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Silent Service is the 17th episode of NCIS Season 16 and also the 371st episode of the entire NCIS series.


Gibbs and Bishop are on a nuclear submarine, the U.S.S. Memphis, conducting an investigation into the death of a Navy SEAL but things take a turn when the submarine dives for a mission with Vance later learning from the Pentagon that the submarine has gone radio silent while McGee and Torres race against the clock to find and stop the person responsible for the actions that the sub has taken and before the submarine in question is shot down at sea to prevent it from striking out against Russian submarines in the area.


Act One

Act Two

Act Three

Gibbs after realizing that the U.S.S. Memphis is preparing for war.

Act Four

Act Five

Major Events

  • Ducky officially retires as the Chief Medical Examiner and becomes the official Historian and archivist of NCIS.
  • Bishop is revealed to be uncomfortable operating within vessels, in particular submarines.


  • This episode aired on the birthday of voice actor, Kazuhiko Inoue who is the official dubbing actor for Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) in Japan.


Series Regulars

Name Portrayed by Role
Leroy Jethro Gibbs Mark Harmon Special Agent in charge of the NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Timothy McGee Sean Murray Senior Special Agent and second-in command of the NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Nicholas Torres Wilmer Valderrama Special Agent for the NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Eleanor Bishop Emily Wickersham Special Agent for the NCIS Major Case Response Team
Jacqueline Sloane Maria Bello NCIS Forensic Psychologist
James Palmer Brian Dietzen Medical Examiner for the Major Case Response Team
Kasie Hines Diona Reasonover NCIS Forensic Specialist; Abby's replacement
Leon Vance Rocky Carroll Director of NCIS
Donald Mallard David McCallum Chief Medical Examiner for the NCIS Major Case Response Team.

Other Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
Reginald Barkley Matthew Bellows Navy Captain.
Constance Shaw Arlene Santana Navy Chief of the Boat.
Justin Hardy Tommy Walker Navy Petty Officer First Class.
Gregory Pullman James Ferris Navy Lieutenant Commander.
Emily Ross Michele Boyd Navy Chief Petty Officer.
Zachary Harper Ransford Doherty Navy SEAL Petty Officer Second Class.
Jennifer Leo Megan Gallagher Under Secretary of the Navy.
Brian Kalr Tracy Howe Navy Culinary Specialist.
Alfonso Romero Ethan Flower Fire Chief.
Unnamed Chief of Watch Josh Trant
Walter Miller Mark Fite
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