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Pedro Hernandez was a Mexican drug dealer working Camp Pendleton, he was also responsible for murdering Leroy Jethro Gibbs's first wife Shannon Gibbs and their young daughter Kelly Gibbs.



Pedro Hernandez was born on May 3, 1953, presumably in Mexico. He was married to an unnamed woman and they had two children together, Paloma Raynosa and Alejandro Rivera.

Sometime prior to the 1990s, Hernandez became affiliated with organized crime in his native country of Mexico.

NCIS Season 3[]

Hernandez appears in various flashbacks seen by Leroy Jethro Gibbs in Hiatus Part 1 and Hiatus Part 2.

Gibbs' wife, Shannon witnessed the shooting of a Marine in Oceanside and was going to testify against Hernandez in court. A federal agent was assigned to protect Shannon and her daughter Kelly. Hernandez fatally shot NIS Special Agent Kurt Mitchell in the head at long distance while he was driving Shannon and Kelly to their safe house, Mitchell died instantly, but Shannon and Kelly were killed in the resulting car crash. Hernandez then returned to Mexico and according to official NCIS files on the case, was never caught. This all happened while Gibbs was fighting in Desert Storm. NCIS Director Jennifer Shepard and Dr. Donald Mallard are the first ones to find out about Gibbs's secret.

NCIS Season 7[]

Forensic Scientist Abigail Sciuto and NCIS Special Agent Timothy McGee head to Mexico to teach a class about the forensics on cold cases. They use the horrific 20-year prior murder of a (traficante de drogos), a drug dealer named Pedro Hernandez - he left a cafe, he got in his vehicle to go home and he was gunned down at point-blank range in a "gang-style" shooting. His vehicle was abandoned soon after the incident. The police report however, is wrong, meaning that he was NOT shot at point-blank range. Abby receives a .338 Lapur MAG bullet (which Gibbs had mistakenly left behind after killing Hernandez) from Paloma Reynosa (who is Pedro Hernandez's daughter; which was unknown to them at the time). She then logs in to a computer and finds out that Hernandez killed Shannon and Kelly Gibbs (L.J. Gibbs's family) much to her surprise. As soon as Ducky and James Palmer received Pedro Hernandez's 20-year-old corpse, they begin the autopsy and they find the bullet that ricocheted inside of his skull.

NCIS season 8[]

Pedro Hernandez is mentioned in Spider and the Fly and it is revealed that Paloma Reynosa is his daughter and Alejandro Rivera is his son.

NCIS Season 9[]

Hernandez's hallucination appears in Life Before His Eyes, as both Gibbs and Former NIS Special Agent Michael Franks discuss what would've happened if Gibbs didn't kill Hernandez in revenge. Gibbs would've become a dirty alcoholic who pushes everybody away who attempts to reach out to him.

NCIS Season 13[]

Pedro Hernandez gets criminal Benson Long involved in the Drug Cartel and at the end of Personal Day, Long taunts DEA Agent Luis "Mitch" Mitchell by saying "Daddy took a headshot.", referring to Kurt Mitchell getting shot in the head by Hernandez. As he walks away, Mitch holds him at gunpoint, presumably wanting to get revenge on him. Gibbs talks him out of it by stating that killing Hernandez didn't bring Shannon and Kelly back, and that killing Long in revenge won't bring Mitch's father back. NCIS Special Agents Anthony DiNozzo Junior and Timothy McGee arrive shortly after to arrest Long.

NCIS Season 16[]

After 30 years of keeping this secret from the closest people to him, Gibbs reveals to McGee, Eleanor Bishop, and Nicholas Torres that "he killed the man who killed his family". Judge Miles Deakin finds out about it and uses it against Gibbs to hopefully get him arrested, but this plan backfires and gets him arrested for hiring Mallory Madden to shoot Gibbs, but this fails as well.

NCIS Season 19[]

Hernandez appears in a flashback in Road to Nowhere.

Known Victims[]

  • Thursday February 14, 1991: Sergeant Tanner - (shot to death).
  • Monday February 25, 1991: The car shooting (three fatalities):
    • Kurt Mitchell - (shot from long range with a sniper rifle)
    • Shannon Gibbs - (died in car crash with her daughter after the agent was killed).
    • Kelly Gibbs - (died in the car crash alongside her mother, Shannon)