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Silver War is the fourth episode in NCIS Season 3 as well as the 50th episode of the entire NCIS series.

It is also the first-ever episode to feature Cote de Pablo (Ziva David) in the opening credits. As such, de Pablo also becomes a series regular and a member of the main cast, having been part of the guest cast in Kill Ari Part 1 (episode) and Kill Ari Part 2 (episode), a credit she would hold up until her departure from the NCIS series nine years later which occurred in the Season 11 episode, Past, Present, and Future (episode)


During the filming of a documentary, the body of a deceased Marine is found in a Civil-War era tomb at the Smithsonian museum and Ducky soon discovers that the young Marine was not shot with a musket ball but that the victim was also buried alive which eventually led to his death by suffocation. The team then set out to find out who is responsible which brings them into conflict with a rogue Civil War group led by a familiar face. Meanwhile, as the team still struggle to come to terms with the loss of one of their own, Ziva David returns but the newly appointed Mossad/NCIS Liaison Officer faces a baptism from her new work colleagues who are not exactly pleased at her joining the group.


In a lab in the Smithsonian Institute, Dr. Elaine Burns is busy filming a documentary for the Recovery Channel (a possible parody of the Discovery Channel).

As the camera continues filming, she tells her viewers that tonight they'll be opening a time capsule from the Civil War.

She then orders the lights be switched off which they are before revealing to her audience that the iron casket represents one of America's first uses of rubber in an industrial process: sealing the dead, protecting them from the ravages of weather and time.

She then explains that what made this casket so special is that all its seals were found to be fully intact.

She then turns to two men, presumably the two members assigned to help her with the casket and nods to them.

As a crane lifts off the top of the casket, Burns explains that what they're hoping to find is some of the best preserved remains from the Civil War Era.

As the lid is dragged aside, everyone edges in for a closer look and it's shown that the body of a Civil War solider is inside.

Burns then talks to the camera, stating that this type of preservation is usually unheard of a body that is a hundred and forty years old.

However, the Director (Silver War) then tells Joe (Silver War) that they've got a problem.

The Director then asks for Burns, telling her that he doesn't think they carried those in the Civil War. He then points down into the casket just as Burns head over.

Joe then pans the camera in where it's shown that a cell phone is lying beside the supposed Civil War body.

Burns then takes the phone out of the casket and it then cuts to her staring at the phone in disbelief.

Act One

The elevator doors open, landing NCIS Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo Junior in the NCIS Squadroom as he prepares to begin another day's work but DiNozzo is occupied with shaving his beard.

As he heads into the Bullpen, DiNozzo grumbles that he freaking hates Mondays and starts giving out about Fat Al's All-You-Can-Eat Burrito Shack while putting his gun in his drawer and as he heads over to the drawer, DiNozzo continues with his rant, stating that Fat Al's Shack is more like Fat Al's bacteria shack.

It then shows that DiNozzo is busy pouring some water into a cup and stirring it as well. DiNozzo throws a towel over his shoulder and again grumbles that he shouldn't have come into work today because if Gibbs sees him like this...

"He'll probably be as horrified as I am, Agent DiNozzo", Ziva David announces, her voice causing DiNozzo to stop brushing his teeth.

Ziva then leans forward, asking DiNozzo if he's working undercover as a hobo.

DiNozzo, however is interested in finding Ziva telling him what she's doing here again. Ziva tells him that she's waiting.

When DiNozzo asks her for what, Ziva replies, "To start work" before wondering if everyone always comes in this late.

DiNozzo states that it's 0700 while Ziva states that at Mossad, they start at 0500.

Eventually, DiNozzo closes the drawer and throws his towel aside before heading over to Ziva while demanding to know what the Hell she's doing here.

Ziva then states that she sees before getting to her feet and realizing that Gibbs didn't tell him.

"Tell me what?", DiNozzo demands.

Ziva then reveals that Mossad has assigned her to NCIS as a liaison officer which means that she and DiNozzo are going to be working together. DiNozzo wonders if Gibbs knows about this with Ziva sarcastically sating, "Do you think I'd be here if he didn't?".

DiNozzo sarcastically laughs as well.

Just as the elevator doors open again, Ziva then tells DiNozzo that he might want to do something about his hair and that it's sticking up like a porcu-swine or a porcu-pig before stating that it's the little animal with the spikes, yes.

"Porcupine", Timothy McGee announces.

Ziva states, "Yes!" and then thanks McGee before reaching and grabbing a coffee from the box McGee's holding. As she sits back, McGee silently mouths something to DiNozzo who simply shrugs.

At the desk, Ziva wonders if anyone has a key for this but McGee angrily states that that's Caitlin Todd's desk. Ziva agrees but then states that if she's going to be a part of their team, then she would love to...

"Whoa", McGee states. "You're part of our team?".

"Yes", Ziva replies.

McGee then asks DiNozzo if Gibbs informed DiNozzo of this with DiNozzo stating, "Nope".

Ziva then reaches into her bag and produces a file, stating that these are her orders that Director Jennifer Shepard signed. She then gives it to McGee who unsurprisingly has the file snatched out of his hands seconds later by DiNozzo who examines the file.

As they study the file, McGee asks DiNozzo if Gibbs knows. Ziva states that she hopes so because all of her personal possessions are now being shipped from Tel Aviv to Washington with DiNozzo telling Ziva that she'd hold on unpacking the waffle iron until she talks to Gibbs.

"When he's come in?", Ziva asks.

"Now", DiNozzo smugly announces, giving Ziva the file and almost instantly, Ziva spots Leroy Jethro Gibbs heading into the bullpen and rushes over to meet him. They then greet each other and shake hands.

Gibbs then has a flashback to Kill Ari Part 2 (episode) where Ari Haswari, Ziva's half-brother and also the terrorist responsible for killing Kate Todd attempted to kill Gibbs in his basement with Gibbs's own sniper rifle, only to be shot in the head by Ziva.

Back in the present, Gibbs asks Ziva what she's doing here with Ziva telling him that she's looking forward to being a part of Gibbs's team. Gibbs, however doesn't reply and simply takes a sip of his coffee instead before heading off.

As he leaves, Ziva states that she stands corrected and that it appears that Gibbs didn't know. She then heads back to the desk, stating that she feels like a donkey's butt as DiNozzo and McGee look on.

"A donkey's butt?", McGee replies.

"I think she meant horse's ass", DiNozzo corrects.

"Yes, that too", Ziva agrees before sitting down.

In MTAC, as Gibbs arrives inside, it's a room of activity as various agents and tech analyse things.

Upon spotting Jenny, Gibbs then sits down beside her and while she looks through some papers, Jenny remarks if there's something she can help Gibbs with.

As he settles into the seat, Gibbs tells her that he's got a personnel issue and does she know anything about that? Jenny then states that she takes it that Ziva arrived a few days early and then states that before they get into this, Jenny's going to need a refill.

Gibbs unsurprisingly gets straight to the point by dumping his coffee into Jenny's own coffee cup before placing the cup in the cup-holder again.

Jenny remarks that that was sweet but not necessarily sanitary.

