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Reveille is the twenty-third and final episode in NCIS Season 1 and the 23rd episode of the entire NCIS series.


After months of getting nowhere, Gibbs's obsession to uncover the true identity of the terrorist who triggered the hostage situation in Bête Noire (episode) begins reaching such alarmingly high heights to such an extent that even Kate and eventually Tony become concerned. However, on her way back to NCIS Headquarters after lunch with Ducky and Tony, Kate is later kidnapped and reunited with the mysterious terrorist. She soon discovers that his group of fellow terrorists including one who happens to be DiNozzo's new crush are busy planning a terrorist attack and their targets are the U.S. President and the Israeli Prime Minister.


With the sound of a beating heart in the background, the elevator doors suddenly open, revealing NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs and as he heads into the morgue, he sees a single body-bag lying on the table.

In the corner, he sees Donald Mallard who looks miserable.

Gibbs then approaches the bag and looks at Ducky who is still wearing the same sad emotions on his face.

Unzipping the bag, Gibbs then throws it open and it reveals that it's Caitlin Todd who's lying in the bag, dead, her eyes glazed over and with a single bullet-shaped hole in the center of her forehead.

Gibbs then looks up and sees the gunman standing where Ducky was.

It closes up on the gunman's face and it's shown that he's laughing.

Act One

In the bullpen, with the software still running over and over again, Gibbs is asleep at his desk while Abigail Sciuto and Timothy McGee are looking at him while talking in hushed voices.

Unfortunately, Gibbs wakes up, informing them that McGee should be on his way back to Norfolk given that the office opens in 24 minutes and that it's a 193 mile drive.

McGee tells Gibbs that he was going to call in because he has an idea on how to find the terrorist.

While Gibbs gets some clothes, McGee tells him that the database he's scanning has over 10 million photos and that it's going to take a month to check every single photo.

When Gibbs angrily asks if the idea is to depress him, McGee insists that it isn't because if they get the terrorist's exact age, they'll be able to limit the search to the year he turned 21 and that will only take a number of days.

Gibbs sarcastically tells them it's a good plan except for the fact that they've got no idea who the guy is.

Gibbs eventually agrees to the idea but not before stating that McGee slept in a coffin when he stayed with Abby.

The news that he slept in a coffin and that he also probably did more than just sleep freaks McGee out big time.

In a park in D.C, NCIS Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo is having his morning jog when he meets a Swedish woman, Marta.

The two then have a jogging match and unsurprisingly, Marta beats Tony.

As they stand on the grass, recovering, three helicopters fly overhead and Tony helpfully points out that one is Marine One which flies the President.

Tony mistakenly believes Marta's German but she tells him she's Swedish and the two begin flirting.

Marta then runs back down the hill again, causing Tony to remark that he has to get in shape before running after her.

Kate's waiting in the queue in her local shop, "D.C Beans" when she meets a man named John (Reveille) but their conversation is cut short when Kate spots Gibbs sitting at a desk, waiting for her.

She bids goodbye to John and heads over to Gibbs, taking the seat opposite her boss.

She tastes the coffee and remarks it's strong before telling Gibbs that she takes her coffee with milk and sweetener.

Gibbs tells her that strong is better.

Kate is getting increasingly nervous and she tells Gibbs that he's either to fire her or that she has to go undercover as DiNozzo's wife.

Gibbs, on the other hand wants her to profile a terrorist, i.e., the one she couldn't stab.

It then cuts to a flashback from Bête Noire where Kate tries to stab the man with a scalpel but fails.

Back in the present, Kate believes that Ducky told Gibbs.

Not meeting his gaze, she tells him it's true.

Gibbs wants to know why.

Kate tells him that she looked into the terrorist's eyes and to her, they looked kind.

Gibbs angrily asks her if they looked kind when the terrorist blew out Gerald Jackson's left shoulder.

Kate defends herself while Gibbs reminds her that eyes can lie and that if she meets the gunman again, she shouldn't forget it.

Kate vows that she won't and begins profiling him. She also reveals that money doesn't drive him and that it might be martyrdom but it might also be revenge and money and she also got the sense that he lives large given that he has perfect nails, teeth and he even had a manicure.

She then tell Gibbs that she believes that the terrorist is intelligence, bold and willing to take big risks.

