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Shalom is the premiere episode of NCIS Season 4 and also the seventy-first episode of the entire NCIS series.


On her way into work, Ziva witnesses a Mossad-style assassination being performed that results in the death of a Syrian colonel wanted for crimes against Israel and also the two FBI agents guarding him. Now with her car having been abandoned at the crime scene, Ziva goes into hiding after becoming the prime suspect. Facing resistance from the FBI, her NCIS colleagues decide to investigate but all is not what it appears to be.


It's a bright and sunny day in downtown Washington D.C. and NCIS/Mossad Liaison Officer, Ziva David is on her way to NCIS in her red Mini Cooper while listening to Kinky- Mas on her car's radio or stereo.

Unsurprisingly, her reckless driving style annoys more than a few motorists who beep their horns at her and she eventually stops after a traffic light goes red.

As she waits, a motorbike with two hooded figures pulls up alongside her.

Ziva stops dancing while she remembers seeing herself as the passenger performing an assassination while somewhere in France, possibly Paris.

Back in the present, Ziva realizes what's going on and the motorbike soon takes off, causing a car and SUV to crash into each other.

Ziva races after the motorbike and edges ever closer.

The motorbike then speeds past a cafe where a Syrian man along with two FBI agents are sitting.

The bike passes and nothing's changed but as Ziva goes by, an explosion rips through the cafe, killing all three and causing Ziva to pull over as the motorbike heads off into the distance.

Ziva then gets out of her car, her gun drawn and begins glancing for any signs of suspicious activity and it's shown there's total carnage with the bodies of the three men lying dead on the street as those who survived the blast struggle to come to terms with what's happened.

It's also shown that more passers-by are beginning to appear, many looking devastated and distraught at the wreckage.

Ziva suddenly spots someone walking past her and upon identifying herself as a federal agent, orders the man to halt.

She gets a shock when the man turns around, revealing himself to be her former Mossad partner, Namir Eschel which throws Ziva for a loop.

Eschel uses that moment to simply walk away.

It then cuts to Ziva who looks stunned.

Act One

In the squadroom, as another work day begins, as NCIS Special Agent and also Senior Field Agent Timothy McGee plays a video game, NCIS Forensic Scientist Abigail Sciuto runs in, carrying a box of doughnuts and a Caf-Pow saying, "Is he here yet? Is he here yet?".

McGee tells her does she think he'd playing this game if he was?

As Abby sits on McGee's desk, eating, McGee tells Abby that he will call her as soon as he gets here, he promises.

Abby wonders what if his flight was delayed or worse, what if he missed his connecting flight?

McGee then states that he will be here tomorrow.

Abby states that that's not good enough and a team needs our leader before she states that he's their glue, their spine and without him, they're like phylum Cnidaria.

"Jellyfish", McGee replies.

Abby agrees.

This has McGee stopping and looking up at Abby while wondering if she regards him as "spineless". Abby pauses for a second and states, "Of course not, Timmy".

She then gives him a little shove, sending McGee away from his desk.

Abby then begins typing into the computer, remarking that she's going to check his flight.

McGee heads back, remarking that Abby is getting powder all over his keyboard. As he reaches for the keyboard, Abby slaps his hand away while wondering what McGee's point is.

McGee then remarks that his point is that he believes that Abby is really, really overdoing the whole sugar thing again.

As she brings up the flight options, Abby remarks that she's eating for two.

This has McGee leaning in and looking at her, concerned.

Abby then tells him to relax and remarks that she was referring to health-food freak over there AKA new NCIS Probationary Agent Michelle Lee who is sitting at McGee's former desk eating an orange.

Abby then remarks that every time she walks past Lee's desk, she has this irresistible urge to shove a cheeseburger down her throat.

McGee believes that Lee is kind of hot.

"Oh, you think she's hot?", Abby says.

"You know for a probie", McGee replies.

Lee then pipes up, stating the two do realize that she can hear them.

"We do now, very Special Agent Lee", Abby replies.

Lee just gives them a sarcastic smile before returning to her work.

Abby looks at the monitor again, remarking that his flight landed on time before wondering where he is.

Suddenly, the elevator opens and someone steps out, holding a mug of coffee.

As she spots them, Abby gasps and runs to them while McGee gets to his feet.

"You're home", Abby says. "Welcome back. I missed you".

She then runs forward, embracing the new Team Leader who is revealed to be none other than former NCIS Senior Field Agent Anthony DiNozzo Junior.

Tony remarks to Abby that he missed her too.

Abby wonders if Tony had fun and if he went to that cool bar in Dusseldorf.

As this happens, Lee and McGee get back to work or rather, try to pretend that they've been working.

Tony remarks that he tried but the security conference kept them pretty busy and Tony then tells Abby that he's having trouble breathing.

Abby apologizes and lets go.

As soon as she's done that, Tony then turns his head and heads into the bullpen as a delighted Abby looks on.

Tony then greets McGee who Tony believes is all grown up.

As he heads into the bullpen, Tony wonders what he missed over the last two weeks.

"Nothing I couldn't handle, Boss", McGee says.

Tony remarks that's that good and to think that the Director didn't have any faith in McGee which leaves McGee stunned.

Tony then tells his people to gather round because he comes bearing gifts.

Abby bounces up and down, obviously excited.

Tony produces a cross necklace from the bag which he gives to Abby.

As she accepts it, Abby remarks that it's beautiful.

Tony then states that it's incredibly expensive and that the Euro is much expensive than it used to be.

The next gift is for Tony's Senior Field Agent, McGee who gets a CD "The Very Best of David Hasselhoff".

"You don't like it?", Tony wonders.

McGee repeats the title.

Tony then approaches McGee and gives him a Headslap with McGee wondering what that was for. Tony tells McGee that he listens to Yanni and that he has an authorized game on his computer.

McGee states that the game is actually Tony's.

"Yeah and you shouldn't have beaten my high score", Tony states.

Tony then reveals that Ziva's gift is a lederhosen and that one size fits all. As he looks around for Ziva, Tony wonders where Ziva or the little Israeli is.

Lee tells Tony that Ziva is late and that it's the second time this week.

Placing the lederhosen on Ziva's chair, Tony calls Lee his favorite probie/hall monitor.

As this has happened, McGee is now sitting back down at his desk while Abby has resumed eating her doughnuts.

Tony then asks Lee if she's wondering what the newest member of Team DiNozzo gets.

Tony glances into the bag, hoping for something but it's completely empty.

Despite that, he loudly remarks that they saved the best for last here.

Placing something into the bag, Tony remarks that this was not easy getting through customs but..

Lee tells Tony that he didn't have to.

Tony then gives her a stapler which leaves Lee confused.

Tony remarks that it's a German stapler although Lee is quick to point out that it was made in China.

Tony just chuckles, remarking that it's that German, Eurasian, China and that it's a global village before telling Lee to get used to it.

Lee then remarks that Ziva is over an hour late and that it's unusual, even for Ziva herself.

As he hangs the cross around Abby's neck, Tony tells Lee what did he tell her about worrying?

"That it's your job", Lee replies.

As he heads to his desk, Tony states to Lee that she's learning.

Lee then remarks that Ziva isn't even answering her.. before trailing off and admitting that she's sorry. Lee heads to the center of the desk and tells Tony that Ziva isn't answering her cell phone either.

