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Pop Life is the sixteenth episode in NCIS Season 2 as well as the 39th episode of the entire NCIS series.


After a night of partying, a dance club bartender wakes up in bed with a dead female Petty Officer while claiming this wasn't the same woman he went to bed. When it's determined that he was telling the truth, Gibbs and the team must find out who killed the Petty Officer and the victim's sister and a local businessman emerges as a possible suspect but all is not what it seems...


Bartender Willie Taylor lies in bed with an unidentified young woman and after trying to kiss her, remarks that she's freezing.

He rubs his head and when he takes his hand away, he finds blood resting in the palm of his hands.

This leaves Willie completely stunned.

He turns over the woman and discover that she's dead which has Willie jumping out of bed, horrified. He makes a beeline for the front door and opens it, only to find two cops already there.

It then cuts to Willie who has blood completely covering the left side of his face.

Act One

NCIS Special Agents Caitlin Todd and Anthony DiNozzo Junior enter the morgue, arguing over something.

Their arguing is interrupted by NCIS Medical Examiner, Dr. Donald Mallard who tells them that they should show some respect and that the morgue is a place of peace and dignity as Ducky's Medical Assistant, James Palmer looks on.

As Ducky resumes his work, Tony grumbles that it was before Kate got here, causing Kate to angrily elbow Tony.

Kate tells Ducky that they need a mediator or she'll have to go to Employee Relations. Tony believes that would be tattling but Kate disagrees, stating that going to Employee Relations is not tattling.

Tony believes it's the adult version of "I'm telling Mommy".

Kate snaps that Tony is so juvenile.

"Am not", Tony replies.

"Are so", Kate retorts.

"Am not", Tony insists.

Exasperated, Kate tells Ducky that they need an unofficial mediator with Ducky wondering if they asked Gibbs. This has Tony and Kate wincing.

After judging their reactions, Ducky sees their point.

Kate remarks that they thought of McGee with Tony chiming in that they have no respect for him.

"And we thought of you", Kate replies.

Ducky remarks that he sees and that he was third on the short list, remarking at least he beat out Abby. Tony remarks that he and Kate just came from there.

Kate announces that Abby turned them down.

Tony then remarks that Kate is driving him crazy.

Ducky states that he's busy before silently nodding to Palmer who takes the hint with Palmer remarking that Abby needs these blood samples, stat.

With that, Palmer grabs the blood samples and leaves.

As Palmer heads off, Ducky remarks that he's busy but he's also flattered that Tony and Kate would entrust their relationship to him, remarking that it will be like marriage counselling.

This has Kate horrified with Tony telling Ducky that they shouldn't use those words.

Kate agrees, stating that it's only a working relationship.

"So you'll do it?", Tony wonders.

"Of course", Ducky replies and he believes that he'd relish the experience before saying that he studied psychology at the University of Edinburgh under Professor O'Donnell.

"Okay, let's start", Kate states.

She then states that she left her desk for a second and when she came back, Tony was eating half of Kate's tuna fish sandwich.

Tony is in disbelief, stating that he was hungry and that they're buddies with Tony stating that it shouldn't be a big deal but Miss Tighty-Twisty Pants AKA Kate blows everything out of proportion and it becomes a major deal.

"All you left me was the crust!", Kate snaps.

Almost instantly, Tony and Kate turn on each other, insisting that they're right and that the other person is wrong.

Ducky is left stunned but recovers quickly, stating they need to look a little deeper. He believes that a sibling rivalry is being expressed by Tony and Kate's adolescent and sexually-charged bickering and that it stems from a desperate need to please a father figure with Ducky remarking that they all know who the father figure is.

Kate wonders what this has to do with her tuna fish sandwich while Tony insists that there's no father figure.

Suddenly, the doors to the morgue open and NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs walks in, demanding to know why Tony and Kate aren't answering their phones.

Gibbs then reveals that Norfolk Homicide found a body, a female Petty Officer.

With that, Tony and Kate head for the elevator, each suggesting a task with the other claiming they've already done it.

As they all head into the lift, Ducky remarks that there are clearly issues here and suggests that they need to meet twice a week at least.

A while later, the NCIS team are busy processing the crime scene with Norfolk Detective Mark Mauceri telling them that the victim is Petty Officer Second Class Manda King and that Petty Officer King was twenty-six years old and had been serving in the Navy for four years.

According to Mauceri, this was far as they got before they called NCIS and that they've got enough things to do around here.

At Palmer's look at the pen in his mouth, Mauceri tells them to give him a break and that he's trying to quit.

"This the suspect?", Gibbs wonders, holding a photo of the suspect.

Mauceri tells them that it's Willie Taylor and that Taylor tends bar at Sugar Street before revealing that they're processing him now.

Gibbs then asks Ducky for an update and believes that Petty Officer King was stabbed to death with Ducky calling that a safe assumption.

As this goes on, someone snaps a photo of the bloodied knife lying on the floor with NCIS Special Agent Timothy McGee pocketing the knife.

Ducky remarks that he found something in Petty Officer King's nares before telling Jimmy to tell Gibbs what he is.

"Do I have nares?", Gibbs wonders.

Palmer tells Gibbs that all mammals have nares and that it's the openings in a human's nose.

Gibbs then orders Palmer to get that to Abby and have her identify it.

"Yes, sir", Palmer states before stating he didn't tend to imply that Gibbs didn't know what nares are. Gibbs interrupts by asking Ducky for a time of death.

As Palmer heads off, Ducky remarks that the window is open, the body is naked which would allow the heat to disappear faster and that if he were forced to porclaim a rough...

"I'm forcing", Gibbs snaps impatiently.

Ducky then suggests that Petty Officer King died at 0030 or 0500.

Mauceri then chimes in that they had an anonymous 911 call of a woman screaming in the apartment of 0530.

"Or 0530", Ducky corrects.

Gibbs asks McGee to trace the source of the 911 call.

"On it", McGee replies.

Palmer then examines the body closer, remarking that the lividity has changed and that the victim may have been moved with Mauceri stating that the suspect said that he flipped her.

"Boss, I don't know if you want to see this but you probably should", Tony states.

Gibbs approaches and looks into the bin with Tony remarking that it was some night and that there's gotta be at least three condoms in there.

Gibbs then tells Tony to bag them and get them to Abby.

Kate then appears, talking to Gibbs and revealing that she spoke to Manda King's C.O.