It then cuts to another flashback from Bête Noire (episode) where the terrorist and Gibbs had a duel that ended with Gibbs being shot in his left shoulder.

As it cuts to the present, Gibbs looks very troubled and wonders why the terrorist gave him a chance to kill him?

Kate tells him that the terrorist had a vest and he knew Gibbs would double-tap him in the chest.

When Gibbs asks about shooting him in the head, Kate tells him it was a risk he had to take to make sure his escape plan worked.

Gibbs then realizes that the terrorist could have killed him but he went ahead with the plan anyway.

When Kate asks why, Gibbs tells her that it's maybe because the terrorist needs to face death to feel alive, maybe to feel anything at all.

It then cuts to a lone motorbike speeding through an empty road while performing a crazy stunt in the process. His wild stunt even sends a Porsche off course.

It then cuts to an area where Marvin Atwood and a Man (Reveille) are setting up for something and as the driver dismounts, it's shown that it's the same gunman from Bête Noire.

When Atwood asks him if he wants to launch it, the terrorist replies, "Why not?".

It then cuts to the sky where the missile is flying past the clouds at a great speed.

Act Two

Tony arrives in the bullpen and Kate realizes that he's in love.

Tony agrees, telling her that his new girlfriend is Swedish.

While Tony checks his email, Kate lists some various girlfriends who might have missed him, causing Tony to realize that she hacked into his computer.

Kate tells him she hasn't and that ever since he used hers, she's been getting a lot of porn spam.

Tony is in disbelief that at the fact that Kate has never opened an X-rated site.

Kate states that she never has.

Tony then tells her that it's sad because he believes her and then asks where Gibbs is.

Kate informs him that Gibbs is in MTAC, talking to Bahrain.

She then tells Tony that she believes that Gibbs is fixated on the terrorist but Tony disagrees, stating Gibbs is determined and that being determined is a good trait for a cop.

Kate believes that it's not when it turns into obsession.

She then tells Tony of how Gibbs showed up at her local coffeehouse, brought her coffee and then probed her about the incident involving the terrorist as if it had happened yesterday, not months ago but Tony agrees that it's serious given that Gibbs has never bought him coffee.

Kate tries to get Tony to believe her but he insists that the terrorist is Gibbs's old bone.

Kate then remarks that they should hope that Gibbs doesn't choke on it.

Up in MTAC, Gibbs is having a video-conference with NCIS Agent Daniel Snyder.

Gibbs is furious that Mossad have told Snyder that they don't know the terrorist is and that Mossad are lying to Snyder because the gunman is too good not to be on Mossad's radar.

Snyder tells him that Mossad swear that they've got nothing, not even a Hamas code-name and then suggests that if they're holding out, then they're waiting for the opportunity to take him out themselves.

When Gibbs ponders further, Snyder tells him that Mossad is like the Mafia and that they would never trust anyone outside the family.

Gibbs states that the gunman isn't in the Middle East and that he's here.

Synder wonders where Gibbs got that intel.

Gibbs tells Synder that it's his gut.

As the conference ends, it then cuts to footage of George W. Bush saying goodbye to the press before entering Marine One which then takes off.

As it does, it pulls back to reveal that the rogue gunman and his associates are watching the live coverage. He then tells his men about the route that Marine One will take and the plan that they have which in detail reveals that they plan to capture Bush and Israeli President Ariel Sharon so that they can exchange them for prisoners that Israel is holding.

When one of the men, Simi asks the gunman how he knows which one is Marine One, the terrorist states that A little bird is going to tell me.

It then cuts to the lab where McGee and Abby are playing around but during the process, Abby accidentally knocks into Gibbs who given that the fact that the search for the terrorist is going nowhere is extremely pissed.

He tells her to go sit down and change the music in her lab.

She does, replacing the goth music with banjo music instead.

McGee works frantically and his program soon discovers that the terrorist was born in 1969 which Gibbs remarks would have made him 21 in 1991.

He then gives McGee three days to get a hit, stating if the younger Agent doesn't get a hit within that time, then Gibbs will believe that it's a ploy to play house before leaving the lab as Abby and McGee look at each other.

In a restaurant in downtown D.C, Kate and Tony are having lunch with Ducky who tells them that Gibbs's behavior is an exact repeat of where his last wife divorced him.

Tony then hopes that maybe Gibbs will take his frustrations out on the Mysterious Red-Head instead of them while Kate expresses disgust as Tony's manners which include him talking with his mouth full.