As he settles into his desk, Tony tells Lee that there's one thing Lee needs to know about Officer David.

"Don't make her angry", Lee says.

Tony remarks that that's technically really two things before pointing out that the other thing is that Ziva can take care of herself.

At the Israeli Embassy, Ziva is impatient, stating that she can't wait any longer. She tells the Unnamed Mossad Security Officer to produce Officer Bashan or she'll start with his hands and she won't stop until..

On cue, Mossad Officer Michael Bashan enters and speaking in Hebrew, tells Ziva that what did he tell her about terrorizing his men?

Ziva just looks more agiated and annoyed.

Bashan then tells the Security Officer to leave them alone, please.

As the Guard leaves the room, Bashan closes the door behind him and now speaking in English, tells Ziva to sit. Despite his offer, Ziva chooses to remain standing while Bashan sits on the couch.

Bashan asks Ziva what seems to be the problem?

Ziva wonders why she was not told about this operation.

Bashan remarks that the simple answer would be that Ziva's father did not want her to know.

"And he wonders why I barely talk to him anymore, Michael", Ziva states.

Bashan remarks that it's a fact that Ziva's father regrets, very much.

Ziva then remarks that she spent a year building relationships and trust with NCIS. She then wonders how Bashan suggests she explains this to them.

Bashan states that he realizes that this has Ziva in an awkward position but..

"They were sloppy, blatant!", Ziva snaps.

Bashan tells her that she should have known better and states that the Americans can be quite prudish in their attitudes.

"You call what happened prudish?", Ziva says.

Bashan tells her that it depends before asking her if she did or did not sleep with him.

"Who?", Ziva wonders.

"Anthony DiNozzo", Bashan replies. "Your new team leader".

Ziva just looks confused, wondering why Bashan would ask that.

Bashan tells her that starting three months ago, DiNozzo has been visiting Ziva's apartment at least one night a week and as he says that, he hands Ziva a file.

Ziva takes the file and glances through it.

Inside are photographs of Tony and Ziva talking before Tony steps into Ziva's apartment.

Ziva is outraged and furious, stating that her father has them spying on her.

As she throws the file aside, disgusted, Bashan remarks that he assumed that that was the reason for her visit.

Ziva then tells Bashan that he assumed wrong and sitting down opposite him, Ziva remarks that she's here because an hour ago, a Mossad assassination team killed three people in Georgetown.

Bashan remarks that they've got no scheduled operations in George..

Ziva tells Bashan not to lie and that she was there while also saying that she tried to stop it.

Bashan wonders what Ziva saw.

Ziva pauses for a second and then states that she saw Officer Namir Eschel.

Bashan is stunned, stating that that's impossible.

Ziva remarks that she spoke to him and that she let him go.

Bashan gets up from the couch and heads over to his desk, dialing a phone number.

As Ziva stands there, leaning against the desk, Bashan in Hebrew tells the person at the other end of the line that he wants a secure line to Tel Aviv and that he needs to speak to the Director, immediately.

Now speaking in English, Bashan tells the person to tell the Director that it concerns family.

With that, Bashan hangs up.

Ziva then remarks if Bashan knows how close she came to shooting Eschel today.

Bashan then comes around to where she's standing and tells Ziva that Eschel is dead before revealing that Bashan himself and Ziva's own father attended Eschel's funeral with the news leaving Ziva greatly stunned.

At NCIS, McGee is leaving another message for Ziva, telling her to call them as soon she gets the message. As McGee hangs up, it's shown that Tony has been sitting behind McGee with Tony remarking that now he's starting to worry.

This has McGee and Lee looking up.

McGee wonders if Ziva's alright.

"Well, if she was all right, she'd be here, McGee", Tony replies before remarking what would Gibbs do in a situation like this.

As he says that, NCIS Director Jennifer Shepard arrives, standing behind Tony with Jenny stating that Gibbs would find Ziva.

Tony tells Jenny that he's working on it.

Jenny simply tells Tony to work harder.

As Jenny leaves, heading into the bullpen, she reveals that Metro Police just found Ziva's car or her Mini Cooper on a sidewalk in Georgetown.

McGee remarks that that's not unusual when Ziva's driving.

Jenny states that she drove all the way through Eastern Europe with Ziva and that she should know before stating that in her experience, the FBI doesn't usually concern themselves with traffic accidents.

As she says that, she points over and it's shown that a group of three FBI agents are standing beside the elevator.

McGee spots FBI agent Ron Sacks and remarks that isn't Sacks the one who tried to put Tony away for murder.

Tony remarks that it is and sarcastically thanks McGee for bringing up that painful memory before rounding on Jenny, demanding to know if she knew that they were coming.

Jenny tells Tony to calm down and that she only just got the call two minutes ago.

Tony wants to know what they want with Ziva.

Jenny tells them that they're about to find out.

As this happens, Sacks who's been approaching the bullpen hangs up and greets Jenny with Jenny introducing herself as well while Tony looks at the meeting, dismayed.

Back in the Israeli Embassy, Ziva who's been waiting looks up when Bashan walks in.

Bashan tells her that they've confirmed her report and that the man Ziva saw die was Abdul Wazir, the former Syrian army Colonel wanted for crimes against the State of Israel.

Ziva remarks that it seems like she's not the only one her father likes to keep in the dark.

Bashan tells Ziva that it wasn't a sanctioned action and that Mossad had no hand in this.

"You mean, officially", Ziva says.

"Officially or unofficially", Bashan corrects.

He then remarks that Mossad knew that Wazir was in American custody and that the custody offers protection in exchange for supplying information on Al Qaeda cells in Iraq.

Ziva wants to know protection from what?

"Us", Bashan remarks.

Ziva asks about the two men guarding Wazir.

Bashan grimly reveals that the two were FBI agents.

Ziva is in disbelief over this development.

As he sits down, Bashan remarks that obviously, Eschel faked his own death and that he's operating without orders and making his own decision.

Ziva simply believes that it may be a cover her father designed for Eschel.

Bashan remarks does Ziva really believe that Ziva's own father would jeopardize their relations with the American like this?

"There are days I don't know what to believe anymore, Michael", Ziva replies.

She then gets up and tries to leave but the Mossad Guard from earlier stands in her way while Bashan remarks that she has not been dismissed yet.

Ziva remarks that she has to contact NCIS.

Bashan tells Ziva that her orders are to remain her until Mossad can figure out a strategy to deal with this.

Ziva states that Eschel murdered two Americans and a man in their custody and that the strategy is simple: find Eschel and kill him.

Bashan tells Ziva that there are complications.

"Which NCIS can help us with", Ziva argues.

Bashan remarks that Ziva left her car at the crime scene this morning and as he scribbles something down, Ziva remarks that her car was disabled and that she was trying to prevent the attack.

Bashan states that the Americans don't see it that way.

"Director Shepard will", Ziva replies.

However, her efforts to leave are again aborted as Bashansays something in Hebrew with the Mossad guard also stopping Ziva from leaving.

Bashan gets to his feet and tells Ziva that the FBI have already issued a warrant for her arrest.

"On what charges?", Ziva asks, stunned.

Bashan grimly tells her that it's espionage and murder.

It cuts to Ziva who simply stands there, stunned while the Mossad guard silently stands there.