Gibbs just wants to know what Ziva is doing here. Jenny states that if they're going to fight a global war on terror, then they need to work closely with their allies.

Gibbs tells Jenny that it sounds good and that Ziva should be put on someone else's team.

"I want her with you, Jethro", Jenny states.

Gibbs then tells Jenny that Mossad trained Ziva to spy and kill, not to investigate crime scenes and that Ziva should be sent to the CIA. Jenny then states that just so they're clear, this isn't a request or a debate.

As they glance at the big screen, Gibbs then wonders if there's anything else about his team that Jenny wants to change while he's here?

Jenny tells Gibbs that he's lucky to have Ziva becase she's one of the finest agents Jenny worked with in Europe.

Gibbs, on the other hand is wondering why Jenny didn't ask her with Jenny stating, "And what would you have said?". At Gibbs's stare, Jenny says, "Exactly" before revealing that Rule 18 is it's better to seek forgiveness than ask permission.

"Oh, that's real nice", Gibbs grumbles. "Using the rules I taught you against me. Nice touch".

Jenny simply tells Gibbs that she learnt from the best and she wants Ziva to as well.

It then cuts to Gibbs who looks annoyed.

Downstairs, in the bullpen, as McGee talks to someone on the phone, DiNozzo realizes that Ziva's bored and wonders if she wants something to read. Ziva wonders what he has.

Smiling, DiNozzo then digs into his drawer, producing a copy of GSM- Get Some Magazine which he reveals is a men's magazine although most women find it objectifies them. Ziva then produces her own copy of the magazine which is in Hebrew, remarking that she read it on the plane and that she liked the article on page 57 because in her experience, it works every time.

DiNozzo then opens the magazine and states that he always thought that was urban legend. As that happens, Gibbs arrives down from MTAC and makes his presence known by throwing a paper ball at DiNozzo's head which has DiNozzo wincing slightly.

As DiNozzo and Ziva put their magazines away, Gibbs then arrives back in with Ziva wondering what the verdict is. Gibbs tells her to pack her trash. Upon realizing that he doesn't want her, Ziva states, "Not a problem".

As both DiNozzo and Gibbs look on, Ziva tells them that most of it doesn't arrive until next week and she instantly grabs her stuff before saying goodbye to DiNozzo and McGee. She then grabs her backpack and heads for the elevator, hitting the button.

Ziva then gets into the elevator, expecting the doors to close but Gibbs soon arrives in, causing Ziva to look behind her in shock. As soon as he's in, Gibbs tells Ziva that while he told her to pack her trash, he didn't remember giving her permission to leave yet.

With that, Gibbs then shuts the elevator down before turning to Ziva and wondering if she requested the assignment. Ziva admits that she did with Gibbs asking why. Ziva tells him that she had to get away from Mossad for a while.

Gibbs then wonders if she believes what Ari said.

At first, Ziva says no, then yes before adding a "Maybe". Gibbs then tells her that Ari was a Svengali- (a person who, with evil intent, tries to persuade another to do what is desired) which has Ziva remarking, "Like father, like soon".

Gibbs then asks her if Mossad know that she was the one responsible for killing Ari but Ziva tells him no and that Mossad believe the report: that Gibbs was the one who killed Ari. She then tells Gibbs that they're the only ones who know the truth and for that, she thanks him.

Gibbs tells her that he trusts her and that she knows that but when they leave the elevator...

"You start kicking my butt", Ziva finishes.

Gibbs corrects her, stating that he doesn't kick butt before bringing the elevator back online and while they wait, Gibbs also gives Ziva a Headslap, causing the two of them to laugh before they recover and put their blank expressions on.

As they return to the bullpen, Gibbs announces that Ziva will be with them for a while. Ziva makes to go to the desk she was at before she left but Gibbs stops her by grabbing her bag before telling her that that's Kate's desk and that Ziva's is down at the end.

As Gibbs heads off, DiNozo and Ziva exit the bullpen with Ziva remarking that Gibbs is a tough one to read. DiNozzo tells her that she'll find most NCIS agents are like that and that it's their training.

"Is that a fact?", Ziva wonders.

"Mmm-hmm", DiNozzo agrees before stating that they never let other people know what they're thinking. Ziva then tells DiNozzo that right now, he's thinking of doing Page 57 with her which has DiNozzo chuckling.

Ziva then heads back into the bullpen while DiNozzo presumably heads up to the photocopier.

In the bullpen, as Ziva makes herself comfortable with her new desk, McGee heads over to Gibbs and tells them that they've got a situation at the Smithsonian Museum. Gibbs wants to know what.

McGee states that it's kind of complicated but there may have been a murder.

"May have been, McGee?", Gibbs says.

McGee then explains that they have a Union soldier who was dug up from a battlefield in Manassas and now they think he may be a Marine. Gibbs tells McGee that it was the Civil War and that Marines fought on both sides.

McGee states that he knows that but the Marine in question had dog tags which didn't exist back then before stating that Gibbs knows that, being a Marine. Gibbs then tells McGee to get to the point.

McGee then tells Gibbs that they think that the Marine was killed recently and somehow in a way but they can't quite explain it but in a 140 year old cast-iron sarcophagus. Gibbs then states, "Dressed as a Union soldier?".

"Basically, yeah", McGee replies.

Gibbs then throws McGee the keys, telling him to gas the NCIS Major Case Response Team Truck. As McGee heads to do that, Gibbs hollers for DiNozzo who instantly responds and heads back to the bullpen, wondering what's up.

As Ziva grabs her bag, Gibbs tells DiNozzo that he's got a murder in his field of expertise. DiNozzo then smugly tells Ziva that happens a lot, given that DiNozzo is a Senior Field Agent and all.

"I'm sure it does", Ziva remarks.

DiNozzo wonders if it's Multiple Homicides but it isn't. Is the killing Gang Related- nope. Defenestration- the act of throwing someone or something out of a window but Gibbs simply tells DiNozzo that it's the Civil War.

"I can hardly wait", DiNozzo says. "It's my favorite subject".

And as DiNozzo leaves, Ziva wonders about her. Gibbs tell that she's coming along, strictly as an observer and that she should hand over all her weapons. Ziva is puzzled, wondering if that's really necessary but Gibbs doesn't budge.

Ziva then removes her gun and removes the magazine before giving both to Gibbs who takes them before dumping them in his desk drawer. Gibbs then tells Ziva to hand over her back-up weapon which she then gives to Gibbs who again places it in his desk drawer.

Gibbs then brings up the knife Ziva has concealed at her waist. Ziva then grudgingly removes the knife and hands it over to Gibbs who in a surprise twist tells her that she can keep the knife because he wants her to know that he knows.

It then cuts to Ziva who looks annoyed.

A while later, at the crime scene, Medical Examiner Donald Mallard is examining the body and states that the man is Warren Sorrow of the USMC- United States Marine Corps while Gibbs takes some photographs before asking Ducky how long Sorrow's been in there.