Unsurprisingly, Tony gives the assignment of bagging the condoms to McGee which has McGee wincing.

Kate reveals that Petty Officer King was a good sailor, straight-laced and a real worker who was being promoted to Captain's Yoeman.

"Personal yeoman to a Navy captain doesn't track with snorting drugs", Gibbs remarks.

Kate agrees and states that Petty Officer King told her shipmates that she had business in Norfolk.

"Didn't say what?", Gibbs wonders.

"No", Kate replies.

"Your place or mine?", Gibbs asks Mauceri.

"Mine", Mauceri announces.

A while later, in the Interrogation Room of the Norfolk Police Department, as Kate and Tony look on, Gibbs and Mauceri double tag-team interrogate Willie Taylor.

Willie then swears to them on his mother's life that that is not the girl he took home last night.

Gibbs is stunned at the theory of Willie going to bed with one girl and waking up with another girl.

Willie nods.

In Observation, Tony remarks that he hates when that happens and that's never pretty before apologizing to Kate. As Kate scribbles something down on her PDA, Tony is in disbelief, stating that she's not going to tell Ducky about that, is she?

"Yes, I am", Kate replies. "I'm keeping a journal".

In Interrogation, Gibbs supposes that the knife wasn't Willie's knife either.

"No, it wasn't", Willie replies before stating that he actually carries a Swiss Army Knife.

Mauceri wonders how many drinks Willie had with Willie stating that he had two or three. Mauceri reveals that Willie's blood alcohol was 0.12%.

Willie then admits that they got him and that he had a few more but they know how it is when they're tending bar.

"No, tell me", Mauceri wonders.

Willie reveals that he acts friendly and people buy him drinks.

"Which are watered down to make more money", Gibbs replies.

Willie remarks that they don't do that at Sugar Street.

Gibbs wonders if Willie picked up the girl at the club with Willie stating that he met her in the parking lot and that she lost her keys.

"You ever seen her before?", Gibbs wonders.

"Nope", Willie states.

Willie then states that he just thought that he was a lucky bastard.

"You get her name, lucky bastard?", Gibbs asks.

Willie remarks that it was Manda.

Gibbs then tells Mauceri that it's funny because the dead sailor they found in Willie's bed was named Manda. Willie again protests that she's not the girl that he slept with.

Gibbs wants to know what Manda's last name was but Willie states that she didn't say.

"Phone number?", Gibbs asks.

"Didn't get it", Willie replies. He then remarks that it all went down kind of fast and that he gave a kiss, whoopty-whoo and then it was back to his place to make some noise.

Gibbs wonders if there's anyone they both saw who can verify the story.

"No", Willie remarks.

Mauceri wonders if Willie and Manda got into a fight.

Willie states that they didn't and that they had a good time.

"Oh, yeah", Mauceri states sarcastically. "I'd say you had a real good time".

Mauceri then reveals that they found traces of meth in Willie's blood.

"Did you give her meth too?", Gibbs demands.

Willie protests that he didn't and that they didn't do any drugs together before insisting that he is telling the truth and that Manda is not the girl he slept with.

Gibbs just looks at Willie.

The next morning, Gibbs, Kate and Tony arrive into the NCIS lab with Gibbs stating that he needs the condoms tested.

"Not the words you want to hear first thing in the morning", NCIS Forensic Scientist Abigail Sciuto states before remarking that it's already running.

Gibbs doesn't just want the insides of the condom tested: he wants the outside DNA to be tested so that it matches Petty Officer Manda King.

Tony states that Willie claims that he went to bed with one woman and woke up with another.

Abby states that that happens to girls too and that at midnight, some guy seems all dark and gnarly but the next morning, his tattoos are fake and he works in a bank.

"I sed to work in a bank", McGee replies.

Abby remarks that McGee's tattoo is real and that he doesn't disappoint her.

As Gibbs examines the knife which is now in an Evidence container, McGee tells Gibbs that the anonymous phone call came from a payphone across the street from Willie's apartment.

"No fingerprints?", Gibbs says.

Abby admits that's weird because the suspect sleeps with her, stabs and there's no prints on the knife.

Gibbs wonders if the blood matches the victim's with Abby confirming that it does and Abby also reveals that the tox screen is still running but it's safe to say that it was meth.

"The powder in her nose was meth?", Gibbs remarks.

"Yep", Abby replies.

Kate then wonders why a straight-laced Petty Officer would O.D. on meth.

Tony remarks that maybe the Petty Officer wasn't so straight-laced and that they all have funky sides except for Kate.

Unsurprisingly, this earns him a jab in the ribs.

Tony then remarks that he's also sure that Gibbs has no funky side either.

Gibbs then leaves, announcing that it's time to find out who the real Manda King was.

In the hospital, as his daughter, Samantha King tends to him, Benjamin King remarks that he never thought that Manda would go before him.

Samantha reveals to Gibbs that her father has end-stage bone cancer.

Gibbs then asks Samantha if her sister, Manda knew a Willie Taylor.

"Not that I know", Samantha replies before stating that Manda has been at sea for eight months with Gibbs stating that Taylor isn't a sailor.

Benjamin wants to know if Willie was the one who stabbed Manda but Gibbs states that Willie is just a suspect.

"You will bury him, won't you, Agent Gibbs?", Benjamin rasps.

"If he did it, you have my word", Gibbs vows.

Kate then asks Benjamin if he can tell them about his daughter, Manda. Benjamin remarks that Manda was tough as nails and that she worked hard.

As this goes on, Samantha clasps her father's hand for reassurance.

Benjamin remarks that Manda cared for him and that she helped him to raise her before telling Samantha that Manda would do anything for her.

Samantha then asks her father if he knew that Manda was being promoted to Captain's Yeoman?

Benjamin shakes his head.

Gibbs remarks that Manda was a fine sailor and it also makes what Gibbs is about to tell him difficult to hear.

Benjamin states that his daughter's dead before asking Gibbs what's worse than that?

Gibbs then tells them that they found drug residue in her nose.

Samantha denies the claim, stating that's a lie and that Manda never did any drugs in her life. Kate apologizes but states that they found it.

Benjamin states that he can't believe it and that he won't believe it.

Samantha then gets to her feet and angrily tells Gibbs and Kate do they have to come in here and tell this to her father?

Gibbs tells Samantha that Manda, Samantha's sister was murdered and that they have to know who she really was.