Act Two

As he puts his jacket on, Bashan remarks that this is a political nightmare and that he's asking Ziva for her patience before stating that they need time to deal with this.

"You'd hold me here against my will, Michael?", Ziva says.

Bashan remarks that he will do what's best for her.

Bashan approaches Ziva, placing a hand on her shoulder while telling her that her father will find the solution to this.

"Like he did for my brother Ari?", Ziva says.

Bashan just turns back, speechless.

However, Bashan quickly recovers and tells the guard to escort Ziva to guest quarters while also informing the guard that he does not forget to confiscate Ziva's weapons.

Ziva simply says that she's sorry for this.

"As am I", Bashan states and leaves.

As soon as the door closes, Ziva remarks that she was talking to the security guard before she elbows him in the stomach. She then grabs him and sends him to the ground after flipping him over.

As the guard lands on the ground, Ziva's already there, her gun pressed against the guard's jaw. She then asks the guard if he's ever been tied up by a woman before.

The guard just smiles at the thought.

Ziva wonders if he liked it.

The guard just smiles.

Ziva then remarks that today isn't his lucky day before she pistol-whips him across the head, the impact knocking the guard out cold.

Once that's done, Ziva then grabs the laptop of Bashan's desk and quietly exits, leaving the unconscious security guard behind as well.

At NCIS, Tony and Sacks enter the room, Tony sarcastically remarking that it's very professional with Sacks stating that Tony's Director kicked them both out.

Tony retorts that it was only because Sacks couldn't keep his soup-cooler shut.

Sacks remarks that NCIS's Mossad Liaison officer killed two FBI agents and Sacks then sarcastically apologizes if that pisses him off.

Tony demands to know where the proof is.

Sacks tells him that the proof is that the car was abandoned at the crime, the dead Syrian was on the Israel's most-wanted list and the suspect herself has disappeared and Ziva's brother was a Hamas terrorist.

Tony remarks that where he comes from, that's called circumstantial.

"Where's that from?", Sacks wonders. "Narnia?".

Sacks remarks that it's a fantasy movie and that it's the Chronicles of Narnia.

Tony snaps that he knows what it is before remarking that the story was okay and that the special effects were excellent.

Sacks, for once, agrees, stating that they were definitely kicking.

Tony remarks that that isn't his point and as he heads down the steps to join Sacks, he remarks that six months ago, Sacks was convinced that Tony had killed a woman and chopped off her legs.

Sacks remarks that he's still not convinced that Tony didn't.

"Exactly", Tony replies.

Sacks then remarks that Ziva David is being framed but by who?

Tony remarks that that's what he intends to find out.

Sacks just laughs, telling Tony good luck with that.

As Tony watches Sacks head down the stairs, Jenny emerges, telling both men to get up now.

As Tony heads back, he tells Jenny to please tell Agent Slacks...

"Sacks", Sacks replies. "It's Sacks".

Tony just carries on, stating that would Jenny please tell Agent Slacks that NCIS will be handling this one in-house?

As this happens, it cuts to the bullpen where McGee is sitting at his desk, listening to something via headphones.

Jenny then remarks that she just assured the FBI Director that NCIS will be getting NCIS's complete co-operation in this matter.

"Thank you, ma'am", Slacks says, greatly pleased.

Jenny then tells Tony if Ziva attempts to contact Tony or anyone else on the team, then Jenny wants Tony to notify Jenny herself and Sacks immediately.

"This is complete bull-", Tony states.

Jenny interrupts him by stating that this is an order from his Director and wonders if that's clear enough for Tony.

"Almost crystal, ma'am", Tony replies.

As Jenny turns around and walks off, leaving the two men, it cuts to the bullpen where McGee is now watching the exchange.

Sacks then tells Tony that he gives him his word and that he'll try to keep an open mind on this.

"Yeah?", Tony wonders.

"Yeah", Sacks replies.

Tony then states about what happened before with Sacks stating that there are no hard feelings and that he's got it but as Sacks heads off, Tony remarks that what he was going to say was that he still pretty much hates Sacks's guts.

"Me too, DiNozzo", Sacks replies. "Me too".

As Sacks heads down the stairs, Jenny calls Tony's name.

As Tony glances at her, Jenny then reminds him of the question earlier: what would Gibbs do? She then tells him that Gibbs isn't here, Tony is.

As she heads back inside, Tony leans against the railings, obviously frustrated.

In her lab, with the music blaring and photos of Gibbs on her monitors, Abby chews some sweets, presumably M&Ms while remarking that this is really, really bad and that Ziva has disappeared with everyone saying that Ziva's just like her brother.

She then tells Gibbs or the photos that she really, really needs him to call her, adding a please.

Suddenly, the phone rings which has Abby surprised.

She answers it, wondering if it's Gibbs.

But it's actually Ziva.

This leaves Abby greatly surprised and she asks Ziva if she's alright.

Ziva replies that she isn't and tells Abby not to say her name out loud.

Abby apologizes before asking Ziva where she is.

Getting to her feet, Ziva remarks that she's in a safe place at the moment.

Abby remarks that the FBI were here and Tony was freaking out and that the director.. but Ziva interrupts Abby, telling Abby that she needs a favor.

"You name it", Abby says.

Ziva states that first- Abby can't tell anyone she's spoken to Ziva.

"Except Tony, right?", Abby wonders.

"No", Ziva replies. "Not even Tony" before stating that if she talks to Tony, then he'll get in trouble with the FBI. Abby asks Ziva what she needs.

Sitting back, Ziva states that she needs a phone number.

Grabbing a pen, Abby scribbles something down, remarking that she'll call Ziva at this number. As this happens, both Tony and McGee enter the lab, Tony crossing his arms.

When Tony calls her name, Abby looks up, startled and she puts the phone aside before heading over to Tony and McGee.

Tony wants to know who was that.

"Where?", Abby asks.

"On the phone", Tony replies.

Abby stammers for a second before stating that it was the nuns.

"The nuns?", McGee repeats, confused.

Abby nods, revealing that it's the nuns with the big white hats and the...

"The habits", McGee replies.

Tony simply rubs his head, obviously frustrated.

McGee then remarks that they're called habits which are big, white hats.

Abby agrees, remarking that the nuns called to say that bowling practice is cancelled.

"Bowling nuns?", McGee says, confused.

Abby then wonders if McGee is on some anti-nun crusade.

McGee tells her that he isn't with Tony telling McGee to lay off the nuns.

Tony then tells Abby that he needs to contact Gibbs because if they're going to get Ziva out of this, then Tony needs Gibbs's advice.

Abby simply tells him that the last time she heard, Gibbs was still in Mexico.

Tony then remarks that there must be some way to contact Gibbs.

Abby just shrugs.

At a beach in Mexico, former NIS agent Michael Franks is sleeping on a chair, a beer bottle resting in his left hand when some loud banging wakes him up and causing the beer to spill.

As Franks yells, "Dammit!", his partner, Leroy Jethro Gibbs who's now bearing a full beard and mustache looks down, wondering if Mike said something.

"Four months and you still don't understand the meaning of the word, siesta, Probie?", Franks snaps.

Banging again, Gibbs remarks that the roof isn't gonna fix itself and that tropical storm season is only a few weeks away.

"Did you ever stop to think I might like rain?", Franks asks, sitting up.