Ducky tells Gibbs that Sorrow's body is remarkably well-preserved and that it could be months or even years. Gibbs then takes more photographs with Ducky stating that they'll know when they get the body back to NCIS before on going to say in the 1970s, grave robbers raided a Southern colonel's casket-iron casket and the robbers took the colonel's weapons, jewelery and for some reason, the colonel's own head.

As this goes on, Gibbs continues taking photographs of the body and casket from every angle. Ducky then states when the local authorities found the 100 year old decomposing corpse, they assumed that the colonel had been recently decapitated and opened a murder investigation.

Gibbs states that they're not local cops and that they've still got Sorrow's head before stating that he wants to know how he died. Dr. Burns arrives on scene, informing them that she can help with that.

She then greets Ducky, introducing herself while revealing that they met in Hawaii almost eighteen years ago, at the conference of identifying POW- prisoner of war remains in Vietnam and as this hits, Ducky states that it's wonderful to see Dr. Burns again.

Burns states that she still has the necklace that he gave her with Ducky stating that, "Yes. Quite the keepsake, aren't they?".

Gibbs then impatiently interrupts things by asking if they've got information on how Sorrow died.

As Burns heads over while telling Gibbs that they took the liberty of imaging the corpse before they knew for sure that they were dealing with an actual homicide, not some sick hoax, Gibbs silently mouths, "Do you know her" to Ducky who just shrugs.

As they examine the scene, James Palmer arrives and begins covering up the body while Gibbs wonders if Dr. Burns disturbed the crime scene.

Burns then states that as a forensic anthropologist, she can assure him that her examination was strictly non-invasive.

She then brings up a live of Sorrow's head, stating that she's seen it before but that no-one can be certain until they get it out.

"Get what out?", Gibbs wonders.

Burns then tells them that in her opinion, it's a musket ball.

It then cuts to Ducky who looks at Burns.

Act Two

In another area of the building, Tony and McGee are passing the time by playing some games with a huge stuffed bear and as this goes on, Ziva remarks that she doesn't think that this is what Gibbs had in mind when he instructed her to observe.

DiNozzo then pretends to become the victim of a bear attack before asking Ziva if she knows how many people get killed in America by bears every year and McGee then takes some more photos.

"No, but I can't imagine a lot", Ziva replies.

DiNozzo tells her she'd be surprised while Ziva glances at McGee with McGee stating that he thinks it's about one. Ziva then wonders if there isn't something constructive DiNozzo could be doing.

"Like what?", DiNozzo wonders.

"Investigating", Ziva suggests.

Thankfully, DiNozzo and McGee's playtime ends when Gibbs arrives in, telling both Agents to report in. DiNozzo reveals that the casket was uncovered by a housing project going up near the Bull Run Battlefield in Manassas and that he's gotten the name and address of the company and that there's an interview and soil test scheduled for tomorrow.

McGee then states that the only thing removed from the casket was a cell phone, damaged and non-operational while McGee states that he's got the prints of the lab workers to run against any they find in or around the body and tomb before announcing that Dr. Burns was wearing surgical gloves when she picked the phone up and then last but not least, Gibbs calls on Ziva who asks about the 9 mill hole in her hat.

"Ventilation", Gibbs replies which Ziva accepts.

Gibbs then tells them that he'll escort the casket back with Ducky and that the team should meet in the squad room. Ziva then states that she would like to know if she could drive the NCIS Major Case Response Team Truck back to base because it might make her feel as if she actually accomplished something today.

A while later, the Truck is tearing along a road at a fast speed while DiNozzo tells Ziva not to go so fast. Ziva states that she always drives fast and that it's the best way to avoid possible IED- improvised explosive devices and ambushes.

As Ziva overtakes a car, DiNozzo tells her that she's in America now and that she wouldn't worry about it and as she overtakes again, DiNozzo tells her to slow down or else he'll puke on her.

Ziva then asks DiNozzo why he doesn't like the American Civil War but DiNozzo states that he doesn't want to talk about it. McGee states that it's because of his father with DiNozzo angrily rounding on McGee while snapping, "Was she talking to you, probie?".

While driving, Ziva states that Tony didn't get along with his father and that it explains a lot. DiNozzo insists that he got along fine with his father. Ziva then states if DiNozzo says so before telling them that she thinks it's best to talk about things instead of burying them inside.

McGee asks about her father, Deputy Director David but Ziva doesn't respond, instead slamming down on the brake with DiNozzo telling her to slow down because they're taking the next left and in the process, Ziva brings the truck into the wrong lane, causing DiNozzo and McGee to yell in fright.

As soon as they're out, Ziva apologizes, stating that it's her first time behind the wheel after a six-month mission in the United Kingdom. This causes DiNozzo to throw up and a while later, Ziva's in the middle, saying that she said she was sorry while it's shown that it's DiNozzo who's now driving the truck.

Back in the bullpen, McGee announces that they ran his prints through AVIS and that it's confirmed that their Union soldier is Staff Sergeant Warren Sorrow, a MSG instructor in Quantico.

DiNozzo tries to tell Ziva what MSG stands for but she tells him it's Marine Security Guard before announcing that she's been to over two dozen embassies around the world. Gibbs then walks in, asking what they've got on Sorrow.

McGee announces that Sorrow was reported UA a year ago and that McGee is currently building a profile on Sorrow's life prior to Sorrow disappearing. But Gibbs tells not anymore and that he wants Gibbs with Abby so that they can find out what was on the cell phone they found in the casket while Tony is on the paper trail with Gibbs wanting to know everything there is know about Staff Sergeant Sorrow by the time he gets back.

As Tony and McGee head off, Gibbs then looks at Ziva before stating that she keep on observing.

"What exactly, Gibbs?", Ziva wonders.

"I don't care", Gibbs replies. "Do it quietly".

As Gibbs leaves, Ziva closes her eyes before opening them again and remarking that she now knows why Gibbs took all her weapons away before she heads off.

In the morgue, Ducky emerges from a side door, dressed in his autopsy gear. He then asks his Medical Exam Assistant, James Palmer if he's ever spend an evening with a young woman and failed to remember it.

As Palmer grins, Ducky remarks, "What was I thinking? Of course not".

As this goes, Palmer helps Ducky put on his robe and even tie it up for him. Palmer remarks that he wouldn't mind with Ducky stating that it's not something to be admired and states that doctor today at the Smithsonian suggested that she and Ducky shared a special something in Hawaii during a conference.

Palmer wonders how the doctor was.

"The young and attractive one", Ducky remarks while putting on his gloves. Palmer's still confused as to who that could be with Ducky stating that the person in question was the only doctor there besides Ducky himself.

Palmer then realizes that Ducky is talking about Dr. Burns before stating that he thought that Ducky said that Burns was young.

"Young to me, Mr. Palmer", Ducky states. "Young to me".

As Palmer heads over to where the body is, Ducky examines the X-ray shots and then tells Palmer to turn Staff Sergeant Sorrow's head twenty degrees to the left.

As Palmer does that, Ducky remarks that Burns invited him out for cocktails tomorrow night but Ducky declined. Palmer wants to know why because Dr. Burns seemed nice.