"She was my good girl", Benjamin rasps. "That's who she was. Daddy's girl. Good girl".

Samantha then holds her father's hand again.

With that, Gibbs and Kate leave the hospital room with Samantha glancing at their departing backs.

A while later, Gibbs and Kate return to NCIS and head for the lab with Gibbs asking if the DNA test is done already. Abby tells him that it's running before remarking that she got an answer without it.

Abby then explains that the fluid on the outside of the condom has a different blood antigen than Petty Officer Manda King.

As this goes, Gibbs heads to the main monitor to get a closer look.

"There's no way Petty Officer King had sex with Willie Taylor", Abby states.

It then cuts to Gibbs who remarks that Willie was set up.

Act Two

In the morgue, as Gibbs examines Petty Officer King's body, Ducky remarks that the knife missed P.O King's vital organs so that the wound wasn't fatal.

This has Gibbs realizing that P.O King didn't bleed to death.

Ducky agrees and then reveals that the body had four liters of blood so there was no exsanguination.

"Ducky", Gibbs states.

Ducky apologizes but states that he can't help saying it because "exsanguination" is such a lovely word. At Gibbs's glare, Ducky moves on, stating that since there was no bleeding from the wound...

As this goes on, in the background, Palmer is busy scribbling something down on a clipboard.

"She was dead when she was stabbed", Gibbs remarks.

Ducky agrees and remarks that Abby confirms that the drug in P.O King's nose and blood was meth, an incredibly, large, lethal dose of methamphetamine.

"Someone tried to make an accidental overdose look like murder", Gibbs states.

Ducky disagrees, stating that he wouldn't call it an overdoses and that in cases like this where a frighteningly huge amount of the drug is found, Ducky believes that it was nothing more than a suicide.

Gibbs just looks away.

DiNozzo then arrives in, announcing that Willie Taylor's here.

With that, Gibbs prepares to leave the morgue.

Now in NCIS's Interrogation Room, Willie looks uninterested with Gibbs watching the scene with some amusement. Gibbs wonders if Willie knows why Norfolk P.D. delivered Willie to NCIS.

Willie then sarcastically remarks that he's a ping-pong ball and that they serve Willie to Gibbs with Gibbs sending Willie straight back.

Gibbs laughs at the joke before telling Willie that he was telling the truth and that Petty Officer King OD'd and that after she died, someone stabbed her, put her in Willie's bed and made it look like murder before wondering who would do that to Willie.

Willie, on the other hand is stunned by the news, wondering if they know that he's completely innocent before wondering if he gets an apology or something.

Gibbs remarks that Willie gets to slide on using meth.

Willie then admits that he doesn't know.

Gibbs states that's not good enough before getting to his feet and heading for the door. As he turns out, Willie tells him to wait with Gibbs looking back, obviously curious.

Willie then sits down and remarks that female sailors are like poison and that if anything happens to them, ie, sex, drugs, anything, it doesn't matter because boom, the authorities put the club off-limits and if there's no sailors, no Sugar Street.

Gibbs wonders who'd benefit from that.

"Ian Hitch", Willie remarks and that Hitch owns Tealz with Sugar Street being Tealz's only real compeitition before remarking that if the sailor or P.O. King OD'd in Tealz, then Hitch would need to get the stink off fast.

"And shut Sugar Street down in the process", Gibbs remarks.

In the bullpen, as a photo of Ian Hitch graces the monitor, McGee reveals that Hitch has an American mother and English father, giving him dual-citizenship and that according to Scotland Yard, Hitch was charged with murder twice in Manchester but that Hitch skated both times.

Kate states that she's afraid to ask but why Bulldog?

McGee admits that he doesn't.

Tony remarks that a Bulldog bites you in the ass and never lets go.

McGee reveals that Hitch owns Tealz in Norfolk which has Tony and Kate glancing at him while Gibbs stares at the monitor.

At their glances, McGee reveals that when he was at the Norfolk Naval Base, he heard about it and that apparently there are some very hot dancers there.

"You heard?", Tony asks.

McGee states that he never went there, honestly.

Tony remarks that it seems to him..

However, at Kate's gaze, Tony stops, wondering what Kate is looking at him for. Kate remarks that she's just waiting for him to say, "Boss, let me take the lead on this one!".

Tony then tells Kate that what he was actually going to say was that if Hitch used a girl to seduce Willie Taylor, it was probably one of Hitch's own dancers and that they get Willie to identify Ms. Go-Go and that they flip her to get to Hitch.

Tony grabs his own PDA and begins writing something, causing Kate to wonder what he's doing.

"Just chronicling this little conversation for our next session with Ducky", Tony remarks.

Gibbs wants to do if Tony's done.

"Almost", Tony remarks.

"Done or fired are the choices", Gibbs replies.

"Done", Tony announces.

Kate wonders if they should take Willie to the club to identify the girl but Gibbs remarks that he doesn't want Willie anywhere near Hitch.

McGee suggests that he finds who danced at the club and that he'll do their DMV photos but Gibbs states that won't work.

Tony then tells McGee that the girls work at the club for tips, no W-2 forms and that names like "Tiffany Glitter" and "Stormy Weathers" don't appear on drivers's licences.

Tony then states that he thinks that he should take the lead on this one which has Kate and Gibbs laughing.

A few hours later, Tealz is open for business and there's a huge crowd waiting to get in. Among the night-clubbers are Tony and Kate who are now wearing glasses that enable the others who are in MTAC to get a glimpse of what's going in.

In MTAC, Abby remarks that it's looking good.

Inside the main nightclub, as a remixed dance version of Britney Spears's song, "Toxic" pounds through the nightclub, the actitivties are in full swing as people are dancing.

Having been cleared by the bodyguards, Tony and Kate approach the main area of the nightclub.

In MTAC, Gibbs wants to see Tony.

Abby hits a few keys and it's shown that Tony is looking at the ass of a female dancer, causing Gibbs to dryly remark that Tony is finally looking where he's supposed to be looking.

"I hear that!", Tony retorts.

This has Gibbs smiling in amusement.

Tony's glasses show a glimpse of Kate but Tony roughly shoves her out of the way, instead focusing on one female dancer. Tony wonders how that is.

"It's art", Abby replies. "But we kind of need a shot of her face".

Tony then glances up and gets a good shot of the female dancer as Abby remarks that she could make a fortune on the Internet with this.

Abby hits a key and the photograph is taken.