"Yeah", Gibbs replies. "Just maybe not inside your house".

With that, Gibbs climbs down the stairs until he's back on the ground level once again.

Franks then wonders if Gibbs doesn't have a boat to build or something.

Grabbing a beer, Gibbs remarks that the problem is that he's using all his good lumber to fix Mike's dog-rot house.

As Gibbs sips some beer, Mike states that he's got a better idea and why doesn't Gibbs use it to build his own somewhere down on the beach?

Gibbs stops drinking and tells Mike to just say the word and Gibbs will be gone.

"Oh, kiss me, Jethro", Franks sing-songs. "I ain't nearly drunk enough" before revealing that until then, Franks was thinking of Gibbs's next project which would be a nice little hot-tub, say about yay big and that would go right over there.

"What, teak or redwood?", Gibbs wonders as Franks wanders off.

Camila Charo then arrives, greeting them.

"Gentlemen?", Franks says. "She can't be talking about you and me, Gunny".

"You, no", Camila replies to Franks. "But Senor Gibbs, si".

Camila then remarks that she hopes Gibbs isn't letting Franks let him work so hard.

"No", Gibbs replies.

As Camila takes a sip of Gibbs's beer, Franks states that Gibbs is living here for free and what does Gibbs expect?

"Perhaps someday he will tell us", Camila remarks.

"Hey", Franks says, interrupting. "How do I own you?".

Camila replies that it's twenty-five American before stating that he has a phone call.

Franks believes that the call is for him but Camila reveals that it's actually for Gibbs.

A concerned Gibbs wants to know who it is with Camila stating that it was a woman who sounded muy upset.

"Probably that lady director of yours", Franks replies. "About to have a nervous breakdown".

As Franks heads off, Gibbs takes the phone and listens, answering the phone with his trademark, "Yeah, Gibbs".

It's revealed the caller is Ziva who wonders how Mexico is.

Gibbs is surprised and wonders how Ziva got the number with Ziva stating that she got it from Abby before Ziva tells Gibbs that if it helps, Ziva forced it out of Abby.

"No, it doesn't", Gibbs replies before asking what's wrong.

Ziva wonders why does something have to be wrong and can't she just speak with an old friend, do a little catching up?

"Today, Ziva", Gibbs snaps impatiently.

Sitting down on the chair in Gibbs's old basement, Ziva relents, stating that she might be in a little bit of trouble. As Gibbs remarks, "Yeah", Franks can be seen peeking around the corner, obviously interested in what's going on

But when Gibbs looks back while telling Ziva to "define little", Franks quickly disappears.

Ziva remarks that she's currently on the run from the FBI, NCIS, Mossad and her father.

Gibbs wonders what Ziva did.

Ziva replies that she did nothing and she swears she did nothing.

Gibbs asks about Tony but Ziva states that Tony can't help her.

Gibbs suggests that Ziva talk to Jenny and that Jenny could help her but Ziva states that she can't.

Gibbs states that he's retired and that he's 3,000 miles away before asking Ziva what does she think Gibbs himself can do that the others can't?

Ziva admits that honestly she doesn't know and that she was hoping maybe.. that Gibbs could save her?

In the basement, Ziva who's now crying sniffs.

Gibbs just hangs his heads and rubs his eyes, obviously conflicted while also shaking his head.

At NCIS, the team have been kicked out of their bullpen and furthermore, the bullpen has been sealed off with all the FBI agents going through the main computers.

McGee is annoyed, wondering how long the FBI are going to be here.

Lee remarks that Ziva was here for a year and who knows how badly Ziva compromised their security?

"What did you say, Probie?", McGee snaps, outraged.

"Oh, come on, McGee", Lee replies.

As this happens, Tony walks up behind Lee while Lee remarks that McGee doesn't think the U.S. doesn't spy on their allies too and that it happens all the time.

Tony then calls Lee's name, startling her.

As Lee turns around, calling Tony "sir", Tony coldly tells Lee to shut up and keep an eye on the feds before telling McGee that McGee is with him and that they've got places to be.

As they head off, Sacks calls out that they should be in about five or six more hours.

In the morgue which has been shut down, Tony remarks that first-off this is strictly a voluntary thing and that Ziva's a fugitive.

He then remarks that anyone caught helping or assisting Ziva in any way will be in serious trouble.

Tony then looks at NCIS Medical Examiner Assistant James Palmer who states that by serious, Tony means they could get fired?

Palmer's boss, NCIS Medical Examiner, Dr. Donald Mallard tells Jimmy that Tony means that instead of Palmer attending medical school next month, Palmer will most likely be in prison.

It then shows that the group Tony is talking is composed of Abby, Ducky, McGee and Palmer.

Abby slams her hand down on the table, remarking that she's in.

Ducky then states that the whole danger, intrigue, damsel in distress thing and he's actually looking forward to it with Ducky placing his hand on Abby's.

"Me too", McGee replies, adding his hand.

Palmer then expresses some doubt, stating that he's not the kind of guy who would do well in prison.

Tony tells Palmer that no-one's gonna think any else of Palmer if he wants out.

"Really?", Palmer wonders.

"Well, no", Tony replies. "They probably would. Well, at least, I would".

Palmer then states that he wants a code-name, something cool-sounding.

With that, Palmer adds his hand.

Tony then joins in, stating that no-one can know about this, especially the director before asking everyone if they're good with that?

Abby nods.

Ducky nods in agreement.

Tony then tells them that they have to figure out a way to find Ziva with Tony telling McGee that he wants McGee on Ziva's electronic tracks- cell-phone, computer and toaster oven if he has too.

Tony then states that Ducky should talk to his contacts in the FBI and that Tony wants to know everything about the Georgetown crime scene.

As Ducky nods, Tony asks Palmer how "Black Lung" sounds.

Palmer believes that it's a horrible and painful way to die.

"I mean as your codename?", Tony says.

Palmer then states that he likes it with Tony announcing Palmer or "Black Lung" is in charge of supplies which means lunch and at this point, probably dinner.

Tony then remarks that he needs Abby to go...

But Abby interrupts by revealing that she talked to Ziva yesterday.

This leaves everyone greatly stunned.

Tony then remarks that Abby doesn't bowl with nuns before stating that he should have seen this coming.

Abby insists that she does and that Ziva made her promise not to tell.

"Why would Ziva care if we knew that you bowled with nuns?", Ducky wonders.

Tony then remarks that he thinks he means that Ziva didn't want them getting in trouble.

Ducky remarks that it's a bit late for that before wondering where Ziva is.

Abby then produces a small piece of paper, remarking that all she has is this phone number. Tony grabs the paper and begins dialing the number before listening for a reply.

As it rings, Tony states that there's no answer before telling Abby if she's sure that this is...

Suddenly, someone picks up and Tony says, "Ziva".

In the basement, Ziva tells Tony to tell Abby that Ziva is going to kill her.

"We love you too", Tony remarks, breaking away from the group.

Ziva remarks that she's hanging up now but Tony states that she isn't and that Ziva is going to tell him what the Hell is doing on him.

Ziva states that the phone could be tapped.

Tony then remarks that he'll come to her and that he's trying to get a hold of Gibbs but he's not having much luck.

"Gibbs?", Ziva says. "Why didn't you say so?".

