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René Benoit (code name: La Grenouille) was a French firearms dealer and the arch-nemesis of NCIS Director, Jennifer Shepard.

He was the ex-husband of Helen Berkley, father of Jeanne Benoit and two unnamed children, and the father-in-law of David Woods.



NCIS Season 4

Rene Benoit arrives at Jenny Shepherd's house asking for protection. Believing Rene killed her father, Jasper Shepherd, Jenny refuses to protect him. She shoves her gun into his chest and says "Take the damn gun. Protect yourself!"

NCIS Season 5

In Bury Your Dead, Rene Benoit is discovered floating in water where his yacht was docked, a single gunshot to the head.

FBI agent Tobias Fornell interrogates Gibbs' team as to Director Jenny Shepherd's involvement with Rene, suspecting that she murdered him. Jenny Shepherd owned a 9-mil Glock, which matched the weapon used to kill Rene. Jenny tells Tobias that she gave her gun to Rene to defend himself, leading Tobias to believe that CIA Officer Trent Kort took the gun from Rene and shot him. Gibbs asks Director Shepherd if she remembers Rene taking the gun, as Gibbs remembers Rene putting the gun back down on Jenny's desk. Jenny asks Gibbs if he remembers it differently, and he does not disagree.

In Judgement Day (part 1), Gibbs receives the FBI file on the murder of Rene Benoit from Agent Fornell. He asks Abby Scuito to analyze the bullet used to kill Rene. She discovered two striations on the bullet that she believes came from a defect in the firing pin. It is revealed in this episode that Gibbs gave Director Shepherd his firing pin to use on her gun, and the bullets from his firing pin have the same two striations.

NCIS Season 10

NCIS Season 13


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