As Ducky makes a cut in the side of Sorrow's neck, he remarks that Burns was more than nice before asking Palmer how do someone tell a woman that they have absolutely no mental recollection of whatsoever?

"I suppose one could always lie", Palmer suggests.

Ducky glares at Palmer and wonders if his Medical Assistant has been spending time with DiNozzo again.

Palmer is left stunned with Ducky resuming his work.

Seconds later, Ducky produces a small silver ball before dropping it into a small container that Abby's holding and stating that it be taken to her straightaway.

"Right away, doctor", Palmer replies and heads off.

As Palmer leaves, Ducky glances at Staff Sergeant Sorrow and asks, "I don't suppose you've ever been to Hawaii".

In the lab, as McGee works on repairing the cell phone, Abigail Sciuto is standing beside him, stating that should it do. McGee puts down the tools and remarks that's what Abby said the last eight times.

Abby just remarks that that shows just how much attention McGee pays to her before stating, "It was nine, Timmy".

"Right", McGee states.

Abby then takes a sip of her Caf-Pow while McGee begins working again. Abby then constantly asks if they did it and if they managed to fix the cell phone's circuit board before she takes another sip of her drink.

"Hold on", McGee urges.

Abby states that she's killing him.

On the cell phone, various numbers keep popping up, causing McGee to remark that he believes that they did and that the circuits are but he gets interrupted by Abby glaring at him through a big microscope.

As McGee puts the scope, he then asks Abby how many Caf-Pows she's had today.

Abby states that she's had the usual but McGee disagrees, stating that she's had more than the usual because he's getting jumpy just looking at her.

Abby explains that some people drown their sorrows in drugs and alcohol but she prefers to do it with caffeine. She then tells McGee to get the cell phone hooked up and get cracking before Gibbs decides to crack McGee a new one.

"You mean crack us", McGee states.

"Gibbs would never hit a lady", Abby says.

"Exactly", McGee replies. "So I suggest we get started".

In the squad-room, it's night-time and Tony's at his desk, working when something catches his attention. He stands up, asking for Ziva and she responds, showing that she's standing right behind him.

As she heads around to his desk, Tony tells her to first of all, never do that again before wondering what she's doing.

"I'm observing you, Tony", Ziva replies.

"Any way you can do that in a less than creepy manner?", Tony wonders.

Ziva just smiles.

It then cuts to the corridor of the squadroom where Gibbs and the Mysterious Red-Head are talking to each other. Ziva wants to know how the woman with Gibbs is with Tony telling Ziva that once she's here long enough, she'll figure it out.

Ziva wants to know if the woman is Gibbs's girlfriend but Tony admits that he has no idea with the two even talking over each other before Tony tells Ziva that she'll figure out that some things that the NCIS agents themselves don't ask about.

Up on the stairway, Director Jennifer Shepard pauses for a second upon seeing Gibbs and his red-headed companion. She then continues up the stairs with Gibbs saying goodbye to his red-haired friend who heads into the elevator while Ziva glances at Jenny.

Once he's said goodbye to his red-haired friend, Gibbs heads into the bullpen just as Ducky arrives in, asking Tony where Gibbs is.

"Your two o'clock", Tony replies.

As Gibbs heads in, he asks Ducky what's wrong with Ducky stating that he now knows how Sergeant Sorrow died. At the look on Ducky's face, Gibbs realizes that it wasn't from a musket ball.

In the morgue, as Ducky, Gibbs, Tony and Ziva arrive in, Ducky states that at first someone could assume that a projectile of such size and mass would produce almost instant death.

As this goes on, Ducky grabs some gloves and puts them on before stating that pre-Civil War muskets were notoriously unreliable and lost most of their velocity over the first hundred meters.

Ducky then points to some X-rays and explains that the Sergeant was grievously wounded by a musket ball but his injury was not fatal.

Ziva then asks Ducky how the Sergeant died.

Ducky heads over to the table and explains that the Sergeant's lung tissue was coated with an extremely fine film of rust while saying that one can imagine how he clawed at the iron sides of his casket, trying to escape before holding Sorrow's right hand and grimly revealing that Sergeant Sorrow suffocated.

Gibbs, Ziva and Tony after learning from Ducky that Marine Staff Sergeant Warren Sorrow suffocated to death.

It then cuts to Gibbs, Ziva and Tony who all look stunned at the news.

Act Three

The next day, in the squadroom, as a photo of Sergeant Sorrow's decayed body is on the monitor, Ziva remarks that a Marine dressed as a Civil War solider is shot by a musket ball and then buried alive in a 140 year old antique iron casket before she turns around to Tony and McGee who are busy eating while Ziva states, "And you're telling me this isn't your strangest case?".

"Yup", Tony replies.

"Pretty much", McGee agrees.

Ziva has no idea what she finds more disturbing: Tony and McGee's eating habits or the fact that she believes them. Tony then jokingly apologizes, wondering if their strange American food frightens Ziva, causing the group to laugh before Ziva remarks, "Not at all. I was referring to your manners. You should have brought me one".

She then approaches and takes a bite out of Tony's roll which leaves Tony stunned and McGee smug. Tony then sarcastically goes "Aha" with McGee stating that he's going to go help Abby before he leaves the bullpen.

As McGee walks off, Ziva attempts to take another bite with Tony grabbing the roll back before he eventually changes his mind and gives it to Ziva.

It then cuts to the stairway where Gibbs has been watching proceedings and he's interrupted by Jenny who announces that Ziva seems to be fitting in well.

Gibbs, on the other hand, disagrees, stating that Ziva nearly killed his entire team yesterday.

"How?", Jenny wonders.

"Driving home from a crime scene", Gibbs replies.

Jenny nods and tells Gibbs that she should've warned him because she thinks that Ziva was an Eastern European cabdriver in a past life.

"Yeah, well, she wasn't a cop", Gibbs remarks before telling Jenny that Ziva obviously has no investigate or law-enforcement experience.

"Neither did I when I first started with you", Jenny states.

"Yeah, well", Gibbs states. "You were always a fast learner".

It then cuts to a flashback of London where it shows Gibbs and Jenny presumably on a stakeout before they start kissing each other.

Back in the present, Gibbs gives Jenny one final look before heading off with Jenny staring after him.

Downstairs, in the bullpen, Ziva is asking Tony if he's sure he doesn't want his roll back because most people don't have a problem with her germs.

Tony just gives her a look and then heads over to the printer, stating that he got a lead on how their Staff Sergeant ended up in a Union solider's uniform. He then grabs the sheet and turns around while stating that the victim was a member of a local C.W, only to get startled when he sees Ziva standing behind him.

Tony quickly recovers and states "C.W.R. out of Fairfax".

Ziva then grabs the sheet while asking about C.W.R.

Tony who's pissed off tells her that C.W.R are Civil War Re-enactors, guys who get together and dress up in period costumes, re-ancting famous battles.

Ziva wants to know why with Tony stating that he's been asking his father that question since he was ten years old. As she glances at the sheet, Ziva realizes that they're preparing for one of those famous battles this week in Manassas before remarking, "Quite the coincidence".