In the basement, Ziva passes the phone to Gibbs who takes it and then starts talking to Tony.

"DiNozzo", Gibbs states. "You have ten seconds to tell me why I am not building a teak hot tub in Mexico".

Tony after hearing Gibbs's voice over the phone for the first time in months.

It then cuts to Tony who looks stunned as Gibbs is heard counting down over the phone.

Act Three

In the basement, Ziva reveals to Gibbs that the target's name was Abdul Wazir, a Syrian wanted for crimes against the State of Israel and who was terminated by Mossad officer Namir Eschel, her former teammate from when she was stationed in Paris.

"Who's supposed to be dead", Gibbs remarks.

Ziva states that apparently, Eschel has gotten better.

Gibbs believes that being dead makes for a good cover.

As she walks away, Ziva states that she'd agree but her father claims to have no knowledge of Eschel's activities.

Gibbs remarks that he'd believe him.

And as Gibbs starts to say how many times he has to tell Ziva, the sound of footsteps prompts Ziva to draw her gun and say, "I don't believe in coincidences? I know".

As he walks down the stairs, holding a cup of coffee, Tony remarks that he doesn't either and that according to the FBI, he should be aiming his weapon at Ziva.

As Ziva holsters her gun, Gibbs tells Ziva that she was set up and that the only Mossad Liaison Officer in D.C....

"Just happens to be present in a Metsada-style hit?", Tony finishes.

Ziva looks at Tony.

Suddenly, flashbacks emerge, consisting of Ziva waiting at traffic lights, see the two on the motorbike before the bike speeds off and as Ziva's Mini Cooper drives past, an explosion hits.

Back in the present, Ziva holds her head in her hands, remarking that she's an idiot, that he led her to the scene and that Eschel framed her which has her cursing in Hebrew.

Gibbs wants to know why.

Tony then holds a cell phone, stating that he thought Gibbs might be needing this although Gibbs takes the coffee and as Gibbs drinks the coffee, Tony states that he actually meant the NCIS cell phone and protests to Gibbs that that's his coffee.

"Do I still look like your boss?", Gibbs snaps.

Tony remarks that maybe if Gibbs shaved and a haircut or two wouldn't hurt with Tony stating that the smile thing is definitely throwing him off.

Gibbs then remarks that it's good to see "McGee" again.

"DiNozzo", Tony corrects.

"What'd I say?", Gibbs wonders.

Ziva helpfully points out that Gibbs called Tony "McGee".

After taking a sip of the coffee, Gibbs then remarks that it was probably because if he'd left McGee in charge, then Ziva wouldn't be on the FBI's Most Wanted List right now.

Tony and Ziva just look at each other.

"But do you remember..?", Tony stammers.

"That I left you in charge? Yeah", Gibbs says and he states that he remembers that he left Tony in charge but what Gibbs forgot is Tony's taste in coffee and that it stinks,.

Tony remarks that he likes sugar and it's his weakness before wondering what their plan is.

Ziva tells Tony that things are bad enough for NCIS as it is and that he can't..

"I don't remember asking your opinion, Officer David", Tony snaps.

Ziva then wonders if Gibbs sees and remarks that Tony has been completely insufferable since Gibbs left.

Gibbs then asks Tony if that's true.

"When I need to be", Tony says, glaring at Ziva.

Gibbs makes a sound of agreement and then says that maybe Tony was the right man for the job.

As he turns back to the laptop, Gibbs announces the plan is to find Eschel before he gets out of the country.

A while later, the photo of Eschel morphs into a BOLO with McGee wondering how do they put out a BOLO without the FBI finding out about it?

Tony then stands behind, a tape recorder in hand and hits the button with Tony's own voice saying, "I knew you'd ask me that, McGee".

McGee just looks startled.

"See, I knew you'd ask me that, McGee", Tony says.

In the background, Abby is cradling her stuffed hippo, Bert.

"And?", McGee prompts.

Tony then admits that he doesn't know before asking for suggestions.

Abby states that they could tell the FBI about Eschel and let them track Eschel down.

"When they ask how we know about him..", Tony begins.

"They'll know we talked to Ziva", Abby finishes, squeezing Bert which has Bert farting.

"McGee!", Tony says.

McGee then wonders what if they lie?

Tony remarks that Sacks is a self-centered, egotistical jackhole but Sacks isn't an idiot and that Sacks will know.

But McGee states what if they lie on the BOLO and as he begins typing on the keyboard, McGee states that instead of looking for a rogue Mossad spy wanted for murder, they instead put out a BOLO for a wife beater.

"That's underhanded, devious..", Tony states.

"And it's completely getting me hot", Abby says.

Tony then remarks that he's glad to see that he's finally rubbing off on McGee before hitting the tape recorder which has Tony's voice saying, "Do it!".

As Tony leaves the lab, Abby puts Bert aside and she and McGee get to work.

Meanwhile, Gibbs and Ziva have arrived at an empty house in Gibbs's white Ford F250 with Ziva stating that it's one of their safehouses.

As she accepts the binoculars from Gibbs, Ziva tells Gibbs that they park on a dirt road 200 meters behind it and enter from the back.

Gibbs remarks that he knows that Eschel isn't gonna be here and that it's the first place Mossad's going to try acquire Eschel.

Ziva states that Mossad does not know about this particular one and that she sent this up for Ari.

Gibbs wants to know how Eschel knows about it.

Ziva reveals that when Ari invaded NCIS three years ago, Eschel was part of Ari's recovery team.

Gibbs just looks disgusted, remarking that an FBI agent was killed then too.

As Ziva glances at him, Gibbs starts the engine, remarking, "Let's get this over with" and that he's got a beach in Mexico waiting for him.

With that, the truck heads into the safehouse area.

Once Ziva has unlocked the door, she and Gibbs creep inside, both now wielding their guns.

Ziva sees someone and yells that if they move, she'll shoot.

It then shows that there's someone wearing a helmet sitting on a couch.

Gibbs silently nods.

Once Ziva has checked the areas and yelled "Clear", Gibbs heads into the main area and as they get closer, Gibbs realizes that the person who is male is dead and that rigor mortis has already set in.

"How do you know he's not faking it?", Ziva wonders, her gun still aimed at the body.

Gibbs tells her to shoot him if she doesn't believe him and that she better hope that's not Eschel.

"Why?", Ziva wonders. "You want to kill him yourself now?".

Gibbs goes "Uh huh" but tells Ziva that he won't and neither will she because they capture Eschel alive and if they kill Eschel, then there's no way to prove that Eschel was involved in the hit.

Gibbs then flips the visor and sees a man, presumably of Middle Eastern origin staring back at them, his face covered with blood and his eyes glazed over.

He asks Ziva if she looks familiar.

Ziva lowers her gun and states that the man isn't Mossad.

As she holsters her gun, Ziva remarks that Eschel is obviously tying up his loose ends,.

Gibbs agrees, stating that that what is what Ziva was and then tells her to spread out and start looking around as Gibbs begins searching through the dead man's jacket, producing a map.

"What for exactly?", Ziva wonders.

"Anything that'll help us find out where he went", Gibbs explains.

"Right", Ziva states and she begins searching.

Meanwhile, a camera comes online and a woman remarks that Ziva looks like her brother with the man remarking that Ziva looks more like her father.