"Got it", Abby states.

"Next", Gibbs snaps.

Tony states that Gibbs is right and that Tony himself is just being thorough.

Tony and Kate make their way through, encountering various female dancers. Between the two of them, Abby manages to take two more photographs.

Abby then snaps two more photos in quick succession and also takes another one courtesy of Tony's glasses.

Tony is caught staring at the girls, causing Gibbs to remark, "I'm watching you, DiNozzo".

Kate approaches one female dancer but it takes a few seconds for Abby to get a proper photo and when the photo's taken, it shows the female dancer looking seductively at Kate, causing Abby to wonder how Kate managed to get the dancer to do that.

Gibbs just smiles.

Kate gestures and heads off into the crowd.

Tony is in the main area of the nightclub and progresses on further when someone catches Gibbs's eyes with Gibbs rounding Tony to go back to the last booth.

Tony then heads back.

"Yeah, right there", Gibbs remarks.

"Is that Hitch?", Tony asks.

Via Tony's glasses, they manage to grab a photo with McGee running it through the Database and confirming that it's Hitch.

At the nightclub, DJ Night Trap announces that he's going to get off the mike because he knows who they all came to Tealz to see before announcing that the singer is Jade.

On cue, the crowds begins applauding as Tony and Kate look on, curious.

Seconds later, "Jade" emerges onto the stage, revealing that it's Samantha King which leaves Kate greatly stunned. As Jade/Samantha starts singing, Kate remarks, "That's Samantha King".

In MTAC, Gibbs just looks at the screen, grim-faced while Abby and McGee soon glance at the live feed as well.

As Jade/Samantha begins singing, the song has everyone titling their heads in time to the beat with even Tony doing so. Back in MTAC, Gibbs orders Tony to stop doing that because they can't see with Tony stopping.

Once the song's over, Jade/Samantha walks off while Kate is still stunned.

A while later, Samantha is exiting the club and heading to her car, only to find Tony and Kate waiting for her with Kate remarking that Samantha or Jade is taking her sister's death pretty hard.

Samantha wants to know what they're doing here.

"The question is what are you doing here?", Kate wonders.

The two women then glance towards the alleyway, both aware that they're being watched. Tony wonders what they're afraid before Samantha wonders who they are.

"Same as Kate", Tony replies. "Well, not exactly".

Kate gives Tony an angry glare and then demands that Samantha answer her question with Samantha stating that it's Saturday night and that she sings here.

"Oh, you sing the day after your sister's murdered?", Kate says, obviously unimpressed and disgusted.

Samantha insists that she has to go.

"Not until we get some answers", Tony states, blocking Samantha's escape.

In the alleyway, one of the bouncers remarks to Blue that he'd better get out here.

As Samantha storms off, Kate wants to know if Samantha wants to know they found her before revealing that they're here to look for the killer of Samantha's sister.

In the alleyway, Richard McGinty emerges from a side door of the night club and upon meeting the two bouncers, they approach Tony, Kate and Samantha.

At the car, Samantha states that NCIS said that they had her murderer.

"He didn't do it", Tony replies.

McGinty then asks, asking Jade what's going on.

"We're just talking", Tony replies as he reaches for his holstered SIG-Sauer.

"Not anymore, you aren't", McGinity states.

Tony then spins around, his gun drawn and approaches the other trio, remarking that he thinks they are before informing them that his partner, Lulu AKA Kate wants to sign Jade to a record contract.

McGinty remarks that Bulldog ain't gonna like that.

Tony then calls for the other two bouncers who he calls "Twinkle Toes" and "Candy Pants" to stay behind McGinty which has the two bouncers raising their hands, both men obviously frightened.

Tony wonders where Bulldog got his name.

McGinty remarks that Bulldog gets his teeth into a girl's ass, he never lets go.

Tony remarks that he knew it before telling Lulu/Kate that he was right about Bulldog.

"You're gonna get me killed", Samantha hisses.

"Just like your sister was?", Kate retorts before telling Samantha that NCIS believe that Hitch had Manda killed but why?

Samantha remarks that Hitch wouldn't do that.

At Kate's eye-roll, Samantha states that she knew that Manda wanted her to leave this life but Hitch wouldn't kill Manda.

"Wouldn't he?", Kate says.

With that, Kate leaves.

As she heads out into the main area of the car park, Kate/Lulu tells Tony/Bruce that Samantha is not interested, causing Tony/Bruce to move away while stating, "No harm, no foul".

Tony/Bruce then joins Kate/Lulu in the car.

As he gets back into the car, Tony remarks that the bouncers were big and as soon as he's in, Kate begins reversing out of the car park, leaving the bouncers and Samantha staring after them.

The next day, Willie and Gibbs are busy going through photographs of all the dancers from Tealz with Willie remarking that the dancers are cute.

Willie remarks that he sleeps with a woman before trailing off at Kate's disgusted look.

Tony lies, stating that he wouldn't know anything about that because he's a Mormon.

Willie then apologizes and gets right down to business, showing a possible photo. Gibbs has him sitting down and telling Willie that he's going to have to do better.

Willie insists that he's doing the best he can.

After a few minutes, Willie brings up the same photograph, believing that it's her with Tony remarking that the dancer is "Summer Diamond" and that she's very hot.

Gibbs has doubts about Summer Diamond with Willie stating that there's always something about a woman that men remember.

"Something small and subtle", Tony remarks and that it's something they're going to remember twenty years later whether it's a piece of jewelry, a laugh or something before stating that it's the smell.

"I feel like I died and woke up in a Calvin Klein ad", Kate remarks, now disgusted.

Willie remarks that he thought Tony was a Mormon with Tony telling Willie to concentrate. Willie then laughs, remembering that the girl had a tat and how could he forget?

Tony wonders what it looked like.

Willie states that it was a bulldog and that it was right there on her ass.

Tony tells Willie sweet slick and that the devil's in the details before remarking that he met this girl, she squeaked and she made this little...

"Tony, do you want to tell Ducky that story?", Kate wonders, very pissed off.

Gibbs remarks that not only has Ducky heard it but the entire NCIS team has as well with Tony claiming that it's a good story.

"Then you tell it to Kate when you're bringing in Summer Diamond", Gibbs says.

With that, Tony and Kate head off while Willie wonders if he doesn't get to hear the story.