Tony grabs the sheet and states that in the immortal words of Leroy Jethro Gibbs before impersonating Gibbs that he (Gibbs) doesn't believe in coincidences.

"Is that a fact, DiNozzo?", Gibbs announces, arriving into the bullpen after hanging up, having been talking to someone on his cell phone.

Tony then remarks that he was trying to tell Ziva about this lead that he found before he gets interrupted with Gibbs head-slapping him and telling Tony that he heard.

Gibbs then announces that Abby found something and that they should roll. As he heads off, Tony quickly drops the sheet on his desk before explaining to Ziva that the headslap is an American custom, a form of affection.

"Seems like Shalowsh Stooges to me", Ziva explains.

This leaves Tony confused and saying, "Like what?".

Ziva then puts her hand up to her nose and goes "whoo-whoo-whoo-whoo-whoo" before stating that it's Larry, Moe and Curly, yes.

With that, the two leave the bullpen.

In the lab, with some new jazz music replacing Abby's usual music, McGee is examining the coffin when Gibbs walks up, followed by Tony and Ziva.

Gibbs then heads to the other area when he sees Abby wearing unusual clothing.

"Abs?", Gibbs wonders.

"I look like a freak", Abby complains before turning around to face the team where it's shown that Abby is wearing a work uniform, ie, a long pink jacket and skirt which has Tony going "Whoa" and McGee remarking that he really doesn't think that she looks that bad.

Ziva wants to know if Abby's making a reference to that strange tattoo on her neck with Tony holding up his hand while Ziva soon slaps it away seconds later.

As Tony, Ziva and McGee stare at Abby, Gibbs wants to know why.

Abby grabs a sheet from her desk and on very wobbly heals, approaches Gibbs, telling him that one of the Director's new admin weenies brought her this last night. It's the NCIS dress code and apparently, according to the weenie, Abby was in violation.

"He did, didn't he?", Gibbs says, studying the sheet.

Abby then remarks that it's bad enough she has to wear a monkey suit for court appearances but everyday? Ziva tries to calm Abby by telling her that she looks nice but that only gets Abby further agitated.

"Nice?", Abby snaps. "You think I look nice? I look like.. like".

"Career Girl Barbie", Tony finishes.

Abby then realizes that she does before she freaks out. She heads back inside and grabs Bert before she begins ranting, stating that she can't work like this with Gibbs promising he'll take care of it.

Abby doesn't hear him, instead saying that she's allergic to polyester, that it makes her itch and that it's a medical condition before stating she could get a note from the doctor.

Gibbs heads inside and calms Abby down by firmly assuring her that he'll take care of it.

Abby hugs Bert, causing the hippo to fart.

In the lab area, Ziva looks back at Tony who tells her "Don't ask" while in the room, Gibbs asks Abby if they can get back to work now?

"Do I have to wear the shoes?", Abby wonders.

Gibbs responds by rolling up the sheet into a ball before throwing it aside.

A while later, with Abby's normal music back on and Abby now in her bare feet, she tells the team that the circuit board on the cell phone was damaged but that she and McGee managed to get it working again.

Abby announces that the battery shut down on October 3rd, 2004 with McGee explaining that the last 22 calls went to 911 while Abby states that none of the calls went through.

"He was calling from inside the casket", Tony states.

"Yep", McGee agrees. "Cast iron and buried underground".

"I don't think anyone's calling plan extends that far", Abby announces. Gibbs then wonders about the last entries with McGee explaining that Staff Sergeant Sorrow was running low on oxygen and that McGee assumed that Sorrow was trying to dial another number but hit random keys instead.

Gibbs tells McGee to find out before asking Abby what she got from the tomb.

As they move away from the monitor and head to the coffin, Abby tells him that there were traces of Staff Sergeant Sorrow's blood inside the cover.

"Most likely from when he tried to crawl his way out", Ziva states.

Abby then rounds on Ziva, stating that since Sorrow's fingers were shredded, that must've hard to figure out before she deliberately gets Ziva's surname wrong.

"It's pronounced David", Ziva replies, restraining herself. "Or you can just call me Ziva".

Gibbs watches the exchange with a look of disapproval.

Abby then explains that she found two very distinct types of dirt on the outside. One was red clay which is very common in Virginia and the other had a high concentration of fertilizer.

Gibbs then asks Tony what time he's meeting the company that found this casket. Tony states that it's 0900 with Gibbs announcing that Tony should take Ziva with him so that they can see if there's anything left out of that crime scene.

Ziva looks at Gibbs while Tony announces that he's on it before Tony and Ziva both leave the lab with Ziva still glaring at Abby as she leaves.

Gibbs gives Abby a silent glare with Abby taking the hint and grabbing McGee.

As they too head off, Gibbs studies the casket and imagines Staff Sergeant Sorrow trapped inside while on his cell phone and slowly suffocating.

Gibbs stands there, lost in thought.

A while later, McGee is examining the numbers before he calls out to Abby, asking what if the numbers aren't really numbers but he gets no response.

McGee then looks around, calling Abby's name yet there's still no answer. He then leaves the computer and heads into the area where he sees Abby standing in the ballistic lab with her back to him.

It's revealed that she has three tattoos on her back: one each on her shoulder blades and a big cross in the center of her neck which are eventually covered up a single t-shirt.

Abby then turns around and sees McGee staring at her, still stunned with McGee eventually looking away, having realized too late that he's been caught.

Abby then walks out of the ballistic lab with McGee struggling to get himself together. Abby then approaches McGee and wonders if McGee saw something he liked.

"No", McGee replies.

Abby just glares at him before McGee eventually changes, stating "I mean, yes". Abby remarks that's better before wondering what McGee was going to tell her.

McGee recovers and then heads back into the main lab, stating what if Sorrow wasn't trying to dial a number but was actually trying to send a text message?

They then stand in front of the monitor and as Abby examines the messages, she puts her hands, remarking, "McGee, sometimes I think I love you".

In the lift, Tony and a very dirty Ziva have returned from the crime scene with Ziva wondering if they've got showers here. A very smug Tony explains that they do but that the showers are only for biological or chemical emergencies before the elevator brings them to the floor.

As they head out, Ziva sarcastically remarks, "Wonderful". Tony then announces that Ziva did say that she was sick of observing.

"You made me crawl through a dump truck full of dirt", Ziva says.

As this happens, Gibbs looks up from his work to witness the exchange.

"There could've been valuable evidence there", Tony replies.

"There wasn't!", Ziva snaps.

As he reaches his desk, Tony dumps his backpack onto the ground before agreeing and saying that thanks to Ziva, they now know that.

Gibbs wants to know how it went well but Tony tells him they got nothing and that the building site was clean, figuratively speaking.

"Very", Ziva mutters.

The two of them then approach Gibbs's desk with Tony remarking that they've got the area taped off but they're not going to find anything.

Suddenly, McGee and Abby arrive in with Abby calling Gibbs's name and announcing that they did it. As Gibbs wonders what it is, McGee reveals that the supposedly random numbers weren't numbers after all with Abby announcing that Staff Sergeant Sorrow was leaving NCIS a text message from the grave.