In a hotel room, Namir Eschel and Faatin Amal are watching the live footage.

Faatin wants to know who the man is.

Eschel remarks that it's someone who shouldn't be with her before revealing that it's retired Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

With that, Eschel gets up, heads over to a table, puts the laptop on the table and grabs a phone.

As Faatin heads into the bathroom, Eschel dials a number on the phone.

In the NCIS bullpen which is still taped off and has FBI agents searching for evidence, Sacks's phone rings and he answers it before wondering who the caller is.

Sacks also wonders how does he know that the tip is legit?

Sacks then glances down and sees a photo on his phone.

It's a photo of Ziva.

Convinced, Sacks leaves, telling his colleagues that they've got a tip and it's at a house in Fairfax.

With that, Sacks and three FBI agents leave the bullpen as Lee looks on.

Once the agents have gone, another FBI agent seals off the bullpen once again.

At the house, Gibbs and Ziva are searching but finding nothing.

Ziva remarks that this is getting nowhere and that Eschel was always good at covering his tracks.

The two then glance around with Ziva realizing that Gibbs is smiling which means that Gibbs has spotted something.

Unsheathing his knife, Gibbs heads over to an air vent.

In the hotel room, Eschel tells Faatin that Gibbs has made them although Faatin is in denial, stating taht she planted the camera herself.

The two can only watch as Gibbs finds the camera and stops the signal.

Faatin believes that they need to detonate now.

Eschel disagrees, stating that they wait for the FBI and that it must look like Ziva killed herself instead of surrendering.

"If she leaves before they get there, Namir?", Faatin wonders.

Eschel states that he will delay Ziva.

With that, Eschel produces a phone and starts dialing a number.

In the warehouse, Gibbs is examining a small camera, remarking that Eschel was watching them but Ziva believes that it could have been from when Ari was there.

Her words are interrupted by the sound of a phone ringing, causing Ziva to believe that Eschel was watching them.

Gibbs then grabs the phone and answers it.

Eschel states that he heard that Gibbs had retired.

"Yeah?", Gibbs says. "I heard you were dead".

Eschel admits that to the Mossad, he is.

Gibbs reveals that Mossad knows that Eschel's alive and that he "I plan on fixing that", Gibbs replies.

Eschel remarks about poor Director David, stating first his son's a traitor and now his daughter before stating that this time tomorrow, Director David will be working on a kibbutz.. unless of course, Director David kills himself first before asking Gibbs if it's true: did Gibbs kill Ari Haswari?

Ziva simply grabs the phone and hangs up, telling Gibbs that Eschel is delaying them.

"Why?", Gibbs wonders.

Ziva states that she's Eschel's loose end, remember?

Gibbs remarks that Eschel called the FBI.

Ziva states that that's not what she's worried about and reveals that when their safe house was compromised in Paris, Eschel blew it up.

With that, Gibbs and Ziva make preparations to leave.

Outside, Sacks and an FBI SWAT team arrive at the safehouse and as they get into position, Eschel types some numbers on the computer while saying, "Shalom, Ziva".

Seconds later, Eschel hits a key.

Suddenly, an explosion rips through the house, sending the FBI agents nearby to the ground, Sacks among them.

It then cuts to Sacks who is now lying on the ground, a look of disbelief on his face.

Act Four

As Ducky looks on, Sacks and Tony are walking through the bullpen with Sacks admitting that they're not sure what the Hell happened or if Ziva was even in there when the place blew.

"Bodies?", Tony wonders.

Sacks replies that it was incinerated and that they won't be able to process the scene until at least tomorrow.

Tony wonders what makes Sacks think that Ziva was there.

"A tip", Sacks replies.

Tony wants to know who it came from but Sacks tells him that it was anonymous.

As they reach the elevator, Sacks also believes that it was someone inside Mossad trying to make nice.

"Someone tying up loose ends", Tony grimly states.

As he heads into the elevator, Sacks remarks that for all they know, Ziva blew up the place to cover her own tracks but Tony believes that Ziva was only looking for the guy who set her up.

Sacks wonders if Tony tells him how he knows that.

"Because it's what I'd do", Tony says.

The two stare at each other up until the doors close.

And once the elevator doors have closed, Tony flips his phone open and closes it. As Ducky approaches, Tony remarks that it's not good.

Ducky wonders if Tony managed to call them.

Tony says that he got Gibbs's voice mail with Tony believing that Gibbs never learnt how to use it.

Ducky wonders about the number Abby has for Ziva.

"Not picking up", Tony replies.

Ducky remarks that there's only one thing Tony can do.

Tony states that he knows and it's that he should let the Director know that both Gibbs and Ziva are dead while Tony will resign for disobeying a direct order.

Ducky stops him by telling Tony that he will do nothing of the sort.

"And why is that?", Tony wonders.

Ducky then remarks that the man who did this is still out there and Ducky will be damned if they let him get away with it.

"What would Gibbs do, right?", Tony asks before stating that he's got a bulletin for Ducky: Tony is NOT Gibbs.

Ducky admits that Tony isn't but that Gibbs quit and that Tony is still here.

Tony wonders why he wasn't with Ziva and that he turned his responsibility over to Gibbs without even thinking about it.

As this happens, Gibbs emerges from one of NCIS's elevators.

Ducky remarks that Gibbs is one of the most capable agents..

Tony corrects that Gibbs "was" and that Ducky didn't see Gibbs,. Tony even remarks that it didn't look like Gibbs and Tony believes that Gibbs went native down there.

"Tony", Ducky says.

Tony then states that Gibbs's hair was long and all crazy looking and that he's got this scraggy beard which makes Gibbs look like a pirate or something.

Ducky is trying to tell Tony that Gibbs is behind with him but eventually gives up.

Tony then remarks that Gibbs's eyes were also bloodshot, probably from drinking hooch from morning til night with Franks.

Suddenly, Gibbs is heard stating that they call it the redeye for a reason.

As Gibbs stands beside Tony, Ducky raises his eyebrows while Tony just stands there, stunned.

"The flight I was on all night to get here?", Gibbs says.

Tony seems relieved that Gibbs is right and gives Gibbs a hug.

Gibbs tells Tony to thank Ziva and that Gibbs himself has already been blown up twice with Gibbs stating that he doesn't think he's got a third one in him.

Gibbs then gives Tony a key, stating Space 73 and that there's presents in the back for Autopsy and Abby before telling Tony not to be seen.

As Tony heads off, Gibbs and Ducky shake hands with Ducky welcoming Gibbs home.

Gibbs remarks that Ducky's got the wrong guy and that he's just visiting before telling Ducky that he might want to tell Palmer that it's gonna be a long night.

With that, Gibbs heads up the stairway.

Ducky watches Gibbs go and then leaves.

Gibbs arrives into Jenny's office where she's staring out the window with Gibbs remarking that he really misses that view and that the Harbor isn't bad either.

Jenny then turns around, telling Gibbs that she had a feeling she'd be seeing him soon before asking about Ziva.

Gibbs tells Jenny that Ziva is scared, not that Ziva will ever admit that.

Jenny states that NCIS can't help her.

Gibbs then tells Jenny that why he's here because he's not NCIS and that he retired, remember?

Jenny remarks that she shouldn't even be talking to Gibbs.