When Kate asks how Gibbs was divorcing when he was in a bad mood the last time, Tony expresses hope that it was a redhead and nicks some of Kate's food.

In response, she headslaps him, causing Tony to remark that she's not Gibbs and if she does that again, she's going to be wearing that tuna salad.

Ducky tells them that Gibbs was after a child murderer who had sexually abused a five year old girl before beating her to death while Kate states that stuff like that makes her sick and then asks Ducky if the guy was ever caught.

Ducky tells her that he was but it took nearly a year and by that time, a second girl had been beaten which meant that Gibbs was a bit difficult to live with after that incident.

Tony is the middle of eating his food when he sees Marta jogging down the street.

With that, he abandons his food, leaves the table and dodging traffic by the skin of his teeth while getting horns blared at him, rushes over to meet her.

Kate is disgusted, wondering when he's going to grow up.

Ducky tells her it's in the genes and most boys Tony's age are living at home with their mothers.

Kate takes a sip of her drink and glances at Ducky's watch before she too prepares to leave after realizing she has a Gitmo conference back at NCIS in about twenty minutes.

She then tells Ducky that it was Tony's turn to buy but Ducky assures her that he'll take care of it.

With that, Kate leaves and Ducky then steals a chip from Tony's abandoned plate.

Kate heads to a road and presses a button as she waits for the traffic to stop before she can cross over.

In front of her is a blue Mini and then a single red motorbike pulls up opposite the Mini.

The biker seems to be flirting with Kate and she smiles, obviously amused.

However when he reveals his shield to reveal that he's the gunman she couldn't stab in the morgue all those months ago, Kate freaks, drawing her gun.

Unfortunately, the traffic lights are red and despite that, the gunman races off before Kate can get a shot at him.

She then rushes into the blue Mini and orders them to go after the biker.

As the Mini drives off, Kate is seen on her cell phone, presumably to alert NCIS as to what's going on.

It then cuts to an overhead shot showing the Mini driving off seconds later.

Act Three

Back at NCIS, McGee has moved up from Abby's lab to the bullpen where he's working at Gibbs's desk.

Gibbs comes in and demands a report.

McGee tells he thought he had a hit but there wasn't enough points for a match.

Gibbs then asks where Kate and Tony are.

McGee tells him that they went to lunch with Ducky an hour ago.

Gibbs then gets in McGee's face when the younger Agent suggests that they might be following a lead before he leaves the bullpen again.

McGee, shaken gets back to work.

In the morgue, Ducky has returned from lunch and is busy going through a meat puzzle with the help of his temporary assistant, James Palmer.

Ducky shares a story about a man whose big toe tingled every time an earthquake was about to strike and he even tells Palmer that he's a rare one because any other Medical Assistants would take one look at the puzzle and head for the loo.

Palmer assures him that he thinks of it as being a meat jigsaw puzzle when Gibbs comes in.

Ducky tells him about the puzzle which Agent Balboa found.

It then cuts to reveal that there are various body parts on both tables which Ducky and Jimmy are working on. Gibbs remarks that just when he thinks nothing will surprise him.

Ducky then tells him that the puzzle was found in a 55-gallon drum of alcohol beside a dumpster at Bethesda Naval Hospital but stops when he remembers the terrorist looking at Yasir Qassam's body and determining that they hadn't performed an autopsy yet.

In the present, Ducky tells Gibbs that he's sorry before stating that he believes that the terrorist went to medical school in Britain.

With the new lead, Gibbs prepares to leave but then asks Ducky where Kate and Tony are. Ducky tells him that Tony went one of his usual pursuits and that Kate has a video-conference with Gitmo.

As Gibbs leaves, Palmer produces a right big toe from the puzzle which has Ducky realizing that there's more than one body in the puzzle.

Gibbs then arrives in the bullpen again and learns from McGee that medical school in the UK is four years. He then orders McGee to change his search to Medical- Post Graduate in 1994.

McGee's surprised at the possibility that he could be a doctor and Gibbs tells him that Ducky thinks so.

With that, Gibbs leaves again, telling McGee he's going to MTAC and that if DiNozzo comes back, McGee is to put him under house arrest.

"Me?", McGee asks, stunned and then begins typing at the keyboard again.