It then cuts to Gibbs who looks interested.

A while later, the numbers are up with Abby announcing that when they put the numbers through the cell phone's text converter, they got this.

"Only got half. Oxbow not on his side", McGee reads. "Kearns, don't let him get safety deposit box".

"That's it?", Tony asks.

"He was buried alive, Tony", Ziva snaps. "What did you expect, a soliloquy?".

Abby reveals that they ran Sorrow's social through the banking system and that Staff Sergeant Sorrow has a safety-deposit box paid for five years at the North Virginia Savings and Trust.

Gibbs wants a warrant with McGee announcing that he already called it in. Gibbs then tasks Tony with finding out the meaning of "Oxbow" and "Kearns" with Tony agreeing to do it.

Gibbs then orders McGee to go get the safety-deposit box before also ordering McGee to take Ziva with him. As Tony and McGee head off, Ziva wonders if there's somewhere she can clean up.

Gibbs states that there is: tonight when she goes home.

It then cuts to Abby who smiles with Ziva glaring back at her before Ziva leaves while Gibbs gently urges Abby to sit down at his desk.

A while later, McGee and Ziva are heading towards the North Virginia Savings and Trust bank with McGee asking Ziva to help clean her but Ziva refuses, insisting that she's not a child.

McGee states that he's trying to help with Ziva telling him that he may get what she missed. McGee thanks her, grabs the tissue and begins cleaning.

As this happens, Ziva wonders if Tony's always so... with McGee stating "Yeah". Ziva asks about Gibbs with McGee going "Oh, yeah".

Ziva then asks about Abby with McGee stating that Abby's usually nice. Ziva believes that it's her and that she has that effect on people.

McGee tells Ziva that it's not her and that the past month has been hard on everyone but he's glad Ziva's here. Ziva wants to know why with McGee stating that it means that McGee isn't the newbie anymore.

As they head off for the bank, Ziva suddenly stops upon getting an unsettling feeling. McGee stops and wants to know what's wrong but Ziva assures him that it's nothing before assuring McGee that she's still getting used to America.

It then cuts to see that someone through some binoculars is keeping an eye on McGee and Ziva and even watching them enter the bank.

In the bank, Sally Smith produces the safety deposit box from a safe and heads back into a room where McGee and Ziva are waiting. Smith tells them that she believes that Staff Sergeant Sorrow has been missing with McGee wondering who told her that.

Smith replies that it was Sorrow's brother and that the brother has inquired many times about the safety-deposit box. Ziva asks why with Smith telling them that Sorrow's brother felt if something had happened, Sorrow would have wanted him to have it.

"Like death?", Ziva asks.

Smith agrees but without a death certificate and a court order, then the bank's policy is to maintain the contents until the lease runs out. She then asks if Sorrow is missing.

"Not anymore", McGee replies.

As Smith digests the news, Ziva wonders if there's anything else or can they open the box? Smith tells them that she'll be outside if they need her.

As Smith heads outside, closing the door behind her, McGee and Ziva study the box before McGee opens it with Ziva going "Oooh" and announcing that they need to talk to Sorrow's brother.

"Definitely", McGee agrees.

Inside the box lies an old, mummified hand holding map with a single valuable ring lying on the index finger on the hand in question.

It then cuts to Ziva and McGee who look at each other.

Act Four

In the bank, Ziva studies the mummified hand and an ancient map and she tells McGee that this has to be his strangest case now. McGee then hangs up and tells Ziva that was Tony and that Staff Sergeant Sorrow doesn't have a brother before stating that they need to pull the bank security-camera footage and see if they've got a shot of the guy claiming to be Sorrow's brother.

Ziva then asks McGee if he knows what this reminds her of. McGee believes it's a Mossad case but Ziva tells him that it isn't and that's of a Harry Potter novel. McGee's stunned that Ziva reads the novels too.

They look at each other for a second before McGee admits, "Me neither".

Outside, Ziva and McGee are leaving the Bank where a man confronts them, asking about Kelleher Avenue but unfortunately, that's not what the man is interested because he wants the map that McGee has. He then tells Ziva and McGee to look behind them where it's shown that from a van, a man Grant (Silver War) has a sniper rifle aimed at them and the man tells McGee to give him his weapon which McGee and then back-up where they head for the fountain.

"Now?", McGee wonders.

"Now you get wet", the man replies before shoving them into the water with McGee and Ziva taking a dive but they both quickly recover but not fast enough as the van drives, tyres screeching.

McGee curses and tries to call it, only to discover that his phone's dead which he then dumps into the water, annoyed before remarking that Gibbs is going to kill him. Ziva tells McGee to look on the bright side because at least, she's clean again.

In the morgue, Ducky and Palmer are examining the mummified hand but unfortunately, the pressure of holding the hand causes one of the fingers to snap of. As Ducky studies the ring, he tells Palmer if they know what they've got here.

"A very old ring", Palmer replies.

"Yes", Ducky states. "And a reason to call Dr. Burns back".

In the bullpen, as Ziva sits in the corner, scribbling something, McGee apologizes to Gibbs, believing that he screwed up before assuring Gibbs that it won't happen again. Gibbs states that it wasn't McGee's fault and that the group used NCIS to get into that safety-deposit box for them.

McGee then states that the man knew exactly what he wanted and that he asked for was the map. Gibbs then rounds on McGee, stating what map and map of what. McGee then tells Gibbs that he really didn't get a good look at it.

DiNozzo then announces that it was a treasure map, a map of gold, silver and diamonds.

"It wasn't from one of your dumbass movies, DiNozzo", Gibbs snaps.

DiNozzo apologizes while McGee brings up a shot of the guy who confronted both McGee and Ziva at the Bank, stating that they need to find him and that he claimed he was Staff Sergeant Sorrow's brother.

DiNozzo announces that he might have a name for the guy and as Gibbs and McGee look at him, DiNozzo states that he's been researching the words from Sorrow's farewell message: Oxbow and Kearns which has McGee realizing that Oxbow was the name on the map and as Gibbs looks at the sheet, DiNozzo tells him that the name is Judd Kearns, a member of the same Civil War club that the victim belonged to.

Gibbs wonders if DiNozzo got an address for Kearns with DiNozzo stating that he did but Kearns wasn't there. At Gibbs's glare, DiNozzo then announces that the club is on their way to Manassas Battlefield Park for a re-enactment and that they should be there this afternoon.

Gibbs then asks McGee what he can remember about the map with Ziva stating that she thinks she can help with that before giving Gibbs the sketchpad she's been working on. As Gibbs and McGee examine it, Ziva remarks that at Mossad, officers who fail to observe don't generally last long.

As Gibbs shows McGee the map, DiNozzo remarks that at NCIS, apparently Mossad officers get drop-kicked into water fountains. Ziva states that that would never have happened if she'd had her weapons.