A while later, in Interrogation, Gibbs is showing Summer Diamond or Keisha Scott a photo of Willie Taylor. Gibbs wants to know if she knows the guy in the photo but Summer/Keisha remarks that she doesn't.

Gibbs then states that Willie works at Sugar Street and wonders if Summer/Keisha has ever been there.

Summer/Keisha remarks that she works six nights a week at Teaz and that the last place she's going to go on her night off is another club.

Gibbs just nods.

He then opens a folder and pulls out of another photograph, this time showing a tattoo of a Bulldog before asking Summer/Keisha recognizes this.

Gibbs then states that Kate or Agent Todd took that photo and that it's of Summer/Keisha's rear end.

In Observation, as the interrogation is being recorded, Tony and Kate look on with Tony remarking that Kate always gets the best jobs.

Kate just rolls her eyes.

Gibbs remarks that Willie described it perfectly.

Summer/Keisha remarks that she dances practically naked and that hundreds of guys have seen her ass.

"So you didn't sleep with him two nights ago?", Gibbs wonders.

"No", Summer/Keisha replies.

Gibbs remarks that Willie says that he's never been to their club before admitting that he believes Willie.

Summer/Keisha remarks that every dancer in the club has that tattoo and that means they're part of Bulldog's crew.

Gibbs remarks that he thought Bulldog would have used a bite mark.

Suddenly, there's a knock on the door and Gibbs calls for the person to enter with Abby sitting inside. As Abby closes the door, Gibbs tells Summer/Keisha that they have a court order for a DNA sample.

Summer/Keisha just looks at Abby with Abby stating that it doesn't hurt.

Summer/Keisha opens her mouth, allowing Abby to get a DNA sample.

In the corridor, Gibbs tells Abby to compare the sample to the DNA found in the condoms that NCIS found in Willie Taylor's apartment.

As she heads off, Ducky appears, telling Gibbs that he needs him immediately.

In the morgue, as a tube is being inserted into P.O. King's nose, Ducky apologizes, stating that because of the chemical burns from the meth and the bleeding, he missed something.

On the main monitor is a live feed of the inside of P.O. King's nose with Ducky wondering if Gibbs sees it.

"Almost a perfect circle", Gibbs replies.

As Palmer handles the tube which is laced with a camera, Ducky remarks to Gibbs that he knows that he usually states that the cause of a massive overdose is usually suicide but then he got to thinking.

"Always a good thing", Gibbs replies.

Ducky then gestures at the screen and remarks that the mark was made by the end of a hard, round tube like the end of a funnel.

"You don't commit suicide by pouring meth through a funnel into your nose", Gibbs remarks.

Ducky grimly agrees, stating that it was a horrible and painful death.

It then cuts to Ducky and Gibbs who glance back at P.O. King's remains.

Act Three

The next morning, at a coffee shop, Kate is confronting Samantha again with Samantha wondering if Kate knows what will happen if Hitch catches Samantha herself talking to Kate.

Kate wonders if Samantha doesn't want to know how her sister died.

Samantha believes that Manda was stabbed.

Kate admits that Manda was but that wasn't what killed Manda as Manda was restrained and meth was forced down her nose and throat until Manda's heart failed.

"Oh, God, Manda", Samantha whispers, horrified.

Kate then tells her that Willie Taylor believes he's being framed for murder by Samantha's boss, Ian Hitch but Samantha refuses to believe it, stating that Hitch wouldn't.

"Why not?", Kate wonders before revealing that Sugar Street gets declared off-limits and Teaz gets a huge new surge of clientele.

Samantha just looks away, silent.

"But that isn't why it happened, is it, Samantha?", Kate says.

Samantha remarks that their mother died when Samantha herself was only three years old and that Manda pretty much raised her before revealing that when Manda found that Samantha was working for Hitch, Manda lost it.

Kate wants to know how Samantha got herself hooked up with a guy like Hitch.

Samantha says that Hitch told her that he had connections with record companies and that he'd make her a star with Samantha believing him.

"But your sister didn't", Kate remarks.

Samantha remarks that Manda was always the smart one in the family.

Kate wonders why Samantha didn't just walk away.

Samantha tells Kate that she had just signed a contract with Hitch and that Manda was trying to get her out of it.

"And he had her killed", Kate grimly remarks.

She wants to get Samantha some place but Samantha tells Kate that she doesn't get it and that Hitch owns her and that Samantha herself sings and dances whenever Hitch wants and that she even sleeps with him when he wants before remarking that no-one walks away from Hitch, ever.

Kate states that Hitch murdered Samantha's sister.

Samantha tells Kate that they'll never prove it and the authorities never do.

Suddenly, Samantha's phone rings and she opens, learning that the caller is Hitch himself. She tells Kate that it's him with Kate advising Samantha not to answer it.

Samantha remarks that she has to.

She answers it and talks to Hitch, lying that she's doing some shopping but Hitch remarks that it sounds like she's having some tea to him.

Suddenly, it pans around to show that Hitch and his men are approaching the cafe.

Samantha turns back to Kate and tells her that if Hitch finds out that Kate is a cop, then Samantha herself is dead.

Playing along albeit reluctantly, Kate draws her SIG-Sauer and holds at Samantha while Samantha puts on some make-up just as Hitch and his goons enter the cafe.

Hitch believes that Kate is "Lulu" and believes that she didn't get his message last night before revealing that Samantha already has a manager.

"That's what I told her, Ian", Samantha says but Hitch harshly wonders if he asked her to speak.

Samantha just sits there, silent.

Hitch then sits down opposite Kate and asks her what label she scouts for.

Kate simply replies that it's none of Hitch's business.

"It is if you're after my property", Hitch states.

Kate then sees Hitch holding Samantha's hand rather possessively and Samantha not making any moves to fight before wondering if Samantha is available.

"Only to me", Hitch replies before he tells Samantha to say goodbye to Lulu.

"Goodbye, Lulu", Samantha states.

With that, Hitch gets up from the table as Samantha grabs her bag.

Hitch then remarks that Lulu/Kate and her friend, Bruce/Tony might want to leave town tonight before the group leave the cafe.

The next morning, at NCIS, Gibbs arrives in and tells Kate that she should've had back-up. Kate defends herself, remarking that she didn't except Hitch to show up.

At Gibbs's silent glare, Kate admits that it won't happen again.

"I know", Gibbs remarks.

With that, Gibbs leaves Kate's desk and asks McGee how Hitch tracked Samantha.