Up In MTAC, as a live feed of Bush and Sharon from the White House airs on-screen, Gibbs arrives in and meets a Technician who tells him he could switch the conference to the main switch.

Gibbs, on the other hand will take it on the headset and then sits down, talking to Agent Paula Cassidy.

As he does so, Tony sneaks into MTAC, quietly closing the door behind him but Paula waves at him, blowing his plan out of the water.

Gibbs then tells Cassidy he'll get back to her later.

Cassidy tells him she's standing by and then as the screen to Gitmo goes blank again, Gibbs turns around to face Tony.

Tony then tells Gibbs that McGee told him that Gibbs wanted to see him and he believes that Gibbs telling Tony to be put under house arrest is just Gibbs's own way of making a point.

Gibbs then gets up and leaves with DiNozzo trailing after him as he asks DiNozzo about the name of the creek and how deep he's in it.

DiNozzo believes that he's up to his knees.

As they leave MTAC and head into the corridor, DiNozzo apologizes but Gibbs tells him what's a hot case if he was shadowing a tight ass?

DiNozzo tells that the statement isn't fair but Gibbs tells him that war isn't fair and that they're at war. He also states that until he relieves DiNozzo which may be any moment now, DiNozzo's going to fight that war 24/7 and that includes sleeping, eating and taking a crap.

DiNozzo gets the hint and asks if he may say something.

"Only if it has to do with me catching that bastard I'm chasing", Gibbs snaps.

"It does", Tony replies.

"Then speak", Gibbs demands.

"Boss, you really need to see Moby Dick", Tony says before heading back down to the bullpen.

Gibbs then heads down a few steps and notices that McGee and Tony are at the desks, working, Kate isn't. He then dials his cell-phone.

It cuts to the blue Mini where it's obvious that they've taken Kate hostage.

Simi then gets her ringing cell-phone, inadvertently or not, sexually harassing Kate by running his hand across her waist and feels Kate up through the skirt then picking the phone off of her left hip.

Bassam asks her who's calling her. Kate doesn't answer. He then checks to see that it's Gibbs and he asks her who Gibbs is.

Kate doesn't say anything which causes Bassam to slap her, leaving her lips swollen and bleeding.

Kate lies and tells him it's her boyfriend but Bassam doesn't buy it for a second, slapping her again which causes Kate to cry out in pain.

In the stairway, Gibbs, having gotten no response hangs up.

The Mini then arrives at a little house in the countryside where Kate meets the gunman. He asks Kate if she missed him before apologizing for Bassam's actions.

Kate tells him at least Bassam didn't blow her shoulder out with a The terrorist then orders Bassam to undo her cuffs and asks about Gerald Jackson.

Kate states that Gerald is still in rehab and asking everyday if the terrorist is dead.

Once Bassam's released her, Kate turns around and hits Bassam in revenge for him inflicting several slaps on her.

Bassam freaks out, enraged that a woman hit him and the terrorist is forced to physically restrain him.

Once Bassam's cooled down, despite cursing about Kate hitting him, the terrorist asks Kate if she's satisfied.

"No. He smacked me twice", Kate replies.

"Being slapped by a woman is twice the insult to Bassam", the terrorist tells her.

"Really?", Kate says. "What about being shot by one?".

The terrorist then wants to know why Bassam hit her. Simi tells him that she wouldn't tell them who was calling her. He then throws her cell-phone to the gunman who catches her, looks at it and realizes that Gibbs called her.

Kate tells the gunman that she should call Gibbs and let him know where she is because Gibbs is her boss after all.

"Of course", the terrorist agrees. "But first some ice for your lip. Then you may call him".

As he escorts her from the garage, Kate turns back to see some more men putting a drone or a missile onto the top of the Mini.

Back in the bullpen, Gibbs wants to know if they've heard from Kate.

Tony tells him that he hasn't and that he's tried her phone line but has no answer before asking Gibbs if he's going to give her a paddle.

When McGee looks at him, Tony tells him that it has to do with the creek that both he and Kate are up.

Gibbs still stares unblinkingly at the screen as it goes through the photos.

Back in the house, the terrorist is helping Kate's lip heal. She tells him that she thought she could call Gibbs but the terrorist tells she can but on one condition.

Kate sarcastically laughs at that offer and asks him what she's supposed to say.