Gibbs then tells McGee to find out the map is of with McGee stating he's going to get right on it before he heads off to Abby's lab. As that happens, Gibbs walks away from his keyboard, giving Ziva a small smile before he studies Kearns's photo on the monitor.

In the lab, as Abby looks on, McGee states that Ziva was amazing and that she has a photographic memory before asking, "What?".

As she heads over to place the page underneath a scanner, Abby wonders why doesn't Ziva and McGee just get a room?

"You think she likes me?", McGee says.

"McGee, never forget", Abby announces. "I am one of the few people in the world who can murder you and leave no forensic evidence".

At the entrance, as Dr. Burns looks on, Ducky then wonders that if they should come back later.

Abby changes her tune, stating to Ducky that she was just venting before wondering who Ducky's friend is. As they head into the lab, Ducky introduces them to Dr. Burns, a forensic anthropologist from the Smithsonian.

Burns states that Ducky said the team might be in need of her expertise.

Upon glancing at the ring, Burns announces that it's French, 19th century and that it was usually worn by Southern gentlemen to telegraph their wealth and status before remarking that it's in fantastic condition and she's wondering where they found it.

Ducky tells her that it came from a mummified hand in a safety-deposit box and Burns states that it sounds like scavengers, grave robbers. She then tells Gibbs that they've had more sites ruined by them than she cares to remember.

Gibbs then asks about the map that they found. Abby brings up an image of the map with Burns remarking that it's certainly typical of the Civil War period and that ICF stands for Irregular Confederate Forces and that Oxbow might be referring to a prominent Virgina family.

Abby wonders where they lived.

Burns tells her that it was Manassas and that their mansion was destroyed in the Second Battle of Bull Run by the Union. Abby then asks Gibbs if he remembers how they found Kyle Boone's dumping ground and states that she could run the vectors between those features and satellite imagery.

"Do it", Gibbs orders.

Burns states that if it is Manassas, she's had several digs there and that she'd be more than willing to serve as a guide, that if Ducky would be willing to accompany her. She even starts coozing up to Ducky to prove her point.

Up in the bullpen, DiNozzo announces that Kearns has checked in with the club rangers and Kearns is there before wondering if they're rolling.

"No, not yet", Gibbs replies.

He then produces a gun from his drawer and heads over to Ziva before giving her the gun while telling her to gear up which instantly brings a smile to Ziva's face. In that moment, Ziva begins reassembling her gun while Gibbs walks away, smiling before he leaves the bullpen with McGee and DiNozzo walking after him.

Ziva then grabs her bag and reaches the elevator just as the doors close while inside the elevator, DiNozzo just smiles.

A while later, the team and Dr. Burns are watching a Civil War gunfight being played out. McGee wonders if it's bringing back memories for DiNozzo with Ziva remarking, "It looks like fun".

DiNozzo then asks her if she knows what little DiNozzo's job was during those re-enactments. Ziva suggests little drummer boy but DiNozzo states no, telling her that he would carry around a bucket so these guys could take a dump in it and as such, they called him their "Little Poo Boy".

This has McGee and Ziva laughing.

Gibbs arrives back, announcing that Kearns is out here somewhere dressed as a Union sergeant. He then tells DiNozzo and McGee that they're with him before telling Ziva, Burns and Ducky to see if they can match up any of the landmarks on the map.

As Gibbs, DiNozzo and McGee, Ziva unrolls the map before asking Burns and Ducky if they've got any suggestions. Burns tells her to let her look and studies the map before telling them by the orientation of the map, she suggests that they start near some of her old dig sites to the north.

Ducky then wonders if he could have a look with Burns giving him the map and as he holds it, Ducky states that during times of war, mapmakers often add terrain or change the declination of north and south in order to confuse...

"Confuse the enemy before it fell into the wrong hands", Ziva finishes.

Ducky thanks Ziva before admitting that what troubles him about the map is the Confederate flag in the corner and that the flag is unfurled in the opposite direction of most flags. Upon looking at the map again, Ducky suggests that they start looking to the south.

And with that, the three set off.

Meanwhile, Gibbs, DiNozzo and McGee are walking through the area, searching for Kearns when DiNozzo states, "Boss, your 3 o'clock. Red stripes". McGee then confirms that that's the guy from the bank video.

Unsurprisingly, upon seeing them, Kerns flees, causing Gibbs, DiNozzo and McGee to run after him while DiNozzo states, "He's fast". Gibbs sarcastically replies with, "You think?" before adding "Son of a-".

In the forest, as Ziva and Burns walk on, Ducky states that he think that they should wait for Gibbs. Ziva states that Gibbs was the one who told them to look for landmarks. Ducky then states, landmarks, yes, following them deep into the woods, probably not before insisting that Ziva call him Ducky.

Ziva does that before glancing at the map and she states that she believes that this is the trail on the map. Burns doubts it before telling Ziva to wait as the topography's completely different today.

Burns states that they might have better luck where the Oxbow mansion used to stand. Ziva states that they can try that next.

Back in the field, Gibbs has finally managed to catch Kearns and has also cuffed him. As Gibbs and DiNozzo try to get their breath back after the chase, DiNozzo remarks that isn't bad and that he thought Gibbs was behind him until Gibbs tackled Kearns.

"Not likely, DiNozzo", Gibbs states.

As this happens, McGee finally joins them with DiNozzo wondering what McGee's excuse is.

In a secluded area, Ziva, Burns and Ducky are still walking when they spot at an area. Ziva realizes that it wasn't an X on the map with Ducky stating that it was actually a cross because they're at a graveyard.

Upon hearing a drill buzzing, Ziva tells Ducky to wait here and call Gibbs before ordering that Ducky tell Gibbs to hurry. Ziva then heads up the path as Ducky begins dialing Gibbs's number.

At the graveyard, with one man dressed in a Civil war outfit and sitting a horse, another man in modern day-clothing is busy drilling a coffin. The first man states that they need to hurry this up.

His colleague, the second man announces that's it with the first man dismounting his horse and later joining his colleague. The two then work together to get the coffin open and as the coffin's open, it's revealed that a group of Civil War-era weapons are inside.

The first man states that they buried those things so the South could rise again and now they're all his. His colleague remarks that there's got to be at least 50 of them in the coffin while Ziva edges ever closer.

One of the men states that at 30 grand a pop, that's...

"One point five million", Ziva announces. The second man tries to reach for his rifle but Ziva tells him that it's ten feet away and that she wouldn't recommend it.

Back at the field, Kearns is insisting that he didn't do anything wrong. As Gibbs listens to his cellphone, DiNozzo grills Kearns and states that Kearns is facing the charge of resisting arrest before asking McGee what the other charge is. McGee tells Kearns that it's murdering Staff Sergeant Warren Sorrow.

Kearns seems devastated at the news that Sorrow's dead and that NCIS couldn't pin that on him because he wouldn't kill Sorrow. As Gibbs hangs up and tries again, Kearns states that they told him he got scared and took off.

"He was buried alive in a coffin, dirtbag", DiNozzo snaps.