"Anyone asks, just tell them two old partners catching up", Gibbs says.

Jenny states that her agency has been harboring a foreign operative for over a year, one that Jenny herself personally vouched for and insisted that they needed.

"She didn't do it", Gibbs states.

"You don't think I know that?", Jenny says before telling Gibbs that she's just telling what they're saying all over the beltway and that she gives it 24 hours before they ask her for her resignation.

Gibbs tells Jenny not to give it to them.

As Jenny sits down at her desk, Gibbs tells her that Ziva was set up.

"By whom?", Jenny wonders.

Gibbs tells Jenny that it was by a former Mossad officer who claims that it was to get back at Ziva's father.

Jenny wonders what Gibbs thinks.

As he heads over to the window, Gibbs tells her that his gut says that it was more than that.

Turning her chair to face Gibbs, Jenny says that she agrees and that this is bigger than the director level of NCIS and Mossad with Jenny also revealing that this incident could jeoparize relations between both countries (the United States and Israel) for years.

Gibbs states that he figures someone hired Eschel to do just that.

Jenny remarks that she can think of ten countries and a dozen terrorist groups that fit that bill.

"Oh, yeah, I can too", Gibbs remarks, turning around and sitting down at the window.

He then tells Jenny that he wants her to do him a favor.

"Name it", Jenny says.

Gibbs tells her that it's late and that Jenny should go home, catch up on some sleep.

"Plausible deniability", Jenny states.

"Yeah", Gibbs says, smiling. "Something like that".

Gibbs then gets up from the window and leaves with Jenny thanking him. She starts to say that it's good but Gibbs interrupts, stating that he isn't back: he's just doing a favor for a friend.

Jenny remarks that she was talking about his hair and that it's good to see so long again. She reveals that it reminds her of when they were undercover in Siberia.

"Serbia?", Gibbs says.

Jenny wonders if Gibbs remembers that little farmhouse they were holed up in and that they had a whole week of nothing to do but..

"No", Gibbs says. "No, I don't, Jen".

At Jenny's look, Gibbs tells her that his memory is a little fuzzy on some things.

With that, Gibbs leaves the office.

Jenny just simply smiles to herself.

In the basement, Ziva pulls off a sheet, revealing that it's a boat Gibbs was working on before his accident and eventual retirement.

She grabs a bottle on the desk, opens it and smells it but shudders at the smell.

She then opens a drawer, the same one where Gibbs kept his sniper rifle before Ari took in Kill Ari Part 2 (episode).

Ziva eventually selects for polishing her SIG-Sauer.

A while later, Ziva lies down on the half-made boat, lost in deep thought.

In the lab, as a "Positive Match" appears on the screen while Gibbs and Tony drink coffee, McGee reveals that they matched the dead guy's prints and that the dead guy's name is Balash Sassnid who was arrested five years ago for reckless driving.

As Gibbs and Tony exchange coffee cups, McGee reveals that Balash was an illegal from Iran and that the student visa expired last year.

"Good job, McGee", Gibbs and Tony say together.

Gibbs wonders about the cell phone Eschel called them on with Abby stating that she isolated the grid the call from.

"Nice work, Abs", Tony says.

Abby admits that it isn't and that the grid includes the entire city of Woodbridge, Virginia and that Eschel could be anywhere in it.

"Great", Gibbs says. "We've got nothing".

Tony disagrees, stating that an ex-Mossad officer working with an Iranian student is something.

"Not if it doesn't help us find Eschel in time", Gibbs says.

Tony then asks McGee about the BOLO they put out yesterday and asks if there were any hits.

Upon hearing this, Gibbs stops and turns away.

Tony then realizes that McGee completely forgot about that.

"This one's on me, boss", McGee states and headslaps himself.

McGee then types something into the keyboard and as the BOLO pops up, McGee remarks that they've got multiple hits and that there are six hits on men fitting Eschel's general description and there are three in Delaware, one in Pennyslviva and two in Virginia.

McGee then reveals that the closest match: a local cop saw a man fitting Eschel's profile at a Freemount Inn.

"Where, McGee", Gibbs and Tony snap.

McGee reveals that it's in Woodbridge, Virginia.

With that, Gibbs and Tony both leave the lab while throwing their now empty coffee cups into the bin.

As they enter the Squadroom, Tony tells Gibbs not to call Ziva as she won't wait for them.

"She will if I tell her to", Gibbs states.

In the basement, Ziva is busy throwing a knife into the wall when the phone rings.

As she grabs the phone, wondering if they found Eschel, she removes the knife from the wall with Gibbs telling her that Eschel is at a Freemount Inn in Woodbridge and that he'll swing by and pick Ziva up.

Ziva remarks that there's no time and that Eschel won't stay in one place for more than 24 hours before stating that she'll meet them there.

Gibbs tells Ziva that this isn't a debate and that they either go in together or they don't go...

Ziva simply hangs up, placing the phone on the table.

As Gibbs and Tony reach the elevator, Gibbs hangs up with Tony stating that he guesses that Ziva's going without them.

Gibbs believes that if Ziva kills Eschel, then there won't be any way to prove that the Israelis were behind this.

"I know that", Tony remarks. "Let's roll".

Tony heads for the elevator but Gibbs attempts to drag him back.

Tony just looks and tells Gibbs that this is Tony's team now before adding that Tony's number one rule is that Tony doesn't sit on the sidelines when his people are in trouble before asking Gibbs if he's got a problem with that.

Tony then tells Gibbs to remember who's got the badge and who's the civilian.

Gibbs wonders if Tony's done with Tony stating that he is.

Headslapping Tony, Gibbs states that what he was going to say was for Tony to get McGee and that Gibbs will meet them there.

Gibbs attempts to get into the elevator but Tony stops him, Tony stating that he could arrest Gibbs for striking a federal officer.

"I know that", Gibbs says.

Tony eventually relents and steps out of the elevator with Gibbs heading into the elevator instead.

"Just so you know", Tony remarks.

As Tony heads off, Gibbs just hangs his head and seconds later, the elevator doors close.

At the room in the Freemount Inn, Eschel lies on the bed, smiling while in the bathroom, Faatin looks on.

Eschel remarks that he trusts that the rest of the money will be wired to his account shortly.

"Of course", Faatin says.

She then emerges from the bathroom, holding a necklace and asking Eschel would he mind?

As Eschel prepares to hang the chain around her neck, Faatin states that it's delicate.

Suddenly, Eschel gasps as Faatin shoots him twice with a silenced gun, revealing that Faatin is the true mastermind.

As Eschel collapses back onto the bed, gasping for air, Faatin stands over him, stating that she's sorry but no-one can know that her country was behind this.

She then grabs a pillow and places over Eschel.

Eschel eventually struggles but after a few seconds, soon loses the strength to hang on, dying instantly.

As she examines Eschel's lifeless body, Faatin remarks that with Eschel gone, no-one will before Faatin heads off.

Outside, Ziva who's arrived is lock-picking the door.

Once she's inside, Ziva, now armed with her SIG-Sauer begins searching the wardrobes and once she's done, she heads for the bed.

She then removes the pillow and sees Eschel's lifeless face staring back at her.

Suddenly, Ziva ducks for cover as Faatin begins shooting at her.

Faatin emerges and kicks the SIG-Sauer out of Ziva's hands.