The gunman then tells her that her story is that she became ill after lunch and she went to Emergency where they told her she had food poisoning. They then gave her some meds and sent her home. He also states that she'll be fine tomorrow but that she needs some rest.

"And if I don't say it?", Kate asks.

Suddenly, the terrorist calls for someone and Marta, the jogger from earlier emerges. She then tells Kate that when she meets Tony for their date tonight, she'll put a bullet in the back of Tony's head as she runs her fingers through his hair which forces Kate to surrender and agree to the gunman's terms given that Tony's life is now at stake.

Gibbs soon gets the voice-mail from Kate and once he ends the call, tells Tony that Kate has food poisoning.

Gibbs then finally snaps, taking his anger out of Tony before stating that he wants the gunman's name today.

As he leaves, Gibbs yells over his shoulder, "And don't tell me it's Moby Dick".

McGee, having never seen one of Gibbs's meltdowns before is amazed while Tony finally begins to agree with Kate about the fact that Gibbs is losing it and is hoping isn't today but McGee gives him a look.

Tony, frustrated stamps his foot and begins rambling on about his date with the Swedish girl.

McGee then interrupts him and when Tony asks about what, McGee points at the computer screen.

The positive match on the terrorist who infiltrated NCIS.

It then cuts to show that they've finally found a positive match on the terrorist.

Act Four

In a picnic table near the house, the terrorist and Kate are having a little "date" with Marta in attendance.

When the gunman tells her to think of the situation as a weekend in the country with himself as the charming host as well as the fact that many women find him attractive, Kate tells him that he must pay the woman well which has Marta laughing.

Suddenly, a man's voice on the walkie-talkie informs the gunman that they're leaving and he tells them something to which Kate replies, "Do you know what?".

As they leave, Marta waves to them and Kate realizes that this is what she's here for but the terrorist decides to play a game which involves a pea and three shells.

As he places the pea under one section and then moves the shells around, he tells Kate to guess where it is and that if she tells him, he'll answer one of her questions.

Kate chooses the one in the middle and as it turns out, she's right.

Unsurprisingly, Marta who's still reading her book isn't too impressed, calling it a lucky guess and when the gunman asks her about that, Kate tells him that it wasn't before demanding that he ask her question.

The gunman then tells her that they'll play the game once more to satisfy Marta that it wasn't luck. He arranges the shells again and asks Kate to pick one. After a single second passes, Kate chooses the one to her right and as it turns out, she's correct.

Kate still wants to know why she's here but the gunman ignores her question, stating that she's here to teach him this trick and that he's serious. He rearranges the shells yet again while Kate glares at him.

Once it's done, Kate picks the middle one and sure enough, she's right yet again.

The gunman's amazed and wonders how she learned it.

When Kate asks what he's talking about, he tells her, "The Secret Service" and Kate is stunned as it finally sinks in.

Once the gunman eats the pea, Kate realizes that because the President's flying to Camp David, they're planning on shooting it down with the missiles she saw earlier.

The gunman tells her he has no intention of shooting down Marine One.

Kate remarks that the gunman is a lying bastard.

This causes Marta to laugh again although she sheepishly apologizes for it a few seconds later.

"Unfortunately, half of that is true", the terrorist admits.

Back in the bullpen, Tony announces that the terrorist's name is Ari Haswari while McGee tells Abby that he graduated from Edinburgh Medical College in 1994. Ducky's stunned because he graduated from there albeit a few decades earlier.

Ducky wonders if the college should be informed.

"Want to name him an honored alumni?", Tony asks.

Ducky is not impressed by the joke and goes off to list the honored alumni already on the college's list which includes Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

McGee's impressed with the famous names associated with the college and Ducky begins telling a story of the college is associated with bloodletting.

"I'll be doing some bloodletting if this huddle isn't work related", Gibbs announces, barging in past Ducky. McGee then tells him what he's found with Gibbs telling him, "Great work".

As he looks at the photo, Gibbs realizes that "Ari" is Israeli and "Haswari" is Arabic.

"Maybe his folks were working on some Middle East peace plan?", Abby suggests.

Gibbs wants McGee to find out who knew him at the medical school but Tony has already covered that, telling them that he spoke to a Dr. Martin Sedgewick who told Tony that he and Ari did their post-graduate work at the Edinburgh Center for Infectious Diseases.

"That's why Hamas chose him to recover the smallpox virus", Ducky pipes up.