McGee reveals that Samantha's cell-phone number is registered to Ian Hitch so Hitch is probably using the embedded GPS to keep tabs on Samantha's location.

"Paranoid", Gibbs says.

Tony remarks that it kind reminds him of someone before stating that what he meant is that most managers are afraid of losing their stars and with a voice like that, Samantha could be the next Brandy.

Gibbs wants to know what a Brandy is.

McGee reveals that Brandy is a singer and an actress with Tony stating that Brady is very, very hot.

Kate remarks that the point is that Hitch isn't going to let Samantha go and that he'd kill her first.

Suddenly, the talk is interrupted by Gibbs's phone ringing and he answers it, the voice over the phone remarks that they've got another girl for NCIS and that it looks like a hit and run.

Gibbs remarks that they're on their way before hanging up.

As his team look on, Gibbs tells them that Norfolk Homicide found the body of a young woman and that the woman had Gibbs's card in her bra.

At the crime scene, Mauceri reveals that they ID'd the girl as Keisha Scott and that it looks like a hit and run. Gibbs remarks that her club name was "Summer Diamond" and that she was in the NCIS interrogation room only yesterday.

Kate reveals that Willie Taylor ID'd Scott as the girl he had sex with, not Petty Officer King.

Mauceri wonders if Scott copped to it.

Gibbs remarks that if she had, then Scott would be in NCIS custody than dead. Mauceri states that there's no chance that this was an accident.

"Nope", Gibbs remarks.

Kate remarks that Ian Hitch is involved.

Mauceri is stunned by that revelation and that it explains a lot because there's no witnesses and that no-one in the neighborhood heard anything last night before remarking that Hitch's got part of this town in his pocket.

"Yeah, how about you?", Gibbs asks.

Mauceri states that he's going to pretend that Gibbs didn't say that with Gibbs stating that either way, Gibbs is taking Hitch down.

Mauceri remarks that Gibbs may be able to find who did this but connecting it to Hitch- it ain't gonna happen.

"Well, no", Gibbs says. "Not if you keep letting him skate, Mauceri".

Mauceri remarks that he's been down this road before and that he'll get Hitch in for questioning but Hitch's lawyer will have Hitch out before lunch.

Gibbs remarks that he's got a better idea with Mauceri curious.

Gibbs suggests that Mauceri turn over jurisdiction on this to Gibbs this time with Mauceri remarking that Gibbs has it. As Mauceri gives Gibbs a receipt or some small paper, Mauceri wonders how fast Gibbs can get the rest of his team here.

"Oh, pretty soon", Gibbs remarks before whistling.

With that, the NCIS Major Case Response Team Truck rolls into view, revealing that the rest of the team were there and they were presumably waiting for a signal from Gibbs to enter the crime scene.

As Tony photographs the scene, he remarks that there's no way this was a hit and run and that Scott is practically naked and that it was 35 degrees this morning.

Ducky wonders if Palmer sees that.

Palmer gestures to the marks on Scott's arms and believes that someone was holding her very tightly before she died, enough to cause these bruises.

Gibbs asks Ducky if Scott was shoved in front of a vehicle.

As Mauceri looks on, Ducky admits that it's possible before stating that they'll know more once he gets Scott back to NCIS.

Kate calls Gibbs over, remarking that they've got some broken glass and that given the thickness, it may be a headlight.

Gibbs wants it bagged before calling on McGee who's busy sketching with Gibbs stating that the locals believe it was a hit and run before asking McGee for his opinion.

McGee stammers for a few seconds, obviously caught off-guard with Tony telling McGee to answer Gibbs.

McGee then tells that he doesn't think so.

When Gibbs ponders further, McGee states that there are no skid marks before or after the body, meaning that whoever hit Scott didn't slow down.

This has Gibbs smiling.

Gibbs then tells Kate to take Tony and that the two of them should go pick up Samantha and to make sure that Samantha's phone is off while stating that they are not to tell Samantha about Summer either.

In the bullpen, Gibbs wants to know where the dirtbag or Hitch was the night Petty Officer King was murdered and where Hitch was last night when Summer decided to go for a walk, half-naked.

"You got it, boss", McGee states.

At the elevator, Tony and Kate emerge with Samantha telling them that it's supposed to be her day off and how will Hitch know that she's not at the hospital, visiting her father?

Tony assures her that he won't and that when their computer geek is done with Samantha's phone, it'll show that Samantha was there all day before tossing McGee Samantha's phone and telling McGee to rig the GPS chip and the location is Norfolk Hospital noon to 1730.

"You can really do that?", Samantha wonders.

"Sure", McGee replies.

As Tony and Kate round her, Samantha tells Gibbs that she's already told his people that she's not talking about this and can they please make this quick?

Gibbs tells Samantha that she's not here to talk and that she's here to see with Samantha deeply puzzled.

"A friend", Gibbs replies and gestures for Samantha to follow him.

In the morgue, Gibbs unzips the body bag, revealing Scott/Summer's remains which has Samantha shocked and horrified.

Unable to cope, Samantha turns and walks away from the body while remarking that this is not happening before wondering how this happened.

"How do you think?", Gibbs wonders.

Samantha remarks that Scott/Summer has a two year old and that even Bulldog..

Tony remarks that Hitch/Bulldog is tying up his loose ends with Kate remarking that all Samantha has to do is co-operate with them and they'll take Hitch/Bulldog out for Samantha's life for good.

Samantha remarks that she can't and don't they understand?

Gibbs heads over to one of the freezers, remarking that Samantha's sister, P.O. King is in one of them and suggests that maybe Samantha would like to say goodbye.

Samantha states that Summer talked to NCIS and that's why she's lying on the slab before stating that it's not happening to her.

Gibbs remarks that she's right before stating that it's happening because of Samantha herself.

Samantha suggests that they either charge her with something or she's out of here.

Gibbs just nods.

Up, in the squadroom, Tony and Kate both tell Samantha that she's making a big mistake and that once she walks out the door, they can't protect her.

McGee reveals that Hitch has a very good alibi for last night as Hitch was in New York, promoting his club and that the photos are from the Eastsider this morning.

As this happens, McGee gives Gibbs two pages of the article in question.

McGee reveals that he checked with the airlines and that he didn't get back until 1100 today.

Samantha then remarks that Hitch always wins and as she grabs her phone, she states that she tried to tell her sister that but Manda didn't listen.