Not one to give in, Ziva responds by kicking the gun out of Faatin's hands too and spring forward, tackling Faatin with both women landing on the bed.

Ziva then produces her knife and placing it against Faatin's throat, demands to know who hired her.

Faatin remarks that Mossad hired her but Ziva calls her a liar, yelling "WHO?!".

Faatin laughs and tells Ziva to do it before stating that Ziva will never make her talk.

"I believe you", Ziva says.

Faatin then states that Ziva should kill her and tells Ziva or the Jew to make her father proud.

Ziva pauses for a few seconds, clearly struggling with the urge to kill Faatin but she eventually relents, throwing the knife into the wall.

Faatin demands to know what Ziva's doing.

Dragging Faatin to her feet, Ziva remarks that she's not making Faatin a martyr before telling Faatin that she's under arrest.

Faatin believes that Ziva's time with the Americans has made her soft and that she shouldn't have thrown her knife away.

With that, Faatin strikes, punching Ziva twice which sends Ziva against the wall although she manages to grab the TV for balance.

Faatin then grabs Ziva and sends her to the ground.

Now on her knees, Ziva crawls towards her gun but Faatin kicks her, causing Ziva to fall to the ground in pain.

"Get up", Faatin demands coldly.

Ziva then gets to her feet as Faatin assumes a fighting stance.

Ziva gets up and attempts to fight, only for Faatin to strike Ziva in the face and stomach which has Ziva on the ground, bruised and bleeding.

Faatin then remarks that Ziva isn't so tough now, is she?

She then spits at Ziva and kicks Ziva again with Ziva rolling over in pain.

Outside, Gibbs, Tony and McGee arrive, Gibbs in his Ford F250 and Tony and McGee in the NCIS Dodge Stratus.

Inside, Faatin removes Ziva's knife form the wall and remarks that she thought she told Ziva to get up.

With that, Faatin grabs Ziva by the hair.

Weakened by the fight, Ziva asks Faatin who she is.

"VEVAK", Faatin replies smugly.

"Iranian intelligence?", Ziva says.

Faatin admits that she is and that Ziva has the Iranian's thanks before stating that the Americans will never trust Ziva's country, Israel again.

Ziva just laughs before stating that it was easier than she thought: making Faatin talk.

With that, Ziva then lashes out, causing Faatin to drop the knife.

Ziva then stands up and after jumping and down, kicks Faatin again, the move sending Faatin to the ground where the Iranian agent just lies there, unconscious.

Seconds later, Tony, McGee and Gibbs burst in, their guns drawn.

McGee who's first in asks Ziva if she's okay.

Ziva tells him that she's okay.

As they examine the scene consisting of an unconscious Faatin and a dead Eschel, Gibbs tells Ziva that she should have waited.

As Ziva leans against the wall, gasping for breath, Tony wants to know Faatin is.

"Iranian intelligence", Ziva replies. "They were behind it all".

Gibbs wonders how Ziva is planning on proving that.

Despite being bloodied, Ziva remarks that she's been with NCIS for a year and that she's not just a killer anymore. She then reaches up under her jumper and pulls out a tape recorder.

As she tosses it to Tony, Ziva remarks that she's also an investigator.

At Tony's surprised glane, Ziva then wonders if she can go home.

On a TV in Jenny's office, Debra Green reports that the FBI have apprehended the Iranian terrorist believed to be responsible for the deaths of two of their agents. Green also reveals that two other terrorists were also killed in a stand-off with federal authorities in North Virigina.

As this goes on, Tony, Jenny and Ziva watch the report.

As Jenny switches the TV off, Tony's in disbelief about "federal authorities" before revealing that they actually mean them and that it's four stinking letters- NCIS.

At her desk, Jenny tells Tony that it's either that or the FBI charges them with interfering in their investigation.

Tony changes his mind, remarking that he can live with federal authorities.

As Jenny gets to her feet, she welcomes Ziva home.

Ziva gets up, remarking that she wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Gibbs.

"And me", Tony says.

"True", Ziva admits. "But mostly Gibbs".

"Speaking of which..", Jenny says.

Tony then announces that Gibbs is in the squad room before he gets to his feet.

With that, Jenny, Ziva and Tony leave the office.

In the bullpen which has been reopened, Lee sits at her desk, working while McGee is at his desk, holding something in his hands just as Jenny, Ziva and Tony arrive in.

Jenny then asks McGee where Gibbs is: Abby's lab?

McGee then tells Jenny that Gibbs left and that he said he had a plane to catch.

"You sure about that, McGee?", Tony wonders.

McGee states to Tony that he is sure.

Tony then remarks that Gibbs didn't even say goodbye to Tony.

As Tony heads to his desk, McGee then tells Jenny that Gibbs told McGee to give it to Jenny.

Jenny takes it and opens the envelope as Tony looks on.

It's shown that the item is a photograph of young Jenny standing at a farmhouse.

Tony remarks that that's a nice photo before wondering where it was taken.

"Sibera", Jenny states.

Ziva wants to know when.

"A lifetime ago", Jenny replies.

It then cuts to Jenny who simply smiles at both the memory and also at the fact that Gibbs did remember after all.

Major Events

  • It's revealed that four months have passed since Gibbs quit NCIS and that six months have passed since the events in Frame-Up (episode).
  • It's also shown that with Gibbs's resignation, Tony has been promoted to Team Leader and McGee has been promoted to Senior Field Agent while Ziva's position remains unchanged.
  • NCIS Special Agent Michelle Lee is introduced for the first time.


  • In the scene where Gibbs and Ziva are searching the abandoned safehouse, a cameraman and part of the boom can be seen when they find the hidden camera.


Series Regulars

Name Portrayed by Role
Leroy Jethro Gibbs Mark Harmon Originally the leader of the NCIS Major Case Response Team and also an NCIS Special Agent, Gibbs subsequently retired in the last few seconds of the previous episode. Is currently residing in Mexico with his mentor, ex-NIS agent, Mike Franks.
Anthony DiNozzo Junior Michael Weatherly Formerly the second-in-command and Senior Special Agent of the NCIS Major Case Response Team, DiNozzo is now the NCIS Special Agent in charge.
Ziva David Cote de Pablo The Mossad Liaison to NCIS.
Abigail Sciuto Pauley Perrette Chief Forensic Specialist for NCIS.
Timothy McGee Sean Murray Formerly Junior Agent of the NCIS Major Case Response Team. Is now the Senior Special Agent of the team.
Jennifer Shepard Lauren Holly NCIS Director.
Donald Mallard David McCallum Chief Medical Examiner for NCIS.

Recurring Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
James Palmer Brian Dietzen Ducky's assistant.
Michael Franks Muse Watson Gibbs's former C.O and the one who helped him join NCIS/NIS.
Ron Sacks Don Franklin An FBI agent.
Michelle Lee Liza Lapira The newest addition to the Major Case Response Team and also the Probie of the team.
Debra Green Sheila Frazier A TV reporter.
Camila Charo Susan Santiago A friend of Mike Franks.

Guest Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
Michael Bashan Eli Danker A Mossad Officer
Namir Eschel Eyal Podell A former Mossad operative.
Faatin Amal Saba Homayoon An Iranian spy.
Unnamed Mossad Security Officer Paul Lacovara Uncredited role.
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