to what had happened.

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