As she leaves, she tells the team that she hopes they listen before Samantha herself ends up dead too.

It then cuts to Gibbs who's now sitting at his desk and watching as Samantha leaves.

Act Four

In the morgue, Gibbs asks about Scott/Summer's cause of death with Ducky stating that she received several fatal injuries consisted with vehicular homicide and that if Ducky had to pick one, internal bleeding.

As Gibbs looks at an X-Ray, Ducky reveals that Scott/Summer's neck was broken on impact, damaging her spinal cord and a carotid artery before telling the body that if she'd survived, she would never have danced again, implying that Scott lived, then she would have left permanently paralyzed.

Gibbs wants to know about the tox screen with Ducky revealing that there were traces of meth and alcohol in her blood but they weren't enough to kill like Petty Officer King.

Gibbs wonders about the bruising with Ducky remarking that the bruising was made by someone holding her very tightly and he wishes he could tell Gibbs more.

"Yeah, Duck", Gibbs replies. "So do I".

As Palmer helps Ducky put on a cover for the autopsy, Ducky tells Gibbs that there is a procedure that Abby could use to lift the fingerprints off these bruises.

"Off of dead skin?", Gibbs says, stunned.

Ducky agrees, stating that they need Gibbs's approval.

When Gibbs wonders why, Ducky remarks that it's prohibitively expensive and rarely works.

"So's getting married", Gibbs states before telling them to do it.

As Gibbs leaves, Ducky chuckles.

In the bullpen, McGee is working on something with Tony looking over his head while eating a cookie. McGee states that he's going as fast as he can and does Tony mind?

"No", Tony replies.

McGee hits a few keys and announces that he's done.

Tony then tells McGee to put it on the plasma.

As McGee wipes some crumbs from his hair, Tony approaches Kate's desk and wonders if Kate really made the cookie herself with Kate stating that she did.

Tony says that they're delicious and that he didn't know she could book.

Kate corrects him by stating that it's actually baking and that there's a lot of things Tony doesn't know about her. McGee wants to try one and Kate says he can.

She attempts to open the tin, only to discover one cookie inside.

Furious, Kate confronts Tony who states that they were really delicious with Tony licking his lips. As Kate stares at Tony, speechless, Gibbs comes in, wondering what they've got.

McGee reveals that they have a way to keep tabs on Samantha King's location.

Gibbs takes the cookie with McGee believing that he thought that was one for.. but McGee stops when Gibbs glares at him.

McGee explains that when he rigged the GPS in Samantha's phone, he also downloaded the code and as he hits a button on the clicker, McGee reveals that they can follow her anywhere she goes.

Tony remarks that Samantha is currently 20 miles outside of Norfolk on Route 64.

Gibbs tells McGee that's a good job with McGee admitting that it was actually Tony's idea.

Gibbs then takes the cookie from McGee and Tony looks on, believing that Gibbs is going to give to him, Gibbs simply decides to eat it himself which has Kate stunned and Tony remarking, "That's so not right".

Gibbs tells McGee that Abby needs his help and that Kate and Tony are with Gibbs.

"Where are we going?", Kate wonders.

"Norfolk", Gibbs replies and as he slips his gun into his holster, he reveals that they're gonna pay Ian Hitch a visit.

As they leave the bullpen, Kate wonders about Gibbs blowing their cover as talent scouts with Gibbs telling her that Samantha is leaving with them.

Tony wonders if Samantha changed her mind.

As they wait for the lift, Gibbs remarks that it doesn't matter and that he's not letting Samantha end up like her sister downstairs.

In the morgue, Palmer looks on as Abby applies some tubes to a glass coffin that has Summer/Scott's body inside. Palmer asks Abby how this is supposed to work.

Abby admits that it's a good question and that she's never done it on a body before. She then tells Palmer that they'll figure it out together.

Palmer agrees, stating for her to please call him Jimmy.

Abby says that she just did.

Palmer remarks that he didn't hear her.

Abby heads over to a table and remarks that the stuff is basically Super Glue and that it bonds almost instantly with everything. Plus, when it's heated, the vapours are attracted to proteins and fats left behind from a human fingerprint and when they dry, you can peel them off like a sticker.

Palmer tries to help but ends up spilling some of the glue.

As he helps Abby to her feet, Abby remarks that she thinks that this time would be better if she did it by herself with Palmer stating that he was only trying to observe.

Abby remarks that Palmer can let her go off now and he tries, only to realize that they've been glued together.

They then reach the morgue's doors when McGee arrives in.

After recovering, McGee wonders what the Hell Palmer's doing.

Abby then remarks that McGee needs to get acetone and Band Aids and fast!

In the car, with Gibbs driving, Kate in the passenger seat and Tony in the back, Kate remarks that she's tracking the GPS signal before revealing that Samantha's back at the club.

Gibbs calls Tony's name but gets no response as Tony is in the back seat, sleeping and snoring rather loudly.

Kate remarks that she'll wake him up.

Gibbs, on the other hand tells her that he's got a better idea and advises her to hold on. Suddenly, Gibbs brings the car to an abrupt halt, waking Tony from his nap.

Kate wonders if Tony had a bad dream.

"I thought... I thought..", Tony mutters.

Gibbs tells Tony to call Abby and see if she got any prints from the body.

As Tony does that, Gibbs and Kate smile in amusement.

In the lab, as she takes a print, Abby tells McGee that he didn't have to yell at Palmer because apparently, Palmer is afraid of him now.

"He is?", McGee states. "Cool".

Abby remarks that this is the last print before asking McGee or He-Man if he's had any luck with the print from the left arm.

McGee states that they're still running through AFIS and that he'll apologize to Palmer later with Abby nodding in agreement before McGee announces that they've gotten a match.

McGee reveals that the owner is Richard "Blue" McGinty, one of Hitch's bouncers.

In the car, Tony thanks Abby before hanging up. He then tells Gibbs and Kate that McGee and Abby got a print from Summer's body and that it came from the bouncer outside the club the other night.

This leaves Kate and Gibbs stunned.

Gibbs then puts the car in motion and they race off to Teaz.

In a dressing room at the club, McGinty tells Samantha/Jade that Hitch wants to see her before asking her if she's okay. She tells McGinty she's not sure how much more of this she can take.

McGinty states that when she's a star, this will all seem like a bad dream.

"I'm having second thoughts about the dream", Samantha/Jade admits.

McGinty remarks that it's a bit late for that, isn't it?