Kearns states that he didn't sign up for this and that all she said that Kearns had to do was to distract them. Gibbs, having sensed that something really bad is happening or about to go down, eventually hangs up and tells DiNozzo to come with him while leaving McGee behind with Kearns.

Back at the graveyard, Ziva still holding the two men at gunpoint calls for Ducky before wondering where Gibbs is. Burns then emerges, holding Ducky at gunpoint before telling Ziva that Ducky can't answer right now.

Ziva turns around with Burns ordering Ziva to drop the gun, now or Ducky will die. Ducky states that he knew there was a reason that he'd blocked Burns out of his mind. Burns then tells Ziva that this will be the last time she asks before telling Ziva to drop it.

Ducky tells Ziva to shoot Burns because she'll only kill the two of them but Ziva soon surrenders, lowering her gun before asking about the weapons and wondering if that's why they killed Staff Sergeant Sorrow.

Still holding Ducky at gunpoint, Burns tells them that Sorrow found Oxbow's content and the map and that Sorrow wanted to turn them over to a museum but that the only mistake they made was killing Sorrow before they got the map.

As Ziva looks on, Burns then smugly announces that Ziva and Ducky are now going to be the unfortunate victims of scavengers. Ziva then lowers her gun down and as Burns pushes Ducky forward, Ziva responds by throwing her knife.

In the woods, Gibbs hears a gunshot which has him racing towards the sound with DiNozzo following him.

Meanwhile, back at the graveyard, Ducky studies Burns's body where it's shown that the rogue Doctor lying on the ground, dead, Ziva's knife having pierced the left side of Burns's arm.

Ducky then looks up just as Gibbs and DiNozzo arrive, their guns drawn and both men realize that Ziva has managed to get her gun back and is holding the two other men responsible at gunpoint.

"Remind me not to her piss off", DiNozzo states, stunned.

"Oh, DiNozzo, you have no idea", Gibbs replies.

Ziva just winks.

A few hours later, Gibbs arrives back at NCIS and heads into the bullpen where he spots upon seeing someone sit at Kate's desk. The light comes on, revealing the person as Ziva who tells Gibbs that Kate's gone and that Ziva thinks that Kate wouldn't mind.

Gibbs doesn't say anything, instead opting to head for his desk and as he sits down, Ziva stands up, telling him that she found this but she has a feeling that Kate would have wanted Gibbs to have it while giving Gibbs Kate's sketch-pad.

Ziva then leaves not before telling Gibbs that she'll see him in the morning.

Once he's alone, Gibbs begins looking through the sketchpad. The first is of Tony on the phone arranging his Spring Break during Bikini Wax (episode) while the other pages have sketches of McGee, Abby, Ducky and finally Gibbs himself.

It then cut to Gibbs who then leans back in his chair and sighs before putting his arms behind his head.

Major Events

  • Ziva David returns and it's revealed that she has officially joined Gibbs's team on the orders of Director Shepard.
  • After the case, Ziva is subsequently accepted as a permanent member of the team, officially replacing Kate Todd.


  • In the episode, Ziva asks Tony if he is undercover as a hobo. However, in Boxed In (episode), she called hobos 'homos.'
  • When Ziva hands over her orders to Tony, they're both signed by Director Shepard and Gibbs. However, when Gibbs arrives, he's stunned by Ziva's presence, meaning that someone, most likely the Director herself forged it.
  • Ziva wears the same hat that Tony used to own before Gibbs chose to test him by applying it to a shooting target at the firing range in the Season 1 episode, Marine Down (episode).
  • Tony lists his areas of homicide expertise: Multiple Homicides; Gang Related; Defenestration. Defenestration is the act of throwing someone or something out of a window.
  • The sketches Ziva gives Gibbs at the end of the episode were alluded to in the last season's finale. Kate is seen placing the finishing touches on the sketch of DiNozzo at the beginning of the Season 2 finale episode, Twilight (episode) before McGee notices what she's doing and she quickly hides it.
  • While Ducky is extracting the musket ball from the Marine, you can see the reflection of a crew member in the metal doors behind him.
  • When Ziva takes a bite from Tony's sandwich, she bites down to the wrapper. In the next shot, several inches of the sandwich are visible above the wrapper.
  • When Ducky says, "Have you been spending time with Agent DiNozzo again?", the reflection of a member of the film crew can be seen moving in the two morgue storage doors on the far left of the screen.
  • In this episode, Chilean actress Cote de Pablo officially joins the cast as Mossad Officer Ziva David, replacing Sasha Alexander whose character Caitlin Todd was killed off in the Season 2 finale, "Twilight". Cote guest starred in the two-part season premiere before becoming a regular but she was absent from the previous episode, Mind Games (episode). As a result of joining the cast, de Pablo is added to the opening credits, coming in third after Michael Weatherly and just before Pauley Perette.
  • This episode marks the final appearance to date of the Mysterious Red Head who is played by Vivian Belliasario. Vivian is the wife of Donald P. Bellisario, the creator of NCIS and she is also the mother of Sean Murray and Chad W. Murray.
  • When Ziva heads to the elevator after being told to "Pack your trash," she is holding the green folder with her orders in it yet when she heads into the elevator, the file's gone and she's empty handed but when Gibbs enters the elevator just before the doors close, she's holding the folder once again.


Series Regulars

Season Three Cast
Name Portrayed by Role
Leroy Jethro Gibbs Mark Harmon An NCIS Special Agent in charge of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Anthony DiNozzo Junior Michael Weatherly The Senior Agent of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team and also the second-in-command.
Abigail Sciuto Pauley Perrette A Goth who is also the Chief Forensic Scientist and who also works for the NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Timothy McGee Sean Murray An NCIS Special Agent previously assigned to the Norfolk Naval Base who is now the Junior Agent of the main NCIS Major Case Response Team.
Jennifer Shepard Lauren Holly The Director of NCIS who was also Gibbs's former girlfriend and partner.
Ziva David Cote de Pablo The Mossad Liaison Officer to NCIS.
Donald Mallard David McCallum NCIS's Chief Medical Examiner.

Recurring Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
James Palmer Brian Dietzen The new Assistant Medical Examiner, permanently replacing Gerald Jackson who previously held the position.
Mysterious Red-Head Vivienne Bellisario An unidentified woman seen with Gibbs.

Guest Cast

Name Portrayed by Role
Elaine Burns Barbara Niven A forensic anthropologist with the Smithsonian who's actually in league with the rogue group responsible for Staff Sergeant Sorrow's death. Takes Ducky and Ziva hostage, intending to kill both of them, only for Ziva to kill Burns by throwing a knife at Burns which pierces Burns's heart and results in her death.
Brett Willis Robert Blanche A man who appears in the episode.
Director (Silver War) Larry Clarke A man seen directing a documentary for Dr. Burns.
Sally Smith Burnadean Jones A secretary at the North Virgina Savings and Loan bank.
Grant (Silver War) John Berg (actor) A man who appears in the episode.
Judd Kearns Byrne Offutt A member of the rogue group Dr. Burns was a part of.
Joe (Silver War) Jason Grutter Uncredited role.
Military Officer Tiger Mendez Uncredited role.
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