Tony continues on, stating that Sedgewick told him that Ari was quite brilliant, always with beautiful woman and that he went by "Haswari", never "Ari".

McGee then picks up the story by telling them that Ari's father was Dr. Benjamin Weinstein and his mother was Hasmia Haswari. They both worked in a Jerusalem hospital.

"Oh. Haswari didn't like his Jewish daddy", Abby says.

"You call him Ari", Gibbs orders.

Tony then states that Ari worked with his mother in a Gaza Strip clinic until she died four years ago.

Abby realizes that this caused Ari to go from being a doctor to being a terrorist.

As Ducky rambles on about another story, Gibbs cuts him off by ordering Tony to come with him while McGee is to track Kate's phone and that if it comes online, he wants a location.

As they head off the lift, Tony tells him that Kate's at home but Gibbs is doubting that she had food poisoning which go out the window when Tony tells him that Kate had a tuna salad for lunch.

Gibbs then finally realizes that Ari has taken Kate prisoner and storms back into the bullpen, leaving Tony behind as the elevator doors close.

Back at the house, Kate tells Ari that there's no way to tell them apart and that even if there was, she wouldn't tell him.

"Even if it meant your life?", Marta asks threateningly with Kate's gun in her hand.

Kate tells her is she willing to die for what she believes?

Marta tells her that Hamas prove that everyday.

"No, your children do", Kate snaps.

Now pissed off, Marta aims the gun at Kate but Ari intervenes, ordering Marta to give him the gun. Marta refuses, stating that they're wasting time.

Ari insists he give her the gun and that if killing needs to be done, then he's going to do it himself. She soon grudgingly hands over the gun and Ari tries to get Kate to drink wine.

Marta's furious.

Ari then tells her that Kate was telling the truth all along: there is no way to identify Marine One from the others.

Marta states that Ari told her that there was.

Ari remarks that he lied.

"You told me there was", Marta says.

Marta reaches for the cell-phone, intending to warn her colleagues of what happened but as she edges closer, she puts herself into the line of fire while Ari wastes no time in wielding Kate's gun and without missing a single beat, he shoots Marta in the head, causing her to hit the ground.

It then cuts to Marta who lies dead on the ground with a single bullet-hole in the center of her forehead. a look of disbelief on her face with her eyes wide open and staring at nothing.

Kate is left stunned and shocked by the scene.

Ari then remarks that women should never get involved in politics and that it's a waste of beauty.

He then gives Kate her cell-phone and orders her to call her old friends at the Secret Service and that he'll tell them all he needs to know.

Kate's still in shock and stares at her phone.

Ari tells her to take it.

"Your President?", Kate repeats.

"I'm Israeli", Ari replies. "Mossad".

It then pulls away from the little area and cuts to a TV where Debra Green is reporting on a shootout between FBI agents and alleged Colombian drug dealers (in reality, Ari's first terrorist cell) has ended with three suspects being killed and two FBI agents being wounded.

It then pulls back to reveal Gibbs's basement and shows FBI agent Tobias Fornell watching the TV.

When Gibbs asks about the drug dealers, Fornell tells him that the Secret Service came up with the idea.

Gibbs asks about Ari's get-out-of-jail-for-free pass which Fornell tells him that the CIA arranged but the one thing is that all the Directors including the Director of NCIS all agreed to do it.

Getting off the seat, Fornell tells Gibbs that Ari's father was Mossad and that he knocked Ari's mother up to get a son with Arab blood before sending Ari to medical school to vet him as a doctor in Gaza.

Fornell then states that Ari has been a sleeper his whole life.

"Yeah, I'd love to put him in a coma", Gibbs says.

Fornell tells him that al-Qaeda funded the Hamas operation and that Ari was doing what he had to do to make his bones with them.

Gibbs tells him to tell that to Gerald.

The talk soon descends into an argument but after a second, things cool down and Fornell decides to take a drink out of a bottle after Gibbs claims a coffee mug is his.

Gibbs tells Fornell that the alcohol he's drinking is 1.25 proof and that he's supposed to sip it.

Fornell then joins Gibbs and informs him that the Directors want his word that he's going to forget about Ari because they believe that Gibbs will blow his cover.

As he studies his boat, Gibbs states that if he gets payback, it won't be by blowing Ari's cover before asking why Fornell is here, instead of Morrow.