Meanwhile, Gibbs, Tony and Kate arrive at the club with Kate still tracking the GPS signal.

Samantha/Jade enters Hitch's office and learns that Hitch knows who Lulu or Kate and that she's a Navy cop. Samantha states that she didn't.

Hitch wants to know what Samantha told them: maybe she told them that Hitch killed her sister.

Samantha states that she didn't tell them, NCIS anything.

"Now, why don't I believe you, Jade?". Hitch says, unimpressed and draws a revolver, a Ruger GP100, causing Samantha to back away in fright as McGinty looks on.

The team have reached the inside of the club and are approaching the entrance with Kate remarking that Samantha's inside.

Back in the office, Samantha tells Hitch or Ian that if he shoots her, then NCIS will know it was him.

Hitch simply says for her to tell the game that she's playing and she'll bear that in mind.

Samantha defends herself, stating that she's not playing any games.

"That's not what Summer said", Hitch replies before asking Samantha if she know that Summer is dead.

Samantha shakes her head.

"Of course you do", Hitch says.

The NCIS team are approaching the club when a gunshot rings them, causing them to duck for cover and draw their guns.

As they scale the stairs, their weapons drawn, the doors fling open and two women come rushing down the steps in a panic. Once they've gone, Gibbs and Kate head inside first with Tony following.

As Gibbs pushes on, Tony scans the rooms and also removes any civilians.

Eventually, all three Agents reach the entrance to Hitch's office and they burst inside to find McGinity holding his gun, remarking that Hitch was going to kill Samantha and that he didn't have a choice.

Gibbs tells McGinty to drop it.

McGinty does so with Tony arresting as Kate rushes to Samantha's side.

It then shows Hitch sitting his desk, dead, having been shot twice in the chest with the revolver still resting in his right hand.

Kate then comforts a crying Samantha.

In Abby's lab, something has Abby deeply puzzled when Gibbs comes in, asking if they've got everything ready for shipment to Norfolk.

"Working on it", McGee replies.

Abby grabs the Caf-Pow and remarks that there might be a problem with Gibbs wondering what kind of problem.

Abby then tells him that she got back Summer Diamond's DNA and it doesn't match the DNA they took off at the condoms at the first crime scene.

"She didn't set Willie Taylor up?", Gibbs states.

"Nope", McGee replies.

Abby states that the weird thing is she got a near match to the Armed Force's registry.

"He was set up by a sailor?", Gibbs remarks with disbelief.

It then cuts to the screen which shows that a probability match of 70%.

At the hospital, Samantha is tending to her dying father, telling him that she's going to make him proud, just like he was of Manda and that everyone's gonna know her name.

Benjamin remarks to Samantha that he was always proud of her and remarks, "My baby, the pop star".

Samantha smiles.

Benjamin remarks that he wishes they (presumably himself and Manda) could be around to see it and that Manda loved Samantha's singing.

Gibbs arrives in, telling Samantha that they need to talk while Tony and Kate look in from outside the window before Gibbs orders Samantha outside.

Outside, in the lobby, Samantha tells Gibbs that her father only has a few hours left before wondering if this is Blue.

"It's about you", Gibbs replies.

He then reveals that Summer Diamond didn't set Samantha's sister, Manda up before asking if Samantha was going to split the money with Blue.

"Or record a demo with it?", Kate wonders.

Tony grimly tells Samantha that they know and that her big sister, Manda told them.

"Or more appropriately her DNA", Kate states before revealing that there's a 70% match on the condoms that were found in Willie Taylor's apartment.

"Only a sibling could be that close", Tony says.

Kate tells Samantha that they also had access to her phone and Tony picks up, asking Samantha to guess where the GPS chip puts Samantha on the nights when her sister, Manda and Summer Diamond both died.

Gibbs remarks that setting up Ian Hitch was a nice touch.

Tony agrees, stating that it gets Samantha out of that crappy record contact she signed and she also gets all of her father's money too.

Samantha drops the façade and angrily hisses, "She's dead and still screwing with my life".

Gibbs advises her to go say goodbye to her father and that if he were her, he'd keep lying to him.

Back in the hospital room, Benjamin looks at Samantha, telling her that he always believed in her, even when her sister, Manda didn't.

Samantha just gives a small smile.

Benjamin tells Samantha that she's going to make it and that she is gonna be famous.

As this happens, Tony and Kate stare on.

Benjamin tells Samantha that he can feel it.

With that, he takes his last breath and dies.

As she glances at her now dead father, Samantha remarks that her father's right and that she's gonna be a real star.

Gibbs disapprovingly watching as Samantha King sees goodbye to her father, Benjamin who then dies from end-stage bone cancer.

It then cuts to Gibbs who stares into the room from behind the curtain, a look of clear disapproval on his face.


Series Regulars

Season Two Cast
Name Portrayed by Role
Leroy Jethro Gibbs Mark Harmon An NCIS Special Agent in charge of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Anthony DiNozzo Junior Michael Weatherly The Senior Agent of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team and also the second-in-command.
Caitlin Todd Sasha Alexander A Secret Service Agent previously assigned to the Presidential Protection Detail on Air Force One and who is now an NCIS Special Agent as well as Tony DiNozzo's partner.
Abigail Sciuto Pauley Perette A Goth who is also the Chief Forensic Scientist and who also works for the NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Timothy McGee Sean Murray (actor) An NCIS Special Agent previously assigned to the Norfolk Naval Base who is now the Junior Agent of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Donald Mallard David McCallum NCIS's Chief Medical Examiner.

Recurring Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
James Palmer Brian Dietzen Gerald Jackson's temporary replacement as the Assistant Medical Examiner.

Guest Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
Samantha King Mýa AKA Jade, a club singer.
Ian Hitch Steven Brand AKA Bulldog.
Mark Mauceri Scott Alan Smith A Norfolk Detective.
Benjamin King Conrad Roberts Samantha's father who is suffering from stage-end bone cancer. Later succumbs to his illness and dies.
Willie Taylor Kiko Ellsworth A bartender.
Keisha Scott Daya Vaidya AKA "Summer Diamond", she's a dancer at Hitch's nightclub.
Night Trap Shang Forbes A DJ at Hitch's nightclub.
Richard McGinty Mark Griffin Nicknamed, "Blue", he's a bouncer at Hitch's nightclub. .
Norfolk Police Officer Tommi Delton Uncredited role.
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