"He refused to", Fornell replies, causing Gibbs to chuckle.

Gibbs then agrees on one condition.

"There's always one condition", Fornell replies.

Gibbs tells Fornell that he wants to talk to Ari in a place he chooses and that they have to be alone.

Fornell tells him that no-one from the agencies is going to agree to that but Gibbs reminds him that Ari will.

It then cuts to the same scene shown at the beginning of the episode of Gibbs exiting the lift, heading into the morgue and opening the body-bag but the twist is that it's Marta, not Kate who's in the bag.

Gibbs remarks that Marta was beautiful and it then cuts to Ari who's leaning against the X-ray machine. He agrees with Gibbs's statement.

Gibbs then realizes that Ari slept with Marta and then blew her brains out although Ari insists that Marta would have done the same to him.

Ari then reveals that he intends to maintain his cover by placing Kate's kidnapping, the attempt to hijack Marine One and the plan to kidnap the Presidents of the U.S and Israel on Marta.

However, as he attempts to leave, in a surprise twist, Gibbs shoots Ari in the left shoulder, telling that the injury will help convince al-Qaeda before turning around and leaving the morgue.

It cuts to Ari where it shows that just like at the start of the episode, he's laughing.

Major Events

  • The team finally learn that the mysterious gunman from Bête Noire (episode) is Ari Haswari, a Hamas terrorist and that Haswari also graduated from Edinburgh Medical College, the same college Ducky attended.


  • Reveille, is a bugle call sounded in the United States military to awaken personnel at sunrise. The name comes from the French "réveille" (or "réveil") the French word for "awaken".
  • Gibbs's nightmare about Kate lying dead in Autopsy with a bullet wound after being killed by Ari would become a reality as in the last few seconds in the Season 2 finale, Twilight, after Ari shot Kate in the head with a sniper rifle.
  • In this episode, Ducky and Jimmy are seen working on some dissected bodies which eventually leads up to the storyline in the Season 2 episode, The Meat Puzzle (episode).
  • This is the final episode to credit Sean Murray (Timothy McGee) as a Guest Star as in the next episode, Murray would become a permanent member of the main NCIS cast, resulting in him also being added to the opening credits.
  • During the scene immediately after the opening credits Gibbs states that the Norfolk office is 193 miles away. While there are various routes one could take, there is one such route that is exactly 193 miles from the approximate location of the real NCIS office in situated in the Washington Navy Yard, to the NCIS office in Norfolk, VA (I-95 and I-64 E)


Series Regulars

Name Portrayed by Role
Leroy Jethro Gibbs Mark Harmon An NCIS Special Agent in charge of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Anthony DiNozzo Michael Weatherly The Senior Agent of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team and also the second-in-command.
Caitlin Todd Sasha Alexander A Secret Service Agent previously assigned to the Presidential Protection Detail on Air Force One and who is now an NCIS Special Agent as well as Tony DiNozzo's partner.
Abigail Sciuto Pauley Perrette A Goth who is also the Chief Forensic Scientist and who also works for the NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Donald Mallard David McCallum NCIS's Chief Medical Examiner.

Recurring Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
Timothy McGee Sean Murray (actor) NCIS Agent stationed at the Norfolk Naval Base.
James Palmer Brian Dietzen Gerald Jackson's temporary replacement as the Assistant Medical Examiner.
Ari Haswari Rudolf Martin The terrorist who held Ducky, Gerald and Kate hostage.
Paula Cassidy Jessica Steen An NCIS Agent stationed at Gitmo.
Tobias Fornell Joe Spano An agent with the FBI.
Debra Green Sheila Frazier A reporter.
Daniel Snyder Robert Cicchini An NCIS Special Agent stationed in Bahrain.
George W. Bush Himself Archive footage. Uncredited role.

Guest Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
Marta Josie Davis A Swedish terrorist associated with Ari Haswari.
Marvin Atwood Paul Perri A man.
Man (Reveille) Matt Sigloch A man who works for Marvin Atwood and who helped set up a rocket test for Mr. Craig/Ari Haswari.
Bassam Nicholas Guilak A terrorist.
Simi Amir Talai Another member of Ari's Haswari terrorist group.
John (Reveille) Matthew Rauch A man Kate meets at her local coffee shop.
Technician Dan Lundy A tech stationed in MTAC.
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